Chicken slave

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: What is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.

For example, it is normal for some primitive inhabitants of South American jungles to perform, before the entire village, what Americans would consider depraved sexual acts.

The people within a particular society usually are well aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem for the main character of this novel.

For eighteenteen-year-old Davey, it is a major step to admit, then accept his homosexuality. Yet even as he is adjusting to his new insight into his nature, Davey finds himself introduced, and drawn into, another facet of gay sex -- into the dark world where souls mix pleasure with pain, agony with ecstasy, until they learn what is considered acceptable behavior whether in the role of slave or master.

CHICKEN SLAVE -- a story dealing with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on how individuals seek and find sexual pleasure. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


"Got a hard-on, haven't you, Tommy?"

"Huh? Hey, cut it out, bastard!"

The stocky blond boy rolled away from his friend, onto his belly, his solid ass stretching the faded fabric of the cut-offs as he pumped his prick against the bed.

"Son of a bitch! What the fuck you think you're doin'?"

David Durkin giggled, slipping his fingers between Tommy's legs and pushing up toward his groin. The flat of his hand went into Tommy's back, holding the boy down as one finger worked its way into the leg of the shorts and the tight band of his briefs to feel a wisp of pubic hair. Tommy worked his ass against the bed again.

"Damn you, Davey! Cut it out!"

"What's the matter -- aren't you horny today? How many times did you jerk off at school?"

"None, asshole! You're the only one loony enough to play with yourself where any of the teachers can catch you! Or have you been sucking Mr. Gleidor again?"

"He hasn't asked me," Davey said, wrestling with the reluctant Tommy, trying to turn him over. "Not that I wouldn't. He must have ten inches!"

"Yeah? How do you know?"

"Saw him taking a leak during the basketball game a couple of months ago. I think he had a hard-on, but he put it away real quick when he saw me come in."

"I'm surprised you didn't try to take it right out again. Ow! Damn it, Davey! Take it easy. You wanna rip my pants?"

"If I have to. Anything to get at your cock."

"Okay! Okay!"

Tommy turned again, flung his arms wide to show that he had given up the battle.

"Take me. I'm yours."

Davey grinned again. He was eighteen, three months younger than Tommy, slender and boyishly beautiful in the classic sense. Soft brown curls tumbled over the delicate planes of his face, while full red lips poutingly reached out to tantalize the world.

"What can I do to you?" he asked now.

"Anything you want to." Tommy sighed. "Make me feel good, Davey."

"Don't I always?"

"Not when you bite!"

"Okay, no biting this time. I promise."

Long tapering fingers worked with the knotted laces on Tommy's tennis shoes, giving up at last to tug the footgear off his heels and following them with the athletic socks. Tommy wiggled his toes, his eyes closed, as Davey transferred his attention to the cut-offs. He opened the belt and worked down the zipper, his finger passing lightly over the hard boy-cock beneath, and Tommy cooperated by raising his ass to let Davey tug the shorts down to his knees and then to his ankles.

"Geez! You've pissed your underwear!"

Tommy scowled. "Did not. That's pre-whatchamacallit stuff, you know, what Mr. Horton said in health class. The stuff that comes out first. It just means I'm horny!"

Davey eyed the stain on the cotton shorts but said nothing more as he worked on his friend's shirt. There was no T-shirt beneath the pullover, so once it was off he was left with nothing but the orange-colored briefs. They clung to his hips as though glued, the wisp of hair Davey had felt before escaping through the one leg band.

"You are hard!" he said, triumphant.

"What the fuck do you expect? Jeez, you with your Goddamn hand in my pants all the way home from school. I swear, Davey, you're what Preacher Matheson said, like he called Angie Wilkins -- you know, a Goddamn public disgrace. That's you."

"I don't go around screwing in public," said Davey as he finished tugging the shorts from Tommy's feet.

"You might as well!"

Tommy looked into his friend's eyes, then glanced down the length of his own body to where his cock reared against the fabric of his shorts. He flexed his stomach muscles and his joint jumped once, and then again.

"Goddamn it, you gonna wait all day? Suck me!"

"I'm not sure I want to," said Davey, primly, sitting up. "After all, if you think I'm no better than a whore..."

"Suck me, damn you!"

Tommy lunged for him, captured him, his arms wrapping tightly about Davey and throwing him down on the bed. He climbed on the younger boy's chest, his knees capturing Davey's arms, and worked his cut-offs down until the waistband was below his balls. The elastic pushed up on the velvet sac of his nuts, helping throw the cock tight against his belly.

"Suck it!" he cried, working forward against Davey's face. "Eat me!"


Davey closed his lips tight, bit down with his teeth, and turned his head away. His hands flexed and he tried to hump up against the other boy, but Tommy was too heavy for him, too strong.

"Goddamn you, Davey! You got it hard, now you're gonna take it! Open those fuckin' teeth before I knock my cock right through them!"

He shook his head once, keeping his face turned away, but Tommy had worked his way up even farther until the blond boy was almost sitting on Davey's face. Now Tommy caught his head, forced him to look up.

"Suck it!"

"No!" The word escaped through clenched teeth.

"You'll be sorry if you don't."

"No! Unnnhhhh!"

Tommy balled one fist suggestively, but Davey returned his stare defiantly. At last the older boy reached down to cup Davey's cheeks in his hands.

"One last chance."


"Okay, you asked for it."

His fingers dug at the space behind the last teeth, working in with sheer strength that forced the younger boy's mouth suddenly open. Davey gasped, and tried to turn away again, but Tommy was too quick for him. Suddenly the prick was there, rubbing across his lips, forcing its way in.

He started to bite on the flesh rod between his teeth but Tommy anticipated the move and rapped his knuckles on Davey's skull.

"No biting, you bastard! You promised!"

Davey surrendered, the tension draining from his body, his arms falling flat. Tommy read the signs and relented, moving his knees from the other boy's now sore arms, and Davey swallowed, working the pain from his muscles. The prick-head prodded at the back of his throat, but now Tommy drew back.

"You gonna behave?"

Davey nodded enthusiastically, and Tommy pulled out, flopping on his back. Now it was his turn to take the position of surrender, grinning as his young friend got up on his knees, still rubbing his sore arms.

"C'mon, take my shorts off the rest of the way."

Davey did so, scowling. "Christ, you hurt me!"

"That's what you get for fighting me. You know I like to be boss."

"I'm not your slave!"

"I wish you were." Tommy sighed, let his eyes close. "Jeez, that would really be neat, havin' you for my slave. You'd have to do whatever I tell you, whatever I felt like doin'. You'd suck me an' I'd cumhole you an' make you jerk me off."

"You don't want much, do you?"

"Every damn thing I can get." Tommy grinned. "Jeez, I'd make you go bare ass naked all the time, you'd have to wear a collar on your neck. I'd put a leash on you an' lead you around like a puppy dog. Goddamn, wouldn't that be great!"

"Not for me," said the other boy, reaching into his own shorts to ease his own hard cock. He unbuttoned his belt and shucked his pants, then decided to go the rest of the way. Twenty seconds later he was as naked as his young friend and lover. "I don't want to be somebody's slave," he said, lying beside Tommy, his head at the other bay's hip. He reached over to fondle the thick cock. It was five and a half inches long, nearly an inch shorter than Davey's own, but almost twice as thick. The heavy veins were well outlined as they made their way up the stem.

"Yeah, but you'd like to be a master, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, I suppose so. I never really thought about it."

"Well, I have," said Tommy, emphatically. "And I think it would be great. Just think, you'd have all the screwin' around you wanted whenever you wanted."

"I do okay as it is." Proving his point, he rose over Tommy, bringing his lips down to encompass the shape of the pink-violet glans, digging his tongue into the urethral opening.

"Yeah, ahhhhhh! That's good, Davey! Do it again, only take me all the way."

Davey propped himself on his elbow, staring at Tommy's cock while his fingers worked against the bottom of his cockhead. The older boy worked his shaft a time or two, making it jump with life, his balls rising and falling as he raised his head from the bed to stare down at what Davey was doing for him.

"Christ, you're hot!" said Davey.

"Squeeze it! Yeah, like that!"

Davey wrapped his fingers around the shaft and squeezed with all of his pressure, making Tommy gasp. The cockhead seemed to swell over the clutching fingers, the hole opening wide and flexing as a drop of pre-seminal fluid welled. It was only a drop, not enough to have caused the stain on the discarded undershorts, and Davey touched it with his finger, then worked over the shape of the cockhead with it, smearing the moisture until the last of it rubbed into the flesh.

"Eat me, Davey! Please!"

"No." He looked up at Tommy and shook his head. "I'm not hungry. Besides, I don't want to spoil my supper."

"Bastard! Suck me, damn you! Please, Jesus, Davey! Suck me!"

Tommy's ass humped up from the bed, his hands flat against the sheet as his teeth nibbled at his lower lip. Perspiration coated his forehead and was beginning to sheen his chest as he struggled to hold himself up in the awkward position, again humping at Davey.

"Please! Davey!"

"What will you give me if I do it?"

Still holding the shaft of Tommy's cock in one hand, Davey traced an idle circle around the glans with one finger. Then, glancing mischievously at the other, he brought his lips close to the cockhead and smacked them.

"What do you want?" gasped Tommy.

"Suck me back."

"You know I can't do it as good as you can."

"That's the price." Davey shrugged.

Tommy hesitated. "I'll jerk you off."

"Not enough."

"You can rub off between my legs."

"No. Suck me!"

He made a face. "You can cornhole me."

Davey grinned, releasing the cockshaft and shoving his hand between the other boy's legs. Tommy reared in reflex, and one finger found its way to the opening of his asshole, rubbed dry across it.

"Jeez, don't! I changed my mind, you can't cornhole me, Davey. It'll hurt too much."

"Then you have to suck me."

Another face. "Okay, bastard. But you start first."

"Any time!"

"Gah! Ahhhhhhhhhh, Jesus! Jesus, yes!"

Davey dove onto Tommy's cock, his mouth open wide to accept the hot flesh stick, taking in half of it at first gobble. His teeth started to nip at the shape of the shaft, then he recalled his promise. He covered them with his lips, pressing as hard as he could, while his fingers worked at the base of the shaft, making the nuts bob up and down in their hairy protection.

"Oh, do it, Davey! Do it! Ohhhhhhhh!"

Tommy's ass jumped again, working up and down in short, tiny strokes as sounds of animal pleasure escaped from his lips. His eyes closed, his mouth opened to gasp in air as the wonderful feeling of Davey's mouth worked around his cock, bringing delight.

"Suck me! Suck me! Suck me! Suck me!"

"No!" Davey pulled back from his cock. "No more until you start sucking me! Now!"

Tommy's head rolled back and forth a time or two, and then the boy gave in. He reached for Davey's hips, rolling onto his side so that the boys faced each other, their cock-sticks poking toward each other's face. He took Davey's prick with the very tips of his fingers, holding it lightly as he stared at the swollen flesh of the instrument.

"Suck it!" Davey demanded. "I want to feel your teeth all the way down on my balls!"

Tommy's lips opened reluctantly and he moved an inch closer to his friend's cock. For a minute longer he stared at the shape of it, and then his eyes closed, his lips closing as they reached close enough to touch the shape of it. He held his breath until he was forced to drag air through his nostrils, and with it took the first deep tang of Davey's groin-smell.

"Suck it!" Davey cried again. "Suck!"

Tommy sighed, and opened his lips. The cock moved in quickly, easily, as Davey humped his ass forward, almost disappearing, Tommy's lips almost brushing the light patch of pubic protection. The balls hung low against the bottom leg as Davey fucked against him, throwing the rest of his meat deep into his friend's throat.

"Oh, Christ! Gagghhhh!"

Gagging, Tommy pulled away, wiping his mouth. Tears stung his eyes as he gasped in air.

"Take it easy, damn you! What are you tryin' to do, choke me to death?"

"I'm sorry," the other boy said, contrite, as he relaxed. To show his sincerity he touched Tommy's cock with his tongue, then took it in, all of it, his hands wrapping around the other boy's ass and pulling tight until there was no more of Tommy remaining outside.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Jesus, Davey, but you suck good! Yeah, do it -- just like that!"

Now Tommy took Davey's prick again, sucking it in as deep as he could in comfort, although that left nearly half of it outside his lips. He swallowed, his throat working convulsively, as he held to his friend's ass. Davey's arms wrapped tightly around Tommy again, pulling him down until the younger boy's face was almost completely lost in his friend's groin. He breathed in Tommy's stink, smelled sweat and cock and the piss that had stained the underwear when he had put his prick back into his pants too quickly.

Tommy sucked down, and then released Davey again, to gasp: "Oh, yeah! YEAH! SUCK IT! JESUSSSSSSSS!"

He fucked against Davey, then took the tip of the cock again, his lips working the foreskin down around the base of the glans as he felt his own prick sucked in with a strength great enough to bring the blood rushing to the tiny surface vessels. He was aching with the pleasure-pain of the erection; it felt as though he hadn't come in days.

"Suck me, Davey! SUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!"

The boys fucked against each other now, Tommy throwing his ass against Davey's face, Davey moving his groin against Tommy's pursing lips and trying to force his prick farther into the other boy's throat. Both had lost control of their actions, the fucking and sucking now automatic as their bodies responded to the sensations coursing through the meat of their sex organs.


Davey was sucking, giving all that he had, working his lips and his throat and his lungs against Tommy's prick with all his pubescent strength as he tried to drag the other boy's cock deep into his body, into his stomach. He could taste Tommy's meat-taste in the throbbing shaft of his prick, knew what it would be like to swallow a chunk of Tommy's flesh whole. It was a strong taste, a good taste, a taste that drove him to heights of frenzy as his head moved back and forth rapidly, his chin and his nose banging with every stroke.

His ass flexed, pumping, throwing, pushing his cock deep into the other boy's mouth, and now Tommy surrendered, took all that Davey had to give him, swallowing until the head of Davey's cock banged past the uvula and filled the throat opening. He gagged, but Davey was gone, drawing out, his prick pulling back until the rim of his cockhead scraped against Tommy's teeth and stopped, only to drive down again an instant later, as soon as his muscles and nerves could carry the order from his brain.

They sucked on each other, holding to each other, the bed jumping with the violence of their motions, their bellies slick with sweat that was a mixture of the outpouring of both bodies. They slid back and forth against each other now as their heads and asses moved almost too rapidly for the eye to capture and hold as a single image. Davey's fingers dug deeply into the tight muscles of Tommy's ass, Tommy's arms wrapped so tightly about Davey that his buttocks were squeezed red and then almost white.

Davey's cock flew forward, his groin and his pelvis slamming against Tommy's chin.

Tommy's cock was taken in to the very depths of the juncture with groin, the pubic hair leaving imprints across the pouting, sucking lips. Their balls jumped together, bounced together, hurting now with the violence of their sexual motion as the two sets of testicles banged back and forth, nearly squeezed between Tommy's legs when Davey's nose shoved them back, nearly caught between Tommy's cheek and Davey's thigh when Davey fucked down with all, his force.

Suck was a cry in Tommy's mind, the words trapped by the plunging shape of his friend's cock, his best friend's cock, his buddy's wonderful sex organ.

Words could not escape Davey's lips as he tried to suck Tommy even deeper into his body, tried to swallow his prick whole, tried to tear his cock away from his body to have and to keep, to feel deep within the heart of him, the gut of him.

Suck fuck suck! Eat it, take it, catch it, swallow it! Take that beautiful prick-stick, that wonderful chunk of boy-turning-into-man, that sexual rod of the purest physical delight.

Tommy and Davey felt the stirring in their balls at the same instant, the seed of sexual explosion germinating as prostate and testicles worked together to first make and then expel the seminal fluid and the load of cum. The cum was going where it should be going, the seed was going to feed the appetites of the boys, the adolescent pubescent sexual desires of two horny and hungry teenagers who didn't give a shit about fucking all the girls in school, in town. They were doing what they wanted to do most, they were fucking the person they wanted to fuck!

Empty, they clung together for a long moment, lacking the strength to turn away, to release the cock shapes from their mouths. Eyes closed, the boys breathed in the smell of each other, sighing. Completely still, neither heard the door from the garage open, the heavy steps coming along the hall.

"What the fuck is this?"

Davey heard the outraged voice, turned in horror to stare at the man in the doorway.



"What is this?" Lem Durkin demanded again. "You little faggot!"

Davey felt his heart sink. What was his father doing home now? He shouldn't be here until six-thirty, by that time Davey would have supper ready for him. The two lived alone, Davey's mother dead.

"Well? I'm waiting for an answer, boy!"

"We, uh, were just foolin' around."

"Bulishit!" The word exploded from the burly man, his hands working into fists as he stepped into the bedroom. Davey felt his heart sink, knew Tommy was trembling beside him.

"We didn't mean anything."

The elder Durkin wasn't in the mood to listen, even if there had been an excuse that he would consider adequate. His face was red with his anger as his eyes caught the intruder, Tommy quavering with his fear.

"Get home, Tommy -- now!"

"Are you gonna tell my father, Mr. Durkin?"

"Get the fuck out of here, boy! You'll find out what I tell your father when I tell him!"

Shaking with nervousness that made it difficult for him to dress, Tommy pulled on his shorts and pants, catching the top snap but leaving the fly gaping, the belt hanging loose, as he shrugged into his shirt. Then, carrying his shoes and socks, he ran from the room; seconds later the back door slammed behind him.


Lem Durkin moved closer to the bed, his hands on his hips now as he stared down at the boy.

"Sir, I-I'm sorry..."

"Blow that shit, boy!" His choice of words didn't register. "How long you been a Goddamn faggot?"

"I'm not!" protested the boy. "Please..."

"Bulishit! I suppose I didn't just catch you suckin' cock?"

"Please, Daddy."

"Don't call me that! I'm no father of yours, freak! I always knew your bitch mother was a tramp, fuckin' everything that walked about -- including four-legged critters. Knew I couldn't trust her alone while I was out with the truck. Oh, I can see it all now, bet I even knew who it was who planted you in her belly. It was that Goddamn faggot schoolteacher, sure as shit. I didn't think he had balls enough to fuck a woman, but I guess I was wrong."


"Shut up!"

The man's hand swung out, caught the boy on the cheek, knocking him halfway across the bed. Suddenly he was fumbling with his belt, ripping it out and doubling it, raining blows on the terrified and helpless body of his son. Davey cowered in the corner of the bed, unable to move farther away, as the strap hit again and again, raising red welts on his arms and his hips and his legs.

"Cocksucking little queer bastard! Fuckin' faggot freak! Knew you wasn't mine, Goddamn it! I always knew you was rotten! Christ, takin' a cock in your mouth -- I bet you even swallowed his cum!"

Crack! Whack! Crack! The belt whipped down again and again, the man oblivious to the boy's cries of terror and pain, not seeing when Davey turned and huddled against the wall, drawing up his legs and arms and burying his head until he was little more than a ball, the cheeks of his ass showing in perfect position for his father's whipping. His flesh was completely red now wherever it was exposed as the cruel leather strap continued to slam down.

"Bastard! Cocksucker! Queer!"

Suddenly he tossed the belt aside, wiped sweat from his face. Davey cringed, expecting the blows to continue, not daring to look up.

"Get your ass into that bed, boy! Move!"

He did look then, saw his father's chest heaving with the exertion of the beating. Pain stabbed through every inch of his flesh as he uncurled himself, unable to hold back a groan. He pulled the covers down and crept between the sheets, wincing as the fabric rubbed across the multitude of new bruises.

"You stay there until I tell you to move again!"

His father was gone, Davey alone. He stretched out his legs, the pain every place. Now the tears came again, flowing freely, the pain of the beating almost more than he could bear. He tasted blood where he had bit the inside of his lip, and now he began to cry, the tears and sobs heaving his aching body.

Davey didn't know how long he was alone. When his tears subsided, he could occasionally hear his father moving about the house, heard a door open and close, heard the refrigerator start up when beer was taken out. Time passed, the tears drying on his cheeks. Twilight crept over the outside world, darkening the shade drawn across his window. Soon it was too dark for him to see clearly, although a spill of light came from the hall.

It was supper time, but he hurt too much to be hungry. How long had he been alone now? He reached for his watch on the night stand, saw that it was nearly seven.

The doorbell rang. He heard his father curse, then clump to answer it. "What is it?"

"Can David come out, Mr. Durkin?" It was Billy, a boy from the next block and his closest friend, after Tommy.

"David isn't here." The boy's heart stopped in his chest. "If you see him, you tell him I said for him to get his tail home right now, you hear?"

"Yeah, sure, Mr. Durkin. I'll tell him."

The door closed and there was silence again, lasting for nearly an hour, punctuated only by the trips to the refrigerator and the hissing of pop tops as several more cans of beer were opened. Once his father came into the hall, but stopped short of Davey's bedroom.


Silence answered him, although he knew the man was standing just beyond the door.

"I've got to go to the bathroom, Dad. May I get up?"

No answer, but the footsteps retreated, and Davey accepted that as a yes. He got up, made his way to the bathroom, the air cooling his bruised flesh. His hands rested against his thighs as he stood over the bowl, but they hurt so much from the bruises caused by the belt that he let them drop as the piss spurted from his cock. It was a relief to empty his bladder, the pain in his groin almost worse than the pain of the beating.

He retreated to his bedroom, then paused, in the hallway. The door to the living room stood open, the light level telling him that his father was in his recliner. Davey chewed on his lip, wanting to go forward but afraid. He made a tentative step in that direction, then retreated into the bedroom as he heard his father dialing the telephone. The conversation was short, brusque, mysterious.

"Lem Durkin here. Yeah, the trucker. That talk we had last year, I been thinkin'. You said a thousand. I'm interested." A pause. "Yeah, I'll be here."

The receiver clattered down and Davey dived under the covers, turning his face to the wall. A moment later the footsteps came to his door. He could feel his father's eyes burning into his back, but he did not turn. A minute later his father returned to the living room and he heard another can pop open.

Davey dozed, woke perhaps an hour later when the telephone rang. His father answered, grunted once, then spent the next two or three minutes listening. At last he grunted again.

"Ten o'clock. I'll deliver."

He hung up and Davey knew he was coming to the bedroom. The boy turned to face the wall again, but this time his father came into the room, not stopping until he was at the foot of the bed.

"You're awake. Turn over."

Davey did so, blinking; his father was almost lost in the shadows. Tears had dried on the boy's cheeks, and now he reached up to brush his eyelid.

"How long you been suckin' cock, boy?"

He knew he had to answer. "I don't know -- as long as I can remember. Since I was a real little kid."

Durkin grimaced. "A queer, in my own Goddamn house! You like it, boy? Answer me!"

"Yes, sure I do."

The man was fumbling with his pants, reaching for the belt buckle that was already absent, the beer befuddling his senses. At last he glanced down, saw that the belt was gone. His fingers caught the tab of the zipper, yanked it down, opened the pants. They fell heavily to his ankles while he worked at the buttons of his shirt.

"How many cocks you sucked, boy?"

"I don't know," said Davey, truthfully. He had never attempted to keep track of the boys he had played with.

"How many? Ten? Twenty? A hundred? Goddamn you, answer me!"

"I guess maybe ten," he said, frantic, as his father continued to strip. The shoes were worked off awkwardly, the trousers making it difficult, and then the pants and underwear kicked off. The shirt fell to the floor, followed by the sweat-stained undershirt, leaving him naked.

Even in the darkness Davey could see clearly the white shaft of his father's cock. It stuck out straight before his belly, the balls hanging impossibly low in their hairy sac, the hair spreading thick over his groin and up his belly to cover his chest, not stopping until it blended with the hair reaching down his neck from his beard.

Jesus, he was big! Impossibly big! That cocks must be at least two inches thick, maybe more. It wasn't as long as Mr. Gleidor's maybe, but in sheer mass it would have made two of the teacher's.

Davey swallowed, fearful, knowing what the man was going to do to him. He shook his head as his father reached down to yank the covers away.

"You ever suck a man before, boy?"

"No, Daddy."

"Don't call me that! You damn faggot freak bastard, you're no brat of mine! Goddamn your rotten soul to hell, may you burn with your filthy mother!"

The curses were the most terrible the boy had ever heard, but they passed almost unnoticed over him as he stared at his father's tremendous prick. The foreskin was worked back over a bulbous glans qoated with white cheese where he had not washed today. He couldn't make out the dark color of the cockhead, but he could see the shadow of the opening. It seemed big enough to swallow up his own prick.

"You know what you're gonna do, don't you, boy?"

"No! Please..." The man laughed, moved closer. Suddenly his hand shot out, caught the boy's shoulder, dragged him toward the edge of the bed. He positioned himself better as he caught the back of Davey's head, forcing the boy against his groin.

"Take a deep whiff, boy. That's a real man! Taste it, damn your ass!"

The stink was enough to gag him. Davey tried to turn away and then the hand slammed against his ear, cupped just enough to hurt most. He saw stars, and his father's fingers were twined in his hair, yanking him around, forcing him against the hot, burning length of the cock.

"You're a cocksucker, boy! Suck!"

"No, please, nononono..." The cock was shoved against his mouth, battering at his lips. He tried to turn away, but could not. His head was shoved tight against the hot length of the prick. The man humped against him, working up against the boy until his balls bounced off Davey's chin.

"Suck, damn you!"

The cockhead banged between his lips, against his teeth. Davey had to take it in to escape the pressure of the fingers in his hair. The pressure did not ease as he accepted his father's prick, sucked convulsively through the tears of pain, taking as much of the cock as he could.

It was not enough. Less than half of the man was in the boy, and he wanted more. He fucked against his son's face, holding the back of Davey's head with both hands. The boy choked, tried to breathe, but the terrible cock shape was jamming in, filling his mouth and forcing into his throat to gag him.

He retched, twisting free far enough to gasp in breath.

"Please!" he begged. "You're killing me!"

"Little faggot freak, it's what you Goddamn deserve!"

But he relented, eased up, let the boy suck as best he could. Davey worked against his father, taking him in again, taking as much as he could, trying to please the man and avoid more pain. He sucked more, swallowed convulsively as the cockhead batted against his throat, feeling the balls jump as they swung up against the underside of his chin.

And now his own cock was hard, embarrassingly so, as his hands clung to his father's hips. He was on his knees, could feel his prick sliding across the sheet, his balls twisting against his thigh. He reached down to ease himself and his father caught the significance of the movement.

"Little bastard! Cocksucker!"

His fist slammed against Davey's ears, laying the boy out flat on the bed. Davey sobbed for breath, staring through his tears at the man, afraid to get up again as his father wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then licked his lips. He gasped, his cock bobbing.

"You're pretty good at suckin' cock, boy -- better'n your bitch mother. How are you at takin' it up the ass?"

"No!" Davey stared, horrified. "Please, I've never done that! I can't!"

"Can't, shit! You'll do whatever I tell you to do. Now get over on your belly!"

The man gave him no chance to respond. He caught Davey, his hamlike fist slamming between his legs, his thumb digging cruelly into the boy's balls, the middle finger working against the rectum. Davey screamed.

"No! No!"

"Shut up!"

The fist slammed through the air, caught him by the chin, nearly knocking him senseless. The helpless body was lifted, turned, dropped flat. The man spread his son's legs apart, then reached for the asshole again, digging into it with one finger.

"Please, don't, oh don't!"

Davey's begging was ignored. The finger probed, working around the tensed muscles of the rectum, digging sharply and making the boy jump again. He sobbed against the bed, his hands clenching the sheet as he tried to pull away. But there was no escape. The man was going to do as he pleased with the boy, and he pleased to fuck him in the ass.


"I told you to never call me that!"

A tremendous slap across the ass, and then he was crawling onto the bed, falling heavily across his son, knocking the breath from Davey. For a moment he lay there, fumbling, almost too drunk to move properly. Then the man lifted himself up, put his knees between the boy's legs, and lifted Davey's ass until he could see the opening clearly even in the dim light of the bedroom.

The finger probed again as Davey gasped, clenching the sphincter tight around the intruder. His father laughed.

"Oh, you want it, boy! You got a talent for it, I'll give you that. Your Goddamn mother was a whore, too!"

His fingers went beneath the boy's belly, yanking him up against his own hairy body. The cock was trapped for a moment between the boy's ass and his groin, and then slid back along the crack of the boy's buttocks. When it reached the opening it dropped heavily, banging against Davey's balls and bringing another gasp from the boy.

"Please," he said again, softly, but his father was beyond hearing, inflamed by the passion that rippled though his whole being. His cock was throbbing in the air, anxious to be filling the tight space of the boy's body, and now it probed forward, battering against the cheeks.


The saliva of the sucking had mostly dried away. The cockhead butted, would not enter. Suddenly the boy was dropped, the man leaving the bed to pad down the hallway to the bathroom. Davey sucked air into his lungs in deep sobbing gasps as he huddled on the bed, unable to comprehend what his father was doing to him. His jaw ached, pain stabbed in a hundred places where the man's rough hands mauled the bruises of the earlier beating.

Davey heard his footsteps returning, looked away so that he would not have to see his father's face when the man came into the bedroom again. He was holding something in one hand that he dropped to the floor when he fell heavily onto the bed, across the boy.


Davey gasped as his father's thumb suddenly stabbed into his asshole. It was coated with Vaseline, the man rubbing it around thoroughly, working his thumb in and out and forcing the sphincter wide open. Then he reached down to take the jar again and greased his cock.

"Please, Daddy! Don't!"

Durkin grunted, his hands grabbing the boy's shoulder as he pulled himself up over Davey. His weight crushed the breath from the boy's lungs as he positioned himself between Davey's legs. One hand reached down to direct the cockhead to the opening, moving it back and forth a bit until it was seated perfectly.

"No! Please!"

The words were wasted. The man shoved, the shape of his cock forcing the sphincter open even though the boy's ass muscles were tight-clenched.

"Aiiieeeeeeeeee! Please! Please! Please!"

The pain was too much. For a minute Davey fainted while his father continued to force his cock through the tight entrance, shoving with his strength and making the cockhead slide, slide in and through.

"Ahhhhh, yeah!"

The grunt of satisfaction came when the cockhead popped through the outer ring, the muscles squeezing tight. Durkin pulled back a bit but he was seated firmly, the glans locked into place. He grunted again, his hands moving along the boy's ribs, his ass flexing several times in preparation for the first driving stroke.

"There! You little faggot bastard!"

He cried in triumph as he shoved forward, his cock pushing against something soft and crumbling, half the length ramming into the depths of the boy. The pain shot through Davey's faint, stabbing him back to consciousness again.

"Ohhhhhhhh, no! NO, please!"

It felt as though he were splitting open, as though his body was tearing apart around the shape of that terrible cock. He could feel the cockhead all the way in his gut. And then his father drew back slightly and shoved again, the second stroke carrying another two inches of his meat deep into his son's most private place, and Davey screamed again.

"No! Nooooooooao!"

"Shut up, bastard!"

The man's hand slammed against the boy's ear, and Davey subsided, chewing on his lip, burying his face against the bed. Without hesitating, that terrible cock drew back again and shoved forward almost in the same instant, and then repeated the stroking, each time the shaft drilling farther and farther into the soft flesh of the boy, through the surrounding pelvic saddle and protective skeleton. A fourth stroke, and a fifth, and then he was in all the way, there was no part of his cock left outside.

"There, damn you! You got it now, how do you like it, queer?"

The boy did not answer, but the man wasn't listening for a reply. Davey's ass clung tightly to the shape of the terrible erection, the heat of the cock burning deep into him. The boy sobbed, his body heaving, the reflex movement caressing the cock-shape and sending a dart of pure pleasure into the man's sexual system.

"Yeah, do it, boy! Do that again!"

Even as he said it, he was beginning the regular stroking that was fucking, fucking his son, fucking the young boy who was tighter than any cunt he had ever known. Lying passive beneath him, the boy was heating the man's guts beyond the responses of any female, the raging fire of Durkin's blood heating his cock and swelling it larger than it had ever been before.

"Oh, fuck!" cried Durkin. "Fuck, boy! Take my cock! Squeeze it, you little faggot bastard! Yeah, make me feel you, feel me!"

He was stroking regularly, faster and faster, his ass slamming down against the boy, his belly slapping against the small of Davey's back. The bed rocked with the efforts of his fucking into his son, slamming it against the wall and chipping paint.

"Please!" Davey cried, voiceless, unheard. "Please, please, please -- fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy!"

Davey was forgotten, his rage forgotten, the world forgotten as the man continued to pound into his son, feeling only the delightful sensation spreading through his belly from his balls and his prostate. He groaned with pleasure, grunted with delight as he continued to fuck. Then the fuse was lit and he tightened against the boy, pawing for a second then renewing his fucking effort.

"Take me, boy!" he cried. "Take me! I'm coming! I'M COMMINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!"


Davey felt the flood of his father's cum filling his ass as the man held himself over the boy on both hands, his prostate and his testicles working together to pump the thick spilling. Durkin gasped for breath, his ass flexing and working in tiny strokes, although his meat was all the way inside the boy. Then the air escaped from his lungs with a single long sigh and he collapsed, to lay heavily across Davey for several minutes.

The cock-shape softened, shrunk slightly and squeezed smaller by the tight muscles of the boy. Durkin's chin cut into Davey's shoulder, but it was just one more pain that passed almost unnoticed among the others. Davey was crying steadily now, his anguish cutting through the fog of the man's sexual exhaustion.

"Little bastard! Shut up!"

Suddenly he pulled out, cock coming free with a loud plop, and rolled from the boy to sit up on the edge of the bed. His hands rested on his knees as he took in deep breaths, staring at the floor until he recovered his senses. Then he looked around at his son.

"Shit, you think you got something td cry for now? Just you wait, boy!"

The bed bounced as the man stood but Davey did not look up at him. He wanted to reach back, feel the violated asshole, but he forced his hands to stay in that position, hearing his father cursing as the man looked for his clothes and dressed. Davey wouldn't look at him -- he'd never look at him again!

"Get up, boy!"

He closed his eyes, not answering. Durkin did not give him a second chance. Suddenly the man's fingers were in Davey's hair, yanking him from the bed to his feet.

"Move when you're told, boy! You've got a lot to learn."

There was no anger -- satisfaction, instead -- in his voice as he looked at his son. He wiped his mouth then reached down and eased his cock in his pants. Then his hand cupped the back of Davey's head, shoving him toward the door.


Davey staggered as his father's hand slammed against his shoulder, nearly spinning into the wall. Then he was in the hall and pushing through the living room and the kitchen, toward the door to the attached garage.

"Open the door, boy!"

Davey did so, his father flicking on the garage light. The same hand shoved the boy through the door, onto the concrete floor. It felt cold against his feet.

"Get in the back seat of the car."

"My clothes..."

The hand cuffed his ear again, slamming him against the fender and bruising his hip. Davey staggered, choking back another sob.

"You shut your fuckin' mouth, boy! You speak only when you're given a direct order, you hear me?"

He nodded. "Yes sir."

"Now get your ass in the car on the floor."

He did as he was told, stretching out in the narrow space between the seats. The hump of the transmission cut uncomfortably into his side.

Suddenly his father shook out the car robe and dropped it over the boy, covering him completely. He studied the result, arranging it slightly better, until it was to his satisfaction.

"Don't you move, boy, no matter what, until I tell you!"

Davey choked on dust from the floor of the car, the robe scratchy where it lay across him. His cock was squeezed uncomfortably between his thigh and the hump, and he reached down to rearrange it without his father's noticing. The interior garage light went off and the door to the house slammed shut, rattling as the man checked to make sure it was locked. Then the outside door went up and he got into the car, starting the engine. They rolled forward a short distance and he stopped again, leaving the motor running, while he locked the garage behind him.

Then they were moving again, Davey smelling the fumes of the motor as he huddled on the floor beneath the blanket. He soon lost track of the time. For a while, despite his injuries and the uncomfortable position, he dozed. Then the car braked to a stop, suddenly, throwing him forward against the seat. A moment later it made a sharp turn, then moved slowly for the next several minutes, at last stopping again. Durkin got out, and the boy heard his steps climbing a porch. A moment later he heard another voice, a stranger.

"Durkin? Where is he?"

"In the car."

"Well, bring him in, bring him in!"

Seconds later the blanket was yanked away from the boy, leaving Davey itching from the wool. He blinked as he glanced up, seeing his father as a shadow standing by the door. Beyond him was the house, showing no lights even though the door was open.

"All right, get out."

Davey moved as quickly as he could, not wanting to be hit again. It was hard, though, stiff as he was from the uncomfortable position he had been forced to maintain.

His father's hand caught him by the shoulder, twisted him around to stand before him. Now he caught his first look at the man who was waiting. It was too dark to really make him out, but he loomed even larger than his father.

"Inside," said the man. "Quickly, man!"

They were through the door, which closed solidly, and lights sprang on. Davey blinked, holding his hand against the unexpected glare, not seeing anything for a moment.

"Jesus, you didn't tell me you had half-killed him!"

"Shit, he's all right," said Durkin. "Just used my belt on him."

"It'll take a month for those marks to clear! Damn it, Durkin, I told you this is a fast operation. I can't sell him as he is."

"Do you want him or not?" demanded Durkin.

"Don't push me."

There was an ugly tone, read by both the boy and his father. Instantly Durkin became contrite.

"I'm sorry. Look, maybe I did get carried away when I beat him, but just look at him. He's just what you said you wanted -- pretty, with a nice-shaped ass. And hair on his balls."

"Mmmm. He is attractive." The man caught Davey's chin, tilting his head. "Look at me, boy."

Davey stared into his eyes. The man was perhaps his father's size, although a few years older, and much more attractive. There was a strange look in his eyes as he gazed at the boy. Compassion? "Well?" demanded Durkin, after a minute. He was obviously nervous. "What do you think?"

"I think you're a damn fool. But damn fools keep me in business."

"Then it's a deal? A thousand bucks?"

"If you're sure you want to go through with it."

"Oh, I'm sure! I won't change my mind."

"All right. Come into the office," Lacking other instructions, Davey tagged after the men into a room that even he could tell was furnished with expensive antiques. A table served as a desk, a metal box was on it. The man sat down, opening the box to bring out a sheaf of currency. He separated part of the stack and handed it to Davey's father.

"Count it, then leave it on the desk."

Durkin counted quickly, nervously, going over the stack twice when he lost his concentration. He nodded, dropping the money on the edge of the desk.

"A thousand even."

"Read this." The man handed him a form. "Sign it, and you get the money."

Durkin stared at the form a moment, then looked up.

"Problems?" asked the man.

"This says that I sell and renounce all my interest and claims in my son, that I will never pursue what has happened to him, that I acknowledge that I am selling him into perpetual servitude."

"That is what you're doing, isn't it?"

"Yeah, but how come your name isn't on it? There's only a place for my name."

"The contract is not legal, Mr. Durkin, not under the laws of this country, or indeed, most countries. Thus you cannot sue me if you decide later that you made a mistake. Nor can I ever sue you. With your name on the contract, however, I do have protection. By signing, you admit and share guilt."

"And if I don't sign?"

"Then you take the boy and leave."

"And that's the end of it?"

"Certainly. Of course, you'll never have a second chance, the opportunity to reconsider. You must decide now."

He glanced at the boy, at the man, at the stack of money on the desk, licking his lips. He grimaced.

"I'll sign."

It was done quickly, his signature scribbled beneath the typed version, and then the contract was out of his hand.

"You can take your money now. Please leave, Mr. Durkin."

Davey's father scooped up the stack of bills and turned to leave the room, this time not glancing at his son. Davey watched him go, heard the outside door open and close, heard a moment later the roar of the car's engine as gas was fed too quickly.

"Well, David. Look at me."

He turned to do as the man had said, feeling strangely uncomfortable.

"Do you understand what has happened, David?"

He shook his head. "No, sir."

"That's good, David, you show the proper respect. It's not the proper term, but you'll learn. Quickly."

The man smiled, coming around the table to take Davey's arm in his hand, running his fingers over the bruises. He made a face.

"A brutal man. But you'll never have to worry about him again, David. You'll never see him again. He sold you to me. Do you know what that makes you?"

The boy shook his head, "No, sir."

"You're my slave, David, I own you. I can do whatever I want to you. Your body is now my property."

Suddenly his finger stabbed at the boy's ass, probed into the rectum, while his other hand reached to caress Davey's cock, pulling it out straight. Davey winced, and tried to pull away -- only to have his ear cuffed.

"None of that, David! You do not fight me, or those I appoint over you. You are a slave, David -- a slave! You must do whatever I tell you, whatever your master tells you when I sell you. If I want to fuck you, you must take my cock. If I tell you to suck me, lick me, lick my ass, drink my piss, eat my shit, you will do it instantly. Do you understand what I am saying?"

He shook his head, not wanting to acknowledge what the man was saying. The man grinned.

"You will understand, David. For the moment, just remember that I am 'Master'. You will call me that at all times, until I sell you to another. Well?"

"Yes, Master."

Davey choked, remembering Tommy's joking words of this afternoon. But this was no joke, this was reality! His father had sold him to this man, and now he was a slave! A slave!

"Very good, David. You'll respond more quickly once you are trained, but this is adequate for the moment."

Davey shivered. "I'm cold, Master." This time the pause before the hated acknowledge was shorter.

"You're nervous, David. The house is adequately heated. I intend to take very good care of you, feed you well. After all, I want to realize the highest possible price for you. Of course, what your buyer does with you is his affair. He might starve you, freeze you, whip you, but while you are here you will be punished only when you disobey, or refuse to learn."

"May I get dressed, Master?" His clothes were all at home at his father's house. He must remember that it was no longer his home!

"No, David. You will never wear clothes again, unless the master who buys you decides otherwise. In my house you will be naked."

The man's name had never been given, but now his hands roamed gently over the boy's breast and back, moved lovingly across his ass. Suddenly he bent to press his lips against Davey's cheek.

"You're a beautiful, boy, David," he said, softly. "Your father is a fool for selling you. You'll make some man very happy. You'll make me happy, having you here for these next few weeks."

The man's mouth moved across the boy's, lips touching and then crushing Davey's pout, the adult tongue probing at the opening and against the teeth. Davey gasped, opening automatically to him, restraining the impulse to fight him off. He could not fight, he must do what he was told. If he didn't, he would be punished!

His master pushed him toward an antique sofa, his ass hitting against the intricate brocade design as he sat down hard. The kiss continued, the man's tongue probing deep as his fingers curled around Davey's erecting cock, lifting the soft velvet sac of the nuts.

"Oh, David, David! You are such a beautiful child! It will be easy to love you!"

He was sifting beside Davey, his hands roaming over the boy's body as his tongue continued to probe against the beautiful young face. An intricate path was traced from ear to chin to eyes, Davey's face wet now with his saliva. A hand dropped to the small of his back, lips pushing back while fingers pulled forward until the boy arched.

Then the other hand found the nipples, tweaked and pinched and pulled each in turn until they stood out hard, reddened.

"You love cock, don't you, Davey?"

"Yes!" he gasped. "Yes, Master!"

"And you love men."

Lips continued to move over the boy's face as Davey gasped the same answer again, hands continuing to slide across the nakedness of his body. Many times a bruise was touched, pressed too hard so that pain darted and the boy found it hard to swallow a cry; but the constantly searching lips were always there to still the pain, to stir the sexual excitement that was burning through his loins.

"You're hard, David."

The boy's prick stood straight against the cupping fingers that worked up and down the shaft, the dry glans battering against the palm until a drop of fluid welled to lubricate it slightly, make the fucking movement more pleasurable. Davey was holding the man now by the arms, breathing hungrily when given the chance, his ass trembling, his legs shivering at the touch of the other.

"Beautiful prick," he murmured, softly, against the boy's ear. "So big for a boy, so straight, so hard! Beautiful balls, David. Just the right size."

Suddenly he was slipping from the couch, falling to his knees, moving between Davey's legs, his lips touching the very tip of the boy's cock. Davey gasped again as the pleasure-sensation flooded through him, making him shiver, making him thrust his ass up against those lips.

"Oh, oh, oh! Suck me! Suck me, Master!"

The man smiled as the boy remembered to add the term of respect, looking up to Davey's eyes closed. The boy touched his head, his fingers moving through his hair, his ass flexing eagerly.

"Please, Master! Please, suck me!"

A fingertip traced the outlines of the small pubic patch, moving along the crack of leg and groin to feel the space under the balls where there was no hair at all. Davey spread his legs wider, one foot coming up to the edge of the sofa, followed a moment later by the other. The finger moved down the tube of the urethra to the crack of his ass, moved across the bruised sphincter, rubbing gently but not trying to probe within.

"Do you love me, David?"

"Oh, yes! Yes, Master!"

"Say it, then."

"I love you, Master! I love you!"

"No matter what I decide to do to you?"

"You can do anything you want, Master! You own me!"

"I can fuck you?"

"Yes, yes!"

The fingers tightened round his cock and balls. "Yes, what?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Say it, slave! Say everything I can do to you! Say everything I said before!"

"You can fuck me, Master! I'll suck you, Master! I'll do anything you tell me to do, Master!"

"Say the rest! Say everything!"

What did he want? The fingers touching him were carrying Davey to a height of sexual pleasure that he had never before imagined. His cock burned in the empty air, when touched by that hand. His ass worked, wanting to fuck up, wanting to fill that mouth, wanting to feel the cooling tongue and lips. God, but he wanted him! He'd do anything the man said if only he'd satisfy this terrible sexual hunger! What did he want?

Davey remembered. "Master, I-I'll lick you."


"I'll lick your ass."

"I think I have to piss, slave."

"You, you can piss on me, Master."

"On you?"

"I-I'll drink your piss, if you want, Master."


The boy sobbed. "Please! Please, Master!"

"Say it!"

The command thundered, and the hand tightened around Davey's cock and balls again, squeezing painfully. The boy gasped, but his cock did not soften. Tears rolled down his cheeks from eyelids that were tightly closed.

"Say it!" the man demanded again. "I've got to take a shit, slave! What are you going to do?"

He sobbed. "I'll eat your shit!"



Satisfied, he let go of Davey's cock, wiping his hand on his trouser legs, although he was still kneeling between the boy's legs. A smile moved across his face as he reached up to lift Davey's chin.

"You're a good boy, David. You learn quickly. Now I'll show you that everything isn't punishment. I'm going to make you feel very good."

His lips moved down, touched the right nipple and then the left, sucking deeply as the boy gasped against him. Davey arched again, hands holding the back of the man's head. When he came away, red marks burst into being around the tit.

"What do you like best, David?"

The lips moved down farther as he said it, the tongue probing into the depths of his navel, the lips sucking hard again, the teeth nibbling at the little hole.

"I like to be sucked! Master!"

"Like this?"

He dove down onto the boy's cock, taking all of Davey in the first motion, the prick stick probing against the back of the experienced mouth. The man swallowed, his tongue and his cheeks working around the shape of the cock, and Davey shivered with delight.

"Yes! Yes, Master! Oh, oh! Suck me, please! Please, Master!"

The man's hands moved beneath his ass, lifting the boy and pulling him closer to the edge of the sofa. Davey's knees sagged apart, his feet still on the cushion, pushing up now so that his ass raised as that laying tongue probed against his cock again. His balls were drawn tight in their sac as he gasped with pleasure when the man sucked him all the way in again, then came off.

"Does that feel good, David?"

"Oh, yes, Master! Yes!"

He smiled, returned to his task, sucking faster now, taking all of the boy cock into his mouth then releasing all except the very tip, holding that by the sucking pressure of his lips. The sensation was far greater, far more pleasurable, than Tommy had imparted that afternoon. The man was a professional at sucking, knew everything that must be done to bring a boy or a man to the very height of sexual excitement.

Davey gasped, ass humping: "Suck me, Master! Suck me, Master! Suck me!"

The lips worked, the throat sucked, the head bobbed up and down in ever-increasing speed until it was no more than a blur. Davey wasn't looking, his eyes were closed as he held to the cushion of the sofa with both hands, as his ass fucked up.

"Oh! Oh, Master! Master! I'm coming! I'm coming! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


The man continued to suck even when the last drops of Davey's cum had been drained from the boy's cock, leaving him panting for breath.

"Oh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh, Master!"

At last he came off the boy, smiling and working his lips pleasurably as he looked up at him.

"Did you like that, David?"

"Oh, yes, sir! It was great, Master!"

"Life isn't going to be all misery, David, as a slave," He stood, towering over the boy. "There will be many minutes of such pleasure. And many opportunities for you to give as much pleasure to the man who buys you."

Davey stared at him, blinking. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, hear the echo of his blood moving through his temples. One hand dropped to cradle his cock, the fingertips holding it lightly.

"Sir? Do you have to sell me?"

The smile left the man's face. "David, are you questioning me?"

"No sir! Master!"

"Don't! Don't ever question, David. Remember, you are property just as this sofa is property. It is none of the sofa's affair what happens to it, whether I use it or sell it or give it away or burn it in a bonfire. It is mine, just as you are mine."

His expression softened again. "But you are still new, David, still young. This one time I will explain. I must sell you. My business is buying and selling young boys to other men. I do very well at it. Being a slaver has earned me this house, this sofa, everything I have. And you'll fetch a good price, perhaps one of the best, once we've healed your bruises."

He caught the boy, pulled him to his feet. "Now no more questions! You do as you are told, and now it is time for your lessons to begin. Come with me, David."

The momentary good feeling at sexual explosion was gone as Davey followed the man from the room, his thoughts now completely black.

He was a slave!

Why? Why had his father done this to him? Had he committed so terrible sin with Tommy? He'd do anything to make it up to him, anything he wanted, even let him fuck him again, every day.

The tears wanted to come, but he screwed up his face to keep them back. He didn't want this man -- his master -- to see him cry. He was eighteen, he wasn't a little kid any more.

The tears came, obscuring his vision. He followed blindly the man before him, not seeing the details of the house. They seemed to walk a long way and then suddenly were going down a narrow flight of stairs into the basement. There was a long corridor with several doors opening to either side but they continued to the end, to the last door, which opened into a room so big that Davey couldn't take it all in.

He sniffled, and wiped his eyes, aware now that there were others -- eight or nine other boys. All were naked, from a little chap who couldn't be more than nine or ten who had no hair on his tiny cock to a boy who looked to be eighteen or seventeen, his cock hung heavy between his legs, his balls swinging low behind it.

There were three young men as well, only a few years older than the oldest boy. All were handsome and all were wearing brief garments around their loins that did nothing to hide the outline of their cocks, two of them had hard-ons pushing out the fabric.

There were beds arranged along one wall, queen sized, with short walk spaces between them. All were covered with bottom sheets, but there were no other coverings. Two of the boys were strapped to two of the beds, spread-eagled, one on his stomach and the other on his back.

"These are your instructors, David," said the slave master. "They speak for me. You will obey them as you obey me."

He indicated the three in their garments, and now Davey saw that one was holding a short whip that he had been using on the tied-down boy. He took in the bruises covering Davey and grinned.

"A disobedient one, sir?"

"I don't think David will give us any trouble, Michael," said the master. "He's an intelligent boy."

The instructor seemed disappointed, then grinned again when the master added, "Of course, if he gets out of line, you know how to treat him."

"Yes sir, I do."

"Are the other boys coming along properly?"

"Yes sir," said another instructor, a blond. The one with the whip had brown curls, while the third was black-haired. "Would you like a demonstration?"

"Yes, that might be interesting. What sort of entertainment have you prepared for Saturday's banquet?"

The blond snapped a finger and pointed. The little boy and two others closer to Davey's age came running to the center of the room and fell prostrate before the master, their fingers touching the tips of his shoes. The finger snapped again and they scrambled onto their knees, turning to present their asses, reaching back to spread their cheeks and reveal the brown opening.

Another thumb snap, and the big-cocked youth came out to join the others. He carried two dildoes, each with ten inch cocks that matched almost perfectly his own growing erection. He looked down at his prick, watching as it stood straighter and expanded, obviously proud. When his cock was nearly flat against his belly he turned and erupted over the youngest boy, accepting lubrication from another who moved in now to rub him thoroughly, then rub the assholes of all three.

"Would you give the word, sir?" asked the blond.

The slavemaster smiled. "Now!"

The kneeling youth placed a dildo against each of the boys flanking the little one, positioning it carefully at his ass and drove them in with one sudden twist that made the recipients' jump. The heavily greased assholes opened as if by magic, the terrible rubber pricks moving inside and sinking deep, deeper, until at last the fucker's hands hit the asscheeks.

The two boys sighed then, but did not stir a muscle, waiting for what was yet to come. The youth released the cocks, taking his own prick, in both hands and rubbing the grease into it a little more. Then he reached down to take the ass of the littlest boy, positioning his cockhead against the muscle.

"Open up!" he said, sharply.

Davey could see the pain pass over the boy's face, but the little fellow did as he was told, forcing his sphincter to relax, forcing the circle to show enough for his attacker to work in first one finger and then three. He attacked the rectum fiercely for nearly a minute, withdrawing his fingers to examine the shit clinging to them, then wiping it on the child's back.

Davey was conscious that he had been holding his breath as the youth brought his cock to the little asshole, positioning himself just right. He felt a burning in his own cock, and looked down to see that he was standing hard again. His face flushed, and he looked at the other boys in the room, but all were watching the act in center stage. Then he felt the touch of eyes, and his face flamed again when he saw that the black-haired instructor was ginning at him.

"Ohhhhhhh, no! No!"

The little fellow screamed as the terrible cock ripped into him, sinking all the way on the first stroke. The fucker held himself straight so the audience could see that his prick was completely buried within the boy's ass, looking to the blond and then to the master for approval Davey looked too, saw that the instructor was scowling at the little boy.

"I'm sorry, sir," he said, to the master. "Andrew needs more seasoning."

"No, no." The master held up his hand. "It's a nice touch, Klaus. It gave me a delicious little shiver. I'm sure Twenty-two will be pleased. He'll undoubtedly bid even higher than usual."

"Then the scream will stay. Shall we proceed?"

"By all means, yes."

"All right, Howard." The fingers snapped again. "Continue."

The little fellow, Andrew, was sobbing now, his back heaving. Howard, the fucker, worked his stomach muscles a time or two, then reached to take the dildoes again. He pulled back on them as he drew back with his own cock, the position awkward to maintain. But he managed it, fucking Andrew and the other two boys at the same time, stroking the dildoes and his cock in the same rhythm while holding his balance with nothing to hold on to but the rubber pricks in his hands.

The huge artificial cocks nearly disappeared on each downstroke while Howard's own prick continued until his belly slapped against Andrew's ass. Davey winced in sympathy, his own ass muscles working each time that the cocks stroked in and out. He could see the boy's chests heaving with the exertion of not crying out at the pain ripping through their bodies.

"Faster!" said the blond, his eyes burning.

Howard threw himself forward even more quickly than before, rocking back and forth on his heels, nearly pushing little Andrew away with the force of his fucking. His lower lip was gripped tight in his teeth as he concentrated on holding his balance, concentrated on keeping his hands stroking at the same speed as his ass.


He pumped, pumped, throwing himself forward so hard that Davey was sure he would, lose his balance, his hair tossing back and forth over his forehead, sweat pouring down his face and his chest to drip onto Andrew's back. The little fellow was gasping now, fighting the cries that wanted to break loose, afraid of what would be done if he made another mistake. All three of the boys on the floor were breathing heavily, their eyes closed, their fists clenched as they begged Howard to reach his climax, to come.

"Oh!" Howard yelped suddenly, surprised. "Oh, I'm coming, sir! I'm coming."

He increased his pace, his efforts, throwing himself in a frenzy, his eyes bulging his sockets, his tongue protruding as he stared without seeing. The only sensation he was capable of feeling was his cock clenched in the tight ring of the little boy's ass. He fucked, the instructors and the slavemaster moving closer, their eyes wider in appreciation, even the other slaves moving in as though afraid of being left out as the climax of the fucking act finally exploded.

"Oh! Ohhhhhhhh, God! AggghhhhHHHHHHHH!"

Suddenly he thrust with all his strength, forcing the dildoes and his own cock to the absolute limit of the young asses before him. His back arched, his head flew back to hang as his stomach muscles worked to pump the cum from him, filling the tender assholes with his spilling. The dildoes quivered within the asses of the two boys as his wrists trembled with the sexual excitement. Then he sagged, fell back, collapsed, his cock pulling from the little boy, the dildoes coming out a moment later.


The blond instructor, Klaus, stepped forward and slammed the back of his hand against Howard's face, knocking him sideways and nearly forcing him to drop the dildoes. He stared up at his tormentor, terrified.

"You said God, Howard," said Klaus, softly. "You have been told never to say God. Never!"

"I, I, I'm sorry! Please!"

Davey could see that the youth was terrified. He struggled to his knees again, still holding the dildoes, his eyes locked to his tormentor.

"Who do you worship, Howard?"

"My master!"

"Who is your God?"

"My master!"

Klaus scowled. "Finish. Then I'll deal with you."

The finger snapped again, and now the three fucked boys rose, turning around to face Howard, who sat back on his heels. Despite his terror, his own cock was still hard, still stood straight. All three cocks, the real and the two fake ones, were smeared with brown.

Again the finger snapped, and now the fucked boys began to suck the cocks that had just ravaged them, Andrew working on Howard's meat, the others taking the dildo that had been in his ass and sucking it deep into his throat. Their mouths worked eagerly, hungrily, their tongues lapping the length of the pricks, cleaning away the last vestiges of brown. None of them could take the entire prick, and so their mouths moved up and down the sides of the cocks, fake and real, cleaning every last square centimeter.

Satisfied, Klaus snapped his finger one more time, and all four stood, looking at him.

"Very nice," said the master. "Yes, I think this session will see some very good prices."

He approached the boys, reached down to cup their cocks in turn, held Andrew close.

"It'll be a pity to sell you, little one," he said. "But profit before pleasure, profit before pleasure."

He looked at Davey. "These weeks of your training can be pleasant, David, or uncomfortable. The choice is yours. I'm sure you'll choose wisely."

He was gone then, leaving the boy alone with his fellow slaves. He shivered as the black-haired instructor came to him, reached out to grab his cock.

"Well hung," he said. "Get it hard, slave!"

The idea of sexual pleasure was far from his thoughts, but Davey concentrated, remembering how it had felt when the man's mouth had sucked down so close, remembering the good moments. His body seemed to understand how important it was to obey every command of these three, and in just a few seconds his erection started to grow.

"Horny little bastard, aren't you?" He squeezed hard, and Davey winced. "My name is Gregor, boy. Remember that! That is Klaus, and that is Michael. We own you, until the master sells you. Disobey us, and we'll cut your cock off and feed you to the guard dogs!"

He released Davey's cock. "How good are you at sucking cock, boy?"

"I can suck it, sir."

Gregor's hand slammed his ear. "I know that, boy! I asked how good you were?"

"Very good, sir!" Davey bit his lip.

"A braggart eh? We'll soon see."

He ripped his hand across the front of his loin cloth garment and suddenly his cock popped into the open, eight inches long and surmounted with a knobby head. At the same time his other hand caught Davey by the back of the head, forcing him to his knees. He smelled the stink of Gregor's groin, the cockhead batting against his nose.

"Suck it! We'll see how good you are!"

Davey's mouth opened and he took the cockhead in. Gregor shoved all the way to the back of his throat, gagging him almost as badly as his father had done. The instructor laughed as Davey struggled to break free.

"Suck me, boy! Show me how you're the greatest cocksucker in the world! C'mon, what's the matter?"

Then he relented, withdrawing so that Davey could drag air through his nostrils. The boy massaged his throat with his fingers, swallowing several times, afraid to let the cock slip entirely from his lips. When the blood-explosion had eased from his eyes he took in a deep breath, then began to suck in earnest.

"Mmmmm, yeah! Yeah, that's good, good! Oh, you're not bad, boy! Suck me!"

Davey brought his fingers up to the base of Gregor's cock, worked the instructor's balls from the opening in the garment. They were heavy, the sac completely covered with wiry twisted hair. He breathed in the smell of the man as he sucked down as far as he could, then swallowed and sucked in another fraction of an inch. Now that he was setting the pace he could take more, Gregor's hands going behind his back, the instructor's eyes closing as he enjoyed the sensation the boy was sending through him.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah! You do that nice, boy! Suck!"

Davey was aware that he had an audience, the others in the room watching intently as he worked on Gregor, but he could spare them no attention. His eyes focused on the hairy balls before him, only vaguely aware of the soft white nylon of Gregor's loin cloth, staring at his own saliva coating the length of the instructor's prick. He swallowed deeply, and swallowed again, and suddenly all of the cock was in his throat, moving past the baffler, sliding in easily without choking him now that it was no longer being forced.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh, yeah! Yeahhhhhhhh! Oh Christ, that's beautiful! Beautiful!"

Gregor's hands were holding his ears but he did not try to force Davey as he continued to suck, sucking with all of his strength, determined to take all of the instructor, sure that his own safety depended on keeping these three instructors happy with his sexual servicing. He was a slave and must do as they said. Very well, he would be the best slave they had ever had. They would have no reason to punish him, to beat him as they beat the other boys. He didn't want to feel Michael's whip across his ass, didn't want to be tied to the bed.

From the corner of his eye he saw Klaus suddenly capture Howard, digging his fingers into the boy's hair and dragging him away. He heard Howard gasp, heard the boy plead, but he did not dare let up on his sucking. He knew that he was pleasing Gregor, the instructor's belly trembling and jumping against his face. The cock in his mouth seemed to be growing harder and harder, thrusting now, Gregor no longer able to stand passive while Davey serviced him.

"Oh, Christ! Christ! Christ!"

Suddenly Gregor's hands caught his head, the cock pulled away, the instructor's belly tightened and trembled. Gregor wiped his lips as Davey looked up at him.

"Did I do it right for you, sir?" asked the boy.

"Oh, yeah, boy! You're a good one! On your feet!"

Davey stood, and now from the corner of his eye he saw that Klaus was strapping Howard into a tiled depression at the end of the room. The boy was spread-eagled, and begging for mercy that was not going to be granted.

"No, please, sir! Don't! Not the toilet!"

"Shut up, you little bastard!" Klaus' foot shot out, catching him in the temple.


Suddenly Klaus ripped his cock out of his loin cloth and began to piss, the stream arching and spattering into the boy's face and filling his mouth. Howard choked, and tried to turn away.

"Look at me, boy!"

He heard the anger in Klaus' voice, and did as he said. His mouth open to Klaus' next command, Davey watching in horror as the man proceeded to piss heavily into the gaping receptacle. Before he could see more, however, Gregor caught him from behind, shoving him toward a padded bar that stood nearly at Davey's waist. Before the boy realized what was happening his hands were caught, fastened to straps at the base of the bar's stand, leaving him doubled over.

"Oh! Ohhhhh!"

Gregor's fingers dug into his asshole and then the wet cockhead probed against him, battering until it broke through the sphincter. Davey gasped in pain, but the passage was made easier by the terrible fucking he had taken earlier.

Then the cock sank to the hilt, and he screamed.

"Please! Noooooooooo!"

He twisted, but there was no escaping, his hands held firmly by the straps, Gregor's belly leaning over his asshole to push him down against the bar as he fucked his cock a tentative time or two. Satisfied with his position, he held to Davey's waist with both hands and drew out until the head of his cock was barely within the boy's rectum. Then he stroked forward, going all the way in again, finding the rhythm that soon had him pumping with great joy.

Davey was crying, unable to stop the tears. The pleasure of sucking was forgotten, the fucking in this terribly uncomfortable position worse now than when his father had fucked him on the bed. Bent double, it seemed that Gregor's cock was ripping out his guts.

"Please!" he cried. "Please, don't!"

"Shut up, boy!" cried Gregor. "I will! I'll fuck you as much as I want to fuck you! Slave! Slave boy!"


Gregor continued to fuck Davey for another dozen strokes, then yanked his cock out, leaving the boy's ass clutching and opening and closing in reflex around the meat that was no longer there. The instructor wiped his lips, looking around at the other boys.

"Andrew! Get over here!"

The little fellow came running at the call, fell to his knees behind Davey. An instant later Davey felt Andrew's tongue probing at his rectum, diving as deep as the little boy could force it. He gasped, the sensation cooling and pleasant.

Then Gregor was standing in front of him again, his cock shit-covered. He reached down to release the straps around Davey's wrists, and when the boy rose up, grabbed him by the hair, shoving the dirty cock into his mouth again.

"Suck me clean, boy!"

Gagging, Davey did as the other said, his stomach turning. The taste of his own excrement was disgusting, and he thought he was going to be sick. But Gregor's hands on the back of his head urged him on to the finish, the instructor lifting his balls and examing his prick when he pulled out again.

"Fair," he conceded. "Let's see how you are on the stretchers."

His foot shot out, kicking Andrew away from Davey's ass. The little fellow rolled and tumbled away, then scrambled to his feet, jumping out of Gregor's way. Now Davey saw that Andrew's prick was hard.

Gregor noticed at the same moment, grinning. "The baby's got a hard-on. Got to take a piss, little one?"

Andrew blushed. "Yes sir."

"Okay. Go piss on Howard."

The little boy trotted toward the tiled depression, where Howard was still prisoner. There was a grin on his face as he stood over the one who had so recently tormented him with his tremendous cock, and Andrew tried to bend his own stiff prick down from its position flat against his belly. There was a look of pleading on Howard's face as he stared up at the boy, but Andrew ignored it.

"What are you waiting for, boy?" It was Klaus. "Gregor told you to piss!"

Andrew stopped pushing on his cock, settled for holding it angled away from his belly. He concentrated, and suddenly a golden spurt shot straight up, as from a fountain. The piss splattered about the prisoner's knees and thighs when it arched to earth again, and the boy pushed his cock farther forward so that the stream carried onto Howard's belly and chest. Then he sidled around the edge of the tiled basin, carefully directing the stream until it hit the strapped-down boy in the face.

"Open your mouth, Howard!" That was Michael as he snapped his short whip. "Drink it!"

Anguished, Howard did as instructed, his lips falling open as Andrew brought the stream down to fill his mouth. It was too much for Howard to take all at once. His throat worked as some of the golden liquid spilled from the corners of his lips, coursing down his cheeks.

Davey stared, fascinated, and then winced as Gregor's hand caught the back of his neck, the fingers squeezing and hurting.

"Do you want to be there instead of Howard?" the instructor asked, softly.

"No sir!"

"You'll obey every order then, won't you?"

"Yes sir!"

"Without question?"

"Yes sir!"

"Even if I tell you to cut off your own cock."

Davey hesitated, and Gregor burst into laughter. Suddenly the pinching hand shoved him forward.

He stumbled, and before he could recover his balance, his hand was captured and rope twisted around it. Another rope caught the other wrist, and then he was being hoisted into the air until his toes were just above the level of the floor. Gregor bent, fastening ropes about his ankles. When he straightened, they were pulled tight, stretching Davey's legs apart.

The ropes burned on wrist and ankle, but the pain of being suspended was worse. Davey winced, smothering the cry that wanted to burst from his lips. But he couldn't keep the grimace that was contorting his features from his face.

"Comfortable?" Gregor grinned as he tested the tension on the ropes, and then he reached down to cup Davey's cock. The boy was embarrassed to realize that he was as erect as ever. What was the matter with his body, responding this way to torture?

Gregor twisted, and Davey gasped as pain shot through his balls. Then his cock was being pushed straight down until all the pain was concentrated in the roots.

"Please! Don't..."

The instructor's hand slammed against his face. "Shut up, boy! You speak only when you're spoken to!"

Tears ran down Davey's cheeks and he sobbed uncontrollably, but the reaction was the one the sadistic instructor had wanted. He released Davey's cock and walked around the boy, surveying his handiwork. Davey knew that, he was there, behind him. He wanted to twist around and see what Gregor was doing, but he was afraid that the movement would bring another punishing slap.

Then Gregor's hands moved around him from behind, palms sliding over Davey's chest and belly and down to his thighs. The instructor moved closer, his loin cloth pressing against Davey's ass, his chest against the boy's back as his fingers found the tiny nubbins of the boy's nipples. Suddenly he pinched them hard.

"Oh! Obhhh!"

Davey could not restrain the gasp as pain shot straight into his tits. He jerked against his bonds, his head thrown back and nearly hitting Gregor in the face. He heard the instructor's breath hiss in, and tensed for the expected blow as Gregor released him, his eyes closed, his teeth clenched together.

But the blow did not come. Instead, Gregor was doing something with the ropes holding the boy. For a second they went slack, Davey sagging almost to the floor, and then they were pulled taut again, sharply, the pain shooting through his joints as he was raised several more inches into the air.

Gregor touched him again, his hard cock rubbing against Davey's ass. Then he was gone, and the ropes went slack and tightened once more in a final adjustment. This time when Gregor came back his cock was out of its restraints, the bulbous head rubbing between Davey's cheeks.


Gregor stabbed into him, his hands holding Davey's hips as his cock drove straight into the boy's ass until it was buried to the balls. Davey yelped, and tried to leap away, but the ropes held him so tightly that he could not move, keeping him in the exact perfect position for the instructor to fuck him.

"Ahhhhhhh, yeah! You're tight, boy -- I like that! I like tight boy asses!"

Gregor was breathing in Davey's ears, wiggling around against the boy as though trying to seat his cock a little more perfectly. The man's breath was hot on the boy's cheek, and now his tongue probed into his ear, the tips of his fingers moving lightly over the boy's chest and belly and thighs. He cupped Davey's cock and stroked it a few times.

"D'you like that, slave?"

"Yes sir!" Davey gasped. He didn't like it, not at all! But why was his cock betraying him, staying so hard, feeling so good?

"D'you like being a slave, boy?"

"Yes sir!"

"That's good. We're gonna make you very happy, boy."

Gregor fucked against him, pulling out an inch or two and riding in again as his fingers masturbated Davey's cock and rubbed the boy's balls. The instructor's other, arm encircled his chest, palm rubbing gently, suggestively, enticingly over belly and tits.

"James! Get over here!"

From the corner of his eye Davey saw another boy leap to his feet and come running at Gregor's call. He was only a little alder than Andrew, perhaps eleven, but he already had hair around his balls and his cock showed signs of development.

"Suck David!"

James fell on his knees, wrapping his arms around Davey's legs. The bound boy was hoisted just far enough into the air that the newcomer was forced to keep his back straight. His lips found Davey's tight balls, sucking them in and rolling them around, separating them with the tip of his tongue while Davey's cock pushed up beside his nose.

Gregor sighed with pleasure as he worked his ass against Davey, both hands holding the prisoner by the chest now. The instructor shifted his weight from one foot to the other, each time his cock probing against the wall of the rectum and sending spasms of sexual pleasure into the boy. Davey's cock was burning against James' face, and then he gasped as the boy rose up to take his prick deep into his mouth.

"Oh! Ohhhhh, yes! Ahhhhhhhhh, please!"

"You're noisy, boy." Gregor whispered the words against Davey's ears, nibbling with his lips. "Keep it up, and I'll give you something to talk about."

Suddenly his teeth caught Davey's lobe, biting down sharply. Pain shot through the ear, and Davey gasped again, but he held back the cry of anguish. Gregor chuckled softly as he nuzzled his neck.

"That's better, boy. That's much better." There was pain again, this time in his tits. Davey arched his back, but kept his teeth clenched, wincing. The instructor's hands moved down to his belly, yanking him back until Gregor's cock was seated firmly again. All the while James kept sucking on Davey's cock, taking all of it at every stroke, rising up to almost let the glans escape from his lips, holding his balance by holding tight to Davey's knees. The added weight was additional pain, his arms feeling as though they must rip from his sockets. The sexual sensation as his cock surged in and out of the boy's mouth was enough to almost make him forget the hurting.

"What's a slave good for?" Gregor asked, suddenly.

Davey gasped again as the instructor's loins humped against his ass. "For whatever his master wants!"

"Not bad. You've got the right idea, boy. By the time you're sold you'll be a perfect slave."

Again the hump of loins, coming at the instant when James had all of Davey's cock in his mouth. Again Davey gasped, sighing.

"Feel good, slave boy?"


Gregor chuckled. "What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me, sir!" Davey knew that was the right response. "Fuck me!"

"Yeah, boy! Yeahhhhhhhh!"

The hands never stopped roaming, sliding gently, poking and probing at the bound boy's body, moving down to cup the sucking boy's head. Gregor grabbed the back of James' skull and forced him down on Davey, the boy sucking eagerly, his teeth nibbling at the swollen shaft, the cockhead pushing against the roof of his mouth. The younger boy moved his fingers up the back of Davey's legs, through Gregor's thighs, to feel and cup the great hairy balls of the man as they hung below the entrance to Davey's body.

"Yeabhhhbh! Suck! Fuck!"

His ass worked again and again. He began a steady stroking, fucking slowly and gently into Davey's ass, riding out perhaps half the length of his shaft each time then pushing back in before the bound boy could catch his breath. The mushroom shaped glans spread the walls of the rectum as they moved through the pliant casing, the sensation firing the boy to a height he had never before imagined. He writhed, twisting around to try and sink farther down against that beautiful sucking fucking combination of man and boy, wanting to feel his cock all the way in James' belly, wanting Gregor's cock to rip him apart.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Fuck me, sir! Fuck me!"

"Yeah, boy! Yeah! You're a good 'un, you're a nice one. Tight ass, nice tight asshole."

The instructor was loving the boy now, enjoying the sensation as his cock spread Davey's rectum wide, probing up and pushing forward, throwing his weight against the unresistent body. Pain was shooting through Davey's arms and legs, pain from the ropes holding him tightly, but he ignored it, felt only the sensation centered in his loins, in his cock and in his ass. He gasped, sucked in air as he tried to work his ass back against Gregor's rising stoke, trying to take all of the wonderful cock.

"Oh! Ohhh, sir! Sir! I'm coming!"

Now his stroking worked his loins forward, against the younger boy sucking on him as Gregor increased the speed of his fucking, throwing himself into Davey now with an effort that brought his cock riding back until only the sphincter clenching tight about the base of the cockhead kept the wonderful living meat stick deep inside the boy. Davey's asshole tightened, tightened, tightened, never relaxing, trying to squeeze Gregor's cockhead off, trying to swallow up the man's meat, while the boy's fingers worked futilely against his bonds in the desire to grab James by the head, wanting to pull the boy against his groin, wanting to fuck deep into the little one's face.

"Ohhhhhhhh, help me! AHHHHHHHH!"

He was spurting, his seed shooting forward to be swallowed eagerly by the younger boy, James' lips sealed about Davey's groin as the older boy's balls jumped against his chin, the beautiful tremendous rubbing sensation of Gregor's cockhead against his prostate pumping out the seminal juices to mix with the spilling from his testicles.


Davey sagged as his balls drained, his loins emptied of life force, his muscles relaxing completely around Gregor's cock. He hung low in the ropes, head back, tears streaming from his eyes as James continued to suck on his dry stick until it hurt.

"Please!" he said, crying. "Please, no more, stop! I can't, I can't!"

"You can!" It was Gregor, whispering again into his ear. "You will! You must obey when I tell you, when your master instructs you! Your body is mine, I can do whatever I want with it. I want you to come again, I want you to be sucked until your cock is twice the size it is now!"

"Oh, please, please!"

"I do please! I please to use you, boy! You are my slave! My slave!"

Suddenly his cock was pumping against air, the lack of wet lips almost comforting and then the lips were there again, teeth nibbling. He looked down, saw through tear-streaked eyes that James had been knocked away by a single blow of Michael's hand, the boy sprawling on the floor and rubbing his face with the back of his hand. Another boy was on Davey's cock now, one rougher, teeth digging into the tender, swollen flesh.

"You'll come again!" Gregor said, softly. "You will come again and again, until I decide that you have come enough!"

"It hurts!"

"It will hurt more if I cut it off!"

"Ohhihhhhh, please."

"Shut up!"

Suddenly another rope was dangling before Davey's eyes, a single loop. It fell below the edge of his vision, Gregor's hand holding him back so that he couldn't look down. A moment later he heard a yelp and the lips about his cock came away. Then the boy who had been sucking him was hoisted into the air by his ankles, raised until his body was swinging back and forth only inches in front of Davey.

"Suck him!"

Even as Gregor's voice demanded the action the boy's cock was shoved against Davey's face. He opened his lips, accepting the cock, sucking it deeply and felt the lips moving about his own prick again, taking the sore and bruised flesh all the way in. Rough rope snaked around his waist, around the hanging boy, binding them together. A second followed, around Davey's chest and the other boy's waist, pulled tight by Michael and locked into place.

"Suck, you bastards!" said Gregor, pulling his cock from Davey's asshole. "Suck, until your balls fall off!"

Now Davey was more completely a prisoner than ever, the weight of the other boy dragging down against him and adding to the strain on his arms. But the cock was in his mouth, filling him and choking him, the length longer than his own and rougher. The boy was nearly as thick as Tommy. He tried to twist away, clear his nose from the boy's sagging balls so that he could breathe easier, but Gregor's hands cuffed him sharply.

"None of that! Suck, you bastards! Suck!"

There was nothing else to do but accept, to pull deep on that cock-stick in his mouth, sucking with all of his strength in hopes that the boy would come quickly. There was no sexual pleasure in this even as the boy worked against his own prick, holding onto Davey's thighs in the same effort to make Davey come quickly, shoot quickly, the blood rushing to the prisoner's head. They worked together, sucking together, pulling deep on each other's pricks.

"Suck! Suck! Suck!"

Suddenly Gregor's cock shot up his ass again. But the instructor wasn't there, it was a dildo. Davey was unable to see who was working it in and out of his asshole. Gregor was there to his side, grinning as he looked at the seal where boy-body met boy-body. Michael and Klaus were there as well, standing a little farther back as they watched their cohort in his perverted pleasure.


The boy he was sucking slammed against Davey's groin, his teeth biting sharply as he felt a dildo shove into his own ass. It was worked by little Andrew, the child reaching as high as he could to yank up on the artificial prick, using both hands to shove it in and out. The imprisoned sucker arched against Davey, holding tighter, his nails digging into the back of Davey's thighs.

"Yeah, do it, boy!" That was Gregor, but who was he urging on? The boys with the dildoes, or the prisoners trying to suck the unwilling partner to another completion? "Take 'em! Take 'em!"

There was no escape -- except to come again, to spend once more into this other's mouth, to take his seed from his balls and swallow it down. Davey concentrated on the prick working within his mouth, sucking on it with all his strength and at the same time trying to fuck into the other mouth. The other boy realized what he was trying to do, and cooperated. They plunged against each other, heads the only part of their bodies free for movement, sucking as hard as they could, riding as hard as they could.

"Goddamn!" Michael laughed. "Look at them go!"

"Faster, pricks!" That was Klaus. "Faster!"

Suddenly Michael's whip cracked against Davey's ass, the sharp sting bringing renewed tears to his eyes. It flicked again, this time the cruel tip cutting into the other boy, coming dangerously close to Davey's eye.

"Go get 'em, slaves!" He laughed again.

"Goddamn, ride those cocks!"

Frantic, fearing the whip, Davey rolled his eyes and saw that Michael and Klaus were rubbing their pricks. They motioned, and two more boys were there, falling to their knees to suck the instructors deep into their mouths. The young heads bobbed eagerly, the hands of the men holding the backs of their heads, Michael's tongue protruding from the corner of his mouth as he humped forward against his sucking boy.

"Suck those cock, assholes!" cried Gregor as the dildo drove all the way into Davey's ass, feeling as though it would split him apart. The boy working the artificial prick caught a signal that Davey could not see and redoubled his efforts, pumping heavily, moving the dildo faster than a real prick could have fucked.

The sensations poured in on Davey from all sides, all directions. Pain, fiery and piercing, shot through every part of his body, tearing along his limbs, burning in his ass and along the shape of his cock. It was terrible, it was hurting so great that the tears were flowing freely, unstoppable, coursing down his cheeks. But it was something more -- it was sexual pleasure intensified to a level he had never dreamed possible. His whole body was an extension of the nerve endings in his prick and his ass. He could feel the driving dildo in his mouth and his arms and his legs, could feel the sucking mouth about his cock in every other inch of his being. It was terrible, it was wonderful, it was driving him on to the climax that his tormentors knew was possible, knew would drive him out of his mind.

His balls jumped at the same instant when the cock in his mouth shuddered. They twitched together, then poured their seed deep, filling each other's mouths and spilling around the shape of the cock-plugs to run down Davey's chin, to run up the other boy's cheeks and into his eyes.

"Goddamn!" Gregor was exultant. "Look at them come! Look at them!"


The cock in Davey's mouth began to soften, and went limp. The boy tied to him groaned in pain, pulled away from Davey's crotch so that his cock hung down his face. His hands dropped from Davey's thighs, hanging loose for a minute; then he held to Davey again, the pain in his shoulders too much for him to bear.

Several minutes passed as the aching sensation spread through Davey, and then the ropes binding them together came away; the boy was lowered to the floor. It was almost a relief to have his weight cut loose.

But now the pain caine sharper in Davey's own limbs, without the touch of the other body, the excitement of sexual activity to direct his thoughts elsewhere. He moaned, unable to help himself or remain still. His head rolled from side to side until he saw Gregor across the room, drinking deeply from a flask. The instructor sighed, wiping his lips, then looked at Davey. He put the flask an a table and came over to the boy.

"Your arms sore, boy?"

"Yes, sir."

"Like to be let down?"

Davey started to answer, almost said yes again, then thought better of it. His eyes met Gregor's, held to the man's.

"If you think I should be, sir."

Gregor laughed, heartily, and Klaus and Michael looked around to see what was funny.

"Oh, this is a good one!" he said, explaining as he slapped Davey's face lovingly. "He really wants to be a slave!"

No, I don't!

But he couldn't say it aloud. Davey had to go along with whatever Gregor wanted -- whatever any of them wanted. He was completely in their power. If he cooperated, something might happen to help him, save him, let him escape this terrible place. Fighting would only bring punishment.

The ropes slackened, his feet moving closer together and then released as Gregor lowered him. His legs were too weak to support his weight. Davey collapsed when the tension was let out of the ropes holding his wrists, sagging to the floor. Gregor removed the wrist ropes, leaving him free, but for the next several minutes he could only huddle there, unable even to sit up.

Gregor left him, the interest of all three instructors had shifted to young James. The little youngster was straddling Howard, who was still tied in the tiled depression. The boy's legs were almost too short to reach across the space. He bit his lip as he struggled for balance, and looked at Michael, his chief tormentor.

The whip snapped suggestively, and James winced.

"Well, come on, boy! What are you waiting for? You said you had to shit, so shit!"

Davey was close enough to see Howard's face. The prisoner's eyes were closed, his face turned away from the boy standing over him. He did not look even when the first jet of urine spurted from James' cock, although when the stream splashed across his cheek he opened his mouth, accepting it in resignation.

Michael was growing angry. "Shit, damn you!"

"Sir, I can't!"

"Goddamn little bastard!"

The whip curled around James' loins, the tip snapping at his hard cock and tasting the flesh. The little boy screamed, staggering from the force of the blow. The whip snapped again, and he lost his footing, falling into the tiled toilet area and on top of Howard. Sobbing, James tried to scramble out of the pit, but Michael's whip snapped again, stopping him.

"Stay there, you little shit!"

Fury darkened Michael's face as the instructor turned, pointed at the nearest boy. "You Timothy, untie Howard!"

One of the two boys who had been fucked by Howard's dildoes scrambled now at Michael's order to release the prisoner from the tiled pit. James rolled off Howard, making no effort to follow the bigger boy out of the pit even though he was laying in a puddle of his own urine. He was resigned to his fate, knowing that Michael would never permit him to escape the coming punishment. Nor did he look to the other instructors for sympathy.

Timothy looked at Michael, read the unspoken command in the instructor's eyes. His face set to show no expression, he caught James' hand, forcing him into the straps, although he had to lengthen them considerably before they would hold the child.

Davey sat up as Michael took the youngster's earlier position, straddling the pit. He rubbed his arms as he watched the instructor slip off his loin cloth, leaving him naked. His cock seemed more terrible than when it merely protruded from the opening in the garment, even though it wasn't hard now.

Michael squatted slightly, hands along his thighs, then he realized he was still holding the whip. He tossed it to Klaus, and balanced himself again. James stared up at him from between his legs, the little boy's eyes wide and beseeching, and Michael grinned.

"That's right, boy, keep those eyes wide open. I want you to see what happens when you disobey!" He panted, then, his asshole working and at last opening, the turd growing impossibly long. Davey and the other slave boys stared, unable to look away, as piss jetted from Michael's cock, splashing into the boy's face.

"Goddamn little prick! I tell you to shit, you shit! You hear me?"

James choked, sputtering as the piss splashed into his face and filled his mouth. He closed his eyes against the burning stream, the ammonia stink enough to make him retch. But somehow he managed to answer.

"Yes sir! I hear you, sir!"

Michael panted again, straining as the shower of piss came to a stop. But the turd had stopped growing, was showing signs of breaking in the middle even though it was hanging several inches over the bound boy. The instructor's asshole tightened, and the length of shit was snapped off, falling onto James' belly. The little fellow made an anguished face as he felt the thing touch him, folding toward his chin like a falling snake. He winced, but the shit wasn't quite long enough to hit his shoulder.

The instructor stepped clear of the toilet pit, looked around and spotted Davey.

"David! Come here!"

It hurt to stand, and he staggered when he tried to take the first step, but Davey hurried to comply. He moved as quickly as his aching muscles would permit, not liking the grin on Michael's face as he approached the instructor. Michael touched his shoulder.

"Down on your knees, boy, behind me."

Fearful of his intent, Davey did as Michael demanded, scrabbling around as the instructor bent slightly to present his ass to the boy's face. Davey could see a smear of brown between the clenched cheeks.

"Lick my asshole clean!"

Oh, God! He couldn't.

But even as he voiced the thought -- the prayer -- Davey knew that he must. He was afraid to resist, afraid of what they might do if he refused. They could do anything, hurt him terribly, mutilate him, he was their slave.

He thought he was going to be sick, but he reached out to spread Michael's asscheeks with his hands, exposing the clotted bit of shit clinging to the brown ring. Closing his eyes and holding his breath, Davey moved closer, reaching out with his tongue until the first taste was there. He fought the impulse to retch, remembering that he had cleaned Gregor's cock of the shit from his own ass. He would live through this.

Michael sighed as Davey's tongue worked around his rectum, the instructor shifting slightly into a better position so the boy could dig deeper. Davey tried not to breathe, tried not to think, as he forced himself to go on with the disagreeable task, wondering if there could be ordeals even more horrible yet to come.

That was his introduction to slavery.

The day passed, the boys finally permitted to fall across the beds and sleep -- those not already tied to the beds. There was no way for the slaves to keep track of time, for the instructors wore no watches and nothing of the outside world penetrated to this chamber. Night could have turned into day, day into night, it was impossible to judge, and made no difference.

They were treated well, in one sense -- they were fed well, even generously. Several of the boys who had been too thin began to put on weight, aided by the vitamin supplements fed by the three instructors. They could sleep as long as they needed, although any sleep period could be rudely ended or interrupted by a cock shoved into asshole or mouth -- sometimes an instructor's, sometimes one of the other boys moving at an instructor's direction.

Davey's bruises healed rapidly. The punishment inflicted by his masters was not of the kind to last long, although the pain and the humiliation sharp in youthful memories. Despite the frequent threats of the three, punishment was never mutilating for the boys were to be sold to buyers who wanted prime flesh, unmarked. No matter what they might intend for their purchases.

Davey had been the tenth boy. A week later another arrived, and a few days later a twelfth. The number signified that the group was complete, the instructors concentrating on the latest arrivals, hurrying now as they implanted the single lesson learned by the first ones.

You are slave.

You are owned.

You must do whatever your master wishes, whatever he tells you to do, no matter what, no matter how terrible.

To implant the lesson, each boy was treated in turn, tormented, tied and whipped, fucked and forced to suck every cock about him, tortured and forced to take a turn in the toilet pit.

"Maybe your master will be kind and gentle, will do nothing but love you." Gregor grinned as he said it. "Then again, maybe he'll rip your nuts off with a rusty screwdriver. They'll be your nuts, not his; he can do it if he wants."

The boys learned to anticipate, leaping to please before Klaus or Michael or Gregor could voice the command. When they guessed right, sometimes they were rewarded.

One of the instructors was always with the boys, even during the sleeping time. They took turns in leaving for their own rest periods. It seemed to make no difference if one or two or all three were there. The orders came rapidly, unexpectedly, no boy safe, every boy victimized. They were called to perform, to respond, to suck huge cocks and suck small assholes, to fuck the youngest among them and take the biggest pricks into their own rectums. They were called upon for semen, made to deliver cum after cum until their balls ached, their reservoirs seemingly drained forever. Yet an hour later they would be lined up against the wall and forced to masturbate continuously until the last one had produced yet another spurting, no matter how those who came quickly ached in the cock.

Davey soon learned the names of the others. There was Philip and Jeffrey, who had been tied against him; Preston and Franklin and William; Andrew and James were the youngest; Howard and Timothy the oldest, although Timothy's cock was smaller than several of the others. Karl was the eleventh to arrive, Edward the last, in tears when the slavemaster brought him down to the quarters.

"Mommy!" the boy said, again and again, moaning the name. "Momm'y!"

The master smiled, answering the question in Michael's raised eyebrow.

"His mommy sold him. She's a junkie."

"She didn't!" the boy cried, turning and hitting out. "You're a liar! A liar!"

Michael's hand caught him behind the ear, knocking him from his feet. He stared up at the instructor, face screwed up to cry.

"You back again, brat, and I'll kick your teeth in!"

Edward couldn't know that the threat was idle. He subsided, not protesting again until he was stretched over the padded bar, both hands and legs locked into position. The other boys were lined up, even Andrew, although the little fellow was given a dildo in place of his own as-yet-uncoming cock. It was one of the big dildoes, and he was put in line just ahead of Howard, who came last. Edward screamed when the first boy fucked into him, and continued to scream until finally his voice disappeared along about the time Davey was climbing his buttocks.

"Jesus, he's noisy," said Gregor to Klaus.

"A Goddamn baby!" said Michael. "Wants his mommy's titty!"

"Well, he can't have that, but we can give him something else to drink," said Klaus, grinning.

And so Edward set the record for ending up in the toilet pit, rushed there as soon as Howard's prick stopped spurting into his ass. A moment later the eleven boys ringed the pit and, at Klaus' signal, all pissed together.

Several hours later Michael stopped by the pit, looking down at the boy who was now well-covered with shit.

"Decide to shut up yet, boy?"

"No!" He shook his head. "You'll be sorry! You can't get away with this!"

After being hosed off with the high pressure firehose, Edward spent the rest of his first night hanging upside down, his mouth frequently filled with cock, until the other boys were permitted to sleep. It was enough to teach him the basic lesson.

Every time Davey came close to him the boy seemed on the verge of tears, but he never again complained or cried.

Davey could feel sorry for the others, although they were in no worse position than himself. Most of them came from a broken home, one parent missing or dead. Andrew had been sold by his aunt, his mother's only sister. The boy told him the story one night while they lay close together, the little one holding to Davey's cock while the older boy held him in his arms.

"Aunt Mildred always hated me, even before I had to come and live with her. Daddy said she was jealous because I was prettier than she was, but Mommy called him an old fool."

"Why did she sell you?"

"She didn't want me -- she was going to send me to the orphanage, but the minister told her it was her Christian duty. She was always mean to me, gave everything to Lucille. If I did anything at all, she took away my toys and my dessert and my movie money and gave it to Lucille!"

"Lucille her own kid?"

"Yes, a rat, Davey. None of the kids liked her. She told her mother that I made the other kids hate her, but that wasn't true. I didn't have to tell them to hate her, she was mean enough by herself."

"Why did they sell you?"

"It was Lucille's idea. Aunt Mildred used to make me stand in the corner with my pants down around my ankle looking out so Lucille could see my pecker and giggle. One night Lucille asked why she didn't send me away or give me away or something, maybe drop me off a bridge. She said I should be given to one of those perverts who like to give little kids candy and do sex to them 'cause I was such a pretty little boy. Three days later Aunt Mildred brought me here."

Davey thought about his father. How had he heard about the slavemaster? A thousand dollars, it didn't seem like a lot of money for a kid. He wondered how much he'd bring at the slave auction. More important, what kind of man would buy him?

He sighed. Did anybody miss him? His playmates, certainly -- Tommy and Billy, at least. His teacher, maybe. What had they been told? Some of the boys had heard the report phoned to the police even before they were brought here that they had run away. Had his father done the same? He had told Billy that Davey was missing.

Andrew sighed and snuggled closer to Davey, squeezing his cock. It was tender from the almost constant sex action of the past few weeks, but he did not pull away. Let the little chap get a little pleasure from holding him if he could. He liked Andrew best of all the other boys. Was there any chance they'd be bought by the same master so they could stay together?

"Drop your cocks, kiddies, and stop fucking! Today's the big day!"

"Today?" Howard sat up, rubbing his eyes. "What..."

"It's sale day," said Gregor, less boisterously. "Today we get you ready, boys, shine you and fix you up. Tonight you'll be with your new masters."

The boys stared at each other, excited. At last the training was coming to an end. Then some of their spirits fell as the wiser ones wondered if they would be better off in the hands of their eventual owners. They had not been trained in every perversion, taught to accept punishment, whippings and beatings and torture, for no reason.

"I know a sadist is going to buy me!" said Howard, worried, as Davey came close to pick up his breakfast dish.

"What's that?" asked Davey.

"A guy who likes to hurt you," said Howard. "Hurt you bad. A masochist is a guy who likes to be hurt."

"Sounds crazy to me."

"They're all crazy," said Howard, ominously.

After breakfast the boys were ushered into the shower. There were no whips this morning, no cuffing hands, no angry orders from the instructors. Klaus and Michael and Gregor were affable, joking with the boys as they inspected their bathing, sending a few back to go over a hastily-touched section again.

"Look your prettiest," said Michael, cupping Andrew's chin in his hand and smiling at the boy. "The pretty boy brings the best price."

Their nails, toes and fingers, were trimmed, buffed, polished, and then they were shampooed, their hair blown out to a fine cloud and given careful handling. Those who were deemed too shaggy were trimmed by Gregor, who proved himself adept with the barber's tools. Klaus plucked over-abundant eyebrows and removed stray strands from inside ears. Then the asses of those boys who were shaggy in that region were trimmed to velvet softness, shaved skin-close. The pubic patches were given the same gentle treatment as the head hair, except in the case of Andrew. The youngest boy was plucked of his first seven pubic strands, lamenting their loss.

"Quiet, little one," said Michael. "Your lack of hair is your prime asset. The man who buys you does not want your juices spilling in his mouth, at least, not yet."

He ran his finger in the boy's ass, Andrew squirming and jumping, then sighed. "I wouldn't mind owning you myself."

"Becoming attached to the merchandise?" Michael jumped and looked at Klaus. The latter wore a sardonic smile. Michael blushed.

"No, of course not. Just admiring a fine work of nature. You must admit this is one of the prettiest we've ever bad."

"Pretty enough," said Gregor, reaching out to clasp Davey's shoulder. "But this is the one who will bring the sighs of appreciation."

"Me?" Davey was so surprised that he forgot to add "sir", but his lapse was either unnoticed or overlooked. Gregor ran his hand up and down the boy's spine, bringing a shiver to him and making his cock quiver.

"Look at those lips, that mouth. Oh, this will be the prize lot in the sale -- he'll be last, you mark my words."

"Not Andrew?" Michael shook his head. "A turn of duty says you're wrong."

"You're on. Loser works double the first night the last of the new lot arrives."

They shook on it, the boys not understanding the meaning of their wager -- not knowing that Klaus, Gregor and Michael were slaves like themselves, kept by the master to train his new crops. In this house, except for the master, there were only slaves.

These three could leave this room only to serve the man who owned them, as servants or in his bed. Like the boys they had trained, they sucked his cock, licked his ass, drank his piss, did whatever he demanded.


The slavemaster came down to the quarters while the boys were being readied for the auction. He smiled as he examined his merchandise.

"Oh, this should be a good sale," he said.

"How many bidders will be here, sir?" asked Klaus.

"Twenty-five have definitely accepted. Three, Nineteen and Thirty-six have cabled acknowledgments. A few more hope to make it. The high spenders will be out in force."

"The more the better, sir," said Gregor. "Yes," agreed the master. "I like competition for my boys."

"Perhaps there will be a new record, sir," said Michael.

"Oh, no -- I doubt that." He sighed. "We'll never see the price those triplets brought three years ago -- one hundred thousand dollars!" He glanced at Davey, moved closer to stroke the boy lovingly, grasping his cock and squeezing it gently. "Although I wish that Arab Prince could see you, boy. He'd carry you back to the desert!"

Davey blanched, and hid a shiver. He had never considered that his new owner might be from another country! It would be far more difficult to escape in a strange land, among people speaking strange languages.

The thought of escape had been in his mind from the moment his father brought him here and Davey understood that he had been sold. Most of the time he didn't let himself dwell on the thought, pushing the idea away when it insisted that he listen to wild schemes. But there were moments when he was alone, when he was waiting for sleep to capture his exhausted and tortured frame, that he could think of nothing else.

The master squeezed his cock again, hard instantly upon being touched. His body had learned to respond to all physical stimulation as well as to voice command. Then the man left, leaving the boys to be served a sumptuous lunch during which they were waited upon by the instructors, rather than the other way around as usual. Davey wondered if there were a staff of servants elsewhere in the house. None of the boys had been out of the slave quarters from the moment of their first arrival.

There was more than he could eat, the instructors urging them to take more. At last Michael announced that they could rest for the next few hours, Davey rolled onto the nearest bed, ignoring the smell of old cum staining the sheets. His eyes closed, didn't open even when Andrew moved in close to him, snuggled into his arms.

"On your feet, children!" Klaus called, slapping asses and joking as he woke the sleepers.

They were lined against the wall for a last-minute check, a few sent to brush their teeth again, Gregor and Michael armed with hairbrushes to repair the damages of the rest period. All three instructors went along the line, squeezing cocks that obediently leaped to hardness, satisfying themselves that the boys would not let them down when the customers sampled the merchandise.

Klaus and Michael left them, then, leaving Gregor to roam among them. He paused to squeeze one by the shoulder, brushed his lips against Andrew's cheek. Then he came to Davey.

"Little one, I envy you."

He said it softly, so that not even the nearest boy heard. Davey stares at him, but before, he could put any meaning to the strange words, Klaus and Michael were back. The three ushered the boys from the training room for the first time since their arrival -- not telling them that it was the last time they would see it.

The house was bigger than Davey had imagined. They seemed to follow Klaus forever. He passed the office where his father had accepted payment for his son, and went on deeper into the mansion. A large dining room was ghostly with its linen-covered table and crystal and china waiting for someone to use them. Then they were taken upstairs, to the second floor, and led onto a curtained stage at one end of a ballroom.

The boys hesitated, peering through the gloom. Then Davey recognized the dozen posts lined across the stage. It was no surprise when the instructors seized the boys nearest and forced them against the posts, binding their hands behind the wood. None resisted, the lessons learned below had been printed firmly on their minds.

The lights dimmed further and went out. Suddenly Davey heard the slavemaster speaking on the other side of the curtain.

"Good evening, gentlemen. I thank you for coming. I promise you that you will not regret sparing this moment, even if you are not fortunate enough to win one of the lots to be offered tonight. As is usual, we will now have a period for you to examine the offerings."

The curtain opened, spotlights springing to life and centering on each boy. Davey was blinded before he could see into the audience. He could feel the heat of the light on his face, and then the slavemaster was standing before him, turning his head.

"The prize of the evening, gentlemen, but they are all prizes! Yet note this beauty, this soft cheek. I ask you, have you ever seen so beautiful a boy?"

There was enthusiastic applause, and then the spots mercifully died, the stage lights coming up. A moment later the first of the bidders were moving among the boys, pausing to handle the merchandise.


Davey blinked color spots from his vision as he felt fingers lifting his balls and running along his cock. The smell of whisky was strong in his face, and now he saw the aged and cracked face breathing it at him.

"Are you a good cocksucker, boy?" The voice was hoarse.

"Yes sir," he replied, properly. "I'm a very good cocksucker, sir."

"Can you handle twelve inches?"

"I will do my very best, sir."

He tried to hide a shudder at the thought, and the man laughed, then moved along. Someone else was there, someone who smelled of sweet perfumes and thick powder. A grossly overweight body moved close enough to touch him, pressing him back against the post and then pouting lips crushed against his mouth, a thick tongue working its way into him.

"You are beautiful," whispered a soft voice. "If I win you, will you love me?"

Davey tried to hide his disgust as too-soft fingers moved across his cheeks, but he could not keep his cock from jumping at the stimulus of the sexually-intended kiss. "Sir, I will worship my master!"

The slavemaster was standing behind the disgusting man. He smiled as Davey forced the proper response, and moved along, to where a black man was running his fingertips beneath the shaft of Howard's ten-inch cock.

"You're a big, boy," said the man, admiring.

"Ten inches, sir," said Howard, proudly. He was bigger than any of the instructors.

"Is that a fact?" The black man worked his foreskin back over the glans, then squeezed Howard's balls. "Almost a man, aren't you?"

"Sir? I'm eighteen, sir."

"I meant your cock, boy. You belong to me, you'll find out what a real cock is like."

He ripped open his zipper, let his cock fall out. The boy looked down and his eyes widened. Soft, the thick black tube was bigger than his erection.

The black man chuckled. "You like my pecker, boy?"

"Oh, yes sir!"

"You like to be fucked?"

"Yes sir!"

"Think you can gobble all of my meat?"

"I don't know, sir! I can try!"

"Oh, you'll do better than that, boy! You'll learn to take it, even if it team you open!"

He patted Howard's cheek, then rubbed the head of his cock up and down Howard's shaft, chuckling again as the blood drained from the boy's face. The cock was growing, hardening, stood as thick as the boy's wrist and stretching almost to eighteen inches.

"I like you, boy," the black said. "I like fucking white boys and sticking my dick down their throat."

He rubbed his cock appreciatively again, then slipped it within his pants and moved on. Howard turned to watch him, even when another was standing before him, feeling his heavy balls. He missed the newcomer's question.

"Sir? I'm sorry, sir."

A few posts away Andrew jumped as three fingers were shoved into his asshole. The boy's face screwed up, tears nearly ready to break loose, the man in front of him smiling appreciatively.

"I like little boys," he said, licking his lips. "So pretty with no hair. Can you come, boy?"

"No sir. Not yet -- oh!"

He yelped as his balls were fingered rudely, twisted together. The man tugged on them.

"We take these silly little things away and you'll never have to come, little one. Wouldn't that be nice?"

"If my master wants, sir."

"Oh, I'll want, boy. You can count on that."

The little fellow closed his eyes as the man moved on, returning to his seat in the audience without checking any of the others. A tear rolled down Andrew's cheek.


The slavemaster clapped his hands, and the audience began to return to their seats. He waited until the last was seated, smiling.

"Before we get to the serious moment of the evening, Klaus, Gregor and Michael have prepared a little entertainment for you."

Klaus stepped from the wings, twisting. Davey saw that he was naked now, Gregor and Michael also having discarded their loin cloths when they came out a few seconds later.

"Gentlemen, first Howard, Philip, Timothy -- and Andrew!"

Gregor and Michael were releasing the boys from their posts. It was the act Davey had seen the night he had arrived. Howard's hard cock was compared to the dildoes by Klaus, an appreciative murmur coming from the audience. Then the other three were led out to assume the position, ranked sideways so that the watchers could see clearly when the cocks entered their assholes. The lubrication was applied by the instructors as Howard took his position. And then Andrew's scream rang through the ballroom.

"Oh, yes! Yessssssss!"

The cry came from the audience, and the boy sobbed as Howard's cock bottomed out in his asshole. He recognized it as the man who wanted to cut off his balls.

There was a burst of applause as Howard jammed the dildoes as far in as he could, then yanked his own cock out to spew his load over Andrew's ass. Then Klaus was leading the boys offstage to repair the damages while Gregor and Michael selected the next act.

It was James, paired with Edward. The youngster eagerly shoved his cock into Edward's face when the boy was stretched out on a rack, and then the little one's wrists and ankles were tied, the ropes holding him tightened until only his cock touched the boy beneath him. At Michael's gentle urging the boy sucked in his gut and stretched until he could touch the tip of Edward's cock with his tongue, but the instructor had to help before he could take it in. Then Michael passed his hand between their bodies to show that the only points of contact were cock and lips.

The boys came quickly, James lifting up his cock and his head to shoot his load over Edward's face and accepting the other's cum in his own features. While they were being released Karl was hoisted into the air by his ankles and masturbated by William. William then joined Franklin and Preston across a gym horse, the three tied by both ankles and wrists and fucked thoroughly by the instructors, Franklin and Preston taking Klaus and Gregor in the ass while William sucked Michael. Then the three changed sides to finish the job in the other opening.

Then Gregor was releasing Davey, leading him away from the post while Klaus released Jeffrey.

"Perform well for me, little one," said Gregor, softly. "Make me proud!"

Davey's cock was hard. To his surprise, he wanted to do as Gregor asked. Why should he perform well? What could it earn him, except additional mistreatment?

Then Gregor's hand brushed across his ass, and the boy sighed. "I will, Gregor. For you."

It was the first time he had dared call the instructor by his name, but Gregor only smiled as he brought the ropes down to fasten about Davey's wrists. Davey had known that it was going to be the stretchers, but he submitted, accepting the straps about his ankles, trying not to gasp when the first jerk raised him into the air. He looked to the right, at the audience, his eyes defiant.

Then Jeffrey was being hoisted against him, the straps fastened tight to hold them together. The other's hands were tied to Davey's ass rather than hanging free, and then Gregor adjusted their cocks into their mouths, and Davey began to suck on Jeffrey's cock with all his strength, humping against the other boy's face. They wanted a show? He would oblige them!

Jeffrey's cock lay across his tongue, a slight natural curve fitting Davey's mouth perfectly.

Davey touched his teeth lightly, felt Jeffrey squirm in anticipation. The other boy humped his ass, trying to force more of his meat into Davey's throat and at the same time sucking with all of his strength. Both cocks were buried to the balls.

Jeffrey's pubic hair scratchy against Davey's lips. The upside-down boy's balls fell against Davey's nose, making it difficult to breathe but velvet-soft in their touch.

He swallowed, and Jeffrey quivered against him, the boy's stomach muscles jumping in anticipation. Davey hollowed his cheeks, working against Jeffrey's prick with all the suction he could force with his lungs, the boy-cock swelling larger than ever. He could feel the blood pounding through the boy's veins, feel a delicious shiver in his own twitching asshole as he sucked with all his might.

Davey threw his ass against Jeffrey's face, making the boy bounce, making their pretty package of tied teenagers shake in the ropes holding him. Davey's fingers worked as he threw his ass against Jeffrey again, the other boy accepting everything he could give, his tongue caressing the top of Davey's cock and sending a delicious shiver through him again. The blood in his veins was heated almost to boiling. He could feel the heat in his cheeks and in the small of his back as he arched against the boy bound to him, trying to fuck Jeffrey, glad that their heads at least were free to give them room to move back and forth.

His ass was pounding, Jeffrey's head jumping back and forth, Davey feeling pain as his balls banged against the other's chin. They were helping each other, accepting the twitching cocks, making the fucking motions for each other as their heads moved faster and faster, riding out until just the tip of the glans was trapped between their teeth and plunging back down again in bare time to prevent the escape of the delicious cock-stick. Davey loved cock, he had always loved cock. He wanted to suck Jeffrey, suck Gregor, suck all of the other boys and Klaus and Michael as well, no matter what the instructors did to him. He loved them, loved them all, loved the feel of their cocks driving into his asshole.

He wanted to cry out, but the cock in his mouth prevented sound from escaping. His balls were boiling, churning, his testes and prostate generating the fluid of life, both organs developed during these past weeks of sexual training to extra efficient spillers of male seed. Jeffrey was pounding his groin against Davey's face each time that Davey sucked against him, the bound boy's teeth rasping against the flesh of Davey's cock. He could taste Jeffrey, smell him, feel him, and it was wonderful! It was great!

He was coming! Coming!

His balls boiled over, shot the bullets of boy-juice deep into Jeffrey's throat. The boy gasped and twisted away so that the second blast splattered against his features, shot up against his neck to spill down, dripping thick and heavy around his ears, coating him. An instant later Davey felt the sudden expansion in Jeffrey's prick that meant the boy was blowing, and he yanked back to take all of his cum against his chin, against his neck, against his chest as the prick slammed toward the boy's belly in its natural angle. They pumped together, coating each other thoroughly, sagging in their bonds.

And applause broke out, spreading quickly through the audience. The spotlight stayed on the boys for a minute until their cocks finally stopped quivering, then died suddenly, but Davey could hear the murmurs of hearty appreciation from the men out there in the darkness. He smiled as Gregor came to help him down, the instructor massaging Davey's muscles as he helped the boy into the room offstage and helped him clean up.

And then they were all back on the stage, tied to their posts again, the slavemaster stepping to the front.

"Thank you, gentlemen." He smiled. "I think I can say that the lucky bidders will be more than satisfied with their purchases, no matter which. So let us start, with lot number one -- James!"

"Five thousand!"

"Come, gentlemen! There isn't a boy here not worth double the minimum bid! You can do better than that!"

"Eight thousand!"



"That's better, gentlemen. But let's not stop now. Who will give me eighteen?"


Davey couldn't see the bidders, although he thought he recognized a few of the voices as those who had felt him, questioned him. James brought twenty-one thousand dollars, and was released by Gregor and led into the audience. The winning bidder left immediately with his prize, stilling the hope in a few of the breasts that friendships formed during these weeks in the slave quarters might not be broken.

James' price was highest as the bidders worked through the ranks of the boys, until at last only Howard, Andrew and Davey were left. The slavemaster signaled for the spot to touch the oldest boy, lifting his cock which immediately became obediently hard.

"Ten inches!" he said, marveling. "And the boy is only eighteen! Will he grow some more?"

"Not if I cut his cock off!" cried a voice from the audience. A ripple of laughter passed as the bound boy blanched, and the slavemaster chuckled.

"That would be a shame -- but of course, if you win the boy, you can do whatever pleases you. Can I hear eighteen as an opener?"


It was the black. The amount stunned the others, and no one offered competition. A moment later Howard was given to the man, the boy's face white as he thought of the terrible cock in the man's pants. Then his owner snapped a ring around his cock, twisting it, and led him away by the chain fastened to it.

"Lot number eleven -- Andrew! Ten years old, and a beauty among beauties! Who'll give me twenty-five?"





The price was enough. Andrew broke into tears as he was taken to the man who wanted to cut off his balls. His owner smiled and reached to twist the boy's testicles painfully.

"By tomorrow night, little one, they'll be gone!"

And then it was Davey's turn. The slavemaster placed his hand on the boy's shoulder, but said nothing for nearly a minute. Then he sighed.

"Gentlemen, in the years I have been in business I have sold more than eight hundred boys, of all sizes, shapes, colors -- twins, even triplets. Of them all, it is my firm belief that this boy is the single most beautiful child I have ever seen. Many of you were at the sale where the triplets brought one hundred thousand dollars. For David, I want an opening bid of forty thousand!"

There was a gasp from someone, and then a hush as the buyers stared at one another.

"Come, gentlemen! This is not a sex-toy -- this is a work of art! Owning this boy will be an experience you can treasure for the rest of your lives!"

"Forty thousand."

Davey tiled to peer through the spotlight, but couldn't make out the bidder. He saw the slavemaster smile and then another bid shot out.


"Forty-five!" cried the first.

"Fifty thousand dollars!"

Silence again, the slavemaster waiting for the psychological instant. Then, "I have fifty. Will anyone make it fifty-five? Fifty once, fifty twice, last call at fifty thousand dollars, gentlemen -- sold, to Number Twenty-eight!"


"Fifty thousand!" Gregor's voice was filled with wonder as he released the bonds holding Davey to the post. "Little one, you should be very proud. That's the most anyone has ever paid for a boy!"

Davey rubbed his wrists as Gregor took him down to the audience, trying to see the man who was now his master. Then he stood, a tall man in his early forties. He was handsome, and he smiled.

"Hello, David."

"Master." The boy bowed as Gregor had taught him, but the man caught his chin, made him look up.

"I'm not your master, David. I work for the man who owns you now."


"Your master does not like to travel. But come, Robin is waiting with the car."

He turned to leave, knowing that Davey would follow him. The boy hurried after him, thankful that he had not been put into a leash or a cock ring, like Howard. They saw no one as they went downstairs, but a car was waiting, motor running, when they came out. The door opened and a boy got out, not much older than Davey.

"Robin, this is David."

The boy studied Davey with great interest for a few seconds, then moved to open the rear door for him. Davey got in, Robin following him, while the man took the driver's seat.

"Did you have to pay much, Dad?" asked Robin.

"More than I expected, but no more than he's worth."

Davey blushed, aware that Robin's eyes were resting on his crotch. His cock grew hard in automatic response, and he moved his hand to cover it. Then they were moving, the car following a long winding driveway for the next several minutes. The house must be miles from the main road, he decided.


"Yes, son?" The man did not look back, executing a turn onto a country lane.

"May I make him do me?"

Davey saw that the boy was eagerly waiting the answer to the question, Robin's hands resting in his own crotch as he sat forward on the edge of the seat. His tongue touched the corner of his mouth.

"Don't mark him," said his father, amused. "I want him untouched when I give him to the old man."

"Oh, I won't, Dad! Thanks!"

Robin turned to Davey, his face grinning as he looked over the purchase. He reached out to take Davey's hands away from his cock, biting on his lip.

"Undress me, slave!"

Davey blinked several times. The grin on Robin's face was glee at being able to order the other boy about in any way that he pleased. This was slavery, this was having to do what he was ordered to do, no matter what.

At least the first order was harmless enough. He moved, sliding from the seat to his knees to lift Robin's foot and untie his lace. The shoe came off, followed by the sock and then the other foot was handled. Davey stalled a few seconds by straightening out the socks and placing them neatly in the shoes, conscious that his own prick was burning against his belly. His ears flamed as Robin leaned back to make it easier for him to reach his belt and zipper.

A moment later the pants were off and folded, the shirt coming next. Robin wore bright printed bikini briefs, the fabric silky as Davey slid them down from his hips and the cock popped into view.

It was small, compared to his own, and uncircumcised. His cockhead was no larger than the shaft, only the darker color of the head marking it. Robin shifted again, half-laying back into the corner, one knee up on the seat.

"Suck it, slave!"

Davey moved forward at the command, took the bay's prick in his mouth. He was conscious of the man in the front seat, wondered what he was thinking, letting his son have sex with another boy only inches away. But what kind of man could he be to traffic in slaves, to talk of giving a naked boy to an old man?

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Take it, all of it!"

Robin sighed with pleasure, wriggling his ass about on the seat as Davey sucked down onto his cock. There was no problem in the boy taking his five inches of meat. It was hot enough to heat the saliva in Davey's mouth, but it lay nicely across his tongue, battering against the hanging uvula each time he pressed his lips against Robin's groin but not long enough to force the barrier.

"Yeah! Do it! Do it -- ohhhhhh!"

Suddenly Robin humped up against Davey, only a dozen strokes of his cock in the slave's mouth, and began to pump his load. It was thick, sweetish, quickly filling Davey's mouth. The boy grabbed the back of Davey's head, forcing him down as though he could penetrate farther into him, Davey continuing to suck around the shape of his cock. "Oh, yeah!" cried Robin. "That's so good!"

"He's a good cocksucker?" asked his father, from the front seat.

"The best, Dad!"

"That's good." He chuckled. "I'd be rather disappointed if he wasn't."

The car stopped for an intersection, and he turned to look back at Davey, still on his knees lacking permission from Robin to get up. Davey jumped, letting Robin's cock slip from his lips, when he heard the man speak closely.

"Actually, I was going to buy another boy, Robin -- a little fellow, eleven years old." That must have been James. "He had a surprisingly nice cock for a fellow his size. But I changed my mind when I saw this one perform."

Davey suddenly felt an ache in his arms where the ropes had pulled him tight. The man had been pleased with the way he acted while tied up. A shiver passed across his spine, carrying a warning that he knew he did not like.

"Want me to drive for a while, Dad?"

His father chuckled again. "No thank you, Robin. I've told you, you get your license and you can drive on the highway."

"But don't you want to screw David?"

"Yes, very much. But it will just make me that much hotter when we go to bed later."

"Okay. But you don't know what you're missing."

"Business before pleasure, Robin. Always."

The boy sighed, stretched out flat on the seat and caught Davey's head again, pulling him over.

"Suck on me some more, slave! Make me feel good!"

Davey could feel air from the car's heater system against his asshole as he knelt over the prostrate boy, taking the small cock again. Robin rubbed his hair affectionately, then patted him on the shoulder.

"You're a good slave." He sighed. "I wish you were mine, but we gotta give you to Mr. Moxon. Jeez, some people have all the luck!"

Davey continued to work on the boy's prick, Robin totally relaxed and enjoying the sucking lips about his meat now that the first quick load was spilled. His hand continued to move through Davey's hair, his other fingers resting on his belly for a moment. Then he caught Davey's hand and pulled it up to his tit. Reading the unspoken message, Davey rolled the little nubbin of nipple between his fingers, then pinched it. He pinched harder when Robin sighed at the first contact, the boy humping up against him.

"Oh, rub me, slave! Make me feel good all over!"

The other hand came up to Robin's thigh, moved along his leg while Davey continued to work on cock and tit with the elements already occupied. Robin cocked his leg, and Davey moved far enough so that the cock did not slip from his lips, at the same time reaching beneath to fondle the boy's balls. Then his finger moved into the crack of Robin's ass, stroking the velvet-softness of the boy for a moment. Robin gasped.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah -- finger me, slave!"

Davey touched the rectum with the finger, worked around until he felt the sphincter flexing against him. He probed, prodded, the tip of his finger suddenly nibbled by the hungry ring of flesh. Even though there was no lubrication, Robin made his asshole open enough to take Davey, at first to the first joint and then as far as he could probe.

"Ahhhhhhhh, yeah!"

Robin caught Davey's head in both hands, then let his fingers roam beneath the slave's body. He touched Davey's flaming prick, fingered it.

"Get up here with me!"

Davey did as he was ordered, Robin catching his hips and directing him until he was over the boy and his cock probed at Robin's face. Suddenly Robin captured it, the cool sensation delightful along the shape of his flesh. It was awkward for Davey to keep his finger working in Robin's ass, but he somehow managed as the boy caught his hips, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him down until Davey's weight was on his face, his cock probing at Robin's throat.

The boys sucked together, Davey feeling the delicious tingle across his balls that meant he was close to coming, although his cock had spouted tremendously less than an hour ago. The auction had taken less than half an hour, and they had been on the road no more than twenty minutes. But he was ready again, knew that he could not hold back the way Robin's lips and tongue were teasing, tickling him to the point of explosion.

He pulled up from Robin's cock long enough to gasp a warning, then the boy humped against him, Davey reading the message that he was to get down on that cock again. He took it in, burying his face in the boy's teenage smell while both of his hands dug into Robin's ass crack. And then he was fucking against the boy, throwing his weight down as his cum spilled, burned, boiled into the other boy's mouth. Davey was out of control, his body floating someplace that he could only try to reach, the feeling of pure delight coursing through his veins as he fed his beautiful measure of boy juice to the son of the man who had bought him.

"Aggghhhh, glug!" Robin swallowed convulsively, and pushed up until Davey pulled his cock from his mouth. "Oh, Jeez! Jeezussssss!"

"Did you like it, sir?" Davey was nervous as he asked the question, not realizing that he had come off Robin's cock without permission, waiting anxiously for the answer. He had to please this boy, just as he had to please the man in the front seat, and anyone else he was given to.

Especially his master.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Robin wiped his lips. "Get off!"

He struggled to a sitting position as Davey obeyed instantly, then slumped against the seat, his jaw slack. He swallowed a time or two, and worked his mouth experimentally, then reached down to scratch his balls.

"Did I do it right, sir?" Davey asked again.

"Oh, yeah!" Robin grinned, reached out to grab Davey's cock, squeezing until the slave boy winced. "You're a good one. Dad, you'd better give him a try! You don't know what you're missing!"

"I'm sure I don't, son," his father replied. "But remember, duty before pleasure."

"Sit back!" said Robin, waving Davey away when he saw the boy eyeing his prick again. "Jeez, give me a rest!"

Davey did as ordered, grateful for the chance to just sit. He looked out the car window, but saw nothing but an occasional distant light as they moved through countryside. He wondered where they were, they could it be too far from home -- his former home, before his father had sold him -- but he was completely lost.

Then the car was slowing again, entering another long and winding road. Nearly ten minutes passed before the car stopped, and Davey saw a pair of massive iron gates opening in a high brick wall. There was no one to operate them. The driver must have been working them by radio control.

They moved along a driveway that was even longer than the one leading to the slavemaster's house. He could see strange shapes and shadows as they drove through the grounds, and then, suddenly, there were lights. The car passed in front of a mansion as grand as the one where he had been kept for his slave training and continued around to a long garage that had at least six doors. The one door opened, again by remote control, and the car rolled silently into its stall.

The engine stopped, the man got out, followed a second later by his son. Robin was still naked, and made no effort to reach for his clothes as he held the door for Davey. Was he naked all the time for the mysterious master?

"This is home, David," said the man. "Your home. Come into the kitchen."

He led the way from the garage, across a narrow space to the house. The night breeze was chilly on Davey's bare skin, and he hurried to follow through the back door. Then they were in a large, old-fashioned room, lined with appliances that had been new a generation before.

"Get the box, Robin."

The boy hurried into the pantry, returning with a large box that was covered with gilt gift wrapping. A huge red bow was fastened to the top only. Robin set it aside and Davey saw that the box was filled with tissue paper.

"Come here, David. Get on the table."

Davey spun around, saw the man standing by a large work table. There were ropes as well, produced from a drawer, and now Davey's heart sank.

But he moved as ordered, he dared not disobey. The man patted the table and he climbed up on it, getting on his hands and knees.

"Can you suck your own cock, David?"

"Sir?" The question took him by surprise. "I don't know, sir. I never tried."

"Try now. Let's see how good you are."

Davey looked down at his cock, soft for the moment. He reached back to rub himself and his pecker jumped to attention as it had been taught during the weeks of training. Then he bent down as far as he could, but saw quickly that he wasn't going to be able to obey in that position.

He settled back on his heels and tried again, but there just wasn't bend enough in his body. His head would go no lower than his belly.

"I'm sorry, sir," he said, looking up. "I can't."

"You haven't tried yet," the man said, although there was good humor in his voice. "Over you go, up on your shoulders! That's the ticket, as though you were going to stand on your head."

Davey tried again, balancing himself on his neck, reaching up with his hands to hold his ass. His cock came down over his face, now only a few inches away.

"You'll make it," the man said, encouraging him. "Keep trying."

His back ached as his feet trod air, but Davey made the effort, fucking down toward his own face -- almost close enough to grab the tip of his cock in his lips. But he couldn't hold the position.

"Don't get down -- stay there!"

The order stopped him, kept him with his ass in the air. Suddenly the man caught his legs, pushing down, bending him into an S-curve.


Pain stabbed, but Davey choked, realizing that he had made a mistake in crying out. The man didn't seem to notice, however, concentrating on folding the boy into a tight curve. He shoved don again.

"Try now."

His cock was there. It entered his lips, his tongue tasting his own meat for the first time. It was a strange sensation, his mouth tight about his own flesh, which seemed unusually hot.

"There! I knew you could do it!"

Suddenly ropes were around Davey's thighs, snaking under his back. The man tugged, pulling them tight, forcing the boy into a smaller curve. His cock slipped back in his mouth as pain darted across his eyes, but Davey couldn't cry out this time. He nearly choked on his own prick.

"That's the way, David. Just relax, now."

The cock was ail the way back in Davey's throat, his balls falling across his lips and his nostrils. They seemed huge, far bigger than they ever had when he touched them, lifted them with his fingers, but he could spare no attention to them. Ropes were around his ankles now, his lower legs strapped tight against his thighs. His hands were yanked behind his back, strapped down, a rope passed along the crack of his ass to hold them snug when it was threaded through the ropes around his legs.

"There, Robin!" The man stepped back to survey his handiwork. "I told you it would work. We can still learn a trick or two from de Sade."

The boy saw the strain registered in Davey's features, the bound boy wincing with the pain that seemed to burn through his joints. Davey stared at him, beseeching, thought he saw a measure of sympathy.

"He's hurting, Dad."

"Oh, some, I suppose. It won't kill him."


"No more nonsense, Robin!" His father spoke sharply, and the boy subsided. "Now help me get him in the box. The sooner we give him to Mr. Moxon, the sooner he'll be undone again."

They caught Davey and lifted him, carrying him high in the air for a moment before dropping him into the box. Curled as he was into a ball, he fit very well into the small space of the box. The man shifted him slightly, rolling him onto his side, Davey peering up but unable to see more than the man's arm above the box. Then Robin lay tissue paper over him, crumpling it around him and arranging it until the box was filled.

Davey wanted to cry out, the pain in his back and his legs almost unbearable. But his own cock prevented him from speaking, from making more than an unintelligible sound -- and the damn thing wouldn't go soft! It was hard, perhaps harder than it had ever been before. He swallowed against the shape of it, the movement suddenly delicious in his asshole. For an instant he forgot the pain of the ropes, although it returned as soon as he stopped sucking on himself.

Then everything went black as Robin put the top on the box. Davey panicked, feeling as though he couldn't breathe. Some of the tissue was close to his nostrils, clinging now until he breathed out as hard as he could and managed to turn his head a fraction of an inch. That brought new pain from his back. He swallowed, biting his cock.

Oh, God! Let this come to an end.

They were moving the box, lifting it and carrying it a short distance. Then they lowered him almost to the floor. Seconds later they were moving, Davey hearing the squeak of wheels through the bottom of the box. They hit a threshold and he was jarred, the box sliding around on its little dolly. There was the sound of doors opening and the box bounced some more, and then there was a strange creaking that coupled with another feeling of movement. After a second, Davey decided that they were riding in an elevator.

The creaking stopped, the dolly bounced across another threshold, and then silence. For more than a minute there was nothing, leaving the boy to take in the thousands of pains shooting through his body. God, but it hurt! He couldn't take it!

He swallowed, and tasted again the shape of his own cock. Why was his prick so obstinately hard? Didn't it understand that the rest of his body was taking terrible punishment? Go soft, damn you, cock!

His cock didn't listen. It was safe in a warm mouth, a feeling that it had always enjoyed, even before Davey was sold into slavery. It quivered, the vein jumping against his tongue. The sensation was pleasant enough that he sucked down, drawing a repeat of the brief feeling.

It did feel good and it let him forget the pain. Davey sighed, wriggling but making no headway against the bonds holding him. The man was a master at arranging such things. There was nothing to do but give himself relief in the only way possible.

He sucked, feeling the shape of his cockhead deep in his mouth. There was a feeling in his bladder as though he had to piss, but he fought it away. He certainly didn't want to drink his own piss! That was carrying recycling too far!

He sucked, and the sensation was pleasant, almost relaxing. His balls tingled, responding to the sexual massage of his tongue and his lips and ignoring the pain, and Davey knew that he was very close to coming. He didn't notice when the box started to move again as he concentrated on the sensation in his prick, sucking as hard as he could to bring himself off. He had tasted his own cum, but never hot from the spigot!

He was there. His balls were ready to erupt!

The top came off the box, the papers pulled aside, and a voice boomed: "Well bless my soul! A naked little boy!"


Hands fumbled at Davey, turning him over in the box.

"And he's sucking his own cock! What a delightful touch -- just the thing I wanted for my birthday. Thank you, Mr. Kapp, thank you!"

Davey could see some of the man now, a large gut pushing against an expensive dressing robe. Then the man caught him between thighs and belly and lifted him out of the box. He passed quickly through the air, to land on the edge of a very soft bed.

"If you want to fuck him in the mouth, sir, all you have to do is pull his cock out of the way."

"Oh, no, Mr. Kapp -- it would be a shame to spoil the little chap's pleasure! I'm sure it must be great fun to suck yourself. No, I'll take him in the asshole, if I can get this blessed rope out of the way."

Fingers fumbled, yanking on the rope that tied his hands to his ankles, sharp pain stabbing through Davey's asshole. Then it was pried out of the way, squeezing his buttock until it was white, and a knobby finger probed at his rectum.

Ohhhhh! Davey jerked, wanting to scream. He could only gurgle around his own cock as his master probed him for the first time. He could see a halo of white hair around a balding, head, bright beady eyes peering over a bulbous nose as the finger dug deep, twisted all the way around. His prostate was rubbed and suddenly he spurted cum into his mouth, nearly gagging in surprise.

His throat worked and he swallowed his own prostate fluid. The taste was elusive -- not particularly sweet, but certainly not bitter. He wanted more of it to make a better judgment.

But his owner had opened his robe and now Davey saw his knobby cock, the shaft looking almost crooked from his viewpoint. It was thick and knurled, although not particularly long and now it began to rub over the cheeks of his ass.

"Will you need me for anything else, sir?"

"What? Oh, no, Kapp, not now. Just fetch me the KY from the bathroom, that's a good fellow. Then you can run along. Although I suppose this young buck has made you horny just as he has me."

"Robin can take care of my problems, sir."

"Yes, I suppose he can. Well, run along then. Thanks for everything. Have a good fuck with your boy."

Davey heard the door close, heard his master moving about the room, humming a little tune. Then he came back to the edge of the bed, completely naked now. His gut hung low over his cock as he positioned himself against the bound boy.

"Well, now, lad! Shall we have at it? Yes, I think so, let's."

The finger dug into Davey's ass again, working around. Then it came out and the tube of lubricant was squeezed. When the stuff touched him it was first cold, then soothing. If his mouth had not been full of his own cock, he would have sighed with pleasure as his owner greased him.

Suddenly the cock was there, stiff and probing. He could see his master's tongue move across his lips and then the man was moving him slightly, turning him up just a bit more until he was satisfied with the seating of his prick. He used his hand to poke it against Davey, twisting his ass like a corkscrew as he leaned forward.

The head broke through, and Davey jumped, his asshole tightening about the fat prick. It hurt, but the pain was lessened among the other pains he was feeling from the bonds that were now sinking cruelly into his flesh.

"Oh, my yes!" The man chuckled. "Y'felt that, didn't you, lad? There's more coming, lot's more."

He pushed against the boy, entering him steadily, his prick separating the cheeks of the boy's ass. His hands steadied the boy as he chewed on his lip, concentrating on driving his cock as deep as he could. And it was there, balls banging against the boy, meat buried completely.

"Oh, my yes, little fellow! Doesn't that feel good?"

Still humming, he fucked against the boy a time or two, patting Davey's thighs. The boys rocked back from him, the movement enough to roll him away. The man saw that the round ball that was Davey would not stay put, and so he climbed on the edge of the bed, leaning forward over the boy.

"Oh, yes! Delicious, delicious!"

He fucked against the boy, and Davey's own cock cut off the scream that wanted to burst from his throat as the weight of the man fell over him. His master balanced himself on his hands, finding the best position. Then he began the ride, shoving deep into the boy at each stroke, his balls banging against the boy's back.

To Davey, it felt as though the prick were ripping up through his intestines, banging him against the chin when it entered. He gagged, managed to swallow, and gagged again, but there was no let-up in the relentless fucking action.

"Hi, everybody! Is everybody happy? I most certainly am!"

The man shouted, sang, yodeled as he fucked into the helpless boy beneath him. His cock plowed through Davey until the boy felt as though his asshole were on fire with a million unbearable explosions, the sensations ripping him. Worse, as man fucked into him he forced the boy's cock deeper into his throat, his master's weight and his sagging belly nearly smothering Davey.

"Oh, yes!" cried his owner. "Oh, you are a sweet one, little fellow! Yes! Yes! Yeaggghhhhh!"

Suddenly he hesitated in his fucking, his fingers digging deep into the boy's flesh. Although Davey could not see it, the man's eyes bulged from his head. He clutched at his chest, pulling back from the boy.

"Oh my God!" he cried, staggering. "Kapp! Kapp!"

Davey watched in horror as his master's face went completely white, his cock drooping. He nearly fell, but caught himself on the edge of the bed, then staggered out of Davey's sight. A few seconds later the boy heard something fall, and the man choked out "Kapp!" once more. Then he fell heavily, shaking the bed as he rolled to the floor and was silent.

Davey was more frightened now than at any other time. He recognized the signs of an attack of some sort, knew that the man was seriously ill if not dead! Would somebody answer his call?

If not, Davey would be left like this all night.

Oh, God! It was the first time he had let himself use that name since the night of his capture, when he saw how Howard was treated for calling upon the mercy of the Almighty. But only God could help him now.

"Mr. Moxon!"

Davey twisted, but could not see Kapp until the man crossed his vision, disappearing around the other side of the bed. A moment later he came back, stood over Davey.

"He's dead."

The boy stared at the man, Davey's heart pounding. The effort of fucking him was too much. His master's heart had burst.

Was Kapp going to take it out on him?

The man reached into the pocket of his trousers, brought a folding knife. He deliberately pried out the longest blade, the bright steel catching light from someplace and glittering.

Davey blinked at him, unable to speak around his cock. Kapp moved, the knife coming toward the boy.

And the first of his hands snapped free, the one holding his wrists to his ankles. Davey unfolded slightly, pain stabbing as muscles jerked from the contortion. The rope holding his head down to his cock parted and his body opened slightly. He sighed as his mouth emptied.

A moment later he was free and massaging his wrists.

"Can you walk?" asked Kapp.

"I don't know." He tried to stand, fell to his knees, holding onto the bed. "No, sir."

"All right, relax."

Kapp scooped him up, dropped him over his shoulder, Davey's head dangling down his back. He hurried from the bedroom, then stopped when he saw Robin, still naked, standing at the door to another room.

"Get down to the car, Robin. Are your clothes still there?"

"Yes, Dad." The boy's eyes were wide. "What happened? Is Mr. Moxon all right?"

"He's dead. I've got to get you two out of here before I call for help."

They were in the garage, Davey moaning as the man started the car and signaled the door to open. A moment later they were rushing at too fast a pace over the driveway, and then out onto the road. Eighteen minutes after that they pulled into the driveway of a regular-sized house. Robin had yanked on pants, shirt and shoes. Now he jumped out and opened the garage, closing it once the car was inside. He hurried to open the door into the house, snapping on the lights.

"Can you walk now?" asked Kapp, looking at Davey.

"I think so."

The boy sat up, pulled himself out of the car. This time he was able to stand without falling, and then take a step toward the house, although he kept one hand on the car as long as he could.

Kapp waited patiently until he was in, then closed the door. He eyed the boy coldly.

"All right, David. This one time I am going to forgive you, considering the traumatic experience you have just undergone. But if you ever forget yourself again, even for an instant, you will pay!"


"Master, slave!"

Kapp's hand shot out, caught Davey by the ear. Taken completely by surprise, Davey staggered, then fell against a chair. Tears stung his eyes as he looked up at the angry face of the man.

"I own you now, boy! Don't you ever forget it!"

He wiped his lips, looked at his son. "Take our new slave to the cellar, Robin. I probably won't be back for hours, so you can use him while I'm gone."

Robin's eyes shone with excitement as he caught Davey by the arm. "Get up, you! Stand up!"

Fighting the pain that wanted to take him into unconsciousness, Davey staggered to his feet. He shook his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. He thought Kapp was helping him escape from nightmare, but the man was just claiming him for himself! For one brief instant Davey had thought that he was escaping this nightmare of slavery, but his hopes were dashed as Robin's foot suddenly kicked him in the ass.

"Down there! Move faster, or I'll shove a Coke bottle up your ass and break it off!"

Kapp's mouth twisted with wry amusement as he watched his son take their new possession downstairs, and then he went back to the garage. There was a great deal to be done this night, and very little time to do it all.

Davey heard the door close behind him, heard the car leave. He was in what must be the recreation room -- if a torture chamber could be considered recreation. There were racks and ropes and padded bars all around the place. Robin was pushing him toward some chains fastened high against the wall.


"What is it, slave?" said Robin, turning. "Please, don't chain me, Master. I'll do whatever you say, only don't chain me!"

Davey fell to his knees before the boy, reached out to touch his feet. Robin stared down at him for a moment, then worked his shoes off one by one.

"Suck my big toe."

Davey caught the boy's foot, picked it up and pulled off the shoe. The bare foot was in need of washing, held the smell of shoe leather as he brought it close to his face, but he didn't hesitate. He brought his lips to the toe, sucked it in, his tongue cleaning the dirt from the crevice. Robin giggled, pulled away. "All right, slave, you can get up."

Davey stood while Robin stripped off his pants and shirt, revealing that his pecker was hard again. He reached out to grab Davey's cock, pulling the boy close and putting his arms around Davey's waist. He hugged him, his smaller cock butting up against Davey's balls.

"How come you're a slave, David?"

Davey told him the story, Robin sympathizing with him. "I know what you mean," the boy said when he finished. "My father would sell me if I ever went against him."

"You have sex with your father, don't you, sir?"

"Call me Master, David -- both Dad and I are your masters now. Yes, we have sex. He's been fucking me and making me suck him as long as I can remember. Since I was a real little kid."

"What happened to your mother, Master?" asked Davey as his hand slid over Robin's ass, holding the boy close.

"I don't know," he answered, his finger working against Davey's rectum. "I don't remember her, Dad won't talk about her, except to say that we're both better off without her. I don't know if she's dead, or what."

"My mother's dead," Davey said, sadly. Then he added, "Master."

"Did it hurt when your father fucked you?"

"Terribly!" he said, remembering the pain. "I thought he was tearing my asshole apart, Master."

"I want to fuck you, slave."

"Yes, Master." He looked down at Robin's cock. "Where do you want me?"

"That sofa opens up into a bed. Get it ready!"

Davey hurried to do as Robin ordered, pulling out the sleeper section. It was already made up with sheets. He pulled the top one down, then got onto the bed, laying on his stomach. His eyes closed as he felt the pain still in his body, and then he heard the sofa creak as the boy climbed on with him. A moment later Robin was moving over him, the boy's hands sliding up his hips and caressing his arms. Then his weight settled, his cock poked up through the crack in Davey's ass.

"Spread your legs, slave!"

Davey positioned himself better. Robin's cock found the entrance, slipped in, burying itself hilt-deep at the first stroke. There was no pain to the fucking movement, not after the terrible tearing of the man's cock. He tightened his ass, squeezing the sphincter about the boy, and Robin gasped with pleasure.

"Oh! That feels good. Do it again!"

Davey obliged, eyes closing deliciously as the boy began to move within him. Robin's cock was so small that he nearly slipped out each time he pulled back. Several times he did come loose. But Davey's ass crack was slick with perspiration and the natural juices of fucking. Robin didn't even have to fumble with his fingers to ride back in again, burying himself deep in the slave boy's body.

"Oh!" He gasped, increasing his pace. "Oh, David! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

He quivered against Davey's back as he pumped his load into the prostrate boy, Davey breathing in a sigh of pure pleasure as the hot juice trickled along the ravaged walls of his rectum. It was soothing, relaxing, it would be very easy to go to sleep.

Robin pulled out, caught Davey's hip, "Turn over!"

He obeyed, sighing as he let his hands flop above his head. His cock was as hard as ever, lying tight against his belly as Robin reached down and manipulated it. The other boy sighed as well.

"Do you want to fuck me, slave?"

"Yes, Master." Davey raised his head to look at the other boy. "Shall I, Master?"

"In a minute." Robin twisted his cock. "I want to lay here for a minute. I like being with you, I like having you as my slave."

"Yes, Master."

"I own you, don't I?"

His cock twisted sharply, the pain making Davey jump as he answered. "Yes, Master!"

"You won't ever forget it, will you?"

"No, Master!"

Satisfied, Robin lay back, then pulled Davey into his arms. The two boys lay close together for a moment, Davey almost asleep after the torture of the past few hours. Despite the long rest before the sale, he felt completely exhausted.

But Robin was turning against him, backing his ass against Davey's cock. The boy reached down and fumbled, trying to slip Davey's prick into his rectum.

"Fuck me now, slave!"

"Yes, Master."

Holding to Robin's hips, Davey moved against the other boy until his prick rubbed across the opening to Robin's intestines. He paused, reached down long enough to set himself firmly and pushed. The boy gasped as the cockhead slipped within the ring, and squeezed down with all of his strength, bringing a yelp from Davey.

"Did that hurt, slave?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Shall I do it again?"

"If you want, Master."

Robin giggled, wriggling his ass against Davey and pushing farther onto his cock. "Silly slave! I won't hurt you while you're making me feel so good. Come on, fuck me!"

Davey sighed with comfort and moved tighter against Robin's ass. His hands moved around the boy's waist, met on his belly, feeling his cock probing up as he pushed his own prick deep into the pliant young ass. Robin sighed with pleasure as Davey bottomed out, wriggling again against the fucking meat.

"Oh, that's so good! So good!"

Davey stroked, then pulled back until half his cock was out. Robin's rectum squeezed, and he rode back in again, the movement sending shivers up his spine and making him forget the pain of being bound so tightly. He began to ride into the boy in a regular rhythm, filling Robin's ass with the warm center of his own being.

"Oh, that's nice! Fuck me, slave."

Robin caught Davey's hands, pulled them up to his nipples, sighing again as Davey rolled the erect nubbins and pinched them. The boy's body was hot, but no hotter than Davey's own. Sweat steamed them from head to foot, Davey's belly and Robin's back, slippery as the slave boy moved in the fucking motion that was bringing his young master so much sheer pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yes! Yes, slave! Slave! Slave!"

Robin muttered the word again and again, as though trying to convince himself that this was real, that Davey really did belong to him, was his possession, was his slave to do whatever the boy wanted.

Davey gasped: "Ah! At! Master, I'm going to come! I'm coming!"

His fucking pace increased, their bodies slapping wetly as his belly met Robin's ass. Davey's legs stretched out straight, his toes pointing down, his hands holding the boy tightly as he fucked into him at a more furious pace. Unable to control himself, suddenly he rolled on top of the other boy, carrying Robin over onto his stomach, pumping, pumping, as he threw his cock down.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes! I'm fucking you, Master! Master! Ohhhhhhhh!"

"Yes!" cried Robin. "Fuck me, slave! Do it, fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee!"

Davey's heart was pounding heavily in his chest as he rode over the prostrate boy, filling Robin with his swelling, swollen meat, throwing his burning prick into the depths of the boy's asshole.

Robin squeezed against him, his sphincter trying to tear the cock from the fucking boy, trying to pull him completely inside. Davey's balls bounced against the other boy, were nearly trapped painfully between Robin's legs as he flexed his thighs, humping back against the falling cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, Christ! I'm comminnngggggg!"

Davey fell into Robin, fell into a black hole that seemed to open into space, feeling the wind whistle around his soaked body as he dropped, feeling the explosion in his balls as his seed poured out to coat the other boy, to fill him, the white boy juice beaten to a froth that worked out around the plunging cock to coat Davey's groin, his balls.

"I'm comminnnnggggg!"

He collapsed, quivered, sighed against Robin's back. All strength was gone from his body, Davey unable even to roll from Robin. He sighed again as Robin stirred beneath him, lifting one shoulder, and rolled onto the bed, his arms falling wide. He felt Robin moving and opened his eyes to see the other gazing fondly at him.

"I love you, David."

"Do you mean it, Master?"

"More than anything!"

"Then help me escape!"


Robin stared at Davey, silent for a moment; then he shook his head, slowly.

"I couldn't do that, my father would kill me!"

Davey bit his lip, turning away from the other boy. He smothered a sob of frustration. Robin studied him, his eyes traveling over Davey's body and taking in the soft lines and the gentle curves. They came to rest on the sexual center, and he reached out to lift Davey's limp cock in his fingers. The pecker dropped over his hand, Davey's thoughts away from responding to the automatic signal to stand hard. At last Robin sighed, and worked Davey's cock back and forth in his fingers.

"I can't, David! Really I can't. You don't understand."

"I do," said Davey, still not looking at him. "You like having a slave to order around, to torment and beat." He turned, taking the boy into his arms. "Oh, Robin! You don't know what it's like!"

The boy tried to comfort him, but Davey would not listen to his soothing words. He kept shaking his head, his lips moving over Robin's shoulder and neck as he felt the boy's hard cock pressing against his groin.

"You don't know!" he said again. And then he told Robin about Andrew, bought by a man who wanted only to cut off his tender nuts; and Howard, bought by a black man with a cock big enough to tear the boy in half.

"The masters can kill us, if they want! Your father can cut off my cock, tear me apart -- do anything! I have to get away, Robin!"

He was crying, the tears flowing freely as he sobbed out his feelings for the first time since his father had sold him into sexual bondage. Davey clung to Robin, holding the other boy tightly while Robin tried to soothe him, but the soft words passed unnoticed.

"I'm a slave!" he said, bitterly. "A slave! Please, Robin! Help me escape! Help me be free!"

"Where will you go if I do?" Robin asked, uncertainly. "You can't go back to your father."

"No," Davey admitted. "Damn him!"

"Do you have anyone else to go to?" He shook his head. "No. No one."

"Then stay here, David, with me!"

"I don't want to be a slave!"

"But you are a slave. My father paid a great deal of money for you, David. What happens if you do run away, escape? The man who sold you to him won't give him his money back."

"I'll work! I'll pay back every penny!"

Robin shook his head. "You'll never earn enough. Besides, my father owns you -- you have no right to run away. You're his property, David, just like this house is his property. He can sell you, paint you red, tear you apart if he wants -- it's his right."

"What about my rights?"

"You have no rights. None."

Davey looked away. "Slavery is against the law. Your father could go to jail."

"You wouldn't!"

Robin rolled on top of him, pinning Davey's arms, forcing the slave boy to look at him, worry was on his face. He shook Davey.

"Say you wouldn't! You can't!"

"What choice do I have?"

Robin bit his lip, touched Davey's cock again. He looked at the younger boy's sexual equipment, already much larger than his own. His fingers moved tight about the boy.

"If I help you, will you promise never to tell anybody what happened to you?"

"Yes!" Davey threw his arms around him, squeezing. "Yes, Robin! I promise, I'll never breathe a word about any of it!"

"Well, all right, I'll help you."

Davey stared into Robin's eyes, then moved closer to the boy. Their lips met, pressed together in a tender kiss that soon became heated, passionate. He felt the blood pounding through his veins, fired by the idea that he was soon to be free.

But now his cock was hard, bumping against Robin's leg. His hand moved down, slid between their bellies, felt the other boy's cock. It was erect, ready for action. Robin sighed as Davey worked his foreskin back.

"Oh, yes! Yes, David, that's so good! I loved it when you hold my cock, when you suck me."

"When I fuck you?"

"Yes, that, too."

Robin rose, moved over Davey's body until he had turned, his lips seeking the center of the boy's groin. Davey's cock was in Robin's fingers, the glans slipping between his lips as Davey reached out to take Robin's prick into his mouth. The boys moved together, fitting perfectly together, sucking down on each other as they tasted the boy-meat, the male sex-flesh, their balls bottoming out on their chins.

"Ummmmmmmmm!" Robin moaned around Davey's stiff prick, his hands grasping the cheeks of Davey's ass and pulling them apart. Davey's finger trailed the length of Robin's urethra, from the base of his cock back through his legs to where it disappeared into his body. Both boys sighed with pleasure as they worked against each other, sucking in as strongly as they could.

Davey nipped Robin's cock with his teeth and the boy broke away.

"Oh, that hurts! Be careful!"

"I'm sorry," said Davey, pulling away. "I don't want to hurt you, Master."

Robin giggled. "You'd better behave yourself, slave, or I'll change my mind about helping you!"

Davey dove onto his cock again, taking it all the way, this time making sure that only his lips pressured the convolutions of the small prick-stick. He did not hurt Robin as he brought the boy's pecker to burning life. Robin gasped, humping against him.

"Oh! I've got to take a leak, Davey!"

"Mmmmmmmmm!" He pulled away. "Yes, Master. Do you want to do it in my mouth?"

Robin giggled. "Have you ever done that before?"

"They made us do it all the time while they were training us to be slaves." He described the toilet pit.

"Sounds yechhy!"

Davey smiled. "It is, but you get used to it. Sometimes. Klaus' piss tasted the worst of all. But you can get used to anything, in time."

"Even being a slave?"

He made a face. "Never! Anything but that."

"I'm gonna do it!" said Robin, eagerly. He got up on his knees. "Get up, slave, you're gonna drink my piss!"

He got off the bed and stood, and Davey followed, falling to his knees when Robin pushed on his shoulder. The boy's cock stood straight out from his groin, his belly tight with his need. He reached to grab Davey's hair with both hands, puffing him sharply until he felt Davey's mouth crushed against his groin.

"Drink it, slave! Here it comes!"

He strained, and grunted and the hot liquid exploded into Davey's mouth, splashing against the back of his tongue and nearly gagging him. He swallowed convulsively, and swallowed again as Robin's bladder opened and poured out its accumulation of liquid wastes. Robin still held his head, and now Davey reached around the boy's ass to squeeze him tight, as if he could force the cock farther into his mouth in that fashion.

"Drink it, slave!" shouted Robin, triumphant. "Drink it all!"

He fucked against Davey's face as he continued to piss, Davey's mouth filled almost to bursting as the slave boy sealed his lips tight about the base of the urinating cock. It was almost too much for him to take. Davey swallowed again and again, drinking in Robin's outpouring, tasting it with his tongue and his mouth in the brief second before he had to swallow it down to make room for more. It was almost pleasant, as his throat worked again and again.

"Ohhhhhhh!" cried Robin, happily. "Oh, that's good! That's so good. Suck me, slave! Suck my piss out of me and drink it down!"

Was there no end to the flood? Robin's bladder must be the biggest organ in his body! Davey did as he wanted, sucking with all of his strength now that the force of the stream was slowing, making it easier for him to swallow. The boy humped against him, Robin's ass twitching as Davey dug his finger into it, his belly jumping with joy.

"Yeah, good! That's good! Ohhhhhhhhh, David!"

The stream stopped. A few more drops answered the suction of Davey's lungs, and then there was no more to be had. Robin's cock was dry. The boy sighed again.

"I never thought it would be like that!"

"You liked it?" Davey rubbed his face against Robin's belly, suddenly happy. It was right to make this boy feel good -- this boy who was his master.

"I want to do it every time I piss."

Robin remembered and his face fell. "Oh, David! Please don't go!"

Davey sighed, looked up at the sad face. He squeezed Robin's ass again.

"I have to," he said. "I can't stay, Robin. I have to be free." He stood then, holding the other boy close for a minute. His belly was filled with Robin's piss and the way the boy fitted against him made him feel good all over. He sighed as he let his hands slide down Robin's back to his ass, and pressed his lips against Robin's neck.

"Remember your promise," he said, whispering.

"I remember." Robin lifted Davey's chin as he gazed into his eyes and suddenly their lips were crushing together, his anus squeezing Davey with all their strength as he held the boy close.

"I remember, but I love you so!"

"And I love you. I'll never forget you, Robin." They clung together for another moment, and then Robin sighed once more, pulling away, his fingers clinging to the last to Davey's.

"I'll have to give you some of my old clothes. I don't have much money, David -- a few dollars. It won't take you very far."

"Just so long as it gets me away. How far is the city?"

"About twenty miles, but you don't want to stay there! My father will find you there!"

"I'll go to Los Angeles," Davey said, suddenly making up his mind. "I know a kid who moved there last summer. His family will help me."

Robin nodded, unsure, and then bent to pick up his discarded clothing, holding it in his hand. He opened the door, sighing once more.

"C'mon up to my room, David -- oh! Owwwww!"

Suddenly the boy flew back, into the room, bouncing off a padded leather horse. His father followed him through the door, fire burning his eyes.

"So, I harbor a viper in my nest! You would betray me, Robin!"

"No sir!" cried the boy, scrambling back as his father approached. "No, Daddy!"

"Lies will make it worse, boy. I've been listening. I know all about your little scheme. You're no better than a thief!"

"No, please!"

"What else would you call stealing my valuable property, if not stealing? Yaff know what that means, don't you, boy?"

"Please! Please!"

Robin sobbed as Davey cowered away from the anger of the man. But Kapp's eyes were on his son, not his slave. For a few seconds Davey harbored the hope that he might get around them, make the door, get away.

"Hold it, slave boy!" Kapp reached out without looking, his blow knocking Davey from his feet. "You're going nowhere! I'll deal with you in a minute -- after I take care of the traitor!"

He grabbed Davey's hands, forcing them behind the boy's back. A strap tied them together, and then the boy yelped as a terrific pull nearly yanked him from his feet. Pain shot through his shoulders, bringing tears to his eyes. Kapp had fastened him to a ring dangling from the ceiling.

He couldn't straighten. Chest heaving, he saw Kapp tie Robin's wrists to two more rings, and then he hauled his son several inches into the air. Robin was begging for mercy to be released, but his father ignored him as he fastened a rope around the boy's ankles, binding them tightly. Then he adjusted Robin's balls so they were caught between his thighs, and pulled the ankle rope through a ring on the floor.

"Scream, Robin," he said, satisfied. "Scream how sorry you are. Scream, you little bastard!"

Suddenly his hand whipped around slamming against Robin's cheek. The boy's head snapped back, his cries cut off instantly. Then he moaned as he brought his head back to stare at his father, a bright red bruise coloring his cheek.

Kapp stared at his son for a few more seconds, then turned back to Davey. He cocked his head to one side as he considered the boy, then clucked his tongue.

"The penalty for escape, slave -- well, there's no point in just beating you, since I intend to beat you anyhow. Nor is there much sense in killing you, since that will spoil my future pleasure."

Davey winced from sudden fear as the man continued to muse aloud. What was he capable of? God, dear God, please help me now!

Kapp walked around behind Davey, and suddenly the boy jumped as a finger dove deep into his ass. Then he bit down to still the outcry against the pain stabbing through his arms.

"It is a sweet ass," said the man. "Much nicer than Robin's." He glanced at his son. "Don't you agree, Robin? I think David will make much better fucking than you."

The finger stabbed again, and then Kapp walked away. Davey wanted to turn, see what he was doing, but dared not -- it might bring something far worse! His heart was pounding loudly as he stared at Robin. The other boy's eyes met his, tears brimming. Robin's teeth bit into his lip, but he said nothing.

Then Kapp was coming back, and a second later a large leather belt was going around Davey's chest. The man worked it up until it was seated as high as it could be, then pulled it tight, the youth gasping as his chest was constricted. A moment later his hands were released from the ring holding them up, although still tied together. Now the chest strap was tied to the ring, Kapp pushing down on the boy to be sure that it would take his weight.

The man was talking to himself as he worked. No! He was humming, a happy little song. He was enjoying what he was doing.

"Lift your leg, slave!"

Davey did as he was told, and Kapp grabbed his knee, forcing it against his belly. Suddenly another broad strap was around him, Kapp standing behind him while he grabbed Davey's other leg, forcing it up into the same position and holding the boy up with one arm while he tightened the strap. Davey winced at the pain, and then his folded legs were tight against his body.

The man released him, moving away again for a minute. Davey hung almost to the floor, could feel the flooring only inches away from his flexing asshole as his body swung back and forth from the single ring holding it. He was bound as tight as he had been when Kapp forced him into the ball, circulation cut off from his extremities.

"Ah, this should do the trick!"

Kapp was back. He grabbed the strap around Davey's lower trunk and hoisted the boy into the air again. A ring snapped into place, and now Davey was swinging, suspended, in that position as the man stepped back to admire his work.

"Yes, I think that will do admirably. Don't you agree, Robin?"

He chuckled when his son did not answer, and pushed Davey to make him swing. Then he caught him again, steadying him, and now Davey realized that the man had removed his clothes. He could feel his hard cock butting against his ass.

Kapp came around him, stood before Davey's face. His cock was bigger than the boy had thought, as big as his father's, although leaner. He was uncircumcised, the foreskin worked back to reveal the plum-colored cockhead. The hole gaped large, like a hypnotic eye capturing Davey's attention.

"Open your mouth, slave!"

The cock prodded at his face, Davey obediently opening his lips. He would not give the man reason to torture him more than already planned. Kapp sighed as he rammed his cock deep into Davey's throat, the boy choking around the penetrating flesh.

"Hot mouth, that's good! So good!"

Suddenly he yanked free, walked around Davey again and buried his prick hilt-deep in the boy at the very first stroke. Davey could not restrain the gasp that burst from his lips as the cock shot into his body. It felt as though it were butting against his heart, pushing toward his throat. He could feel the burning length all along his intestines, and it was heating his own sexual responses. His cock burned hard beneath him, and he wished the man would grab him there, hold him tight, if nothing more.

"Sweet ass! Yes, Robin, David is better than you! You'll have to learn from him. Watch closely, see how he responds."

Kapp fucked into Davey, pushing against the boy so that his suspended position made him swing away, made the man chase him with his cock. He caught Davey's hips, drilling into him all the way, a gasp of satisfaction exploding as he worked in a corkscrew fashion, running his cock all the way around the boy's insides. Then he pulled back, slowly, Davey's asshole sucking as it reluctantly released the filling man-meat.

"Oh, yes! Oh, fuck, yes! I'm fucking you, slave boy. Why don't you try to escape now!"

He pumped, filling Davey with his prick, fucking into the boy, his nails digging into Davey's ribs until the boy was moaning despite his resolution to keep still. Kapp laughed, and increased his fucking pace, throwing himself against the boy now, nearly throwing himself off balance. He pulled Davey back against his humping pelvis as his cock swelled larger and larger.

"Do you like it, boy? Do you like it, slave?"

"Yes!" Davey gasped the word. "Yes, yes! I love it, love it! Fuck me! Fuck me, Master!"

God help him, he did love it. The cock in his ass belonged there, bringing him the satisfaction that his perverted desires needed. He was born to be fucked, born to serve a man -- this man, his Master.

He was born to be a slave!

"Fuck me, Master! Fuck me!"

"Oh, yea! Yeahhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

The man pumped against the boy, and suddenly his balls boiled over, erupted, throwing his seed against Davey. Kapp staggered in the throes of sexual ecstasy and stepped back, his cock coming free from Davey's asshole and spewing its sticky load all over the boy's buttocks. It splashed into the crack, oozed down the cheeks until it dripped onto the soles of Davey's bound feet.

"Oh, Master!" he cried. "Master! Master!"

"Ahhhh! Ali! Ah!"

Kapp panted for a moment, and then he moved close to the boy again. Suddenly the strap around his leg was released, and his feet hit the floor with a thud. Davey staggered, and then the other strap came loose, although his hands were still tied behind his back.

Now the man released his son, Robin's eyes brimming with tears as he came down. The boy rubbed his arms, but his father gave him no chance to recover.

"Robin, get the saddles for the horse -- both of them."

Robin hurried to a closet, came back with the saddles, two leather sheaths to fit over the padded horse. Each bore an eight inch artificial cock sticking straight up.

Kapp took them, placed them on the horse, then looked at his son. "Get up!"

Biting his lip, Robin did as he said, wincing as he balanced himself over the cock. Then he sat down.

It was Davey's turn. His hands were untied. Kapp hoisted him onto the other saddle, his back to Robin's. The cock slid into him, and the man pulled him back against the other boy. A moment later their upper arms were tied together, their hands tied before them. Kapp bent then, tying their feet together beneath the horse.

"There!" he said, straightening. "Tomorrow, Robin, I'll have to report my son a runaway to the police." He grinned, grabbing the boys' cocks. "I've always wanted a slave, now I have two!"

Robin gasped, his back tensing against Davey's. But Davey sighed, he accepted at last. His father had been right to sell him -- he was born to be a slave, to belong to this man! Kapp was his master. Davey would never again try to escape.

His cock began to grow hard in his master's fingers, and he looked at the man who owned him with love in his eyes.


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