Hot naughty wife

Behind the outward serenity and closed doors of middle-class suburban homes, we find people tormented by the same problems that have afflicted men and women throughout the ages.

While Americans today are leading "the good life", enjoying material comforts unheard of in other countries, people may still find themselves in an emotional turmoil, reinforced by the increasing alienation of our life-style.

Gretchen Steward is a typical suburban housewife. She is surrounded by material comforts. Yet her urge for revenge because of her husband's neglect lead her into acts which she never dreamed she was capable of. She finds herself set more irretrievably upon a path from which there is no turning back.

HOT NAUGHTY WIFE is a novel about this woman. A novel about the problems that may confront any woman when she makes the fateful decision to ignore society's prohibitions.


Gretchen Steward leaned her head back in the cab. She felt wonderful. The emergency that had taken her away from home and turned out to be only a routine operation for her mother -- an appendectomy. Now, she was able to come home two days earlier than she'd expected. Ray will be thrilled, and Patsy will be happy to hear mom's all right. She watched the familiar scenery whiz by as the cab driver headed into her neighborhood.

"Here ya are, lady," the cabby muttered, screeching to a halt in front of her house. "The fare's eight-fifty."

Gretchen fished in her purse for a ten. "Here. Keep the change." She grabbed her overnight bag and was out of the cab before the driver could go around to open the door for her.

Surprise registered off her beautiful face. Ray's car was in the driveway! As she walked up the flagstone path to her house, her high heels clicking against the stone, her face brightened. He would certainly be happy to see her. A warmth spread over her. She would be happy too. Sleeping alone the last few lights had made her very horny.

She slipped the key in the lock and opened the front door. The sound of voices drifted to her from the living room. She stopped, giggled like a schoolgirl, and closed the door quietly, planning to surprise him. Furtively, she tiptoed to the archway that led to the living room.

She was about to take a step into the room and holler surprise, but her eyes bulged out instead. Her sister, Patsy, was standing in the center of the living room wearing a babydoll nightie. Ray was on the couch ogling her like a grinning fool.

Gretchen shrank back so as not to be seen, and leaned against the wall. Her heart drummed in her chest. Their words cunt her deep as if they were daggers.

"How do I look, Ray?" Patsy purred, pirouetting. The frilly lace of the pink nightie floated up and bared her pink, panty-clad ass.

"Delicious," Ray said, enjoying his sister-in-law's sexy antics. Patsy was eighteen, half his age, and married. "You look good enough to eat."

"I hope you mean that, Ray," she purred, fluffing her blonde hair. "I love it when Tony climbs between my legs and chews me up. I cream all over."

Ray's groin tightened into a knot of steel. "Don't you think Tony might miss you?" Ray didn't want trouble.

"Not at all. He's at work. Besides, Gretchen said she'd call and let me know how mom is. I told her to call here." She giggled impishly. "I said she could save money if she called once and we both listened." She took a deep breath. Her swollen tittie meat pressed against the pink lace material, trying to bust through. Her nipples, darker than the milky flesh of her tits, were easily visible. "Wasn't that a good idea?"

"The best," Ray groaned.

She was an erotic sight. An hour ago, when she showed up, he wasn't surprised. After coffee and some conversation, she had disappeared upstairs and came down wearing Gretchen's nightie. Then he was surprised. With an ache in his groin, he had no intention of sending her back upstairs to dress. Gretchen wouldn't be home for two more days and he was horny.

"I've always felt your eyes on me," Patsy said. "Ever since I was just a kid."

"You're sexy, and the older you get, the sexier you get."

Patsy giggled again. "I'll bet you didn't expect me to come downstairs wearing this, did you?"

"Not really. I figured you were happily married."

"I am," Patsy hummed. "God, am I happy!" She pouted. "I just can't get enough."

"What's the matter with Tony?"

Patsy's wide blue eyes smoldered. "He's terrific. It's me. When I married him, I was a virgin. Now, having been fucked." She looked at her brother-in-law to see if he was shocked. "I want it all the time. So, I knew, with Gretchen away checking on mom, you'd be horny." She giggled, picked up her drink from the table, look a long swallow. "She always said you were great in the sack. I decided to find out for myself and, as a good sister-in-law, take care of my sister's husband while she's away."

"Whewww," Ray breathed loudly, shaking his head. "You're crazy!"

"Only crazy about you and what you've got between your legs." She finished her drink and padded to the bar, swinging her ass provocatively. "Haven't you ever thought about fucking me?"

"A few times," Ray admitted. "But I figured you were too innocent before you got married. Then, after you married, I figured why bother. Besides, Gretchen takes good care of me."

"Not for two days she hasn't," Patsy reminded him. "Now you can satisfy all your desire with me. I'm ready, willing, and according to Tony, able as hell." She giggled and splashed more Scotch into her glass.

"I'm looking forward to it," Ray admitted. He rubbed his groin. His conscience was buried under the lust he felt for his sexy sister-in-law.

Gretchen, tears streaming down her face, had heard enough. She tip-toed outside, back into the morning air, and locked the door behind her. With determined steps, she left. She had no idea of where, or what she was going to do, but she knew she was going to do something.

"Ray will pay and so will my little whore sister," Gretchen said aloud. Only the trees and the morning breeze heard her. "They'll both pay!"

Patsy took a long pull on her drink. Neither one heard Gretchen leave.

"Watch yourself," Ray told her. "You might get drunk."

"I'm better when I'm drunk, Tony says." She smiled. "Says I lose all my inhibitions. He calls me his little alley cat."

Patsy licked her lips. The bright pink lipstick glistened. She came from around the bar, drink in hand, tits bouncing under the babydoll nightie. Her nipples were swollen. Her long legs were bare to the lace that hugged her swinging hips.

Ray sat up and reached for his sister-in-law. But she danced out of his grasp. "I hope you're not just a prick-teaser."

"I'm a prick-teaser, a prick-sucker, and a prick-fucker." Patsy opened her mouth, glided her tongue suggestively over her moist pink lips. "Tony loves my tongue."

Ray groaned out loud. The damn kid was dynamite! His prick ached. "I hope I find out soon," he said. "My cock is ready to bust!"

He never thought he'd be fucking Patsy. It had been a fantasy once or twice over the last five years, but nothing more. She was his wife's sister -- only a kid. Now he looked at her closely. Not a kid -- a woman -- a dynamite woman who looked like she could handle anything with her body and planned to before she turned nineteen.

"I'll take care of your cock, Ray," Patsy purred hungrily. She finished the drink and tossed the empty glass to Ray. "Would you like a little fashion show?" Sensuously, she rotated her hips. Her hands spanned the jiggling flesh of her tits behind the lace.

"What I want is a fuck," he groaned.

"You'll get that after we have a little fun." She swayed on her feet, raised her nightie, baring her belly and rib cage, but still hiding her tits. "You wanna see my tits?"

He nodded. "Anytime you're ready." His voice was hoarse.

"I'm ready now," she giggled, sweeping the nightie over her head in one swift move. She tossed it to Ray. "Like 'em?" She shook the massive globes, making her tits bounce.

"Yeahhhh." It was a tight rasp.

"I'm bigger than Gretchen." She slipped her hands up and under her large milky tits, cupping them, making them appear even larger. "You like sucking my sister's tits?"

Ray nodded. His mouth watered for the succulent tit-meat she was flashing. Her sweet tits stared back at him. They looked as if they were dying for a mouth.

"I know you do," Patsy said, answering the question for him. She swayed, the booze making her raunchy, light-headed. "Gretchen told me that you love sucking her tits. When she told me I creamed and dreamed about you that night. I couldn't wait until I got a husband to suck my tits." Patsy winked. "Now I have you too." She came forward, a voluptuous sex kitten, blatantly displaying herself to her sister's husband. "Lick 'em, Ray." It was the purr of a small kitten ready to play. "Lick 'em." The young blonde offered her tits to him, holding a heaping serving of lush tittie meat in each hand.

Ray couldn't refuse. He sat up, her tits at his eye level. He opened his mouth, brought his hand to her creamy flesh, and squeezed. Patsy shoved a large nipple into his mouth.

"Ooooo, Ray," she crooned dreamily. She was creaming the bikini panties that hid her pussy from Ray's eyes. "Ooooo, Ray, suck! Suck 'em hard."

Voraciously, he sucked the large fleshy titmounds and whipped his tongue over the hard nipple. He kneaded the pliant flesh, relishing the hot silky texture. His fingers mauled the jello-like flesh as he dined on first one tit, then the other.

"Ohhh, Jesus Christ!" Patsy squealed in delight. "Gretchen was right. You can suck tits! Holy shit!" She was out of her skull. Booze and passion were a bubbling concoction that had her reeling.

"Ohhhh, chew 'em up, Ray. Ohhhh!" She shoved more of her tits into his sucking mouth, smothered his face with her pillowy softness. "Ooooo, I feel it in my pussy!" Her cunt contracted and pulsed each time he sucked and gnawed. "God, you're driving me insane!"

Her hips rocking, she scratched her nails through his thick brown hair and over the back of his taut neck, pressing him tighter between the soft cushions of her overripe tits.

"Oooo, Ray! Bite! Bite!"

Ray obliged the moaning little vixen. His hand mangled a tit, and she screamed. His teeth chomped on the jiggling flesh and erect tit-tips, and she squealed. He gasped and came up from the fleshy mountains.

"Christ! You trying to suffocate me?"

Patsy giggled and danced away from him. "Can you think of a better way of dying?"

"Yeah," he groaned, enjoying the sight of her spit-soaked tits and the gouging red marks in the creamy skin. "In your pussy, fucking you to death."

"Ohhh, it makes me cream thinking about it," she moaned. He started to rise. "No, not yet," she said, taking another step back.

"It better be soon," he warned. His groin was like cement, his voice coated with a sandpapery lust. "It better be soon."

"Unnnn, it will be, my handsome brother-in-law." Patsy's bottom lip quivered as she flashed her pink tongue over her moist full mouth. She dropped to her knees, crawled between his legs. "Let me do it my way." She grabbed the bulging hardness of his crotch.

"Uhhh," Ray groaned, unable to refuse the hot, exciting bitch as she pawed the hard lump in his pants. "Take it out!"

"Unnn, Ray, why do you think I'm on the floor?" She attacked his pants, worked the zipper down and frantically groped inside. Panting, she slipped her hand around the hardness of his throbbing cock.

"Christ!" Ray growled. Her fingers felt like clenching tendrils of heat as they laced around his hard-on. "Christ, get it out!" He squirmed, feeling as if his cock were going to snap in two.

"I am... I am!" Anxious, she twisted his hard cock out of his pants, and he groaned. Patsy looked at the thick hunk of cockmeat and drooled. "Oooo, Ray, it's gorgeous!"

Ray could only moan. His cock was free! The agony of having it bent in half was gone, but the agony of his passion churning inside his balls was still there.

Patsy swooned at the jutting piece of cockmeat -- bloated and ridden with purple veins. Her wide blue eyes became filmy with desire. Her mouth instantly watered for his cock and she licked her lips nervously, anticipating the taste of her brother-in-law's cock.

"No wonder Gretchen is always smiling. What a cock!"

"Stop talking and do something," Ray grunted impatiently. "Put it in your fuckin' mouth." He lunged, jabbed, but his prick only slid through Patsy's tight fist. "Let's see how good you really are."

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Obediently, she slapped her wet pink tongue over the bloated head of his cock again and again until she had the red head glistening and shiny with spit. She came off his hard cock and groaned. "I'm gonna eat you alive."

"Do it, for Chrissake!" He lunged and his cockhead smashed against her teeth. "Aghhhh!" He dropped to the couch, his jaw tight, his teeth clenched. "Do it!"

"Mmmmm," Patsy mewed. She enjoyed teasing him and decided to torment him further. "Looking at your cock makes my pussy wet." Bending her head to the side, she opened her mouth and clamped her lips against the side of his cockshaft.

Ray groaned. Her mouth was hot, wet, and feverish as it drifted up and down the length of his shaft. "Suck it, Patsy!"

Ignoring his order, she glided her clinging lips up and down the hard length of his mammoth prick, her tongue flashing wetly over the thin skin. Up one side, then down the other, her mouth grew more demanding each time she traveled the length of his cock.

Ray squirmed. He groaned. Arching his back, he tried jamming his aching prick into her evasive mouth when her lips passed over the bulbous head of his aching cock. He was unsuccessful and he grumbled in frustration.

Patsy was in heaven. She began to gnaw at his cockshaft, nibbling up and down, thrilled with his groans of agony. She was confident in her own sexual power, her ability to seduce and give pleasure. Until Tony had split her cherry on their honeymoon and had raved about how sexy and fantastic she was, she had always thought Gretchen, her older sister, was the sexpot, the beautiful one of the family. Now she felt like she was on equal footing with her sister, especially with Ray's cock in her hand and him moaning. She was sure she was just as good as Gretchen.

Ray tired of Patsy's game and reached down, grabbing her thick blonde hair. He glared into her wide blue eyes. "Suck it!" he said fiercely.

Before he slammed her face down on his cock, Patsy smiled dreamily. "Yessss!" Her mouth opened in an invitation.

Ray slammed her face down, plowing his cock into her hot mouth. The head of his bloated prick pierced the tightness of her throat on its way through the pool of boiling saliva. He roared, releasing her hair, his cock stuffed to the hilt.

With her lips flush against the hair of his groin, Patsy waited. She reveled in his passion, the throbbing of his stiff cock deep in her throat and his groaning sounds of pleasure.

She held her head steady, feeling his cock palpitate in her throat. Then she eased her mouth up to the ridge of his cockhead, dragging her teeth along the thickness. She stopped when her teeth reached the bell-shaped cockhead.

Ray was out of his mind. He panted heavily, gazing down at his sister-in-law. Her lips were deliciously locked around his prickshaft and her thick blonde hair was strewn across his hairy groin.

"Eat it," he hissed through clenched, teeth in a biting grating rasp. "Eat it, or I'll rape your fuckin' mouth!"

Patsy sucked, excited by the passion she had created in her sister's husband. His moaning sounds caressed her as she came down on his prick. Her lips at the base of his shaft, his cock was once again buried to the hilt. Once it was throbbing inside her mouth and gullet, she gave him a sample of what she learned in her short time as a devoted wife -- how she had become an accomplished cock-sucker.

Ray moaned. She was as good as Gretchen! He lunged and whacked his groin into Patsy's face. "Baby! Sweet cocksucking Patsy!" He dropped back into the cushions of the couch, content now to enjoy the fervid pleasure of her overactive mouth.

Palsy sucked avidly. Drawing in her cheeks, she gathered more suction power and dragged her teeth up his prickshaft. Once again the ridge of his cockhead hit the back of her teeth and she stopped, but only to glide back down to his groin. Beating her tongue like a sadistic whip over the sensitive underside of his shaft, she worked her lower jaw back and forth to give him maximum pleasure.

Ray was in agony, an agony he didn't want to lose. His hands clenched into fists and his balls rumbled with the heavy load of cum that had been held in check for two days. His stomach hardened and he slammed up in an attempt to quicken the slow, torturous pace Patsy was setting.

Dizzy with passion, she sucked with wild abandonment. She used her teeth and her tongue at the same time. They were opposite sensations -- smooth strokes and pinching nips -- blending into a collage of excitement and exquisite pleasure. Faster and faster she performed her newly discovered talent on Ray's stiff cock. Suddenly, it clicked in the back of her lust-dazed mind. Ray was about to cum! Immediately she ground to a halt, stopping her mouth in the midst of a suck. Slowly, as Ray moaned loudly, she eased her mouth off his stiff-beamed cock.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he grumbled, his face screwed up in lust and torment. His gray eyes smoldered. "Jesus Christ, Patsy, you're a fuckin' prick-teasing little bitch!"

"I know what I'm doing," she purred like a contented cat, rocking back on her haunches. "I want you in my pussy. I'm not wasting your cum in my mouth." She stood up, a hot, exciting move. "You want me, take me." She trembled anxiously.

Ray got to his feet, grabbed the young blonde, and crushed her soft, yielding body into him. His cock, wet with her spit, burned into the tender flesh of her belly. His hands roamed over her slender back and down to the flare of her hips and ass, where the pink panties still concealed the best of her parts. He grabbed a fistful of material and yanked. The lace ripped easily.

Patsy gasped, wiggling out of his arms. "You ripped Gretchen's panties!" She stepped back, bare-ass naked. Her hand dipped into her juicy cunt. "Take off your clothes and fuck me, Ray." She rubbed her cunt gash while Ray dropped his pants and kicked them aside. "Take off everything, Ray."

Placing her juice-stained fingers to her mouth, she licked. Purring, she snatched up the warm, wet coating of her own cunt juice with her tongue and watched Ray undress.

"Now, baby," he groaned as he grabbed for her. He pulled her back into his arms, crushing her bloated tits against his chest. Her nipples, rosy and hot, burned into his bare skin. "You're a real hot little bitch!"

"I hope you can cool me off," she gasped, squirming feverishly against his hard body, reveling in his firm muscles and jutting cock. She nipped at his broad chest, tormenting him, urging him on with her energetic mouth.

Slowly they dropped to the floor. Patsy wound up on her back with Ray on top of her between her outstretched legs, his cock poised at the entrance to her wet, overheated pussy. Leaning on stiff arms, he gazed down into her beautiful face and saw a younger version of his wife. His groin tensed. His churning cum felt like fire inside his balls, and Patsy's gorgeous body fanned the flames.

"Fuck me, Ray," she purred, writhing on her back, caressing his lean, tense face with long fingers and urgent strokes. "Fuck me like you would Gretchen." She rocked her hips and felt the head of his prick brush against the puffy lobes of her cunt. "Now!"

Ray gave her a triumphant leer. "When I'm ready."

"Oooh, noooo," she whimpered. "Fuck me, Ray... fuck me!"

Lust consumed her. She craved his cock, needed it to extinguish the tire that raged out of control in her pussy, a fire she herself had started only a short time ago when she decided to seduce her sister's husband. "Fuck me!" She lunged up to capture his stiff cock.

"No," he groaned, deftly easing back his hips. He made it impossible for Patsy to engulf his cock with her juicy pussy. "No!" He enjoyed tormenting her, wanting her to suffer as he had suffered her torment. It fed the flames of his passion, and he steeled himself to hold out a few moments longer.

His gray eyes flowed up and down her gorgeous body. She looked exquisite beneath him, all passion, all hot flesh, ready and anxious for his cock. It had been a long time since he and Gretchen had played games like this. He wallowed in each passing second.

"Ray! Ray!" She scratched his burly arms, a tigress demanding satisfaction. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" She squirmed, lunging up only to be denied the hard-muscled cock she craved. She rotated her hips in urgency, but he held back.

"You want my cock?" His tense voice was a hollow whisper.

"Yessss," she hissed back, clawing his taut body. "Your cock! Yes! Fuck me!" Her head was reeling. Her body was being denied the pleasure it craved!

"Like this?" he eased the bloated head of his cock between the puffy folds of her cunt.

Patsy went wild. "Yeahhhh!" She twisted and wrenched her hips. The head of his overgrown cock stretched her, torturing her. It was only an appetizer, and the main course was needed. "More! More!"

The head of his cock was in a vat of scalding pussy juice. Ray was no longer able to ignore the rumbling ache in his cock and balls. Like Patsy, he needed to be satisfied. "This?" He slammed brutally hard, driving his cock in to the root.

Patsy screamed. "Yes!" She ground her body into his in response. Her cunt mashed into the hardness of his groin. She felt his throbbing cockshaft deep inside her clenching pussy. Cunt muscles clung greedily and bathed his hard shaft in hot slick pussy juice. Pulsing squeezes gripped the length of his aching prick. "Ooooo, Ray!"

He held firm, not moving, afraid he would lose control. She was a caldron, a boiling caldron of heat. It felt like his cock would be burned alive in her hot, seething cunt. When he started to rock his hips, the action gouged the swollen head of his prick into the soft oozing muscles of her pulsing pussy.

Patsy pulled herself up and chewed like a demented animal on his neck, shoulders, and tense-muscled arms. Whimpering, she chewed and licked. Her hips rotated constantly, even in this strained posit ion. Her strength was quickly ebbing, and she was unable to keep her upper body fused with his. She fell back to the floor, her blue eyes floating in their sockets.

"Fuck me, Ray! Fuck me like you would Gretchen." It was the plea of a child in a woman's body. "Please."

Ray eased back. Her cunt refused to give up his cock, tugging and grabbing his shaft when he pulled out slowly. He stopped, the bloated head of his cock remaining inside her twisting body. Then, without warning, he slammed into her, driving his whimpering sister-in-law back into the carpet.

This time he didn't stop. He eased his prick out to the tip, then slammed back into her writhing body, sinking his cock in to the root. He repeated the slamming sequence until Patsy howled in utter ecstasy.

This was what Patsy wanted, craved, what she couldn't live without. She clutched his body, humped to meet each long, arduous stroke, squeezed every ounce of pleasure from it, then squealed in a zealous rage when he slipped it back out again.

"Faster! Faster!" The slow, teasing strokes were becoming unbearable. Her body writhed in convulsions. Her nipples swelled, the large, creamy tit-globes floundering on her chest as she gasped and wheezed for air. Her body quaked with an overwhelming need to be satisfied.

Ray had reached the end of his will-power. It melted away under the fiery exhibition Patsy was performing beneath him. Restraint gone, he became an animal, an animal determined to ravage the whimpering hot sex kitten beneath him.

He roared loudly, his head snapping back. The cords in his neck bulged. Slamming with harder force, more vigor, he shortened his strokes. He took them both on a one-way ride into their approaching climaxes. Harder and harder, he pummeled her pussy with his massive cock.

"Yes!" she shrieked, quickly catching his rhythm. "Yes!" She matched him thrust for lunge and drove her body head-long into his. Hard crushing blows ground her cunt into a raw throbbing piece of exposed meat.

"Ray! Yes! I'm there! Take me! Make me cream!" Each word, each upward thrust, took her closer to her orgasm.

Ray's urgent pace became even faster, rabid, violent thrusts. His swelling cock bludgeoned her pussy and catapulted his screaming sister-in-law into her orgasm. He felt the storm inside her cunt when he plowed her to the hilt, her gushing cunt-cream and out-of-control pussy muscles bombarded his drilling cock.

"I'm cuming!" she howled in sheer bliss, thrashing beneath him on the floor. "I'm cuming!"

Ray already knew. He beat her squishy pussy senseless with his steel-beamed cockshaft, keeping up the rabid pace. He purposely kept her in her orgasm while he raced to join her.

Patsy's pussy erupted again. Hot pussycream flooded her overstuffed cunt and spilled out over Ray's balls. She twisted, contorted on the floor, quivering in ecstasy, waiting for him to join her.

He did. His balls unloaded a thick stream of white cum and it squirted through his cock, out his piss-slot, where it splattered deep into the hot bubbling depths of Patsy's cunthole. It flooded her quickly, mingled with her pussycream and oozed out her cuntlips. For a second, he leered into her contorted face, but the strength of his orgasm needed all of his concentration. The squirming body beneath him became a hazy blur as he pounded her furiously. One violent jab followed the other, until they all blended into one continuous motion.

Patsy arched her back. Her mouth was open, eyes popped. The room spun. She grabbed his hammering hips, clawed his skin, and grunted loudly with each horrendous thrust. Her legs stiffened and curled around him, heels jamming into his taut back.

"More! More!" Her screams shattered the air as his cock sliced into the syrupy depths of her orgasming pussy. "Ray! Oooo, Ray!"

"Baby!" he growled fiercely. His face was contorted into a mask of lust. "Baby!" He battled the wrenching twisting body and plowed her with a deluge of violent jabs that overpowered her and drove her into submission. One, two, three tremendous stabs, then a fourth.

Patsy raked his tense body with her nails and writhed beneath him. The stormy orgasm began to subside. Her movements became softer, less frantic, more fluid. She rode with him, her spongy cunt gulping at the fiery cum that continued to spurt into her pussy.

"Oooo, Ray, I feel it! Oooo, I'm drowning in your cum!" Floating breathlessly to the peak again, she soared into the dizzy heights of bliss.

Ray took her into another orgasm. His cock plunged deep and his balls whacked the cheeks of her ass. They had been once full of cum, then half-empty, now they were hollow shells. His pounding abated, and the spurting pisser of his cockhead began to ooze out the last few drops of cum.

He groaned with an air of finality, dropped on top of Patsy's overheated body, his face nested in the crook of her neck. Panting, his prick spent but still buried, he remained in this position.

Patsy caressed his back. Her own body was exhausted, satisfied for the moment. "Ohhh, Ray, you were fantastic! God, I thought I was going to die!" She hugged him tight.

Ray grunted and rolled off her sweaty body. His limp cock popped from her overflowing pussy. "You're a great piece of ass, Patsy," he moaned. "Really great!"

"As good as my sister?" she asked, sibling rivalry lifting its ugly head.

"What you lack in finesse, you make up in enthusiasm." He grinned, rolled to his side, and pulled his young sister-in-law into his arms. "Now, why don't you make us some coffee before Gretchen calls and tells us how your mother is?"

Patsy giggled and grabbed his limp cock. "If you promise to fuck me again later."

She crawled out of his arms and bounced to her feet, running naked to the kitchen.

Ray groaned as he watched the jiggling ass cheeks of the eighteen year old sexpot as she ran out of the room. "Damn," he muttered, sensing the trouble this little escapade would probably cause. "Damn!"


Gretchen walked the streets, dazed, her mind reeling under the impact of what she had witnessed. Patsy, her sister and Ray! It was terrible, horrible. She walked blindly, her eyes filled with tears, her heart aching. She fought the pain and replaced it with revenge.

Sniffing back her tears, she spotted a phone. An evil grin played at the corners of her mouth and she hurried to it, the rest of the street a blur. Fishing in her purse, she found a dime and dropped it in the slot. Trembling, she dialed the number and waited, imagining them naked, fucking on the floor. It sickened her.

The line clicked open. "Ray."

"Honey," Ray said. He pushed Patsy's hand away from his cock. "Where are you?" For a second his heart had stopped. Hearing Gretchen's voice while he was with Patsy was strange.

"I'm calling from a telephone booth outside the hospital," she lied. She bit her lip to keep from crying.

"How's your mother?" He felt odd talking with his wife and fending off Patsy at the same time.

"She's..." She almost cried. "She's fine," she finally managed to say. "The operation turned out to be for her appendix. She's as healthy as you or I. You know how my mother [missing text]."

"Yeah," Ray said, surrendering to Patsy's hand.

"Is my sister there?" Gretchen's voice was brittle.

"Hold on, I'll get her." He swallowed the lump in his throat and covered the mouthpiece. He squirmed away from Patsy's grasping hand.

Patsy giggled. Devilment glittered in her blue eyes. "Does Gretchen want me?" she whispered.

He nodded and put his mouth back to the phone. "She'll be here in a minute."

Gretchen stifled an urge to cry. She waited. "Sis," Patsy bubbled, taking the phone from Ray's hand. "How's mom?" She snuggled in Ray's arms and placed his hand over the meaty fullness of her tit. She squeezed his fingers, sinking them into the flesh.

"She's fine, Patsy." At this moment she hated her younger sister with all her heart. "I'm bringing her home this afternoon. It was only her appendix."

"When are you coming home?" Patsy was happy about her mother, but wanted to know how long she would be able to have fun with Ray.

Gretchen thought for a moment. "Probably tomorrow night or the following morning." A wisp of a plan was forming in her mind. "Maybe you can make dinner for Ray tonight."

"I'd love to," Patsy squealed. She reached down and squeezed Ray's cock.

I knew you would, Gretchen thought. "Don't neglect Tony," she said aloud.

"I won't Gretchen," she giggled. "Tell mom hi and I'll call her tonight."

"Don't call tonight," Gretchen said quickly. "She'll be tired. Wait until tomorrow night. I'll call before I leave and you can talk to mom."

"Whatever you say. Call me here. I'll stop over and make supper for. Ray again." She squeezed his cock. "He can use another hot meal." She choked back a laugh.

"Say goodbye to Ray." Gretchen hung up before bursting into tears.

"Oooooo, Ray," Patsy sighed, dropping the phone back in its cradle. "We've got all day -- tonight too, if Tony works. And tomorrow and maybe tomorrow night. God!" She threw herself into his arms and smothered him in hot kisses.

With her eyes flooded with tears, Gretchen rushed from the telephone booth. "Roger," she muttered under her breath. "Ray's brother."

She started walking, blinded with tears, bumping immediately into someone. "Sorry," she said, side-stepping, hoping to go around the person before they noticed she was crying.

"Are you all right?" He took her arms, she stumbled [missing text].

"I'm fine," she said, seeing him through blurred vision. "If you'll just let me go."

He noticed her tears. "Is there something I can do?"

She forced her mouth into a smile and sniffed back her tears. "A drink," she blurted out. "I'd like a drink."

"I know just the place." He held her arm and guided her across the street to an intimate cocktail lounge he frequented.

Gretchen allowed the stranger to take her across the street and into the dimly lit lounge. She blinked, adjusting her eyes to the dark, sensuous room. For a moment the soft music enveloped her, blocking out the hurt.

"I don't even know your name," she whispered as he helped her into the dark booth in the rear of the lounge.

"It's Frank." His eyes drifted to her legs as she slipped into the booth. A tightness in his groin told him the sexy lady was ripe for fucking. He grinned into her beautiful face. "What are you drinking?"

"Scotch. Straight up."

"Just the way I like it."

She watched him walk to the bar. Subtle blue neon outlined the bar, yet kept the rest of the lounge in almost total darkness. A smile played on her mouth as she thought about making it with Frank. "Why not?" she said aloud as Frank returned carrying a drink in each hand.

She took the offered drink and eased deeper into the circular booth as Frank slipped in beside her. She studied him briefly. He was handsome, tall and appeared confident. She caught the smile around his rugged mouth and knew why it was there. She liked the idea of his this stranger planning her seduction. It excited her, and for the moment, made her forget about Ray and Patsy.

"You haven't told me your name and why you were crying." He sat close, his leg pressed against hers. He heaved a relaxed sigh. She didn't move away. It was a good sign.

"It's Gretchen and why I was crying isn't important."

She took a sip of her drink, savoring the expensive Scotch. An afternoon of revenge and hopefully, pleasure... She pressed back against his leg, letting him know she enjoyed it.

He studied her profile in the dim light as she toyed with her drink. He figured she was maybe thirtytwo or three. He liked the thickness and color of her hair. Classic profile and, he remembered as they clashed on the street, her eyes were blue and she had a soft, yielding body that screamed for attention.

"Do you like what you see?" she purred, feeling his eyes on her. She turned to face him.

"You're beautiful," he said, holding her eyes with his own.

"You're handsome." She was enjoying the game. It was exciting, more daring than anything she had ever done. "You married?"

"If I told you no, I'd be lying. Does it matter?" He settled back in the booth.

"Not at all. I'm married too."

"I thought so." He took her hand.

"Do I look married?" His hand felt strong and the flesh between her thighs tingled.

"You look as if someone has hurt you." He dropped his eyes to her blouse. "Maybe I can take away that hurt."

"I'm counting on it," she said, the tingling spreading over her entire body. She glanced around. She could see no one but the bartender and he was busy cleaning glasses at the other end of the long bar. She brought his hand to her tits. "I noticed you looking at them."

Frank's hand spanned the pliant meat of her tits. "You're giving me a hard-on," he groaned.

An impish smile tugged at her mouth. She dropped her hand to his lap and boldly squeezed his crotch. "Mmmm, I'll bet it's a giant one, too."

Frank moaned as her fingers clutched his cock. "Baby, you're dynamite." He fondled her tits, anxious to leave. With his apartment just around the corner and the progress he was making, he was sorry he hadn't taken her directly to his place.

"I'm creaming my panties," she said, leaning close, bringing her lips to his ear. "I'm creaming all over." She ran her tongue into his ear and then nipped her teeth into his earlobe.

"Baby," he groaned, squeezing her tit hard. "Let's get put of here." He let out his breath.

She took her hand off his crotch and picked up her drink, draining the glass. "Damn, that was good."

"C'mon, baby. My place is just around the corner and my bed is a lot more comfortable than this booth." He dropped his hand to her lap, massaging his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs. "We'll have a ball."

"I know that," she hummed, enjoying his touch, the game, and the excitement of doing it in a public place. "Do you mind if we have another drink first?" She brought her bottom lip into a pout. "I'm thirsty." As if to reassure him, she squeezed his crotch.

Frank groaned, but conceded. He grit his teeth and eased out of the booth. "I'll be right back."

"I'm counting the seconds." Her heart skipped a beat as she watched him leave. Her nipples hurt, the tips irritated in the tight confines of her bra. She dropped her hand down under the table and rubbed her hot flesh. Easing up her skirt she touched bare flesh, the flesh she wanted Frank to fondle before they left the quiet cocktail lounge.

"Here, baby," he said, slipping in beside her with fresh drinks. "Drink up and we'll..."

"What about your wife?"

"She's out of town."

She leaned into him, forgetting about her drink. "Hold me, Frank." She put her hand back on his crotch and tilted her head, her hungry lips waiting for his mouth.

Frank crushed his mouth to hers, amazed by her ardor as she gobbled voraciously on his dips and tongue as he plunged into her eager wetness. His hand came around her, his fingers clutching her slim neck, his other hand dropping to her lap, searching, then finding the bare flesh of her thighs.

Gretchen feasted on his mouth, hot flames of passion tilling the spongy wetness of her cunt. She squeezed his cock and chewed his tongue. As his hand found the moistness of her crotch, she broke the kiss, her dark blue eyes glowing, face flushed, and breath coming in short gasps.

"I'm creaming," she panted as she squirmed on the leather seat.

"I can tell," he rasped, plunging his finger up through her pussy gash. Her panties kept him from completing the jabbing finger-fuck. He brought his hand away from her neck and dropped it to her heaving tits. He squeezed, she whimpered. He gouged through her panties and she moaned. "You ready to come to my place?"

"I'm ready," she hissed, bringing her mouth to his ear again. "I'm ready to cum right here." She soaked his ear in spit, then sunk her teeth into his neck. "You game?" She was wild, reckless, not caring about a thing except revenge and her own pleasure.

"Are you nuts? Here?" His head was reeling. She had him crazy.

"Unless you're chicken," she taunted, leaning back into the soft leather.

"Shit, baby. I ain't chicken." He twisted his finger under the elastic at her crotch, sinking his finger into the syrupy ooze of her hot pussy. "If you want to get off, I'm just the man who can do it."

"I was hoping you were," she panted, squirming on the plush seat. She wriggled her ass and humped his invading finger. She leaned back, stared up into the darkness and licked her lips. "God, I'm so hot!"

"Unnnn," Frank moaned. He twisted around, brought his mouth to her neck. He bit hard, frustrated with her panties as they dug into his fingers and kept him from gouging deep.

Gretchen felt the same way. Her panties were in the way. "Take them off me." It was a hot whispered request. "Take off my panties." She lifted her ass and together they yanked down her panties. "Ouch, God, it's cold."

Frank grinned and looked over at the door. The bartender was oblivious to what they were doing. He returned his attention to Gretchen. With her panties off, he was free to roam between her parted thighs and he took advantage of it.

"Christ," he growled, his mouth against her throat. "You're a fuckin' oven!"

"Mmmm," she crooned, her legs spread under the table, his fingers digging erotically into her cunt. She breathed hard through her open mouth, saliva trapped in her throat. "My cunt. Rub my cunt." She humped slowly against his fingers.

Frank obliged. He pinched the hard, blood-filled cunt between, his fingers and she moaned. "Easy, baby," he rasped, his mouth against her ear. "We don't want to draw a crowd."

"Why not?" she sighed, her tits heaving, aching. She didn't care. Revenge had robbed her of reason. "A crowd would be nice." She gasped as his fingers destroyed her clit. "Don't pull it off!" She turned her head, blue eyes glazed. "You enjoying yourself?"

He jammed three fingers into the gaping hole of her oozing cunt and watched her blue eyes roll up into her skull. He twisted his fingers, enjoyed the sight of her face twisting in agonizing pleasure.

"Does that answer your question?"

"Ummmm, Frank. Oooo, yesss!" She jerked, then dropped her head back against the padded booth and rode to the top of her orgasm, hoping the pleasure would erase the painful memories. "I'm ready, Frank. I'm gonna cream all over the fuckin' booth."

"Just do it without screaming all over the damn place," he groaned, his balls busting in his pants. He jabbed hard, making her pay for his frustration with powerful stabs.

She swooned, her eyes drifting down the length of the bar. "I'm cumming." It was a hoarse, barely audible whisper. "I'm creaming, Frank." She went quietly into her orgasm, restraining herself from lashing out and grabbing it fully. It added to her pleasure. Controlled passion was very exciting.

"Cum, baby," he moaned, jamming his fingers in and out of her exploding cunt. Hot cum gushed over his fingers. He could hear the squishing noises with each thrust. "Cum." His arm was aching. His position was uncomfortable and his cock was bent painfully in his pants.

"Oooo, I ammmm," she panted, watching the blue lights around the bar turn fuzzy as another orgasm whipped through her pussy, almost destroying her self-control. "I ammmm."

Her back arched and her neck strained, her eyes rolling to the ceiling as it spun. She shuddered and trembled on the seat, bathing both his fingers and the cool leather in warm pussy cum. She brought her hand to her mouth and sank her teeth into her fist as another wild orgasm tore through her pussy.

The two drinks on the table shook. Frank saw it and figured the table would be next. "Easy, baby." He slowed his stabbing pace.

"Nooooo," she mouthed softly. "Don't stop yet." She worked to get him going again. Her hips moved rapidly. One drink spilled. "Ooooooo." A spasm seized her and she collapsed back into the softness of the leather, panting, sucking air into her lungs.

Frank brought his sticky, cum-drenched fingers from her pussy and wiped them clean on a napkin. "Christ." His lust had made him irritable. "I thought you were going to knock over the friggin' table."

She giggled, her passion for the moment sated. The experience had been fantastic, the revenge sweet. "You should have let me lick your fingers clean."

"I'll let you lick my cock clean after I fuck you." He took her hand [missing text].

"Mmmm, I'm going to love that." She picked up her panties and laid them on the seat. "A souvenir for the bartender."

"C'mon, let's get out of here." He tossed a few bills on the table and helped her out of the booth.

They weaved around a few empty tables and hurried from the dimly lit lounge into the bright daylight.

Gretchen squinted against the sun, holding her hand up to shade her eyes. She was excited. "Flow close did you say your apartment was from here?"

"Right around the corner." He tugged on her hand, anxious to get her into bed.

She fell into step beside him as they moved from the entrance of the lounge. "I'm right with you." She squeezed his hand, her heart pounding. It was getting more exciting by the minute!


"Nice place," Gretchen said as he let her into his apartment. She kicked off her shoes and stood in the center of the large living room. "Suppose your wife walks in on us?"

"I told you. She's out of town." He locked the door and took three long strides, bringing him to where Gretchen stood. He pulled her into his arms and fused his mouth to hers. His hands dropped to her ass cheeks. He squeezed and she ground her belly into his cock.

"Oh, Frank. You're so rough." She wriggled from his arms. "Make me a drink."

"Later, baby," he growled, hauling her back into his arms. "First, we go to bed."

"Ummmmm, I like that." She grabbed his crotch. "You gonna stick that in me?"

"As soon as I get you to bed." He took her slim waist and pulled her toward the bedroom.

"Not yet," she pouted. She yanked away arid hurried over to the French doors. "What's out there?"

"The terrace," he said, following her.

She threw open the doors and stepped outside. "How about out here?" She leaned against the railing, her tits jutting out, her legs spread, a gleam in her dazzling blue eyes.

"You must be crazy." He stared hard.

"Is this crazy?" Slowly she lifted her skirt, her long, sexy legs appearing until she stopped, the hem of her skirt just hiding her pussy. "You like?"

"I love it, baby." His eyes popped. Her legs were gorgeous. "C'mon back inside."

She shook her head. "No, Frank." As if under a spell, she dropped her skirt back into place and began to fumble with the buttons to her blouse. She took it off and giggled. "I'm gonna strip for you."

He shook his head. "Go ahead." His eyes darted to the building across the street. If anyone was looking they would enjoy the show.

With her blouse tossed over a lounge chair, she unhooked her bra, allowed it to slip forward. She shook her tits, the bra dropped. Her hands came up, cupping them. "The air feels good."

Frank gawked. She was magnificent.

With a silly grin on her face, Gretchen undid her skirt, letting it fall to her ankles. "No panties. I wonder what the bartender will do with them?" She caressed her flesh as Frank ogled her.

"Let me suck you out here, Frank." She licked her lips. "I'm good at it. My husband will tell you." She tossed back her head and laughed.

She dropped to the lounge chair and wiggled her finger. "C'mon, Frank. I'm hungry for your cock."

Frank was caught in her spell. He came to her, standing in front of her face, his crotch bulging. "It's all yours."

She rubbed the palm of her hand over his bulge. "Your wife ever sack you out here."

"Nah." He combed his fingers through her thick blonde hair. "She's shy."

"I'm not," Gretchen sighed. She pulled down his zipper and fished inside his pants. Her fingers latched around the thick, throbbing shaft of his cock. "I got it." She hauled his prick out and gasped. "Oooo, it's a beauty!"

Frank jerked his hips. Her squeezing fingers were driving him crazy. "Suck it, baby." He jerked again, driving his cock through her fist. "Eat it."

"I will." She savored the hardness, thrilled to the throbbing muscle. Her blue eyes devoured his prick. She fucked out her tongue, slapping it over the bloated head of his cock.

"Yeahhh," Frank moaned.

She did it again, then brought her lips to his piss-slot and kissed it. Her mouth opened and his cockhead disappeared inside. Her lips closed tight, cheeks drew in.

"Christ, baby," he groaned, tightening his grip in the thickness of her hair. "Damn!" He sucked in his breath and slammed her face forward, driving his prick in to the root.

Gretchen gagged, her face turning scarlet. The thickness of his cock clogged her throat and made her eyes bug out. A gargle came from her stuffed throat and she straggled.

Frank let out his breath and released his death grip on Gretchen's hair. "Baby!"

She pulled off, gasping for air. "You trying to kill me?" She looked up at him, her breathing returning to normal. "Take it easy."

"Sorry, baby. You got me crazy."

"You're forgiven." She kissed the head of his cock.

"So are you."

She opened her mouth again and clamped her lips around his bloated cock. This time she gobbled him to the root without his help. She held his prick in her throat, breathing through her nose.

"Unnnn," Frank rasped, his prick buried in her gullet. "Chew it up."

Gretchen did, expertly. She used her tongue, her teeth, her lips. Up and down the length of his prickshaft she worked her magic, sucking, chewing, whipping her tongue.

Frank went wild. He slammed hard, driving his cock to the hilt with each lunge of his hips. His neck strained and his lips drew back against his teeth. "Jesus Christ!"

Gretchen held his hips and kept her mouth steady, allowing him to plunder her throat. Her pussy seeped, soaking the chair. Her nipples swelled, aching for his mouth. Soft gurgling noises escaped from her throat. His cock was swelling, she had to stop.

Frank was of no help. Her mouth was too good. He jabbed hard, pounding his cock in and out of her throat. "Baby!" He felt his balls rumble. "Baby!"

She pulled her mouth off his prick. "No, Frank. No!" Her tits heaved. "My pussy needs it." She stood, swaying on her feet. "Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

Frank was out of his skull. He would have fucked her on a street corner. He spun her around. "Bend over, bitch!"

Moaning between racking sobs of passion, Gretchen obeyed. She leaned forward, bracing herself on the chair, her rump vulnerable, her pussy oozing for a taste of his cock. "Shove it deep," she hissed.

"I know how to fuck," he growled. His fingers sank into the soft flesh of her hips. He held her steady, his prick pointed, throbbing in readiness. He lurched forward, driving his prick into the steamy wetness of her cunthole, stopping when his groin met her ass. "Deep enough?"

"Ooooh, yessss!" Her knees buckled. "Oooo, yesss!" Her hips rotated in a tight circle and she massaged his buried cock with the cushiony muscles of her scalding pussy. "Pump! Pump!"

Frank eased out, the pressure of her cunt muscles tremendous. With only his cock tip buried, he slammed back into her cunt, squishy pussy-cream soaking his zipper and pants. Again he brought his cock out to the tip, then drove it back into the spongy heat of her pussy.

"Faster! Faster!" she cried, wriggling her ass, absorbing his powerful thrusts and feeding on his cunt-splitting cock. "Oooo, Frank! Faster!"

Frank plowed faster. He shortened his strokes, but the overpowering strength was still evident. His prick swelled, his balls, still buried in his pants, rumbling. His fingers dug into her flesh as cunt muscles grabbed his prick. "Gum, baby. Gum!"

Gretchen twisted her head around, saw the lust etched in his face. Her eyes floated for a second, then held his image locked in place. "I ammmmmmm! I'm cumminggg!" Her pussy exploded. Hot cunt-cream bathed his driving prick. She gripped the arms of the chair, her tits hanging, swinging, aching as her pussy exploded again.

His jabbing cock felt the full fury of her exploding pussy. He pounded, his prick ready to burst. The cords in his neck stretched and his eyes narrowed into slits.

"Cummmm!" she screamed, her voice filling the air. "Cummm!" She battled him, using her pussy, her hips, taking him to the peak.

Frank couldn't hold out under the pressure. His balls rumbled, then erupted, spewing hot, thick, white cum through his prick. It gushed from his piss-slot, splattering the hot sticky depths of her cunt. "I'm cumminggg," he roared, his deep voice blending with her high pitched wails.

Hard demanding thrusts, backward twists, their bodies met, fused, then divided. Over and over again his cock sliced into her pussy, squirting cum. Her cunt pulsed, gulped his cum and bathed his prick in its own sweet mixture. The speed increased. Their cum blended, oozed from her hole, soaking his pants.

"Ooooo!" Her knees buckled. "Frank!" She fought her way back. Her entire body went into spasm. Swollen tittie meat banged painfully into the chair. She twisted her hips, rocked from side to side, the light of day fading as her eyes drifted into her skull.

Frank's powerful body continued to slam into Gretchen's frame in short, rapid thrusts, deep flooding squirts of cum. He began to slow, the end in sight. He refused to accept it, gritting his teeth and plunging faster.

Gretchen succumbed. She screamed, falling forward onto the chair. His cock popped from her pussy, spraying a few pearl drops on her back. She turned, sprawled on her back, legs spread, a dreamy smile on her face.

Frank looked down at her. He held his limp cock in his fist. "You're a crazy bitch."

She laughed, gasping at his sticky, dripping prick. "So are you."

"Lick me clean, baby."

"I thought you'd never ask." She pulled herself up and touched his cock. "You're all sticky with my pussy juice and your cum."

"I know. Now clean me up." He lunged toward her mouth, parting her lips with his cockhead.

She licked him like a cat catering to her young. Finished, she slipped her mouth from his limp prick. "Your wife will have to clean your pants."

Frank pulled her up. "Come on inside. We'll fuck again."

"I wonder if anyone watched," she said as she ran naked back into Frank's apartment. "I certainly hope so," she added.


Refreshed and ashamed, yet feeling she had accomplished something in her quest for revenge, Gretchen caught a cab in front of Frank's apartment. She gave the driver the name of a hotel in town and settled back in the seat.

"Roger is next," she whispered, thinking about tonight ahead.

She glanced at her watch. "Damn." Its late and the hungry feeling in the pit of her stomach reminded her that she had not eaten a thing all day. After paying off the driver and registering at the desk, she allowed the handsome young bellboy to carry her small overnight bag up to her room.

"Thanks," the bellboy said as Gretchen laid four one-dollar bills in his hand. "If you want anything, ask for Tim."

"I'll remember that, Tim." She gave him a hot smile that churned his stomach. She watched him go, then went to the phone and ordered dinner sent up to her room.

Sipping her coffee after eating, she reached for the phone. After dialing nine, she heard the dial tone and dialed Roger's home, hoping to catch him before he went out. About to hang up in defeat, the line clicked open.

"Hello?" a sultry voice purred.

Gretchen was surprised to hear a woman's voice. In her anger she had forgotten about Roger never being alone. She smiled sadly, seeing a lonely night ahead of her. "Is Roger there?"

"Who wants to know?" The woman's voice had become wary, defensive.

"Tell him it's his sister-in-law." She imaged Roger beside the mysterious woman, both naked, both in bed, a place she should be now, with Ray. She forced her husband from her mind.

"What can I do for you, Gretchen? I hope you don't need a ride. I'm a little tied up right now."

"I can tell." Gretchen laughed, forgetting her own troubles for the moment. "It wasn't important. Will you be in your office all day tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Why don't you stop by in the afternoon? I'll be busy all morning."

"The same way?" she quipped.

Roger grinned. "Business in the morning. Pleasure at night."

"I hear it's pleasure all the time."

"Rumors," he said.

"I'd better hang up. Your company might get jealous. If you put her back on the line, I'll assure her I'm really your sister-in-law."

Roger laughed. "You don't have to. She heard it all. I'll see you tomorrow around two."

"Bye, Roger." She dropped the phone back in its cradle and frowned. Roger had someone, Patsy had Tony, unless she was still with Ray, and she was alone. She battled with her thoughts, vanquishing them.

Frank! She dialed his number quickly and hung up in frustration after ten rings. She looked at the door. "I can go to the lounge. He might be there." She discarded the idea. A shower, a few drinks from room service, and a good night's sleep. She picked up the phone again, then remembered Tim.

"Can I help you?" the operator asked.

"Yes. Send someone up for my tray and will you connect me with the bell captain." She waited, heard the clicks, then the sound of the bell captain's voice.

"I'm in 1312. Could you send Tim up please?" With the bell captain's assurance, she hung up and waited. Tim was cute and she felt as if she knew him. Being lonely and depressed, it helped.

She opened the door on the first knock. It was both room service and Tim. "How about a bottle of Cutty Sark," she said after her tray was taken away. She winked at Tim. "Two glasses." She dropped a twenty in his hand. "I'll leave the door open."

Tim smiled, his eyes devouring her lush body. "I'll be back in a flash." He turned on his heel, not believing the wink or what it implied. She was probably expecting company and was having a little fun at his expense. He didn't care. She tipped well and enjoyed looking at her.

With Tim gone, she slipped out of her clothes, wishing she had something sexy to wear for him. She shrugged. All her sexy things were at home, where Patsy could wear them. She padded into the bathroom.

Naked, she stared at herself, wondering if the young man would find her appealing. Insecurity gnawed at the back of her mind. She had to know. "Am I getting old?" she asked her reflection. "Patsy's eighteen. Tim would probably be happier with her." She stalked from the bathroom, naked, determined to prove she was still desirable and satisfy her revenge at the same time.

She slipped her skirt and blouse on, left the top three buttons open, and stepped into her shoes. Her tits pressed boldly against the silky material of her blouse, the nipples erect with excitement. She squeezed her thighs together. Warm cream greeted her. She was ready.

She sat on a chair near the window and looked out. Her heart was pounding in her ears. She crossed and uncrossed her legs nervously. He was a boy, Patsy's age. It was frightening and exciting. Rejection fought with revenge.

A knock on the door snapped her out of her thoughts. She pulled herself together, took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. "Come in." She fixed a smile on her lips.

Tim opened the door and stopped, his eyes falling on Gretchen as she sat by the window. His heart tried leaping into his throat and his groin stiffened into a knot. "Damn," he muttered under his breath. "I got the Scotch."

"Good. I'm thirsty as hell." She stood, walking over to the young man slowly. "Do you think you might have time to have a drink?"

Tim's eyes settled on the twin tit-mounds straining against the silk. The soft flesh of her tits peeked from the open blouse. "Sure," he gawked, his eyes finally settling on her swollen nipples, just hidden from view.

"I'm glad. I hate to drink alone." She brushed by him, sitting on the small sofa near the bed. "Why don't you pour?" Casually, she placed her hand on her knee and eased up her skirt.

Tim opened the bottle and poured them each a tumbler of the potent liquid. He smiled, a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

"Thanks, Tim." She took her drink, her hand caressing his for a quick moment. "Sit beside me." She patted the cushion. "We can talk."

Obediently, Tim did. He took a gulp of the booze and it burned going down his throat. He was finding it difficult to sit still.

Gretchen angled her body, faced the nervous bellboy, and sipped her drink. She held his eyes with her own, enjoying his discomfort, yet still unsure if the boy would reject her or not.

"Do many women invite you in for a drink?"

He shook his head and took another gulp. "I just started working here a week ago."

"You'll probably get a lot of invitations." She winked. "You're very handsome."

He smiled sheepishly. The booze was making him warm and the scent of her perfume was making him hot.

Tentatively, Gretchen touched his cheek with her free hand. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Christ," he blurted out. "You're beautiful!"

Her heart skipped a beat. "You don't think I'm too old, do you?"

"Too old for what?" He grinned, the booze loosening his tongue.

She laughed softly. "Too old for a handsome young man like you." She caressed his cheek and inched closer to him, her knee touching his.

Tim was dumbfounded, not knowing whether she was putting him on or whether she was serious. "I don't think you're old at all," he finally said. His eyes constantly drifted to the front of her blouse where the fleshy mounds of her tits were exposed.

"You keep looking at my tits," she said boldly, becoming excited about going to bed with him. "Would you like to see more?" Her blue eyes danced.

Without waiting for an answer she knew to be obvious, she undid two buttons, exposing the full roundness of her tits. Only the nipples remained hidden from his bulging eyes. She took a long pull on her drink and set the glass down. Her tits almost spilled out and Tim coughed.

Gretchen suppressed a giggle and inched closer. "You like them?" She jutted out her chest. Pussy juice seeped from her.

"They're gorgeous," he blurted out, finishing his drink. He wanted to grab them, but didn't. His job was important and he didn't believe be was fucky enough for this to be true.

Gretchen sensed the boy's dilemma. "This isn't a tease, Tim." She took his empty glass from his hand. "I'm hot." She took a deep breath. "Touch me. Feel my tits." She became frightened, afraid he wouldn't respond.

Her fears were unfounded. Tim, his eyes glued to the flesh of her tits, cupped one large, round, meaty globe in each hand. His fingers closed into the softness and his breath whooshed out.

A deep relaxing sigh escaped Gretchen's open mouth. "Oooo, Tim." She trembled inside. "Squeeze. Oooo, yesss, squeeze."

Tim squeezed, his head in the clouds, his cock a raging ache in his pants. "Take off your blouse," he managed to mumble.

"Ooo, Tim!" She forced herself out of his clutching fingers and stood. Her legs were weak, her knees trembling. Her mouth dried up as she stood quivering in front of him as he leered up at her.

Insecurity stopped her for a fleeting second. She fought it, undid the last two buttons, and slipped off her blouse. She dropped it on the bed and was thrilled with the obvious pleasure spreading over the boy's face.

She rubbed her aching tits. The nipples felt as if they were about to burst. "I'm so hot, Tim. I'm soaked between my legs."

Tim's head was spinning. She was exquisite! He put his hands on her hips and squeezed. Roaming up to her tits, he mauled the fleshy mounds.

Gretchen rocked on her heels. It was happening! "Take off my skirt." Her voice was husky, deep, coated with emotion. "I'm not wearing any panties."

Anxiously his hands fumbled with the button on the side of her skirt. It opened, the zipper parted, and the skirt dropped to the floor. His eyes fixed on the dark trimmed patch of her blonde pussy.

"Ooo, Tim. I'm going crazy. Touch me." She parted her legs, stared at the wall and waited.

Tim was overwhelmed. His hands caressed her thighs, her hips, her belly, then dipped between her parted thighs to the heated wetness of her oozing pussy. One finger stroked through her puffy cunt gash. It came away coated in a filmy cream of pungent juice.

"Unnnn," she moaned, biting her bottom lip as Tim's finger brushed delicately over her swollen cunt. "GO inside. Finger me." She trembled, her hips moving around in a slow, sensuous circle. "Finger-fuck me."

Tim cupped her seeping cunt with his hand, the heat warming his palm. Fingers slipped inside, one, two, then three. He worked them around inside her pussy, gouging the cushiony walls that pulsed erratically to capture them.

"Ummmm." She was soaring. She humped his fingers, her tits jiggling painfully with each movement. "Harder, Tim." She squeezed her thighs together, holding him prisoner, then gasped.

Caught up in her frenzy, Tim obeyed like a willing slave. His hard, quick jabs elicited moaning wails from her. He twisted his fingers, gouged deep, then jabbed rapidly in and out until Gretchen almost collapsed.

He brought his freehand up and mauled her pink, glowing flesh, tits, hips, ass cheeks. He was out of his skull. This was no tease. It was the real thing! The heady scent of her cunt attacked his nostrils, flaring them. His mouth watered and his prick throbbed, anxious to take the place of his fingers.

Hot, tingling spasms rippled through her body and for a second she thought she was going to fall. She grabbed him, held his head against her belly and humped, using him for support. Her nails scratched through his hair and she couldn't stop the short, jerky twists of her hips. His fingers were wild, driving her insane.

Mustering what sanity she had left, she gasped, then released him, pulling away. "Your fingers are soaked," she panted. "Soaked with my pussy juice."

Tim, dazed with passion, looked at his fingers. It was true! Warm, milky cunt-cream covered his fingers and hand. He locked up, his eyes glassy. He couldn't speak.

She smiled wickedly, then paraded around the room flaunting her naked body. His eyes told her she wasn't over the hill. She modeled for him, striking lewd poses that made him crazy. "You like looking at me?"

He nodded, his voice lost somewhere in his throat.

"I'm not too old?" She hefted her tits, needing his approval. The vision of her younger sister seducing Ray burned in her head. She turned around, presenting him with a view of her ass. "You like my ass?" She bent over, tits dangling, and spread her legs.

Tim gawked. His eyes flowed up her long legs and fused to the meat of her pussy, red, wet, and exposed. His cock felt as if it were going to bust inside his pants.

"Let's go to bed," he blurted out in a hoarse voice.

Gretchen straightened up and walked slowly back to Tim. She dropped to her knees in front of him. Silently, as he watched, she worked her hand over the bulge in his pants.

"Mmmm, it feels nice and hard."

"Take it out," he groaned, squirming.

"I am, Tim," she purred, more confident now. She had his zipper open and her hand fished inside, gripping the hard hot shaft of his raging hard-on.

Tim grunted, squirming on the sofa. He jerked up as Gretchen hauled out his cock. His eyes fell to his groin. Her hand was wrapped around the thickness of his shaft, her blonde hair hiding her face from view.

"Ummm, it looks delicious." She worked the thin skin of his cock up and down the throbbing muscle of his blood-gorged shaft. "Does it feel good?" She squeezed.

"Aghhh," he moaned, his back stiffening, his legs jerking out straight.

"Would you like me to suck it?" She was captivated with his bloated dickhead. Squeezing the shaft, she enjoyed the way his pisser opened as if it were breathing.

"Yeahhhh! Suck it! Suck it!" She had him crazy. He couldn't sit still. He reached down and frantically tried to get her mouth on his prick.

"In time," she cooed, in complete control of the situation. "Let's get you out of your clothes first." She had his belt open and was pulling down his pants as she talked. "I like to see all the meat I'm going to eat."

Jerking, Tim helped, lifting his ass as the swooped off his pants and shorts. He tore at his jacket and shirt, hurling them to the floor as she finished taking off his pants.

"Now you're just like me," she hummed when he was finally stripped. "Lean back and relax."

Tim gasped in air as she began to caress and kiss his thighs.

She started easy, sending light caresses with the tips of her fingers over his thighs and up to the cement hardness of his gut. She kept her eyes focused on his prick, her tongue fucking out in anticipation of licking the beautiful piece of cock meat.

"Suck it," he pleaded. Her torture was becoming unbearable. He jerked, his long cock swaying back and forth through her blonde hair.

"I will," she teased, enjoying the game. She spread his legs wide and cupped his heavy cum-filled nuts. "I'll bet you've got a load in here."

Tim groaned in desperation.

She swished her long blonde hair over his groin and cock. Her mouth was directly over his red, glistening cockhead.

"Do it!" He could feel her hot breath on his prick. "Please! Do it!"

Gretchen's tongue flashed out, swiping over his cockhead. She did it again, a wet whip of pleasure.


Gretchen obliged at last. She enveloped the head of his cock with her mouth, closed her lips tight, and sucked. Cheeks drawn in, tongue flashing, she made the bellboy groan in agony. His grunts and low moans were music to her ears.

Tim jerked up, but was unable to bury his prick to the root. He growled, her teeth sinking into his cockshaft, stopping him in the first moment of his upward lunge. Gasping, he dropped back, twitching as her tongue continued to beat against the sensitive head of his prick.

Gretchen was enthralled. She gripped the base of his prick, held it tight in her fist and squeezed. Tim moaned in pleasure. She released her teeth. Warm saliva dripped from her mouth down his shaft to her fingers. Gently, she eased the head of his cock along the roof of her mouth. Her tongue slapped wildly across the sensitive underside of his throbbing prickshaft.

Tim squirmed. His hands curled into fists. "Jesus," he growled. His cock was caught in the heated wetness of her mouth. "Ohhh, God!" His balls felt as if they were on fire. His prick throbbed in rhythm to the slashing fury of her tongue.

Gretchen was totally absorbed in giving the young man the blow-job of his life. She released her grip on the base of his cock and swallowed his whole prick. Taking the length of his cock into her throat, she stopped when his cock hair tickled her lips.

Tim jerked and moaned, his prick buried. His hips twitched and his face screwed up in torturous pleasure. She was fantastic. He felt the pressure mounting in his balls and he knew he couldn't hold out. Her moan was low, filled with anguish. He didn't want it to end in her mouth -- he wanted to fuck her.

Gretchen slowly dragged her teeth up the length of his prickshaft as his groaning voice pleased her. She slipped her mouth off his cock. Bright blue eyes glazed with lust, she stared into the young man's mask of agony.

"Did you like that?" Her words were puffs of air.

Tim moaned, dazed, his head reeling.

"I had to stop. You were going to flood my mouth with cum." She stood up. "I don't want you to come yet. Do you mind?"

He was her slave. His halls ached and the pressure they were creating pounded behind his eyes. He stared at her lush, naked body, wondering if it were all a dream. The memory of her hot sucking mouth told him it was real, fantastically real.

"You ever eat pussy?" she asked, her words penetrating the dense sexual fog of his mind.

"Yeah," he rasped, his voice sounding strange to his ears.

"I hope you're good at it." She took two steps back and plopped on the bed. "You ready to eat me?"

Tim stood on wobbly legs, his spit-soaked cock jutting out a mile. "Whenever you want."

"Good." She scrambled back on the bed and spread her legs wide. "Chew me up."

Tim climbed on the bed between her long, outstretched legs. His eyes found the inviting red gash of her pussy.

Gretchen was in a world of her own. She writhed on the bed, her hands frantically skimming down her tingling flesh. "Lick me, Tim. Then fuck the hell out of me." Her hands roamed to her dripping pussy, the long fingers parting the puffy folds, exposing the inner hole to Tim's ogling gaze.

"Oh, Tim. Tongue me!" She rotated her hips in a quick circle. "Tongue-fuck meet!"

Tim brought his mouth to her steamy cunt and fused his lips to the seeping pussy hole.

"Aghhhh," she cried out. The contact was exquisite!

With the heat of her pussy against his mouth, Tim became an animal. His hands gouged her rocking hips, clawing under and grabbing the meat of her ass. His mouth became a storm. He sucked the loose, velvety folds of her pussy into his mouth. He chewed the delicate meat as she thrashed on the bed.

"Inside! Inside!" she screamed. "Shove your tongue in me!"

Tim ignored her pleas. He chewed, his teeth on her cunt becoming more demanding. Her screams of pleasure told him he was in control. It swelled his mind with power. He was a beast feasting on the juiciest, tenderest meal of his life.

Gretchen's eyes floated into her skull as she tried to fix her gaze on the ceiling. It was impossible. She humped, felt his teeth, then whimpered like a baby as the pleasure of his mouth swept over her.

"Oh, Tim. I'm in heaven!"

She brought her hands to her tits and squeezed. She mangled them in her hands and added to her own pleasure as Tim's mouth fed the flames inside her scaling cunt.

The sweet aroma of her cunt and the pungent taste of her warm pussy juice absorbed Tim's mind completely. His tongue found her cunt hole, invaded the sticky juice and explored.

"Ohhh," she cried, humping her cunt against his mouth. "Ohhh, Christ!" She became a snake, writhing, twisting on the bed in the throes of exquisite passion. "I feel it! Your tongue! More! Yesssss!"

Tim labored between her thighs, drinking the juice of her cunt. His tongue slurped up the oozing cream, then slithered back inside for more. Her cunt muscles tugged, greedily trying to capture him.

"Un! Un! Un!" she moaned, biting her bottom lip. "Unnnnnn!" She slammed against his mouth as a spasm attacked the steamy depths of her cunt and spread like wildfire throughout her body.

Tim's tongue plunged deep, then curled out, then plunged in deep again. He found her clit and went insane. Holding it between his teeth, he shook his head from side to side as Gretchen's mounting screams filled the room.

"Oooh, Tim! Tim! I'm gonna..." Her words were cunt off as another spasm, more powerful than the first, ripped through her cunt. "Aghhh!"

Tim sensed her approaching orgasm in the frenzied movement of her body. Knowing she was going to cream blew his mind. Hard sucks on her cunt took her over the jagged edge into her climax.

"I'm cuming," she wailed as one orgasm after another rocketed through her pussy. "Ohhh, I'm creaming your fucking mouth!"

Tim knew it. Hot pussy-cream flowed like a river over his face, into his mouth, and down his chin. He was bathed in it. He held her cunt tight and didn't move, allowing her to take the ride on her own.

Gretchen soared. With tits flopping, ass humping, and hips rotating, she creamed his face. "Bite! Bite me!"

Tim bit -- hard.

"Yessssss!" With her teeth clamped together the word came out a hiss. She arched her back, shuddered in joy, then dropped back to the bed.

Tim sucked hard on her cunt and felt it throb on his lips. He bit it, then sucked it, almost tearing it from her body.

"Fuck meeee!" she screamed. The intensity of her orgasm had left her high, trembling, with no place to go. "Fuck meeee!" She began to shake. She needed his cock. His mouth had not been enough.

Tim heard her through the lust that clouded his brain. He brought, his face out of her cunt, warm sticky juice covering him. The waiting had tempered his passion. He stared at her lush body contorting on the bed. He was ready.

"Fuck me, Tim," she gasped, her blue eyes pleading with the young man. "I need your cock."

"You want my cock, lady?" He was enjoying his new role. He had never had a woman like Gretchen, a beautiful woman who was begging for his prick. His chest swelled.

"Yesssssss!" She was being tortured and she knew it. "Yessssss!" She loved it too.

Tim took advantage of her needs. It was like a dream come true. "Where?"

"My pussy! My pussy!" She humped, exposing her cunthole to the leering delights of the bellboy. "Fuck me, Tim. God!"

Tim leaned over her lush writhing body, his arms straight, his eyes glassy, brimming with passion. His cock was at the entrance of her pussy, the tip brushing against the wet oozing gash as it throbbed.

"Tell me again, lady. I like hearing it."

"Fuck me," she pleaded, lifting her ass in a desperate effort to ensnare his cock. "Fuck me!"

Tim eased the head of his cock between her puffy cuntlips, stopping immediately. "You want more?" He was filled with power.

"Yessss," she cried. "All of it! Stick it all in me." She lunged up, failing in her frenzied attempt to capture his prick.

"Like this?" He slammed his hips forward, driving his cock in to the root. Quickly, he pulled back, leaving only the prickhead inside her twisting body.

"Yeahhhh," she screeched, her eyes bulging as her pussy filled with cock, then became empty again. "Please fuck me!" She clawed his arms with her nails, latched onto his shoulders and dragged herself up and into his body. She rubbed her tits against him, sucking and licking his neck.

Her passion was fast sucking him into its swirling orbit. He was beginning to lose control. He fought it, succeeding for a moment. He jammed hard, leaving his cock buried inside her pulsing pussy hole.

Gretchen gasped and fell back onto the bed, writhing in ecstasy. She worked her hips in short tight jerks, massaging her cunt into the hardness of his groin. She was in heaven. She was stuffed with cockmeat and didn't intend to release it until she extracted every ounce of pleasure from it.

Tim groaned. His will-power was slipping rapidly. The overpowering heat from her cunt, the pulsing cunt muscles, her twisting, her whimpering cries were finally taking their toll.

Gretchen humped, forcing the friction she needed to satisfy her raging passion. She leered into his face. She latched her legs around his back, digging her heels into him. This time he would not pull out.

"Fuck me! Fuck me. Now!" she demanded. Tim succumbed. He slammed into her cunt with long even strokes that fed the flames of his balls, hard slams, with torturous withdrawals.

"Yesssss," she crooned, satisfied for the moment. Each thrust made her wail and each withdrawal made her moan. She accepted it, knowing it wouldn't last forever.

His face turned red, the cords in his neck bulged, and he picked up speed. His prick swelled in her pussy and his balls rumbled. Each time his body fused with hers, she ground her cunt into his groin. The withdrawals were agony, leaving her trembling.

Tim's speed increased. He was finding it difficult to concentrate. Passion had engulfed him. Long strokes turned into quick hard hitting jabs. Grunts escaped his mouth with each lunge.

Gretchen fed on his speed, the power behind each jab. She bumped and twisted, drawing from his cock all the pleasure she could. "Harder! Faster!"

Tim could only obey.

Gretchen swooned. The end was in sight. She matched his lunges, settling into the fast and furious ride to the summit and all the joy that waited for her.

"I'm there!" she shrieked, reaching the peak. "I'm there!" She went insane. Her body became a gyrating machine as she took the welcomed plunge into her climax.

Tim felt the contracting eruption of her pussy. Automatically, he became the same wild machine.

"I'm cumingggg!" she screamed as her climax wrapped her in its stormy warmth. "I'm cuminggg!"

Gretchen slammed up with wild abandonment into Tim's body as she creamed his cock in a river of warm sticky pussy juice. Hot, overwhelming spasms ripped, through her exploding cunt. Over and over again, she climaxed, screaming, whimpering, and clawing Tim along the way.

Tim's balls burst and he followed her into orgasm. Hot thick white cum spurted from the tip of his cock, splattering the spongy depths of her already flooded cunt.

"Meeee toooo!" he roared, his voice blending with Gretchen's. "Me too!"

Gretchen's eyes rolled into her head, then drifted back, focusing on Tim's face as he creamed her pussy. "I feel it! Give it all to me!"

Tim's prick squirted thick wads, one after the other. Squishy noises greeted each driving thrust. Her soft, hungry cunt muscles pulled on his cock and, his balls tumbled again another stream of jizz flowed from his pisser.

Gretchen's legs shot out, freezing for a moment, then curling back and digging into his hips. She pounded his back with her heels as she met each thrust of his body, grinding her throbbing cunt into his groin.

They battled on the bed to the squealing protests of the mattress, hard stabs, upward lunges, fusing for a second, then parting. His arms gave out and he crashed on top of her. Her arms circled his back, crushing him into her tits. She clung to him, her hips rocking, bucking. He skimmed under her twisting body with his arms, holding her.

Gretchen began to drop, slide back, the intensity of her orgasm abating as her strength drained.

Panting, Tim's body slowed. He stopped, his prick buried, spent, growing limp. He felt a warm ooze trickle down his nuts and he moaned.

"I... loved... it," she gasped, still clinging to him. "God!" She used her pussy like an expert, draining the last few drops from his prick.

Tim rolled off. His sticky prick limp on his thigh as he caught his breath. "I've never been fucked like that," he confessed. "Never!"

It warmed her heart.

The phone rang and she rolled over and picked it up. "Hello?" She listened. "He just came in," she said. She smiled and hung up. "They're wondering where you are."

Tim was already out of bed. He pulled his clothes on quickly.

"I hope you don't get fired because of me." She watched, hiding her smile.

"Me too," he said nervously. He brushed his messed hair and hurried to the door. "See [missing text]."

"Bye." She waved as he closed the door. "Mmmm, I hope I have as much fun with Roger." She giggled and pulled herself out of bed.

A shower, some sleep, and I'll be ready for anything. She disappeared into the bathroom.


Gretchen walked into the lobby of the Conner's Building and studied the logo on the wall, making sure Roger's office was still on the twelfth floor. It was and she stepped into the elevator as the doors hissed open.

Silently, Gretchen watched the numbers flash on the board until they reached her floor. She stepped out into the quiet corridor and turned left, walking almost to the end of the hall. Roger's name was on the door.

"Here goes," she whispered aloud, pushing the door. Last night with Tim had given her confidence. It was going to be an interesting afternoon. She couldn't stop the smile that spread over her face.

"Can I help you?"

Gretchen came out of her thoughts. The voice had come from a sexy redhead with green eyes flecked with gold.

"I'm Gretchen Steward. Roger's expecting me."

She saw the lines harden around the redhead's mouth and saw her interest become more than casual. It was then that Gretchen realized who the redhead was -- the voice on the phone last night in Roger's room. She grinned, listened as the pretty girl talked, then hung up.

"You can go in now," the redhead said.

"I'll give him back when I'm through," Gretchen whispered, then stepped away, walking in the direction of Roger's private office. She walked with a swing, feeling the green eyes burn hatefully into her back.

"Hi, Gretchen," Roger said, coming from behind his desk. "C'mon in and have a seat." He took her arm and guided her to the plush red leather couch.

"I think your secretary hates me," she said, crossing her leg, her skirt slipping deliciously up her thigh.

Roger's eyes gravitated to her legs. He stared for a moment, then cleared his mind. "Rachael is a very jealous young lady." He turned and walked across his large office to the bar. "Still like your Scotch neat?"

"As always." She watched him pour the amber liquid into two glasses. In a way Roger and Ray were a lot alike. Both had thick brown hair, were tall, handsome men with dark eyes. The main difference was that Ray was quiet, while Roger was a pussy sniffer. It was one of the things she had been grateful for. Ray had been, up until now, contented.

"What do I owe the pleasure of your company?" He handed her a drink and perched on the edge of his desk.

She parried his question with one of her own. "Is your secretary the one I talked with last night?"

Roger gave her a boyish grin, much like Ray's. "The same." His eyes fell again to the curve and bare flesh of Gretchen's leg.

"I hope I didn't cause too much of a problem."

"If you mean, did she refuse, the answer is no. Rachael is jealous, but she's not stupid."

"I thought after your last problem with a secretary you'd give up making it with the hired help." She stared at him boldly and sipped her drink. Her blue eyes danced.

"I'm too horny. I like it close, so when there's a lull I can push the button on the intercom and..." He let the sentence hang.

"She might not be available after today." She finished her drink and reached, over, setting her empty glass on the table. The movement raised her skirt higher.

"Why?" he asked, his eyes bulging, his sister-in-law was dynamite, but off limits. He cursed himself under his breath.

"Because I told her I'd give you back when I'm through." She paused. "I think Rachael believes we're in here fucking." Her blue eyes danced even more.

He was surprised. Gretchen was acting out of character. "Christ, I hope you're wrong. She's a helluva lot of fun in bed."

"I'm sure you have them lined up waiting."

He grinned. "Rachael isn't your average piece of ass."

"Neither am I," she said, challenging him with her eyes. She winked.

"I'll bet you're not." He wondered what bet game was.

"You ever talk to Ray about me? Does he tell you what we do in bed?"

Roger shook his head. "We never discussed it." He was beginning to react. His groin ached and the lines around his mouth tightened. He stared at her legs.

"It's a shame. Ray thinks I'm fantastic."

"I can see why." He followed her legs, settled his eyes on her face. She was indeed fantastic.

She stood, stretched, her tits jutting out. Slowly, she lowered her arms. Two steps brought her close to him, his knee touching her skirt. "Have you ever thought about finding out?" It was a husky whisper, coated with promise.

"Ml the time." His voice was strained as he stared directly into her tits. He swallowed the lump in his throat, the scent of her perfume reaching him.

"Then why don't you?" She straddled his leg, her skirt inching up as she closed her thighs tightly against his knee. "I've always been curious about you."

Roger gave her a quizzical look. "If you don't mind," he said, his voice raspy, "you're acting kind of strange. You and Ray have a fight?" It wasn't that he didn't want to fuck his sister-in-law -- hell he dreamed about it!

Gretchen didn't move. "Sort of," she purred, stroking her nail down his smoothly shaved ace.

"Tell me about it." He didn't want to be the cause of them splitting up or anything.

Gretchen moved back a step. "I'm surprised, Roger. I thought you'd jump at the chance if I gave it to you."

"I still might, after I know what's going through your pretty head."

"I'm glad to hear that," she said. "Let's just say Ray found my sister very comforting during my absence."

Roger's face lit up in surprise. "Patsy?"

"I don't have another sister." She sat down again, her skirt flowing up her thigh brazenly.

Roger watched the hem rise. "Christ, she's only eighteen, isn't she?"

"Married six months too," she added. "I guess one husband isn't enough."

Roger shook his head, an image of the sexy Patsy flashing through his mind. "Damn, I didn't know Ray had it in him."

"I guess you'd like to take a shot at her to huh?"

"I've thought about it," Roger said.

"Hell, I thought she was just a damn innocent kid."

"So did I," Gretchen said hatefully.

Roger leaned forward, then back away from her alluring perfume. "So you decided if Ray can fuck your sister, you can fuck me." His grin turned into a broad smile.

"You hit the nail on the head."

He thought about the possibilities. "Sort of poetic justice."

Gretchen giggled. "You might call it that."

"Listen, Gretchen. You're a fantastic looking woman. I've had dreams about you, but shit, I'm not interested in a revenge fuck."

Gretchen gave him a pout, her blue eyes smoldering with a growing desire, fed by her revenge. "You don't actually think I'm going to leave here without getting what I came for, do you?"

Roger walked away. He refilled his glass. "Why don't you go home and talk it over with Ray?"

"I will, after I've had some fun on my own." It was turning out better than she had thought. A little resistance was going to be [missing text].

"If you're worried about taking your brother's innocent wife, put it out of your mind."

He looked over at her, fighting the temptation she was dangling in front of him.

"I've already been to bed with two other men," she admitted, a devilish smile tugging at her mouth. "You should have seen me. I've changed."

Roger was swept up in a mixture of shock and curiosity. "You're bullshittin'."

"I don't bullshit." She giggled. "The first man got me off while we were sitting in a cocktail lounge."

"You're crazy." He came to his desk and leaned against it. He didn't believe her.

"Yeah. Crazy for revenge and a lot of fun." She gaped openly at his crotch. "You ever finger-fuck a girl in a bar?"

He grinned sheepishly.

"I can see you have."

"Why not pick on someone else?" He was still fighting his impulse not to take advantage of her. But she looked so delicious and sexy. His mind conjured up what she had told him. It made his groin ache.

"I have other plans too," she said, "but first I want to find out why you have woman lined up at your bedroom door. You must be special. It can't be because you're shy." She giggled, then traced a pattern with her nail up the smooth, silky skin of her thigh.

Roger gulped. She was dynamite!

"I'm not leaving until I find out." She was determined and confident.

Roger saw the look, felt uneasy.

"Wouldn't you just once like to lean me over the desk and fuck me?" Her breathing was coming faster. "Ray tells me my pussy is fabulous. The other two men I fucked didn't have any complacence." She spotted the bulge in his pants and knew it wasn't going to be difficult.

"You're crazy." There was nothing else he could think of to say. "Crazy."

"I agree. Now do we fuck? Or do I rape you?"

"Listen, Gretchen." He was still set on not fucking her, yet something inside him kept him from sending her home.

"I'm listening." Her eyes fucked with delight.

"Pick somebody else."

She shook her head. "I want you, Roger." She stood, came to him, straddled his leg and squeezed. "I want your cock in me." She touched his crotch and felt the hardness of his prick. "Mmmmm, you might not want me, but your cock sure does." She rubbed the palm of her hand on his bulge.

"Jesus," he groaned. She was getting to him, eating away at his defenses.

"He can't help you," she whispered, bringing her hands to his face. She caressed his cheeks. "Why not surrender and enjoy yourself?"

He pulled her into his arms and plastered his mouth to hers. Her lips parted invitingly, eagerly accepting his invading tongue.

"Mmmmnm," she sighed as she chewed hungrily on his tongue and rubbed her body into his. She swirled her tongue around his and pushed back, exploring his mouth. Her hands caressed the back of his neck and the aroma of his aftershave intoxicated her.

Roger broke the kiss and held her at arms length. "Christ, Gretchen!"

She smiled wickedly. "I never knew you could be so shy. You always enjoyed looking at me. Well, now you can touch too. I know you want [missing text]."

He was finding it very hard to resist.

"You relax. I don't mind taking the lead." Her fingers slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. With Roger's face flushed, his eyes glazed, she slipped it off and handed it to him.

Her large ripe tits were totally displayed for his pleasure.

Roger groaned, his eyes feasting on the plump meat of his sister-in-law's beautiful tits.

She was excited to be displaying herself. The juices in her pussy began to seep. "I've seen you staring at them, Roger. Would you like to suck them?"

She came to him, hefting her tits in her hands, offering them to him. "Suck my tits, Roger." It was a low sexy voice that held the promise of a fantastic afternoon. "Get them all wet with your spit."

Roger couldn't refuse. He replaced her hands with his own and brought his mouth down to one large, round succulent nipple and devoured it.

"Oooo, Roger," she hummed as his mouth worked feverishly on the pulpy meat of her tits. "Ooo, your mouth is so divine."

Roger sucked hard, whipped his tongue over the bullet-shaped tip and kneaded the bulk of her tittie flesh with his hands. Loud slurping noises blended with her whimpering sighs of pleasure.

"You're making me cream." She curled her fingers through his hair and pressed his mouth tight against the meat of her tits. "OOO, chew them. Bite them!"

Roger devoured her tits. He labored on one pliant globe, chewing, biting, soaking it with spit. Moving from her nipple, he attacked the creamy white flesh, turning it bright pink.

Finished with one tit, he ravaged the other, this time with more fervor. Pulling back his head, he cupped each tit-mound and glared at them lustily.

"Ooo, don't stop. Urn creaming all over." She wiggled her hips, the action making her tits jiggle in his hands.

Roger squeezed, then buried his face between the erotic tit-globes, chewing and sucking his way out and over each plump tit again. Panting, he took his mouth and hands away. His face was flushed, wet, tight with passion. His eyes glowed. He wanted his sister-in-law.

Gretchen gasped and stared at her tits. "Oh, Roger, look." She lifted them. "They're all wet and red."

Roger was mute. A small part of him was still struggling to end it before it went all the way.

Gretchen saw the turmoil in his eyes and liked it. She pressed on. "Let me take off my skirt. You've undressed me with your eyes often enough, now you can see the real thing." Roger didn't believe it was happening.

Gretchen, his brother's wife, was stripping in his office. He had to believe it when her skirt fell to the floor.

"Well? Do I look as good as you thought?" She rested her hand on her hip and jutted it out, striking a hot, sexy pose.

"Better," he mumbled. His eyes traveled slowly up her long legs, savoring each inch. He feasted on her full hips, blonde pussy hair, trim waist, then settled for another delicious look at her tits.

"I'm happy about that." She was thrilled with the pleasure she saw in his eyes. "Would you like me to turn around?"

He nodded, hoping the few seconds would give him time to think of a way out of this. He also knew he didn't want to find a way out. He was caught and knew it.

"You'll notice, I didn't wear panties," she said as she turned. "I left them in the lounge, a souvenir for the bartender."

Roger groaned, his eyes following the fluid movement of his sister-in-law as she paraded naked to the far side of his office. His prick felt as if it were going to break in half. He squirmed on the edge of the desk.

Gretchen stopped, stared at a painting on the wall. "You like my ass, Roger?"

He grunted.

Gretchen giggled, enjoying his torment, then turned around. "The guy in the bar took me to his apartment and we fucked on his balcony. It's a shame you don't have one."

She strutted back, tits bouncing, her face masked with desire. "Now that you've seen me, I think it's about time I got to know and see what all the women are crazy about."

"Gretchen," he moaned, but he was unable to complete his protest as she dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hand was on his crotch. That did it.

Quickly she worked his zipper down and fished anxiously inside his pants. She dragged out his cock and gasped. "Roger! It's a fuckin' giant!"

Roger let out a groan as her fingers fondled and squeezed his hard prick. He stared down, dazed, unable to stop her.

"No wonder all the girls want you." She was mesmerized by his cock. "It's magnificent!" She traced the blood-engorged veins in his thick meaty shaft with her finger. "God! What a prick!"

"Jesus Christ, Gretchen!" His stomach churned as her fingers slowly drove him crazy. She wrapped both hands around his thick cock and worked the skin up and down. She pursed her lips and blew hot, exciting breath on his sensitive cockhead. She gazed up, blue eyes clouded with lust.

"Can I suck you?" Her mouth curled.

"Do I have a choice?" he mumbled. His prick throbbed violently in her hands.

She shook her head impishly. "No."

"I figured that."

"I'm happy you've decided to enjoy yourself." She dropped her eyes back to leer at his prick. "You got enough here for two of us." A giggle slipped out. "Maybe we should invite Rachael in to join us."

Roger grunted. "Forget it."

"It was just a suggestion." She flashed her tongue out, swiping it over the head of his cock.

Roger moaned and his cock twitched wildly. "Suck it."

"I'm going to chew it, like you did to my tits."

She was as good as her word. She latched her teeth into the thickness of his prickshaft and nibbled greedily, from his zipper up to his bell-shaped cockhead.

Roger jerked forward, then settled back against the desk. His head reeled under the barrage of exquisite sensations her active mouth was producing.

Gretchen threw herself completely into the act of eating his cock. She used her teeth, alternating between gentle nips and hungry bites. His groaning pleasure echoed in her head. Up one side, then down the other, her teeth devastated his cock.

Tired of just chewing, she changed tactics. Swirling her tongue through his piss-slot, she forced it open as Roger grunted in protest. She held her lips to his tip and sucked, her tongue never stopping its bombardment of wet wild slaps.

"You can't fuck it with your tongue," he growled as she tried splitting his pisser. "Christ!"

She hummed and sucked, taking his entire prickhead into her mouth. Her hard, delicious sucks made Roger moan and she shivered in joy as she inched his cockhead into the tightness of her throat.

"Gretchen," he rumbled, jabbing her face. "You're going to suck it out of my balls." He reached down, curled his fingers in her hair and slammed, skewering her throat with his cock.

Gretchen gagged, her nostrils flaring. Choking, she sank her teeth into the monstrous thickness of his prick. It yielded to her teeth.

"Ooowww!" He released her.

Gasping for air, she pulled away from his prick. "Jesus, Roger! You trying to kill me?"

"Sorry, baby," he groaned. "I thought you were going to suck my balls up through my cock."

"I still might," she whispered. "Now be still and let me enjoy myself. If you scream like that again your secretary might come in."

"You're crazy."

"I know it." She went back to his prick, sucking the head into her mouth.

Roger relaxed against the desk, fighting the urge to pierce her throat again. "Ahhh, easy, baby."

Gretchen, on her own, eased his giant prick into her throat, gulping and slobbering each delicious inch until her lips touched his zipper. With his prick buried, she marveled at the tremendous throbbing in her throat. It felt as if his cock went clear down in her belly.

Torturously, she dragged her teeth along his prickshaft, catching them on the ridge of his cockhead. Then she stopped, breathed hard through her nose, and repeated it until she felt comfortable with his massive cock in her gullet. Satisfied she could handle his prick, she slipped her mouth off with a pop and kissed the piss-slot.

"I got your pants all wet." She pulled herself to her feet. "Am I as good as Rachael?"

"You're fantastic," he groaned, pulling her naked body into his arms.

"Then fuck me. Shove your cock up me." She rubbed her belly into his spit-soaked cock then scrambled out of his arms. "You think we should call Rachael in to take notes?"

"I don't think she'd enjoy taking notes." Gretchen pulled him by the hand. "I want to be fucked on your desk. You mind?"

"Anyway at all," he said, anxious now to feed his cock to his revenged crazed sister-in-law. "Anyway you want it."

"Good." She moved away the papers that cluttered the top of his desk. "How 'bout like this?" She sprawled over his desk, mashing her tits into the hard, gleaming surface.

Roger gazed in hungry awe at her round, firm ass and long, long legs. "You look terrific."

She wriggled her ass. "Don't take too long. I'm flowing like a river."

Roger dropped his pants and positioned himself behind her. His long steel-beamed prick swayed. "You'll wait, baby."

"I know," she crooned, wiggling her ass again. "I need your cock too much not to."

Fully committed to fucking her, he dragged the head of his cock through the wet, steamy gash of her cunt. The heat was tremendous. "You're like an oven."

"I'm going to explode, Roger. Don't tease. I need it so damn bad!"

"You're in my office," he said. "We'll do it my way."

She giggled. "Maybe Rachael can help you put it in me. It might be fun."

The idea was exciting to. Roger, but out of the question. "Shut up." He whacked her ass with the palm of his hand. The crack made the flesh jiggle and when he pulled his hand away, there was a red imprint in her white ass cheek.

"Ewwww, I like it! I like it!" She squirmed, wanting him to do it again.

Roger warmed to the idea of giving her ass a nice beating before he fucked her. He brought his hand down hard on the other ass cheek and the sound filled the office.

"Yessss," she squealed, excited about being spanked. "Give me your cock. Do both." She rubbed her tits into the top of the desk. "C'mon!"

Willingly, Roger obliged her. He grabbed the thick base of his huge prick and eased forward. The head of his cock parted the puffy wet lips of her cunt and disappeared into the bubbling vat of pussy cream. He groaned as her cunt tried to swallow him up. He held firm, fighting the impulse to plunge. Her cunt muscles were making it very difficult.

"Oh, Roger. I need more than that!" She moved back, trying to capture more of his huge prick.

Roger moved with her, denying her his meaty prick. "When I'm ready."

"I'm ready now," she mewed. "I'm boiling inside."

"I know." He shuddered.

"Then fuck me!"

He ground his teeth together, fighting his lust. "First this." He whacked her ass again, repeating it over and over again until both creamy halves were pink and hot.

She wailed as he slapped her stinging ass until tears filled her eyes. "Fuck me! Thick me!" She struggled, but in order to get away from his slapping hand, she would have had to give up his cock and that she wouldn't do. "Ohhh, Roger! You bastard!"

Roger stopped as quickly as he had started. He blinked, coming out of the stupor his whipping had pulled him into. "Baby, you've got me crazy."

"Then fuck me, you bastard," she wailed. Roger caught his breath, held the soft flesh of her hips and slowly, enjoying the pace, eased his prick into the scalding hot depths of her cunt. He watched, eyes bulging as his long, menacing cock disappeared inside her pussy.

He groaned as the pressure of her cunt muscles lit fires in his cum-filled nuts.

"Jesus, you're right!"

"Oh, Roger! You're stretching meee! I'm gonna split open!" She gasped through her open mouth, dribbling spit onto the top of his desk. "Oh, Christ! It's fantastic!"

Roger growled like an angry bear and plunged the last hard inches of his cock into her pussy. Spongy fingers gripped his shaft in a wet cushiony vise.

The hard jolting thrust slammed Gretchen into the desk and mashed her cunt into the edge.

She cried out, lifting her head as lights popped off behind her eyes. Her head dropped back with a thud.

"Do it again! Again, Roger!" She trembled in joy, waiting for him to take his cock out and plunge it back into her body. "Again!"

Roger had already planned to. Slowly, fighting the gripping tentacles of her greedy pussy, he eased his long, overgrown cock from her cunt until only the bloated head remained buried. He gazed down and saw the sticky white cream on his shaft. Ooze from her cunt gash dripped out from between her swollen cuntlips.

"Now! Now!" She was impatient. She needed that fabulous lunge!

He didn't keep her waiting. One powerful jab sent his prick in to the root again. His knees buckled, then stiffened as she squealed her pleasure.

"Aiieee!" She went into a spasm. Her clit -- hard and filled with blood -- smashed into the desk again. She twisted her hips, grinding her cunt into the hard, unyielding edge.

"You're fantastic!" She rotated her hips, her upper body twisting, her tits crushed. She clutched the edge of the desk, her knuckles turning white as she held on.

"More! More!" she screamed, her body wiggling on the desk. "Fuck me!"

Roger held tight and began to pump. The cum in his balls turned to fire. His prick swelled, stretching the cushiony walls of her pussyhole.

"Unnmmm," she moaned with each deep plunge. "Oooo, God. I'm out of my fuckin' mind!" Her blue eyes floated in their sockets, glazed and dilated. "Faster! Faster!" The pace was maddening!

"When I'm ready," he hissed through clenched teeth. His face froze in a mask of lust and determination. If his sister-in-law wanted his cock, she'd take it his way or not at all. He continued the painstakingly slow jabs that kept her wailing for more.

The room became a blur. She lifted her head and spotted the intercom. A sly, dirty smile crossed over her passion-crazed face. Drunk with lust, out of her mind with revenge, and wanting to do anything to satisfy both, she reached for the intercom.

"What the fuck you doing?" he roared, plowing hard into her pussy with his cock. "Christ!"

As her cunt ground in the desk, the room seemed to spin. She pushed the button. "Rachael! Rachael!" she shouted. "Get the fuck in here and tell your boss to fuck me faster." She dropped her head back on the desk and moaned.

"You're crazy!" He jammed her viciously, making her scream in agony as her cunt twisted into the wood.

Gretchen snapped her head around and gave him a drunken smile. "Maybe Rachael will speed you [missing text]."

Roger boiled in a mixture of anger, lust, and indecision. He turned his head as the door opened. A helpless look adorned his face.

Rachael froze in the doorway. Her mouth dropped open and her green eyes widened. "Holy shit!"

Gretchen looked over, saw Rachael. "Tell him to fuck me. He's torturing me!"

Having his girl friend in the room only added flavor to what was happening. He had not expected it. He grinned. "If you're staying, close the door."

Still shacked, Rachael nodded and closed the door. Aroused by the erotic sight, she sat down in a chair next to them. A smile fucked across her face and she leaned back, a tremor sweeping through her body.

"You better fuck her, Roger," she whispered hoarsely. "And then you better have some left over for me."

He slammed Gretchen hard, driving his cock to the root and mashing his sister-in-law into the desk. "You dumb bitch!" He fucked hard, pounding her body, his cock cutting through the spongy heat of her cunt in short, quick jabs.

"Yessss," Gretchen cried. "Yessss!" She worked with him, catching his pace, anxiously waiting for each thrust. She met him, absorbed his stabs and struggled for more. It was very exciting and erotic to have an audience.

She twisted her head and stared into Rachael's face. "He's sooo, sooo big!" Her eyes rolled.

"I know," Rachael murmured, entranced with the sight of Roger plowing his cock into Gretchen's pussy. She squeezed her thighs together, juice soaked her panties.

Gretchen forgot about her audience and concentrated on the pleasure of Roger's driving prick. She rocked her hips, squeezing every ounce of pleasure from his thrusts.

Roger looked down at his sister-in-law, then at his girl friend. In his lust-sopped brain, he was already thanking Gretchen. It looked as if it were going to be one terrific day.

He shoved forward, sinking his cock into the hilt. Gretchen moaned. He held her hips, his thumbs sinking into her ass. Parting her lush ass mounds, he stared down at his skewering prick, as he raced toward the peak and his rumbling orgasm.

"I'm... getting... there!" Gretchen shrieked with each dynamite thrust. "Ooo, Roger! I'm... gonna... cream!" She kept her dazed glassy eyes on Rachael. "I'm gonna cum! Ooooo!"

Rachael gulped. It was blowing her mind. She squirmed in the chair and watched, first Gretchen, then Roger. She felt herself spasm, then shiver.

Roger's thrusts became more demonic. His prick grew to greater proportions, his balls swelled in their sac, swinging back and forth. "I'm there too, baby. Right with you!"

Gretchen's pussy exploded. Hot, syrupy cunt muscles pulsed against Roger's lashing cock. "I'm cuming!" Her head snapped back, then dropped.

Roger, as he tore through her spongy cunt, felt the full fury of her orgasm. Hard slams drove her into the desk, each one mangling her clit against the wood. His prick was ready, only seconds away from erupting.

"Cum! Cummm!" she screamed, wanting the hot white jizz of his prick to flood her cunt and take her higher. "Cummmm!" She swirled in orgasm, waiting for the first load to fill her pussy.

Roger's cock exploded into the soupy heat of Gretchen's cunt. Hot cum gushed from his prick like a broken waterpipe. "I ammmmm!" he bellowed at the top of his lungs. "I'm cumingggg!"

"Yessss!" Another climax ripped through Gretchen's pussy as it filled with white thick jism. She pounded the desk, drool oozing from her open mouth. Her eyes bulged, nostrils flared, and her face turned beet red.

"Harder! Harder!" She battled him, matching his passion with her own. Their orgasms blended, building, growing stronger. The room started to spin and she gripped the desk to keep from falling.

Roger's cock spewed wads of cum in fast let squirts. His hips became a blur. His prick throbbed, drawing strength from the rest of his body. His gut tightened, his chest heaved and his head twisted on his shoulders. His balls thudded against the back of her thighs.

Gretchen went into contortions. She bucked as if she were being spurred. The room grayed out, then cleared. Another orgasm shot through her cock-stuffed pussy and her legs gave out. She held on, screaming out obscenities as her knees banged into the side of the desk. Her cunt, mangled, became raw, oversensitive.

A high-pitched shriek came from her drooling mouth and she began to twitch as she skittered down the other side of her fantastic climax.

Roger, drained, his nuts aching, began to slow, his prick and balls empty. He grunted, stopped, his prick half-buried. He still felt the pressure of her ebbing climax against his shrinking cockshaft. Sated, he slipped from her pussy and staggered over to the couch and collapsed.

A whimpering sigh escaped Gretchen's lips as she slithered off the desk into a heap on the floor. She caught her breath and glanced up at Rachael.

"Did you enjoy the show?"

Rachael was speechless for a moment. Finally she opened her mouth. "I'm creaming."

Gretchen giggled. "I've never been fucked in front of an audience. I like it."

Rachael looked over at a tired Roger. "I think you fucked him out." She pouted. "Now what the hell am I going to do?"

Wanting to go as far as possible into the world of forbidden sex, she whispered. "I have an idea."

"Tell me."

"If you stripped and got on the desk." She paused, debating the idea. She decided. "I'll eat you."

Rachael's eyes popped.

"If Roger watches, I'm sure it'll give him a hard-on again. If not, at least I'll be able to get you off with my mouth."

Rachael glanced at Roger's limp prick, then back at Gretchen. She was boiling hot and the idea excited her. "Why not?"

The plan worked. Roger's prick was hard again in minutes and the three finished the impromptu party completely satisfied.

After Gretchen finished dressing she faced her brother-in-law. "I'll never say anything to Ray about today," she promised as Roger walked her to the door. "It'll be our secret."

"What are you going to do now?" he asked. "One more party, then I'll go home." She waved to Rachael and left.


Excited beyond reason, Gretchen stepped into the shower and shivered as the cool spray of the water splashed over her tired body. It has been an exhausting two days, both physically and emotionally and it was coming to a close. Just one more piece of revenge.

"Mmmmmm," she purred, lifting her face and allowing the water to beat against her. She closed her eyes and turned around. The water hit her neck like tiny massaging needles.

She grabbed the soap and lathered her body, washing her cunt, ridding herself of Roger's thick white cum. Her giggle echoed in the stall as she watched the white cum ooze down her thighs.

"Got to make room for more," she said aloud, her voice reverberating. "Lots more." She laughed, unable to suppress her pleasure. "Ooooo, are you gonna be surprised when you come, Tony. I got just what you want for dinner -- the same thing Patsy is planning for Ray."

She rinsed the soap off her body as her hands played gently along her wet, shining flesh. A shiver gripped her as the water turned cold. She shut it off and climbed out of the shower, grabbing a large pink, fluffy towel.

With it wrapped around her body, she padded into the bedroom and went to the closet. "Now what should I wear?" she pondered, opening the door and looking at her sister's clothes. "Something hot and sexy."

"Mmmm, this looks nice." She pulled out a long black silk robe. She tossed it on the bed and went to Patsy's dresser and rummaged through the drawers.

"Oooo, what's this?" She pulled out a pair of lace panties. "Crotchless too." She giggled and threw off the towel. After finding the matching bra and the rest of what she wanted, she went to the mirror and tried everything on.

"Instant hard-on," she mouthed, staring at herself.

What stared back was a tall blonde with black panties and bra with long net stockings covering her legs. A red garter topped it off.

"I didn't know you went in for things like this, Tony," she whispered. Her passion welled in her gut. "You're gonna cream."

She slipped the robe on, tied the sash around her waist and went back into the bathroom to blow-dry her hair.

A short time later, she stood behind the small bar Tony had built in the corner of the living room. Nervously, she poured herself three fingers of Scotch. She glanced at the clock and crossed her fingers, hoping Tony would get home early, and at the same time, hoping Patsy would be so involved with Ray, she would forget about the time.

She took a sip of Scotch and froze. The front door had opened! "Here goes," she sighed, coming out from behind the bar. "I sure hopes it's Tony." She plopped on the sofa and waited, her heart pounding in her ears.

"I'm home, honey," Tony called from the foyer. "What's for dinner?" He hung up his jacket, strode into the living room and stopped.

"Hi," Gretchen purred. "You're home early. I'm glad."

"Gretchen. What... what are you doing here?" His eyes scanned the room, then came back to Gretchen. "Where's Patsy?"

"One question at a time," she said, enjoying the look of astonishment on his face. "I'm here to make you dinner."

"I thought you were at your mother's."

"I got home early. A little too early, but I'll explain later."


"She's at my house." She stifled a giggle. "Making dinner for Ray."

"I don't understand."

"Then make yourself a drink and join me. I'll fill you in."

He nodded and went to the bar, questions running rampant in his head. He poured gin into a glass and took a large swallow.

Gretchen enjoyed his bewilderment.

"Why didn't you just go home?" He came back, sat across from her, his drink tight in his hand.

"I thought it would be more interesting this way," she teased. "Don't you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Gretchen stood and did a pirouette. "How do you like me in my sister's clothes?"

He was unable to take his eyes off her. "You look terrific. Now what's going on?" He was becoming annoyed. "Patsy might be home any minute. Christ if she comes in and sees you dressed like that, she'll go through the roof!"

Gretchen laughed and plopped back on the couch. "Ohhh, Tony, don't be such a fool." The clinging robe parted, baring her legs and her net stockings that hugged her skin. "Patsy won't be home for a long time. While she's gone, we can play. You game?"

"I'm game," he admitted, "but not here."

"Why not?"

"I told you Patsy could walk in any second!"

His groin tightened. Gretchen was older than Patsy, but she was a great-looking bitch. "Why?"

Gretchen took a sip of her drink then set the glass down. "It's simple. She's at my house doing with Ray what I hope you and I can do." She smiled. "I'll spell it. F-U-C-K."

"With Ray?"

"With Ray," she said. "It seems since my baby sister married you she has discovered how much fun sex is. Now she wants to experiment with my husband too."

"You're crazy!"

"You're the third person to say that. Rut I convinced all the others they were wrong." She stood up and opened her robe. It slipped silently to the floor. "Unless you think I'm too old for you."

"Christ, Gretchen," he rasped, ogling her sexy outfit. "Did Patsy put you up to this?" He still was not convinced.

She took the drink from his hand. "No, but Patsy, in her small way, has shown me how much fun cheating can be."

She eased him back in his chair and climbed onto his lap. She wrapped her arms around him and wiggled. The scent of her perfume enveloped him. Her soft body felt fantastic against him.

"I can feel your hard-on. It's pressing up against my ass!" She squirmed, he groaned, and she snuggled tighter. She brought her lips to his neck and kissed him. "We can have a ball, Tony."

A soft moan came out of his mouth as she twisted on his cock. "When's the joke over?"

He expected Patsy to walk in laughing.

"It's no joke, Tony." She dragged her tongue along his neck and snaked it into his ear. "No joke."

Her hot voice pounded in his brain.

"Patsy wouldn't let things get this far if this were a joke." She brought his hand up, placing it firmly on her tit. "Squeeze."

Tony did, but still didn't accept the fact that his wife was with Ray.

"Mmmmm," she purred. She nibbled and tongued his ear as he mauled her tits. "I could be doing this to your cock." She sucked and chewed his ear.

Tony reached down between her legs, parting the opening of her panties. His fingers were greeted with warm pussy-cream. "Damn!" he mumbled under his breath.

"I'm all wet for your cock, Tony," she rasped in his ear. "Ml wet and juicy. And I'm dying to find out what turned my sister onto sex. You must be great."

"If I were great, she wouldn't be with Ray," he groaned in anger.

"I'm here to help you get even."

"How do you know for sure?" He was fighting his urge to take advantage of what Gretchen was offering.

"I came home yesterday and found them together. There was no doubt. When I called and said I was still at the hospital, she jumped at the chance to go back today. What else do you want? I didn't stick around to watch them fuck."

Then he believed. Patsy had seemed a little strange last night and she did seem awfully happy about the prospect of going back and making Ray's dinner tonight. Her words still rang in his head. "It's the least I can do for him."

"You ready to play?"

"Let me make a call." He eased her off his lap. "You mind?"

Gretchen shrugged. "Be my guest." A twinkle gleamed in her eyes. "I'll bet you're gonna call Ray."

"You guessed it." He walked over to the phone and grabbed it angrily, punching out the numbers on the board.

"This might be fun." She hurried over and plopped on a chair. Her hand went to his pants and she pulled dawn his zipper. "I'll suck, you talk." She giggled and pulled his cock from his pants.

Tony groaned as Ray answered the phone. "Ray?" He tried unsuccessfully to push Gretchen away.

"Yeah," Ray said. "What's happening?"

"Is Patsy there?" He stifled a groan as the heat from Gretchen's mouth enveloped the head of his cock.

"Yeah," Ray gulped. "She's in the kitchen making me something to eat." His eyes darted across the room to Patsy. She was naked, playing with a Coke bottle between her legs. "I'll get her."

Tony covered the mouthpiece. "Christ, will you wait?"

"I can't," Gretchen cooed. "I'm hungry. Patsy's probably doing the same thing to Ray." She went back to his cock and sloshed her mouth avidly over his prick.

Ray motioned to Patsy. "It's Tony. He's home." His voice was strained and a lump was growing rapidly in his throat.

Patsy's eyebrows arched. "Eewww, I hope he doesn't come over here." She bounced over to the phone, tits jiggling, ass wriggling. "Hi, Tony! You're home early."

"Yeah," he mumbled. "How come you're over there?" Anger was boiling in his veins.

"I told you last night. I'm helping Ray out." She winked at a disturbed Ray. "It'll be the last night. Gretchen is coming home tomorrow."

Tony's face hardened. Gretchen's mouth was making his nuts ache. "I just wanted to tell you, you don't have to bother with my dinner tonight."

"What's wrong, honey?" she purred. "Have a hard day?"

"You could say that. But I intend to have a better night."

"I know," she giggled. "I'll come home and take care of all your tension."

"You don't have to," he snarled. "I have somebody making me dinner the same way you're making dinner for Ray!" He slammed the phone down, almost driving it through the table. "I fixed that little bitch!"

Gretchen stopped licking his prick. "Why did you do that?" she pouted. "She might come home now and ruin everything."

"She's not going to ruin our night whether she comes home or not!" He pulled Gretchen to her feet. "Right?"

"Ooooo, I see what you mean," she cooed, melting into his arms.

Tony, angry and hot, crushed his mouth to hers, his tongue pushing beyond her yielding lips, invading her throat. His hands slid roughly down her back, cupping the cheeks of her ass. He squeezed and Gretchen gurgled.

Gretchen scratched his neck like a playful kitten. She rubbed her body into his and felt his hard-on push against her belly. His clothes felt coarse against her skin and she reveled in it.

"Unnnn," she sighed as he pulled his mouth away. "You're rough."

"You, mind?"

"Shit, no. I like it." She pulled at his shirt, popping the buttons in her exuberance to get it off him. "You've got a nice chest." She tossed his shirt on the floor. "Hairy too." She clawed her nails over his chest and through his thick mat of curly hair. "Strong."

Gretchen was restoring his ego. His chest swelled. "Strong enough to make you scream."

"I'm counting on it," she sighed. She brought her mouth to his chest and chewed on his nipple, then sucked it. "Your hair tickles."

"You're one sexy bitch, Gretchen."

Her hand skimmed down to his crotch. As she slobbered over his chest, she worked frantically on his pants. Pushing them down, she followed with her mouth, sinking to her knees.

"Now let's see what turned my little sister into a sex-crazed husband-stealing bitch." She forced down his shorts and grabbed his thick, veiny cock.

A knot was growing in Tony's gut. "Eat it, baby. Chew it all up."

"Why do you think I'm down here?" She became an animal. This was the culmination of her revenge -- Patsy's husband. Then it would be over. Or would it? The thought as she stroked his delicious cock was intriguing.

"Stop looking and suck!" He grabbed his prick at the base and aimed it at her ripe, wet mouth. "Open up. I'm gonna feed you."

"I'm drooling." She opened her mouth and fucked her tongue out. "Lay it right there." She extended her tongue.

Tony plopped his fat prick on her tongue and shuddered as she licked it. "In your mouth."

"Later," she promised.

With him holding his cock, she lapped her tongue over the length of it. She nibbled on the shaft and his fingers as he gripped the base. She sucked his fingers and shaft, then sloshed her way back to the bulbous head of his hard prickmeat.

"Now I'll suck it," she panted. Her mouth enveloped his prick until her hungry lips touched his fingers. She pushed his hand away, anxious to feel all his cock buried in her throat.

Tony lunged, helping her take the last inch of his cock. A low growling moan exploded from his mouth.

Gretchen sank her teeth into the base of his prick and adjusted to the fabulous invasion of her gullet. Her hands clawed up his muscled thighs and around to his tight ass. With his prick buried, she scratched her talons down his ass cheeks, making him howl and jab his cock into her face. His prick throbbed with a life of its own. Her pussy creamed, jealous of her mouth. Pulsing beats inside her cunthole begged for his cock, but she wasn't through sucking it yet.

Tony staggered under the heavy sensations of her eager mouth. He humped, driving his groin into her face. His cock sliced deep as she tormented him with her sharp nails. His anger turned to lust, blending.

He grabbed her hair, his fingers entwined. Over and over again he pounded her face, hard grunts, fast jabs, balls whacking against her chin. "Aghhh! Baby!"

Gretchen accepted his punishing blows, welcomed them. She urged him on with her nails clawing his ass, the back of his thighs, his nuts. She used her mouth -- chewing bites, deep sucks, whipping lashes with her tongue.

Tony shuddered and ground to a halt. Shaking, he released her hair. "Christ, baby." He pulled his cock from her hot gripping throat.

"I loved it," she gasped, choking for a second as she cleared her throat. "God!"

She pulled herself up with his help. "I'm yours, Tony." She rubbed her body against his. "Do whatever you want." She stepped back, offering herself with open arms. "Anything."

Anger propelled him, passion closing fast. He reached out, grabbed her bra and ripped. It came away in his hand.

"Oooo! Caveman-style." She shivered in joy.

He ogled her voluptuous tits. His prick throbbed, twitching with the memory of her mouth. He stared at her panties.

"You don't have to rip these off. They're crotch-less."

He didn't want to hear. He grabbed, tore, and ripped them away, baring her exquisite pussy. "Now you're ready for my cock."

"I've been ready since you walked in the door," she mewed, licking her lips with the tip of her pink tongue.

He stripped off his pants and grabbed her, crushing her in his arms. Hot tittie meat burned into his chest. "I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

"Sounds great." Her belly touched wet cock. "Your prick is so hot! It's burning my skin."

"It's gonna burn your pussy in a second." He ground his mouth to hers, pushing his tongue in deep. Brutally he kneaded her ass with his rough hands.

"Now for your pussy," the growled as he let her go. "Over the couch, Gretchen."

Gretchen eagerly bent over, offering her naked ass to be used or abused. She parted her long, slender legs encased in black net and waited. "Shove it deep, Tony. Take out all your frustrations."

He came up behind her wielding his cock. "I intend to." He dragged his prick through her ripe pussy, coated it with warm cream, then pulled it up to the crack of her ass, soaking the wrinkled ass.

"What are you doing?" She trembled in ecstasy, feeding on his anger. It stimulated her, made her anxious.

"I'm gonna fuck both holes." He soaked his cock in her sudsy vat of pussy juice. "You like?"

"I love!" She wobbled, her knees weak. "Do it!"

"I am!" He jabbed, stuffed her cunt with his cock. "Hot and wet! Christ!"

"Heaven!" She pressed tight against the sofa for balance. She didn't want to collapse at the wrong time, "Now my ass!"

Tony slipped his juice-soaked cock from her pussy. Sticky with cream, his prick was greased and ready for her asshole. He parted the cheeks of her ass and gazed hotly at the wrinkled crack he was going to plunder.

"It looks ready."

"It is! It is!" she squealed, waiting for the blinding thrust that was promised.

The bulbous head of his cock parted the erotic ring of her asshole and disappeared. He stopped, his prick pounding, his balls rumbling. "Goddamn! It's a fuckin' vise. A dry, hot vise."

"Unnnnn," she moaned, her eyes glowing. "It's a fuckin' enema." She wiggled her ass. "Give it all to me."

Mesmerized, Tony watched as her asshole slowly gobbled up his cock. It was tight, dry, the juices on his prick the only lubricant. His groin was flush against her ass.

"Oohh, stilt. You're tearing me apart!" She gripped the couch, knuckles white, tits jammed into the velvet fabric. "Oooo, Tony!" She twisted her head and looked into his face. "Hard! Do it hard."

Tony held her hips in his bear-like paws and eased his throbbing cock from her ass. With only his prickhead tight inside, he lunged back with all his might. Gretchen's screams pierced his ears.

"Yesssss!" She almost fainted.

Tony didn't stop. He jabbed his prick back, plowing deep with each jab. He groaned, pulled out, then stuffed her cunt again, greasing his cock. He held it deep, letting the foamy froth bathe his prickshaft.

"Ohhhhh!" Gretchen went wild. Two holes. Fabulous! She rocked in place, mashing her tits into the sofa.

Tony vented his anger on her body. Quick thrusts into her pussy, then out and into her ass where the juices made it easy for him to slice into the drier hole. He ravaged both holes, his anger subsiding as passion took its place.

Gretchen rode the full fury of his anger, welcomed it, knowing the torment he was going through. It helped her. She swooned under his brutal barrage of hole-splitting shots.

"Make it happen! Make it happen!" She was losing her mind. With both holes being tortured, she couldn't get to the peak. It was held elusively beyond her reach.

Tony was in the same boat. He pulled from her ass and plowed into her pussy, ready to concentrate on her hot, bubbling cunt. "Here we go."

She gasped, needing the orgasm, needing to end her two-day spree of debauchery. "Cum! Gum!"

"You first, baby," he snarled. "I'll be right behind yau."

It was all the incentive Gretchen needed. Her cunt exploded and torrents of hot pussy juice gushed from the pulsing walls of her spongy, ravaged cunt. "I'm cuming! I'm cream... inggggg!"

It was Tony's trigger. His balls churned their load, then burst. "Me toooo!" he bellowed as a hot river of jizz spurted from his pisser.

His muscles strained as wad after wad of cum poured from his dilated piss-slot. His chest heaved, his heart pounding in rhythm to his squirting cock. All of his strength became concentrated in his manic stabs.

"I feel it! I'm drowning!" She bucked, almost falling. She caught herself and slammed back to greet each magnificent lunge of his cock.

Hot waves of exquisite orgasms washed over her quivering flesh. Her blood seemed to burn as it gushed through her body. Nerve endings seemed to explode from the tips of her fingers down to the volcanic depths of her pussy.

"High! Take me higher!" She wrenched her neck, glared into his face. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her head dropped with a thud.

Tony tried the impossible and succeeded. His balls and prick responded. He pierced her pussy, still pouring hot wads of jizz into her overflowing pussy.

"Yessssss!" She clawed the sofa like an enraged cat as her orgasms overwhelmed her. She shoved back and was driven forward, then shoved back again, matching his strength. "Tonnnnn-yyyyyyy!" She crumbled, drained, weak as a kitten.

Tony didn't stop. Three quick lunges, two spurting loads, the last dribbling from his cockhead. He grunted and stopped.

Tony rolled off, paining for air. He dropped to the floor, gasping huge quantities of air into his tired lungs. "I have not fucked like that since my honeymoon."

Gretchen fell forward and rolled to the floor. She cuddled close. "Maybe you should get mad more often."

"Yeah." It came out as a laugh.

"I'm just happy Patsy didn't walk in. I would have hated to stop."

"She should be here anytime now," he said, his breathing back to normal.

"Why don't we wait like this?" She snuggled into his arms and held his meat prick. "I'd love to see her face."

"So would I." He snickered. "It'll serve the little bitch right."

The door opened.

"I think she's here now," Gretchen whispered. "Here comes the storm."

Patsy stalked into the room. Her face flooded with anger as she saw them on the floor. She caught her breath, eyes glowing with hate. "Gretchen, you rotten bitch!" she screamed. "Get away from him."

Gretchen sat up and smiled. "Come off your high horse, little sister." She laid her hand over Tony's cock. "I was keeping him company until you came home."

Tony looked at Patsy, then Gretchen who had gotten to her feet. Then his eyes drifted back to Patsy and a silly grin spread over his face.

"How could you?" Patsy sobbed, falling into a chair.

"It was easy," Tony grunted, pulling himself up from the floor. "You sister is a real tigress. I never knew."

"You bastard," she spat.

"Cunt the slit, Patsy," he snarled. "I know what you were doing with Ray. Giving him dinner. Bullshit! You were spreading your legs and fucking him!"

Patti went into shock. "How... how?" She looked at Gretchen.

"I walked in yesterday and caught the first show." She finished dressing, bent over and kissed Patsy on the cheek. "But don't let it get you down. At least we're all family." She laughed and left, leaving Patsy dazed and Tony grinning.


Gretchen walked into her house. It was time to bring everything out into the open. "Ray!" She checked the kitchen and living room. "Ray?"

There was no answer and she climbed the stairs, becoming nervous with each slow step. The sound of the shower brought her down the hall and through the bedroom. She saw the bathroom door open. Steeling herself, she went in.

A crooked smile graced her face. "How was dinner?" she asked, sitting on the toilet.

Her voice startled Ray. "Is that you, honey?" he asked, dropping the soap.

"Who did you expect?" she asked wryly.

He slid the glass door back and poked his wet head out. "I missed you," He threw her a kiss. "How about doing my back?"

"Sounds like fun." She took the soap he offered and reached in and soaped his back. "Anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

"Nothing," he said, enjoying the lazy way she was rubbing his back.

"You must be horny as hell." She brought the soap down and slid it between the cheeks of his ass. "No sex for -- how long has it been -- four days?"

"Sounds right." She squirmed as she tried poking the soap in his ass. "I've been going crazy without you."

"I'll bet," she muttered, jabbing the soap into his ass.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He squirmed and turned. His cock, wet, soapy, and limp, hung between his legs.

"Nothing," she purred, gazing at his cock. She rubbed his groin with soap, working a lather around his prick.

"Did Patsy take care of you okay?" She grabbed his limp prick in her soapy hands and stroked it.

"She made me a few meals," he said, wondering why she was acting so odd. "She left a little while ago."

"She's pretty sexy, huh?"

"In a kid sort of way," he said, his groin tightening. "Why don't you get undressed and join me?" He winked, "I'll soap your back."

She handed him the soap and rinsed her hands. "I thought you'd be too tired." She peeled off her clothes, gave him her hand and climbed into the shower, sliding the door closed.

"You're acting kind of strange. Anything happen while you were at your mother's?"

"I was enlightened," she said cryptically.

He lathered her creamy tits as the water beat against his neck. "Tell me about it."

His massaging hands were soothing and she closed her eyes. "I learned that faithful husbands aren't always faithful," she continued in her vague manner.

A fist gripped him, in the gut. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You tell me," she said, opening her eyes and staring him boldly in the face.

"I think you're crazy." He dipped his hand down between her legs and soaped her pussy.

"I don't know why everyone calls me crazy," she hummed. She parted her legs, giving Ray room to maneuver the soap.

"Who's everyone?" He was leery about the way she was acting. Christ, if she even suspected something had happened between him and Patsy, the roof would be blown off the house!

"Some people I met," she giggled. She turned around. "How about soaping my asshole?" She closed her eyes and parted the cheeks of her ass. "Be careful, it's tender." She swallowed a laugh.

"What people?" He was almost afraid to ask. He brought the soap up through the crack, then down between her legs, until her crotch and ass bubbled in a frothy white.

Gretchen stared at her reflection in the wet tile. Her features were distorted. "Remember when I called you yesterday?"

"I do." He had the feeling of impending doom, but he couldn't put his finger on why.

"When I hung up, I met this marvelous man." She let the thought hang, wanting to torture him a bit.

His gut flipped. "Why would a stranger say you were crazy?" His voice was tight and his soaping hand on her pussy turned to quick rough jerks.

"Do it easy. I'm tender down there." This time she allowed the laugh to escape.

"Stop the shit!" he said, getting angry. "What about this guy?"

Gretchen faced him. Water bounced off his shoulders and sprayed her face. It was her moment of truth, the games were over. She swallowed back her own anger, and a fear that her marriage was over.

"I'm waiting," he said impatiently.

"He bought me a drink," she began slowly, wondering now if it was a good idea to air all the things that had happened. It would be easy to stop, to forget and start over as if nothing had happened. She braced herself -- it did happen and it had to be dealt with.

"He thought I was crazy when I asked him to get me to cum in the bar." It was out and the rest quickly followed. "We went to his place and he fucked me." Tears began to flow from her eyes, masked by the spray of the shower.

Ray dropped the soap. His face filled with disbelief. "You... you wouldn't do that."

"I did," she said defiantly. "And I enjoyed it too. He fucked me on his balcony."

Ray saw the truth in her eyes. Anger, hate, jealousy, all raged up inside him. He brought himself under control and slid the glass door back, climbed out of the shower. "Jesus Christ!" he shouted. "Why? Why?"

Gretchen followed him out. She tramped into the bedroom after him. "Because you cheated on [missing text]."

He stopped and spun around. She knew, but how? He decided to brazen it out. "You're crazy! I've never cheated on you."

"You're full of shit and I'm not crazy!" Her voice cracked and she sobbed.

"No I didn't!" he shouted back.

Gretchen brought herself under control. "I came home yesterday, Ray. I walked into this fucking house and saw you with my bitch sister! Now tell me I'm crazy."

He fought back the fist that was trying to come up through his throat. Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. "I couldn't help myself," he said feebly.

"I suppose you couldn't help yourself again tonight?" She was slinking, her stomach turmoil.

He was silent.

"You don't have to worry. I made up for it in spades." She spat out each word. "Last night I fucked the bellboy where I stayed and today I fucked Tony while you were with Patsy. I took real good care of him."

The words rang in his ears. Blind rage gripped him. He took three steps and slapped her hard across the face. "You whore!" He slapped her again, knocking her to the bed. "Whore!"

Sprawled on the bed, she cried. "If I'm a whore, what does that make you? Tell me that!"

He glared at his wife. A pulse throbbed in his temple. His cock swelled. There was something strangely erotic happening. "I guess it makes me a fool."

Gretchen noticed his prick growing. "Was Patsy good?"

He licked his lips nervously. The fact that she had been wanted, even fucked by other men, made her appear more desirable than ever. He didn't understand it. It was so bizarre!

"Was she?" Gretchen shouted.

He didn't know why, but he grinned, a nervous reaction. "No one is as good as you, honey."

"You've got a hard-on," she said. "Thinking about Patsy?"

He shook his head. "Did you enjoy fucking the other men?" He had to know. He wasn't sure why, but it was important.

"Yes," she sobbed. "But not the way I enjoy it with you," she quickly added. "I did it to get revenge." She calmed herself. "Ray," she said softly. "Come to bed. We have a lot to do."

His prick was throbbing hard. He climbed on the bed and took her in his arms.

Gretchen fused her wet body against him. Her lips parted and touched his, accepting his tongue. She squirmed, their wet bodies squeaking as they hugged and kissed feverishly.

"I love you, Ray," she moaned, kissing his face and neck ardently. "I love you so much."

"Baby. Sweet, baby!" His hands roamed her body frantically, exploring her wet flesh, kneading it roughly. His fuck hurt, pressed into her softness.

Gretchen wiggled out of his grasp and climbed over him. She leered into his face. "Let me show you how much I love you."

Ray groaned his approval. His head was reeling with bizarre thoughts.

Gretchen kissed his neck, dragged her wet tongue to his chest. She licked his nipples, mixing her spit with his wet, showered body. Soft murmuring sighs escaped her mouth as she chewed and sucked his chest.

"Sweetheart," he moaned. "I love you." Her mouth was like fire.

She didn't speak, she was too involved in devouring his body. She chewed his arms, shoulders, licking, sucking, frantic in her desire to please.

Ray relaxed, savoring his wife's mouth as she worked her way methodically down to the tightness of his groin. "Take your time," he rasped, never wanting it to end. "We have the rest of our lives."

Gretchen knew it and her heart filled with love. She nibbled on his flat stomach, chewed his lips, licked her tongue through his cock hair. She was in heaven. She sensed something, a change in their attitudes and it excited her.

Gripping his towering cock in her fist, she sighed. "I've missed your prick, honey. Missed it terribly."

"Even with all the other cocks you've had?" He groaned, jerked his hips.

"Yes." She dropped her head and gripped the base of his prick with her teeth. One hard bite, one loud groan and she released it.

"I'm gonna eat you alive, my husband. Eat you until you scream for my pussy."

She straddled his legs, her dripping pussy against his knee. She soaked it in pussy juice, then nibbled her way down to his thighs, hitting her cunt against his toes. Soft bites on his thighs had him moaning.

"My cock, baby! Not my thighs."

She ignored him, chewing the inner flesh of his thighs. His groans were wonderful. Down his leg she licked. Reaching his toes, she sucked each one, a prelude to what she would soon do to his cock.

"You're fantastic!"

"You haven't seen anything yet," she purred. She went back to his feet, licked the soles, then gobbled his toes again, soaking them in saliva.

"My cock," he howled.

Gretchen was ready now. She moved up his leg, leaving a trail of drool. She rubbed her cunt against his knee. A mild spasm trickled through her pussy. She was on fire and knew it. Never had she been this hot, this excited. It was as if the days of adultery had keyed her senses to a sharp edge. She wondered if Ray felt the same way.

"Yeahhhhh," Ray groaned as her mouth found his cock. "Suck it! Suck it!" He lunged.

Gretchen caught his lunge, taking his prick into her warm mouth. She sucked the head, swirling her tongue around and around the bell-shaped head. Balancing herself, she worked her hips in a circle, her cunt tight against his leg. Spasms rippled through her pussy and she had to fight her lust to keep from climbing on top and riding his cock.

Ray reached down, found one oversized tit and squeezed. It felt soft, silky in his hand, heated by the blood boiling in her veins. "Sweetheart," he mumbled, jerking his hips. "Ummmm!"

Gretchen gurgled, squirmed her hips and creamed his leg. Her nipple hardened against his palm. She made sucking gasps and dribbled spit. It ran down his prickshaft, forming a puddle.

She filled her mouth with prick-meat, then pushed, taking his prick into her throat. Two days of continuous practice made it easy. At once her lips were flush against his groin and his throbbing cock was stuffed deep in her gullet.

He arched his back, slammed, then dropped back. Her teeth gnawed at his cock and reminded him to be still and not move. He obeyed, but gripped her tit more tightly.

Gretchen slobbered on his prick, bobbed her head up and down. Warm lips glided over his shaft and frantic slaps of her tongue beat on his cock. Her teeth scraped.

With her mouth working erotically on his cock, she kept her hips in constant motion. Her clit rubbed into the rough skin of his knee, causing lights to flash behind her closed eyes.

In the back of her lust-sopped brain, she sensed Ray was ready. His cock was swelling, throbbing maniacally in her throat. She lifted her head, taking her mouth off his cock.

"You can't cum yet," she panted.

"Get on me, baby. Climb onto my cock." He was crazy-hot for her pussy. "Now!"

She shook her head, her lust-glazed eyes dancing. "I wanna cum on your leg first."

Ray moaned, conceding to her desires. "Make it quick, baby. I can't hold out much longer."

"You'll survive. Watch me."

He felt the heat of her cunt, the warm juices flowing over his knee. His eyes settled onto her flushed face.

"Oooo, Ray. I'm gonna cream!"

She slid effortlessly over his knee, getting closer and closer to her orgasm with each fluid movement. "Oooo, I'm almost there."

Ray gawked. It was so erotic, so exciting. His eyes dropped to her huge tits swinging in rhythm to her movements. He reached for them, grabbing one tit in each hand.

"Yessss," she hissed. "Squeeze them hard when I cum." Her tits felt heavy and his hands took away the agony of their weight. "I'm there, honey! Oooo!"

She rocked back and forth on his knee as her first orgasm drew her quickly into its center. Her eyes focused on his face. "I'm cuming!" It was a low, hoarse whisper. "Oooo, Ray. I'm cuming!"

Ray watched, entranced. Her face contorted in bliss and he squeezed her pulpy tits, making her squeal. His cock throbbed as if it were buried inside the heat of her pussy.

Gretchen's cunt walls contracted on emptiness and her pussy-cream flowed. Her movements turned from liquid motion to short, jerky twitches. "I'm cuming!" she cried. Her clit ground into his knee and she gasped, her elbows almost giving out.

Ray squeezed hard, milking her tits roughly as the warm cunt juice soaked him in sticky heat. He watched her face flush deep red, her eyes bulge, her mouth sag, and her tongue fucker out frantically.

With her eyes fixed on Ray, she screamed again, his face blurring. Twitching, her head snapped back and she shuddered.

"Oooo," she swooned. She collapsed on top of him, squirming her hips. Her self induced orgasm left her body tingling.

She slobbered on his belly and clawed his chest until her body stopped moving. Catching her breath, she hauled herself up. "Did you like watching me cum?" Her face was bright and her eyes had a glassy glow.

"Jesus, baby. It blew my mind!"

"Now we'll do it together," she whispered, climbing over him. She straddled his towering cock and squeezed her cunt down. His cock was plastered against his groin and flush against the puffy lips of her overheated pussy.

"Mmmmm, it feels good." She slid back and forth, soaking his cock in juice. "Looks good too." She gazed at his prickhead sticking out, a filmy white cream covering it.

Ray growled, grabbed her hips and lifted her. His cock sprang to attention. In one quick jerk, he slammed her down, burying his prick deep in her pussy. He groaned, contented.

"Oooo, I love it!" She wiggled her hips and used her cunt muscles to massage his buried prick. "Oooo, I'm in heaven!"

Ray grabbed her around the neck and pulled her to his mouth. He feasted on her lips, chewing and sucking. His hips lunged at the same time, driving his prick in and out of her cunt.

Gretchen struggled away. She saw in his eyes the same thing she was thinking.

Ray caught the signal and understood. With his cock buried inside her, Gretchen put their thoughts into words. "You can still fuck Patsy if you want," she said. Her cunt contracted wildly at the erotic thought.

Drunk with passion, Ray groaned. Gretchen's hips rotated, keeping up the friction of his buried cock and her own cunt. "The four of us can have a party together." The talk was getting her hotter, much hotter. "I didn't get to see you fuck her. I'm dying to watch."

Ray mangled her tits. The nipples burned into his palms. "Maybe you and Patsy can make it together while Tony and I watch." His blood was boiling.

"Mmmm, I'd like to eat my sister." She kept quiet about Roger and his secretary. Another time she would tell him. "We can have a ball."

Visions of Gretchen's idea bombarded his brain. He lunged up, jabbing her oozing pussy. It was wild!

In a super feat of strength, fed by his lust, he pulled her down and rolled, ending up on top, his prick deep, his arms stiff, his eyes burning into her face. "We're gonna have a blast." He jammed hard. "Will you be jealous?"

She lunged back, ground her clit into him. "No, will you?"

"Not as long as we know it's only in fun." He slammed into her and she moaned.

"I only want you." She raked his arms and settled into the fantastic fuck. She absorbed his pounding. She ground her clit into his hard driving groin, whimpering in ecstasy.

Driven by his passion and the knowledge of what they would eventually do, Ray became a madman. "What if they don't agree?" he groaned, between hard pumps.

"We'll find others." She lashed her body into his with wild abandonment.

The talking was finished. Their bodies met in passion. Hard slamming jabs, upward lunges, each was trying to please, each lost in the fantasy of the future and the lust it had created. The bed groaned under the fury of their whacking frames. Their moans and howls of pleasure filled the room, bouncing off the walls and echoing in their skulls.

Ray leered into her face. "I'm there," he growled hoarsely. "I'm gonna blast your cunt."

"Fill me my darling. Cream my fucking cunt."

She battered her body into his, tits floundering, nipples swelling, ready to bust open. Her cunt felt like it was on tire. Rotating her hips, she climbed steadily to the peak, trembling in joy as it reached out for her.

Ray slammed, pounded her into the mattress, his strength overwhelming. His prick swelled, his nuts ached. It wouldn't be long now. His furious jabs turned Gretchen into a screaming demon.

It had been a long time since they had fucked with suck fury, such passion.

Gretchen caught his pace. Her eyes dilated, bulged as her mouth opened. "I'm cuming!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. "I'm cuming!" Her cunt exploded. Hot pussy-cream flooded her cunt, milking Ray's cock.

He skewered her pussy, the juices making it easy to plow in and out at fantastic speed. His prick throbbed in her stormy cunt, the muscles tugging, urging him to join her in bliss.

He did. His balls erupted and a thick river of jizz shot through his cock and into her pulsating pussy. He roared, his head jerking back, his back stiffening.

"I'm cuming," he shouted. His hips became a blurring machine, driving, pounding, stabbing his exploding cock into the squishy heat of her cunt.

"More! More!" She felt his hot load empty inside her body. It triggered another violent explosion in her pussy and she climaxed again. Another series of orgasms blew her mind and devastated her body.

Their wet, slick bodies lashed at each other. The fire of the lust was fanned with each smacking contact. Their orgasms were superb. Ray dropped, his hips jerking, his chest crushing her tits. He held her tight, riding her fast, taking them both higher.

Gretchen clamped her mouth to his neck and screamed as she sank her teeth into his neck. Her cunt was raw, painfully sore. The friction made her reel.

"Ray! Ray!"

"Baby! Baby!" His cock spewed.

Her cunt overflowed Gretchen curled, her legs, digging into his back. She humped, twisted, bucked for an eternity, then shuddered as the end loomed up in front of her. She clung to him, dizzy, whimpering words of love.

Ray followed her down. His balls were empty. He grunted, buried his face in her neck.

They held each other. It had been fantastic! His prick became limp. Her cunt pulsed, hating for it to end.

He rolled over, stared at the ceiling, and thought about what they had said in the heat of their passion.

"Have you changed your mind?" she whispered.

"No. Have you?"

She cuddled. "We'll try it for a while." She kissed him. "I love you."

He held her in his arms. "I'm looking forward to it."

"Looking forward to what?" Patsy asked, coming to the bedroom with Tony. She giggled. "You both look exhausted."

Gretchen lifted her head. "We decided since we're all fucking one another, it might be more fun if we did it together."

"Tony and I decided the same thing." She began to strip off her clothes.

Later that night, Gretchen and Ray climbed the stairs. They had begun a new chapter in their marriage, a new and exciting chapter.


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