Balling horny wife

How many married people realize only after a number of years have gone by that their "partner for life" is to them what the albatross around his neck was to the Ancient Mariner? According to divorce statistics, the answer is simple: too many.

Those we least suspect may often be the most probable candidates for a break-up. Living outwardly normal lives, partying with friends, attending the local PTA meetings together, hosting backyard neighborhood barbeques, their inner lives are a sham. Initially refusing to admit their marriages are a mistake, or simply too tired to go through life on their own, they often find their solace in alcohol or in backstreet love affairs which leave all parties concerned the worse off.

BALLING HORNY WIFE is the story of Susan Landry, a young woman who discovers her marriage is full of abuse and disappointment, cause for a drastic action. Her story is a backdrop for many in today's society.


Susan Landry peered up at her husband as he knelt over her naked body. Even though the room was pitch dark, she could visualize his features, could imagine his nice, thick cock, ramrod stiff, poising itself to plunge into her hungry pussy.

She wanted to shout at him, "Fuck me, John, fuck my pussy!" However, she kept her silence, well aware that if she made any such remark he would have been terribly upset and also very turned off. Sex with John Landry was all too seldom anymore for her to risk blowing any of her occasional chances.

She felt his cock head touch her cunt, his knob shoving aside her pussy lips and pressing against her ovaled cunt slot, already oozing thick cream from her anxious body. Susan just wished sex could be as important to John as it was to her, that her needs and desires could somehow be matched with his.

She heaved a heavy sigh of relief as his cock head penetrated her pussy and wormed its way into her. She tried to hold him there, with just his prick knob inside her foamy cunt so she could work her pussy lips around his cock, make her strong muscles hug and caress his cock head until he screamed for joy.

Unfortunately, he cared little for such subtle pleasures. His prick plowed into her body, driving through her warm cunt tunnel until he was buried to the hilt, his balls flapping against her ass, his stomach pressed against hers.

Susan felt like crying at the sameness of their sex life. She could already see in her mind every movement that would be made by her husband.

He held himself in the depths of her cunt, warm pussy juices swirling around his fat cock shaft. He pulled back to his cock head and then began stroking her pussy with short, powerful thrusts, in and out, his tempo never changing. His prick drove into her pussy until he had it completely buried and then he slid it back out, his prick stalk smeared with her sticky cream, and then plunged back in, repeating the process over and over until he was done.

Susan closed her eyes. Even in the dark, it was too painful any more to even watch. It was at times like this that she was glad she had enjoyed a somewhat full sex life in high school and college. She could at least remember how good fucking could be. Or maybe it would have been better not to know, then she wouldn't know what she was missing and might be less sad over it.

John thrust in and out of her cunt, his even tempoed strokes gliding with almost predetermined rhythm in and out of her cunt slot. She humped her hips upward, her pussy throwing itself at his cock, banging her body against his, forcing the pleasure into her cunt, making it enjoy what little there was to be found in John's robot-like fucking.

Susan could feel her clit throbbing with pent up desire, begging her for the touch of a hand, the softness of a pair of lips or the darting joy of a warm tongue.

She kept pace with his body, clashing against him in a steady gait. She flexed her cunt muscles, tightening her pussy lips around the thickness of his cock shaft as he drove in and out, forcing his stalk to massage her wet, fleshy cunt. Her cunt lips clung to his cream-covered prick as it slipped in and out of her pussy. She milked his cock with her cunt, almost as if she were masturbating him inside her fiery pussy slot.

His prick plunged in and out as he drove at her cunt, his speed never changing, one even stroke after another. Her pussy sizzled with fire, flames consuming her clit, the tensions so tight inside her that her pussy hurt and her belly ached from the hard knots tied inside her stomach.

She could tell that he was fast approaching his climax. His cock was swelling inside her cunt canal, expanding with each stroke into her creamy pussy. She humped faster, trying to force him to speed up, racing her body in a dismal effort to squeeze some bits of pleasure from his cock. Her pussy clung to his prick, her fires burning, but not yet ready to burst inside her to afford the precious, wonderful relief she needed so very badly.

His explosion came. John's body went suddenly stiff and he emitted one long, low moan and sprayed his hot jism against the inner walls of her pussy. She tried to picture the scene in her mind, as though that might help her own body to reach the cunt tearing orgasm she wanted to feel. She could almost see his fat, stubby cock spewing his thick, rich cum into her pussy as she felt his prick leap and twitch inside her cunt. His prick was pouring squirt after squirt of his spunk into her pussy, mixing it with her own creamy cunt juices, letting it swirl around his shaft and drown his thick cock head with its sweet nectar.

Susan felt his hips shove his cock at her pussy as he fired off the last of his load. John pulled out and her body quivered as she felt his cum follow, draining from her pussy gash, her body, aching from the frustrations that had built up inside, a tightness from which there seemed to be no escape.

But, she told herself, when a rubber band gets stretched too far, it breaks. And she felt just like that rubber band ready to break at any moment. Only, she thought, when I break, it will, be to break loose!

She reached for his cock, but he turned his hips away from her.

"What are you doing. Sue?"

She smiled at him, unseen in the dark. "I thought you might be a little messy. I'd be glad to clean you up. I've got a mouth and a tongue here that would just love to lick your prick shiny clean."

"Susan Landry!" She could hear the shock in his voice. "Watch your language!"

"What's wrong?" she taunted. "Let's fuck again, John. Come on."

"Susan! You know I don't like to hear that kind of talk."

She rolled over onto her side. "Come on. Big John. Let's fuck some more. This time we'll turn the lights on and I'll get on top."

"That does it," he announced, almost grandly. "I'll sleep in the other bedroom tonight."

"Don't be stupid, John. Get back in bed."

He paused at the doorway. "No. I don't know what's gotten into you lately, Sue. A lady doesn't use the kind of language you seem to favor these days. I really don't want to be around you when you get like this."

She watched his shadowy form disappear. If he didn't make her so angry, she would have cried.

What has gotten into me? She had asked herself the same question many times lately, and she knew the answer. Nothing. That was the root of her problem, she was certain. Nothing had gotten into her lately.

She stretched out on the soft bed and cupped her tits with her hands, unable to remember the last time John had felt the fleshy mounds or sucked her hard nipples with his warm mouth.

Her hands traveled across her flat stomach until her fingers touched the bushy hair that covered her cunt in a soft, tangled mat.

She let a finger brush lightly up and down her outer cunt lips, running it over her long pussy slit, still damp with her juices and Johnny's cum. Her pussy hurt, it throbbed with the desire to be allowed some kind of release from the tensions that hammered at her clit. She scooped some of the jism and juice from her pussy and licked it off her fingers. Oh God, she thought, it tastes, so good!

It had been years since she had tasted a delicious cock in her mouth. John would never dream of doing such a thing. Sex was to be done in the bedroom in the dark, with her lying passively on the bed while he shoved his prick in and out of her pussy a few times. And after he blew his load, it was time for a cigarette and then, a good night's sleep.

Susan knew, regretfully, that she didn't have good night's sleep any more. How could any one sleep when her cunt hurt so badly?

She spread her pussy lips with her fingers and gently stroked her pussy slit. She toyed with her clit, felt its hard, throbbing stiffness as it poked its little head from her cunt. She touched it lightly and felt a jarring shock blaze through her pussy. She massaged it gently, wishing there was some way to get her mouth against it, to draw it sweetly between her lips and let her tongue roam freely over and around it. She wanted to suck it until her pussy exploded in a million shooting stars that would fill the room with light and smash the dam in her cunt that held back the awful pressures of her body that cried out in the dark for an escape from the prison of her pussy.

Susan eased a finger into her cum-filled cunt slot and circled it around her opening, her entire body tingling as she touched herself. She slipped three of her fingers inside her creamy cunt and began stroking herself slowly. Her pussy throbbed with desire, as steaming hot as a fiery torch.

Susan's fingers stroked in and out of her cunt slot. Her hand was covered with her creamy juices and the sticky remains of John's cum.

She let her thumb roll around her clit, her tiny love button twitching with delight from her soft stroking. She could sense the building up of the fires in her body, her cunt humping against her hand as her fingers slipped deeply inside her burning pussy gash.

It was nice, very nice, but it still wasn't a cock and that's what she wanted most of all. Not just a cock that would plow her cunt opening and fill her with jism, but one that would make love to her. It seemed a strange term to her, but that's the way she had come to think of it. John had sex with her she didn't even have that with him. What she really wanted was a prick to make love to her pussy.

Her fingers moved faster as they slid into her cunt, massaging her pussy to its peak, an intense heat searing the inner walls of her cunt slot.

Faster and faster, she plunged her hand in and out of her pussy gash, her sweet juices pouring over her fingers. What a waste, she thought, when John could be drinking them from her body.

Her firm ass bounced up and down on the bed as she finger-fucked herself, her pussy readying itself for her explosion. Her cunt was tightening itself around her hand until the bombs burst inside her loins and her body bucked and leaped against her fingers as she fired off her load, creamy nectar flowing from her body to soak the bed covers. Her cunt squeezed her fingers, hurting to feel the touch of flesh, any kind of flesh, within her pussy.

She stretched out on the bed, curling her toes and letting the warmth of relaxation flow over her long, lean torso. It hadn't been much of a climax, she admitted, but, then, it never was when she had to bring herself off with her hand.

Her mind drifted, imagining all the things she would do with John, if he just wasn't so puritanical. Somehow, she thought, he had never escaped from the Victorian Age, and he just was not enough to satisfy her pussy's needs any more.

She imagined the thrills she could have sucking his nice fat cock and feeling him blow his thick wad into her throat, creaming her mouth with his hot jism while her lips sucked at his prick shaft and her tongue bathed his hard cock knob.

She felt a shiver pass through her cunt slit when she thought about having his lips pressed against her cunt, his tongue stabbing her hot pussy, scooping out her pussy honey and stoking the fires that blazed in her body, his lips sucking at her clit, tapping it with his warm tongue.

She even dreamed of him rolling her over, his hands spreading the cheeks of her ass while he plunged his fiery prick into her asshole, reaming her out, flooding her bowels with his steamy spunk.

It could all be so wonderful, she thought, if there was just someway to get John to cooperate, or, at least, try. But, she wondered, what will it take to do it? What sort of shock will it take to jolt him out of his set, deeply ingrained habits? How can I make him see what sex can really be like, the fun, the pleasure, the enjoyment that could be had if he would make the effort?

Susan was certain of one thing. Whenever he wanted to try, he would find his wife a most willing and anxious partner.

She let her mind roam freely in the dark, her cunt still bitterly disappointed. A few steady, uninspired strokes, with no build-up, no foreplay, just couldn't appease the hurt that lingered within her hungry pussy and her own fingers would never be a proper substitute for a real prick.

She thought again about buying a vibrator. It was an idea she had had with increasing frequency lately. Again, she decided that it might be nice and interesting, but it still wasn't what she wanted a man's prick.

She even allowed her thoughts to drift to another woman, something she had never tried before, but which had begun to greatly intrigue her. After all, she thought, sex with another woman wasn't really like sex with another man. It almost didn't even seem like cheating on John, at least not the way being with another man did.

With visions of beautiful women floating through her brain, Susan's eyes grew heavy and she closed them, falling into a troubled, restless sleep, her pussy still burning beneath the thin sheet tossed over her naked body.


John tightened the knot of his tie against his collar. He checked himself carefully in the mirror, insuring his own ego that he presented the proper appearance for a young, upcoming attorney.

He turned toward the bed as he slipped on his suit coat. "The TV repair man will be here about ten. Now, be sure that he sees how badly the color is messed up."

Susan leaned against the headboard. She let the sheet slide down just the tiniest bit, allowing a hint of her dark nipples to show, testing the effect it would have on him. She could have guessed the answer without even bothering to try anything.

He bent over, kissed her lightly on the forehead and said: "I'll see you this evening."

She sat with her eyes closed, hardly aware that be had gone. The old aches from last night were still there, bubbling just below the surface. They were ready to explode without warning. Susan sometimes wondered what would happen if she ever really did break loose.

She hopped from the bed and stood before the full length mirror. It was still one hell of a body, she told herself. There wasn't anything there for a twenty-nine year-old woman to be ashamed of, that was for sure.

The black hair swung freely to her white shoulders, framing a face that was a vision of loveliness in itself. Her legs, long, slender, and firmly muscled, flowed into rounded, firmly curved hips that dipped sharply into a narrow, flat waistline. Below that was the hair, thick and full, that covered her pussy.

Her tits were full and firm, ripe melons that jutted high and proud on her chest, each capped by a large, dark, highly sensitive nipple that ached to be sucked. Her tits were heavily marbled with faint blue veins that disappeared in the rich darkness of her nipple.

No, she told herself, it can't be the body that doesn't turn John on. Any man should be happy to find himself in bed with a body like this.

She settled back down on the bed, dangling her tiny feet over the edge. No, she thought, it's certainly not the body that is the problem. Others had found it very attractive, even when she had been much younger.

She closed her eyes and saw Ben plainly in her mind. So handsome, she had thought. And the star of the football team, too. It had been such a surprise that the hot shot senior had even known the shy freshman existed, much less had asked her for a date. How could any girl refuse?

The next surprise had come when he had casually unbuttoned her blouse at the drive-in, his hand slipping under her bra to fondle her still budding tits. The fiery wave that suddenly rushed through her body at that moment had stolen all of her willpower!

She helped him slip off her panties and thought for a moment she would die when his strong hand covered her cunt, his thick finger pushing her pussy lips apart and rubbing up and down her cunt slit. She couldn't keep her ass still on the car seat as he massaged her pussy gash and she grew wetter with each stroke of his hand.

His cock was free of his pants and Ben guided her head toward it with surprising gentleness. She kissed his cock head and let her tongue slip between her lips to bathe his prick knob with her saliva.

She had shocked herself that night, never having done any such thing before. Later, she had decided that perhaps her one special gift was being a cock sucker, because she most certainly was a natural at it.

Her lips parted and she placed them around the top portion of his prickknob and slowly sucked his cock head inside her mouth, her tongue working ceaselessly as she licked his quivering cock head, probing with her tongue into his tiny opening, squeezing from it her first taste of pre-cum. She rolled the drops around in her mouth, pleasantly amazed at the strange, salty-sweetness of his juice, before she swallowed eagerly, her cunt sending her signals that it wanted some of him, too.

She licked his cock head thoroughly, her tongue stroking around the underside where the shaft and knob joined together. She heard Ben moan softly before he moved his head closer to her, freed her tits from the confines of her bra and drew her nipples into his mouth, sucking them as though he were a baby in his mother's arms.

Susan bobbed her head lower, gulping more of his hard prick shaft into her mouth. She supposed, in her ignorance, that she was obliged in some manner to cram his entire prick into her mouth, never imagining that it was for most women, a rather difficult feat.

She slid his cock in and out of her mouth, slipping lower and lower on his stalk each time her head went down. His hips thrust upward, driving his prick deeper into her mouth, her lips pressed tightly against his hot flesh, sucking at his cock shaft as it stroked in and out of her mouth, her lips tingling against his root.

She had, of course, heard the girls talking about going down on a guy, sucking his cock or giving him a blow job. It seemed strange to Susan that it was something her friends had turned their noses up at as something not to be done. It seemed like something terrific to her and she was enjoying every minute of it as he fucked her in the mouth, his cock-knob plunging into her throat, filling her mouth with his hot prick. Her cheeks drew inward as she sucked his long prick, keenly aware of the heat that his cock gave off inside her mouth.

She had never had such a sensation in her tits before. They seemed so alive, so burning with fire as he sucked on them, his tongue lapping at her nipples their tiny tips jutting outward like hard, little fingers, smoldering with the heat of her desire.

Susan sensed the dampness in her pussy as it filled itself with her honeyed cunt juices, spilling out and dripping onto her leg, wet and sticky, gleaming brightly in the faint light.

She had never known such emotions in her loins before. They seemed to fill her from the inside and make her suck faster and harder on the prick that filled her mouth with such tasty delight.

She bobbed her head faster and faster as Ben thrust his hips at her face, plunging his cock in and out of her throat. She felt his cock was growing inside her mouth, expanding, thickening, stuffing her mouth with more prick than she could handle.

Her nipples slipped from his mouth and he groaned as she worked on his prick, moaning as the waves of pleasure swarmed over his body.

"Oooohhh, Jesus! I'm coming!" He meant it as a warning to her, but she neither understood nor cared.

His ass flew upward from the car seat and he blew his wad into the depths of her throat, creaming her mouth with his hot cum. Susan didn't know what else to do but swallow as she gulped as rapidly as she could to keep up with the river of jism that sprayed from his pulsating cock.

Ben squirted wad after wad of thick, white spunk down her throat and she ate every drop of it, her body alive and tingling as she felt it slosh around in her mouth and slide down her throat, warming her body as it flowed down into her belly. When he stopped firing, she carefully licked his prick clean, sucking up the remains of his cum with her lips, playing his cock with her tongue, folding and curling it around his thick prick shaft, feeling it soften even as she licked.

She liked it even better the following Saturday night when Ben had pulled her over onto his lap, his mouth seizing her stiff nipples as he positioned her over the head of his ramrod prick head and slowly lowered her body onto his.

She jerked at the first touch of his hot cock-knob against the opening of her creamy cunt slot. His cock head penetrated her pussy and she nearly fainted with joy right there on the spot.

His fat cock-knob pushed open her pussy and she felt herself descending on his long prick shaft, filling her cunt with his fiery cock the same way he had filled her mouth.

Susan slid lower and lower until her pussy swallowed all of his prick, their bodies meeting at the groin, his cock embedded in her cunt. She nearly drowned his prick in her cunt juices, pouring her cream around his stalk, filling her pussy tunnel with her sticky honey.

With the slightest pressure from his hands, she knew what to do next. Ben mouthed her tits and nipples as she rose and fell on his prick, sliding upwards until nothing more than his fat cock-knob lay hidden in her pussy. And then plunging downward, dropping her body down his prick shaft until he was driven up to his hilt in her burning pussy.

The world seemed to spin around her and she feared she was losing touch with reality. Up and down she rode on his prick. His hips moved with her, plunging his cock shaft in and out, stroking her pussy with its fatness. She clung to his cock with her cunt lips, thrilling as his prick rubbed across them, slashing its way through her foamy cunt tunnel and sending a shower of sparks shooting off from her hungry clit.

His mouth was never still on her tits. Her nipples were so hard and swollen she was afraid they would burst from her body. Her nipple tips so stiff they reminded her of new erasers on the ends of pencils.

Faster and faster they bucked together, his cock plowing upwards into her cunt, her juices surrounding his prick shaft, making it slippery and wet as it drove through her pussy, every stroke a searing red-hot poker that lit new fires inside her cunt.

Susan's body rose and fell on his cream covered prick shaft, her pussy lips clinging to his shaft, nursing every fiery touch from his steel cock as she rode it. The fires of flame leaped upward from her pussy, consuming her belly in a white-hot fire that seemed to devour her cunt.

Up and down, faster and harder, she drove herself on his thrusting prick, her cunt impaled on his long, hard cock. It grew inside her pussy, as he groaned his tormented pleasures, his mouth hot against her swollen nipples.

His bomb burst in a fire-filled stream of hot jism that flooded her pussy, spraying her cunt walls and pouring around his twitching, throbbing prick, draining from her pussy to wet her pussy lips and drip stickily onto her thighs as she forced her cunt down against his body, driving his prick deep into her cunt, creamy and sweet with the mixture of cum and cunt juice, while he ground her body harder and harder against his loins.

The heat of his jism skyrocketed her loins over the peak and her cunt shot a series of rapid-fire blue lightening bolts raging through her pussy. Her flesh quivered and trembled at the impact of the orgasm that pounded through her sweet cunt, making her body shiver at the cold chill that raced through it followed by the searing heat that shattered her nerves. Darkness swirled through her brain and her pussy was seized by involuntary muscle spasms, causing it to clutch his throbbing cock shaft, holding his prick tightly inside her flooded cunt tunnel, not wanting to ever let it go, making it a part of her body for all time.

His pulsating prick fired another wad of spunk into the depths of her pussy, setting off another series of shock waves flowing through her cunt. Another river of her creamy juices poured over his softening cock, her loins ablaze with the heat of the sticky cum that filled her cunt slot.

Her body jerked her pussy off against his dying prick. The back and forth movement of her ass rubbed her cunt against his hard body and fired her again and again, smearing her cream against him while she held his head tightly, mashing his face against her tits, driving her nipples into the softness of his mouth where his tongue could work its magic on her pulsing tips.

Susan rested comfortably on the bed while her mind returned slowly to the present, the visions of Ben floating from her, leaving her alone with the harsh reality of her own hand on her damp pussy, her fingers plunged deeply within her still aching cunt.

She stroked her pussy slot with her fingers, sliding them in and out of her honeyed pussy gash almost idly. Her thumb occasionally flicked against her stiff clit, shooting sharp bolts of pleasure through her agonized cunt.

Susan thought of John's prick, her pussy ready to settle for whatever pleasure he could afford her if he were only there. But unfortunately he wasn't, and there was nothing left for her but her own hand, a very unsatisfactory substitute for the real thing.

She spread her cunt lips apart, roughly massaging away the aches that invaded her loins. Her nipples were swollen and hard, bulging from her tits, begging for the warm comfort of a pair of loving lips.

She closed her eyes again, trying to tell herself that all of her earlier sex life had, not been good. Her fingers plowed in and out of her creamy pussy gash, stoking the fires that smoldered in her cunt.

She could see the beautiful lake, so peaceful and serene, the dark, cool woods that grew almost down to the water's edge. It was a scene that any pastoral artist would have delighted in capturing on canvas, the darkness of the woods, the depths of the broad water, reflecting the crystal blue of the springtime sky.

The fire blazed in her cunt as she pictured the scene once more in her mind's eye. Her clit tingled at the memory. She could see herself her naked, teenaged body thrashing and heaving against the hard earth as the strong, masculine arms held her tightly. Cold, cruel, eyes stared at her bare flesh, and, mouths laughed at her feeble struggles against odds that she didn't really want to overcome.

Ben sat under the tall tree, his bareback resting against the rough bark, tilting the can of beer to his lips while his friends took their turns with the young girl who had thought she was special to him.

She fought them, but it had been hopeless. One after another mounted her, plunging their hard, hot pricks into her cunt, treating her body savagely, showing no regard for her own feelings and needs.

Over and over, pricks penetrated her pussy, wedging themselves into her cunt, sliding wetly through her creamy pussy tunnel, pounding their loins with their thick cocks. They shoved aside her cunt lips, stroking in and out of her body, fanning the flaming, brightly burning fires in her clit. The cocks fucked her mercilessly, slashing at her flesh, driving her wild with desires that she could not express, her hips throwing her cunt upwards toward them.

Her tear-covered face was salty, wet, her pussy flooded with her own honey and their hot cum. Gushers of spunk sprayed into her pussy, splashing around as the next hard cock poised at her cunt slit, penetrating her with its fat knob and plowing its thick shaft into her cunt walls. The pricks were lashing at her pussy slot, driving her insane with a passion that could not be quenched without the love that should have gone with it. Her pussy became a simple receptacle, a place for them to deposit their ism, as she did little more than jerk their pricks off with her pussy.

Susan recalled that she had stopped struggling after a while it really wasn't worth the effort. It was easier to lay back against the hard earth, her legs spread, her cunt filled with spunk and let them fuck her. She lay quietly as they changed places, one cock becoming like the one that preceded it. They positioned themselves, plunged into her dripping cunt slot, stroked in and out several times and gushed a new load of jism into her already too full pussy tunnel and then moved away so that the next one could take his place and accomplish the same thing.

Her cunt was sore. It ached from the constant chafing of their fat pricks against her delicate pussy lips. Her clit seemed to grow numb from the stroking it had received. Her mind separated from the rest of her body, stood aside, and watched while the cocks fucked her. Pricks sliding wetly through their companions' cum as load after load of jism swelled inside her cunt slot and spilled out onto the earth.

The water had been delightfully cool against her feverish flesh when they finished with, her. She didn't even care that they lounged about wood's line and watched as she washed herself clean. Her cunt felt chapped and irritated as she cleaned herself, bathing their spunk from her tired cunt, letting the delightful, water slosh over her pussy until she felt cleansed inside and out.

Susan found it amusing that every one of the seven boys who had raped her that, day, Ben included, had the nerve to ask her for a date later in the school year.

Back in the present, she stretched her legs out, forcing her back against the bed as she finger fucked herself. Tightening her cunt around her fingers as they flogged her pussy, she whipped them in and out faster and faster, stirring her cunt juices as they filled her pussy slot with creamy honey.

The rape reminded her of John. He used her body to little more advantage than the high school seniors had done. Her pussy had become a place for him to stick his cock and squirt out his cum and little more.

Yet she knew that she loved John, and that in every other way he was an excellent husband. There had to be some way, she told herself, to get him away from the puritanical ideas that ruled their sex life together. She yearned to go down on his fat cock, to suck it into her mouth and taste his jism, hot and wet, spraying down her throat. There had to be something she could do to get his mouth against her aching cunt, to feel the thrill of his tongue darting in and out of her creamy pussy.

Her fingers were doing her no good and she knew it. Like fucking with John, it had become an exercise in futility. She rose from the bed and slipped on her robe.

The hurt in her pussy was still there, a constant reminder of failure.


Susan sat on the little balcony staring put over the city in the early morning light, the haze burning away as the sun gathered its strength.

Her eyes clouded over with tears again as she thought about her troubles with John. She rested her head on her forearm on the small table, sobbing softly to herself, saddened that there was no simple solution to their problem.

The soft voice jerked her away from her moment of self-pity. She looked up to see Karen coming through the metal gate that separated the two balconies.

Karen sat her coffee cup on the table and put her arm around Susan's shoulders. "Hey, neighbor, you got a problem today? What's wrong?" She sat down her face lined with concern.

Susan brushed away the tears, forcing a smile. She had chatted several times with her gorgeous, redheaded neighbor, but they had never really been friendly. In fact, John had not approved of their new neighbor, since the noise of her often wild parties had disturbed his sleep several times.

"Oh, nothing," Susan mumbled.

"Look, honey, when a wife starts the day out crying, there can be only one answer. Husband trouble. I know. I've been down the marriage trail before."

"Well, yes, I guess so..." Her voice trailed off.

"Husband sleeping around, is he?"

Susan shook her head. "No. Never. Not John." Karen sipped her coffee. "Then, it has to be a bad sex life. John not giving you enough?"

Susan was shocked by the open frankness of a woman who was little more than a casual acquaintance.

"In a way." She suddenly was overcome by an urge to talk about it, as if that would, in some way, help her feel better. "It's just that John is so straitlaced and uncaring about my needs."

"Tell me about it." Karen's voice was sympathetic.

"Oh, it's hard to talk about it," she sighed. "John believes in only one position. You know, man on top. That's it for him. He doesn't want to try anything else, like, well..."

"Won't eat your cunt?" asked Karen, boldly. "Won't let you suck his cock? No ass fucking?"

Susan could feel herself blushing as she nodded her head.

"And you want to experience a lot more?"

Susan nodded again, finding it difficult to look the blunt redhead in the eyes.

"Hmmm, common enough. Works both ways. Sometimes the husband isn't cooperative, other times it's the wife. Makes you feel terrible, pussy hurts, knots all inside you?"

Susan nodded her agreement. "Yes, but what is there to do about it?" She could feel the tears starting to burn in her eyes again.

"Well, first, let's go in the house and fix another cup of coffee."

Karen offered her hand to Susan and the dark beauty accepted, following her friend meekly into her apartment. Inside she noticed that Karen's place was laid out very similarly to their own, but decorated in wild, sensual splashes of black, white and red. John, she knew, would be completely shocked by such a feeling.

Karen served the coffee on the low table in the living room and took her place on the twin couch opposite Susan. Susan could sense her new friend staring at her carefully as they talked, keenly aware of her lack of clothes, certain that her dark nipples were visible through the thin material of the robe.

She surprised herself as she opened up to Karen, spilling forth the problems that chewed at her insides. Talking about it made it seem easier and she couldn't remember ever talking so openly and frankly to anyone before. Setting her empty cup down on the table, Susan felt better, more relaxed than she had been in months, as though some heavy weight had been suddenly lifted from her shoulders.

Karen moved around the table and sat down beside her friend. Susan felt an intense warmth radiating from the other woman's body, penetrating the thinness of her robe. Karen put her arm around Susan's shoulders, comforting her.

"So, the thing to do is open John's eyes. I'm having a few friends in tonight. You and John are welcome. Maybe, just maybe, I can do something to help you with your problem."

"Do you think so? Really?" Susan was very anxious to try any measure that might offer a solution to her troubles.

Karen leaned closer. "I think so."

Susan felt her breath hot against her face. Then, suddenly, Karen's lips pressed against her mouth. Susan could feel the woman's tongue probing between her lips, searching for her tongue. Their tips met, sparking a stream of electrical waves flowing through her body.

Susan's mind flashed warning signals to her, but her cunt ignored them. She felt the dampness growing in her pussy and her body melted. She pressed her body against Karen's, her tits mashing against her neighbor's, her nipples hardening at the touch of a female body. Her cunt was crying for release from the tensions that pounded at her.

Karen stood up and offered her hand to Susan. "It's much better in the bedroom."

Susan followed without a will of her own. She stood passively as Karen stripped her robe from her body, blushing as her friend gazed and studied her naked flesh.

"A husband or any man would be a fool to turn down a body like that," Karen coped.

Susan's heart pumped wildly, an insane desire flooding her pussy as Karen's lips found her tits, her tongue sliding over the nipples, licking at the salty flesh. Susan's dark tit tips stood at attention, the excitement stretching them out from her body, pouting them like fragrant flower buds.

Susan moaned as Karen's lips drew her nipples into the soft warmth of her mouth, her tongue darting over the tips, kindling the fires in both their loins. They tumbled over together onto the bed as Karen sucked at the lovely nipples, nursing like a baby on the warm flesh.

Susan's fingers fumbled with the buttons on Karen's blouse before they finally managed to get them undone and pull the soft, green material aside, spilling the redhead's firm tits free. Susan let her hands roam freely over the smooth, soft skin, her hands burning as her fingers stroked the large, rose-bud nipples.

Karen kissed her mouth again, pressing her tits against Susan. Susan gasped for breath, an intense heat searing her body where the redhead's tits touched hers. She creamed her pussy with her own juices.

Karen swung around on the bed, her lips poised above Susan's dark, hairy cunt. Sue saw the light colored pubic hair that barely concealed Karen's foamy pussy, gleaming wetly, just above her head.

Her body burst with a thousand rockets as her friend lowered her mouth against her cunt slit. Susan felt the hot tongue shove open her pussy lips and force itself inside her steamy pussy. The cunt juice drained from her cunt as Karen's hot breath warmed her pussy.

Karen's lips pressed against her hot flesh and she sucked the foamy cunt juice from Susan's pussy lips as it bubbled, hot and sweet, from the creamy cunt. Her tongue licked at the delicate pink tissue streaked with the honeyed nectar of Susan's pussy.

Karen's mouth slid over to Sue's clit, hard and throbbing, pulsing with the beat of the blood in her veins. Gently she sucked the tiny button between her lips, tonguing it to a fiery explosion.

Sue's hips thrust her pussy as the redhead's mouth as Karen sucked her clit as though it were a cock, her tongue lashing at the little knob. Susan groaned as fingers of flame licked at her pussy, her emotions spiraling up, preparing themselves for the building explosion. Her cunt burned with the sucking lips that gobbled at her juices.

Karen's tongue darted out, stabbing Sue's creamy pussy slot. It circled around the opening of her cunt, slurping the hot honey as it poured from her delicious pussy, shining and sweet. The tongue whipped in and out of her pussy, fanning the fires that burned within, sucking the juices, draining her of the nectar that gushed like a runaway river from her tasty pussy.

Sue's flesh quivered with excitement as the long tongue stroked in and out of her cunt faster and faster, driving her to a frenzy. Her hips pounding her ass viciously against the bed, tossing her pussy high into the air to meet the tongue that raked her cunt slot, rubbing against her cunt lips. Karen's lips drew the juices from her hod the frantic pace of her tongue unrelenting as she plunged rapidly in and out of the searing heat of Sue's cunt.

The emotions that had been pent up in Susan's pussy for months could be held back no longer. The dam, that had contained them burst and the explosion of her orgasm ripped through her loins, spreading the fires racing upward from her cunt through her throbbing clit. The knots of desire loosened in her flat belly and burned their way out the nipples of her tits.

Firecrackers burst in her pussy, a short, sharp series of bombs exploding, racking her body with unbelievable joy, every jolt of lightning connected to the one that followed, faster and harder.

Sue's body shivered and trembled, her flesh quivering in ecstasy as the jarring electrical shocks hit home, pile-driving into her clit, her heart pounding blood through her aching pussy.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhh," she groaned as Karen's tongue continued to stab into the depths of her flowing pussy, bringing out new waves of pleasure to course through her feverish body. Her loins were blazing with intense heat as spasm after spasm racked her with delight. She squeezed her legs together in an effort to nurse from her climax every ounce of pleasure available. Her cunt tightened round Karen's tongue, holding it inside her pussy as she might a spraying cock, urging every sensation of contact she could manage from that wonderful prick as it lashed her tender flesh.

Karen pressed her mouth against Susan's pussy, covering her flooding pussy slot, letting the sweet juice drain from her flooding cunt directly into her mouth and down her waiting throat, warming her belly with the hot cream.

Slowly, Karen finally lowered her own cunt onto Susan's eager mouth. She had never eaten another woman's pussy before, but she was anxious to try, hungry to taste the delicious delights of the redhead's hot cunt slit.

She kissed the pussy slit, letting her tongue ease its way between the soft lips, tonguing her way into the wet cunt. Her mouth sucked at Karen's hard cunt, her tongue dancing playfully over the stiff knob as the redhead ground her cunt against Susan's mouth, smearing her sticky cream over her lips and chin.

Susan slipped her tongue inside the creamy cunt slot, lapping at the juices that drained from deep within, the delicious, hot pussy. Her first taste of cunt was delightful! Her body tingled as she tongue-fucked Karen's cunt, her tongue plunging in and out of her friend's pussy, dancing around the walls and scooping up the marvelous juices with her tongue.

She used her tongue on her neighbor's pussy as a man might use his prick, thrusting it rapidly in and out, her own body tingling as Karen humped her face with her cunt, pounding her pussy down onto the tongue and mouth that did such wickedly, wonderful things to her loins.

Susan forced her tongue to plow deeper and deeper into the creamy pussy, her teeth nipping gently at the stiff clit that beat and throbbed with the pounding blood. She fucked at Karen's cunt with her tongue, filling her belly with the tasty cunt juice, her own pussy crying for more as Karen playfully licked at her clit and slipped her tongue in and out of her still hot pussy.

Susan pounded her tongue rapidly in and out of the red-haired cunt and felt the forces building, sensing that her friend was ready to fire. The thought of having another woman blow her cunt in her face stimulated Susan even more and the pace of her tongue-fucking increased, her mouth sucking hard against Karen's pink cunt lips.

Karen could hold back no longer. Her explosion burst through her pussy, a tidal wave of delight washing over her body, quenching the fires that burned her crotch. Her clit throbbed as the pressures were released from it and Sue's generous mouth drew it inside, tonguing away the hot, burning sensations.

She felt the lips that sucked her dry increase their pressure as she jerked and twitched, driving her cunt against the wild tongue that flayed her pussy walls and scorched her steaming cunt flesh.

Susan opened her mouth as wide as it would go and covered Karen's pussy, letting the hot cunt juices pour into her throat. Karen's cunt lips spread out over Sue's mouth, clinging to her face, smearing cream against the soft skin. The pussy juice bubbled from her body as she thrust her own tongue in and out of Sue's exploding cunt again.

The sensation of a cunt orgasming against her tongue drove Susan's body skyrocketing over the peak again and her cunt burst, a hot sliver of fiery flames racing up her pussy. Her cunt was seared with the intensity of her new climax, a shudder of relief that shook her body flowing like a tidal wave over her. Her spasms jerked and jolted through her pussy slit, freeing another flood of sweet honey for Karen's mouth to gobble down.

The explosions shattered their bodies and the two women quivered against each other, their climaxes slowing down, easing away the tension and tightness that had balled their cunts into hard knots, letting a wave of relief flow across their hot, burning flesh.

They rested side by side. Susan felt her heart beat gradually slow and return to normal as it became easier to catch her breath again.

The press of Karen's warm flesh against her own thrilled Susan all over again. She licked her lips, tasting once more the deliciousness of her neighbor's body. Her own pussy felt warm and dry drained by those luscious, full lips. She studied the lovely angles and planes of her friend's face, saw the wetness gleam on the rich lips and knew it was caused by her own sweet pussy cream. She moved her head toward Karen and licked her own juice's from the other woman's mouth.

"That's the first time I ever did that, ate another cunt."

"I imagined that," smiled Karen, her warmth and understanding a pleasant difference from John's cold and uncaring attitude. "I hope it won't be your last."

"Karen, I was just wondering."

The redhead chuckled. "No. I am not a lesbian definitely, not a lesbian. I love fucking with a good, stiff, cock that is used properly. I'm bisexual. I like cock. I like pussy. Either way suits me."

Susan sat up on the bed. "Sounds good to me." She stretched. "Ohhh. I feel better than I have in months."

"Sexual tension can do a lot of bad things to a person's body. Had headaches lately?"

Susan's face lit up. "Yes! But I don't have one now and I had a real splitter this morning."

She jerked slightly as her neighbor patted her sensitive cunt. "When the old pussy is feeling good, a lot of other things feel better, too," Karen said knowingly.

"I believe you're right."

"I know I am. But you still have two problems."

"Two?" frowned Sue.

"Two. You need some cock. And you need to enlighten your husband. Enjoy yourself with the first available cock that comes alone, would be my advice to you." She stood up. "And tonight at the party, we'll see if we can't get John back on the right road."

"I hope your plan works."

"It will, don't worry. Now, tonight, wear the sexiest, slinkiest, most revealing dress you've got."

Susan shook her head. "I don't think I have anything that fits that description."

"Then go out and buy yourself something today! Make it a goody."

Susan squeezed her legs together, helping to keep the warm, restful feeling she enjoyed in her cunt. Her pussy began to grow wet again as she remembered the delights that Karen's tongue had given to her tormented cunt. "I'll do it." She made herself a promise, no matter what it might cost, she was going to find herself a super dress.

"Let's have another cup of coffee. I could use one. For somebody that had never sucked a cunt before, you sure gave my pussy a workout!"

"Oh, my gosh," said Susan, suddenly. "I forgot. The TV man is coming to fix the set today. I've got to get home or I might miss him."

"All right," said Karen. She held Sue in her arms and planted a heavy, open-mouthed kiss wetly on her full, ripe lips. "I'll wait until this evening. But I expect to see you then."

"There's a few more deliciously wicked things I want to show you."

Far off, Susan heard the muffled ringing of a doorbell. She tied the robe around her body and raced out onto the terrace, calling back over her shoulder. "I'll be there."


"I'm coming! Just a minute," she called, jerking open the front door to the apartment. Her mouth opened and failed to close.

The man that smiled back at her was gorgeous! Susan gulped, trying to get her wits back as she stared at him.

"Hello," he smiled. "I'm Bill. Bill's TV Repairs."

"Come in," she managed to stammer. "The set's right over there."

She sat on the arm of the chair and watched while he worked. He is a hunk, she thought, trying to force aside the words Karen had spoken to her about grabbing the first cock she came across.

"No problem," he said, standing up. "Just needed to be demagnetized. Be fine now." He scribbled on a piece of paper and held it out to her. "Here's your bill."

"Oh. Just a minute. I'll get the checkbook."

"No need. You can pay later."

"I'd rather do it now, thank you," she called, hurrying to find her checkbook. She desperately wanted some excuse to keep him there.

She rested the checkbook on the top of the TV while she made out the check. He stood close and she felt a sudden rush from the heat of his body. Acutely aware of how she must appear in just the thin robe, Susan was aware of her tits pressing and straining to escape the confining cloth.

As she bent over the TV, she knew the robe parted slightly in the front and that he had to have a clear lock at the softly curving mounds of her tits.

Boldly, she smiled up at him. "Enjoying the view?"

His bronzed face and pale blue eyes returned her smile. "Very much. It's the best set I've seen in a long time."

Susan understood his meaning plainly. She handed him the check. "This set needs some work, too."

The words were hardly past her lips when she felt his strong arms go around her body and press her against him. Her tits were crushed between them, her pussy instantly growing moist with her juices as his lips met hers. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, thrusting her hips forward and shoving her cunt against the bulge already growing in his pants.

"Mmmmm, baby," he groaned.

"Come on," Susan muttered, recalling the words Karen had used. "It's better in the bedroom."

Bill slipped off his coveralls quickly and tossed them aside before dropping his boxer shorts to the floor. He stretched out on the bed, his big cock already ramrod stiff, pointing straight up from his hairy body.

Susan slipped the robe from her shoulders, exposing her naked flesh. She heard the sharp intake of his breath as he saw the beauty of her magnificent tits and the swelling curves of her body.

"Oh baby, come here."

Hungrily, she bent over him and kissed the head of his cock, licking his fat prick-knob with her tongue, bathing it with her saliva. She wanted to suck his cock, to plunge it into her throat, but she didn't know how long he would last and her cunt needed his prick too much to waste him with her mouth.

Susan straddled his body, positioning herself so that his prick pointed directly at her cunt, her pussy already filling with her own cream. She poised herself above him and then lowered her body slowly until her pussy pressed his cock head.

"I'm going to fuck you," she whispered.

His cock-knob penetrated her cunt, pushing her pussy gash open and spreading her foaming cunt lips apart as her juices creamed the head of his prick.

She held herself steady, delighting in the feel of his hard cockknob inside her pussy. He reached up and seized her tits in his strong hands, his long fingers kneading the soft flesh.

"You gotta great set of tits, lady," he muttered.

Her tits were on fire from his manly touch, his hands burning her eager flesh. His thumb flicked her nipples, sending a sharp wave of joy shooting through her body.

She let him fondle her tits, her nipples stiffening and, swelling under his touch, the tips distending and stretching from her body.

Twisting her torso right and left, Susan slowly descended on his fat cock, corkscrewing her way down his prick shaft, rubbing her cunt lips around his stalk, tingling with every touch of his hot cock against her pussy.

She slid down his prick, delighting as it pushed its way deeper into her creamy cunt tunnel. He was splitting her pussy apart, stretching wide the walls of her cream-filled cunt, wedging his prick into the depths.

She hit bottom, their bodies meeting, her cunt lips spreading over his belly. Her cunt muscles flexed, contracting and relaxing, sucking his cock shaft with her pussy, milking his stalk. Her cunt was in flames from the passion that burned within the walls of her pussy, a fiery flame that nothing but his hot jism could quench.

She sat on his body, her cunt impaled by his long prick shaft. She wiggled her ass against him, swirling his cock around inside her pussy, bathing his prick in her creamy nectar as it foamed and bubbled inside her cunt. She ground her pussy against his loins, forcing him to penetrate her as deeply as his cock was able.

"Oooooh, baby, do it to me good," he moaned.

She rested her hands against his hard, muscular chest. Her fingertips brushed lightly across his nipples, circling around them before she bent forward and tongued the little brown raisins. They felt as hard as her own. Her tits hung like melons, their hot tips swaying and brushing across the hairs on his chest, sending a brand new sensation swirling through her body.

Susan raised her body upward, her cunt sliding along his thick cock shaft. She slipped her pussy upward on his prick her cunt lips clinging tightly to his stalk until only his cock head remained buried inside her body. The touch of his flesh against hers was like a searing hot poker in her pussy.

She plunged downward again, driving her pussy down his prick as he threw his hips upward, plunging his hot prick meat back into the depths of her cunt.

"Ooohhh, fuck me! Fuck me!" She groaned loudly, lost in her wanton desire for cock.

He thrust his ass up and down on the bed as she slid up and back on his prick. "I'm goin' to fuck you silly," he shouted.

Susan rode him as one might ride a wild, bucking stallion. Up and down she drove on his plunging prick as he fucked her cunt with long, powerful strokes, plowing his big cock in and out of her pussy. His body was banging against her throbbing clit, adding delightfully to the thrills that raced through her cunt.

She nearly fainted from the heat wave that surged through her body from the intensity of the fires that burned in her loins. Her pussy was being consumed by flames, red hot fingers of fire that welled up from her cunt and ate hungrily at her clit, swarming through her belly.

Her body felt charged with electricity as she bounced up and down on his pick, her tits jiggling, her flesh alive and quivering as the lightning bolts shot across her pussy.

She clung to his cock shaft with her cunt lips, holding him with her pussy, her cunt pouring honey cream over his thick stalk, drowning his hot cockknob in her sticky sweetness.

His hot cock plunged into her cunt and set it sizzling with his fiery shaft, turning her cunt juices into steam. He withdrew all but his cock head, his stalk smeared and streaked with her cream. Swirling his cock-knob inside her cunt opening before plowing into the depths of ha pussy again, her steaming pussy smoked, her pussy lips clinging to his cock flesh, drawing his cum up from his tight balls.

"Fuck me!" screamed Susan. "Stick me with that cock! Ooooohhhh, stick it to my cunt!"

Her body was covered with a thin film of perspiration as she rode up and dawn on his prick, driving herself faster and faster, harder and harder, her moans never stopping.

"Ooooohhhhhh!" She made law, guttural animal sounds as she forced her pussy faster up and down the length of his prick.


His prick splashed in and out of her cunt, plowing through the curtain of her flowing pussy juices, searing the walls of her cunt with his red-hot prick. He matched her stroke for stroke, pounding her pussy with his mighty cock, stuffing her cunt full of his prick, letting the hot juice of her cunt inspire his cock. Plowing faster and faster, he fucked her hot pussy with all the force he could muster, his cock wildly out of control as she bounced up and down on it. Her cunt lips were tight against his cock shaft, milking it, sucking at it like her mouth would love to do.

Susan felt his prick filling the emptiness inside her cunt, a void that had been there for months, crying for relief. And now this wonderful prick was slamming in and out, filling and emptying her pussy, sending blue sparks racing from her clit. Her cunt was burned to cinders by his flying cock as it whipped at her clinging flesh.

Her body stretched out, reaching for that marvelous peak that had been denied her for so long by John's inept skills and puritanical ways. She felt herself being lifted higher and higher, almost there, her flesh screaming for relief.

She rode him faster and faster, trying to drive her body to find the release it sought. Tears welled up in her eyes at the delicious fires that seared her cunt. Her brain swirled in darkness, flashing lights, a myriad of colors shot past her vision. Every nerve in her body was acutely alive and alert, making tiny electrical sparks surge through her.

"Please!" she screamed, "Make me come!"

His cock whipped faster and faster, a blur plunging in and out of her cunt, stretching her pussy apart, splitting her in two. His fat cock head wedged it way through her pussy tunnel, massaging her flesh with his hot prick shaft.

"I'm comingggggggg."

His prick drove into her cunt with his most powerful stroke, jamming his hot cock meat into her pussy as he spurted a torrent of hot cum into the depths of her cunt. He filled her pussy with his jism, spunk gushing from his cock in a flood of sticky, white cream, cramming her pussy so full Susan was afraid he would burst her curt.

As his cum splashed against the walls of her pussy tunnel, she felt her own body suddenly lifted upwards, higher and higher. The explosion rocked Susan's body with a strength and force that nearly toppled her from his cock. A shudder raced through her cunt and her cunt juice ran down over his prick. Every nerve-ending tingled as she came against his throbbing prick. She could not stop her body. Spasms shook her and her flesh quivered, quaking from the power of the climax that tore at the fibers of her cunt.

Bright red and yellow lights flashed on and off inside her head as her cunt contracted and relaxed, contracted and relaxed around his pulsating cock shaft still plugged within her throbbing pussy.

She moaned, long and low, subhuman sounds torn from the depths of her throat. Her body shook, jerking her cunt against his cock, every jerk firing off a new blast of pleasure. It went tearing through her cunt in a tidal wave of delirious joy such as she had not experienced in months. His hands hurt against her tits and the pain turned instantly into pleasure as she fired another load of cream against his prick.

Cold chills shivered up and down her spine as his spunk swarmed around her cunt walls and seeped out around his cock and ran out onto her golden thighs. She wiggled her firm ass against his belly, swirling his cock around inside her flooded cunt, begging to feel and enjoy every inch of the length and girth of his prick shaft as it stuffed her pussy.

The force of her orgasm shuddered through her tent once more, leaving her momentarily dazed all weakened by its power. Susan felt her heart beat slowing back to normal, the blood no longer traveling at, breakneck speed through her veins. Bill's prick grew limp inside her. She squeezed her cunt against his cock shaft, never wanting to let his cock go.

Susan bent her head down to his soft prick and licked at it with her tongue as soon as it popped from her creamy cunt. She quickly began scooping up the drops of cum and cunt juice that clung wetly to his cock.

She pressed her lips against his stalk and sucked, drawing from him the last tastes of their mutual orgasm. Her tongue licked at his cock and her hands fondled his hairy balls, urging them onward, her cunt hungry for more of his fiery jism. She sucked and licked her way down his cock shaft and then back up to his fat prick-knob. Her tongue bathed his cock head with long, swooping strokes. She stabbed the tip, of her tongue into the tiny opening in the clefted cock head, searching for a fresh supply of his tasty cum.

Slowly she sensed his prick responding to the loving care of her mouth. As she licked along his cock shaft, his prick stretched itself out expanding the steel returned to him. His prick grew before her eyes, his balls filling themselves with spunk, readying to blast her body with hot jism once more.

She kissed his hard cock-knob. Her lips parted slightly and press against his pole head. Carefully she sucked his prick-knob into her mouth, slowly, inch by slow inch, her lips spreading wide to accept his fat cock.

His cock head bobbed into her mouth and she held it there, her tongue lavishing it with sweet, gentle strokes. She rolled his nuts around in the palms of her hands. Her tongue swooped and circled around the cock head. He groaned as the flames of his passion rose up his prick shaft again.

Susan bobbed her head up and down, every downward movement drawing more of his thick cock stalk into her mouth. Her lips held fast to his prick flesh, forcing each inch of his prick to slide wetly between her lips.

He slipped deeper into her mouth and she drew harder on his stalk, his cock head pressing into her throat. She stuffed his prick into her mouth, her tongue sliding around it, folding and curling about his cock shaft as she greedily ate his prick, her teeth nibbling at his flesh, driving him insane with the bolts of pleasure that tore through him from his balls to his cock head.

Her head bobbed up and down, her lips sliding against his cock shaft as his hips rose and fell from the mattress, fucking her mouth with long, slow strokes as she sucked the jism up into his prick.

"Mmmmmmm," he groaned. "Ooohhh, eat my cock. Hmmmm. Ohhh, you cock sucker. Ohhhh, do it baby!"

Her tongue slipped wetly all around his cock flesh, stroking his prick shaft and spreading saliva over his head, his balls rolling about in her hands. Her lips clung wetly to his prick flesh, massaging his growing cock as it slipped in and out of her mouth.

His hips thrust up and down from the bed, shoving his cock into the depths of her throat, his cock heed bouncing around in the back of her mouth. He fucked her mouth deeply, the warmth of her lips against his hot cock shaft urging him on and his ass bounced against the soft bed.

Susan's head moved faster, her mouth swallowing the fatness of his cock, sucking him in and letting him slide back out. Her tongue thrilled his cock head, making long, swooping strokes up and down his stalk.

She felt his prick growing and swelling inside her mouth, expanding into a poker of steel as he pounded it to her. The first drops of his pre-cum oozed from the tiny opening in his clefted cock head. She scooped it up with her tongue, rolling it around in her mouth, her body tingling with the saltiness. Then she gulped down hungrily, her belly crying for more.

"Mmmmm. Ohhh, baby, that's so good! Suck harder, baby. Suck that cock!"

His prick seemed to swell like a balloon and then exploded. With a wild scream, he threw his ass high into the air, his cock plunging deep into her throat, and fired a torrent of hot jism down into her belly.

She swallowed quickly, gulping down the creamy cum as it spewed from his throbbing cock and splashed around in her mouth. It squirted against the walls of her throat and filled her mouth as she drank greedily, trying to not lose a single droplet of his tasty cream. But there was just too much and it oozed from the corner of her mouth, spilling down onto her chin, white and sticky.

Susan felt his cock leaping and dancing in her mouth as he shot off the last of his load. His prick became ultra sensitive to the touch of her tongue as she tried to milk his cock shaft, urging him to give up even more of his jism. She sucked his prick, drinking his throbbing cock dry. Licking his cock shaft clean with her tongue, her lips sucked his flesh, gobbling up every trace of cum.

Bill's prick went limp in her mouth and she let it slide out from between her lips. Her tongue slurped up the jism from her chin, eating hungrily at the few remaining drops and then kissing him lightly, lovingly, on the cock head.

"Mmmm, baby, you are some cock sucker!"

She smiled, a bit embarrassed. "Come on you can't go back to work like that. We both could use a shower."

They stepped under the warm spray together, letting the water pound at their flesh, revitalizing their bodies. Susan soaped his body thoroughly, running her hands over his muscular chest and down his long, hairy legs. She washed his ass and his broad back. She lathered his balls and his cock, her hands stroking the length of his shaft. Slowly, she felt his prick returning to life. It stretched itself out in her hands as she beat his soapy prick, scrubbing his fat cock head and sliding her hands up and down his wet stalk.

Her body tingled as he rubbed soap over her, massaging her firm tits with his strong fingers, her nipples stiffening beneath his touch. His soapy hands scrubbed her cunt, his finger sliding wetly into her pussy, cleaning out the remains of his climax, shampooing the hair that grew heavy and thick over her pussy.

Her body shivered as he washed her back and moved slowly downward to her ass, lathering her round cheeks, his soapy hands rubbing up and down her crack. He slipped a wet finger into her asshole and her body burst into flames again.

She pressed her body against him, crushing her tits against his chest, her nipples thrilled by the coarse chest hair that lay around them. She shoved her cunt against his throbbing cock as his finger stroked in and out of her ass and her body burned with the hot flames that licked upward from her pussy.

Susan turned around and leaned her hands against the wet tiles, wiggling her up thrust ass at him, offering him a most delightful target.

She felt his hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart, opening up her crack to his raging cock. His prickknob pressed against the tender flesh of her ass crack and ran up and down it, lighting big fires everywhere his cock head touched her.

She moaned as his cock-knob pressed against her tiny, puckered ass opening. He shoved forward and she gasped in pain as his fat cock head wedged its way into her small hole, penetrating her ass. He held himself inside her ass and she felt the awful hurt pass as the water sprayed down against her feverish flesh.

Carefully he plunged forward, sliding his cock shaft into her asshole, slow inch by slow inch. Her body felt so stuffed with cock she did not think it possible to take anymore, yet he continued to plow forward, his prick ripping and tearing its way into her ass.

The pain bolted through her body, jarring her with the agony. She felt as though her whole body were being sliced in two. His cock shaft drove deeper. She felt the salty sting of tears in her eyes. Her ass was consumed by a red-hot flame a fire no water could quench.

Susan glanced over her shoulder, shocked to find that he still had at least two more inches of cock meat to cram into her mined ass. She braced herself against the slippery tiles. As he drove forward, she rammed her ass backwards, plunging his entire cock into her ass!

She screamed in pain as his hard prick-knob plowed into her bowels, his balls bouncing and slipping against her cunt. He moved his hands from her hips and slid them around her body to cup her melony tits. His fingers were rough and hard, pinching and squeezing her hard nipples.

The pain raged through her body, spreading out from her mangled ass to her pussy and upward through her belly as he held himself embedded in the depths of her asshole. Then he slowly pulled back until only his cock-knob was still swallowed by her ass before plunging back in, driving his cock to his limit inside her aching asshole.

In and out he stroked her ass with his prick, the hard ridge that separated his shaft from his knob rubbing at her ass tunnel, scraping along her walls. He fucked her with long, easy strokes, his prick sliding in and out of her ass, drawing away, leaving only its head inside, and then pounding forward, his belly bumping against her cheeks. His nuts were swaying and slapping at her cunt.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the awful agony in her ass changed to pleasure. It felt better with every stroke of his cock into her asshole. She moaned with pleasure as his prick whipped in and out, faster and faster, reaming out her ass with his fat prick, giving her ass the fucking it had never enjoyed before.

Susan's body trembled with pleasure as he ass fucked her. Her cunt burned with pent-up desire, her clit throbbing as the electrical charges zapped through her pussy, making her feel alive once more.

"Oooohhhhhhh," she groaned. "Oooooohhh fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Mmmmm. Shove that cock in my ass. Ooohhhh, fuck my ass."

His big prick plowed in and out, stroking faster and faster. She kept time with him, her hips driving her ass back at his wildly fucking prick. He pounded her ass, stretching it wide, filling her tunnel with his hot cock meat, his prick slashing and ripping its way in and out of her throbbing, pulsating ass.

Her cunt was torn by a thousand rockets bursting inside her creamy cunt slot as her juiced poured from her pussy and ran onto her long, firm thighs. Her tears were tears of joy as her cunt exploded again and again from the delightful sensations that swarmed and flowed over her pussy from her quivering ass. Her flesh shook and shivered and her entire body shuddered as one bomb and then another banged her cunt, electrifying her clit with spasms. One followed so quickly after the other that she could not tell them apart.

"Here I comeeeeeee!" he screamed, driving his cock into her bowels and filling them with a gusher of hot jism. He sprayed his heated cum into her ass tunnel, splashing it around inside her body, filling her ass with his sweet cream.

His spunk set off a raging fire in her ass that carried into her cunt, bursting her body, exploding her clit into a million shooting stars. Her ass tightened around his cock, draining the cum from him, milking his prick shaft with her strong muscles, sucking his last drops of spunk from his dying prick.

Susan couldn't stop her body from trembling. The force of her climax jolted her to the very depths of her cunt. A fire glowed in her ass. The warm shower beat down against her back and soothed away her tiredness. She felt thoroughly and completely fucked. It was indeed, a wonderful feeling.

She stretched out naked on the bed, watching him dress hurriedly, knowing she should be doing the same if she planned to shop for her party dress.

"Anytime you need any TV repair service you be sure and give me a call," Bill smiled at her.

Susan returned the smile. "My set breaks down a lot. I may need a lot of servicing."


Nope, she told herself those shoes won't go with the dress. Her recent purchase lay snugly in its box beside her on the chair.

Susan waited patiently for the store clerk to bring out the next pair of shoes for her to try on. She hated putting him to so much trouble, but the dress was absolutely perfect for the party and she wanted the shoes to be equally perfect. She had already concluded that price was no object. The dress had been outrageously expensive and John would scream blue murder about that, so what was a little more yelling about the shoes? Anyway, she comforted herself, it was an investment in their future. If it helped get John on the right track sexually, it would be well worth any price.

The clerk came back and seated himself in front of her, extracting another pair of shoes from the white box and holding them proudly before her critical gaze.

She said, "those look much better."

The clerk sat down on the low stool in front of her. Susan placed her foot in the shoes as he helped her slip it on. He slid the second shoe in place.

They felt fine. Susan walked about, admiring herself in the mirror. These, she decided, would do just fine.

She sat back down, realizing as she did so that the young clerk had been able to enjoy the view beneath her skirt. She wondered what his thoughts might be as he cast hidden glances at her panties in the deep shadows. She crossed her long legs, very slowly, very deliberately, teasing him with her concealed pussy.

Susan felt the dampness growing in her cunt. She was horny, and there was no use for her to deny it. She could see the bulge starting to grow in the clerk's pants.

"Do they fit right?"

"Perfect. I'll take this pair. And, oh, yes, do you have the same thing in another color?"

"Yes, ma'am, we do. What color did you wish?" he asked, very politely.

"I'm not just sure. What all do you have it in my size?"

He frowned. "I'm not sure. I'll have to check. If you'll excuse me a moment." He made his way down the aisle to the rear of the store and disappeared behind the heavy drapes that covered the door to the storage area.

Unnoticed, Susan rose and followed him. She stepped through the concealing drapes and smiled down at him as he knelt, searching through the boxes of shoes.

He looked up at her beautiful face, a puzzled frown wrinkling his brow. "Yes, ma'am?"

"I was just wondering if you tried to look at every woman's pussy that comes in to the store."

"Ma'am!" He tried to put as much shock as he could into his voice.

Susan leaned against the shelves of boxed shoes. "Must be disappointing when they're wearing panties. Can't see much of anything then, can you?"

"Really, ma'am, if I've done something."

She interrupted his protest. "That's the trouble. You haven't done anything." She paused for effect. "Yet."

Quickly, in one smooth motion, she reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. She tossed them at him almost casually.

"Now, you can have a good look." She pulled up her skirt, exposing her hairy cunt to his gaze. He licked his lips nervously. She could see the tiny beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Aren't you going to do anything but look?" She watched him rise from the floor, his cock pressing against his tight slacks as he moved toward her, to take her body in his arms. Susan felt herself pulled toward him as his lips pressed against hers. Her tongue darted out, finding its way into his mouth, circling hungrily against his lips. His hands were hot on the bare flesh of her ass as he pressed her pussy against his loins. She wiggled her ass, rotating her cunt against the steel-hard cock bulge.

He dropped to his knees in front of her. Susan could feel his warm breath against her pussy, the tingling in her clit sending electrically charged messages racing through her pussy slot.

His lips kissed her cunt slit, his tongue sliding out, wedging its way into her creamy pussy. Her entire body shuddered with pleasure as he stroked his tongue up and down her foamy cunt, darting lightly against her clit. Blue sparks shot through her cunt as he tongued her gently.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Susan, her legs weak and trembling as his tongue played over her damp flesh. "Eat my pussy. Stick that tongue up my cunt!"

His lips closed around her hard clit and he drew into mouth, sucking the pleasure from it, charging her body with fiery flames that burned into her belly as she pressed her loins against his lovely mouth.

He opened his mouth wide, covering her pussy and sucked the cunt juice from her cunt, letting her sweet nectar flow hot and delicious directly from her pussy gash down into his throat as his tongue flayed her clit. Every touch rocked her, with another spasm of jay as she felt the tiny missiles bursting inside her cunt. The climaxes were building in intensity, pounding at her pussy, driving her out of her mind with pleasure.

Her body shook the shelves as she humped her cunt against his wonderful lips. Her head lolled from side to side as the newest explosion burst inside her pussy and her juices drained from her cunt, running hot and creamy into his eager mouth.

She jerked from the force of the explosion in her cunt when he jammed his tongue into her pussy. He circled it around inside her flooded cunt gash, scooping out the gushing pussy juices and drinking each drop greedily.

"Ohhhh, dear God," moaned Susan. "Ooohhhhh. Eat my cunt. Ooohhh, eat me. Suck my pussy. Ooohhhh, stick your tongue in me. Oooohhhh, that's so good. Mmmmm, deeper, deeper!"

Susan felt her pussy burn with fire as his tongue whipped in and out of her aching cunt slit, her sweet juices rushing torrent-like from her blazing cunt.

Her body jerked and twitched as one climax after another burst inside her, her clit alive and throbbing, driven against his lips as he tongue fucked her delicious cunt. The bombs burst so rapidly she could not determine where one explosion stopped and the next one took over, driving and pounding at her loins, spiraling her higher and higher as she peaked over and over again.

Susan's cunt screamed at her for a taste of cock.

She needed a prick to fill her gaping pussy. She pushed the young clerk back on to the floor, kneeling down, she unfastened his belt and slid his zipper down. He raised his ass from the floor and she pulled his pants down, freeing his fat cock from the confines of his tight clothing.

She stared at his prick for a moment, delighting in its nice length and the thickness of his cock shaft. She licked her lips. As much as her cunt needed his prick, her mouth was just as anxious for a taste, too.

She bathed his cock head with her tongue and licked up and down his long cock shaft, her lips sucking at his hard flesh, her tongue lapping and curling around his stalk. She licked his huge, hairy balls, her tongue delighting in the rough hardness of his nuts as they rolled about within the confines of his sac.

Her lips encircled his cock head and she gently sucked his prick into her mouth, letting her saliva bathe the fat cock shaft as it slid into her throat, her lips sliding over the hard flesh. His prick was hot inside her mouth. Susan felt his cock twitch deep down in her throat and realized he would not last long if she continued to suck him off.

Her pussy was too hungry and anxious to be denied the pleasures that only a fat, juicy prick could give it. She mounted him quickly, poising her open cunt above his thick cock knob and letting her pussy rub back and forth lightly over his prick head. The honey-sweet juices of her pussy drained from her body down onto his cock.

Slowly, she lowered her body down to meet his, letting his prick penetrate her pussy, her cunt lips spreading around his shaft and sealing his prick inside her pussy.

His cock swirled about inside her foaming cunt. Susan felt the heat from his swollen prick knob burn inside her pussy slot, filling her body with rampaging desire.

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before," she panted.

She twisted her torso, right and left, slowly lowering her body on this cock shaft and corkscrewing her way down his long prick. She was swallowing his cock with her pussy, feeling his hot poker-like cock plowing up into her bubbling, cream-filled cunt. It was stretching her cunt lips apart and filling her pussy with his steaming cock meat.

She slid down his fat prick shaft, her pussy lips grasping at his thick prick, urging him on as he slipped farther and farther into the depths of her cream-filled cunt. Her sweet nectar flowed around his cock, lubricating the length of his mighty prick.

She reached bottom, her pussy swallowing the length of his prick. Their bellies mashed together while she held herself firmly on his stiff cock, her cunt lips spreading out against his prick flesh. Her body was tingling from the touch of his hot cock flesh crammed deep inside her foamy pussy and her clit throbbed with the pent-up desires that flooded her.

The young store clerk reached up and seized her tits through the soft nylon fabric of her blouse. Susan felt her nipples harden and press against the constricting material of her bra.

She flexed her cunt muscles, squeezing his prick with her pussy, massaging his hardness with her wet lips. She ground her body against his, driving him tiny fractions deeper into her aching, starving pussy.

She could not believe she was doing this. Twice in one day she had been unfaithful to her husband, and worse still she was loving it! Breaking free of the inhibiting bonds of her marriage and the unsatisfactory sexual relationship it involved had only served to make each encounter that much more exciting and deliciously wicked. Infidelity was firing her body to heights of pleasure it had never known or even dreamed of.

"All right, now," she cooed. "Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock of yours. And you better fuck my cunt good, mister."

Slowly, she began to raise and lower her body, rubbing her inner pussy up and down the length of his hard, hot cock shaft. Every touch in her cream filled cunt sent a new shower of sparkling flares racing up her pussy and into her belly. Her cunt gushed load after load of fiery juices over his prick knob and fat stalk.

His hips pumped his prick in and out of her pussy, matching her stroke for stroke, plowing his thick cock shaft against her hungry cunt lips and driving his prick head into the depths of her fiery cunt slot.

They pumped together, his cock slicing through her pussy and spreading it wide. His prick was plunging in and out like a piston, driving her body toward her ultimate peak.

"Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me harder! Faster. Fuck me faster! Ooohhhh."

His movements picked up their pace, lashing his cock in and out of her cunt as she rose and fell against his stiff prick. He plunged into the deepest limits of her pussy, setting tiny bonfires of delight as his cock plowed through her flood of creamy juices and then pulled back. His fat prick shaft was covered with her honey-nectar, gleaming and sweet, her foam clinging to his flesh before he drove back inside her eager cunt.

Susan rode up and down on his cock, her hair tossing wildly about her shoulders and tumbling over her face as he bucked his prick into her cunt. Faster and faster, driving at her pussy with an incredible rage, their bellies slapped together, their loins pounding at each other.

"Aieeii! Fuck meeeee!"

Then her cunt exploded one short, sharp jolt after another. Her clit seemed consumed in flames.

Fiery fingers shot upward from her pussy into her empty belly.

"Fuck meeeee! Fuck me harder. Faster! Come! Oh, Jesus, come!"

He groaned with joy as he plowed his long cock into her pussy, his fat shaft sliding wetly in and out of her gaping cunt slot. She felt his cock expanding, growing bigger, longer, thicker while he stroked her cunt with it. He seemed to fill her cunt, cramming her hot pussy with more fat cock meat than she had ever felt before. Her cunt was on fire and the flames ate at her loins. Her cunt blazed.

His hips threw his prick into the depths of her pussy and he sprayed her inner cunt with his hot jism. A gusher of cum burst inside her body.

"I'm coming!" she screamed.

Her pussy filled with his spunk, splashing about her cunt walls and draining from her pussy onto her smooth leg. He squirted load after load of his fiery cum into the hot darkness of her pussy. His body twitched and jerked beneath her as his cock gushed thick cream into the smooth pinkness of her pussy channel. Mingling with her cunt juices his cum was flooding her cunt with a deluge of juices, sweet thick, hot and tasty. "I'm coming!"

Susan drove her ass down hard onto his body, impaling her cunt on his throbbing cock while body exploded in a sky-rocketing blast. Her pussy expanded with joy as the dam burst inside her loins and released the desires that had accumulated within her very being, desires that her husband had failed to ease for her with his rapid-fire fuckjobs that satisfied no one. Susan felt the relief flow up her cunt, tingling her throbbing clit and burning into her belly. The tensions that had entrapped her body for so long melted in the flood of his steaming jism as the shoe clerk sprayed her cunt with his fiery cock.


She flapped against his chest, holding his body tightly against her own while her cunt released his thick prick. Every twitch and jerk, jolted her loins as she shuddered out the last spasmodic jerks of her climax against his softening cock.

She sighed deeply, a long, low, mournful sound, her head resting against his chest. Her cunt lips still held tightly to his cock, not wanting it to leave the warm confines of her pussy canal. His prick flesh was still warm against the softness of her pussy.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured as the last of her climax shivered through her flesh. Her clit throbbed as his limp cock slipped from her flooded cunt slot, their mingled juices pouring from her pussy gash, running thick and creamy onto her thighs.

Susan pressed her cunt against his soft cock, grinding her pussy against his flesh, urging the last traces of tension from her loins. It had been damned up inside her so long that she now felt totally released from the terrible agonies that had tortured her body. She bawlk at the thought of losing bodily contact with the clerk's wonderful prick. She wanted to feel it press on her flesh, to rub her clit, to send new and better electrical charges racing through her body, burping her cunt. Unfortunately, she knew that all things, no matter how good and delightful, must come to an end.

She stood up, straightening her clothes and smoothing down her skirt, getting her hair back into some semblance of order. She didn't even bother to look for her panties.

The clerk kissed her lightly on the lips, his cock still hanging from his unzipped trousers. She bent down and licked his cock with her tongue, cleaning away the flecks of juice cum and cunt that still clung to his flesh. She felt his prick stir as her tongue lapped up and down the hot cock flesh.

"You really know how to please a man," he said.

She made one final swipe with her tongue against his cock head. "You do pretty well pleasing a woman."

They slipped back through the curtains.

"I think I'll just take the one pair of shoes," she said.

"Fine," he smiled, knowingly. "Pay for them up front."

She started down the aisle and then stopped and turned back to look at him. His youthful face still bore traces of astonishment at his good fortune.

"Of course, I'll have to come back in another time to try on other pairs."

"Anytime. Any time you want."

She set the shoe box and her other package on tic front desk while she searched for her charge card in her purse. She glanced at an older woman who was standing nearby, smiling at her politely.

The woman glanced sternly at the box her mouth curled into what appeared to be a distasteful sneer.

"Well, I see you at least managed to get waited on," she remarked, huffily.

Susan smiled. "Yes."

"I've never seen such poor service in my life. No clerks around to wait on a person!"

Susan stuffed the credit card back into her purse and picked up her packages. She turned her best smile on the small old lady.

"I find the service in this store absolutely delightful," Susan said, pushing open the heavy glass doors and stepping out into the bright sunlight, her clit still tingling from its most recent exercise and still very eager for more.


Susan slumped in the big overstuffed chair in John's office. She couldn't believe his total indifference. Her feelings had been hurt and she didn't know whether she wanted to cry or just get damn good and mad!

He hadn't been a bit interested when she told him about the invitation to the party, shrugging his shoulders and informing her he had a late meeting with a client and doubted if he could make it. He hadn't even wanted to see her new dress and shoes.

She sat there, her mind hurting with his coldness. She had thought that at the very least, he would offer to take her to lunch. But a previous appointment with another client only meant that he had to dash.

As a result, she found herself very much alone in the plushness of John's office. Alone, and very disappointed with her husband still.

Well, she told herself reluctantly, there wasn't anything left to do but go on back to the apartment and get ready for the party. She'd be damned if John was going to spoil all her fun. If he wouldn't go to the party, then she'd go by herself! She was certain that there would be other men there who would not be so completely oblivious to her feminine charms.

Susan was so engrossed in her own self-pity that she didn't realize that the door had opened and that she was no longer alone in the huge black leather office.

"What a pleasant surprise," said the deep, husky and very masculine voice.

Snapped out of her daydreams, she looked up and stared into the ruggedly handsome face of Tom Carstairs, her husband's partner.

"To what do I owe this delightful visit?" he said, tugging lightly at his dark mustache.

"Hello, Tom." The smile was genuine. She had always liked him.

"What brings you in today?" he asked, leaning against the big walnut desk.

"Oh, we've been invited to a party tonight and I needed a dress to wear. I thought John and I might have lunch together, but he's too busy. Doesn't look like he'll even have time to make it to the party," she sighed.

Tom frowned. "What's wrong, Sue? Something's bothering you. Don't deny it. I can tell."

She shrugged. "Oh, a lot of things you know. It's just well I wish John was a little more interested in me. I buy a new dress and he's so wrapped up in his own business affairs that he doesn't even take the time to look at it. You know how it goes."

"I have a cardinal rule. Every time Betty buys something new, I tell her how terrific it is. Keeps her happy and when she's happy, I usually end up very much the same."

"It's a good rule. I wish John would follow it."

"That old stick in the mud," joked Tom. "All that man ever wants to talk about is business. God, there is a hell of a lot more to life than business!"

"Don't I know it."

Tom's face softened. She could see the kindness glowing in his dark eyes. "I'd like to see your dress, Sue." He stifled her protest. "No, I mean it. I really would. Please."

She felt strangely warmed inside by his simple act of kindness. "Okay. Then, I'll show it to you." Her fingers fumbled with the box. She suddenly felt very awkward and clumsy.

"I have to warn you, I can't tell much just by looking at clothing. Betty usually models it for me. My claim is that you never know how something will look until you see it on the person."

Susan stood up. "All, right. I'll model it for you."

With a wry grin, he turned his back to her and looked out the window.

Susan slipped off her clothes quickly and slid the clinging white sheath over her head. It hugged at her curves and she knew her nipples were plainly visible against the press of the thin fabric. Her mounded tits were swelling over the low V neck.

"You can turn around, now." Her voice surprised her. It came out in almost a whisper.

Tom turned around and stared at her. She felt his eyes roam up and down her body, feasting on her obvious beauty. He whistled low.

"Very nice. Very, very nice."

Susan felt the dampness grow in her loins. She couldn't control herself. Suddenly, she no longer cared to even try.

"I'm glad someone appreciates what I still have."

She watched as he walked toward her. She felt her dark nipples swell and stiffen, shoving against the thin material. She knew that he could not take his eyes from them, the dark circles glowing beneath the white dress.

Tom stood in front of her. She could feel the heat from his body. "With your dark hair, white is an excellent contrasting color for you."

"Thank you, Tom." She knew it was a coy answer.

He licked his lips. "I imagine you'd look delightful even without the dress."

"You'll never know," she whispered, "unless you take it off, will you?" She couldn't stop herself now. She suddenly felt as though her life had become a giant snowball, rolling out of control down a steep hill, gaining momentum with each turn.

He slipped the dress from her body, his eyes feasting on her naked beauty. The mounds of her tits were heaving as she sucked air into her lungs.

His lips pressed against hers and she let herself go in his strong arms as they crushed her naked flesh against his own body. His hands slid down her bare back and cupped the rounded cheeks of her ass, pulling her tighter against him. She felt like melting.

Susan tingled as his warm lips pressed against her white tits, running over her mounded flesh until they found her hard, erect nipple. Tom sucked her nipple into his mouth, his tongue racing in tiny circles around the darkly colored flesh. His tongue darted against her swollen tit tip, sending shudders coursing through her body, her pussy flowing with her own juices.

He lifted her feet from the floor, his mouth never losing contact with her warm nipple. Tom carried her to the large black leather couch and laid her naked body on it gently.

She looked at him while he stripped off his own clothes smiling to herself when his large prick popped into view.

He knelt above her body and kissed her on her cunt, his tongue snaking out against her already foaming pussy.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "Eat my pussy. Tom. Please. Eat me."

He was anxious to obey. His tongue shoved its way into her delicious cunt and she felt the fires beginning to rage within her cunt as his tongue stroked and licked its way up and down her pussy gash.

His hands busied themselves with her tits, pinching and kneading the soft flesh and brushing against her erect nipples. Every touch sent new streams of life racing through her flesh. She shivered as his tongue darted across her clit, spasms of pleasure spiraling through her tiny bud.

Her cunt was on fire. His tongue scooped up the flecks of foaming pussy juice from her pink cunt lips, his mouth sucking her clit, gobbling up her supply of cream as it poured from her, bubbling and rich.

"Ooooohhhhh," moaned Susan as his tongue whipped at her pussy, making her body shiver with more delights. He lapped at her cunt, driving her mad with the lust that filled her loins.

His mouth engulfed her creamy pussy draining the juice from her cunt and letting it slide thick and foaming down his throat. Tom's tongue plunged into her cunt slot and circled around and inside her cunt walls, lashing her tortured flesh and drawing from her pussy gash the sweet honey-nectar.

She pounded her ass against the couch, forcing her pussy against his face and smearing his lips and chin with her juices. Climaxes ran through her pussy as his tongue fucked in and out of her cunt. His touch was a fiery torch blazing inside her body and her mind reeled from the sensual delights that flowed in a never-ending tide from her pussy, swelling as they spread through her throbbing cunt and into her hungry belly. The sensations burned into her tits, exploding from her nipples with a surge of electrical energy that was too great for her body to contain.

"Oooohhhhh, God. Eat my pussy."

Her cunt juices poured like a river into Tom's throat. He drank greedily, sucking each drop from her pussy, his tongue relentless as it slipped in and out of her pussy slot. He was stroking her inner cunt walls, his lips sucking the fluids from her pussy, her cunt lips swollen and aching, with the desires that she would never admit to herself before today.

"Fuck me Tom, oh, please. Fuck me!" she begged, forcing his lips and tongue even tighter against her creamy cunt. Her body was wild with desire. Blackness swirled around and around in her brain. Nothing else mattered now except the big prick jammed in her pussy.

Tom swung his body onto the couch above hers, his cock stiff and erect, already oozing pearls of cum from his fat knob. His prick locked too good to be true to her hungry body.

She grabbed it with her hands and rubbed his prick knob up and down her cunt slit, spreading her pussy lips spat and smearing her cream over his cock head. She tapped his prick against her stomach sawing another wave of sparks to shoot though her loins.

She stirred his cock head around in her foamy pussy gash as if it were a spoon in a cup of coffee. The touch of his hot, hard cock flesh against her flowering cunt lips rippled her flesh with spasms of joy.

She moved his steaming cock knob to her ovaled cunt opening, letting his hot flesh -- hard and hungry -- rest against her pussy slot. She then rubbed his cock knob with her cunt juice-soaked pussy gash.

"Stick it in me, Tom," cried Susan. "Oh, please, fuck me with your cock. Shove it in my pussy!"

He rammed his cock head into her foaming, bubbling cunt. In one long, swift motion, he plunged his rock-hard prick shaft into the depths of her pussy. She grunted as his hard cock knob struck home, deep inside her creamy cunt tunnel. Her cunt lips spread themselves around his cock and she sucked him deeper into her pussy. Her muscles contracted around his cock shaft, squeezing and holding him tightly locked inside her cunt as she jerked herself off against the hardness of his prick.

Susan moaned her pleasures as she hugged his naked flesh to her body. Her pussy fired off against the feel of his hard cock jammed into her slippery cunt.

Gently Tom began to withdraw, sliding his cock back out of her pussy. She clung to his prick shaft with her cunt lips, enjoying every smooth slide of his hot flesh against her own pink pussy. Only his saucer-shaped cock heed remained buried inside the folds of her pussy and he held himself there, wiggling his ass and letting his knob fan the flames that ate at her pussy.

He plunged his prick back into her cunt in one swift, smooth stroke. She moaned at the delightful sensation of his thick cock shaft plowing into the very limits of her pussy.

Tom fucked her with his long strokes, diving through the creamy juices that swirled around his prick and plunging in and out with rapid, even strokes. Every scrape of his prick stalk against her pussy lips sent new waves of fire screaming through her loins.

"Fuck me, Tom. Oh, fuck me!"

In and out his prick sliced between her cunt lips. He pounded into her pussy until his cock hit home and then withdrew it, his prick coated with her cream. Then he shoved his prick back into her, wetly lashing into her cockstuffed cunt.

Susan pounded her round, firm ass against the leather couch, thrusting her pussy upward toward Tom's driving strokes. His balls slapped against her as his cock fucked her cunt like it hadn't been fucked in years.

His prick forced her closer and closer, lashing at her flesh until she neared a peak higher than she had ever reached before. Then she felt his body stiffen above her.

"Come, Tom," she screamed in his ear. "Come inside me. Cream my pussy!"

His cock exploded in her. He gushed his spunk into her cunt slot, filling her pussy with a raging torrent of hot jism that sprayed and bounced around the walls of her cunt.

The explosion inside her pussy was more than enough to shove her body over the top. Her cunt exploded in a loin-shattering explosion that burst inside her pussy and sent a tidal wave of release rolling into her clit. It showered her body with electrical charges that fired off, one after the other, too fast and numerous to count, sending lightning bolts surging through her clit.

Her tits were alive and throbbing and shivers ran up and down her spine as his hot cock continued to spew his cum into the darkness of her pussy. Her naked flesh shuddered and trembled as her orgasm pounded at her body, spasms rippling across her bare skin. Her pussy was caught in a wall of flames as firecrackers shot off in her cunt and the darkness of delight swarmed over her brain, shutting out everything except the delicious pleasure of her climax that beat like a hammer inside her cunt.

Her hips held themselves away from the couch as she forced her cunt slot tighter and tighter against his throbbing prick. His cock shot out the last drops of his pearly cum into her already flooded pussy, drowning her cunt juices in an ocean of jism. Together their juices overfilled her pussy and oozed out around his thick prick shaft, dripping like rich, creamy foam onto her leg and the leather cushions of the couch.

Every time Susan thought her body had completed its climax, another sharp jolt seized her and ran through her cunt, pounding again at her flesh. New spasms racked her body with their intensity.

Susan clung to Tom, afraid to let him go, afraid to lose the magical moment that struck lightning into her starving clit, making the time stand still. Her flesh pressed to his, her body jerking and twitching as the next wave of her orgasm tore into her pussy. Her juices ran like a river, pouring from her cunt tunnel and washing down bubbling cunt slot as he eased his softening cock from her hungry cunt.

She felt his prick soften inside the warmth of her pussy tunnel and then slowly ease from her flooded cunt. Her cunt lips held tightly to his cock as it slipped from her pussy gash, his cum draining from her overfilled pussy.

Tom straddled her body, looking down at her peaceful, contented face. "That was wonderful beautiful lady."

Susan smiled her own appreciation back to him. "Come here." She tugged at his lean hairy thighs. "I want to suck your cock."

He didn't need a second invitation. He moved forward, straddling her torso, his half-hard prick swaying gently as he moved toward her face. She licked her lips hungrily, anxious for a taste of his cock meat.

She stuck her tongue out, flicking it against his saucer-shaped cock head, licking away the mingled juices from their bodies that still gleamed there. She polished his prick knob with her tongue, leaving a thin film of saliva behind.

Susan pressed her lips against his cockshaft and slowly sucked and licked her way to the bottom of his long prick and then back up to his cockhead once more.

Up and down his prick she worked, kissing and sucking and licking until all traces of their cream had been removed from his thick stalk. Her tongue traced the thick vein that lay hidden just below the surface of his skin. She lapped at the tender underside of his cock where the shaft and head joined together, delighting in the soft moans that escaped his lips while his prick became swollen and stiff from the loving care her lips and tongue lavished on it.

She kissed the head of his cock, her tongue probing into the tiny opening and twirling about, urging the cum up from his giant, balls. As she cupped his nuts in the palms of her hands, rolling them about, she delighted in the feel of them sliding about in his sac.

Her mouth opened and she slowly sucked his prick knob into her mouth, her lips stretching wide to admit the fatness of his cock. She held his knob in her mouth and suckled it, her tongue bathing it in a fresh coat of saliva.

Tom's hips thrust forward and he slipped his cock shaft deeper into her mouth. She opened as wide as she could to admit his big prick. She felt it sliding past her lips, plunging deeper and deeper into her gullet. His fat cock head pressed into her throat, filling her mouth with his raw meat. His prick was hot against her tongue, cramming her full, his prick head easing its way down into her throat where no man's cock had ever been before.

She found it hard to breathe. Her mouth was jammed fun of his cock, so full she found it.

Then, slowly, he began his withdrawal, his prick sliding back out from between her lips, giving her breathing room. Her cheeks were drawn inward as she sucked his warm cock. Her tongue briefly licking at his stalk, twirling around it. Her ears heard the suckling sounds her mouth made against his prick, pulling the jism from his nuts.

Tom pumped his cock in and out of her mouth just as he had fucked her pussy only a few moments earlier. Susan felt her clit throbbing with desire, her entire cunt pulsing with the pounding of her blood as he fucked her mouth. She suckled greedily at his cock shaft, her body tingling with rampaging fires as his hot cock slid in and out between her lips, driving her pussy to a frenzy of desire.

She knew at that moment, she had to soon try fucking with more than one man. She yearned for the feel of a cock everywhere in her mouth, her ass, her cunt. No one prick would be enough to quench the fire that consumed her body now.

Tom's prick whipped in and out of her mouth. She sucked at it with a fury, her body unable to wait for a taste of his jism. Her belly cried for satisfaction. She lashed his cock stalk with her tongue, her lips fastened about his shaft, pulling his cum out of his cock head in tiny pearl-drops. She rolled his jism about her mouth before she swallowed it down to ease the fires that raged in her pussy.

She felt his cock expand and stiffen between her lips, swelling to fill her mouth. He groaned as his climax rose up in his balls and spread through his too hard prick shaft.

He pounded his cock in and out of her mouth, faster and faster, driving into the depths of her throat. She sucked furiously at his prick. She would have cried out in sheer joy if her mouth hadn't been so full of his cock.

Tom's hips drove his prick forward, cramming it into her gullet. And then he blew his wad down her throat, a river of cum flowing wet and warm down to her aching, starving belly.

Her mouth filled with scalding hot jism, sticky, foamy cream that, splashed about inside her mouth. She gulped rapidly, unable to bear the thought of losing so much as a single droplet of his creamy seed. She drank her fill of his spunk, sucking at his prick to drain him of every bit of cum his balls possessed.

She drank him dry. Then he flooded her mouth again and again with his cum and she swallowed, washing it around in her mouth, letting it pour in a flood down her eager throat.

The taste of his cum in her mouth let loose the dam of tensions in her curt again and she was overcome by the flames that ate her pussy, devoured her. Her cunt juices flowed as her ass pounded against the soft leather and she fired herself off, over and over, spasms raking her body.

Fits of shuddering raced through sex as his cock fed her the drops of pearls from his powerful cock shaft. Her cunt flamed as lightening bolts tore through it super-charging her entire pussy.

Her body came to a shattering climax as he fired the last of his spunk into her mouth. His cum slid, gracefully and slowly, down her throat and into her waiting belly.

Susan licked his prick clean again, scooping up the last remains of his jism with her tongue and gobbling them down hurriedly, afraid to miss even the smallest trace of his delicious cum. His cock was done for the time being. It hung drooping limply between his legs, no longer capable of bringing unknown delights and pleasures to the beautiful woman stretched out so contentedly on her husband's office couch.

Susan was slipping on her shoes when the idea occurred to her. "Why don't you come to this party tonight? I think you'll really enjoy it. Betty, too, if you think she's into this sort of thing."

"You really believe it will be worthwhile?"

"I'll be there," she answered, knowing she had given him another too-coy reply.

"That's enough to get me there."

She straightened up. "Betty?"

Tom chuckled. "Probably, if she knows you're going to be there and available."

The surprise registered in Susan's voice. "Me?" Tom stepped close to her, his hand fondling her tit through the thin material of her blouse. She could feel her nipple stiffen at his touch.

"Betty likes women almost as much as she likes men. And she's had the hots for your body almost as long as I have. She's full of wonderful tricks." Susan sensed her body reacting to his words. It heated her cunt to think of Betty going down on her, her pink tongue lapping at her pussy. This was going to better than she had hoped for. She felt the cunt juices draining from her slot and trickling onto her leg.

"Tell Betty I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight."

Tom kissed her on the mouth, their lips parting, searching with their tongues, the electricity building between them again.

"I'll tell her," he said.

"My place. About eight."

He pinched her playfully. "We'll be there."


The shower felt good as the warm spray washed away the tiredness she felt in her muscles. Susan couldn't ever remember fucking so much in one day and, she squeezed her cunt between her legs, there was still so much more to look forward to!

The water cleansed the sex away, too. She felt fresh and new, shining clean, ready for anything. Her mind kept going back to Betty, no matter how hard she tried to concentrate on something else.

She dried off on the big, soft, fluffy towel, rubbing her body briskly, tingling her naked flesh until it glowed. She felt wonderful.

Betty! There was that everpresent thought again, invading her subconscious, refusing to let her alone. A vision of the short, tiny blonde popped up before her. She was anxious to find out what Betty's body locked like without clothes. And she could hardly wait to have Betty taste her cunt and sink her own tongue into Betty's pussy.

She was hanging the wet towel on the rack when the jangle of the doorbell jerked her away from her dreams. She pulled on her robe and padded on bare feet to the door.

Jimmy Owens stood patiently waiting for her. She smiled down at his round, little boy's face. "Lo, Miz Landry."

"Hello, Jimmy."

"Got your groceries." He indicated the large brown bag with a nod of his head.

"Oh," she said, realizing how stupid it must have sounded. She had completely forgotten about the state order, but then, she thought, who can blame me? You don't think much about milk and bread when someone is stuffing your cunt and mouth full of hot cock and your stomach is filled with warm cum!

"Want me to put it in the kitchen for you?" His voice was weary with being patient with adults.

"Please do, Jimmy. Thank you."

He followed her into the kitchen and set the bag down on the table.

"How much do I owe you?"

He looked at the slip in his hand. "Eight-thirty six."

She found her purse and rummaged through it finally finding a ten-dollar bill. Impulsively, she handed it to him and said: "Here you go. Keep the change for yourself."

The big eyes widened and lit up. "Wow! Thanks. Miz. Landry."

She bent over to return the scattered contents of her purse back into her accustomed places. "That's all right, Jimmy. I appreciate the service."

Susan realized suddenly as she stuffed the variety of objects back into her purse that the pose resulted in her robe gaping open in front and that Jimmy was staring at her half-exposed tits.

Yesterday, she thought, I would have straightened up immediately and become beet-red with embarrassment. But that was yesterday and today was a whole new experience. Let him look she told herself, it will do him good to see a pair of real tits rather than pictures in some sleazy magazine.

She remained bent over much longer than necessary, insuring that Jimmy got an eyeful of tit. Susan straightened up and faced the youngster, smiling at his handsome, little-boy face. He really was such a nice boy.

"Well, I gotta go, Miz Landry."

"So soon? I thought you might like to stay for a while." She ran her tongue over her full lips, moistening them to a gleaming shine.

His eyes stared fixed, straight ahead, never leaving the bulges her tits punched out in the thin robe.

"What are you looking at. Jimmy?" she teased.

He shook his head. "Nothin', Miz Landry, I wasn't lookin' at nothin'."

She smiled at him. "Now, you've really hurt my feelings. I thought you were staring at my tits."

Slowly, she slid the robe down, from her shoulders, letting the large mounds of her tits slide into view, exposing herself for the boy's eager young eyes. Her dark nipples protruded from each creamy white tit mound.

The boy's eyes widened again. This was a hell of a lot better than any ten-dollar bill!

She slid her hands over her tits, her fingers toying with the dark nipples. They sprang immediately to life, swelling and hardening beneath her touch, the tips jutting straight out from her pillowy tits.

"You wouldn't call these nothing, now would you, Jimmy?" Her fingers continued in a tiny circular motion around and around the colored flesh.

He licked his suddenly very dry lips. "Oh, no, ma'am. I wouldn't say that. I didn't mean that." His words stumbled from his mouth.

"Would you like to do this? Would you like to touch them?"

He nodded his head vigorously. "Yes, ma'am." She moved closer to him and took his hands, in hers. She placed his warm, young hands against her tits, unable to prevent a soft moan from escaping her lips as the touch of his flesh on hers set her cunt on fire all over again. Her pussy throbbed for his sweet, young cock.

"Touch me, Jimmy," she groaned as his hands stroked her smooth flesh. "Touch my tits. Ohhhh, that feels so good." The juices flowed inside her creamy pussy slot, her clit aching for release.

His palms moved in small circles over her stiffened nipples. Her tits became so swollen they ached, longing for the flood of relief to overwhelm her body once more.

She let the robe fall from her body, dropping to the floor around her feet. She moaned as the tides of passion flowed through her body, searing their way into her cunt.

Her hands worked eagerly, stripping Jimmy's clothes from his thin body until he stood before her as naked as she. Susan reached down to fondle his hard, young prick, stroking his cock shaft gently, his hands still busy with her tits.

She knelt before him on the kitchen floor and kissed the head of his prick. Pearly drops of precum already oozed from his clefted cock knob so she knew he wouldn't last long.

Gently she drew his cock into her mouth, sliding her moist lips down his shaft, swallowing his prick. Her tongue stroked up and down his cock, folding and curling around his stalk as she fingered his little balls, urging them to give up their load of cum while her mouth sucked his prick.

He moved his hips, letting his cock slip in and out of her mouth while her tongue licked at his hot flesh. His prick was harder than he had ever known it could be.

His explosion came suddenly, catching Susan by surprise. He gushed his hot jism into her mouth and she felt it splash about. Savoring its virgin taste before gulping it down, she let it slide, thick and creamy, down her throat to warm her stomach. Her own body was thrilling as Jimmy's boyish prick jerked and twitched within the confines of her mouth, spewing his cum deep into her gullet and filling her with a sense of satisfaction.

She licked his cock clean, her lips licking at his heated shaft, her tongue scooping up each drop of jism, swirling them about in her mouth before gulping them greedily down. She felt her own juices run from her cunt and drip, wastefully, onto her leg.

"Would you like to do that to me, Jimmy?" She asked as she sat down on one of the kitchen chairs.

"Oh yes, ma'am." He would make up for his lack of experience with his eagerness and desire.

Susan spread her legs wide, opening up her black-haired cunt fully to his astonished eyes. Her pussy lips parted and her inner lips were exposed, pinkish-red, moist with flecks of her own sweet nectar. Her clit was hard and swollen, throbbing and pulsing in its desire for satisfaction and relief. Her pussy forming a neat rose-bud oval of damp meat.

"All right, then," said Susan, "get that mouth down here and eat my cunt."

The youngster knelt before, his head bowing tentatively forward for his first taste of pussy.

Susan moaned as his soft lips pressed against her cunt. He sucked tenderly on her pussy, his tongue sliding wetly between his lips to lick at her opened cunt slit. He lapped up the flecks of her cream, savoring and delighting in the taste of her honey sweet pussy nectar.

Her body stiffened as his tongue licked across her cunt, driving her wild. Her cunt burst into flames as he drew it into his mouth and sucked on it delightedly.

"Oooohhhhh, that's it, honey," she muttered. "Ooohhh, suck my clit. Hmmmm, use your tongue. Ooohhh, yes, that's so good. Hmmm, do it some more."

She felt his anxious mouth at work on her clit, exploding a series of firecrackers in her. The explosions fired off through her flooding cunt, rapidly, one after another, running together until it was impossible to tell when one burst ended and the next one began.

Her hips pounded against the hard seat of the chair, thrusting her cunt against his eager boy's face, smearing his mouth and chin with her pussy juices and covering his face with her cream.

"Stick your tongue in my cunt. Ooooo, that's the way. Circle it. That's it! Mmmmm, shove it in me, deeper, deeper, as far as it will go! Oooohhhh, that's right, Jimmy, eat me. Eat my pussy!"

Her cunt was in flames from the touch of his tongue as he probed into her pussy tunnel. He was licking at her flesh, his lips sucking at her pussy, his tongue diving in and out of her cream-filled pussy slot. He was lashing her cunt into a frenzy of spasms that burst through her, releasing a new wave of pussy juice.

Her body was seeking release from the pressures her own mind had built inside her aching cunt. Her clit thudded with the pounding beat of her blood as it pulsed through her veins while, his tongue whipped in and out of her cunt, stroking the walls. He was stirring climaxes through her body, burning upward from her loins and bursting with mind shattering explosions in her belly, as if to blow her cunt in half.

Her ass rose and fell against the chair seat as she pounded her pussy against his young tongue, her body thrilling with every touch of his mouth against her warm flesh. Her loins filled with her own fires and her cunt exploded against his boyish face and the burning hot poker he used for a tongue.

"Suck my cunt!" she screamed at him as the bombs burst in her pussy. "Suck me dry! Drink my cream!"

She had always known Jimmy was a good boy, and he did the best he could to obey her every instruction. She poured her cunt juice into his hungry mouth and he drank greedily, his prick wanting every drop his tongue and lips could force from her wild pussy. His tongue raced in and out of her hairy cunt, massaging every inch of it could reach.

Susan's head lolled back as the waves of relief flowed through her clit from her delighted pussy. The tightness in her belly subsided and the throbbing in her hard nipples slackened. She felt the final shuddering spasms tear through her flesh and end with an orgasmic climax that seemed to rip her pussy apart.

"Mmmm, Jimmy, you do that very well," she said, smiling down at him as he sat on the kitchen floor between her legs. His face was gleaming wetly with her cunt juices. "You make a fine cunt sucker!"

He licked his lips without replying, his eyes gleaming brightly. She saw his cock was ramrod stiff and ready for action again.

"Come on," she ordered, rising from the chair and padding into the living room.

He followed behind her obediently, his eyes transfixed by the swaying and jiggling of her rounded ass as she walked in front of him.

"Lay down," she commanded.

Jimmy stretched out on the large sofa, his cock pointing into the air like a flagpole. Susan straddled his body, marveling at his youthful thinness.

"Have you ever fucked a girl before?" she asked, knowing the answer before he replied.

"Well, then, I'm going to be your first. I'm going to get your cherry because I need you to fuck me right now. I want your cock in my pussy."

She positioned herself above his throbbing cock head and slowly lowered her body until she fell his hard knob pressing against her pussy slit. She wiggled her ass and his cock head touched her open, flowing cunt.

Her strong legs lowered her body again and his little prick head penetrated her pussy sliding wetly into her cream-filled cunt. She tightened her cunt lips around his cock shaft, sealing his prick knob inside her pussy and clinging to him with her cunt, letting her juices flow over his knob and lubricate his shaft.

"Hmmm, doesn't that feel good? Don't you love having your cock in a pussy?"

Jimmy was beyond words. He was lost in a world of his own, a world he always dreamed of enjoying some day, but never expected to find. And now it was happening with such a wonderfully beautiful woman, a woman he had hungered for, dreamed of, beat his meat just thinking about. Wonder of all wonders, here she was, poised naked above him, sliding her pussy her marvelous, blackhaired pussy down his cock.

He raised his hips upward, forcing his prick higher in the air to meet the hot cunt swinging downward, swallowing his cock into its strong flames.

Her body burned at the touch of his young dick inside her bubbling, foamy slot as he slipped inside her cunt. Deeper and deeper he plunged into her pussy as she slipped down his shaft. Finally she had devoured all of his cock with her cunt.

She held herself there, her pussy lips spreading out against his flat, soft belly. Wiggling her ass, she let his prick swirl about inside her cunt tunnel, gripping his cock with her cunt muscles and milking his hard shaft. She stroked his prick stalk with her inner pussy, working his prick with her hot pussy.

She sat upright, letting his cock impale her pussy. Her ass rubbed against his hairless balls, stirring the cum within his hard nuts and urging him to release another gusher of his fiery jism into her already flooded pussy.

She leaned forward, letting her tits dangle like over-ripe melons above his mouth. He opened his mouth and she let her nipple enter between his lips where his marvelous tongue could work its magic on her tits as it had on her pussy.

As he sucked and tongued first one nipple and then the other, Susan began to raise and lower her cunt against his prick, letting all but his cock head escape from the grasp of her cunt lips before diving back down and plunging his cock deep into her damp pussy tunnel again.

Up and down, she slid against his prick, letting him stroke her cunt slowly, massaging her eager pussy lips. The cream flowed from her cunt, draining over his cock shaft as he porked in and out of her pussy.

Susan began to move faster, tiding up and down on his prick and clinging to his stalk with her pussy lips. Her cunt was wild with desire as his prick plunged in and out of her, driving into the depths of her pussy hole and then withdrawing, his hot stalk was streaked with her cream, pausing before plunging back into her burning cunt.

Her body felt out of control. She pounded up and down on his cock, driving her body faster and faster, stroking her pussy with his prick. He plunged in and out of her cunt, harder, deeper, faster, his mouth sucking almost painfully on her dark nipples.

Susan felt her body rising up, the flames shooting through her clit, her loins consumed by flames hotter than hell itself. She pounded at his cock, her cunt lips squeezing his cock and urging him deeper and harder into her pussy.

The start of her climax seized her. "Fuck me. Jimmy! Fuck me! Oh, sweet Jesus, fuck me!" She screamed at him as his cock plowed in and out of her pussy, his mouth filled with her creamy smooth tit.

Her sweat-dampened body shivered and she gave one, final shudder as she drove her cunt down over his cock. He burst inside her tunnel, spraying his scalding spunk into her cunt, creaming her pussy with his thick, rich cum and flooding her steaming pussy with a torrent of cream. His hips jerking wildly, he thrust his cock high into the air, fighting to shove it deeper into her pussy.

The feel of hot jism inside her cunt was enough for her. She exploded as Jimmy shot off his load into her body. Electricity shot through her body and sparks seemed to fly from her cunt as her body jumped against his, her cunt lips seizing his stalk. Not wanting to let him go without draining the cum from his balls, her body was racked by the explosions that sent shattering spasms tearing through her flesh as a tidal wave washed over her cunt. It spread upward across her belly and washed away the tension from her melony tits, easing away the aches and pains. Her being was being filled with a sense of relief and delightful joy as wave after wave of pleasure bathed her pussy.

It was even more delightful to lick and suck his cock clean after it had been in her pussy. It gave his prick a wonderful new taste that excited and thrilled her body all over again. She bathed his cock head with her tongue, scooping up the last traces of their creamy mixture and hungrily gulping down each pearly drop, her belly never really satisfied.

Susan sat still naked on the couch and watched the boy slip quickly back into his clothes. Her cunt felt relaxed and at peace with the rest of her body. She wished she could somehow get that point across to John.

Jimmy stuffed his shirt down inside his pants. "I gotta be goin', Miz Landry."

"I know," she nodded. "I'll be expecting you the next time I need an order."

His eager, bright face nodded. "Okay, Miz Landry," He opened the door. "And thanks for the tip, too."

She waited until the door clicked shut before smiling to herself. "You're very welcome, Jimmy," she said, softly.


Susan was delighted. Betty looked even lovelier than usual, the black dress in sharp contrast to her blonde, short-cropped hair and pale skin. The deep V plunged downward to her waist, allowing a clear view of the rounded, inner curves of her tits.

"I'll just be a minute," said Susan. "Just have to slip into my dress."

"Why bother?" asked the blonde woman.

"We've got plenty of time before the party," Tom said as he looked at his watch. "We made sure of that." He smiled, almost as if they were involved in some conspiracy.

Susan laughed. "I wondered why you got here so early."

"All the partying doesn't have to be done at your neighbor's house tonight."

"You're right," she responded. "We could get a head start of our own right here."

Betty laid her hand on Susan's arm. "Actually. I have to confess. It was my idea to come early. I was afraid I might lose you at the party and miss out on something really great."

Susan smiled, again. She dropped her eyes to Betty's tits. "No way I'd miss out on you."

She led them into the bedroom, her body already electrified by the thought of enjoying sex with two partners at the same time. She turned beside the bed to face them, her full lips curving upward in the dimly lit room.

Susan undid the belt that held the robe closed around her waist. It fell open and she let it, fall to the floor, exposing her nakedness to them. She heard the sharp intake of Betty's breath when her eyes feasted on all that lovely flesh.

"Your turn."

Tom was anxious, almost tearing his clothes from his body. It amused Susan to watch him, stumbling and fumbling about in his haste. His cock was already, stiff and hard, jutting from his loins like a flagpole.

Susan realized her own body was as eager as Tom's. Her dark brown nipples were already stiff and the tiny tips protruded from their soft pillows. The juice was already flowing in her cunt. Slit was ready to go. Her cunt was moist and it would need a lot of cock to cool it off. It's a shame, he thought, that John had to miss all the fun.

"Come on, Betty," urged Tom. "Get with it!" The little blonde grinned. Without a word she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, sliding it from her body to the floor. Then she stood with nothing on but a pair of high-heeled pumps and a deliciously scented perfume.

Tom lowered his head and sucked one of Susan's nipples into his mouth. His hand ran between her legs and up the smooth skin of her thigh to her crotch. He pushed her gently back onto the bed as his fingers wove their way through the tangle of her pussy hair.

Susan felt a pair of incredibly soft lips at work on her other nipple as Betty joined the fun. They sucked at her tits, their tongues running over her hardened nipples while Tom's finger gently stroked her cunt, her cunt juices dripping from her pussy. He smeared the lube up and down, lubricating her cunt with her own honey.

Susan groped with her hand until she found Betty's pussy and began stroking it, duplicating Tom's manipulation on her own cunt. When Tom's fingers slipped inside her pussy, her own hand darted into Betty's.

She felt Tom's fingers slide from her cunt and quickly be replaced by a rock-hard cock head. His prick was already throbbing and oozing pre-cum from its clefted knob.

She spread her legs wide, opening her ovaled, pink, hot pussy to him and he plunged his rampaging cock shaft deeply into her cunt. Her pussy took his entire prick in one giant swallow his mighty stalk buried to its limits in her foamy cunt slot.

Betty wiggled around on the bed until her cunt was directly over Susan's mouth.

"Come closer," she moaned as Tom's prick slid in and out of her pussy. "I want to taste your cunt."

Betty lowered her body against Susan's eager lips. She tongued the blonde cunt, lapping the delicious pussy and pressing her lips against the hot flesh. She sucked at the river of cunt cream that poured from her friend's pussy.

Susan's tongue flicked at the tiny, hard clit and Betty squealed with pleasure, grinding her pussy down harder at Susan's face, smearing her with the warm cream.

Tom's cock plowed into her pussy, driving in and out of her cunt with long, slow, steady strokes. He was in no hurry. Susan grabbed at his stalk with her pussy lips, clinging to his hot flesh and forcing him to massage every bit of her clit with his long, fat prick. She humped her hips high off the soft mattress to plunge him into the very depths of her burning pussy.

Susan's tongue snaked out and she plunged it into Betty's warm pussy. She ran it in circles around and around inside the other woman's scalding hot pussy, opening her mouth wide to gobble the stream of nectar-like cunt juice that flowed from hungry pussy.

Her body felt alive with hot fires that consumed her flesh. Tom's cock continued to fuck her pussy with long strokes that sent wave after wave of pleasure racing through her cunt, sparking off a shower of tiny rockets that burst in her eager cunt.

Sucking the juice from another woman's cunt was almost as great a charge as being fucked. Susan slurped at Betty's pussy, delighted by the moans and groans of the tiny blonde as her tongue whipped in and out of the delicious cunt slot and she gulped down the creamy honey as it flowed from her foamy pussy.

"Eat my pussy," moaned Betty, as Susan's tongue darted into her creamy cunt. "Mmmmmm, suck my clit. Oooo, so good."

Tom's plunges into her cunt increased in tempo. She knew he was getting ready to blow. She humped faster and faster with her hips, thrusting her pussy upward to meet every plunge of his stone-hard cock.

Betty's cunt exploded against Susan's mouth, the juices nearly drowning her as they poured from the bubbling cunt. Betty rammed her pussy harder against Susan's tongue, forcing it as deep as it could possibly go into her cunt tunnel. Susan gulped down the sweet juices, filling and warming her belly with Betty's delicious nectar.

Tom gave one loud grunt and crammed his cock into the very end of Susan's cunt, his load exploding in a fiery burst, flooding the walls of her cunt tunnel. His hot jism splashed about, his prick spraying her cunt slot full of his thick, rich cum.

She squeezed his cock shaft with her pussy, holding him buried within her creamy cunt. Her own body was bursting with delight as her pussy absorbed, the gushing torrent of his jism.

Susan's mind whirled blankly as the shudders ran up and down her body, her cunt electrically charged. Lightning bolts tore at her cunt, spasm after spasm rocking her pussy with joy and pleasure. Every nerve ending tingled with the orgasms that ripped her loins apart as her pussy tunnel felt the final jerks of the steel-like prick.

The mixture of her cunt juice and his creamy cum filled her pussy to overflowing and bubbled out around his softening cock and running onto her leg. He pulled his half-hard cock from her pussy. She wanted to cry "no" and keep him buried inside her pussy, but before she could make a sound, Betty's warm lips had moved down and the blonde began to lap up the sweet mingled juices that drained, from her cunt.

Betty's hungry lips and tongue ate hurriedly at her pussy, quickly scooping up and drinking down the mingled cunt and cum cream. She tongued Susan's pussy, not willing to miss so much as a single drop of the thick, rich juice.

Betty's mouth set Susan's cunt on fire again. Tom's cock had not been enough to quench all the bonfires that burned in her loins and Betty's mouth sucking at her fiery cunt lips only added fuel tour embers already glowing in her pussy.

Betty drained the cum mixture from Susan's pussy, scooping up every drop with her spoon tongue. Her mouth opened wide to cover Susan's creamy cunt and she drank her dry.

Susan's crotch was on fire -- her entire body felt as though it were in heat. She wanted more of everything. Before the last climax had raced through her pussy, her cunt was crying for more. No matter how many times she fucked and sucked, nothing seemed capable of putting out the raging fires that ate at her cunt and seared her pussy tunnel with their fingers of flame.

"Hungry?" asked Tom.

Betty laughed. "Starved."

"Me, too. Hope Sue won't mind."

Susan relaxed on the bed, missing the point completely assuming it was a private joke just between the two of them.

"Want to join us for dinner?"

Sue shrugged. "I suppose, but I had something else in mind." After all, she figured she could always fill her stomach. It was her cunt and mouth she wanted filled tonight!

"You lay right here and we'll be back in a minute. You don't mind if we raid your refrigerator, do you?"

She shrugged. "No, guess not." Her mind was certainly not on food at that moment not unless a person counted cocks and cunts as food.

Betty and Tom hurried back into the bedroom.

Susan sat up, shocked at the number of strange things they had returned with from her kitchen. Their arms were loaded!

"What kind of meal are you going to have?" she frowned.

Betty laughed as Tom said. "Just lay back and enjoy, Sue. You're our dinner. These things are just the dressings."

She had no idea what the hell was going on, but it looked like it might get very interesting, and she didn't plan to miss a thing.

They jumped onto the bed with her. "Lay back. Relax," repeated Tom. "You're going to love it."

"Only way to eat," said Betty.

Susan did as she was told. What the hell, she thought. This is my night to break loose and try everything.

Before she realized what was happening, she felt a cold chill suddenly hit her tits. Raising her head from the bed, she looked down the length of her body in wide-eyed surprise. Tom was pouring chocolate syrup over her tits!

Betty licked her lips in anticipation. Sue watched the gooey, rich syrup spread over her tit mounds, cover her hard nipples and trickling around and over her curves.

"Ever eat chocolate-covered cherries before?" asked Betty. "They aren't nearly as delicious as chocolate-covered titties!"

Their mouths nearly dove onto her flesh, their tongues lapping at the sticky syrup as they licked it from her tits. It was a sensational feeling as their mouths and tongues worked over her mounds of tit flesh, slurping the chocolate mess from her nipples.

The excitement of such a new thrill sizzled through Susan's body. Her pussy felt electrified again as their hungry mouths worked over her tits, sucking the chocolate-flavored nipples between their lips and eagerly tonguing away the syrupy coating.

Another cold sensation hit her tits. Betty sprayed canned whipped cream on her tit and began licking it off, completing her delicious treat. Susan watched, fascinated, while Tom grabbed the whipped cream can and covered her cunt with the frothy white cream.

Betty had Susan's tits all to herself while Tom dove into the cream-covered cunt. Susan's body shook as the spasms tore through her again and again, the fires blazing everywhere as the two starving mouths licked and sucked her tits and cunt.

Sue felt like a giant ice cream sundae as they worked over her burning flesh. Betty's tongue ran over her tits and nipples, licking and sucking, tonguing away the gooey syrup and the frothy cream.

Tom's tongue lashed at her foamy pussy, slurping and sucking up the white cream. Her pussy juices poured from her cunt slot as waves of pleasure flowed through her body, each climax more intense, than the one before it.

Her head pressed against the bed while her hips thrust her pussy at Tom's mouth, her cunt aching for more and more of his fabulous tongue. Pockets seemed to blast off from her clit as he sucked her stiff button into his mouth. His tongue darted against it, firing her body with a desire she had never felt before.

Susan's tits could not get enough of Betty's lips and tongue. She moaned and groaned, thrashing about on the bed as ecstasy overwhelmed her, consuming her pussy in flames of passion.

Over and over the blasts of her orgasm struck her cunt, sending her mind zooming into space. Darkness swirled around her and flashing lights danced before her eyes. The whole room seemed to spin about as they sucked and tongued her body clean.

Suddenly she felt jolted by something icy-cold sliding into her pussy. She looked down, struggling to focus her eyes. Tom was slowly shoving a long, fat cucumber up her cunt! "My God," she thought, "I'm being fucked by a vegetable!"

It was a brand-new sensation for her. She lay back against the bed as Tom stroked the fat green vegetable in and out of her cunt. It began to feel very, very nice.

She couldn't help but watch as he moved the cucumber slowly in and out of her pussy gash. He shoved it deep into her cunt and then slowly pulled it back. Susan watched closely as the vegetable disappeared into her pussy slot and then reappeared, streaked and covered with her own creamy juices.

The coldness in her cunt was gone. The cucumber felt very pleasant as he began to move it in and out faster and faster. And all these years, thought Susan, I've been wasting my time eating the damn things when they had a much better use!

Her cunt was responding to the fat vegetable. She could feel the increased flaw of her creamy juices as they poured from her pussy, covering the cucumber, making it wet and slippery as Tom worked it in and out of her cunt. Susan felt the fires burning in her loins, tiny fingers of flame licking at her cunt slit, searing her clit and blazing upward into her belly.

She raised her legs to allow Tom freer access to her pussy. She shivered as another climax raced through her cunt, firing off against the fat vegetable. She clung to it with her cunt lips, forcing it to massage every inch of her pussy tunnel as it slid in and out of her cunt. He kept up the pace, shoving it in and out, faster each time, driving her wild as it slammed into her hungry cunt.

Betty suddenly straddled her body and Susan was eager to put her own tongue to work in the blonde's tasty pussy. She wondered what Betty's cunt would taste like covered with chocolate syrup.

But Betty had ideas of her own. Slowly, she rubbed her creamy cunt slit back and forth, around and around over Sue's nipples. The thrill was electrifying I Susan felt the intensity of the fires within her body increase as her tits tingled from being massaged by the blonde's pussy. Betty's juices poured onto her nipples, and she smeared her cream over all of Sue's mounded white tits.

Sue arched her back, forcing her left nipple into Betty's pussy. She was burning up with fever! The thought of fucking another woman with her tit was thrilling beyond belief! Her cunt was busting from one fiery explosion after another as the long, thick cucumber plowed its way in and out of her pussy. Never had Susan known such intense climaxes. Her cunt was bursting from the blasts that shot through her loins.

"Oooooo, more. Give me more," she moaned.

Betty was forcing her cunt harder against her tit and Susan's cunt burst again and again as she delighted in the sensation of more of her tits entering Betty's warm pussy.

Then a sharp pain shot through her body. Susan rolled her head around so that she could watch as Tom slid a long carrot into her asshole. He slid it in and out with one hand while his other hand continued to fuck her cunt with the cucumber.

Susan could not believe the wonderful pleasures her body was enjoying. Carrots in her ass cucumbers in her cunt her tit shoved into a woman's pussy.

She felt the bombs burst inside her pussy and darkness swirled around her, overtaking her with the sensual delights and joys of being completely and thoroughly fucked. She knew as reality slipped from her mind, that she could never shop at the supermarket again without feeling a strange tingling in her cunt and ass.

Rockets exploded everywhere while the carrot slipped in and out of her tight ass and the cucumber filled her pussy as no man's cock had been able to do. Her tits were covered with Betty's foamy cunt juices and were warmed by the soft inner lips of her pink pussy.

Brilliant colors reds, greens, yellows, flashed before Susan's eyes as she gasped for breath. The explosions rocked her body with the intensity of having one giant climax after another. Her body shook and trembled, her flesh quivering, her hips pounding her cunt and ass at the vegetables that invaded her body.

A final, shattering climax tore through her cunt before the blackness overwhelmed her and she briefly fainted from the delights of pleasure. Her pussy lips still clung tightly to the green cucumber and her ass hole was stretched wide by the short, fat carrot.

Susan opened her eyes slowly, the room slowly spinning down, returning to focus. Tom sucked his wife's pussy juice from Sue's tits while Betty's tongue snaked gently in and out of her ass. It was another delicious feeling for her body to enjoy. A shiver struck her cunt as the tiny blonde's tongue whipped in and out of her ass, making small circles inside her rear tunnel, soothing away the aches the carrot had left there.

Her nipples burned at the touch of Tom's tongue as his lips moved over her tits, sucking up each drop of his wife's pussy cream from Susan's softly curving tits.

Sue stretched out and enjoyed it all. She felt so pleased with herself! She had promised that she was breaking loose and she certainly felt she had the right to be pleased with her day so far. It had provided a whole lot more thrills and excitement than she had expected, and, best of all, it was far from being over. Karen's party was yet to come.

Come. She loved the word. Come. She wished she could never stop coming. She wanted to come and come and came. Her pussy burned with the desire to keep coming forever.

Even her ass felt good. Betty's soft mouth pressed against her crack, spread wide by Betty's hands on her thin cheeks. The blonde sucked her flesh, her tongue darting in and out of Susan's asshole, sending new and different thrills racing through her body, warming her clit all over again, rekindling the fires left behind by the cucumber.

Tom finished cleaning her tits with his tongue. Her tits were free of Betty's creamy cunt juices again. Susan glanced at her nipples and saw they were still swollen and stiff. She must try tit fucking with Karen, certain that her neighbor would be delighted by it.

"Party time!" Tom bounced up and down on the bed.

Betty pulled her tongue from Sue's ass. "I thought we were having a party."

Tom laughed. "Yet, but there's going to be another. With more people."

Betty planted a final kiss on Susan's cunt. "More cocks and more delicious pussies!"

Susan sat up on the bed. "Let's all shower together and get ready to go."

"Good idea. Who wants to scrub my back?" he shouted, jumping from the bed.

"Nobody," cried Susan and Betty, together. "We want to scrub your cock!"

They dashed like happy, playful children for the bathroom.


The party was already going fullblast when they arrived. Fortunately, it was the sort of party that a guest could join in anytime and still get full benefit just so long as their cunt or cock could take it. Susan stared, wide-eyed at the scenes going on throughout the room when Karen opened the door. The redhead smiled warmly, glad to welcome new blood to the party. She was totally naked.

Susan stared around the room. In the overstuffed chair slumped a slightly-too-heavy woman rubbing a vibrator over her bushy pussy. A couple sixty-nined in front of the fireplace. One man was eating one girl's pussy while another blonde sucked his cock, while one old-fashioned couple simply fucked on the couch.

The majority of the crowd, however, sat in a circle in the center of the room. Some were totally naked, others only partially. None was fully clothed. Susan saw that the guests ranged in age from their early twenties to well into the fifties, a cross section of people all out for a good time and she intended to have one herself.

The object of their rapt attention was obvious. Susan stared in amazement at the Amazonian blonde in the center of the wide circle.

She was the tallest woman Susan could remember ever seeing, topping six feet by at least a couple of inches. Her platinum blonde hair fell in loose waves down her back almost to her ass. Susan had never seen such gigantic tits in her life! They were enormous! She had always been proud of her own tits, proud not only of their size, but also their shape, firmness and texture. But the blonde was beyond belief. Susan felt suddenly grossly underdeveloped. The blonde's nipples were bigger than most women's tits!

She managed to steal a glance at Tom and saw him staring open-mouthed at the majestic sight of the blonde as she performed her lewdly suggestive dance, surrounded by her admirers.

"I think we've seen the last of Tom for tonight," kidded Betty.

"Or any of the other men here. How are we supposed to compete with that?" Susan continued to watch as the huge watermelon tits bounced and jiggled as the dance continued to the driving beat of the music as it filled the room from the stereo in one corner.

"Who is she?" asked Tom, as if he were in some sort of trance.

Karen shook her flame-red hair and laughed. "Her name is Margo. She's a professional stripper. Works at the Largo Club outside of town. As far as you girls are concerned, you haven't a thing to worry about."

"I haven't a thing to compete with, you mean," wailed Betty.

"More than enough," replied their hostess, "I've been friends with Margo for years. She won't have anything to do with men. She wants females only. She's gay, very much so, and very happy that way." Susan felt a new tingling in her cunt. She tried to suppress her wicked, wanton smile that wanted to curl her lush, red lips. So, this blonde beauty wanted women? Well, thought Sue, I certainly intend to try her out for myself!

"Help yourselves, folks," said Karen. "Enjoy. Susan, can I talk to you?"

Susan watched Betty and Tom wander away to seek out their own pleasures wherever they might find them in the tangle of naked bodies. She knew what Karen wanted before she asked, so she saved her the trouble.

"John had to work. Unless he happens to show up by chance later on, I'm afraid your plan isn't going to work."

"I'm sorry. Sue." Karen placed a comforting arm around her friend's shoulder.

"So what? Maybe some other time. I'm here and I'm going to enjoy myself."

"Still breaking loose?"

"You said it."

"Come on, then. I want you to meet someone."

Obediently, Susan followed her through the living room to the bedroom where they had entertained each other earlier in the day. The room was already occupied by a middle-aged, distinguished looking gentleman with a light touch of grey at each temple. He sat on the edge of the bed, clothed only in a soft, brown robe.

"Ted," said Karen, "this is Susan. I think you two will get along fine. You'll find Ted a most unique person."

With a secretive smile still on her lips, Karen left, closing the door silently behind herself.

Slightly embarrassed, Susan tried to smile herself, finding it difficult being alone in the bedroom with a strange man.

Easing the way with what she realized was his greater experience in such matters, Ted reached out and grasped her hand. "You are even more beautiful than Karen told me."

"Thank you. Karen said you were unique. What did she mean?"

Ted laughed. "Oh. I don't think I'm so unique. It's just that I'm luckier than most and Karen and I often enjoy each other's company. This is what she was talking about."

He stood up and stripped off his robe.

Susan knew this must be the night for big things. First the blonde, and now this!

She could not help staring at his cock as it hung limply between his legs. It was more than a foot long and thicker than Sue's wrist, a sledge hammer piece of cock meat. Its huge, saucer-shaped head was swollen and bloated, dark purplish with the pulsating blood vessels that flowed through the incredibly thick shaft.

What a night of surprises, she thought. First, a cucumber and, now this!

She reached out tentatively and touched his prick. "I'd like to try some of that."

"Is there enough woman for it?"

Susan peeled her new dress from her body, revealing her own glorious nakedness to his appreciative eyes. "Well there's only one way to find out now isn't there?"

Ted sat back down on the bed as Sue knelt between his legs. She grasped his huge prick with her hands and gently began tonguing his gigantic head. She licked his prick-knob like a lollipop, running her tongue in circles over his hot cock flesh.

Ted responded immediately. His cock began to swell in her grasp, stretching itself out even more, thickening and stiffening as she bathed his cock head with her tongue, leaving behind a thin film of saliva.

She could scarcely comprehend this enormity of the giant prick as it grew and expanded against her lips. Her fingers would not go around the fat shaft. Her pussy was on fire just thinking of having this piece of prick crammed into her cunt. Her juices poured in a flowing river, lubricating her pussy preparing it for more cock than she had ever known before.

She pressed her lips against his clefted prick head, opening her mouth. Slowly she started sucking his ram-rod hard cock between her lips, drawing him inside her mouth. Ted reclined on the bed, relaxing and enjoying what promised to be one hell of a fine blow job.

Susan stuffed her mouth with his prick. She slid it deep down into her throat, stretching her lips and mouth wide, trying to consume as much of his delicious cock as she could.

She realized it was impossible to take all of his prick into her mouth, but she certainly intended to try, cramming more and more of his heated flesh into her gullet.

Her tongue worked on his prick, folding and curling around his shaft. Her mouth sucked at his cock while she fondled his enormous balls, urging his cm up into his prick, her entire body hungry for a taste of his jism.

Susan bobbed her head up and down his big prick, sliding down as far as possible on his fat cock root and then pulling back until only his cock head remained buried in her mouth. Her mouth sucked frantically at his prick while her tongue whipped at his hot cock, slurping him like a sucker, urging him to respond with her mouth and lips.

She had so much cock in her mouth that she could hardly breathe. Her cunt twitched and burned, eager for its chance at all that lovely prick. It was an itch she intended to satisfy very soon.

His cock shaft was well oiled with her saliva as she continued to bob up and down, licking the length of his prick with her tongue. She ran her lips around his fat stalk, sucking his hot cock, milking him with her lips.

She felt tiny spasms shoot through her pussy. It was so exciting to eat such a big cock that it was bringing her to the point of climax before he even touched her. She was certain that this was going to be a night to remember.

Her cunt couldn't be denied any longer. It had to have this giant cock and right now. She slid his fat cock head from her mouth.

"I want you to fuck me. Now!"

He smiled and scooted back onto the bed. "The woman usually wants on top. That way you can have better control over how much of it you take. I don't want to hurt you."

She straddled his body, rubbing her already cream-streaked pussy against his hot cock-knob, smearing her pussy juices over his prick.

"Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever taken it all?"

She rocked her ass back and forth, delighting as his cock-knob rubbed against her clit, spreading her pussy lips wide. His prick was massaging her pussy, stirring her cunt into a blazing inferno that sent shudders of joy screaming through her nerve endings.

"Oh, yes, there have been some who could."


Ted shook his head. "The only one here who has ever gotten the whole thing in her pussy is a big blonde named Margo."

"Margo?" Susan was surprised. "I understood she didn't care for men at all!" She continued to massage his cockknob with her foamy cunt lips.

"Oh, she doesn't. Hates us, actually, I think. She just did it one night on a dare, to prove she could. Or maybe to prove she was more woman that I was a man. Or whatever. Anyway, Margo managed the whole thing in that big cunt of hers."

Susan rubbed the opening to her pussy around his cock head. She leaned forward and tongued his nipples lightly, delighting as they leapt into sudden hardness. He reached out with his hands to cress her tits, running his thumbs over her dark nipples. They sprang immediately to life, swelling and stiffening beneath his strangely gentle touch.

She wondered if she were just allowing herself a little playtime or if she had some hidden fears about the stone-hard cock that teased at her clit. She glanced down at it. It was enough to split a woman's pussy apart!

Carefully, she centered her cunt over his cock-knob and lowered her body until his cock head pressed against her pussy, shaving it apart, drilling its way inside her. She sank lower, her cunt stretching apart as his prick-knob crammed and forced its way into her pussy. Her muscles tightened and creamed, sucking him into her cunt until she had his entire cock head buried within her stretched and aching pussy.

The first explosion burst in side her pussy, a sharp, rocking climax that tore through her cunt. It sent fiery fingers of flame ripping from her cunt, as stiff and throbbing as Ted's prick.

Her body shivered as the spasms of her orgasm shuddered up and down her flesh, lighting each nerve-ending into a blazing bonfire that threatened to consume her very being with the power of his thick, magnificent cock.

Slowly, Susan twisted her torso right and left, corkscrewing her way down his mighty prick, letting his thick shaft slip into her cunt tunnel, driving deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her cunt spread as far as she believed it could stretch. Her pussy groaned with the strain of accepting the burden of his baseball-bat prick.

Her pussy lips clung to his hot, meaty cock shaft, as she dropped even lower, her tits bobbing and swaying erotically as she twisted and rotated her cunt over his prick, swallowing it within her pussy inch by slow inch.

Her pussy was stuffed, filled to what she was certain was its limits, her cunt lips stretched gapingly apart. There could be no more room in her flaming pussy for any more cock meat. It seemed to fill her entire body, up into her belly, crammed with in the confines of her creamy cunt slot. She poured a river of cunt juices onto his prick shaft, thick, rich and creamy, as sweet as honey, covering his prick.

Susan forced her body lower still, inching more prick into her overstuffed pussy, driving herself downward, willing herself to accept more of his cock. She was sure he was already into virgin territory no cock had ever penetrated her pussy this far before. Her cunt lips stretched apart, curling outward from the pressure of his huge cock.

Down and down, she forced herself, moaning and groaning as his prick slid into her stuffed tunnel.

"Mmmmm," she groaned. "Ooohhh, mmmmm, I'm going to fuck your cock. Oooo, give me more of that prick. Hmmm, oh, oh!"

She took a deep breath and made an obvious effort to shove her pussy over his prick. She felt as though her body were being split in half by his cock bat. There was no way, she knew, to get any more inside her cunt. Every inch of her pussy tunnel had been filled by his hot, hungry prick.

She looked down at their bodies, realizing for the first time that her body was bathed in sweat from her exertions and desire to fill her cunt with prick.

She couldn't believe her eyes. She had another three or four inches of his cock to go!

Ted's hands grasped her body and slowly began to lift her up from his prick, sliding it in and out of her cunt, her juices draining down onto his thick, throbbing shaft. Every stroke lit new fires burning in her pussy until every fiber of her body was on fire. She knew her cunt was hitting one climax after another, but they came so fast and furious that she could not tell them apart. She could not separate her orgasms, they ran together, blasting red rockets across her vision, burning their way through her brain, the star-filled darkness of joy swooping down to cover her.

She rode up and down on his prick, the longest, slowest, most fulfilling stroking her cunt ever enjoyed. He fucked her with his magnificent prick, sliding it, slippery and wet, in and out of her cream-filled cunt slot. Spreading her pussy lips wide, his thick shaft rubbed, stroked, and massaged each inch of her delicate, pink flesh.

Her clit burst time and time again, throbbing and pulsing with every stroke of his prick into her pussy. She felt him reach behind her and slip a finger into the crack of her ass, gently rubbing up and down between her firmly rounded ass cheeks. It only heightened the intense pleasure that rocked her body.

"Oh, yes. Please," she begged. "My ass in my ass. Please."

Ted was very obliging. His finger wormed its way into her tight asshole and he began finger fucking her ass while his big cock slid in and out of her pussy.

The insertion of his finger into her ass nearly blew her mind. Susan could not stop coming, exploding everywhere in her body, her ass consumed in flames of passion, her cunt unbelievably filled with steaming, hot cock.

Bombs burst inside her head. The sweat poured over her flesh, covering her body in a thin film. Her lips felt bone dry. She gasped for breath, fighting to suck air into her lungs as a firecracker series of explosions tore at her clit.

In and out, he stroked her body. His fat prick in her cunt and his finger jammed into her ass, plowing in and out, driving away the awful aches that had wasted her body for so long, giving her pussy the fucking that it had deserved and been waiting for.

"Oooooooo! Fuck me! Fuck me more!"

Her body shook and trembled as one climax after another raced through her. Her flesh quivered as her pussy and ass continued to endure the delightful assault he made on both of them.

Faster and faster she rode up and down on his long, stiff prick, her body shaking and trembling as the spasms of her climaxes ripped at her cunt. Pussy juice poured in a never-ending stream over his thick cock.

Susan's head rocked back and forth as his thick prick split her slot in two, lashing at the pink meat of her pussy and spreading her lips wide, plunging his fatness into the depths of her foaming cunt gash.

"More," she mumbled. "More. Fuck me, Ted, oh, fuck me!"

Ted did as he was told, his cock plowing in and out of her creamy pussy. He filled her cunt to overflowing with his mighty prick. He worked it in and out of her pussy slot, sliding wetly through the flood of cunt juice, covering his long shaft with her thick, rich cream. His throbbing cock thrusting like a piston in and out of her creamy pussy. "All of it," she groaned. "I want all of it. Fuck me with all your cock. Shove it in me. Now!"

Ted threw his hips wildly off the bed, tossing his rampaging cock high into the air at the same moment Susan drove downward with her hungry, stuffed pussy. He plunged the entire length of his thick prick into the deepest parts of her tormented body. She screamed, a long, low animal sound, as the pain ripped through her cunt when his cock head struck home, smashing into the limits of her pussy.

The sudden pain turned to instant pleasure as their bellies' slapped together. Her cunt lips spread out against his prick flesh, his huge balls crashing against her ass. Her body thrilled as her cunt swallowed the length of his gigantic prick.

The intensity of her climax was almost too much for her. The mere idea of having his entire cock buried deeply inside her pussy fired off her cunt one tremendous explosion that shook, through every nerve-ending and fiber in her body. The bursting bomb began in her cunt slit, firing through her pulsating cut, searing its way upward through her stomach. Blasting like lightning bolts, her tits swirled like a skyrocket that burst in her brain, and enveloped her in a cloud of inky blackness that simply overwhelmed her.

Susan wiggled her ass against his hairy balls, squirming her cunt around the fatness of his mighty stalk, his cock filling her completely. Every touch or movement of his prick against the walls of her pussy tunnel sent new thrills flowing in a tidal wave that crashed over her clit and smashed against her pussy.

There was no end to her climax. It went on and on, one wave following after the other, an explosion that set off its own chain reaction. It hurled Susan over the mountain peak, the delicious feeling of eternal joy swooping through her cunt.

Susan rode up and down the length of his huge prick, sliding down the shaft to its base and then back up to his saucer-knob before plunging wildly back down. Impaled on his powerful cock as he stroked every square inch of her pussy on his powerful cock, Susan felt his cock massaging the inner walls of her cunt tunnel from start to finish with every plunge into her pussy. She tried to drown his cock with her pussy cream, pouring it from her cunt, delighting in the knowledge that her pussy had been able to devour every inch of his prick.

Ted's hips humped his cock at her, reaming her pussy with his thickness, grinding their bodies together as he fucked her, faster and faster, his own climax swelling up from his balls, preparing to burst in her hot cunt.

He came like a flood, a tidal wave of scalding hot jism blasting into her cunt. The force of his explosion took her breath away. His gusher of cum pounded into her pussy as if shot from a high pressure, hose, blasting against the walls of her cunt. He gushed like an oil well, spraying her insides with his creamy rich jism, thick and white, pouring it into her already too full pussy.

His explosion of cum into her pussy only served to intensify the bursting climax that ripped at her pussy. It was driving her cunt wild, the force of his cum bouncing about inside her pussy tunnel.

He fired his load. Great wads of spunk jammed her cunt, oozing around his fat shaft. His jizz slid in a thick river like molten lava onto her creamy thighs.

Susan groaned as her body rocked and trembled against his throbbing prick, her tits bouncing as her body shook from the powerful impact of his explosion and she slumped forward, testing her head against his masculine chest, her body unable to take any more.

She lay there peacefully, her cunt still crammed with his giant cock. His gusher of thick cum mingled with her own flowing cream. She knew she rested for a long time. The darkness ebbed from her brain. She could feel his still semi-hard cock buried in the depths of her cunt, filling her with a new surge of energy and desire. Her pussy ached from the incredible pounding his huge prick had given it, but it was a delightful ache. She wanted that kind of ache every night, if she could have it.

Her heart had stopped its terrifying pounding in her chest and returned to a somewhat more normal rate. She no longer had to gasp for air.

Susan sat back upright on his cock. "Ted, you sure know how to fuck a girl."

"Looks to us like you might know something about fucking, too," the voice laughed from the doorway.

Surprised, she turned her head to see two naked women leaning casually against the doorframe, smiling broadly as they watched the couple on the bed.

Karen and Margo crossed the room and stood beside the bed. "Susan, this is Margo. She was anxious to meet you."

They exchanged somewhat polite hellos. Susan was more than a little embarrassed, never having been introduced to anybody while a man's big prick was stuffed up her pussy.

"I was impressed," said Margo, her voice muffled by a slight European accent, "when I saw you in the other room. Now, I am even more impressed. I thought I was the only one who could handle that big hunk of cock meat."

Susan squirmed against his cock. "Guess I got carried away," she answered. She slid her body up wards, pulling herself off his cock. Ted's prick flopped free of her cunt with a light, squishy sound.

Karen licked her lips. "This is just too good to pass up," Her mouth dove onto Ted's cream covered cock and she began to suck and tongue his well-used prick.

"I cannot let a woman as beautiful as you slip away from me," said Margo. She was onto Susan before she realized what was happening.

Sue lay back on the bed while Margo's rough tongue went to work on her cum-filled pussy. The big blonde tongued out her pussy, gobbling up Ted's jism as it drained from her cunt slot. Her lips sucked hard against her sensitive, tired cunt, sending new and different spasms of absolute joy ricocheting through her pussy.

Her body responded immediately to the assault by the gorgeous blonde. Susan's clit was embedded between the woman's thick lips, being sucked off to a peak that not even Ted's cock could make it reach.

Susan's pussy burst against the beauty's tonguing more pussy nectar into the hungry, greedy mouth. Margo's tongue stroked in and out of her cunt slot, scooping out the cream, eating her pussy with an unmatched fury and hunger, as though it were to be her last meal. Her mouth sucked like a vacuum against Sue's pussy, draining the juices from her body, setting her clit ablaze with a flame so hot that it seemed to consume Sue's loins. The heat devoured her as she humped against the softness of the bed, biting her lip to keep from crying her unashamed pleasure to the world.

She fondled Margo's magnificent tits with her hands. It took both of Susan's hands to support one of the huge tits. She traced the long, thin, blue veins with her fingers, following them until they disappeared into the colored nipple. The huge brownish flesh that capped the end of each tit with its thick solidness was so huge, and very tasty, as Sue discovered. She wormed her body around so that she could suck the giant nipples into her mouth, their tips swollen and huge as a finger. The tit tips were fiery hot against her warm tongue as she licked Margo's delicious flesh and suckled the blonde's nipples.

She felt Margo's tongue lashing in and out of her cream-flecked cunt slot. It felt as long and thick as Ted's prick. Margo plunged it into Sue's pussy and wormed it about, whipping at her tender inner lips with it. Her lips sucked at her pink flesh, drinking the creamy nectar from her body, letting the river of pussy honey pour down her starving throat.

Margo tongue-fucked Susan, her mouth opened wide, trying to swallow Sue's cunt whole. She gulped at the cunt juices while her tongue fucked in and out of her cunt gash, stroking her to an incredibly intense, sweet climax as Susan sucked at the Amazon's enormous tits. Sue was pinching and squeezing the watermelon mounds of Margo's tit flesh with her hands, her pussy firing off in spasms as her climax shuddered through her loins, sending shivers racing up and down her body.

Sue was too caught up in her own pleasure to even notice Karen and Ted lovingly eating each other. Karen's red-haired cunt was shoved down onto Ted's cream-covered face. His tongue worked, lapping up and down her creamy pussy while her head bobbed up and down on his fat cock, gobbling as much of his prick into her throat as she was able to take.

The only thing Susan was aware of was the most satisfying orgasm that quivered the nerves of her body and burned in a searing blaze through her pussy. Margo's fat, pink, long tongue was shoved in and out of her cunt, draining Susan's pussy of its juices and drinking her dry. Rockets and firecrackers went off in her cunt sending lightning bolts through her clit and bursting them in her brain as she bit harder at the brown, fleshy nipple that filled her mouth. Her tongue teased the stiff tip that protruded so proudly erect from the hot soft pillowy tits.

The whole world seemed delightful and wonderful big cocks, enormous tits, sweet cunts. Susan was happy at last, or so she thought as another shudder spread upward through her belly from her flooding cunt. Her entire body was delightfully in heat. She felt warmed from the top of her shiny black hair to the tips of her tiny toes. And best of all her pussy seemed totally content with a soft mouth pressed against it and a hard-working tongue stroking in and out of it, gulping away every drop of juice her cunt was capable of producing.

"Susan! That's my wife! For God's sake, Susan! What are you doing?"

She didn't even have to lock away from the tit she was sucking on to recognize John's astonished cry. She felt the bed groan as Karen hopped off.

"Susan!" he shouted again.

"I'll handle this," said the red headed hostess. Susan could follow Karen with one eye as her beautiful neighbor crossed to the door and took the shocked John gently by the arm.

"You come with me," she cooed, softly, the honey almost dripping from each word as she pressed her naked tit against him. She led him from the room, still purring. "I'll explain it all to you. Johnny."

Susan almost choked, laughing with, one of Margo's huge tits in her mouth. No one ever called him 'Johnny'.


Susan lay flat on her stomach on the bed, her tits pressed against the soft mattress while Margo knelt between her legs. She felt the big stripper spreading her ass cheeks apart, opening her crack, revealing it to the blonde's rough tongue.

Her ass tingled with pleasure as Margo's tongue licked a path up and down her ass crack, skipping across her tiny, puckered asshole.

"Mmmmm," she moaned at the delightful sensations that flowed through her ass.

Margo pressed her lips tightly against the sensitive flesh and sucked at Sue's ass crack. Her tongue snaked out to lap at the delicate ass tissue.

"Ohhhh," she groaned again, sensing the surging fires that welled upwards from her cunt.

She wiggled her torso, grinding her pussy against the bed, wishing that she had another nice fat cock sliding in and out of her pussy slot. Her juices dripped from her fiery cunt gash, wetting the bed beneath her.

Susan felt Margo's mouth moving around her puckered asshole. The blonde's lips pressed against her, sucking her ass, sending new waves of pleasure rippling through her hot flesh. Margo's tongue darted out, its tip shoving against her asshole, forcing it apart. Margo wedged her way inside, spreading the tiny opening. A furnace blast of joy shot like a rocket through her pussy.

Margo tongue-fucked Sue's ass, shooting her tongue rapidly in and out of the tiny asshole, plunging her tongue deeply inside Sue's ass tunnel. She made little circles inside Susan's ass opening, sending thrills streaming through her cunt as Margo's tongue slipped in and out of her ass, stroking her body to the point of another shattering climax.

She became suddenly aware of the increased pressure on the bed and raised her head slightly. The man lying beside her was quite handsome. His smile was absolutely devastating.

"Mind if I join in, or is this a private party?" he asked.

Susan glanced down at his cock. It certainly was no match for Ted's, she decided, but, then, what the hell was? It looked capable of doing very well for itself.

"If Margo doesn't mind, I certainly don't," she replied.

Margo never answered, busying herself instead with what she liked best -- tonguing another woman is tasty asshole. Her tongue whipped in and out of Sue's ass, burning her flesh with a blazing bonfire at every touch of her strong tongue inside her ass tunnel.

Susan hunched her body up onto her hands and knees, never losing contact between her flaming ass and Margo's hot mouth and tongue.

The maw slid easily beneath her, his cock pointing like a flagpole at her belly. Susan squirmed around, positioning her cunt directly over his fat prick knob, and then lowered her pussy down onto his cock.

His cock head slipped easily inside her cunt slot and she drenched his prick with her creamy juices.

"Hmmmm," he murmured. "So nice."

Susan plunged her cunt down onto his cock, swallowing his stalk in one, quick swoop, and driving him into her creamy pussy in one gulp, letting him fill her insides with his thick prick.

They began to work in harmony. She rose and fell against the juicy cock, letting it slide wetly in and out of her pussy. Clinging to his fatness with her cunt lips, she let her soft flesh scrape against prick shaft as she rode up and down his cock. Her pussy slot poured her juices over his cock, covering him with her honey while Margo continued to fill her asshole with her stroking tongue.

Susan bucked up and down against his thrusting hips while his cock plowed in and out of her cunt, firing her pussy with a wild, uncontrollable desire.

At the same time the blonde beauty shot her tongue in and out of Sue's hot ass.

Margo's rough tongue set her ass on fire. My God, thought Susan, how much better this is than a carrot! The blonde's tongue was burrowed deeply inside her asshole, wedging the tiny opening wider and wider, her tongue never stopping, lashing in and out.

The young man kept pace with his stiff cock, slashing in and out of her pussy. His prick burst the dam of emotions within her cunt, releasing a tidal wave of joy with every plunge in and out of her pussy slot.

In. Out. Up. Down. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Susan drove them on, her flesh forcing them to increase their tempo. Driving them on, she hurried them along to keep pace with her own frantic body.

The explosions rocked her, bursting inside her streaming cunt. The heat soon had her banging her body against the force of his powerful prick and the smooth stroking of Margo's tongue.

Her pussy throbbed. The fires burned out of control as she fired her load of cunt juice at his pulsating cock. Her ass felt as though she had stuck it into a fiery furnace while Margo's tongue penetrated deeper and deeper with each powerful stroke.

Her cunt was flooded as he fired a tremendous gusher of jism into her cunt tunnel. Susan felt his jizz splashing around inside her body and her tilt burst with happiness, showering her nerves with a rainbow of rockets that swirled around her pussy and eased the aches mid tensions that had been dammed up inside her creamy pussy.

She tingled as his cock twitched and jumped inside the confines of her cunt. A torrent of cum squirted into her cunt canal, poured from her pussy, her ass bursting in delight. It matched the explosions that rammed through her pussy, flowing over her, sending the stars crashing down around her.

Sue shoved her ass back against Margo's tongue, trying to force it even further up her ass tunnel. She pounded her cunt downward on his cock, clinging to it with her moistened pussy lips, grinding her body against his. She felt him expand inside her cunt slot, filling her with his torrent of rich, thick spunk, his hot jism burning away at her sensitive cunt.

She felt wonderful. Her body was alive and tingling and she wanted more and more, as much cock and pussy as she could find! She felt like fucking everyone, everywhere!

Susan took a deep breath, sighing with contentment. She rolled from the young man's body, sliding his sticky cock from her cunt and letting the mixture of their juices drip from her tingling pussy.

"I hope you all are finished for now," Karen said from the doorway.

Susan sat up on the bed, suddenly remembering John. "What's the matter?"

"Margo, go down to the guest bedroom, would you? There's a gentleman there I want you to meet."

"A man. Great." Her voice grated with her disgust. "Her husband. I suppose."

Karen nodded. "If you do me this one favor, I'll make it up to you, I promise. And so will Susan."

Sue nodded her instant agreement. "There are lots of other things we haven't tried yet. I'm very anxious to get to them with you."

The big blonde smiled and cupped her huge tits in her hands. Susan could still not get over the size of Margo's perfect tits. She knew as she stared at them that she wanted to try the same thing with Margo that she had done with Betty. A little mutual tit fucking with Margo's giant watermelons would no doubt be absolutely sensational! Her pussy burned just from thinking about it.

Margo's beautiful blue eyes gazed at Susan's white-skinned body. Her smile told Susan all she needed to know.

"For a promise like that I'd do anything," she purred, her accent making the words sound especially erotic.

Gracefully the tall blonde rose from the bed and walked languidly to the door. Before she left the room she turned and blew a kiss to Susan.

After she was gone the young man wandered out the door, his cock soft and limp now. He seemed satisfied, and probably, thought Susan, a little in awe of someone like Margo.

"How's it going with John?" Susan asked Karen seriously.

"Quite well, but that's not our major problem right now."

"It isn't?"

Karen shook her red hair and handed Susan a robe. "We have two policemen out here. Guess we were making too much noise and someone called the cops."

Susan thought of all the times John had threatened to do the same thing. She slipped the robe on. "And after they saw what was going on, noise became the least of their worries?"

"Exactly. So, I invited them in and promised to show them what was going on. Want to help me out?"

"Sure. Anything."

"Maybe if you and I show them a little fun they'll forget everything else."

Susan shook her dark head. "You show them in and then go back to John. I'll handle this problem."

Karen looked at her strangely. "You sure? There's two of them. Won't you need some help?"

"Not tonight. This is my day to break loose remember? I want to handle both of them." Susan's cunt lit up again as she thought about taking two cocks at the same time. She licked her lips in anxious appreciation of what she was about to enjoy.

She covered herself with the long robe and stood beside the bed. "You just show them in. I'll do the rest."

"You bet," smiled Karen.

Susan waited eager for the next step in her plan. "Right this way, gentlemen," said Karen, ushering the two uniformed policemen into the room. "Susan will show you around."

They stopped just inside the door, staring at the smiling woman who stood so invitingly beside the bed.

"Come in," she cooed. "Now, what was it you two officers wanted?"

The older one regained his voice. "We want to find out what's going on in this place. The neighbors been complainin' about the noise."

"Nothing's going on," she answered. "It's coming off." With a coy smile, she slipped the robe from her body and dropped it to the floor at her feet. "See? I haven't anything to hide."

Both policemen stared openmouthed at the display of her naked beauty. She smiled to herself at the bulges that immediately sprang up in their trousers.

Susan cupped her tits with her hands, the nipples stiffening, the hard tips pointing directly at the officers. She felt the dampness grow in her cunt and knew the bulges in their pants were growing, too.

"Wouldn't you like to get out of those awful uniforms for a while?"

It was as if they were in a race to set who could strip the fastest! Shirts, belts, guns, holsters; everything flew everywhere. Susan stretched out on the bed to wait for them.

They quickly clambered after her. She felt a mouth press against her lips and she slipped, her tongue out, shoving it into the hot mouth that burned against hers. Her body was electrified, firing sparks already. She had dreamed about having, two pricks at once and now this was her chance!

Her body burned at the roughness of their hands against her flesh. She felt them against her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples, stretching the hard tips away from her body and rolling their palms over her firm tit mounds.

She jerked as she felt a hand against her pussy, massaging her sensitive cunt lips. The fingers slid roughly across her tender clit, stirring the bonfires to life again within her creamy pussy. Then a cock head pressed against her cunt and she opened her legs, letting him slide into her cunt. He plunged in all the way, with one powerful stroke, driving his cock into the depths of her pussy tunnel.

She squeezed his prick with her cunt muscle clinging to his cock shaft with her pussy lips. She was holding him embedded within the confines of her cunt gash, nursing and milking his prick with her cunt walls.

The older officer straddled her chest, his cock knob pressing against her mouth. Susan's lips parted, her tongue snaked out and licked at his cock head. She bathed his heated cock flesh with the coolness of her saliva before she sucked his prick inside her mouth.

The cock in her pussy pounded at her cunt, fucking in and out hard and fast, fucking her with all the strength he could muster. Long, powerful strokes stuffed her cunt, his heated dick filling her to the brim. He pounded at her cunt as he plunged rapidly in and out, reminding her of the fucking techniques John used. Her mind drifted from the matter at hand to her husband, wondering how he was managing with the incredible tits Margo was probably shoving at him at that very moment.

She let the policeman's cock slide into her throat. Her tongue curled and folded at the long, thick stalk, milking the cum up from his balls. Her lips clung to his prick and sucked the spunk up through his cock.

She humped her hips up and down rapidly, bouncing against the softness of the mattress. She was pounding her pussy at the cock that raced in and out of her pussy, their sweaty bellies slapping together, driving at each other. Her body burned from the furious fucking her cunt was receiving.

She fired tiny explosions at the policeman's rampaging prick as he banged away at her pussy, pile driving his cock quickly in and put of her creamy cunt as her ass bounced high off the bed.

He reached his hands underneath her body as he continued to stroke her cunt rapid-fire with his machine-gun cock. His fingers massaged her crack and she tingled at his touch.

She sucked harder as the cock slid in and out of her mouth, pulling back until only the fat prick knob remained hidden and she lashed at it with ha hungry tongue before it plunged into the depths of her throat again and she suckled it like a lollipop.

Her ass caught on fire when the policeman plunged his finger into her asshole, driving it deeply into her tender opening, wiggling it around and setting off another shattering climax to flood her pussy with a gusher of her own sweet nectar. She covered his cock with her thick, rich cream as his prick plowed in and out of her burning pussy while his finger stroked the inner tunnel of her asshole.

She felt the cock in her mouth expanding, twitching as it prepared for its explosion. She clamped her lips tighter against his prick shaft, clinging to him as he jerked his cock deep inside her throat while her tongue lovingly massaged his long shaft.

"I'm comin', baby," he groaned. "Drink it down! Drink it down!"

He sprayed her mouth with a gusher of hot jism.

Susan swallowed rapidly, gulping at the flood of thick cum that shot down her throat, warming her body clear down to her belly. He groaned loudly as he fired another wad of spunk into her while she drove her cunt hard against the cock that filled her pussy. Susan was thrilling as the man's finger whipped in and out of her asshole, increasing the raging delights that tore at her clit.

Her pussy filled with cum as the second officer shot his load into her cunt tunnel. She exploded as her mouth and cunt both filled with hot jism. She ground her pussy at the base of his cock, sucking at his shaft with her cunt lips. She drained his balls of their delicious wad, urging his cock to keep firing into her pussy and quench the fires that raged inside her with his load of cum.

She swallowed rapidly at the older man's cock, nursing the last tiny droplets from his clefted cock head. Her body shuddered as the last of their orgasms flowed into her throat and pussy, filling her with a joyous climax of her own, dousing the bonfires that had threatened to consume her flesh.

She trembled as they pulled their cocks from her body. Her pussy drained the mingled juices, letting them drip onto the bed. She licked her lips to clean away the traces of the older officer's jism.

She sighed deeply, well satisfied with herself and feeling very peaceful and contented. She could only hope that the two policemen felt the same way.

The older one pulled on his shorts. "Well, Frank," he said, "I guess these folks won't make too much noise now. What do you think?"

The younger man shook his head. "No, I'm sure they'll be quiet enough now."

"Yeah, probably just some fuckin' busybody called in cause they weren't invited. Gettin' so people can't have a little social evenin' together without somebody raising a ruckus."

The other officer strapped on his gun belt. "Know what you mean." He smiled at Susan. "Be seein' you, lady. If you have any more problems, just let us know."

She laughed softly. "Oh, I will. Officer." The older man clapped his partner on the back. "I do think we ought to check with that red-head before we go. You know, sort of warn her again about the noise."

The other one smiled. "Believe you're right." Susan sighed happy that at least one crisis was over with. Well, she told herself, if I'm really breaking loose tonight, the thing to do now is join the rest of the party. Never know what a person might miss.

She strolled, still naked, back into the living room, smiling delightedly to herself at all the sex that was taking place. So many handsome men with such nice, hard cocks! And so many beautiful woman with delicious-looking pussies! She didn't know where to start first.

Susan knew that her first night of breaking loose was going to be a night to remember. She realized that she wouldn't be able to recall everything that happened, but she intended to try.

She wanted to remember, if she could, every cock that had plowed into her dripping pussy or forced its way into her tight ass or blown its load of jism down her throat to warm her hungry belly. She wanted to know every pussy that she tongued, every tit that she sucked.

She hoped that John would survive his session with Margo. She knew that if the blonde Amazon didn't change him, nothing would.

She spied Betty kneeling on a soft red pillow and walked slowly toward her amused by the fact that she knew she was attracting a great deal of attention as she moved. Her large tits swayed ever so slightly as she walked and she enjoyed being the center of attention.

Betty smiled as she watched Susan approach. Susan saw the tiny blonde hold something up in her hand. She recognized it as cob of corn!

"Look what I found," called Betty. "Much better than any cucumber."

Susan's cunt filled itself with pussy juice.


Susan nestled snugly against her husband's naked body. It was comforting to lie down so close to him.

"I am so sorry, Sue," he said, again, at least for the tenth time.

"Don't be sorry, John. Really."

He shook his handsome head. "No. I am. Really. I didn't know, didn't think, didn't understand!" his words stumbled as he tried to make them express his tortured thoughts. "I mean well. I guess I was just so old-fashioned that I didn't know that women -- wives -- wanted to enjoy sex. I thought they just sort of, well, tolerated it. You know?"

She rubbed his arm as if to comfort him. "Not true. Women like sex as much as you men. It's the old saying, you know, about the woman being a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom."

"That's what you want?"

"You bet! I want to be the perfect wife for you, I love you so much. In the living room, I want to be someone you're proud of. In the bedroom, I want to fuck your brains out."

John gave a little shudder. "It will take me some time to get used to all this."

"We've got all the time in the world," she replied.

"That Margo." He shuddered again. "That woman could kill a man! I thought I'd fall into her, her."

"Her pussy." She finished the sentence for him. "I guess I still have some barriers to break down."

Margo. Susan let her mind drift back to the big titted blonde. She looked forward to seeing her again very soon. Tit-fucking Margo would surely be a high point in her sex life.

And Ted. Well, she could use some of that gigantic cock every day. She felt her asshole tingle and wondered if Ted had ever stuck his big cock all the way into a woman's ass before. It might be fun trying.

Breaking loose had sure been fun and now that she felt free, she intended to keep it that way, although she knew she could never go shopping at the supermarket again without getting a strange and excited feeling in her cunt. John was going to be surprised when they had so much corn-on-the-cob this summer!

He shifted his weight on the bed. She felt his arm press lightly against the soft outer curve of her tit. Her nipples, dark and hard, strained to touch his flesh, eager for the feel of hit hands against the soft, smooth mounds of her tits. She wasn't ashamed that she was no match for Margo in that department. But then, who was? She was damned proud of what she had.

Susan felt the juices stirring inside her cunt. She was so happy at the way things had worked out.

"I just can't apologize enough for the terrible way I treated you, Sue. I know it must have been hell! But I'll make it up to you, I promise. I just didn't know that you felt that way about sex." He stared down at her naked body. "Can YOU ever forgive me?"

"Only if you stop talking and put that tongue to some better use," she laughed. "Johnny."

Susan smiled contentedly as she felt the first soft, warm strokes of his tongue as he pressed it against her pussy, spreading her cunt lips and searching for her already tingling cunt. It excited her to know her husband was tasting the sweet flow of her cunt cream as it drained from her aching pussy. It really does do wonders for a girl to break loose, Susan thought as she felt the fires start to rage through her cunt. At peace, she shoved her pussy harder against her husband's mouth.


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