Mother in heat

The seething nesting passions that lurk within many individuals are often bidden beneath a venom of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all comers, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under POW pressure, join the neighborhood mate traders.

Roxanne Fildert is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a love of perversity and a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lie coiled like snakes, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

A fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


"Oh, praise the fucking lord, keep sucking my cock!" the minister shouted. "Work, on it! Yeaaahhh!"

Roxanne Fildert reached up to grab the thick base of Reverend Eugene's prick with both hands. She slowly slid her slurping lips up along his pulsating cock-shaft, revealing the network of rope-like veins that encircled his giant prick. Holding the minister's ruby-red cock-head just inside her hot slavering mouth, she nicked the sensitive skin under his bloated cock-tip with her teeth. For good measure, Roxanne licked the steamy strands of oozing pre-cum right out of his piss-slit with her practiced tongue. With a resounding pop, she released his plum-like dick-head from her warm moist mouth.

"Hold it down!" Roxanne said. "My whole family will hear you."

"Never mind that, my child. Just keep sucking. Yes, suck the life out of me, woman!"

Roxanne pushed back the minister's robes which had slipped down over its madly throbbing cock and balls. Grabbing his hot prick in her hand, she jacked it slowly up and down, grinding the heel of her hand into his hairy wrinkled ball-sac on the downstroke. Syrupy strings of spittle and pre-cum dangled from the edges of her hand, dripping onto his thighs and across the rectory floor.

As she studied the gooey wetness that glistened all over Reverend Eugene's long hard cock, Roxanne listened to the soft mournful organ music that droned from inside the church next door. She could also hear occasional sobbing and the low monotones of the people paying their last respects to her husband Bill.

But Roxanne felt calm and safe here in the minister's offices. She felt removed -- at least for the moment -- from the grief, and the sorrow that permeated the atmosphere outside. Chuckling when she heard the organist play the wrong chord, Roxanne eagerly returned to the task at hand -- the Reverend's blow-job.

"Oh, God, make me come! Please, suck my dick, woman!" the minister moaned. He frantically thrust his hips, begging the bereaved wife to continue with her exquisite blow-job. "Do it! Ohhhhh, yeahhhh do it!"

Roxanne inched up closer on her knees and grabbed Reverend Eugene's hairy white thighs, digging her red fingernails into his quivering flesh. He gripped the armrests of his chair tighter and howled with sexual abandon. Roxanne could practically see each rush of fresh blood pumped through his pulsating cock. His shiny red cock-tip danced before her wide-open eyes. She licked her lips slow, drooling with expectation, her trailing lines of hot saliva matching the sticky ribbons of pre-cum that flowed fun his cock-head.

"Now, suck out my cum! Suck out every drop of my life-giving cum!" pleaded the preacher. "Swallow it deep and celebrate, woman! Celebrate life! Ohhhh, aaarrrggghhhh!"

Roxanne closed her eyes and enjoyed the flashes of warmth that rushed across her lips when she bent down to brush across the velvety hot tip of his prick. Hot drops of pre-cum sizzled onto her chin. Oh, this is so good, she thought to herself. She remembered how Bill always wanted her to suck his beautiful cock -- and she always said no. If only she would have known how wonderful it could be, sucking a juicy hot prick, she lamented. Oh, if only, if only...

But she had spent too much time crying over the past. And she had spent too much time thinking about the things she should have done while her husband was still alive. Yes, the Reverend was right. She should appreciate life! She should try and enjoy everything life had to offer her and her family. And that would be the best way to memorialize her dear departed husband.

Roxanne opened her mouth wide, straining her jaws to insure she was able to take in all of the minister's flaming-hot dick. He moaned ecstatically as she closed her wet lips around his smooth cock-tip, swirling her tongue around feverishly. Yes, this was Bill's dick she was sucking! Of course, she was doing this for Bill! Oh, this was fantastic, she thought. It was divine! She was going to give this frantic man the best suck-job she could -- to make up for all those times she refused to heed Bill's desperate urges.

Life! Yes, Reverend Eugene was right. She was going to suck and slurp for all she was worth. It seemed so simple, this sucking celebration, she thought. So simple and so good! This is for you, Bill, she thought, saying a prayer just before sliding her frothing mouth down along the surging length of the minister's jerking prick-shaft.

"Aaaaaahhhhh, that's it, lady," he sighed. "Now, do it faster!"

Roxanne arched her throat at the right angle, taking his cock-head deep into the back of her blisteringly hot throat. She clamped her lips down tight, savoring the blissful sensations of his hot blood pumping into his thick prick-veins. Raking her sharp fingernails across his hairy inner thighs she brought her hands up to cup his taut ball-sac. She gently kneaded his tender balls, treating them like fragile eggs in a velvet pouch. Hot streams of pre-cum and spittle flowed down the shaft of the minister's cock, and Roxanne wasted no time working that sticky steamy mixture of sex-fluids into the whorled, wrinkled skin of his nut-sac. Soon, the furious slurping of her mouth was matched by the loud squishy sound of her squeezing fingers.

But Reverend Eugene wasn't the only one wallowing in the grips of a frenzied fuck-session. Roxanne, too, began creaming uncontrollably. Her cunt was heated up to the boiling point and pussy juice was flowing out between her legs steadily. Each time she bobbed down to take in the hill length of the minister's rock-hard dick, she felt a wave of blazing lust shoot all the way from the back of her throat straight into her dripping pussy channel. Her clit vibrated and itched so greatly, Roxanne was forced to rub her wet thighs together, trying to satisfy he growing urges.

"Mmmmmmphhhfff! Aaaaaphhhfff!" she grunted. The sucking widow desperately moaned her pleasure into the Reverend's swollen cock. The vibrations of her impassioned grunting thrilled him to the root of his gigantic cock. Sic could feel his cum beginning to surge and boil in his oversize balls.

Roxanne worked faster and faster, struggling to keep her mouth gripped tightly to his slippery prick as the Reverend bucked his hips up off the chair, trying to fuck her throat as deep as possible. She reached around and grabbed his clenching asscheeks for support, holding her face close to his sopping groin. Her nose was thrust into the soaked and matted bush of his cock-hairs, and each time she fought to take a breath of air, fuck-juices bubbled around her lips and nostrils.

The musky, spicy scent of his jism was causing her cunt to gush even more. It wasn't long before she was kneeling in hot sticky pussy-sauces which had run down her quivering thighs. Fuck-juices were also streaming down across her chin and along her throat where they flowed into the hidden space between her huge jiggling tits. Soon, her black dress was spotted with big circles of mucousy fuck-slime that caused the shiny material to appear purple.

Oh, she felt so good! To be wallowing in total frantic abandon seemed so right. This was it, she realized. To give yourself totally to your urges was the highest form of expression one could achieve. Oh, if only Bill could be here to share in this experience! But she understood that she would have to forget the past, for both her sake and for her family's sake. They might remember Bill in spirit, but it was their future they had to deal with. And it would be so easy -- and wonderful -- to deal with that future, she realized, if only they could learn to rejoice in life, and appreciate their abilities to give and receive pleasure.

Oh, the Reverend was such a good man! She sucked harder and harder, trying to prove to him just how well she understood his comforting philosophy. Of course she would suck the life out of him, and swallow it greedily -- such a perfect communion!

The minister was hunching and pumping like a madman. Jolts of sheer animal intensity tippled through his loins as he smacked harder and harder into Roxanne's drenched face. Fuck-juices sprayed every which way each time he smacked against her, trying to thrust his achingly hard cock down her throat as far as he could.

Oh, this was so much fun, she thought. She felt like a little girl playing and frolicking without a care in the world. This is how life should be lived, she mused. Then she slurped with all her strength, trying to show Reverend Eugene that she knew exactly what he was talking about -- that life was to be enjoyed, as fully as possible.

As Roxanne reached under the minister's madly flopping ball-sac, she eased her finger down the dark hairy tunnel of his ass-crack until she was teasing his clenching asshole with the tip of her sharp fingers working into the meaty pucker of his shitter-hole. She thought about how she would try and communicate her new joy in life to her family. They were taking her husband Bill's untimely death really hard. And she hated to see them grieving so deeply.

The Reverend continued to face-fuck her viciously, splattering hot fuck-juices about each time he slammed into her drenched lips. She swirled her fiery tongue faster and faster around his ramming cock-shaft and thought about how her family would soon be shedding their grief -- and joining her in her new-found joyfulness.

When she forced her finger all the way up inside his wet greasy asshole, the minister groaned out loud and ecstatically. She could feel a great hot load of cum begin to boil and surge in the fat rubbery tube just beneath his tightening ball-sac.

"Yeah, baby, that's it! I'm almost there. Ohhhh, keep on sucking me!" he begged. "Finger me, my sweet child! Yaaaahhhh!"

They bucked and heaved wildly on the floor. His thighs smacked brutally against her shoulders, but Roxanne maintained a furious suction on the minister's swollen prick. Her head was practically buried in his hairy crotch. She closed her eyes tightly, unable to see past the thick paste of fuck-sauces that coated her face. That seemed to intensify her sense of smell. She inhaled deeply through her nose, relishing the murky male odor that wafted up richly from his balls and sopping pubic bush.

She ground her hot and moist pussy against Reverend Eugene's legs. Her clit was throbbing terribly hard and she knew it wouldn't be long before she had to stuff her greedy pussy full of good thick cock. All those years happy and sad, she had remained true to Bill's sleek pink prick. But that was certainly going to change. Roxanne felt as if she could take each and every cock of all the men there in the church. She needed to be fucked so badly! She needed the sorrow pummeled right out of her thrashing, big-titted body!

Taking the Reverend's sizzling cockhead deep into the back of her throat, Roxanne thought how ironic it was. Just on the other side of the rector walls were all the men she could ever need. But they were probably walking past Bill's coffin, totally caught up in the grips of misery, intimidated by death. And here she was, reveling in life, engaging in her own special form of worship, savagely sucking on Reverend Eugene's hard cock.

If only those sad men out there knew, she thought. If only they knew how simple it could be to be happy. Sure, Bill was gone, but that was no reason to be miserable. If anything, his death should make them appreciate life all the more!

She imagined all those men, all those burly muscular giants who had worked construction with her late husband -- she imagined them all crashing through that door, knocking aside those dusty stacks of old hymnals and tearing off their black suits and armbands, and then ravaging her senseless! Her seething cunt gushed wave after wave of fresh pussy-sauce as she fantasized about all those men fucking her and sucking her and creaming all over her again and again. She felt herself about to come, so intense was her juicy fantasy. It was so vivid and powerful, and the images were so real and colorful, that she thought she was having a religious vision.

The fire in her simmering cunt demanded attention. Roxanne gave the Reverend's thrusting cock one last ferocious suck and then spit out his long prick-shaft sloppily. She yanked her finger out of his spasming asshole and then squeezed his wet glistening dick in her fist. With her other hand, she wiped the seething fuck-sauces from her face. Then she grabbed his cock with two hands, yanking it mercilessly.

"Came on, you big stud!" she spat. "It's time to fuck! Get up off your holy ass and stick your cock in me! Now!"

The minister looked up at her dumbfounded.

His cock twitched out of control, pre-cum oozing steadily from his rosy red prick-tip. Fuck juices streamed down his glistening cock-shaft. The vine-like tangle of veins that encircled his pulsating prick bulged and quivered as his racing heart pumped fresh bursts of blood into his aching dick. His belly and thighs were covered with a thick glassy sheen of spit and pre-cum. His legs twitched nervously and he clenched his asscheeks tight.

"Come on!" he yelled. "You can't stop now! I was just about ready to bust my nuts!" In frustration, he wiped thick rivulets of sweat from his forehead.

But Roxanne knew just what she wanted, and she yelled back, "Shoot it inside me, damnit! I want you to fuck me now!"

Roxanne's voice was high-pitched and brimming with urgency. Flopping down on her back, she raised her black dress and pulled it back around her waist. She slid her long fingers slowly along her thighs, across her frilly black garter belt. With one frantic hand, she yanked her panties aside, revealing the sopping wet fur of her cuntal bush. With her other hand, she reached down and parted her puffed-up pussy-lips. Prying her juicy cunt-flaps open with two fingers, she massaged her itching clit with her thumb.

Her tiny pink fuck-hole was in full view of the agitated minister. He held still for a moment, his cock wiggling rhythmically. His tongue idled loosely as he watched delicious stream of cunt sauce pour out of her pussy-tunnel.

"Please, put your cock in me! Run it in deep! Ream me out, please! Ohhhh, I want to share this moment with you so bad!" she pleaded.

Reverend Eugene scrambled to his knees and shuffled up between her widespread legs. He gripped his mighty, blood-swollen cock in his fist, holding his burning cock-flesh away from the sweep of his funeral robes. Hunching over, he aimed his cherry-red cock-tip straight at Roxanne's succulent, sappy pussy.

"Yes, put it in me now! Please! I need it so bad!" she pleaded frantically, flipping her head from side to side, causing her huge tits to flop and jiggle beneath her tight-fitting dress.

The minister reached down and ripped her panties aside, tearing them savagely. The shredded nylon fabric dangled from one of her lace-covered garter straps. Grunting with animal intensity, he plunged into her slavering cunt with one ferocious lunge. Just like that, his hard prick was shoved balls-deep into her scorching hot pussy-channel. He quickly began ramming his cock into her as hard and as deep as he could.

"Oh, that's it!" she shrieked. "Thank you, ohhhhhhh, thank you!"

Roxanne bowed her long slender legs and wrapped them around the Reverend's heaving backside. His flowing robes felt cool against her inner thighs -- but his cock was setting her dripping cunt on fire! She squeezed her arms around his neck and locked him tight against her heaving body. She held him as tight as she could, wishing she could pull his thrusting, bucking body all the way inside her.

The fucking was so good and hot that she could hardly believe it. Never hod it been this way with Bill. It seemed to her that the Reverend was somehow making up for those long years of unsatisfying sex she endured with her late husband. It wasn't that she never was fulfilled by Bill. He was a gentle, understanding man who had brought her much happiness. But, while Reverend Eugene barbarously throttled her cunt, one thing became clear to her -- some men knew how to love, and some men knew how to fuck!

There was no way to tell the minister how grateful she was for his furious fucking. Words seemed so inadequate, so useless. The only way to communicate her ecstasy was for her to fuck back at him with every fiber of her frenzied being. Faster and faster she thrashed beneath him, wishing her sopping cunt was a big wet mouth which could swallow him and his raw aging cock whole. Harder and harder she slammed her pussy-mound against his pubic bone, threatening to pulverize him into dust. Oh, dust to dust, ashes to ashes... her mind was reeling out of control. Each time he pounded her, it seemed as if he was knocking her thoughts right out of her head. Her mind was nothing more than a great glowing red and gold swirl of delicious, passionate sensuality.

"Yaaagggghhhh! Fuck me! So good! Aaaaaeeee!" she shrieked.

She could feel his fat cock swelling up with his gigantic load of molten cum. His prick was so bloated it stretched her pussy-walls to the limit. Deeper and deeper he fucked, bashing his fist-sized cock-head into the thin membrane at the far end of her cunt-channel. Their bellies slapped together as they fucked feverishly. His huge ball-sac smacked against her slippery asscheeks each time he jammed his big prick into her pussy. Fuck-juices splattered out when their bodies collided.

"Yeah, woman, I'm gonna come!" he bellowed. "Ohhhhhhh, I'm gonna shoot it, yeahhhhhh!"

"Do it!" she pleaded. "Drown me with your hot load!"

She felt the Reverend's body go rigid. He held his head up and his eyes rolled back. His tongue waned out of control in his gaping mouth. Then his hips began quivering a mile a minute, shoving his prick into her with super-human intensity. He was in the all-encompassing grip of his climax, rabbit-fucking her like a man possessed. The floor vibrated from the force of their trembling, quaking bodies. Books tumbled off the shelf and a small religious statue tipped over on the Reverend's desk.

Then she felt the first searing blast of his jism. His cock began spurting sticky eruptions of cum into her clenching pussy-channel. He heaved and moaned on top of her, drooling long strands of spittle across her face. As he fought to control his spasming body, his cock slipped out of her drenched cunt. He squirted jets of jism into the air wildly. The hot sticky stuff arched up and then splashed down onto her belly and across her face. Gobbets of his cum sizzled against her sweaty flesh.

The Reverend rolled over on his side, exhausted. His robe was all wrinkled and splattered with cum and pussy-cream. He breathed raggedly, trying to catch his breath.

But an insistent itch still nagged at her wringing wet cunt. The minister had finished too soon and she still needed desperately to come. So Roxanne thrust her fingers into her wet pussy and began finger-fucking herself to satisfaction. With her other hand, she smeared the hot starchy blobs of the Reverend's cum all around her quivering belly. Then she forced her fingers up under the soft fabric of her bra cups and began squeezing her hard nipples coating her tit buds with gooey fuck sauces.

It wasn't long before she began coming. Her hips humped up off the floor and then her wide asscheeks smacked down hard into the seething puddle of pussy-sauces. Her hand was shoved inside her cunt and she was tweaking her nipples rabidly.

Her body jackknifed as the first overpowering wave of orgasm slashed through her. She doubled over in exquisite agony, rubbing her knuckles back and forth over her pulsating clit.

"Yaaaaiiiigggghhhh!" she groaned. "Oh, yes, [missing text]."

She moaned and bellowed, practically shaking the walls of the little rectory. As she wailed louder, Roxanne actually drowned out the sound of the huge pipe organ in the church next door. But it felt so fucking good -- so gritty and feverishly wonderful -- that she couldn't stop. She was totally caught up in the throes of her climax and it was all she could do to ride it out, flopping madly on the fuckjuice-soaked carpet.

As one final gut-wrenching spasm gripped her, Roxanne arched her ass up frantically, aiming her convulsing pussy at the ceiling. Then she collapsed on top of the Reverend, resting her cheek against the cool fabric of his black silk robe. She inhaled the rich, musky odor that permeated the tiny room and then sighed deeply. She couldn't believe how satisfied she felt, having gorged herself on hot steamy sex. It felt as if she were sailing along on a soft fluffy cloud, just drifting and drifting.

Oh, Bill, she sighed to herself. I'm going to be all right. Everything's going to be fine. We'll make it, me and the kids, we'll be okay. She only wished that Bill could be alive just long enough to share in the new pleasures she had discovered. But then she realized that she would never have received such a good fucking at the hands of the Reverend if Bill hadn't died. Roxanne bit her lip, thinking how unfair life could be.

Snapping out of her blissful afterglow for a moment, Roxanne realized how quiet it seemed all of a sudden. The only sound she could hear was the slow deep breathing of the minister at her side. What happened to the organ music? she wondered. What happened to the muffled sounds of the mourners just outside the rectory?

Then the doorknob turned slowly and the door swung open wide. Her teenage son Dave stood there staring, his mouth hanging wide open. Her young twin daughters, Sandy and Candy, stood on either side of their older brother. Sandy dropped the little bouquet of flowers she had been holding. Candy looked away, covering her tear-streaked streaked face. A crowd of people dressed in somber-colored clothes stood behind the teenagers. They looked on in disbelief. One woman screamed and then fainted.

The groggy Reverend raised up to look at his parishioners and then flopped back down, burying his head in his cum-stained arms.

For some, strange reason, Roxanne just smiled lewdly, making no attempt to hide her raw, mushy, juice-splattered pussy. Then she started laughing and laughing and laughing...


Roxanne sat on the couch in her living room absentmindedly fingering her pussy. She struggled to pump some good feelings into her big cunt and was soon rubbing the little bump of bone on her delicate wrist across her oily clit frantically.

But it was no use. She hadn't been able to climax since the nasty incident at the church last month. After the shock of being discovered fucking the Reverend, it was as if all the nerves in her cunt had been ripped out. Her body still ached for orgasm, but her damn pussy just wouldn't oblige.

"Oh, Bill..." she moaned, closing her tear filled eyes. "God rest your soul. Oh, I wish you could be here to fuck me!"

Roxanne pulled her robe farther open so she could stare down at her puffy cunt-lips. She pinched her dry, bloated pussy-flaps between two sharp red fingernails and was saddened even more by the fact that her cunt barely responded to the pain she tried to inflict.

In frustration, the bereaved housewife yanked the front of her robe open and began pinching her nipples savagely. At the same time, she mashed her big tits almost flat with her forearms. Harder and harder she mauled her breasts, trying viciously to feel some kind of sensation, trying feverishly to unleash an orgasm.

She eased herself up onto the armrest of the couch and began stroking her pussy across a row of knobby upholstery tacks as she continued to massage her quivering tits. One of her deliciously long legs hung off the end of the couch and she scrunched her toes up in the thick pile carpet. Oh, she wanted to come so bad! And the harder she tried to force her body to come, the more frustrated she became.

"Mom! Mom! Are you all right? What's wrong, Mom?"

Roxanne opened her eyes and stared through the tears at her daughter Sandy. The girl had just returned home from school. Upon entering the room she had seen her mother writhing on the couch and she immediately threw her books down and ran to Roxanne's side.

"Oh, it's okay, Mom. It's okay," Sandy said, soothingly.

Roxanne slumped back down into the soft couch cushions. She unclenched her toes and a fuzzy wad of carpet strands fell away. The color slowly returned to her white, battered tit-flesh. Sandy reached over and closed the front of her mother's robe, gently pulling it into place.

As Roxanne paused to catch her breath, pushing strands of her disheveled hair away from her swollen red eyes, Sandy took a whiff of the unmistakable odor of mature pussy. The girl's eyes opened wide as she ran her fingers across the armrest and she felt the slick, greasy sensation of cunt-sauce atop the heads of the lubricated upholstery tacks. She and her twin sister Candy had often stuck a finger up each other's cunt in play, but never had the girl felt pussy-fluid so thick and slimy. And the smell! Whew!

Roxanne pulled her daughter closer and hugged her tight. "I'm sorry, honey. It's just that your mom's been through a lot lately. But things will get better, you'll see. I promise."

Sandy nuzzled against her mother's soft shoulder and stared down the front of her robe. She was totally amazed at the sight of Roxanne's big tits. Each time her mother took in a deep breath and then sighed, her full breasts would rise and fall heavily, her nipples poking out hard against the soft terrycloth material of her bathrobe.

"I know, Mom. And us kids are gonna help you, too. We decided last night what we're gonna do."

"That's wonderful, baby," Roxanne said, squeezing Sandy's shoulder. She appreciated her daughter's fortitude, but knew that what she really needed her kids could never provide. She needed a big fat cock slamming in and out of her sopping cunt. She needed a long throbbing prick splitting her pussy wide apart. Oh, she needed to fuck so bad.

"Yeah, Mom. Yesterday when me and Candy were in Mr. Schultz's grocery store he kept saying how much he wanted to come by and see you and see if you were okay. But we told him we were taking care of you ourselves." The girl looked up at her mother, searching for an approving look. "And then he chased us out of the store and we ran all the way home."

Oh, you little fool, Roxanne thought as Sandy chuckled. The lonely housewife then began thinking about Fred Schultz and the reputation he had for the biggest cock around. Now that she as essentially single again, there was no reason she couldn't be out getting her share of the town cocks. But Fred was married. Oh, if only she could find some relief! She hadn't been out of the house since the funeral, and then she heard that Reverend had been dismissed and she figured she would never get the good fucking she really needed, ever. This last mouth had been so gloomy and frustrating. All she did was sleep and watch TV and eat and walk around in her robe -- all the time trying desperately to get her cunt to gush fuck juices and throb with climax after climax! It was like she was trapped in a prison constructed by her emotionally ravaged mind. Oh, Bill, she whined to herself. Why did you have to leave me at a time like this?

Into the room burst her son Dave and her other daughter Candy. They threw their books and coats onto a nearby chair and ran over to the couch.

"Hi guys!" Sandy called out cheerfully. "Come on over and let's tell Mom about our plans."



Candy rushed over and snuggled next to her sister on the couch. They were identical twins, except Candy always wore her hair in a ponytail. Dave straddled the coffee table in front of his mother. He looked at her and smiled before he noticed that her cunt was clearly visible beneath the hem of her robe. Mesmerized by the swirling bush of her wiry black cunt-hair, Dave stared slack jawed, his fingers digging into the underside of the little table.

Roxanne shook her head and cleared her throat. She looked around at her little family, admiring the way they waited patiently for her to speak. Thinking back to that morning in the rectory when the Reverend had taught her so much about life and celebration, she suddenly felt a little less gloomy and a little happier. Sure, they were going to make it after all, she thought. The Reverend was such a good man. So good. God, was he hung. Oh, Jesus could he stuff a pussy. Then Roxanne remembered what a scalding blast of cum he had shot into her hot cunt. And she remembered how furiously they had fucked, literally shaking the walk of the Reverend's little office...

"Mom? You okay, Mom?" asked Sandy. Roxanne opened her eyes and nodded. "Yes. I'm fine," she said, trying to bide the great emptiness she felt in her cunt. "And I think it's about time we got together and had a little meeting."

Candy reached over and slapped her brother. "Stop staring at Mom's... at Mom's..."

"That's okay, dear," Roxanne said. "It's all right for Dave to look at my... at my pussy."

Dave blushed red and turned away.

"But Mom!" Sandy said, folding her arms against her chest. "Boys aren't supposed to look at their mother's... at... at..."

"At their cunts?" Roxanne asked.

"That's right," Sandy answered. "And you aren't even supposed to talk like that, either!"

Roxanne laughed and spread her legs a little bit. For some reason, she was feeling much better -- and her pussy was even getting a little wet.

"You have to learn this is your family you're talking to, not a bunch of your friends on the street corner."

"Well, they said you were a... a slut."

Roxanne tilted her head back and laughed richly. "Oh, there's so much you have to learn, son. For the time being, just don't listen to those stupid boys."

"But, Mom," Dave pleaded. "The last time I went over to Billy's after school his mom wouldn't even talk to me and I felt real weird. Everywhere I go it seems like people are whispering behind my back and laughing and stuff."

"Oh, honey," Roxanne said, trying to relax her son. "You're still upset because of your father. Here, come on over and join us."

Roxanne scooted over and made room for Dave on the end of the couch. He stood up slowly and squeezed in, trying to sit as close to the armrest as he could. But his mother slid her arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. With her other arm she corralled her twins until she was embracing her whole family warmly.

"Now what was it you kids were going to tell me about?"

Candy looked up and smiled, playing with her ponytail. Now she too was treated to a breathtaking sight of her mother's full, round tits. "We just made up this plan to help you out, that's all. Me an Sandy put up some cards at the laundromat that said we would baby-sit and we decided to give all our money to you from our jobs."

Roxanne smiled appreciatively. "And how about you, Dave?" she asked, laughing to herself at the sight of a growing bulge in her son's jeans. "Don't tell me you're going to baby-sit, too?"

"Ah, com'on, Mom," Dave said. "Mr. Dackel at the kennels said I could work more hours after school and I guess I'm going to give you all my paychecks, too."

Roxanne sighed dramatically. Her tits rose and fell slowly, capturing the gazes of her three children. "I think that's just fine, kids. I knew we could do it, if only we worked together. Remember that, won't you? We've got to do this all together." The twins giggled and smiled at one another, pleased that their plan had ran so smoothly.

Dave grinned also. But his face was etched with embarrassment more than satisfaction. He was clumsily trying to hide his growing erection. It was his half-naked mother that he was worried about. Dave felt funny, almost like he had to piss, but it was different.

"Well, kids, I think everything's going to work out fine. Your mother wants to take a little nap."

Sandy and Candy jumped up and kissed Roxanne on both cheeks. Dave got up slowly, unsuccessful in hiding his hard cock tenting out his pants crotch.

Roxanne looked at him with a soothing motherly expression.

Roxanne opened her legs, trying to cool off her juicy pussy which had suddenly begun steaming up under her robe. She looked directly down at her son's crotch and said, "I think they have another name for guys who like to fuck a lot."

Dave smiled brightly. "You know what, Mom? I think you're the greatest mom because you say words like fuck and stuff. I bet you and Dad fucked all the time, huh?"

Roxanne was suddenly distraught, frowning and turning her head away from her inquisitive son. "Yeah," she mumbled.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to..." Dave leaned over to try and comfort his mother but he slipped and his arm slid down between her legs. He felt a sudden blast of pussy-heat scald his wrist. Seeing that his hand was so close to his mother's mushy cunt, Dave was too embarrassed to move.

The sudden closeness of her son's hot body caused Roxanne's cunt to begin gushing hot waves of cunt-sauce. She squirmed around on the couch, feeling her juices seep back into her sweaty asscrack. She reached out and began caressing her son's neck, gently scraping her long fingernails along his jaw and behind his ears.

"You know, son, some people think you're not supposed to fuck as much as you want to, any time you want to."

Dave began shivering and quaking, but hot cock seemed to be growing larger and thicker. "But, but, nobody can fuck his... his... own mom!" Roxanne drew her son's head close against her full red lips. She tongued his ear and whispered hotly, "Says who?"

Dave squealed and reached out clumsily to begin grinding his mother's tits against her chest with his hands.

"No, not like that," Roxanne moaned, raising up her thigh to rub across Dave's captive cock. "Be gentle. Be soft. And then suck my nipples into your mouth. Softly. Ohhhhhhh!"

Dave kneeled between his mother's legs and tore her robe away from her huge delicious tits. He bent down to suck the soft warm tit-flesh and soon her nipples were standing up hard and erect. Dave squirmed closer, rubbing his knees into her sopping pussy as he struggled to eat as much of her big tits as he could. Soon, the corduroy knee-patches of his jeans were soaked through with cunt-juice. She rubbed her clit up against his thin thighs and moaned contentedly.

"Slow down, honey. Take your time. Don't bite so hard. Ohhhhhhh, yeah, that's it. Yeahhhhh!"

Dave's hips were rocking back and forth and Roxanne could sense that he would soon shoot his load if she didn't do something. His saliva completely coated her big tits, and as Roxanne pushed her son back gently, strings of spittle strung out from her wet tits to his glistening chin.

"I want to make it real good for you, son. So why don't you lie down on your back and let Mom take care of you."

Pushing Dave down with one hand, Roxanne worked his zipper down with the other. She helped him squirm out of his jeans and yanked his pants off his ankles with one deft stroke. Staring at his throbbing prick, she untied her robe and wriggled out of it. Kneeling on the floor next to her quivering son, Roxanne rested her big fat tits on the edge of the couch, brushing her red-hot nipples against his skinny white thigh. Then she grabbed his cockshaft tightly and squeezed it until his cock-head turned bright purple. Mucousy streams of pre-cum dripped down her clenching fingers.

"Oh, Mom, that feels so good. Ohhhhh, ahhhhh. Fuck me, Mom. Okay? Please? Ahhhh!"

Roxanne grinned and licked her lips. "Not yet, son. Be patient. I'm going to suck you now. And you're going to love it!"

She leaned over and began licking his pre-cum out of his piss-slit, spreading the slimy fluid all around his blood-engorged prick-tip. Then she began jacking his cock-shaft, moving her clutching hand up and down until she had lubricated his whole dick with spit and fuck-juices. Faster and faster she worked on his cock-meat, her hand moving in a blur.

With her other hand, the horny mother dipped into her dripping cunt and scraped out a glob of pussy-juices. Just before she opened her mouth wide to suck in her son's pulsating cock, she reached up and slapped the wad of pussy-sauce against her son's face, working the gooey stuff all around his mouth and nose. He frantically stuck out his tongue and tried to lick the stuff off her hand, inhaling his first dose of hot, pungent pussy fluids.

Then she sucked in his whole cock in one big gulp. Her nose was buried in his soft, fluffy cockhair and she squeezed her lips together as tight as possible around his prick-base. With his delicious dick fully imbedded in her mouth and throat, she began suctioning her cheeks back and forth, trying to imitate the sensation of a clenching, spasming pussy. Hot streams of spittle and pre-cum escaped the grip of her lips and ran down onto Dave's taut ball-sac before dribbling against the couch.

"Please, Mom! Suck me suck me! Oh, Mom, you big slut, make it come out! Please! I can't stand it! Ahhhggggghhhhh!"

Now Roxanne started bobbing her head up and down furiously, maintaining her tight suction on Dave's glistening cock-shaft. He beat at the couch cushions with his fists and kicked his heels against the armrest and he soon became immersed in the steamy, itchy pleasure that his mother was providing for him. It felt like hot needles prickling and tickling his balls. And he couldn't believe how good his cock felt thrusting in and out of his mother's juicy mouth.

Roxanne changed her position slightly so she could reach down and tease the underside of his nut-sac with her fingernails. She could feel his balls boiling with fresh young cum, pulling up tighter against his rock-hard cock-root.

She eased herself tip onto the couch, still maintaining her fierce sucking on her son's cock. Spreading her legs while kneeling above her son's thrashing body, she tried to position her cunt just above his foot. Easing her soaking-wet pussy onto his toes, she soon had Dave fucking his foot in and out of her drenched cunt while she continued with her exquisite blow-job.

"Come on, Mom! Make it shoot! Make that stuff come out all over your face! Pleease! Yeahhhhhhh!"

Dave's hips were bucking up off the couch violently, but Roxanne still managed to fit her little finger into his puckered asshole. She forced her finger into his ass all the way to the last knuckle and then began grinding her hand between his asscheeks.

And that set off the most satisfying orgasm Dave had ever experienced in his young life.

Roxanne could feel his blast of cum begin to rush up the taut jism-tube on the underside of his twitching cock. She took the first spurt in the back of her throat and she moaned deeply when she felt the hot spunk sizzle against her flesh. Then she released his spewing cock with a slurping pop. Still reaming out his asshole with her little finger, she used her other hand to aim his cock at her face so he could watch his cum splash against her cheeks and nose and eyes. He kept shooting load after load, until hunks of jism slid from her chin down along her neck.

Grabbing his still-spurting prick, Roxanne mashed the tip against her face, spreading the hot jism all over with his cock-head. Soon, her whole face was shiny with his gray-white cum.

"Aaaggghhh! Get it!" Dave pleaded, trying to shoot out the last of his immense load. "Ohhhhh, Mom. Ohhhhhaaaaa!"

Pulling her finger out of her son's asshole, Roxanne began moving up the length of the couch to kiss her son on the mouth. She inched her wet pussy along his shin, across his knees, up his thigh, until she mashed her mushy cunt right down on his gooey cock. She fucked her pussy against him, staring down and smiling. Her tits swayed above his face, her nipples brushing across his trembling lips.

"Did you like that, honey? Was that good for you?"

Dave tried to catch his breath. "It sure was, Mom. That was the best ever."

"Ummmm, I'm glad you liked it. Now give your mother a big kiss."

"But Mom! Your face is all sticky with... with..."

"If you want to fuck, Dave, you better kiss your mother."

As she lowered her face to his, Roxanne could feel Dave's cock stir back to life, despite his protests. She mashed her face against his and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Then she reached up and stuck her little finger, the one that had been in her son's asshole, into his mouth.

Her tongue and finger worked around in his mouth furiously. Spit and cum spread all over his face.

And it wasn't long before Dave began to enjoy his mother's sloppy kissing. She sensed his new pleasure, as his cock began growing thicker and harder against her big cunt.

Raising up, Roxanne said, "There you go, Dave. Suck my finger and then see if you can fuck me. Okay? Ummmmm, yeah!"

Roxanne looked down at her son and smiled proudly. It wouldn't be long before he was tearing up the neighborhood pussy, she thought. Once he gets a taste of my cunt, anyway.

Yanking her finger out of Dave's mouth, she rolled over onto her back swiftly, pushing her son off onto the carpet. Draping one leg over the back of the sofa, Roxanne spread out wide for Dave's pleasure, revealing every fold and flap of her scalloped pussy.

"Come here and fuck me, tiger. Stand up and fuck me like a man! Do it! Now!"

Dave leaped to his feet and then kneeled down between his mother's open, dripping thighs. He looked up into her pussy-tunnel as she peeled her cunt-flaps back for him.

"Put your cock in there, you fucking bull. I need it now, Goddamnit! Get down here and fuck!"

"Okay, bitch," Dave said, trying to make his voice sound deeper than it was. "I'll fuck you now, Mom, you big slut."

Dave fell down onto his writhing mother and tried desperately to slip his hard cock into her slippery hole. She had to help him get it in, but once he was balls-deep into her hot pussy, Dave began slamming into her with all his strength. He gripped her pelvis for leverage and pounded his cock into her full force. Each time he slapped against her pussy-mound, a spray of fuck-juices would splash out from between their meshed pubic bushes.

Roxanne gripped his asscheeks with both hands and dug her sharp fingernails into his taut flesh. Dave moaned with ecstasy, grinding his cock viciously into Roxanne's pussy at the top of each stroke.

Soon, mother and son were locked into a feverish embrace, trying to drain each other's juices, trying to come and come. Dave's frantic fucking was just what Roxanne needed, and although she felt her orgasm beginning to build, she tried to hold it back as long as possible. Oh, it had been so long since she'd had a good fucking. Even Reverend Eugene hadn't been able to satisfy her completely. Now, maybe her son could give her what she demanded -- and what she urgently needed -- a bone-shattering come!

Only her husband Bill had been able to make her come like she needed to come. But toward the end his strength faltered and she found herself becoming more and more restless. Even so, he had given her some delicious orgasms. Oh, Bill, she moaned to herself. Oh, Bill.

"Yeah, Mom, this is it. Oh, it feels so good. Work on it, Mom! Faster! Aaaaaagggg!"

"Oh, Bill, fuck me fuck me, ohhhhhhh!" Roxanne gasped. She and Dave were moving as one now, thrashing and bucking on the couch a mile a minute. "Bill, fuck me faster! MAKE ME COME, BILL, MAKE ME COME! YEAHHHGGGHHH!"

Dave was too ecstatic to realize that his mother was totally lost, confusing him for his father. All he wanted to do was crack his nuts, shooting another load of hot jism deep inside his mother's clenching cunt. As he felt the first spurts of cum about to blast out, Dave opened his eyes and looked straight ahead. For an instant, he stopped fucking and almost lost his come.

Because his sisters Sandy and Candy were sitting halfway up the stairs, peeking through the banister, giggling -- and finger-fucking each other!

Dave moaned loudly, closing his eyes tightly in shame. But he was too caught up in his impending climax to stop now. Especially when his mother's cunt began spasming around his thrusting cock.

"Shoot it, Dave!" Roxanne begged. "Oh, please, shoot your spunk into my cunt, please. I can't wait. Come on! Now!"

The sweet sound of his mother's voice and the feel of her deliciously clenching pussy-walls was enough to bring Dave off. As he blasted his second load into his mother's pussy, feeling the first hot jets of jism streak through his cum-tube, Dave couldn't help hear his sisters giggling louder and louder. As soon as he emptied his load, he collapsed into his mother's arms, burying his head between her soft, sweaty tits.

The searing shots of jism sizzling inside Roxanne's big cunt triggered her orgasm. As she thrashed and heaved on the couch, caught in the grips of a thrilling climax, she almost tossed Dave to the floor, so violent were her spasms.


As the last feverish flashes of orgasm tore through Roxanne's cunt, she gripped Dave tighter and sighed deeply. It was then she heard her daughters squeaking and sighing from up on the stairs. Now she knew why Dave was trying to hide his face in her musky cleavage.

"Don't worry, son," she whispered, gently rocking him. "Remember, we're going to do everything together from now on. Okay? Don't worry about a thing. Please."

Dave began squirming, trying to break free of his mother's grasp. He wiped his stale jism from his face and neck, where the gooey stuff lingered after her sloppy kiss.

But Roxanne held him securely. "Please, baby, stay with Mom. And if it'll make you feel any better, I want you to know something. Son, you can really fuck!"

The teen was suddenly changed. He relaxed and then looked up at Roxanne, over the tops of her heaving tits. Dave smiled broadly -- with pride.


Sandy Fildert stood in front of the big mirror on her closet door. Alone in her bedroom, she studied her naked body critically. Cupping her tits. She reached down and curled her fingers in her blonde pussy-hair.

Then she remembered the size of her mother's huge tits, remembering how her brother Dave had been able to bury his face between those giant sweaty jugs. Sandy's pussy began heating up when she recalled all that gooey stuff that her brother had shot out of his big hard cock -- and how her mother had so enjoyed smearing that cum all over her face. And then she made Dave lick it, too!

But watching her mom and brother fuck and suck, while she and her sister Candy stuck their fingers up each other's pussies, had stirred up something warm and delicious in Sandy's lithe young body. Now, as she stood stroking herself, dipping a finger into her juicing cunt, reaching back to tease her pink asshole, she felt like she needed something more. Something like her mother was getting when she let Dave put his prick in her. Sandy realized that having her sister play with her fresh young pussy was not enough. No way!

After watching her mother suck and fuck, the twins had run upstairs. Candy quickly locked herself in the bathroom while Sandy gazed at herself in the mirror. Pulling her finger out of her cunt and holding it under her nose to take a big whiff of the musky scent, Sandy heard some strange noises coming from the bathroom.

"Ahhhhhhh! Oh, yeahhhhhhh! Ooooooo!"

Sandy ran over and stood by the door. "Are you all right, Sis? Is something wrong?" she asked.

Candy called back, "No, ah, I'm... okay. I just have to... to... poop. That's all."

"Sounds like you're making big ones," Sandy laughed.

"Well, sorta. Now wouldya leave me alone!"

"Okay, I'm sorry," Sandy said, walking away dejectedly. She hopped up onto her bed and then kept bouncing, watching her tits jiggle.

Then the phone rang. Sandy stopped with her little trampoline act long enough to answer it.

"Hello?" she asked politely.

"Yes, I'm calling about the babysitters."

If she could get the first job, she would be able to get back at her sister for being so mean, she realized.

"Well, this is Mr. Schultz. I need a babysitter for tonight. As soon as possible. Can you do it?"

"Sure, Mr. Schultz, I'll be over as soon as I can. Goodbye!"

Sandy hung up the phone and gleefully leaped off the bed. She dressed in a hurry and ran downstairs two steps at a time. The living room smelled dank and musty and Sandy paused at the front door. Looking around, she noticed big wet spots on the couch -- and that sticky white stuff was smeared all over.

"Mom!" she called out. She wanted to stay and wait for an answer, and tell her mother where she was going, but somehow the memory of what she had witnessed earlier -- her big fleshy mother writhing and moaning atop her brother -- and the thick sweaty odor that permeated the downstairs, drove the blonde teenager out through the door.

She wanted to run away from that place, not because she was afraid of what had happened to Dave, but because she was afraid of what was happening to her pussy. She was getting so wet just standing there in the same room where her mother had fucked her big brother. And she couldn't spend the whole night babysitting with sopping pants.

So she dashed out onto the street and ran all the way to the Schultz's house. She arrived out of breath and knocked meekly on the front door of the little tract home.

Mr. Schultz answered the front door and looked down at her. Sandy was bent over, leaning against the rough stucco wall. Staring straight ahead, the first thing Sandy saw was Mr. Schultz's bulging crotch. The front of his slacks was sticking out lewdly, tented by his huge cock.

"Well, hello there," the big man said. "I didn't expect you so early. My wife and I were, well, why don't you come in."

Sandy knew it was rude, but she couldn't keep from staring at Mr. Schultz's crotch. She had thought her brother Dave had a big one, but this was ridiculous. Even as she watched, the man's prick seemed to grow larger under his tight trousers.

"Have a seat on the couch," he said, a trace of discomfort in his voice. "You... you're, Candy, aren't you?"

"No, that's my sister," the young girl replied, her eyes still locked just below the man's waist. "I'm Sandy."

"Yes, well, that's fine. It seems like the last time I saw you you were still a little girl," he said, trying to be polite.

The girl said nothing, her jaw opening wider. She felt warm flashes begin to tingle in her pussy. Even her tiny nipples were getting hot.

Just then, Mrs. Schultz came down the stairs and rescued her husband. "Come on, honey, let's go. We're late," she said.

"Okay, dear," the man answered. But before he could say another word, his wife grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the door.

Mrs. Schultz said, "There's food in the fridge and the kids are asleep upstairs. We'll be home early dear." And then she slammed the door behind her.

Sandy sat with her mouth open, moving her hands slowly toward her hot pussy.

Outside, as the car backed out of the garage, Mrs. Schultz said to her husband, "What was wrong with that Fildert girl? She's usually so bubbly when she comes over."

Mr. Schultz grinned lasciviously. "I think she just got something in her eye," he mumbled.



During the course of the evening, Sandy went to check on the kids a few times but they were always sleeping soundly. So she spent most of the night watching TV and nibbling at tuna sandwiches. But she had a difficult time concentrating on any of the television programs -- because she couldn't get the picture of Mr. Schultz's big cock out of her mind.

By the time the evening news came on, Sandy had a fish sandwich in one hand and her other hand in her pussy. She was frantically massaging her wet cunt and eating at the same time. Mr. Schultz's bulge had made her this crazy.

Then the front door flew open. Sandy curled into a ball and slipped off the couch, startled and afraid. She dropped her sandwich and it flopped under the coffee table.

"Why don't you take the kid home, honey. I'm going up to bed," Mrs. Schultz told her husband. She held her forehead and weaved drunkenly up the stairs.

Mr. Schultz walked over to the couch and looked for Sandy. "Hmmmm, it smells like fish in here," he said, noticing the girl squirming under the coffee table.

"I just dropped my sandwich," Sandy replied around a mouthful of tuna. She arched her back and tried to button her shorts without Mr. Schultz spotting her wet pussy.

"Well, how did everything, go? Okay?" he asked.

Sandy turned around and looked up at the big man. Again, her eyes bugged out. He was standing with his arms crossed in front of his chest, deliberately thrusting his crotch in her direction.

"Fine," she said, crawling to her feet.

"And how much do I owe you, Sandy?" Mr. Schultz asked, gently gyrating his hips.

Mr. Schultz reached around to get his wallet and then groaned in pain. "Oh, it's my back again. This cold weather always gets to my back. Won't you come over and give me a hand?"

Sandy stepped forward slowly. She moved carefully, trying both to hide her cunt-sauce soaked shorts and to avoid staring too obviously at Mr. Schultz's cock. But the way he kept pointing his crotch right at her made the babysitter uncomfortable.

"Can't you reach around and pull out my wallet? Please?"

But as Sandy tried to reach his back pocket, Mr. Schultz began rocking his hips and spinning away from her, slowly, teasing her. Then Sandy tried to reach around the other side, but the big man was too quick for her. Soon their activity turned into a game. Finally, Mr. Schultz grabbed her and held her close, swaying back and forth.

Sandy rested her head against his hard chest and reached around his waist as far as she could. Her cunt began creaming delightfully as she stared down at the taut lump in his pants. She could have sworn his trousers were about to rip at the seams, so large was his erect cock.

"Where did you say your wallet was, Mr. Schultz?" Sandy asked, staring up at him with a grin on her face. Then, before he could answer, Sandy slipped her hand into the front pocket of his slacks. She dug around in the pile of change before she began stroking his firm upper thigh. Then she eased her hand as far toward his cock as she could, tapping the side of his hot nutsac with her fingers.

"Oh, baby, baby, ohhhhh..." he moaned.

"All I feel in here is a bunch of pennies, Mr. Schultz. You think I'm worth more than that don't you, huh?" Sandy asked, winking.

"Yeahhh, oh, yeahhhh. Come on, honey. Let's get you home."

He dragged her out the door and practically threw her into the car. Sandy scooted up close, pushing the seat belts out of her way. Mr. Schultz fumbled with the key in the ignition as she reached over and began stroking his thigh. The engine rumbled and then turned over just as Sandy squeezed the tip of his cock through the material of his pants.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Mr. Schultz gasped, slamming the accelerator pedal to the floor. The engine whined and Sandy began laughing happily.

"Oh, Mr. Schultz."

He nodded and sighed and somehow managed to get the car rolling down the street. All the way to the Fildert house, Sandy gently stroked Mr. Schultz's thigh with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other.

"So, how has your mother been lately?" the man asked, running a stop sign.

"Oh, she's okay. I watched her fuck with Dave today."


Sandy felt him quiver all over at the sound of her words. "What's wrong? Mom says it's okay to fuck whenever you want. Do you want to fuck with me, Mr. Schultz?"

"Now, S-S-Sandy, you have to understand s-s-something. You s-s-see, people c-c-can't f-f-f... oh, shit, Christ, yes! Yes, Goddamnit!"

He squealed to a stop in front of the Fildert house, bashing into the curb, sending Sandy crashing against the dashboard.

"Ooooo, Mr. Schultz, my head hurts."

"That's okay, honey. Let's go."

Schultz pulled her out of the car and carried her under his arm as he ran across the front lawn. "Wait a minute. We can't just do it in your house," he said. "Damnit, and I'm so fucking hot!"

"That's okay, Mr. Schultz," Sandy squeaked, rubbing her bruised forehead. "Let's go around back and use the hot tub."

"Good idea, bitch."

In the back of the house was a secluded building Bill Fildert had built just before he died. He was one of the first on his block to buy a hot tub and all the neighbors raved about how fantastic his setup was. And Mr. Schultz was dying to try it out.

Once inside, he tore off his clothes, flinging them all over. Then he helped Sandy unbutton her shorts, taking time to run his big hairy hand up and down her slinky white thighs.

"Oh, God, kid, you're so Goddamned beautiful," he sighed. "I can't wait to stick you good."

Sandy giggled, embarrassed at being naked in front of this giant hairy man. Then she remembered what her mother had done with Dave and she stuck a finger deep inside her sweet pussy. Pulling her hand out slowly, Sandy held up a tiny glob of fresh pussy-juice.

"Here, eat it, Mr. Schultz."

The big man dropped to his knees and grabbed the girl's wrist with both hands. Then he slowly guided her dainty finger into his mouth, sucking every molecule of cunt-sauce from her alabaster flesh.

"Betcha can't catch me!" Sandy giggled.

He chased her all around the steamy little room, his cock flapping madly between his legs, smacking up against his chest as he chased her around the redwood tub.

The water in the tub was boiling and churning. And the room grew hotter and hotter, filled with the high-pitched squeals of the girl and the deep moans and groans of Mr. Schultz.

Greasy strands of pre-cum were oozing out of the big man's cock, coating his hairy belly and thighs with a web of gooey, glistening fuck-fluid. And around and around they went, Sandy staying just out of the frustrated man's grasp.

Then Sandy grabbed the edge of the tub and leaped into the hot, foaming water. Mr. Schultz dove in after her and caught her around the waist. They both went under and then surfaced laughing merrily.

"Now I've got you, you cunt. Now you're gonna really get it. After this, you can tell your momma what it really means to fuck. I don't fuck like no Goddamned wimp minister, I'll tell you that. Yeahhhaaaggghhh!"

Schultz sat back against the edge of the tub and thrust up his blood-engorged cock. Then he grabbed the back of Sandy's wet head and pulled her down. He arched his hips, aiming the tip of his prick at her thin quivering lips.

Sandy looked down at the huge cock which was surrounded by the fast-moving foamy water. The head was big and juicy and red and practically filled up her whole field of sight. She opened her jaws painfully wide and tried to take in the big prick tip, just like she had seen her mother do with Dave's long, slender dick.

With one mighty thrust, Mr. Schultz rammed his huge cock all the way back into Sandy's throat. Holding both sides of her head, he worked her suctioning mouth up and down on his thick, wet prick. He gripped her slippery hair tighter, squeezing her skull viciously with his massive fingers. As he slammed her face against his crotch, forcing her to swallow the entire length of his prick, her face splashed against the surface of the water, sending a spray of hot liquid over the edge of the wooden tub.

"Come on, you bitch! Suck me dry! Work on it, you tramp! Ohhhh, yeahhhhh!"

Each time Schultz bashed her eager face into his groin, he bucked up his hips mercilessly. Faster and faster he pumped, smacking his ass down hard against the side of the tub on his downstroke. Each time he fucked back, a wave of water crashed over the edge and splashed down on the floor. It wasn't long before the tub was half-empty.

Now Sandy could see the man's balls tightening up against the base of Schultz's vein-encircled cock-shaft. She reached down, just as she had seen her mother do, and dug her white fingernails into the wrinkled flesh of his taut ball-sac. Massaging his nuts in their hard pouch with the palm of her tiny hand, she then wiggled her finger into his ass-crack, searching for his hairy asshole.

"Yaaaagggghhhh! Oh, do it, you slut. Do it!"

Pleased that the man was using the same word Dave had called her mother, Sandy worked harder, trying hard to get Mr. Schultz to bust his nuts. She remembered how gooey and sticky Dave's cum had been, and she wanted a load of her own.

It wasn't long before she felt the first blast of hot jism shoot into the back of her throat. Schultz's cock was throbbing madly in her mouth, making everything feel hot and creamy. But she wanted him to shoot his jism onto her face, like Dave had done to her horny mom. She tried to pull her head away from Schultz's tight grasp, and finally managed to wriggle free. Reaching out and gripping his cock-shaft, she milked the remainder of his hot spunk out of his big prick. The hot white stuff arched up out of his now-purple cock-tip and sizzled on top of the water. Strings of his cum moved in circles, caught in the swirling water.

Mr. Schultz sank back against the side of the tub with a loud thud. He sighed contentedly as his cock began to droop. A clear drop of after-cum leaked from his piss-slit and Sandy bent down to lick it off, slashing around in the now-shallow water.

"Do you think you can still fuck me, now, Mr. Schultz?" she asked, running her fingers through his thick chest hair.

He turned his head and opened his eyes, taking a deep breath. "What did you say?" he said, trying to focus.

"I bet you can't even fuck as good as my big brother," Sandy snickered.

Schultz snorted and reached out to grab the girl around her throat. His eyes were suddenly open wide and red with lust. "I'll show you who can fuck. You'll see."

The girl giggled and then stuck out her tongue as the brawny man yanked her out of the tub. He carried her to the long wooden bench that lined the wall of the little rec room. Spreading her legs wide, he stared down at the wet wisps of cunthair that adorned her pink pussy. He slid a finger just past her delicately bloated pussy-lips and made sure she was well-lubricated. Then he felt the tight flesh of her cherry and sneered at her wickedly.

"Don't tell me you're a virgin," he said, licking his lips.

She nodded her head and smiled, reaching down to feel the head of his cock, trying to get it hard again. His big prick was practically as long as the distance between her knee and her tiny cunt, but her smile told him she wanted it all.

"Fuck me," she squealed.

Schultz leaned over her, placing his rugged hands on either side of her head. He looked down at her from the push-up position, teasing her cunt with his prick-tip. "Put it in," he sighed, his hot breath blowing across her face.

Sandy did as she was told, dying to feel the full length of his cock reaming out her virgin pussy. She seized his cock-shaft and brought his red pricktip against her wet cunt-lips. She tilted her head up and followed the arrow of his chest hair down his belly and into his crotch. She couldn't believe how big his dick looked and she flopped her head back hard, hitting it against the wooden, slats of the bench.

Then Schultz rammed his cock into her cunt with one powerful lunge, smashing Sandy's hand between their pubic bones. She squealed in pain and quickly withdrew her wounded hand after Schultz arched his hips back preparing for another more potent thrust.

Sandy tried to spread her thighs apart as wide as she could, straining her ligaments unnaturally. But that discomfort was quickly forgotten when Mr. Schultz punched his cock into her pussy, tearing her cherry right down the middle.

"Aaaagggghhhh! That hurts too much! Stop, please!"

But the big man only quickened his pace, stimulated by the young girl's shrieks. Despite her protests, he felt his cock plunging in deeper and deeper as her cunt-walls expanded.

"Take... it... you... bitch..." he hissed in between strokes. He held his head still and his face contorted in ecstasy as he enjoyed the penetrating warmth of her virgin cunt.

"No! No!" she screamed, shaking her head from side to side. But as his cock continued hammering deep into her pussy, Sandy forgot about everything except the waves of pleasure that began rushing through her ravaged cunt. Balling up her fists, she beat frantically at the big man's chest. At the same time, she tried to bunch her tiny butt up off the bench to meet his frantic strokes.

Finding herself in the grip of hot, steamy sex, Sandy realized now why her mother had so enjoyed fucking and sucking her brother Dave. Nothing could feel better than this, she thought. Oh, it was soooo good!

"Give me more!" she cried. "All of it! All of your cock!"

Mr. Schultz fucked harder and harder, rattling the slats of the bench with each frantic thrust of his cock. He was into her cunt balls-deep now, plunging into the back of her virgin womb.

Sandy wrapped her arms and legs around his heaving body, trying to grind her cunt up against him. Tremendous flashes of pleasure shot through her clit and she scraped that nubbin of hard flesh across his wiry cock-hairs.

"OH, I'M COMING!" she screeched. "COMING SO GOOD!"

That was all it took for Mr. Schultz to bust his nuts. He pulled his cock out at the last minute so he could hose the girl down with his jism. As he knelt on the bench, he gripped his prick-shaft in his hand and aimed spurt after spurt across the girl's tits and belly and face.

Sandy thrashed from side to side, flapping her tongue out to try and catch any stray sprays of cum. Her pussy was clenching and spasming as she rode out the tail end of her first fuck.

After he had shot the last drop of his second load of spunk, Mr. Schultz struggled to get up. He stood over Sandy, running his hand across her heaving chest, smearing his cum all over like he was finger painting.

"You were good, baby," he said, stooping down to kiss Sandy on the cheek. "Real good."

The girl leaned over on her side to watch Mr. Schultz retrieve his clothing. His pants were soaked from the overflow from the hot tub, but he put them on anyway. Then he dug around for his wallet and brought out a dripping wet twenty dollar bill.

"Here you go, honey," he said, stuffing the money into Sandy's hand. "You earned it!"

The teenager smiled gratefully. "I guess your back doesn't hurt anymore, huh, Mr. Schultz?"

They both laughed knowingly and then the big man blew her a kiss before walking out of the steamy room.


Sandy woke up in the middle of the night. She was still sprawled out across the wooden bench in the rec room. Cum had dried on her tits and her smooth belly and all over her thighs. Moonlight glistened across the shallow water in the redwood hot tub and in the pools of water Sandy and Mr. Schultz had splashed out onto the floor during their furious fuck-session.

Groggily, Sandy got up off the bench and walked bowlegged back into the house. Her sister Candy was waiting for her when she stepped into their bedroom.

"Well. Where have you been all night?" Candy asked, toying with her ponytail. "And what's that shit caked all over your tits?"

Sandy collapsed onto her bed and sighed heavily. Her wispy pussy-hairs were stuck fast to her cuntmound, stiff with dried jism. And a trail of blood and pussy-sauce had dried the inside of her thighs.

Candy jumped off her bed and ran over to get a closer look at her slow-moving sister. Then she held her nose and made a face. "You stink, too. You smell like Mom's dirty underpants."

"But it felt so good. Ohhhh."

"What are you talking about?" said Candy. "You look like somebody beat you up."

Sandy just rolled over and smiled, rubbing flakes of dried jism off her tits. Then a loud, slurping pussy-fart bubbled from between her raw cuntlips, followed by a thin stream of Mr. Schultz's cum.

Holding both hands over her mouth, Candy inhaled sharply and gasped. "You were out fucking!" she said, remembering the scene she had witnessed earlier between her mother and her horny brother.

"Where did you think I was? At church?"

"But Mom fucked at church once."

"Yeah, but did she get paid for it?" Sandy said, holding out the twenty-dollar bill.

Candy took it and unfolded the soggy paper. "You got all this just to fuck?"

"No, stupid," Sandy said. "I had to baby-sit, too."

"That's no fair," Candy said, pouting. "We're supposed to do that together."

"Mom gets all the money, anyway, so what difference does it make?"

Candy then looked down at her twin sister's wounded pussy. "What was it like? And who was it? Tell me, tell me!"

"It was just Mr. Schultz."

"Mr. Schultz! Mom said he has the biggest dick in the whole town. How did he get it all inside you, anyway? I bet you're lying."

Sandy sat up quickly and snarled at her sister. "Oh, yeah? Well, just look at this. I can prove I was fucking." She reached down and pulled back her tender pussy-flaps. Bits of her torn cherry and gobs of cum oozed out of her cunt-hole. "See?"

Candy stooped over and peered intently at her sister's pussy. "Okay, I believe you. But since you snuck away by yourself, you can't baby-sit with me tonight."

"What do you mean?"

Candy crossed her arms at held her chin high. "Mr. Karp called right after dinner and he needs a babysitter tomorrow. And you can't go."

"I don't care," Sandy said.

"And I'm going to fuck with him, too!"

"You are not."

"Yes I am."


Then the two girls started wrestling, hitting each other with pillows. It wasn't long before they fell asleep, exhausted from their playful flatting.

When she heard the horn honk outside, Candy ran to the door. "Bye, Mom!" she yelled, making one last-minute adjustment on her new bra before leaving. "I'll be home late!"

Opening the back door of the Karp's big station wagon, Candy climbed inside. She leaned over the back of the front seat -- as close to Mr. Karp as possible.

"Well, hello Sandy," he said.

"I'm Candy," she replied, blinking her eyes like she had seen an actress do in a movie on TV.

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry. I always get you girls mixed up."

"You won't after tonight," Candy said, winking.

"I beg your pardon, young lady," said. Mrs. Karp, suddenly turning around to glare at the young girl.

"It's just that I'm such a good babysitter, you'll want me to come back all the time."

Mr. Karp reached over and stroked his wife's knee. Then he turned back to Candy and said, "Don't mind Mrs. Karp, dear. She's not always like this. Lately she's just been a little..."

"Shut up, Andy. Shut up and drive."

Winking at the girl, Mr. Karp shifted the car into gear and sped down the tree-lined suburban street. Candy tried to look over his shoulder and stare at his cock without Mrs. Karp noticing. When Mr. Karp shifted his leg over to hit the brake pedal, Candy got a good glimpse of his bulge. Just then, she breathed hotly with excitement across the man's neck -- and she could have sworn she saw his prick twitch in his pants.

"Well, here we are," he said, stopping in front of his house. "There's leftovers in the fridge and Rosemary bought a bunch of Cokes for you and the kids. Make yourself at home, and we'll be home early."

Candy bounced out of the car and waved goodbye. After making sure she got in the house all right, Mrs. Karp turned to her husband and said, "You know, that Fildert girl is growing every day. And she'll probably turn out just like her mother -- a big dirty slut! I still don't know why you hired her. Andy... Andy! Wipe that stupid grin off your face and get this car moving!"

"Yes, dear."

After finally getting the bratty Karp kids to go up to bed, Candy went into the kitchen to get something to eat. Opening the refrigerator, she stared at the shelves of food and drinks before opening up the crisper. Reaching into the pile of vegetables, she brought out a big juicy cucumber. The thought of Mr. Karp's fat cock had been bothering her all night, making her pussy drool constantly. And now she had to do something about it.

Hopping up onto the counter next to the sink, Candy hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties away from her cunt-hole. Then she eased the end of the green cucumber against her wet pink cuntlips. Holding on to the faucet with her other hand, Candy leaned back to get a better angle for the cold dildo.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh!" she moaned, feeling hot flashes of desire rush through her drooling cunt. "Ohhhhh, sooooo good!"

Faster and faster she fucked herself with the cucumber until almost half of it was hidden in her tender young pussy. A small pool of cunt-sauce puddled between her legs on the slick Formica counter top. Then she remembered how her sister Sandy had looked when she returned from her thrilling fuck-session -- all plastered with dried cum and blood and fuck-fluids. Oh, how Candy wanted to get fucked! Oh, how she wanted Mr. Karp's big fat cock reaming out her pussy.

She rammed the cucumber up her cunt as far as she could, grinding it against the back of her pussy on the end of the downstroke. With the big vegetable thrust in all the way, she rubbed her throbbing clit with her thumb. Then she began bucking her hips as the first spasms of orgasm racked through her cunt. Up and down she thrashed, smacking her pert asscheeks into the spreading puddle of pussy-sauce on the counter.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhh, yeahhh!" she moaned, her eyes locked tight in bliss, her lips quivering in ecstasy.

And then a sharp tap on the window glass of the kitchen door snapped Candy out of her impending come. She slipped back and thudded against the wall, knocking down pot holders and utensils that had been hanging above her head. The cucumber slipped out of her slippery pussy and rolled onto the floor.

Mr. Karp stood outside, waving and smiling at her, signaling Candy to open the door. She shook her head and took a deep breath before jumping down off the counter. Straightening out her dress, she walked over and let Mr. Karp into the kitchen.

"Oh, hi," she said, still a bit dazed. "Is anything wrong?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so," Mr. Karp said, gently rubbing the heel of his hand across his crotch. "Ah, I had to leave the party early. There's something the matter at my gas station -- and I need your help."

"Sure, Mr. Karp. After all, I guess I'm still on duty. The kids are all asleep, so let's go."

It was exciting to ride next to Mr. Karp in his big car as they raced through the neighborhood on the way to his filling station. All the way there, Candy snugged up close, accidentally on purpose gripping his meaty thigh whenever he illegally passed another car or dashed through a blind intersection. It was all she could do to hold herself back from reaching up and grabbing his crotch. Oh, if only he knew what she really wanted, she thought. The heat waves passing through her hand were practically driving her crazy!

With a screech of burning rubber, Mr. Karp halted in the front of his office. The back of the big station wagon fishtailed around, knocking over a bubble-gum machine.

"I got a call saying some suspicious characters were seen over here," the big man said. "Come on, let's look around."

Mr. Karp grabbed the girl around the waist and carried her out of the car. He took her into the back and set her on a dirty workbench behind a stack of new radial tires.

Candy looked up at him and cast a sideways glance. Crossing her arms, she said, "Mr. Karp, are you sure something's wrong?"

"Well, ah, I guess... oh, you'll never understand. You see, when you get to... to be my age... you..."

"You what?" Candy said, licking her lips and running her tongue all around the outside of her mouth. "Maybe this will make you feel better."

Spreading her legs, Candy pulled back her skirt and revealed her wet crotch. Then she grabbed the side of her panties and exposed her pink pussy. Mr. Karp sighed and slapped his forehead, trying to keep his balance.

"It's okay. Mom says we can fuck whenever we want to. Really."

Karp gripped her knees with his rugged mechanic's hands and lowered himself toward the smiling girl's crotch. He closed his eyes and guided himself in on scent alone, wagging his tongue and drooling.

When the tip of his hot tongue finally touched her slick pussy-lips, Candy cried out wantonly. "Ohhhhh, yessss! Fuck me with your tongue. Pleeease!"

The big man slid his hands down to cup her sweet asscheeks, pushing her pussy harder against his face. He strained to lick his tongue as far up her pussy-tunnel as he could, gnawing on her clit with his upper teeth. Her wispy blonde cunt-hairs tickled his nostrils, and to keep from sneezing he inhaled raggedly and deep, breathing in the pungent aroma of her pussy fumes.

"Aaaawwwwhhhh! Mnmmmhhhhh!" he moaned, slobbering all over her crotch.

"Yeah, oh yeah." Candy gasped, running her hands through his hair. Then she clutched the back of his head and pulled him tighter up against her wet cunt. "Suck meeee! So gooooood!"

He inched his hands along the back of her asscheeks, still maintaining his fierce grip as he searched for her asshole. Karp thrust two fingers inside her puckered shitter, digging in viciously with his rough fingertips. Smashing his face down tighter again her cunt hole, the big man could feel his fingers working inside her ass tunnel as he scoured her pussy-walls with his fat tongue.

"Ahhhhh, shit! You're killing me!" Candy screwed, beating on the top of Mr. Karp's head with her fists. "Stop it! Aggghhhh!"

But he only increased the pressure of his face against her cunt. Karp's nose rasped against the girl's clit as he wallowed in her mushy pussy. A puddle of slobber and cunt-sauce pooled between her soft thighs, dripping off the edge of the oil stained workbench.

Then the horny men pulled his mouth from Candy's cunt with a loud slurping sound. He twisted his fingers deep into her asshole one last time before yanking them out. Holding his shit-stained fingers under his nose, the man inhaled deeply, arching his back and raising up on his tiptoes.

"Ahhh, what a smell. You're delicious, baby," he said, sighing dreamily. "What a sweet ass you got."

Candy found herself suddenly confused. Flashes of pain were searing through her tender asshole, but the hot itchy feelings in her cunt and the sight of Mr. Karp's lewdly throbbing bulge were getting her horny. She reached down and began massaging her pert tits until her nipples were standing up hard and erect. With her other hand, she teased the tip of her clit, producing delicious waves of desire that began shaking against the walls of her juicy pussy.

"Now I got a treat for you, little lady," Mr. Karp said, wiping off his mouth with the back of his hand. "And a great big surprise td go with it, too."

With that, the big man unzipped his pants and allowed his massive cock to flop out. He jacked it a few times, working his drooping foreskin up over the end of his red prick-tip and then sliding it back down again. A clear drop of pre-cum began oozing out from between the tender flaps of his piss-slit.

"Oooo, Mr. Karp! Are you gonna fuck me now? Huh?" the girl asked, unbuttoning her blouse.

"Heh, heh, not yet," he said, laughing and reaching down to squeeze his hairy ball-sac. "You're gonna suck me first. Yeah!"

After Candy removed her bra, Mr. Karp stepped up and spread her out on her belly along the edge of the workbench. Pushing stray tools and old coffee cans filled with oil out of the girl's way, Karp gripped her head and then forced the end of his meaty cock between her lips.

A look of utter satisfaction lit up his face as Candy swallowed the first few inches of his prick. She moved her tongue all over the dome-shaped head of his prick and squeezed her lips tight around his veiny cock-shaft.

"Yeah, that's it. Now you got it! Ohhhhh, suck it harder. Juice it up, you slut! Aanahhh!"

Candy ran her hands up and down the sides of Mr. Karp's hairy, heaving thighs. The feel of his crinkly leg hair sent warm thrills through her pussy and she began gushing cunt-sauce. The hot, sticky fluid oozed between her legs and she rubbed them together, spreading the slick juice all over.

Karp noticed her cunt creaming up nicely and he reached down to scoop up a handful of the musky pussy-sap. Then he spread the wet stuff all over his cock-shaft, applying a goodly amount to Candy's face and even forcing same into her mouth.

"Suck me like your mouth was a cunt," the man demanded. "And suck me good. Yeah!"

Candy continued slurping around his fat cock as best she could, gently nipping at his vein-riddled shaft with her teeth. She found it hard to breathe, choking and gasping occasionally, but she was determined to give the man a good blow-job. His hot cock-knob began battering at the back of her throat more brutally, but she never let up. Reaching around behind his pumping legs, Candy dug her fingers into the man's clenching asscheeks, trying to keep her mind off the pain in her mouth as Mr. Karp increased his grinding thrusts.

Then the horny gas-station owner reached into his shirt pocket and extracted a handkerchief. As Candy kept on sucking his cock, he carefully tied the white fabric into tiny knots. When he had constructed an evenly spaced string of knots, Mr. Karp reached down and began searching for Candy's asshole.

The girl rolled over to accommodate the man, making sure she didn't miss a stroke of his rapidly pumping cock. Spit and pre-cum leaked out from between her tightly clenching lips. And now Karp's balls were smacking wetly against Candy's pointed chin, adding another thrill to the delicious cock-sucking session. The pain in his balls agitated his boiling cum, and Candy could feel the cum-tube on the underside of Mr. Karp's big cock begin to spasm and grow taut.

Then her eyes suddenly bugged out as Candy felt the man trying to open up her asshole again. It was still tender from the last time he had reamed it out, and she clenched her asscheeks in surprise and pain. But as his massage became deeper and more rhythmic, Candy felt warm sensations of pleasure throbbing throughout her relaxing asshole.

"You're gonna love this, baby!" he hissed from between clenched teeth. "Yeah, yeah, ooooooow, yeah, bitch!"

Then Candy felt weird and clammy as she felt Mr. Karp begin to ram the knotted handkerchief into her asshole. One by one, he pushed the knots in as far as they would go, tamping them down with his thick thumb.

"Mmmphhhff! Hmmmphhh!" she moaned, protesting the sudden intrusion of the knots into her ass.

"Don't worry about it, kid," Karp said, pumping his cock into her face a little harder. "It's good for you, believe me. Seven knots to heaven, it's the greatest. Whoa!"

Mr. Karp felt himself about ready to blast off into Candy's tightly sucking mouth, so he forced the rest of the handkerchief into her asshole as fast as he could, leaving just the end sticking out. Then he jammed his thumb into her sopping-wet pussy from behind, digging his fingers into her asscheek. Then he tore his blood-engorged cock free of Candy's hot mouth.

"No, please!" the girl cried. "I could almost taste it. I wanted it so bad, Mr. Karp!"

He grinned at her lewdly as his erect cock throbbed up against his hairy belly. "You're gonna get it, baby, don't you worry. I'm gonna fuck your pussy right off!"

"Oh, yeah, do it! Fuck me so hard, Mr. Karp! Make me come and fuck the shit out of me right now. Ohhhh! Ohhhh!"

The big man jumped up onto the workbench and jammed his knees between Candy's legs. He held her down on her back by pushing on her delicately rounded shoulders with both hands. Then he looked deep into her eyes while gently teasing the smooth skin of her belly with the tip of his wet cock.

Candy moaned with delight as warm flutters rippled through her belly and triggered another fresh rush of pussy-sauce. She arched up her hips, trying to rub her cunt against Mr. Karp's hairy ball-sac. And the wad of knotted handkerchief filled her asshole deliciously, sending flashes of heat up and down her ass-channel.

"Come on, please!" Candy pleaded. "Put it in me. Put your big cock in me now! And fuck me! Aaaahhhh!"

Karp inched his cook down and trailed his pricktip through the edge of her raspy, wispy pussy bush. Wet pre-cum stuck to her cunt-hairs. Then he moved his big cock down lower until he was nuzzling her sensitive clit.

"Yesssss! That feels so good!" the girl screamed. "Now put your fucking cock inside my pussy! Please!"

Candy reached down and dug her fingers into her outer pussy-lips. She held her juicy cunt-flaps wide apart, revealing her wet cunt-hole. It was winking, and spasming, oozing a continuous flow of thick lubricating juice.

Karp slipped his cock-head down the slimy furrow of her parted cunt-flaps, feeling the thrilling heat of her slick pussy blaze into his cock-flesh. Then he gently cased the tip of his prick into her hole, fucking in just the head. His balls tightened up against the base of his throbbing dick, boiling with the massive load of cum he almost blasted into the girl's mouth.

"Now, baby, now," he said softly, his eyelids half-closed in ecstasy. "This is fucking it. And it feels so fucking good!"

Candy reached around the man's broad shoulders and began hitting him with her tight fists. "Fuck me! Come on! What's the matter? Are you scared to fuck? Huh?"

Karp moved his hands in from her silky smooth shoulders and eased his fingers around her neck. He could feel her tendons bulging out and her pulse began throbbing harder.

"I'll show you who's scared," he said through tight lips.

With one mighty lunge, Karp was ball-deep in Candy's tight cunt. He held his cock inside her, smiling like a madman, watching a red flush tinge Candy's chest.

"Aaaaaggghh! Ohhh, that's... more... like it," the girl gasped, starting to grind her hips against Karp's hairy groin. "That's... what I call... a cock! Ohhhhh! Fuck meeeee! Ohhhhhh! Fuck meeeee!"

As the big man began a furious fucking tempo, he cased his hairy chest down to grind against her hard nipples. Then he started kissing all over the top of her head, trying to lean down and slobber into her earlobes.

Candy's pussy was so fresh and tight that each time Karp withdrew his tock after ramming her deep, her cunt would still be stuck fast to his shaft. There was practically an air-tight seal on his big prick. And every time he slammed back down, Mr. Karp smacked Candy's ass hard against the workbench. Splinters poked her in the butt and pained her at first, but as the tempo picked up and the fucking became more mindless, Candy found that the pain had been transformed into gut wrenching pleasure. She shrieked out her delight as the furious pace of the fucking increased.

Harder and faster he drilled his cock into Candy's cunt. Now his load of hot cum was beginning to flow into his thick cum-tube on the underside of his glistening cock-shaft.

The sudden swelling of Mr. Karp's cock triggered new thrills in Candy's pussy. "Ohhh, I can feel it! I can feel it so good! Shoot it in me so I can come!" the girl pleaded as she felt her climax building and building.

Mr. Karp grunted and blew hot breath all over her face. He was fucking so hard that the wrenches and hammers hanging on the wall began rattling. Each time he hit bottom in her cunt, he would grind his hips against her pussy-mound, trying to thrill her clit by rubbing across it.

"Ohhh, I'm coming now, Mr. Karp!" she screamed. "Please shoot out that hot stuff into my pussy. Ohhh, I have to come so bad!"

As he grunted with delight, feeling the first jet of his jism rip through his cock-shaft, Mr. Karp reached down to find the end of the handkerchief that was still crammed inside Candy's asshole. Then his cum splashed the back of her cunt as he began freely shooting his load. He could feel her cunt-walls spasming around his cock-shaft as she began to come.

"Now, baby!" he said hoarsely. "Hang on, bitch! Ripcord!"

With one quick tug, Mr. Karp jerked the hanky from Candy's ass. Then her cunt went into a riot of convulsions around his spurting prick.

"AAAAOGOGHHHH! OHH, SHIT... SO GOOOOOOD!" the girl screamed, thrashing around out of control as super-intense sensations ripped through her cunt and asshole. She dug her fingernails into Karp's back and bucked her hips wildly. And her pussy began gushing wave after wave of cum-sauce. Soon, the whole garage was filled with the constant squishing and slurping sounds of Mr. Karp's cock sluicing in and out of Candy's mushy cunt.

The big man brought the soiled hanky up to his nose and inhaled deeply as he spurted the last wads of jism into Candy's pussy. He rubbed the handkerchief all around his nose until the edges of his nostrils won tinted brown.

"Ohhh, baby, what'd I tell you?" he sighed, licking the end of the knotted fabric. "Ohhhh, so damn good, I can't believe it!"

"Mmmmmm, I love it," Candy cooed, kissing his chest.

They fucked slower and slower, enjoying the sloppy feeling of cum and fuck-sauces squishing around between their compressed bellies. Mr. Karp was breathing deeply and Candy pressed her ear up against his warm furry chest to listen to his heart beating frantically. Then they wound down together, purring in each other's arms.

Then Candy coyly tapped Mr. Karp on the shoulder. When he opened his eyes and smiled at her, the girl said, "We better get back now. I left the lights on in your house and the door is still open."

The big man grinned. "I could give a big fat shit," he said, laughing. "All I want to do is fuck."

Candy giggled. "Okay, but first I have to blow my nose," she said sweetly.

Karp frowned and then his face lit up when he got the joke. Slapping the knotted handkerchief across her forehead, he said, "You're a clever cunt."

They both laughed happily and then hugged each other tight.


When Candy woke up the next morning, she had a vicious burning in her tender asshole. Sunlight blasted in through her bedroom window and she shielded her eyes with one hand and massaged her sore ass with the other.

But as the memories of last night's fuck session with Mr. Karp began flashing through her mind. Candy's pussy began growing warm and moist. She moved her hand around from her asshole and eased it below the crotchband of her panties to begin stroking her pubic bush. But just as she was about to slide a finger into the wet gash between her puffy pussy-lips, Candy felt something strange. There was something stuffed into her cunt, something weird.

Candy threw off her bedspread and covers so she could stare down at her pussy. Her panties were splotched with grease and oil from Mr. Karp's workbench, and thick crusty blotches of cum stained the nylon fabric. But as she peeled her panties down, Candy saw that a crinkled up old fifty-dollar bill had been stuffed into her teenage cunt.

That's more than twice as much as Sandy got! Candy told herself gleefully. And Mom's gonna really be surprised. And happy, too!

Just then, the door to the twins' bedroom burst open. The little rubber-tipped spring behind the door throbbed and twanged. Sandy woke up and began rubbing her eyes. Startled, Candy ran to her sister's side, and the two of them hugged one another.

Dave stood there laughing, rubbing his crotch. "Okay, cunts," he called out. "Get your stinky pussies out of bed. We got things to do today and places to see."

"You stupid shit," Candy called out to her brother. "Why don't you get out of here and leave us alone. We've been working hard for Mom and we need some rest."

"Yeah," Sandy said, snarling. "I bet we made more money so far than you did. I gave Mom twenty dollars yesterday."

Candy hopped up onto her knees, bouncing on her sister's bed. "That's right," she said. "And look at this, ugly." The girl held her pussy-juice-encrusted fifty-dollar bill aloft, wafting that stale scent of aunt under her sister's nose.

Dave just laughed harder. Shaking his head in exaggerated disgust, he grabbed his crotch with both hands. "Big deal," he said, unbuttoning the fly on his jeans. "I've been giving Mom something worth more than that stupid money." Grinning lasciviously, the teen reached in and brought out his rubbery half-hard cock. "Mom just can't get enough of this stuff. She loves it."

Sandy and Candy grabbed their noses and waved their hands at their brother. "Get out of here. Your prick stinks like shit."

"Ah, shut up, you dumb cunts," Dave said. "I just think I'll jack off on your faces and make you eat my cum for breakfast. Look out, whores!"

With that, Dave ran over and jumped up on Sandy's bed, waving his cock around until it got nice and hard. His prick-tip was filled with blood and wagged up and down in one blurry streak of hot crimson. His dick was so close to Candy's face that she could feel the heat emanating from her brother's bloated cock-head.

For a moment, Candy found herself hypnotized by the raw power of Dave's fiery red cock, but then she blinked her eyes and snapped out of it. Even though she felt her pussy begin to gush fresh streams of cunt-sauce, she drew her hand back and slapped Dave's dick-tip as hard as she could.

"Ahhhh! You stupid bitch cunt!" the teen yelled, falling down next to Sandy on the bed.

In an instant, the two sisters were on top of their brother, mashing their stale cunts all around his head. He groaned from the smell of early-morning pussy-stench, flailing his arms about, trying to get his stinky sisters off his head.

Sandy squeezed her legs tighter around her brother's head and then she looked over at her sister. The two girls seemed to get the same idea at the same time and clapped their hands joyfully.

"Okay, you asshole," Sandy said, rubbing her filthy pussy-flaps across Dave's nose. "Here comes your breakfast drink!"

The two girls, holding down their brother securely, spread their legs wide and shot out two hot blasts of girl-piss into his face.

"Agggghhhh!" he screamed as the hot salty liquid stung his eyes. "Stop it! Please! Yaaaaahhhhh!"

But Sandy and Candy continued shooting, their pent-up morning piss into Dave's face, laughing mirthfully. They hugged one another as they trapped Dave's face between their legs and whizzed into his face freely.

The two girls' laughter was soon augmented by a deeper, fuller laugh. The twins looked up to see their mother standing in the doorway. Mrs. Fildert smiled down at her playful brood and licked her lips. "Keep it up, girls," she said, smiling. "That's the funniest thing I've seen since Dave tried to fuck me in the ass."

The struggling Fildert boy thrashed madly on the bed. "Oh, Mom!" he called out. "You promised you wouldn't tell!"

Roxanne laughed richly. She calmly rubbed one of her large tits through her sheer nightgown and said, "Don't worry, son. It's all in fun."

"You said it, Mom!" Candy called out.

Soon, everyone in the room was laughing. And shortly thereafter, the Fildert family was embracing one another, wallowing in the sloppy wet heat of a piss-drenched bed.

"Oh, you kids..." Roxanne said, a tear coming to her eye. "You... you make me feel... feel so... good."

A sudden hush enveloped the family. They all clutched one another tighter, relishing this moment of sublime closeness. Routine reached her arms around her three kids and began rocking them all back and forth.

Smiling, the happy woman said, "You kids don't know how much you mean to me. I love you all so much..."

Silently, Candy reached down and retrieved the fifty dollars she had earned the night before. Wiping the urine-soaked bill on her sister's pillow, Candy handed the money to her mother.

Mrs. Fildert sighed deeply and ran her fingers through Candy's hair. She nodded and clutched the money tightly, closing her eyes and tilting her head up as if to give thanks.

Candy leaned over and kissed her mom on the neck, gently stroking her hand across Roxanne's suddenly erect nipple. Dave looked up and smiled at Roxanne before gently nipping at the succulent flesh of her thighs. And Sandy boldly reached down and began stroking her mother's hot, raspy pussy-bush.

The three children began breathing hotly, stroking harder and licking their lips lewdly. They tried to pull Roxanne down onto the bed. They tried to pull her into the pool of hot fresh piss so they could all wallow mindlessly, enjoying their deep love.

But the big-titted housewife strained against her children's demands and managed to raise herself up off the sopping mattress.

"I love you all," Roxanne announced, wrapping the fifty-dollar bill around one of her deliciously long fingers. "But I'm afraid we have a lot to do today. Come on, now. Let's get cleaned up and have some good breakfast."

After a satisfying meal of hot cakes and sausage, the Fildert's all piled into their station wagon and headed for the kennels. It was Saturday and Dave had to work, and the girls thought they'd all go out and see just what it was Dave did for a living.

As they drove across town, Dave did his best to impress the girls, and his mother, pretending he was the real breadwinner of the family now that his father had passed away. Sandy, Candy and Roxanne allowed him to play his little game, for they were all still mellow and delighted after experiencing such a wonderful closeness earlier in the day.

The kennels were on the outskirts of town, and on the way there the Fildert's passed by Mr. Schultz's grocery store. It just so happened that he was out setting up a produce display on the sidewalk when the Fildert car stopped for a red light. Sandy leaned out of the car window and slipped her index finger back and forth between her lips swiftly when she saw the man who had given her such a good time in the hot tub. Upon noticing the Fildert girl, Mr. Schultz almost dumped a crate of tomatoes onto the street, he was so surprised. A few minutes later, the Fildert car passed Mr. Karp's gas station. He happened to be out front putting up new price signs when he saw Candy waving at him frantically. Remembering how she had come so violently after he had ripped the knotted handkerchief from Candy's asshole, Mr. Karp tripped over a gas hose and plastic numbers slipped from his grasp to clatter against the pavement.

But the remainder of the drive out to the kennels was uneventful. As Dave drove, Mrs. Fildert smiled back at her two daughters who sat up straight in the back seat.

Then Dave turned off onto the dirt road that led to the kennels. Parking the car under the big sign that advertised the Kozy Dog Kennels, Dave breathed a sigh of relief and switched off the ignition.

"Oh, by the way, Mom," Dave said, trying to act important, "my boss, Mr. Dackel, has the hots for you. So be careful, okay?"

Roxanne laughed and patted her sort on the knee. "Now, Dave. You don't have to worry about me." Reaching into the Dave's crotch, the well-endowed widow gave her son's cock a healthy squeeze. "Besides, I've already got a man."

The teen blushed, but spread his legs wider nonetheless to give his mother a better angle.

Watching the action in the front seat, the twins began moving closer together, reaching out for one another. Sandy leaned over and gave her sister a deep soul-kiss, moving her hand down to stroke Candy's pussy.

Soon, all four Fildert's were writhing around in the car, moaning and breathing heavily. The twins squealed delightfully as they jammed their fingers in one another's juicing cunt. And Dave leaned over to try and gobble up as much of his mother's abundant tit-flesh as he could.

"Haaarrrumppphhh!" A loud masculine grunt echoed through the Fildert's station wagon. Dave sprang back and slapped against the door, bruising his back. His mother clutched at the edge of the car seat, breaking a fingernail. And the two girls in the back were plastered against the rear seat, frozen with shock.

Mr. Dackel stood just inside the driver's door. Scratching his belly, he leaned over and peered into the car.

"Well, what have we here?" he asked, smiling like he had just unearthed a fortune in buried treasure.

"Oh, ah, hi, Mr. Dackel," Dave said, trying to stuff his cock back into his pants without his boss noticing.

But Roxanne leaned over and provided the excited kennel owner with a view of the tops of her big soft tits. She smiled and licked her lips lasciviously.

Mr. Dackel squirmed through the window as far as he could, staring all the while at Mrs. Fildert's big breasts. Pushing Dave aside, the man said, "Pleased to meet you. Ah, I haven't seen you so, ah, lively since the funeral."

Roxanne offered her hand to Mr. Dackel and he fairly sucked her long supple fingers into his mouth under the pretense of giving her a polite kiss. As he temporarily lost himself in the delights of the widow's warm flesh, Mr. Dackel accidentally hit the horn button with his hip. Everyone in the car laughed jubilantly. Mr. Dackel blushed, at first, but it wasn't long before he was joining in the hilarity.

A few moments later, everyone had extracted themselves from the station wagon. It was a beautiful sunny day and the air was crisp and clean. Behind the main office building was a row of fenced cages filled with all sorts of big healthy dogs. Upon catching the scent of the visiting Fildert family, the dogs all rushed to one side of the compound and began barking wildly.

"Oh, don't mind them," Mr. Dackel said, placing his arm around Roxanne's bare shoulders. "They're just glad to see you."

Sandy and Candy stood close together, scared for the moment by the sight and sound of the ferocious dogs yapping violently and clawing at the chain link fence.

"Aw, come on, you dumb girls," Dave said, exhibiting the fact that he was not frightened in the least. "Whet are you afraid of, huh?"

Mr. Dackel held Roxanne tighter. "Dave, why don't you take your sisters over there and show them just what it is you do around here."

"Sure thing, boss," Dave replied.

The three took off and disappeared behind the main building. Then Mrs. Fildert looked up at Mr. Dackel and smiled seductively.

"You know, it's been tough without a man around," she said, sighing deeply and thrusting out her big tits.

"Yeah, that's what I heard... I mean... that's probably true," Mr. Dackel said, beginning to sweat. "Even in these liberated times."

Roxanne reached around Mr. Dackel's waist and gave him a hearty squeeze. "I knew you were an understanding man," she said. "There are more important things in this life than paychecks and promotions."

"R-r-right, Mrs. Fildert."

"Call me Roxanne, please."

"Whatever you say. And I'm Hal."

"Sure thing, boss," Roxanne said, smiling coquettishly.

As the dogs continued to howl and whine, the burly kennel owner led the buxom housewife into his office. Just before they walked through the door, Roxanne paused to look down the line of cages. By now, the dogs were drooling and yapping uncontrollably. She had to speak louder to make herself heard above the high-pitched yelps and wails of the frantic canines.

"They seem to be quite excited today," the woman said, gripping Mr. Dackel's arm tighter.

The big man paused to admire the beasts as they struggled against the chain link fence that buckled and creaked as more dogs piled against it, clawing and yipping.

"Yes, not many people know this," he said, staring down into Roxanne's eyes. "But the dog is one of the most sensitive members of the animal kingdom."

"If you say so, Hal," she replied, reaching up to stroke his chest, pausing to slip her fingers beneath his shirt, gently brushing her hot hand across his thick chest hair. "But I bet you're a pretty sensitive animal yourself, Hal."

He shook his head and laughed heartily. "And I thought the guys down at the Legion Hall were just telling stories about you."

"Pardon me?" Roxanne said, winking one eye quizzically.

"Oh, nothing, honey. Come on. Why don't we get inside and take a load off... or whatever."

With that, Mr. Dackel whisked the big-titted woman through the door. As she paused to catch her breath, he locked the door behind them and drew the shades. Breathing raggedly through his nose, staring intensely at Roxanne's heaving tits, Mr. Dackel began unbuttoning his shirt. His crotch began bulging out farther and farther.

"Yeah, baby, I been dreaming about this for a long time," Hal told her, flinging his shirt across a nearby couch. "Ever since that son of yours told me he was sticking it to you on a regular basis, I've just about had a constant hard-on."

Roxanne blushed and sighed deeply. "Well, Hal, I don't know what to say."

"Yeah, but when you do, how about tellin' it to my friend here?"

With that, the kennel owner unbuckled his trousers and whipped down his zipper. Yanking his briefs out of the way, he exposed his madly throbbing cock. Gripping his prick with his rough, rugged hand, he jacked himself a few times until a viscid drop of pre-cum oozed out to fill his mucousy piss-slit.

"Ooooo, it's so fucking big," Roxanne sighed as she dropped to her knees. "Please, let me suck it. Ooooo, yesssss!"

Scrambling across the floor until she was facing his crotch, Roxanne reached up and tugged his pants down to his knees. Scraping her bright-red fingernails up and down Hal's hairy thighs, she swirled her tongue all along her lips until they glistened with fresh hot spit. Her eyes half-closed with lust, she leaned forward and teased the tip of his cock with the end of her hot tongue.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," he groaned, beginning to gyrate his hips. "I got enough spunk packed, into these balls to blast the back of your fucking head off."

Roxanne dug her fingernails deeper into his skin and moved her hands closer to his steaming crotch. She gently reached down and cupped his ball-sac, feeling his nuts lurch and churn with jism.

"I want it so bad," she said, blowing her deliciously hot breath across his blood-engorged cock-head, causing the little bubble of pre-cum to ripple and then stream down his taut prick-skin.

"I don't care if you want it or not," Hal said through clenched teeth, gasping. "You're gonna get it anyway."

"Mmmmmmm, so goooood. Mmmmmmm!"

Roxanne opened her mouth wide and cased her lips just over and around his prick-tip, making a vacuum seal just below the sloping edge of his slick cock-head. Then she swirled her tongue around and around ravenously, coating his dick with a liberal supply of saliva and pre-cum. She thrilled to the salty-sweet taste of his prick-flesh and snorted rapidly through her nostrils, sending streams of hot air down the length of his twitching cock-shaft.

Mr. Dackel reached down and grabbed two handfuls of her hair. Then he yanked her head into his crotch, forcing most of his hard cock-shaft deep into her throat. When he felt her bottom teeth nip the sensitive skin between his ball-sac and the base of his cock-shaft, he shuddered and moaned, grinding his dick into the back of her throat.

Roxanne thrilled to the feel of his blood-filled cock-veins sliding across her lips as Hal began a steady face-fucking rhythm. Her nose was pound into his thick tuft of cock-hair on the upstroke. The smell of his musky groin drove her wild, and already she could feel her cunt beginning to juice up. Hot pussy-sauce was starting to soak the front of her panties.

As his frantic thrusts became more powerful, Roxanne had to reach around and grip the man's clenching asscheeks in order to keep her balance. He groaned low and deep as she sunk her sharp fingernails into the taut flesh of his butt.

"Get it, baby!" he wailed. "Work on that cock like your life depended on it, bitch!"

"Mmmmmphhfff! Hmmmphfff!" she cried, arching her head back so he could get a better fuck angle down her throat.

As Roxanne hung on tightly, the big man fucked into her face with all his strength. The pain in her scalp was intense as he fairly ripped her hair out by the roots, but she continued sucking as best she knew how. Faster and faster his cock went slamming into her mouth, his balls slapping mercilessly against her chin. Hot juices were leaking out between her securely sucking lips and soon long strands of spittle hung down from her face, the ends tangling in the curly hairs on his thighs.

She tried to scoot up closer to him so she could grind her big tits against his legs, trying to ease the tingling itch that was beginning to agitate her nipples. Each time he fucked hard into her face, Roxanne thrust her its forward to rub her erect tit-tips against his legs. Hot flashes of lust were coursing through her breasts, spreading in warm waves down her belly and into her mushy pussy.

"Baby, I can feel it coming! Yeahhhh, I'm gonna shoot a heavy load! Ooohhhhh, yeahhhh!"

It seemed as if his cock was growing even larger in Roxanne's mouth as she felt his taut cum-tube begin to spasm against her lower lip. She eased two fingers into his tightly clasped asscheeks searching for his greasy asshole. Knowing that Hal was about to shoot his load deep into her throat, she wanted to jam a finger into his ass-passage to make the pleasure more intense for him. But the frenzied manner in which the big man was whipping his hips back and forth made it difficult for Roxanne to keep her face securely attached to his prick-shaft without the support of both hands.

Losing her grip for just a moment caused her mouth to slip off the end of Hal's cock. She quickly grabbed his sticky prick-shaft in her fist, trying to ram his dick back into her mouth, but it was too late.

"Here it comes, cunt! Take it, yeahhh, take it all!"

The first blast of his jism splattered and sizzled right in Roxanne's eye. With her vision blurred, she watched as more and more blobs of hot cum spurted into her face until she couldn't see any longer. She tried to stick her tongue out all the way and get her mouth in position to receive a few jets of his cum, and was soon rewarded with several sticky gouts of jism which she swallowed ardently.

"Mmmmm! More! Give me more!" she cried, her voice thick and distorted as if she had a big lump of peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth. Soon, her throat was clogged with curdled clumps of spunk, the hot greasy white stuff seeping between her lips.

"Ooooo, yeah, baby, you really know how to suck cock," he sighed, patting her on top of the head. "And since you did such a good job, I guess you deserve a reward."

Roxanne looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with gratitude. She licked her cum-drenched lips and waited patiently far the kennel owner's next move.

He leaned over and slipped his massive hands under her arms and lifted her up. Pulling up her skirt, he slipped a finger under her panties and tested her pussy for wetness.

"Yeah, that feels good and juicy," he said, pulling out his finger and admiring the glossy sheen of fresh cunt-sauce. "So now you get to let me fuck you senseless."

Hal tore off the rest of his clothes and then pushed Roxanne down onto the couch. She followed suit and wriggled out of her blouse and panties. Spreading her legs wide, she reached down and parted her bloated outer cunt-lips, revealing her wet pussy-hole.

The dogs outside continued barking as if they were somehow aware that Mr. Dackle was about to ram his fat cock deep into Roxanne's pussy. But just on the other side of their cages could be heard the sound of laughing children. Dave was back there showing off for his sisters in a small grassy meadow.

"And this is Scruffy," the teen said to Sandy and Candy. Dave held a big Doberman pinscher who tugged ferociously on his leash. "Now watch how good I've got him trained."

Letting the big dog go, Dave watched proudly as the Doberman bit into the leg of an inflatable plastic woman doll he had placed in the middle of the little field.

The two twin girls stared in wonder.

"Oh, Dave," Sandy said. "You're so smart."

"Yeah, Dave. You're such a great brother," Candy added.

The teen smiled and then blew across his fingernails, rubbing them across the front of his shirt.


The next few weeks went well for the Fildert family. Sandy and Candy were bringing home lots of money from their babysitting jobs -- it seemed as if they were hardly ever home, they were working so hard. Sometimes, Candy even got to work nights helping Mr. Karp out at the gas station, and Mr. Schultz sometimes let Sandy help him stock groceries after hours.

And Dave had received a substantial raise, all of which he gave to his mother just as he originally promised. But even so, the teen could tell that his mother needed more money to run the household. His late father's insurance had barely paid for the elaborate funeral his mother demanded, and the Fildert's were going to need lots of money for the future. Dave had his heart set on going to the local animal-husbandry college someday, and Sandy and Candy wanted to start modeling school as soon as they could.

Roxanne appreciated the help her children were giving her, and she tried to show her appreciation as best she could whenever the family was gathered together. But it seemed, what with the kids all working so hard, that the four of them were rarely home at the same time. So she had taken up with Mr. Dackel and was spending more and more time with him.

Things had settled into a basic routine, ever since that refreshing day the Fildert's first traveled out to the Kozy Kennels. But it was finally Dave who took the initiative and tried to change that routine somewhat. He knew his mother needed some more cash, so he devised a plan to bring more money home for the family.

It was late on a week night and Dave knew that Sandy was down at the grocery store helping Mr. Schultz. That meant that Mrs. Schultz was all alone. Dave's mother was out on a date with the owner of the dog kennel, so the teen sneaked out and started up the family station wagon.

After stopping off at the kennels, Dave screeched to a halt in front of the Schultz residence a short time later. Scruffy the Doberman was in the back of the car, drooling all over the upholstery, but he seemed to be content nonetheless.

Dave hauled the big dog out across the tailgate and struggled to lead the brown and black beast up to the front door of the Schultz home.

"Easy, boy," the teenager said, ringing the doorbell.

Scruffy sat back on his haunches, waiting expectantly. Dave had trained him very well and the big dog obeyed the teen's every command.

Finally, the door opened slightly and Mrs. Schultz's eye appeared in the crack. "Yes," she said hesitantly, "what can I do for you?"

Scruffy barked but Dave yelled at him to stop and waved a finger in the animal's face. The big dog hunched over, his stubby tail whisking back and forth across the bristly welcome mat.

"Oh, hi, Mrs. Schultz. You remember me, don't you? From the funeral?"

"How can I forget," she said, opening the door a bit wider.

"Well, I'm trying to get some more money for my mom and our family, and, well, I know that your husband works at night all the time, and I was wondering if you might need a guard-dog service sometimes, for protection and stuff like that."

The woman laughed richly. "Are you kidding?" she said, opening the door all the way. Facing the teen with her hands on her hips, she began yelling, "I've had it up to here with your family, especially that sister of yours, whatever her name is. And your mother! My God, Dave, do you know what kind of woman she is, always running around town..."

Mrs. Schultz stopped in the middle of her speech when she noticed that Dave had slumped over and had begun sobbing. He was trying valiantly to hold back his tears, when she reached over and touched him on the shoulder.

"I... I'm sorry, son. I guess it's just that, well, Fred's always gone and I'm always alone with the kids... well, you couldn't understand..."

Sliding her arm around Dave's neck, she pulled him close, burying his face in the soft fabric of her terrycloth housecoat.

"There, there... you don't have to cry... I know it must be tough without a f... and... and... you know, I've always wanted a son..." The woman paused to run her hand through Dave's curly hair. "Why don't you come in. I'm sorry."

Mrs. Schultz pulled him inside. She tried to shut the dog out, but Scruffy was too quick. After she had taken Dave over to the couch, she gave the dog a menacing look. Scruffy snarled slightly and then went and curled up next to the fireplace.

"Now, son, try and relax. I really didn't mean what I said. Here, let's dry those eyes and make it all better."

She pulled out the lapel of her housecoat to try and wipe off Dave's tear-streaked face. As she did so, the teen was treated to a glimpse of the woman's full, firm tits. Arching his neck, pretending to make it easier for Mrs. Schultz to attend to his eyes, Dave slyly peered down at her big breasts.

Noticing the bulge in the teen's pants for the first time, and the awkward manner in which he loomed over her lap, Mrs. Schultz smiled lewdly. Like mother, like son, she thought, revealing a bit more of the delicious tits.

Dave's cock lurched in his pants. He inhaled deeply, savoring the musky scent of cunt that wafted up suddenly from between Mrs. Schultz's legs. She began scissoring her thighs back and forth, as if trying to send the pungent pussy-aroma up into the curious teen's nose.

The faster she moved her legs, the more her sash began to unravel, until the front of her housecoat slipped slowly open. Dave stared down in utter fascination at the woman's bushy cunt. She had much more pussy-hair than his mother did. It spread all over her lower belly, the thick pubic curls rowing wild and ragged all over her sweet crotch.

"Oh, my," she said, sighing deeply. "I seem to have..."

But Dave didn't hear a word she said. He was too busy staring intently at Mrs. Schultz's pussy. Peering down at her pussy-lips, he noticed little beads of cunt-sauce dotting the hairs near the middle of her cunt.

Then, before she could finish her sentence, Dave dove between her legs, tongue-first. He feverishly began licking up all the pussy-juice she had secreted so far, but as she began gushing more and more, as she began to enjoy the teen's probing, lapping tongue, drinking up all her fuck-fluids became a losing proposition. So Dave had to content himself with smearing his mouth and chin and face all around Mrs. Schultz's slippery gash. Faster and faster he licked, until her clit became hard and erect and began poking insistently into his cheekbone.

Taking one deep breath after raising his head, Dave dove back down into her hair bush and surrounded her throbbing clit with his thin, hot lips, sucking as hard as he could while swirling his tongue all over the greasy little nubbin as fast as he could.

"One, that feels so damn good," the woman moaned, beginning to gyrate her hips. "You really know how to eat a pussy. Yeahhhhh!"

As the woman's grunts and sighs became louder and more intense, Scruffy raised hi head and uttered plaintive cries of his own. But even though Dave had his face halfway buried in this woman's big wet cunt, he still managed to snap his fingers quickly to remind the dog to stay put.

Scruff yelped one last time and then curled back up with his paws over his ears. He snorted, causing his big black nostrils to flare, and then he was quiet.

Dave dropped to his knees between the woman's accommodating legs so he could get right in there and ravage her juicy cunt straight on. His face was smeared with fuck-fluids from the edge of his hairline down to the end of his chin. Changing the angle of his attack, slashing with his tongue from side to side, he was soon drenched with pussy-sauce from car to car, also.

"Yeahhh, suck me, suck me," she chanted, bucking her hips into the teen's face. "That's the best feeling in the world! Ohhhh, it feels too goood!"

The sloppy mixture of her gushing pussy-fluids and the teen's hot spittle loosened up her bloated pussy-flaps and lubricated her cunt-hole so well that Dave was able to ram three fingers into her cunt edgewise, along with his frantically flapping tongue. He fucked into her with his face and his hand as fast as he could. And she met each of his thrusts with a spastic buck of her hips.

"Do it, you fucker! Oh, make me come so gooood! Make me come!" she squealed.

Dave sucked harder on her clit while he jammed his hand into her cunt all the way down to his knuckles. Her pussy-walls were clenching around his fingers as she began to experience the first spasms of orgasm. Cunt-juice streamed out of her slit and soaked the couch cushions. And squishy, slurping, sucking sounds filled the living room, punctuated by Mrs. Schultz's intense moans.

"Aaaahhhgggghh! Pleeeese, suck meeeee! Ohhhhhh!"

The woman continued to wail with her building pleasure.

The teen was surrounded by a giant juicy cunt, and he was practically drowning in fuck-fluids. His whole head was soaked with sloppy wetness and the only sounds he could hear were the slapping noises of Mrs. Schultz's gushing cunt as she gripped his head tightly between her fleshy thighs.

She began hunching up off the couch, driving her cunt full force into Dave's face. Her asscheeks slapped down into the puddle of fuck-juices she had been secreting each time she smacked back down, still clutching Dave's head between her legs.

"Hanaaggghhhh! Aaaaahhhh! Miieeee!" she shouted.

And each one of her shrieks was echoed by one of Scruffy's high-pitched moans. The living room was thick with the frantic sounds of primal animal need.

And from the intensity of Mrs. Schultz's quickening cunt-spasms and the feverish force of her heaving torso, Dave could tell she was about to come. So he concentrated all his energy on stroking and nibbling on her madly throbbing clit. Her thighs were gripping him so tight, he could no longer fuck his hand into her sopping slit, but he could feel her pussy-walls spasming out of control around his trapped fingers.

"YEAHHH, SOOO GOOOOOD!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'M COMMMMMING! YESSSSSS, I'M COMMMINNNG!"

Caught in the powerful throes of her climax, Mrs. Schultz bounced up and down on the couch, kicking Dave's back frantically with her heels. Dull thuds sounded in the teen's chest as the ecstatic woman beat on him with her bony feet.

Then her body locked and she rode out one powerful bone-shattering spasm that signaled the end of her climax. Dave struggled to get a breath of air. He was held fast in the darkness between the woman's legs until she finally fell back exhausted against the armrest of the couch. They both breathed raggedly as they tried to recover from the massive climax.

Dave had finally calmed down. He grabbed the edge of the couch and then pushed himself up. Once standing, he focused his eyes and then stared down at the ravaged form of Mrs. Schultz as she struggled to shake off the aftereffects of her orgasm. Dave felt a deep sense of pride at being able to reduce such a healthy and sexy woman to such extremes. And all he had done was diddle her clit with his tongue!

Sighing a sigh of self-respect, the teen turned around and almost bumped into Scruffy. The big dog looked up at his trainer.

And Dave stared back at him, dosing one eye and tilting his head to the side in reproach.

"Bad dog!" the teenager said. He thrust out his hand and pointed over at the corner of the room next to the fireplace. "Get back over there!" he commanded.

Scruffy lowered his head until his nose almost dragged along the floor and made his way back across the room. Halfway over, the dog stopped and looked back at Dave. But the teen shook his head and thrust out his finger again. Scruffy obeyed and settled back into the assigned spot, emitting one last snuffle of dismay, flapping his chops, before settling back in.

Then Dave sat down next to Mrs. Schultz. He gently stroked her shoulder, trying to look down and see her nipples.

She opened her eyes and reached down to squeeze Dave's knee.

"That was marvelous," she said, licking her lips. "I haven't had my pussy sucked like that for years."

Dave blushed and then smiled. "Can I tell you a secret?" he said, his eyes opening wide.

"Of course."

"Well, you taste real good down there. Even better than my mom does."

Mrs. Schultz's mouth hung open for a moment as she was treated to this revelation about the Fildert family's behavior. But then she realized that this teen, with his fresh notions about sexual propriety, had just given her one of the best climaxes of her life.

"I'm glad you like the way my... pussy... tastes, Dave," she said, smiling. "And if it's okay with you, I'd like to pay you back."

"Gee, that's great, Mrs. Schultz."

"Call me Sally, honey."

"Oh, okay, Mrs. Sally," Dave said proudly, "that's great because Mom will be real happy when I bring home some more money for her."

The housewife smiled and, then shook her head. "No, dear. I wasn't going to give you any money. I was going to pay you back with something worth much more than a couple of dollars."

Dave was bewildered. He reached up and scratched his head, brushing flakes of dried pussy sauce onto his shoulder like, bits of dandruff.

"I'm going to let you fuck me, dear."

With that, Mrs. Schultz sat up and slipped off her robe, revealing her full, firm tits and the soft curves of her ass.

Dave needed no second invitation. He jumped up and began tearing off his clothes, flinging them all across the living room. Noticing the sudden flurry of activity, Scruffy looked up at Dave and then buried his snout right back between his paws.

When the teen stood naked before her, Mrs. Schultz grabbed his quivering hips and set him down on the couch on his back. Dave's cock stood up straight and true, throbbing with each beat of his excited heart.

"I'm going to kiss your cock, first, honey," the woman said, brushing her long hair out of her eyes as she bent over. "And then I'm going to let you fuck me as hard as you want. Okay?"

Dave just nodded his head up and down real fast, dying for the first feel of this woman's hot lips on his hard young prick.

Reaching out gently, Mrs. Schultz grabbed the shaft of Dave's cock and gripped it tightly, forcing more blood into his shiny prick-tip. With her other hand, the horny woman scraped across his taut ball-sac with her fingernails, clawing his balls to squirm and churn with fresh jizm.

As she bent over to ease the end of his cock into her mouth, the woman's tits brushed across Dave's shivering thighs. Her hard brown nipples were hot and fairly burned into the teen's flesh. Sit worked the end of her tongue into his sensitive piss-slit, absorbing each drop of pre-cum that bubbled on the end of his dick-head.

Eager to please the teen who had just given her so much pleasure, Mrs. Schultz released her grip on his prick so she could swallow his cock all the way into the back of her throat. When she had enclosed the whole of his cock with her hot mouth, she gently bit the base of his prick, chewing on his cock hairs.

"Ooooo that's so great, S-S-Sally," he hissed, jerking his thighs irregularly. "K-keep doing it, okay?"

Mrs. Schultz then began bobbing her head up and down slowly, so she could coat the whole length of his precious cock with her hot spit. All the while, she swirled her tongue around deliciously, causing the teen to squirm and sweat.

Tightening the grip of her lips, she squeezed his cock-flesh harder, enjoying the feel of his blood filled veins throbbing in the hot grasp of her mouth. She smiled around the mouthful of his hard prick as she watched his balls retreat up against the base of it dick, getting ready to blast out their hot load of fresh jism.

Taking his cock deep one last time, she eased her mouth off the end of his prick-tip, letting it flop out of her mouth with a loud pop. Wallowing her shoulders down between his legs, while arching her spine, she trapped his cock between her big soft tits. Pressing in the sides of her breasts, she wrapped his young dick in hot succulent tit-flesh. She ground her nipples into the curls of his pubic hair and then dragged them down to nudge against his wrinkly ball-sac.

The sensation of the sweet tit-fucking was almost too much far the teen to stand. More and more slimy pre-cum began oozing out of his cockhead and soon Mrs. Schultz's tits were coated with a glossy layer of the sticky fuck-fluid.

As Dave hunched his ass up against Mrs. Schultz's big tits, he felt her rub her juicy wet cunt up and down his leg, getting herself ready for the fucking that would soon follow. Soon, as the horny woman slid her pussy along the teen's lower body, most of his leg was drenched with fresh pussy-sauce. The feel of her juicy, bloated cunt-lips sliding up and down the tot flesh of his thin leg was almost as exciting for the teen as the feel of her big tits caressing his throbbing cock.

Then she stopped moving and stared up at Dave, licking her lips lewdly. "Are you ready to fuck, now?" she asked, Dave answered by moaning and shaking his head up and down rapidly. He thrust his hips impatiently and the sexy woman was afraid that he might shoot his load too soon. So, for good measure, as she got herself into position for fucking, she gripped the bass of his long cock with her forefinger and her thumb to make sure he didn't blast off prematurely.

Putting her knees on either side of his hips, Mrs. Schultz held her gaping wet cunt just above Dave's cock-tip. Her pussy was fully lubricated and ready for fuck-action, but she wanted to tease the teen just a little, wanted to watch him gnaw at the bit before she finally allowed him the hot, all-encompassing pleasure of a juicy cunt sheath surrounding his cock.

With the fingers that still gripped his cock-base, she aimed his cock up at her cunt, trying to control his wild thrusting hips. She had enough experience at fucking to know that he was due to shoot his load at any second. When she had everything lined up, she lowered her ass down onto his groin until her bloated cunt-flaps were grinding into Dave's crotch -- and his cock was fully imbedded in her seething pussy.

When they were locked in to the fucking, she leaned over and grabbed his shoulders, holding their bodies tightly together so he could fuck into hr with all his strength. As she welded her hot steamy lips onto his mouth, she could feel him murmuring ecstatically in between French-kisses.

Dave fucked up into her cunt faster and faster, reaching around her back and holding her closer so he could get the but leverage. Harder and harder he slammed into her cunt, each thrust packing more force and desire than the last.

Mrs. Schultz tried to keep her hips still, and her ass stuck out deliciously. Then she removed her mouth from Dave's so she could watch his face contort with the agony and bliss of a thorough climax.

"OHHHHH, GOD, I'M GONNA SHOOT IT!" he shouted the second she raised her head. "AAAAHHHHHH!"

Mrs. Schultz could feel his cock growing thicker as it prepared to blast off in her overheated pussy. And he was pile driving his cock into her cunt now with the force of a madman.

"AAAIIIEEE!" he shrieked.

The sexy housewife smiled a satisfied smile as she realized that she was giving this teen the best possible fuck. His pre-orgasmic outbursts were sweet lusty music to her ears.

And then all too suddenly, she shouted out, "OHHHHH, JESUS FUCKING GOD! HAAAAGGGGHHHH!"


Mrs. Schultz found many more occasions to employ Dave Fildert and his guard dog service. It seemed to her that her husband Fred practically lived at his grocery store now. And from what she could determine through the gossip grapevine, it seemed like Fred and Sandy Fildert were quite an item. So she could easily rationalize spending most of her free time with her teenage stud.

And when she found out that her good friend Mrs. Karp was having the same soft of problem -- being left alone at night by a husband who seemed to prefer the company of one of those twin sluts -- Sally Schultz recommended that Rosemary Karp take advantage of Dave and his dog.

Before long, the two women were keeping Dave quite busy. When he wasn't working at the kennels or spending time in school, he was providing one of those lonely housewives with his unique, service. They were running him ragged. And if it weren't for the monetary dividends, not to mention the great fucking he was getting, Dave would have left town in a hurry.

But now he was able to provide his mother, and his family, with what was needed most -- more cash for their coffers. Although Dave wasn't able to fuck his mother as much as he wanted to -- and as much as she wanted him to. The big bucks be was bringing home seemed to compensate.

But his sisters, the twin babysitters, Sandy and Candy, were also holding up their end of the bargain. They, too, were bringing home fistfuls of dollars for the Fildert cause. Where they were exactly getting all this money -- or how -- Mrs. Fildert didn't really care. But after noticing that Mr. Schultz was now raising his prices to exorbitant levels, and that Mr. Karp was also charging his gas station customers unheard-of amounts, Roxanne seemed to draw a conclusion.

And even funnier to the big-titted Fildert woman was the fact that every time she went in for groceries now, or drove up to fill the tank of the gas-hog station wagon, she never had to pay a cent. At first, she thought that perhaps the two local businessmen were giving her a break since Bill had passed away and left her very little money. But then she realized what a large role her twin daughters were playing in making life easier for her.

So Roxanne decided that since this was Saturday morning, she would try and give her children a special treat since they had been so industrious and thoughtful lately. She woke up before the sunrise and went downstairs to prepare a big breakfast, for starters. After setting the table and making sure everything was just right, she then went upstairs to gather her family together.

Padding down the hallway quietly, Roxanne made some last-minute adjustments on her skimpy nightgown, making sure her big tits could be easily seen and that her nipples peeked liberally over the top of the see-through gown. She also pulled out a few of her pussy-hairs and let them curl out around her sheer panties. And the crowning touch was a dab of perfume behind each ear -- but not any ordinary scent. This time, she chose eau de cunt, slapping a gobbet of fresh pussy-juice on the soft skin of her neck sloping down from her petite earlobes.

Carefully, she crept into Dave's room to tell him that breakfast was ready. But she was totally unprepared for what she discovered upon entering.

Her son had tossed all his covers aside and was frantically jacking off his early morning hard-on. Arching his hips up off the bed, Dave thrashed about madly as if he were fucking up into an invisible woman's cunt. At the same time, he gripped his swollen cock tightly while jerking his prick for all he was worth. Frantic slapping sounds filled the room as his fist pounded into his bloated ball-sac with each powerful stroke.

"Aaaaggghhh!" he moaned, in counterpoint to the creaking of his bedsprings. And the harder he jerked on his cock while fucking his hips in the air, the harder his headboard thudded against the wall. Roxanne felt a flash of warm lust swirl through her pussy as she witnessed her son playing with his long, hard cock. Her hands quivered at her side as she stood there immobile unsure what to do next. Bit the sore her pussy began gushing fresh hot cunt-sauce the more she was inclined to rim over and join her overheated son on the bed.

But for the moment, she was content to grip her big tits and massage than roughly, until she felt her nipple grow into erect spike, tingling with lust. She ran her, hot tongue around her full lips and uttered soft moans of desire. And the higher Dave bucked his cock into the air, the harder she squeezed her tits, at the same time beginning to gyrate her ass in slow, seductive circles.

Now, it appeared that her son was going to shoot off any second. Realizing that it would be a waste for him to spill his hot cum all over the clean sheets, Roxanne bolted for the bed and jumped up next to her writhing son.

Opening his eyes, Dave was treated to a delicious view of his mother's gigantic tits heaving just above his beet-red prick-tip. Her nipples were fully erect and her brown areolas were bloated and puff with excitement.

Roxanne leaned over and held her lips just above Dave's about-to-burst cock-head. She opened her mouth wide and exhaled hot, sweet breath down into his piss-slit.

That was all it took for Dave to crack his nuts. Just as his mother touched her blazing lips to the hot, shiny skin of his dick-head, he blasted his load full-force into her face. Jet after jet of gooey cum spewed into her mouth, across her nose, and against her cheeks.

Working her jaws up and down frantically, flipping her tongue out wildly, Roxanne tried to gather as much of the hot jism into her mouth as she could. But Dave just kept shooting and shooting, drowning his mother's face with the heavy supply of jism that had been stored in his balls all night.

"Ohhhh, that's great!" Roxanne cried out, enjoying the feel of hot, sticky cum covering her face like a starchy mask. "Give it all to me, you fucker! All of your cum!"

Clutching his cock-shaft as tight as he could, Dave continued violently stroking his prick, trying to blast out each and every drop of his precious jism. But he could only shoot so much, and it wasn't long before his fierce spasms died down. His cock grew soft in his spunk-drenched fist, and soon the teen sank back down into his mattress, moaning softly, quite satisfied.

Normally, jerking off was just something he did on impulse, and rarely did he gain much satisfaction from emptying his balls by hand. But being able to jack off into his mother's obliging face was one of the greatest sexual thrills of his young life.

Now, Roxanne scrunched down between her son's cum-soaked legs and began working her sweaty tits around Dave's flaccid prick. Her nipples slid easily all around the teen's crotch, greased by the heavy load of jism that glistened all over his loins. Strands of the gray-white stuff stretched from Roxanne's chin and jaws, back down into Dave's lap and across his belly.

Taking a deep breath and smiling, the teen said, "Fuck, Mom, that was the neatest time I ever jacked off. I thought I was going to turn inside out I was coming so hard into your face."

Roxanne continued wallowing her tits all around her son's spent cock and balls. At the same time, she tried to gobble up as much of the thick, hot jism as she could, swallowing each mouthful heartily.

"Mmmmmm, does that feel good?" she cooed, her voice coagulated with rich cum.

"Oh, yeah, Mom! The best ever. Your tits even feel better than Sally's!"

As he spoke the neighbor woman's name, Dave stopped short, slapping a hand across his mouth.

"Pardon me, son? I don't believe I heard you right."

Roxanne sat up quickly, strings of sticky cum flowing all over her from her face and tits like extra-hot mozzarella cheese. Then she crossed her arms in front of her chest, not caring whether or not she was spreading the lines of cum all over the place.

Dave tried to squirm away, but then he froze under his mother's harsh gaze. All he could do was look at her guiltily.

"I was doing it for you," he said. "Honest, Mom."

"Doing what? Fucking that old hag, Mrs. Schultz?"

Then Dave began to think about all the money he had been bringing home lately, and he decided to fight back. "Yeah, well, she wasn't the only one, either."

"Oh, is that right?" Roxanne asked, rolling her eyes. "And I suppose you're the new town stud, fucking lonely woman wherever you can find them."

Dave grinned, curling his upper lip in defiance. "I guess you could say that. Yeah, I think you're right."

Mother and son held their ground, staring at one another across the bed. And then, as if on a signal, they both broke out laughing, reaching forward to hug and kiss.

"Oh, Dave," Roxanne sighed, running her fingers through his hair. "I'm so proud of you."

"And, Mom?" the teen asked, looking up at her with watery eyes. "You know I love you, don't you? I mean, I like to fuck all those ladies and everything, but when I'm doing it, I really think about you. Really."

Roxanne held him closer and kissed the top of his head. "Thank you, son," she whispered. "I know you love me." But as she noticed her son breathe a sigh of relict she had to laugh to herself.

Dave was learning fast, she thought. Not only was he becoming a small-town legend, fucking up a storm, but he was also learning how to keep a woman from asking too many questions. Her son was turning into a regular Casanova. But that was okay with her. She knew she wasn't exactly a virgin anymore.

"Well, now that you're awake," Roxanne said, "why don't we go and get the girls. I've got breakfast waiting."

"That sounds great, Mom. I need a heavy dose of protein, if you know what I mean."

Laughing knowingly, mother and son scrambled out of the bed and walked hand in hand into the bedroom next door.

"Rise and shine, you cunts!" Dave called out.

Flicking on the light, Dave and Roxanne looked around the room for the two twins. Candy's bed was empty, and there was just a big lump under the covers in Sandy's bed. But then that lump began to move, and the covers were swiftly thrown aside.

"Surprise!" the twins yelled.

They were lacked together in a sixty-nine position, their smiling faces covered with fresh, hot cunt-sauce.

Sandy smacked her lips and said, "We heard you guys grunting and groaning next door, so we just had to get in some sucking."

"Well, that's certainly nothing to be ashamed of," Roxanne said, brushing flakes of dried jism off her large nipples. "But don't you think it's a little selfish keeping it to yourselves?"

After a momentary silence, the four Fildert's broke out laughing, enjoying the first moment of togetherness they had shared in a long time. Dave hugged his mother, and then Sandy and Candy hopped out of bed to join them.

The twins tried to spread any leftover wet cum around their faces and tits and then snuggled up closer until the four of them, were stuck fast together with crusty jism.

"Okay, you kids, that's enough," Roxanne said. "Now, let's get downstairs before all that food gets cold."

Breaking away, the two girls dashed through the door. They were already flopping flapjacks onto their plates downstairs when Dave and Roxanne finally sat down at the breakfast table. It just so happened that the four of them had been in such a hurry that they all arrived at the table stark naked. But that didn't seem to affect their appetites, for hands were flying all over the table, grabbing this, passing that and tugging such and such. It wasn't long before they were all eating heartily, chewing loudly and smacking their lips.

"Mmmm, boy, these are great pancakes," Dave said, "but I think they need more syrup."

But instead of reaching for the sticky syrup pitcher, Dave reached under the table and searched around for Candy's cunt-hole. She was so busy eating, that she didn't notice Dave slipping his finger into her still-slippery pussy-lips until it was too late.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing, stupid?" Candy yelled, spitting out bits of food.

But Dave only laughed, holding out two fingers coated with gooey cunt-sauce.

"A meal just isn't complete without some of this," he declared.

Then he placed his fingers on the edge of his stack of pancakes and spread the wet pussy-sauce all over.

"You're sick!" Sandy yelled, throwing a cornbread muffin at her brother.

Dave ducked and then began laughing. He opened his mouth wide and then held a forkful of pussy fluid-coated hotcakes in front of his face. "Here goes! Mmmmmm!"

As he chewed and then swallowed, Candy silently slipped under the table and crawled toward her brother's gaping crotch. Using the broad, flat blade of a butter knife, she swiftly scooped up whatever goopy cum she could find from her brother's crotch. Then she scuffled back to her chair before her could grab her.

"These muffins are delicious, Mom," Candy shouted, "but I think you forgot the most important ingredient."

Spreading the jism across the steaming cornbread, Candy popped it into her mouth. As she chewed, she rubbed her belly with exaggerated motions of her hand and arm.

Roxanne was in hysterics, her big tits flopping in the maple syrup on her plate. And Sandy spit all her milk across the table as she failed to hold back her laughter.

The meal continued this way until all four Fildert's were satiated. Their stomachs were full and they felt content, but their sides ached terribly from laughing too much.

Pushing herself away from the table, Roxanne wiped off her mouth with a napkin and then stared at her children seriously.

"Now that we've finished eating," she said, wiping some crumbs from her fat tits, "I'd just like to say something to you kids while we're all here together."

Her children listened attentively, scooting their chairs in closer.

"I want to thank you all," Roxanne continued, "from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for you kids, I don't think I could have made it this long without your father, God rest his soul."

"Aw, gee, Mom," said Dave, reaching out and touching his mother's hand. "We're just doing what we have to do, that's all."

"Yeah, he's right, Mom," Candy added.

Sandy was nodding her head also. Then she said, "It's just that we're a special family. You know, all the time at school I hear the kids talking, and they say some pretty bad stuff about us. But that's because they're just jealous, hunh, Candy."

"You better believe it. I don't think there's another kid in the whole school who gets to suck on his own mother's pussy. And that's what love means, doesn't it, Mom?" Candy asked.

Roxanne smiled broadly. "Well, I guess that's part of it."

"Yeah, that is one thing I can't figure out," Dave said, pushing his plate out of the way. "All these guys at school say that they love their moms, but none of them ever fucked their mom before, I know. And they think I'm some kind of freak or something. But it's not my fault their moms have old dried-up pussies."

Everyone laughed at Dave's joke, and soon they were all reduced to tears, gripping their sides because they had been laughing so hard.

When she finally caught her breath, Roxanne stood up from the table and smiled proudly at her kids.

"Now," she said, reaching down to scratch her pussy-hairs, "who's going to give me my dessert?"

The three teens scrambled frantically to get away from the breakfast table. As they fought to reach Roxanne, they spit and clawed their way across the carpet. Finally, Dave knocked his sisters to their feet with one swipe of a big couch cushion he had yanked free to use as a weapon.

"Okay, Mom!" the teen cried out. "It's all yours."

Dave's cock had grown hard and stout as he struggled with his sisters, trying to get to his mother's big, bushy cunt. Roxanne spread out on the floor and was peeling back her wet, puffy cuntlips, revealing her glistening, pink pussy-hole.

"Come on, son. Fuck me, please! Fuck me with your big sweet cock!" Roxanne pleaded.

Dave leaped down between his mother's widespread legs and kneeled before her juicing cunt, grasping his throbbing cock in his fist. Wiping crumbs and carpet threads off his cock-shaft, Dave aimed the tip of his dick at his mother's mushy pussy.

"I'm gonna fuck you real good, Mom, just to prove how much I love you," the teen promised her. "Oh, God, I can't wait to feel your hot cunt around my cock!"

"Then hurry up and fuck me, Goddamnit! You don't know how bad I need you to ream out my pussy!"

Resting one hand atop her pussy-mound, Dave leaned down and pressed his cock just inside Roxanne's bloated cunt-flaps. He dragged the tip of his prick up and down in her wet gash to make sure she was good and wet. Then he clenched his asscheeks tight together and prepared to jam his cock into her pussy full-force.

"Do it, honey! Do it!" Roxanne hissed. "Fill me up with your fat prick! Now!"

Dave let go of his cock and thrust it savagely into his mother's slick cunt-sheath. The sensation of wet heat that smothered his fucking cock was overpowering and Dave sighed deeply.

"That's it, baby," Roxanne moaned. "Fuck it in deeper."

Dave crashed into her cunt-mound with fierce thrusts of his cock, splashing pussy-sauce out across his mother's heaving belly. Each time he slammed into Roxanne's cunt, fucking her harder and harder, her big tits quivered and shook, flopping madly as Dave stepped up the intensity of his fucking.

Sandy and Candy got to their feet just in time to see Dave first ram his cock balls-deep into Roxanne's pussy, and the two girls were so thrilled they paused to watch, sitting down slowly on the couch. In the past few weeks, Dave had become quite a masterful cocksman, and the twins were impremed by his feverish technique.

"Yeah, Mom," he groaned. "I bet Dad never gave it to you this good? Unnnggghhh!"

"You're right, baby! Ohhhh, you're so right!" Roxanne writhed around on the carpet, pinned down by her son's tremendous fucking-force. She thrashed her head from side to side, whipping her hair about violently. "It feels like I never even really fucked until he died. Ohhhhh, that feels so damn good! Aieeee!"

"Take it, Mom. Take my cock all the way up into your brains. I'll give you something to think about. Ohhhh, God! Aggghhh!"

Sandy and Candy were enthralled to no end, studying Dave's big cock as it slipped in and out of their mother's clenching cunt.

"Go for it, Dave!" Sandy called out, dying to witness her big brother shoot his load of jism all over her mother's belly and tits. "Split her open with your cock! Do it!"

Candy was so excited that she grabbed her sister's hand and pulled it into her crotch. "Come on, Sis," she whispered impatiently. "Put your finger into my cunt before Dave shoots off, please!"

"I'll do better than that," Sandy said, licking her lips. "Let me eat out your pussy again."

Candy dropped back on the couch and opened her legs wide, making room for her sister's madly flapping tongue. And just like that, the twins were thrashing on the couch, moaning and sighing.

As Dave continued to stroke his cock into Roxanne's pussy, he leaned down so he could rub his chest across her tender tits. The hard spikes of her nipples throbbed and poked into him, sending hot thrills flashing all through his body.

Since Dave was now resting flat on top of her as he slammed his cock into her pussy, Roxanne peered over his shoulders to watch her daughters up on the couch.

"Get it, girls!" the Fildert woman called out. "Sandy, ohhhh, turn around and mash your pussy into your sister's face! Yeahhhh, both of you... ohhhhh... both... suck... suck... aahhhgggghhhhh!"

As they struggled to fulfill their mother's wishes, the twins fell off the couch. But upon landing on the floor, they managed to scramble into a sixty-nine position. They slurped and sucked one another as hard as they could, shivering with spasms of delight.

Sandy, who was on top for the moment, had her ass hunching up and down just within Roxanne's reach. So, as her son maintained his steady fucking rhythm, the near-delirious woman stretched out her arm and aimed her finger at Sandy's bobbing asshole. With one careful lunge, Roxanne managed to jam her finger knuckle-deep into her daughter's greasy pink ass-pucker.

"Ohhhhh, Mom! That feels too fucking good!" the girl screamed. "Put it in deeper! Please!"

Roxanne obliged her daughter, matching the rhythm of her son's fucking with the rhythm of her finger reaming in and out of Sandy's ass.

Then Dave tossed back his head and shrieked loudly. Shutting his eyes tight, his face locked in a grimace of lust, the teen yelled, "Oh, fuck, Mom, I'm gonna pop my nuts! Here it comes? Ohhhhh?"

The two girls sensed Dave's impending release and began grunting desperately, moaning their pleasure into one another's cunt.

And Roxanne, too, picked up the vibrations of her children's frantic pleasure. She felt her pussywalls clutching and releasing Dave's cock as the first convulsions of ecstasy flashed through her big cunt.

"Oh, take it, Mom! Make me shoot it... so... damn... good!" Dave bellowed.

The Fildert boy was the first to come and he blasted a healthy load of jism into his mother's pussy. He spewed out so much cum, in fact, that the sticky white stuff oozed out between her ravaged cunt-flaps, drenching her curly pussy-hair to the roots. The mixture of the teen's jism and her abundant cunt-fluids were soon whipped into a steamy froth as they continued to fuck while Dave emptied his load.

Then both the twins' cunts began clenching and gushing fresh pussy-cream as they found themselves gripped by the throes of a mutual orgasm. Candy tensed her legs around her sister's head, trying to force Sandy's tongue deeper into her sopping cunt as she rode out her gut-wrenching climax.

And as Sandy came, her as hole spasmed around her mother's finger as Roxanne tried to force her digit as far into her daughter's ass-passage as she could, digging her long fingernail into the tender flesh that lined her virgin ass-tunnel.

"Ahhhh, Mom, you're killing my butt... so... good... yeahhhh!" Sandy cried, pulling her head out from between her mother's twitching legs.

With the sight and smell and sound of her three children orgasming all around her -- not to mention right in her -- Roxanne began submitting to the demands of her climax as it swept through her fiery loins. Her arms and legs stuck out straight as if she'd just been given an electric shock and she shrieked madly, shaking her head from side to side like an incurable epileptic, the powerful seizure of her climax threatening to shake and snap her body like a tattered dishrag.


The four Fildert's thrashed and bucked, on the floor, spasming irregularly, hopping about on the fuck-juice-soaked carpet in a free-for-all of gripping sex-madness. Their screams and moans became one long wail of grateful, lustful release. They were beyond all thought, now, immersed in that sweet oblivion that is achieved only through an onslaught of overpowering sensation. And they all rode each and every ecstatic wave of all encompassing bliss out to the very end.

But instead of winding down into a quiet, restful hush, they all sat up and stared at one another in wonder, amazed at the power of their quadruple multiple climax. And they all knew that they couldn't stop now, not when there was a chance to repeat the glorious experience they had just been subject to.

The twins sat close together, arms around shoulders, sniffing their cum-drenched fingers to maintain the level of excitement, the aroma of juicy cunt enough to keep them primed for more sex.

Roxanne rolled out from under her gasping son and scooped out a load of fuck-sauce from between her legs. She licked the musty goop from her fingers, smiling at her daughters, her eyelids half-closed and heavy with lust.

Dave raised up on his side and stared at his mother, still trying to catch his breath. But, even tough he looked like he needed to rest before beginning another round of frenetic fucking, his cock began growing again, filling with fresh blood.

"I want it in the ass this time," Roxanne said seductively. Grabbing her son's chin, she said, "Do you think you can handle a little ass-fucking?"

"That's not the question, Mom," Dave replied, his strength returning slowly. "The question is whether you can last long enough to take a full load of my cum in your butt. I say, let's go for it." Sandy and Candy helped, to roll Roxanne over.

Then they grabbed her sweaty hips and raised her ass high in the air. Each girl grabbed one asscheek with both hands and pulled the fleshy buns wide apart, revealing her knotted shitter for the pleasure of her young son.

Candy jammed a finger into her pussy and brought out a thick glob of cunt-slime. She then applied the fragrant goo to her mom's butthole, working the stuff into Roxanne's ass to grease it up for Dave's still-growing prick.

"Okay, brother," Candy said, licking the remaining fuck-slime from her finger. "She's all ready for fucking!"

Sandy slapped her mother's ass like she was urging a horse to giddyap. "Go to it, Dave. I can't wait to see you fuck her."

Roxanne slipped her hands in under her chest and began massaging into her asshole. She was still enjoying the last flashes of her climax as sparks of lust still glimmered in her cunt. But now she wanted that lingering ecstasy to become transferred to her ass, where Dave could again stir her desire back up to a fever pitch.

Dave walked up behind his mother on his knees, dragging himself across the wet carpet until he could touch his cock-tip to his mother's steamy asscrack. He slid the end of his prick up and down in the crevice of her ass, teasing her.

Biting strands of the pile carpet to keep from screaming out her pleasure, Roxanne tried to hunch her back spins Dave's cock. But now all three of her kids were playing the teasing game, and Sandy and Candy struggled to hold Roxanne's ass just out of the range of their brother's big dick.

"Go for it, Mom!" Sandy yelled. "You big slut, I said beg for it."

The three kids laughed, but thou they all sighed delightedly, noticing that their horny mother was getting off being treated like a common whore.

Then Candy brought her hand down crisply against Roxanne's asscheek, raising a bright-red welt. "Take that, you big dripping cunt," the girl yelled. Then she backhanded her mother's ass just as hard.

"Ohhh, stop! Don't hurt me!" Roxanne cried, but she, too, was getting off playing this little game, and her protests were actually just playacting.

Then the twins whaled down on their mother's ass with a flurry of hard spanks, slapping the tender ass-flesh as hard as they could.

And by this time, Dave's cock had grown to full size, and he was jacking it slowly back and forth, licking his lips as he watched his sisters smack the bejeezus out of his mother's clenching asscheeks.

"Okay, girls, move aside," he said. "It's time for the main event."

Dave spit into his hand and then worked his saliva into his hot cock-flesh. His prick-tip was a fiery red and the shiny skin was drawn tight. A drop of viscous pre-cum appeared in his piss-slit, and just before he began to thrust his cock against his mother's ass, Sandy leaned in and quickly swiped the pearly drop of jism off his cock with a swift flick of her tongue.

"For good luck," she said, swallowing and rubbing her belly.

"Gimme some, too," Candy pleaded, and she leaned over to give her sister a deep French-kiss, her tongue exploring Sandy's mouth for the flavor of fresh cum.

Dave was turned on by the sight of his sisters as they fell into one another's arms and began to kiss savagely. But he was even more excited by the sight of his mother's ripe and greasy asshole.

"Okay, Mom, pretend you have to take a shit," Dave commanded.

After a few seconds, Roxanne's asshole snapped open with a sticky sound and Dave felt hot air wafting in and out of his mother's shitter. Arching his hips downward, he took aim and then thrust his cock full-bore straight into the depths of Roxanne's waiting bowels.

"AAAGGGGHHHHH!" the Fildert woman cried out as the first blast of pain tore through her guts.

The sound of his mother's tortured voice and the feel of her madly clasping ass-tunnel thrilled Dave mightily. It took him only a few moments to bring his fucking motion up to full steam, and then he was plunging into Roxanne's asshole ferociously, his balls slapping into her upturned pussy-flaps with each powerful thrust.

"Take it, Mom! To the fucking limit!" Dave gasped. "Ohhhhh, that's so damn tight and too fucking good! Yeahhhhh!"

Reaching around her waist and gripping her pelvic bone for support, Dave launched into the ass-fucking with all his strength and desire. He thrilled to the sight of his mother drooling and breathing raggedly as she suddenly reached out her arms and began clawing at the carpet.

"AAAHHHGGG!" Roxanne bellowed. "FUCK ME IN THE ASS!"

Harder and harder Dave drilled her, his belly smacking violently into her quivering asscheeks on each stroke. The deeper he fucked, the mote her pussy began to gush fresh cream and loosen up, and the teen could feel his old jism begin to flow out of his mother's wide open pussy and ooze down her thighs.

The twins broke their embrace as they sensed Dave about to shoot his next load. So they scurried around to either side of their brother and began to gently squeeze his ball-sac, urging his cum to spew out that much sooner.

"SHOOT IT, HONEY, SHOOT IT!" Roxanne begged.

Dave wanted nothing more than to please his mother, and just then he couldn't have been happier -- for a blazing load of jism was beginning to force its way up through his twitching cum-tube.

"Here it comes, Mom!" he gasped. "All for you! Yeahhhhh!"

With his sisters applying exquisite pressure to his balls, Dave couldn't hold back his wad any longer. So it was all he could do to flood his mom's ass passage with a torrent of white-hot cum. His cock slipped out of Roxanne's asshole, so intense was his blast-off. And jism went spewing all over -- into his sister's eager faces, straight up into the air, jetting across his mother's spasming back muscles, arching out across the carpet.

It was the biggest load he had ever shot. The sensation of cracking his nuts was so intense that it felt like someone was yanking a rope out of his ball-sac through his prick-shaft.

"OHHHHH, MOM! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!" he screamed. And those were his final words before he collapsed across Roxanne's back, hanging on for dear life as she bucked and thrashed wildly in the grip of a massive orgasm.


The Fildert's began spending more and more time at borne together. Their intense fucking sessions were just too good to be true, and they just couldn't get enough.

Yet the girls were prone to bitching at times because their mother forced them to all the time clean off the furniture and shampoo the rugs when the family wasn't fucking or sucking.

And some of the neighbors were bitching, too -- particularly those neighbors who had been privileged to spend time with the sexy twins and the fuck-expert Dave.

Mr. Schultz had lowered his prices at the grocery store, since now he didn't need much extra money to pay off Sandy for her company. But even though Mr. Karp no longer needed extra money to give to Candy, he kept his prices at the gas station high and blamed the whole thing on the Iranian problem.

And while the Fildert's fucked and sucked themselves silly, they lost track of reality. Sure, their love was real and true enough, but with the loss of income that the three kids had been bringing home, life began to get a little tougher.

Roxanne was the first one to feel the pinch. Groceries were getting harder to come by, the kids needed new clothes and cleaning supplies were costing them a fortune. She finally had to lay down a rule and demand that family fucking had to be confined to one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Soon, the thrilling spontaneity that had been such a vibrant element in the family's frantic group sex slowly ebbed away. And it wasn't long before Roxanne began craving something new and different, instead of the same old four-way fuck every day and night with her three frisky children.

Sure, Dave had become one helluva cocksman, and her two girls could drive any woman out of her skin with their tandem cunt sucking expertise -- but Roxanne wanted something more dependable, something more substantial and overpowering between her legs than her playful kids. She needed a man's huge hot cock reaming her out until she came in satisfying droves.

So Roxanne decided to get back together with Hal Dackel, the horny, well-hung kennel operator. Out of all the pricks she had licked and sucked and fucked and taken in bet ass since coming to this town, Hal's cock had been the biggest, fattest, most thrilling one in the bunch. He was even a better fucker than Reverend Eugene, she decided, and he was the most responsible for her respect and appreciation of the powers and pleasures that a man's big cock can unleash.

While the Fildert children were at school, Roxanne decided to drive out to the kennels. She wore one of her sexiest outfits, one that revealed her big tits to best advantage. It was difficult for her to drive, wearing such a tiny pair of spike heeled shoes, but she knew it would be worth it.

She took pride in her being able to turn a man on, in being able to reduce a proper gentleman to nothing more than a dynamic, frantically sweating and bucking fuck-machine. Roxanne was well aware that men craved their women to be half-wholesome and half-whore -- and she figured that by stacking the odds towards the slut angle she turned things in her favor. Then she could give her man some whorishly wholesome fucking, and prove to him later that she could cook and sew and raise a family.

Leaving the main part of town, headed out to the countryside and the kennels, she began thinking about her family and the deep love they had been cultivating lately, despite the economic problems they had suddenly been revisited with. Sure, they had given her their all, in the bedroom and elsewhere, and Roxanne appreciated how much their love had grown. And she also realized that she was feeling a little guilty now for deserting her kids for awhile. They were stuck in school, thinking their mother was waiting for them at home, ready to dish out some prime pussy for her kids when they got home.

But then Roxanne understood that what she was doing now would be best for her kids in the long run. They really did need a man around the house, as much as they tried to ignore it.

Roxanne smiled and a tear came to her eye when she remembered all the times Dave had pranced around the house, imitating a much older man, waving his hard cock around for auto see, trying desperately to fill the void left in his mother's life by the untimely death of Bill Fildert. She had to admit, she loved her son, body and soul and cock, and she was infinitely grateful for his desire to please her any way he could, but nonetheless, Roxanne craved something more, something extra.

And she hoped Hal Dackel and his punishing cock would do the trick.

Bringing the unwieldy station wagon to a halt in the parking lot of the Kozy Kennels, Roxanne stepped briskly out of the car and made her way to Hal's office. She made a point to wiggle her deliciously wide hips seductively as she strutted along.

The dogs in their cages who noticed Roxanne walking by began barking and yapping at her. Soon, the feisty beasts were leaping against their chain link barriers, rattling the metal fence violently.

Walking inside the little office, Roxanne had to ring the service bell loudly in order to make herself heard above the racket of the noisy canines.

"Is anyone here?" she called out, glancing down at the last second to make sure her cleavage could be seen easily.

"Yeah, uh, I'll... be... right with... you!" Hal called out from the back.

Roxanne was glad to hear his voice. The sound of it stirred up memories of their last hot fuck, and now her pussy began gushing fresh cunt-sauce.

But as the memories became more vivid and her pussy grew hotter and wetter, Roxanne found herself uncomfortably impatient. What the hell was he doing back there? she wondered.

Giving her tit a squeeze, to try and temporarily calm the hot flashes of lust that were zinging through her nipples, Roxanne walked around the service counter and into Hal's office. And what she saw froze her in her tracks.

Hal was on his knees in front of his desk, facing the door. Clothes were strewn about the small room and he was, as far as Roxanne could tell, naked as the day he was born.

But what he clutched so frantically between his legs did not accompany him on his exit from his mother's womb.

The horny kennel operator was doing nothing less than slamming his big cock into a bizarre electric device made out of soft rubber and plastic. The machine was pumping rhythmically on his big prick, sucking and squeezing like a juicy, well trained cunt.

Hal clenched the sides of the weird device with his white-knuckled fists while he thrust his fat cock into the pussy-like slit at the top. He grunted and groaned uncontrollably, putting all his strength into the fucking, his face strained with lustful agony as if he were getting the suck-job of a lifetime.

He couldn't help seeing Roxanne enter the room, and he was ashamed to be seen fucking this sophisticated sex-toy, but he was so close to shooting his cum that he just couldn't stop.

"Ooooooo!" he groaned. "I gotta get it. Get it! Yeaggghhhh!"

As he stepped up the pace of his thrusting motions, Hal strained desperately to reach down and press a red button on the side of the mechanical cunt. As he managed to finally flip the red switch, the strange toy-pussy whirred into high gear, pumping hard and deep on the man's hard cock.

At first, Roxanne acted surprised -- almost horrified. But as she realized that her pussy was still gushing hot cream, she understood that her initial horror was just a conditioned reaction. She acted negatively, she knew, because she had been trained by society to believe that fucking a precision-made pussy-robot was somehow dirty and disgusting.

But Hal was squirming and writhing and fucking so intensely, with such a look of all-encompassing pleasure etched into his face that Roxanne knew what he was doing couldn't be wrong. No, nothing that provided one with the utmost in pleasure, without interfering with the rights and the privacy of others could never be wrong, no matter what any crazed politician or law-enforcement official or repressed psychologist might say.

Roxanne's broad experience with cocks and cum told her that Hal was going to bust loose his load any second. And she wanted to be part of his ecstasy. She wanted to share with him her latest revelation. She wanted to join him in unrestrained bliss, taking pleasure together wherever they could find it -- and whenever they could get it.

"Oh, I want to fuck!" she cried, ripping off her dress. Kicking her shoes up across Hal's desk, Roxanne then dropped to her knees in front of the big man, attired only in her panties and her bra.

Reaching behind the wildly pulsating little jackoff apparatus, Roxanne slid her hand around until she located Hal's taut ball-sac. Wrapping her fingers around his churning nuts, she squeezed tightly, trying to force his hot jism up into his cockshaft.

"Ooooooo, baby, that feels so good!" he cried, tilting his head back and closing his eyes tight. "Do my asshole, too! Pleeeease!"

With her other hand, Roxanne searched out his sweaty ass-pucker, having a hard time keeping her hand in Hal's ass-crack since he was fucking his hips back and forth so wildly.

But with a little extra effort, Roxanne managed to keep her grip on his balls while jamming a finger deep into Hal's gritty asshole. She maintained this lewd grip between his legs while he rammed harder and faster into the cunt-machine.

As Hal's cum began to boil and bubble, Roxanne could feel the jism start to pump through all his glands and tubes before it jetted straight up his cock-shaft. Then jet after jet of hot spunk shot from the tip of his prick, filling the madly squeezing fake-pussy.

Hal fell back against the desk, exhausted, but his cock was still pumping out gobs of cum. Roxanne pulled back her hands and stared down at the satisfied man as he spewed cum all over his lap.

The little machine was still on and it continued to expand and contract sloppily, wheezing and humming. The rubber cunt slit in the top bubbled with frothy cum and slick Vaseline. To show Hal her appreciation and prove to him that she saw nothing wrong with any kind of sex whatsoever, Roxanne leaned over and tongued the greasy fuck-juices that were dripping all over the machine.

Hal sighed ecstatically, enjoying this lewd spectacle to the limit. "Eat it, Roxanne. Go on and eat that stuff, baby!" he commanded. His voice loud but thick with leftover desire.

In her haste to lick up all Hal's spent cum, Roxanne attacked the little plastic pussy and somehow unplugged the cord. The big-titted woman dropped down and rested on her back, her legs in the air. This position allowed Hal to see both her sweet panty-clad crotch and her rapidly flicking tongue snooping up his jism from the rubber cunt-hole.

"Oh, that tastes so damn good!" Roxanne said, sitting up and licking her lips. "It makes me feel so weird, so free and stuff, you know?"

Hal looked at her and shook his head, wiping rivulets of sweat from his wrinkled forehead.

As Roxanne unhitched her blouse, she said, "But don't you know what I mean? It's like this fucking and sucking is so basic. And honest. I get really tired of people playing games in the bedroom, you know. All those stupid head-games and inferiority problems and all that shit. It just makes me feel good to know that when people like us, who enjoy fucking so much and who practically live to celebrate the feeling of a cock in a cunt, it's nice to know that we can just do any kind of fucking we want. It think it's great!"

Hal looked at her askance and frowned. But before he could shrug his shoulders out of confusion, Roxanne had slipped her panties off and she was pointing her big furry cunt at his face.

Pushing the machine away, Roxanne scooted forward so she was sitting right in front of Hal's cum-drenched cock.

The big man licked his lips at the sight of Roxanne's gaping, dripping cunt. He let her know just how pussy-hungry he was by leaning forward with his tongue flapping out of his mouth madly.

Roxanne peeled back her pussy-lips to allow the horny man full access to her slippery red cunt-gash. Savoring the taste of Hal's cum, she smacked her lips loudly and said, "Oooooo, I want to come so bad. You made me so hot when you were fucking that crazy toy. Oooooo, come on and eat me!"

She dropped back until she was lying flat on the floor, reaching up to fondle her throbbing tits. Hal stretched out so he could comfortably nibble on Roxanne's cunt, gripping her quivering thighs in his rugged hands.

Her pussy was oozing a steady stream of fresh, fragrant cunt-juice and Hal lapped frantically, drinking up as much of the sloppy sauce as he could. His head bobbed up and down as he plowed his tongue through her pussy-furrow, swirling his tongue-tip around her clit at the top of the stroke and poking into her greasy asshole coming back down.

"So gooooood! Yeahhhhhh!" she moaned. "Harder! Deeper! Come onnnnnn!"

Hal reached around so he could grip Roxanne's fleshy asscheeks, and then he pulled his face into her soaked cunt as hard as he could. He drove his tongue into her pussy-hole, scraping as much of her tender cunt-walls as he could. Then he opened his mouth wide and sucked in a quivering mass of thick, bloated pussy-flaps, straining them through his teeth, his nose pressed firmly into her crinkly bush. He inhaled deeply, thrilling to the spicy aroma of mature twat.

Struggling to keep his grip on Roxanne's ass, Hal managed to snake his fingers into her ass-crack where he toyed with the hairs that decorated her steamy crevice. Then he stroked her wrinkled asshole. Roxanne winced and jerked her hips, trying to help him as he prepared to jam both forefingers into her butthole.

"Do it!" she cried. "Rape my ass with your hands! Nowwwwww!"

Hal jammed his fingers in, fiercely, trying to make it painful for Roxanne before he brought her back down into ecstasy. He thrust his fingers in as far as they could go, scraping the buttery sides of her ass-passage agonizingly. Harder and harder her reamed out her ass, grinding into her ass-tunnel while he angrily bit into her pussy.

"More!" she shrieked. "Do it, ahhhhh, do it!" Since she seemed to be enjoying what Hal thought was intense pain, he struggled harder to rip and tear at her pussy and ass-flesh. Grunting ferociously, Hal bit down sharply into a thick slab of juicy pussy-lip. He ground his teeth savagely, almost piercing through her delicate cunt-flesh.

"Ohhhh, God, that feels so fucking good!" she shouted.

With his fingers slashing up and back through Roxanne's asshole, Hal released his grip on her pussy-flap and then bit down savagely on her clit. He was gripping her gristly nubbin so hard he was afraid he could chomp it in two, but he refused to release the little love-button from his brutal, clenching teeth.

"Yaaagggghhh! Treeeeemendousssss!" she hissed.

Since Roxanne seemed to be enjoying his torment so thoroughly, Hal thought that the only way he could punish her would be to stop. But he was so caught up in the act of eating her cunt and stabbing into her asshole, that there was no way he was going to quit now.

"OKAY, BITCH!" he yelled, yanking has face free of her drenched cunt. "NOW IT'S TIME TO FUCK!"

Wiping his mouth off on his arm, Hal leaped to his knees and waved his hard cock over her cunt as if he were casting a spell with a magic wand.

Roxanne bucked her hips up off the carpet almost a foot, trying to snap her pussy-lips around Hal's blood-engorged prick.

"Please!" she cried out. "Please, fuck me! Aaaaaahhhhh!"

Hal snickered and jerked his cock-shaft a few times until a shiny drop of pre-cum appeared in his piss-slit. His balls were lurching in his floppy nutsac, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he shot another load. Fucking that machine had been nothing short of exquisite, especially with Roxanne jamming her fingers in his asshole and toying with his balls. But he knew that fucking into her sloppy, wet cunt was going to be the ultimate in ecstasy.

Roxanne pulled her legs back so that her entire gash was exposed for Hal's pleasure. And her face was right next to the spot where she had been sucking off the plastic pussy and she turned to the side to inhale deeply the strong scent of leftover jism.

Then she shrieked intensely as Hal drove his cock straight and true, directly into her pussy on the first powerful thrust, it was the greatest feeling ever -- the beginning of what always turned out to be the pinnacle of human experience and expression. There was nothing Roxanne enjoyed more than all-out fucking. And every time she wallowed and thrashed and writhed with a big fat cock jammed deep into her cunt, she always wondered why it was so hard for people to realize that life didn't have to be complicated; no, life didn't have to be miserable or unrewarding or meaningless -- no, no, no! It was so simple, she realized -- people were born to fuck! Damnit, that's how people got here an this earth in the first place, from fucking! And the cycle just went on and on and on -- fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! The alpha and the omega -- fuck and fuck! It was so simple, it was profound. Fucking begat fucking, and in the beginning there was the word -- FUCK! Nothing difficult about that, no, not at all, she told herself. Oh, it was so easy, so simple, so fucking right. To fuck or not to fuck, that was the question. But there was only answer: FUUUUUUUUUUCK!

Hal continued slamming his cock into her cunt, smacking their pubic bones together and spraying fuck-juices all over the office. Harder and harder he thrust his cock, threatening to damage Roxanne's pussy for life. But her cunt absorbed every one of his vicious strokes and gushed out wave after wave of pussy-juice in response to his cock-assault on her cunt.

"Unnnggghhh!" she grunted. "Kill me with your cock! Do it! Ohhhh, it feels so good I can't stand it! BUT I LOVE TO FUCK!"

"Then take it, bitch!" he hissed. "Take it into your brains!"

Faster and faster he fucked, burying his cock balls-deep with each ferocious pump of his hips. Then he leaned over and began nibbling on Roxanne's hard nipples, chewing on them ravenously. Gripping the hard, brown nipple-flesh between his teeth, he pulled back as far as he could, stretching Roxanne's tit-tip inhumanly.

But that's how she liked, it, and the big-titted woman began jerking her hips up and back in frantic response, urging him to blast his cum into her pussy.

"Ohhh, shoot it! Please, shoot it! I want to feel your cum burning in my pussy!" she pleaded. "Shoot it now!"

"You're gonna git it, whore!" he spat. "You're gonna get it, and then some. Aaaaaaggggghhh!"

Then Hal was taken over by his orgasm, and his body twitched out of control. He flopped all over Roxanne's sweaty chest, his cock still driving deeply into her pussy. He ripped and clawed at the carpet while drooling and spitting, his eyes rolled back into his head until Roxanne could only see white.

His asscheeks clenching tightly, Hal froze at the peak of his climax. Roxanne crawled out from under him just at the right moment, because she wanted to watch him shoot his load, and she wanted to take as much of his jism into her mouth as she could.

"Come on, baby! Pop it! Pop it!" she yelled, reaching down to scrape her fingernails underneath his taut ball-sac.

"Oh, yeah!" he cried, still caught in the grip of his orgasm.

His cock-tip was bright red and glistening with pre-cum and pussy-juice. And just as Roxanne gripped his cock-shaft to aim his blazing red prick-tip toward her face, gobs of the thick, hot cream began shooting out. She jerked his prick harder, milking him of his jism. Blast after blast rocketed out of his cock and splattered against Roxanne's face until hunks of the starchy stuff slid down her cheeks.


But Hal could do nothing more than continue shooting the gooey cum. His body flopped and hunched all over the floor as he struggled with the grip of a massive climax.

And despite his frantic spasming, Roxanne managed to hold on to his cock. She thrilled to the sensation of hot jism splattering against her skin -- and now, she, too, began squirming as an orgasm prepared to rip through her body.

Her tits jiggling madly, her asscheeks clenched tightly, Roxanne joined Hal in ecstasy, still clutching to his dick. Soon, the two of them were flapping and flailing across the floor, grateful victims of a powerful, bone-shattering, mutual orgasm. Harder and harder they thrashed together for support.

"Oh, Jesus God!" Roxanne shrieked. "I feel like I'm gonna fall off the edge of the world! Ohhhhh!"

In one frantic lunge, Hal managed to reach over and grab Roxanne around the waist. He pulled her close, delighting in the feel of her quivering body as they thrashed through their delirious climax.

Clutching one another tightly, they rode out the last spasms together, moaning their delight, sighing with unprecedented ecstasy.

As Roxanne slowly cooled off and once again found herself able to think, she realized that she had just experienced the greatest, most astounding, most satisfying feeling she had ever felt. And she was certain that the special chemistry between her and Hal was responsible for that fantastic sensation.

"Ohhh, baby," she whispered into his ear, "that was great. I've never had it that good before."

Hal opened his eyes and then ran his fingers through her hair tenderly. "You know something?" he asked, stretching out on the fuckjuice splattered carpet. "That was the best for me, too. I mean it."

As Roxanne stared intently into the man's moist, gleaming eyes, she knew that he was telling the truth. And she also felt something very intense and powerful pass through them, a special understanding, a marvelous strength, a fantastic genuineness.

She had felt something close to this in the past, something she thought was love, the most intangible yet most potent of all human emotions. But coupled with the ripping orgasm they had just been gripped by, there was no doubt in her mind that she and Hal were made for each other.

Lately, with her family, fucking and sucking the days away, Roxanne had believed herself to be sharing a wonderful love with her children. But that was a milder love, a more tender, respectful sensation. She was glad that her family loved her and that they had no qualms about showing their love, but what her kids provided her with came frightfully shaft of the vigorous strength packed in Hal Dackel's giant prick.

The exhausted kennel owner pulled Roxanne closer. As he stared deeply into her eyes, she knew that he was struggling to say something important to her. Sensing his frustration in expressing his deepest feelings, Roxanne reached down and played with his soft, cum-drenched cock, squeezing and stroking his flaccid prick-shaft.

That seemed to help Hal a bit and he sighed deeply before speaking. "Roxanne? You know, I think we both, ah, we."

"Yes, dear," she replied, fondling his gooey cock and tracing her fingers all around his floppy ball-sac.

"Well," the man continued, "that was just the, ah, greatest, and I know we can't stop now. No, I mean, it's not that I want to fuck, ah, again, so soon. No, it's that I think... well... since we're so good together... we should... ah, yeah, I know what everyone in this town says about you behind their backs, and they just don't know the real you, ah... I think they just don't know how to enjoy life like you do and they're jealous, but, ah... don't you think we should, ah..."


"Oh, damnit all, anyway!" he cursed. "I want to marry you!"

"Hal! I love you! Yes, by all means, let's get married!"

Roxanne grabbed him and gave Hal a deep French-kiss, squishing her big, sweaty tits hard against his chest. She could feel his cock getting hard again and then he began pumping his prick against her leg in a slow, steady fucking-motion.

Then, all of a sudden, the dogs outside in their cages began barking loudly, interrupting the lover's moans and sighs.

Then the screen door on the front of Hal's office opened and then was slammed shut.

The sounds of playful laughter then filled the office.

Then, Hal and Roxanne froze when they looked up at the three Fildert kids staring at them from the doorway.

An uncomfortable silence followed. But once Roxanne realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what she and Hal were doing, that somehow society twisted their notions of what was perverted, she reached out to them and said, "Come here, kids. I've got something good to tell you."

"Yeah," Hal said, smiling broadly. "Why don't you take your clothes off and stay awhile."

His joke changed the atmosphere in the room, and the kids quickly unzipped and unbuttoned, anxious to join the two sweaty, fuck-sauce-soaked adults on the floor.

"You know, Mom," Dave said, yanking his sweatshirt over his head, "me and the twins were hitchhiking out here. And then when we were walking down the road, we saw the station wagon in the kennel parking lot."

"Yeah," Sandy said, unsnapping her training bra. "And we started to get real curious -- and kinda excited, too."

"We thought something funny was going on out here, so we started running as fast as we could," Candy said, peeling off her bikini panties.

Then Dave began jacking his cock into hardness. "But we didn't think something this great was going to happen."

Roxanne smiled with delight as her children joined her on the carpet. Fingering both Hal's hard cock and Dave's long, thick prick, she cleared her throat. "Kids, Mr. Dackel and I have decided to get married."

The twins allowed Hal to massage their tits with his large, rugged hands. "Oooo, that's so great, Mom!" Candy squealed.

Roxanne beamed at her new family. She was so satisfied, now that they were a complete family again.

"Yes, everybody," the woman announced. "It's going to be great with a man around the house again."

Dave looked up at his mother and frowned.

"I mean, another man around the house," Roxanne said.

Everyone laughed heartily. Then they spread themselves out in a daisy chain, with Hal sucking the twins' cunts simultaneously while the two girls gave Dave a delicious double-mouth blow-job.

Dave, in turn, eagerly slurped his way up and down his mother's cum-encrusted cunt.

And Roxanne looked up for a moment to give thanks. Then she dove into Hal's crotch and prepared to give him the best suck-job he had ever had.


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