Mom's always horny

Outwardly suburbia maintains the straight laced, middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There in the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Thin, of course, inevitably there is the advent of wife-swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun... But where does the fun stop and degradation begin? When one excess leads to another -- and another -- to what? When children set as the pattern of their own lifestyle what is already the norm at home?

This is the story of two American families. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets.

MOM'S ALWAYS HORNY -- a story of two families whose goal is pleasure and whose lifestyle reflects that goal. A story with a message for our changing world.


The last thing Flora Enwright expected when she came home from work a little early that afternoon was to catch her son fucking her boss' daughter.

Heidi Lockwood had been fucking steadily for the past two years and was thoroughly enjoying herself. She preferred her lovers to be a little older than herself, virile and big pricked and with lots of experience. Someone who could and would fuck her hard and deep for a very long time. But recently she'd been getting it over Joey Enwright, who was her own age and was anything but experienced. In fact, Heidi suspected that he was still a virgin.

Joey's divorced mother worked for Heidi's widower father, and both families lived on the same block. Flora tried to be like a big sister to both the Lockwood children, Heidi and her younger brother Neil. Her son Joey was best friends with Neil, and Heidi got along well with both of them. So, as close as they all were, it was not too difficult for the horny teenager to get together with the object of her lust. She simply dropped over one afternoon after school.

She was wearing a skin-tight pair of shorts and a halter top that displayed her abundant, jiggling tits and round, generous asscheeks to their best advantage. The shorts were tight in the crotch, outlining her sensitive young pussy mound and allowing a few stray cunt hairs to peek out through the leg holes. Below the shorts, her legs were long and curvy, with full, smooth thighs and trim calves.

She'd already checked herself out in the full-length mirror in her bedroom and knew just how sensual her well-developed little body was. Her silky, corn-colored hair billowed and swirled around her adorable face. Her eyes were a deep, clear blue and her full lips were pouting and juicy, framing her white, even teeth. And from the neck down, she had all the equipment necessary to make any man's wet dream come true.

She spotted Joey raking leaves in the back yard as she came down the sidewalk. Going through the house, she stopped off in the kitchen and picked up a couple bottles of ice-cold Coke, then went out to stand on the back porch. She stood there without saying anything for a while, just watching as Joey raked the leaves into several large, neat piles.

She was fascinated by his brawny, muscular body as he worked. He was stripped to the waist and she could see the sweat glistening on his broad shoulders and athletic arms and husky chest. His strong muscles flexed and bunched just under his deeply tanned skin as he pulled against the rake.

His jeans were tight around his trim waist and across his flat ass, and Heidi thought she could make out a slight bulge in his crotch. She was trying to imagine how big his cock and balls were and how it would foci to have his prick stuffed up her cunt.

He glanced up and saw her watching him. "Hi, pest!" he yelled, his tone of voice and bright smile taking the sting out of his favorite nickname for her.

"Wanta Coke?"

"I'd love one." He leaned the rake against a tree and walked over to the porch. Taking one of the Coke bottles from her, he sat down on the bottom step where he would be in the shade.

"Aahhh, that's good!" he sighed after a long gulp of Coke. "I was beginning to feel well done!"

"Yeah, you looked like you were about ready to be turned over and basted on the other side," Heidi answered, sitting down on the top step and parting her knees slightly. Her sitting above him, she knew, would give him a perfect view between her legs.

Sure enough, when he looked up and caught a glimpse of her downy blonde cunt hair and firm creamy thighs, his eyes bugged and he blinked rapidly before quickly averting them. He was uncomfortably aware that his cock was starting to twitch in his pants.

Heidi smiled to herself, having caught his reaction, then asked, "You got anything special planned for the next couple of hours?"

"No, nothing much," Joey answered, sneaking another look between her thighs. "Why? What'd you have in mind?"

"Well, Neil is off somewhere, and Daddy won't be home until almost six, and I know your mother doesn't get home until about the same time, so..."

"What?" Joey was staring more and more openly into her juicy young crotch, his Coke all but forgotten in his hand.

"So, since we're all alone, and will be for sometime, I was wondering if you'd like to go inside and fuck me," Heidi finished quietly.

Joey was too amazed by her shamelessness to answer. He ran his tongue out over his suddenly dry lips and stared at the way the crotch of her tight shorts dug into the plumpness of her cunt mound, separating and outlining the fleshy lips of her pussy slit. At he watched, Heidi blatantly spread her warm, bare thighs even farther apart.

"Besides," she added, "I've been noticing the way you keep staring at my pussy."

Instantly, Joey's eyes jerked off to one side so giving the lawn mower his undivided attention.

"Don't be so nervous about it," Heidi said with a low chuckle. "There's nothing wrong with a boy looking at a girl's cunt."

She reached down and stroked the tip of her forefinger over the thin cotton crotch other shorts.

"Oohhh!" she squealed. "I just love being touched that! You want to touch it? Here, I'll make it easy for you."

Quickly, she unfastened the single button on her shorts, pulling them off and exposing the ripe pink mouth of her pussy hole. Then she reached out, took his hand and guided it in between her parted thighs.

Joey couldn't believe what was happening, but his cock meat throbbed and lurched wildly when Heidi pressed the palm of his hand against the wet, hairy mound of her cunt hole.

"C'mon, Joey," she cooed softly. "I told you I just love being touched there."

She deftly slipped his long middle finger into the slippery heat of her wanton little pussy.

"Aahhh," she sighed. "There, that's better! Now start movin' your finger around in there!"

"Okay," Joey muttered, grinning nervously at her. He began twisting and wiggling his finger around in her snug young cunt gash, slowly at first, then faster and faster until he was deep inside and rubbing against the slick, tender pussy walls of her cunt tube.

Heidi squirmed her solid little ass around on the porch step, bouncing up and down with delight, moaning softly. Finally she could stand the teasing no longer. She had to get Joey inside the house and get her hungry young cunt, stuffed with some of that delicious looking cock meat she saw bulging out the front of his jeans.

Bouncing lightly to her feet, she took him by the hand and pulled and tugged him in through the kitchen door. Once inside the house, she grew even bolder.

"Christ, I'm sure hot and horny today," she murmured, hugging him tight and pressing her swollen tits against his bare chest. "We've got the next few hours all to ourselves, Joey." She kissed him and slid her agile tongue deep into the warmth of his mouth.

Reaching down with one hand, she cupped the huge lump in the front of his pants, squeezing his prick shaft gently and caressing his cock with her fingers. She felt his strong, manly body trembling. Her hand played with his cock and balls through his jeans. Her own body was becoming more and more aroused. She could feel her hot, spicy cunt juice oozing down the insides of her soft thighs.

Quivering with anticipation, Heidi broke the kiss and dropped down to her knees in front of him. Joey leaned back against the kitchen table and gazed down at the top of her head with wide yes as she pulled down his fly and freed the large shaft of his solid cock.

"Oh, Joey," Heidi squealed in satisfaction, "you're really hung, ain't you?" She smiled sweetly up into his face. "I just knew you would be!"

Thrilled at the thought of getting fucked by a brand-new cock, the whorish little blonde held the base of his prick rod tightly in her moist, warm hand and brought her open mouth closer to the plump head of his hard-on. She mewled softly and wiggled frown one knee to the other as she felt his fat sty cock pole slip between her slurping lips.

His prick tasted delicious as his cock head moved over her tongue and filled her mouth, pressing firmly against the back of her throat. The sheer fleshy size of his prick and its tangy flavor were pure bliss to the kneeling teenager. Her ripe, flawless, young body pulsated with spine-tingling ecstasy. Holding his bloated cock head tightly against the back of her throat, she fluttered and twirled her warm, well-trained tongue up and down and over his thick, spongy prick shaft.

Finally she began bobbing her head, rubbing her soft pouting lips up and down the entire lengthy rod of his cock, sucking and pulling on his prick strongly. Joey was groaning loudly and humping his crotch toward her face. His obvious enjoyment of what she was doing added to her own excitement and pleasure.

Heidi had sucked her share of cocks. She was reasonably sure that none of her girlfriends had even half the cock-sucking experience and ability that she had.

She'd never sucked a cock that she didn't like.

"Oh, God... oohhh..." Joey groaned. "I... I'm gonna... cum!"

"Not yet you're not!" Heidi giggled, pulling her tight mouth off his huge prick and jumping to her feet. "Not in my mouth anyway. Let's go to your room and you can cum where I want you to. Right in my tight little pussy!"

Holding up her open shorts with one hand and gripping Joey's big shivering cock shaft with the other, Heidi led the way to his bedroom. Once inside the room, she hurried over to the bed and wiggled her shorts down over her soft, round ass cheeks.

Tossing her shorts aside casually, she unhooked her halter top and let her large, thrusting tit mounds tumble free. They bobbed slightly with their own weight, the ruby nipples already thick and puffy with excitement.

"Hurry up, Joey!" she cried. "I'm hot to fuck!"

She rolled onto the bed and stretched herself out, naked and deliciously tempting.

Joey stood next to the bed, slowly taking off his jeans, never taking his eyes off her mouth-watering young body. He still couldn't believe this was really happening. Heidi had her firm thighs wantonly spread and was lewdly stroking and tweaking the soft, juicy lips of her pussy slot.

The moment he was undressed, he climbed eagerly onto the bed. She turned onto her side and cuddled her warm little body snugly against him, rubbing the frothy mound of her cunt into his crotch. They could both feel his massive cock pole pressed between their stomachs, rock hard and throbbing with excitement.

"Shit, honey, that's a cock and a half," Heidi giggled, squirming against him, squeezing his prick meat between their bodies, feeling his cock lurch strongly against her taut, smooth tummy.

"I'm glad you, uh, like it," Joey mumbled.

They kissed, hugging each other tightly in their arms, grinding their bodies together, their tongues moving back and forth delightedly from one mouth to the other.

Finally, Heidi pulled back slightly and smiled down at him, her eyes twinkling merrily and her lips curled into a sluttish smile.

"C'mon, Joey, let's fuck!"

She rolled onto her back, taking him with her, and spread her legs for him. She looked up at him, her whole body alive with frantic fuck-lust, while he knelt between her legs and guided his bloated cock head down against the slippery folds of her cunt hole.

"Aaahhhh," she cooed as she felt him lower his hips down into the wide V of her parted thighs. His thick, long cock rod stretched open her fuck hole and glided easily into her wet, tight-walled pussy tube. "Yeah, honey, that's what I want. Your big, stiff prick! Every fuckin' inch of it!"

Heidi's entire body quaked and twitched as Joey began to fuck his mammoth cock in and out of her vibrating young cunt. The width of his prick shaft fucking back and forth between her widely snatched cunt lips was frictioning her clit delightfully. He drilled and lucked into her pussy, harder ad deeper sob time, making her moan and squeal and raise her ass cheeks off the bed to meet his long, even thrusts.

"Aahhh, that's good, honey, so fuckin' good!" she whimpered, clutching his shoulders and hugging him between her hilt fleshy thighs.

The size of his prick staff and the intensity of his fuck-strokes as bringing the horny little teen closer and closer to a shuddering orgasm. And Joey wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back the raging flow of jism that threatened to spew up out of his tight, aching balls.

So caught up were they in each other, that neither of than noticed when key's mother looked in through the partly open bedroom door. She could see them vividly as her son fucked his huge prick into Heidi's drooling young cunt, and she heard the wet, sweaty slap of flesh against flesh and the cries and giggled whispers they made together.

Flora couldn't take her eyes off her sons juice-soaked cock pole as he fucked his prick in and out of Heidi's slobbering cunt. She hadn't seen him naked in quite a few years and she wasn't surprised as much at the size of his cock as she was shocked by the way he was using his prick. From where she stood, she also had a clear view of his big, hairy balls as they swung back and forth, slapping loudly against Heidi's round little ass.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she heard Heidi gurgle throatily. "I'm gonna cum, honey... gonna cum... gonna... uuggg... I'm cummin'... I'm cummin'... oh, God... ooohhhhh..."

"So'm I!" Joey shouted, grinding his loins down tightly against hers and wedging the bloated head of his cock securely into the deep end of her pussy.

Flora watched, fascinated and horrified, as Joey's ass cheeks clenched and his whole body went tense and stiff and he poured his thick, hot jism into Heidi's thirsty young cunt in long, stringy gobs. She had never seen anything as wonderfully exciting. Her own pussy was hot and itchy. Her fuck cream oozed out and seeped through her thin panties to dribble down the insides of her thighs.

"Oh, Joey, Joey, Joey!" Heidi squealed happily when he'd finally stopped spurting and slumped limp and exhausted onto the bed. "There's nothing I like better than a cunt full of hot thick cum!"

Her breathing harsh and ragged and her knees weak from what she'd just witnessed, Flora slipped noiselessly away from the open door.


Flora spent the rest of that day wandering around in a semi-daze. She'd been stunned by the sight of Joey and Heidi fucking up a storm on the bed. As a mother, she knew she should be enraged. But as a woman, she was strangely thrilled. Flora Enwright had been considered an easy piece of ass ever since she was a teenager. Now, although she was almost forty, she looked at least ten years younger. She was a curly haired brunette, with large soft-brown eyes and a body that was still delectably curvaceous.

Since her divorce three years ago, she'd stayed away from men, thinking that she had finally outgrown that sort of thing. And, except for a few sleepless nights, she'd been happy enough. Rut now she just couldn't get her mind off the beautiful sight of her son's big, thick cock fucking in and out of Heidi's streaming little pussy. She was jittery, high-strung, worded and horny as hell.

Finally, she decided that she just had to do something about the way she was feeling. When the idea first crossed her mind, she felt her sensitive cunt lips start to moisten and twitch in anticipation.

"Joey?" she called from her bedroom. "Will you come here for a minute, dear?"

Joey was sitting in the living room, watching TV. "Okay," he called back.

He entered the bedroom, and he almost fell over when he saw his lovely mother standing by the bed. She was wearing a sheer shortie nightgown that ended just below her crotch and displayed every curve and swell of her luxuriant body. His gaze dropped to her round, fleshy thighs and the long, trim calves that showed below the hemline of her nightie. As his eyes moved upward, they took in every delicious detail of her wantonly revealed body. She was wearing neither panties nor bra, and he could see plainly the big, heavy globes of her tits with their pointy brownish nipples. Just below the wet curve of her soft belly, he could see the swirly cunt hair.

Flora moved across the room with a shimmy of her ass and jiggle of her tits and put her hands lightly on his shoulders.

"I was wondering if you'd do something for me," she murmured softly. "Something extra special."

"Sure, if I c-can." The swollen nubs of her nipples were almost touching his chest, covered only by the silky material of her negligee.

"Oh, I'm sure you can do this, Joey," she giggled. She had already decided to use the direct and honest approach, and now he'd given her the perfect opening. "I've already seen you doing it!"

"What?" The way she was dressed and the soft, purring tone of her voice was driving him crazy. He already had half a hard-on, and his prick was getting longer and thicker by the second.

Flora moved her hands down from his shoulders, rubbing her palms over his broad muscular chest. "I just thought you might like to do to me what I saw you doing with Heidi this afternoon," she whispered with a lewd smirk.

For the second time that day, Joey was left completely speechless by the wanton suggestion of a female. And this time the woman was his own mother!

"Well? What do you say, dear? I know you like to fuck." She uttered a low laugh and added, "And your cock's certainly ready even if you're not!"

Joey glanced down guiltily at the throbbing lump in the front of his pants, then back up at his mother. "B-but... but you're... m-my..."

"Your mother?" Flora finished for him. "Yes, I am. And you're my son." She began leading the boy over to the bed. "But neither your cock nor my pussy will ever know the difference!"

Leaving him standing beside the bed, Flora sat down on the edge of the mattress, leaning back on her elbows and parting her knees. With a casual flick of her hand, she opened her nightie from neckline to hem so that the entire front of her warm, inviting body was on full display to his gaping eyes.

Joey's mind was spinning with confusion and his cock shaft was lurching against the front of his pants with excitement. He gazed down at her with something like awe in his eyes. Between her smooth, creamy thighs was the fluffy tuft of her cunt, and beneath that, barely concealed by the wisps of soft brown hair, were the plump, rose colored lips of her pussy silt.

Flora opened her knees a little more, and when he glanced up at her face, she gave him a smile and ran the tip of her wet tongue over her ripe lips. Joey could see the obscene promise and shameless invitation in her smile.

"Christ," he moaned softly. "You... you're beautiful..."

Flora giggled merrily. "Thank you kindly, dear boy."

Then, reaching up with both hands, she pulled him down over her body. As he dropped down, she brought one leg up between his legs and rubbed the top of her smooth, meaty thigh tenderly into his groin. She wrapped both anus around his neck and pulled his lips down against hers, poking her pointy tongue deep into his mouth. Her warm bare thigh continued to massage his jerking cock bulge until he thought his prick would explode. Joey forced her tongue back into her mouth and followed it with his own, letting her suck gently on his tongue.

"Joey," she murmured. "Is Heidi a good fuck?"

"Uh, well, yeah, I guess so," he admitted.

"Was she the first girl you ever fucked?"

"Well, uh, no, not exactly... but, uh, almost..."

Flora chuckled softly. "I'll just bet it wasn't the first time for her! Not by a long way. That gal acted like she knew what she was doin'!" She kissed him briefly, licking her nimble little tongue deliciously over his. "Tell ya what, Son. You get undressed and I'll teach you a few tricks you can use on her next flint."

"Sure, Mom!"

Leaping to his feet, Joey swiftly stripped off his clothes, leaving them scattered all over the floor. Meanwhile, Flora wiggled out of her shortie nightgown and stretched out saucily on the bed. She gasped throatily when she caught her first up-close sight of her son's thick, lengthy cock shaft. During her younger years, she'd been fucked by a lot of different pricks, but Joey's young cock pole was one that any man would be proud to own. For that matter, she thought to herself, most women wouldn't mind having one like that, either. But she knew where the women would want a prick like Joey's.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" she swore, sitting up and staring brazenly at her son's huge hard-on as his cock thrust straight out from the tight curls of his crotch. Just below his massive prick shaft hung a pair of large, heavy balls. "I can see now why Heidi was yelling and squealing like a stuck pig!"

Joey grinned boyishly and looked like he was about to blush.

Flora spread herself out wantonly on the clean sheets, raising her knees and opening her long, silky thighs to their widest.

"C'mon, Son," she urged hotly, using her finger tips to stretch her swollen cunt lips apart. "Stick that big beautiful cock into my pussy and fuck the hell outta me!"

Trembling with lust, Joey climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between her spread eagled thighs. Sliding both hands under her, he cupped the soft, rubbery cheeks of her squirming ass and raised her hairy cunt mound off the bed. Flora reached down and searched for the rock-hard rod of his prick. She cooed in whorish delight as her long fingers coiled around the quivering width of his bobbing cock meat.

"Oh, oh, Son," she whispered, fondling his prick and the hot, crinkly ball-sac dangling between his thighs.

Crouching between her trembling thighs, Joey rubbed his big cock head up and down over the drooling lips of her cunt mouth. Her slippery pussy furrow got wetter and wetter. Flora whimpered in excitement and moved her massaging hand from his balls running her hand swiftly up his bucking prick shaft. Gripping his cock, she took the bulging tip of his cock into the slippery heat of her pussy hole.

"Oh, Christ, Son," she sobbed throatily. "Stick it in me! Don't tease me like this! Fuck me!"

Her words trailed off into a low moan of ecstasy as Joey's massive prick rod stretched open the quivering lips of her cunt mouth and slid inside. The snug walls of her pussy tube squeezed his lengthy cock pole as he fucked into her cunt. The hugeness of his prick shaft thrilled and delighted his wanton mother, while her handsome young son relished the tightness and slick smoothness of her cunt tunnel.

Flora cooed and whined happily at the wonderful friction of his prick meat against her swollen little clit as he began to buck his hips up and down, fucking his thick cock in and out of her tight, foamy cunt slit. Who would have thought, she asked herself, that my own son would have a prick so long and thick and so strong? Her greedy little pussy hadn't been this well filled in a long time. She was incredibly happy.

"Oh, you sweet, beautiful boy," she crooned as Joey speeded up the tempo of his fuck-thrusts. His hands were under her, cupping and kneading the smooth, wiggly cheeks other ass. When one of his finger tips brushed aver the puckered pink hole of her ass she gave a sudden joyous giggle. "Ohh, Joey! Shove your finger up my ass, dear! Fingerfuck my ass!"

As their bare, sweaty bodies slapped squishily together, Joey ran his fingers up and down the crack of her ass, searching for and finally finding the taut little opening to her ass tube. He pressed firmly against the tight ring of muscle and suddenly his finger popped through the puckered mouth of her ass. His thick finger slid into her snug, slippery asshole up to the palm of his hand.

"Eeekkkk!" Flora squeaked at the sudden pleasure-pain her quivering, squirmy ass cheeks becoming alive in his hands. "Shit, Son, your finger feels as big as your cock!"

Grinning down at his wanton mother, Joey pounded his prick head deeply into her drooling pussy hole and at the same time wiggled his finger against the smooth, greasy walls of her ass tunnel.

"Ooohhhhh!" Flora squealed. "Oohhh, you deer, sweet boy!"

The delighted woman was rolling and swiveling her ass cheeks back and forth, caught between the wonderful penetration of his massive cock and the thrilling stimulation of his finger up her asshole.

The two penetrations, working against each other that way, soon had Flora gasping and writhing in total happiness.

"Oh, Christ!" she cried. "Oh, you wonderful boy! That's the way, Son! That's the way to really fuck me!"

Maybe it was just that she hadn't been fucked in so long, or maybe the fact that it was her own son who was fucking his long, stiff prick shaft up her little pussy. Whatever the reason, Flora was totally overwhelmed by the jolts and waves of obscene ecstasy that were shooting through her quaking, sweating flesh.

They continued to fuck for a long time, the bedroom filling with the sounds of their grunts and squeals and the wet smacking of their bodies. They rolled from one side of the bed to the other. Sometimes she was on top, bouncing up and down joyously on his huge, stiff cock, and sometimes she was on the bottom, gazing up lovingly at her handsome young son as he fucked and pounded his cock meat into her pussy hole. Once they even found themselves face-to-face on their sides, each trying to heave their groins closer and tighter to the other.

And the longer their fuck lasted, the better it got!

Finally, Flora rolled onto her back and locked her legs snugly around his waist, lying under him and humping her hairy, battered crotch up against him. The full length of her slobbering cunt slit was open to hit aggressive fuck-thrusts. She pulled him down, crushing her thrusting tits against his chest and squirmed wickedly as the strength and intensity of her orgasm poured over her. Her mouth was slack and her lovely brown eyes were soft and dreamy as she stared unseeingly at the ceiling.

She hugged him tightly in her arms and squeezed him between her trembling, shapely thighs, her pussy lips slurping noisily at his lurching, fucking cock meat. Her firm, sweat-soaked tummy fluttered against his. Her fat, pointy nipples poked into his chest and slid raspingly over his wiry hair. Slowly, with a long, drawn-out sigh of satisfaction, she dropped back against the bed, only vaguely aware that Joey's immense prick was stilt stiff and thick and solidly erect.

The fuck-crazed teenager continued to fuck his mammoth cock in and out of his mother's cunt, squishing his prick through the hot, oily fuck juice that flooded her cunt tunnel. He couldn't believe that anything could be as warm and soft and juicy as her drippy, tender pussy.

Flora slowly opened her eyes and gasped as she realized what was still happening. "Christ," Flora purred. "Didn't you... c-cum yet?"

"Nope," Joey grunted, fucking his prick meat deeply into her drooling pussy channel. "But soon... I'm almost... there..."

"Ooohhhh," Flora wailed helplessly, squirming her gooey crotch up against his, feeling herself start to orgasm again with the unexpected pleasure of his continued fucking. His wide cock pole impaled her tight cunt gash. "Yes, yes! Fuck me, Son! Let me have a cuntful of hot cum!"

Her round, springy ass cheeks bounced off the mattress as she thrust madly upward, lifting her cunt mound and clamping her pussy lips tightly around the base of his jutting cock pole.

"Oh, shit!" she bawled. "I'm gonna cum again, Son, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!"

Joey knew that this time he wouldn't be able to hold back. He could already feel his jism bubbling up from his churning balls and knew that this time he would fill her sucking, sloshy pussy with his cum.

"Aahh," he groaned loudly, ramming his spurting cock head all the way to the back of her fuck tube. His hot, slimy jism poured and splattered and gushed thickly.

Mother and son convulsed and spasmed on the bed, each overjoyed with the climax of the other, their arms and legs twined together, their bodies buffeted against each other.

When Joey had finally pumped the last drop of his creamy jism into his mother's flooded pussy hole, they collapsed side by side on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, Joey was awakened by the feel of Flora's soft, pursed lips playing up and down his cock shaft. Looking down, he saw her curled up between his legs, licking and kissing at his throbbing prick. His cock meat was already half-erect, and was getting bigger and bigger all the time.

Realizing that he was awake, Flora raised her head and smiled naughtily at him.

"I take back what I said before, Son. I don't think I can teach you very many tricks at all!"


Flora overslept the next morning and was almost an hour late for work. Driving to the downtown offices of the Lockwood Electric Supply Company, she giggled and squirmed her round ass on the car seat as she recalled some of the antics that she and her big-cocked young son had been up to the night before.

Arriving at the office, she idly noticed that Olive Reynolds, Tom Lockwood's secretary, wasn't at her usual post behind her desk. Flora had her own office, just down the hall from Tom's, where she controlled the company's inventory of electrical parts. Her job was to add invoices and subtract requisitions for over a thousand parts-inventory sheets. It was an exacting job, although not too difficult.

She walked down the short hallway leading to her office, her mind on Joey and his huge seemingly tireless prick. She licked her lips as though she could still taste his thick, hot jism on them. She didn't wonder why the front office had been left unattended, although it was never supposed to be. Usually, whenever Olive had to be away from her desk, she called Flora to cover for her.

Then she heard a soft, feminine sound that was halfway between a giggle and a squeal coming from the partially open door of Tom Lockwood's office. Flora paused, glancing back over her shoulder toward the empty reception area. She suddenly realized just how unusual it was that no one was there. She tiptoed quietly to Tom's door and peered inside.

Tom Lockwood was lying flat on his back on the thick carpeting in front of his desk. He was wearing only a pair of white shorts and Flora's eyes opened wide at the sight of the massive bulge in the front of them.

Olive Reynolds was crouching over him, a wicked little smile on her full lips, and she was stark naked!

Olive was a short, full-bodied girl in her early twenties with a cute baby face, clear gray eyes and rich auburn hair. Everything about her body was opulent and lavish. Her tits were huge for a girl her size, but they stood firm and jutting on her chest, with big cherry-colored nipples and a deep cleavage. Her belly was soft and gently rounded and dimpled with a small, round navel. Her legs were shapely, with full, fleshy thighs and well muscled calves. Between her creamy thighs was the bountiful triangle of her cunt hair.

Someday her voluptuous little body might turn to fat, but right now it was mouth-wateringly delicious.

Watching through the doorway, Flora heard Olive's giggly squeal of joy as she bent over Tom's middle and planted a juicy little kiss on the bulging front of his shorts.

Tom had his anus folded behind his head and his ankles were crossed. He looked completely at ease, as though he didn't have a care in the world.

Flora wondered howl many other times they'd done this. She remembered all the times she'd covered the front desk while Olive had disappeared into Tom's office dictation or some such excuse. Now Flora realized what had been going on right under her nose all this time.

Olive started tugging at Tom's shorts, pulling them down over his legs. He raised his ass a little to help her and suddenly his stiff cock shaft bobbed free.

Flora's eyes widened at the sight of his prick. His cock was a monster, huge and bloated, a long, thick, fleshy pole that jutted straight up from the springy curls of his crotch hair.

"Aaahhhhh," Olive sighed. Although she must have seen Tom's prick many times in the past, she was no less impressed than was Flora.

"Such an adorable prick," Olive whispered. "Such a sweet, sweet cock."

Olive pulled his shorts the rest of the way down I his legs and off his feet. Tossing them aside, she threw one leg casually over him and straddled his middle, her hairy crotch scant inches above the swaying head of his prick.

Flora could see gleaming trickles of cunt juice running down the insides of her thighs.

"I'm gonna fuck your big, beautiful cock, lover," Olive said with a soft chuckle. "I'm gonna ride your cock like a horse and suck all the nice, hot cum out of your balls! You all ready for my tight little pussy, lover?"

"We really shouldn't be doing this, you know," Tom answered her calmly. "Someone might walk in here at any second."

"Uuuhhhh, shit!" Tom grunted.

"How's that, lover?" Olive asked. "isn't that nice?"

"Christ, yes," Tom moaned. "You're so damned tight!"

Olive began rotating her crotch in a small half circle, grinding her pussy down onto the wide base of his prick. She leaned forward, planting both hands flat on the floor on either side of his head and bracing herself on her stiff arms.

The long smooth muscles of her thighs rippled tightly as she shimmied her ass back and forth on his fucking cock meat. Her bloated tit globes rubbed caressingly over Tom's broad, hairy chest.

"C'mon, lover," she whispered. "Give my tight little pussy a real good fucking. Ream my cunt out I good, lover! Fuck it till I cry for mercy!"

Flora was struck by the little-girl quality of Olive's voice. She sounded like a ten year old begging for a piece of her favorite candy. Which, now that she thought about it, wasn't too very far from the truth.

Flora found the combination of Olive's childlike attitude and sluttish behavior to be wantonly exciting. Almost without being aware of what she was doing, she reached underneath her skirt, pushed the narrow crotchband of her panties to one side and slid two fingers up inside her own drippy cunt hole.

"Eehhh," she moaned softly, her fingers fucking in and out of her hot pussy slit. Her eyelids drooped, but she forced them to remain open. She didn't want to miss a thing!

Tom had begun to hump himself up against Olive. His large, round balls bounced back and forth between his thighs and her ass crack as his mammoth prick fucked in and out of her. Olive was cooing and mewling contentedly, her cute young face screwed up into a mask of shameless lust.

"That's it, lover!" she gurgled. "Oh, yes, you big, sweet prick! Fuck my little pussy! Fuck it to death!"

Flora started to push down her panties, then stopped and hurried to the front door of the office, locking it and switching off the lights so no one could come in and disturb her. Back in the halfway outside Tom's office, she slid her panties down to her knees and leaned against the wall next to the door.

She clamped one hand over her mouth to stifle her moan of pleasure when she thrust her fingers back up inside her tight, slobbering pussy hole. God, they feel so good, she thought as she wiggled them around, sending little spasms of delight up and down her cunt tunnel.

But as good as her fingers felt, she realized sadly, Tom's big, stiff cock shaft would have felt even better.

Olive was now lurching and squirming madly atop her boss' fat prick staff.

Flora could plainly hear the wet, squishy sound her overstuffed young pussy slot made as he fucked in and out of her cunt. Flora was getting more and more jealous of the childishly sensual young secretary. Some pussies, she thought, get all the luck!

If only she were the one in there, her pussy stuffed with that thick, burly cock! It would be wonderful! She would relish every inch of that long, rock-hard cock shaft!

Which was exactly what Olive was now doing her low, throaty squeals and giggles were sounds of pure bliss. Her eyes were narrow slits and her lips were pulled back over her white, even teeth in a sly grin.

She reached down and took his hands in hers and raised them up to her swollen, jiggly tit mounds. "Take my tits and play with 'em, lover," she pleaded. "Squeeze 'em, milk 'em while you fuck me!"

Flora saw Tom's large hands cup the undersides of Olive's meaty tits and lift them, as though testing their weight. His blunt thumbs rubbed over her puffy nipples, pressing them back into their wide, crinkly areola.

Flora's own nipples stiffened and swelled as if in response to his touch.

"That's the way, lover," Olive whimpered. "Keep playin' with my big jugs like that! Squeeze my nips! Squeeze 'em real hard! Oh, yeah, lover, like that!"

Tom smiled up at her and tweaked the luscious buds of her tit-tips. He gasped every time her snug, bubbly pussy hole slammed down over his huge, fleshy cock pole. Olive's round, flaring ass cheeks quivered and jiggled, and her smooth, well muscled thighs flexed and shuddered as she plunged up and down, swallowing his lengthy cock rod up her taut cunt hole.

"Oohhhh, you wonderful fucker!" she bawled. "You great big magnificent fucker you!"

Flora flicked her fingers faster and faster into her churning cunt hole. She fought the urge to let her sleepy eyelids close and surrender herself to the thrilling pleasure racing through her trembling body. She just had to keep watching.

Olive was bouncing faster and faster on Tom's stiffly thrusting cock meat, and Flora knew that the plump-bodied little slut was getting close to her orgasm.

With a sharp twinge of jealousy, Flora thought, Oh, Jesus, I wish that was me in there!

"Oohhhhh, shit, lover!" Olive sobbed. She was holding onto Tom's wrists, keeping his hands tight on her creamy tit flesh.

She threw her head back and stared at the ceiling, her mouth slack and her back arching forward. She squirmed her foamy cunt mound back and forth and up and down in a fluctuating, zigzag motion as she rode Tom's hard, upstanding cock.

"I'm comin', lover!" she yelped. "Oh, shit, I'm cummin'! It feels so fuckin' good, lover! Oh, I just love your big, strong cock in my tight little pussy! Keep fuckin' me, lover, I'm really cummin' now! Aaagggggggggg!"

Olive rose up until she was almost off Tom's prick completely, then plunged quickly back down, sucking his cock meat back into her streaming pussy hole, until her soft, wiggly ass cheeks bounced off his hairy groin and she started up again.

Flora felt her whole body quiver and spasm as she watched. Her thin blouse was plastered to her back and shoulders with sweat, and, her hand was soaked to the wrist with her fuck juices.

Then Olive suddenly collapsed on top of Tom's body, crushing her bloated tits into his chest. She gave a long, low sigh of complete satisfaction.

"Why'd you stop?" Tom moaned. "I didn't cum!"

"I know you didn't, lover," Olive answered with a squealing giggle. "But don't you worry 'bout gettin' your rocks off. I've got plans for that stiff prick of yours. Wonderful plans!"

Slowly, Olive raised herself up until Tom's full, meaty cock popped out of her snug pussy hole.

Flora's eyes sparkled with obscene longing as she looked at his prick. She had never seen a cock shaft as long or as thick, and every swollen, vibrant inch of his prick looked deliciously alive.

Flora had never felt so envious of anyone in her life. She watched the hot-assed young girl lick and kiss Tom's greasy cock, almost tasting all that firm, quivering prick meat herself.

Flora couldn't believe that anyone could cram such a huge hunk of stiff prick meat down her throat, but somehow Olive managed to do just that.

"Suck it, suck my cock!" Tom grunted through clenched teeth.

Shiny rivulets of Olive's saliva trickled down the length of his throbbing prick pole, soaking his crotch hair. He bucked his ass off the floor, slamming his thick cock head against the back of Olive's throat. He clutched at her soft, auburn hair, pulling her drooling mouth down into his groin. Olive mewled softly at his roughness.

Tom held her head still with both hands and fucked his bloated cock pole up into her mouth. Olive made low, gurgling sounds as he fucked her face savagely, sounds that betrayed her avid enjoyment of what he was doing to her.

"Aahhh, here I cum, you little bitch!" Tom shouted. "Oohhhhh, here I cum right down your throat, whore!"

Flora watched Olive's throat start to work briskly as she tried to swallow the jism that Tom was suddenly pumping into her greedy little mouth. Some of his cum leaked out between her lips and slobbered down her chin onto Tom's hairy crotch.

When he finally stopped gushing, Olive pulled her mouth off his cock and hugged his still-hard prick shaft between her billowing tits, laying his cock in the deep valley and pressing her sweaty tits bawd from each side. She rocked her shoulders back and forth, rubbing his greasy cock meat against her cleavage, then took his prick in one hand and stroked his cock over her creamy tits like a paint brush, leaving thick, gooey trails of cum on her silky skin.

"Ohhh, lover," she cooed happily, rubbing his jism-covered cock head over her big, puffy nipples.

Flora reluctantly slipped her fingers out of her hot, unsatisfied pussy hole and pulled her panties up over her hips. For a moment, she leaned weakly against the wall, trying to catch her breath.

Then, for the second time in as many days, she quietly tiptoed away from a doorway, horny.


Later that same evening, Neil Lockwood was sitting in the living room watching TV when the doorbell rang.

Neil was a tall teenager, mature for his age and well muscled in a sinewy way, who was just beginning to become excited about girls. He was starting to notice them as something other than soft creatures with strange interests and peculiar habits, which was how he'd thought of them up till now.

So far, he'd been too unsure of himself to do anything about his feelings, but he felt sure that someday the opportunity would come his way.

Although he didn't know it when he answered the doorbell, that day had arrived.

"Oh, hi, Flora," he greeted her warmly. "C'mon in!"

He was always pleased to see Flora Enwright. He enjoyed her company and that of her son Joey. Lately, though, Joey had been taking more interest in his sister Heidi than in him. Flora looked a bit disappointed.

"Hello, Neil. Is your father home?"

"No, he had to go out right after dinner. And Heidi is on a date with Joey. So as your host, what would you like to drink?" Neil had always been proud of his manners.

"Huh, nothing thanks. Do you know where Tom is?"

"No, not exactly. He said something about meeting his secretary. He tried to make it sound like business, but you know what? Sometimes, I think there's something going on with those two!"

Flora seated herself on the edge of the couch and sighed. "I wouldn't be at all surprised," she said, sounding rather wistful.

Neil sat down next to her and said, "Flora, is anything, wrong? You seem sort of, well... troubled."

In fact, Flora had come over here tonight with the idea of seducing her big-cocked boss. Her son and Heidi had gone off on their date and were no doubt fucking around in the back seat of some car at this very moment.

Left alone in her house, Flora had had nothing else to do except think back to that wonderfully depraved scene in Tom's office this morning. And the more she thought about it, the hornier she got.

She'd come to Tom's house to get him to fuck her naughty little pussy, only to find that he was off somewhere stuffing his big prick up Olive's well-trained cunt hole.

Flora smiled at Neil and patted his hand. "No, dear. It's nothing you'd understand."

"Yeah, sure! That's what everyone tells me! You'll understand in a few years. Wait until you're a little older. What they really mean is that I should be seen and not heard!" He slumped back against the couch and scowled down at the floor.

"Why, Neil Lockwood!" Flora gasped, startled by his outburst. "I had no idea you thought that way!"

"Well, I do." Neil forced himself to stay calm although it was damned difficult. "I probably shouldn't have sounded off like that to you. You've been a lot less guilty than some others, and I apologize. But it is the way I feel sometimes."

Flora was staring at him steadily with a new look in her eyes. She suddenly realized that she was all dressed for a seduction.

She was wearing her shortest skirt, her tightest blouse, and no underwear at all. And now that she thought about it, Neil had been sneaking looks at her big, bouncy tits and her smooth, trim legs ever since she'd got here.

Well, she told herself, Tom might be gone, but his son is certainly here! After her wild night with key, she no longer had any illusions about young boys. Once turned on, it seemed, there was no stopping them. Bless their little hearts!

"I wish I could do something to make up for the way I talked to you before, Neil," she murmured, sliding closer to him on the couch. Her warm, fleshy thigh pressed against his hip. "Something that would make you feel better..."

"That's okay, Flora," he said, "you don't have to do anything to..."

Before he could finish, she leaned aver and kissed him. Neil was too surprised to resist. Besides, the stiff tips of her tits were pressing into his side, and they felt good. Then her wet little tongue wiggled into his mouth, and that felt even better.

He'd never been kissed this way before, but his tongue seemed to know what to do. Almost with a mind of its own, his tongue slid wetly over his and slithered into her mouth, licking and worming around.

Flora cooed into his mouth and cuddled closer to him.

Neil was painfully aware that his cock and balls were tingling and quivering and the crotch of his pants was swelling up into a huge bulge. Suddenly he wanted to throw her down onto the floor, push her skirt up over her head and fuck the shit out of her. That's what all the older boys at school were always bragging they did to their girlfriends, wasn't it? And he was as grown up as any of them, wasn't he?

The very idea made him squirm his tongue around faster in her mouth. Flora's tongue was now deep in his mouth, tickling and darting back and forth like a warm, slippery snake. She was halfway onto his lap, her soft, braless tits mashed against his chest.

"Why, Neil, you naughty man," she giggled when they broke for air. "You really are grownup, aren't you?"

Calling him a man was what did it. That and the feel of her gorgeous, cuddly body in his arms and the weight of her firm little ass on his lap. Completely aroused, he cupped one of her solid, fleshy tit mounds in his hand. He squeezed her tit tightly and Flora squealed merrily.

"Oh, yeah, sweetheart," she crooned. "Play with my tits. I really like that. It makes me all warm and sexy!"

She eased herself down onto her back on the couch, pulling him down with her. He was never sure which of them had unbuttoned her blouse, but suddenly it was gapping open and her pink, jiggly tit meat was fully exposed to his wide, admiring eyes. Her delicious reddish-brown nipples were swollen with excitement.

Neil reached down with both hands and lifted her warm, silken tits on his palms, thumbing her puffy nipple buds.

Flora's reaction was immediate and wantonly exciting. She squealed and, giggled and squirmed, then purred like a kitten, arching her back and thrusting her bloated tits up into his hands with whorish urgency.

"Kiss 'em, Neil," she pleaded. "Kiss 'em and suck on 'em! That really turns me on, darling!"

Too excited to refuse her anything, Neil leaned down over her jutting tit mounds and kissed the full-blown nipples. Flora whimpered blissfully and stroked her fingers through the hair at the back of his head. He flicked his tongue out and lashed it against the thick button of her tit-tip.

"Ooohhhhhh," she mewled. "That's right, darling, lick 'em! Lick my tits!"

Neil moved his mouth back and forth between her two quivering nipples, slurping and lapping away, nibbling on them with his teeth. By the time he was done, both her tits were hot and swollen, the taut, creamy skin gleaming with his spit.

Flora took one of his hands by the wrist and moved it up under the hem of her skirt, stroking her curvy thighs with his palm. Finally, she had the flat of his hand pressing firmly against the tight curls of her cunt hair. Neil was a little surprised to find that she wasn't wearing panties.

"There, sweetheart," she cooed softly, "Now you can play with my hot little pussy!"

Neil eagerly extended his long middle finger and slipped it inside the snug folds of her cunt lips. Flora squealed loudly when his finger tip brushed against a strange little nubbin that he found quivering erect at the top of her cunt slot.

"Eeehhhhhhh! Oh, sweetheart, that's my clit! Rub it, darling, rub my stiff little clit!"

Enchanted by his new discovery, Neil stroked the fat, oily stub of her clit button, Flora continued to squeal and giggle in approval, and when he took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and pinched, she gurgled loudly in ecstasy.

After a few moments, Flora whispered, "Your finger is just wonderful, Neil, dear. But I know something that would feel a lot better! Your tongue!"

Neil was shocked at the idea. He'd heard about such things, but he'd never thought someone as lovely as Flora Enwright would ever suggest he do it. He wasn't even sure he knew how.

"Well, I, uh, that is, I've never done, uh... before," he stammered. "But, well, okay, if you, uh, want me to."

Flora grinned lewdly and raised her ass off the couch to push her skirt down. Kicking it onto the floor, she threw one leg up over the back of the couch and dangled her other foot off the edge, opening her long, luscious thighs. While Neil scooted down between her legs, she slipped her open blouse back over her arms and tossed it away.

Neil looked boldly at the mound of her pussy, at her plump, tight cunt lips and at the soft, swirly hairs of her pussy. He could see the fat nubbin of her clit and the gleaming beads of fuck juice that nestled in her fluffy cunt hairs.

"Looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?" Flora asked with a mischievous little giggle.

Without answering, Neil dipped his face down into the wide V of her thighs, sticking out his tongue and lapping up over the over the flaring lips of her cunt slot.

Flora yelped loudly, both in surprise at his lack of hesitation and at the joy of his broad, wet tongue slurping over her slippery pussy hole. She arched her ass up against his face, moaning hoarsely.

"Oh, Christ, Neil, that feels good. Oohhh, yes, dear, eat it! Eat me out!"

Immediately, her cunt crack started to dribble warm, spicy fuck cream out onto his slurping tongue. To Neil, it tasted like hot melted butter. He slashed his tongue to and fro over her savory, churning cunt mound, swallowing thirstily as her fuck juice ran into his mouth. It was the most delicious thing he'd ever tasted.

"Oohhh, yes, sweetheart, yes!" she panted, her whole body flushing with her delighted appreciation. "I just love the way you tongue my cunt, darling! Don't stop!"

Stopping was the furthest thing, from Neil's mind. He'd just discovered a brand-new experience, one he was sure he would want to repeat. He attacked her slobbering pussy hole with all the gusto and zest he had in him and was quite ready to keep it up all night long.

But Flora had other ideas. Long before he was ready to quit, she pushed against his shoulders and sat up.

"W-what's the matter?" Neil stuttered, confused. "Wasn't I d-doing it right?"

"Oh, man, were you ever!" Flora giggled. "But right now there's something else we can do together. Something that'll make pussy-licking seem almost tame. Fucking!"

Shoving him down onto his back, she crouched over him and stripped off his shirt and pants. The front of his shorts thrust straight up into the air with the size of his hard-on. Flora squealed happily when she saw his hard-on, then quickly yanked his shorts down his legs and off his feet. His cock shaft leaped free, long and thick and throbbingly stiff.

"Oohhh, sweetheart," Flora cooed. "What a nice hard-on!"

She threw one leg over him and straddled his waist, her wet little cunt hole directly over his bloated cock head.

"It'd sure be a shame to let a beauty like that go to waste," she murmured as she lowered her drooling crotch down over his jutting cock pole. The tip of his prick slid easily through the snug, elastic lips of her cunt hole and plowed up between the narrow walls of her pussy channel.

Flora wailed with pleasure, then rose up, puffing his knobby cock head back over the stretched walls of her pussy tube. She gazed down at him with twinkling, brazen eyes. She dropped down again, this time the full length of his cock in her cunt until they both could feel the swollen end of his prick pressing firmly against the back of her pussy tunnel.

Neil was in heaven. He'd never imagined in his wettest wet dream that anything could be so soft and tight and warm. Her pussy gripped his cock caressingly, her smooth muscles flexing in a slow, deft rhythm.

She started pumping up and down, working her juicy cunt back and forth in a gentle semicircle.

"Ooohhhhh, I love it, Neil, I just love the way your big cock stuffs my tight little pussy! It's wonderful, sweetheart, just so fuckin' wonderful!"

Flora continued to bounce up and down atop his wide, meaty prick, mewling and babbling in sluttish delight. Then she felt his cock start to twitch and lurch against the slippery walls of her pussy and realized that he was only seconds from his climax. For a second, she was disappointed that he hadn't lasted longer.

But after all, she reminded herself, it's probably the dear boy's first time. Besides, there'll be lots more thrilling rides like this one.

She tightened the walls of her cunt tube, clamping down around his shivering cock meat as she felt him spurting and gushing his thick, creamy jism up into her pussy. His climax seemed to go on for a very long time, and she hoped that her pussy lips were snug enough to hold all of his jism in. She didn't want to lose a single hot, greasy drop of his sweet cum.

When he was finally finished, she slumped down over him, her sweaty tit meat and firm tummy against his trembling body.

"Did your father say what time he'd be home, dear?" she asked slyly.


When Flora got home from work the next afternoon, she was surprised to find Joey and Neil sitting in her living room. She was also a bit disappointed. She'd been looking forward all day to spending a quiet evening at home getting reacquainted with her son's healthy young cock.

Or, failing that, she would go over to Tom's house and invite Neil out to a movie or something. Anything to get him away from his father so she could have a second taste of his big strong prick.

"They're so nice and big and firm," Joey murmured into her ear, "I just bet anyone'd want to play with 'em."

He kissed her on the mouth. Flora squirmed on the couch, opening her lips for his searching tongue. Both boys had their hands halfway up her legs, caressing the soft insides of her thighs. Joey's tongue darted into her mouth while Neil tickled the inside of her ear with his tongue.

Flora whimpered limply against the couch. She was amazed at what a little fucking and sucking could do for a boy's self-confidence.

Joey's tongue tasted wonderful in her mouth. He cupped her other tit in his big hand, squeezing tightly. Flora moaned louder now that she had two hands on her swollen, itching tit meat and spread her knees to give their other hands greater freedom between her thighs. In a second, she felt their fingers probing against the damp crotchband of her panties.

He tweaked both puffy nipples, then cupped the undersides of her bloated tits and lifted them on his palms. His fingers squeezed her soft, rubbery tit flesh tightly.

Flora giggled happily and her massaging hand quickened its pace as it moved up and down on Joey's swollen cock shaft.

"Ohhh, you naughty boys!" she squealed girlishly. "You're makin' me really hot to fuck!"

Joey chuckled and Neil grinned broadly. They exchanged knowing smiles together, then Joey took his mother's hand, pulled her to her feet and finished stripping off her clothes while Neil undressed himself. In a matter of seconds, they were all naked.

Neil stretched himself, out on the floor in the middle of the room and motioned for Flora to join him. She knelt down next to him, then rolled lightly over on top of his husky young body, squirming her warm, velvety flesh against his.

His hands moved down her back and cupped the wiggly cheeks of her ass while his tongue wormed into her mouth and set her passion on fire.

Joey crouched down beside them and reached in between their bodies to knead and fondle one of her smooth, fleshy tit mounds.

"You look beautiful like this, Mom," he told her. "That pretty little ass of yours was just made to be held and cares ed and your big sexy tits are just mouth watering!"

His lewd words made her squirm lustfully.

She cooed and grunted into Neil's mouth. The shameless heat in her body starting to grow and grow. She reached out and gripped her son's hard, fat cock meat in one hand. Her other hand slid down to where she felt Neil's thick prick poking against her fluttering tummy.

It had been a long time since she'd held two massive cocks at the same time. It was almost like a new experience for her. The rock-hard prick shafts pulsated and seemed to snuggle against her moist palms. Flora wondered if the boys were planning to take turns or if they'd both fuck her at the same time.

She quivered with anticipation. It had also been a long time since she'd been double-fucked.

"Aahhh, Christ," she whined softly.

She squirmed up until one of her fat-nippled tits was suspended right over Neil's upturned face, then she lowered her tit into his waiting mouth. He stuck out his tongue and slid it wetly over her spongy tits making her giggle with approval.

"That's the way, Neil, darling," she crooned. "Use your wonderful tongue on it! And your teeth, dear! Chew on it a little! I really love that!"

"Yeah, buddy, get her all warmed up and hot to trot!" Joey urged him. "It isn't every day you get hold of a gal who loves to fuck like my mom does!"

The sound of these words coming from her own dear son made Flora's tight pussy lips shiver and slide together with hot, brazen fuck-lust. She twisted her upper body to one side, keeping her tit meat firmly against Neil's sucking mouth, and offered her other large, pointy nipple to her son.

The excited teenager bent down and glued his open mouth to the flavory tip of her tit. Neil watched his friend sucking and licking one tit while he chewed on her other tit. They both opened their mouths to the fullest and sucked in as much tit meat as they could. Her nipples were juicy and sweet tasting.

Flora giggled as she remembered the problem she thought she'd had when she came home and found both her big-cocked young lovers together. Instead of having to figure a way to get one of them alone, here she was, taking on both of them on at once!

Flora put her arms around their necks and arched her back, pushing her tits up tightly against their sucking mouths and busy tongues. Joey moved one hand down between her thighs and cupped her drooling cunt mound. She felt his fingers stroke up and down the greasy lips of her pussy slot, and she eagerly opened her shapely thighs to him. One finger probed up inside her cunt hole and she squealed in bliss. His finger started to wiggle and corkscrew back and forth, and her squeal I of joy turned into a low, throaty gurgle of rapture.

Her hands continued to fondle and jack their long, thick cock shafts. Their meaty pricks were quivering and jerking and telling Flora that they were both in danger of cumming too soon. She wondered which one of them she should fuck first.

She looked forward to the sweet taste of cock meat. She would give one of them a blow job, then they'd get on to the fucking.

Joey seemed to sense the same thing. "Who goes first?" he asked.

Neil smiled at him from around the thrusting, spit-soaked nipple in his mouth. "Well, she's your mom!"

"Yes, Son!" Flora moaned. "You first! I wanna suck your big cock!"

Joey swung one leg aver her and straddled her head. His huge prick staff jutted straight out over her face. He looked down and saw the greedy shameless look in her eyes. She winked at him sensually.

She opened her mouth just as he lunged downward. His swollen cock head popped easily info her mouth and drove into the back of her throat in one sudden thrust.

Joey felt her hot, wet tongue swirling and licking around and around his bloated prick shaft as he eased his crotch backward. Her spit was warm and juicy against his shivering cock meat.

"Aahhh," he sighed. "Shit, Neil, she's good! A real good little cock sucker!"

He fucked into her mouth again, and Flora tickled the sensitive underside of his prick staff with the pointy tip of her tongue as his cock fucked deep into the back of her throat. His plump cock head ground against the roof of her mouth.

She closed her eyes and mewled softly to herself as she sucked and gobbled her son's huge hunk of prick meat. She was only vaguely aware of Neil. He sat next to them, watching, his hand idly stroking over her long, soft inner thighs, once in a while fingering the slobbering, slit of her pussy.

"Give it to her, Joey!" Neil cried. "Feed that cock right to her, buddy! Man, oh, man, lookit that greedy little bitch eat it. Suck that cock, you sweet little bitch! Suck my prick!"

Flora quivered with aroused desire as she listened to him. She found it hard to believe that just last night he'd been a girl-shy teen. Now he was sounding more like a fuck-crazed dirty old man!

Joey fucked his thick cock into his mother's hot, eager mouth. He gripped the hair of her head and started jerking her face up to meet each of his powerful fuck thrusts. The seething waves of itch lust in his churning balls was growing and growing.

"Shit," he grunted. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna pop my nuts right down your throat, you sweet little cock sucker! Hot fuckin' shit!"

Flora clamped her silky lips tightly on bucking hard-on and swallowed for all it was worth, sucking and milking his rock-hard prick. She loved the taste of hot cock but not as much as she loved the taste of hot cum!

Joey could feel his thick wads of jism as they jetted into her mouth and were sucked down her throat.

"Oh, Jesus? Does she ever love that!" Neil chuckled.

"You bet your ass she does!" Joey told him. "Don't you, Mom? Don't you love the taste of my cum?"

Flora nodded her head, lapping her flat tongue over his cock head, cleaning up the last stringy wads of jism from his slimy prick meat.

Wheat she was finished, lacy moved away from her. His cock was still semi-erect and throbbing.

"Now what about you, stud?" Flora asked Neil. "You want me to suck you off too, or would you rather fuck me now?" She was squirming and writhing on the floor, her sweaty thighs opening and closing, her abundant tit flesh rolling around on her chest. Her voice was low and sexy and her eyes twinkled with whorish promise.

"Shit, let's get right to it!" Neil told her. "I need to get fucked!"

Flora giggled merrily and pulled him down next to her. She pushed him over onto his back and rolled on top of him, feeling his springy cock head poke into her smooth, taut belly. She spread her thighs and straddled his crotch. Her hand found his thrusting cock shaft and fed his prick into her slippery pussy hole.

"Yeah, lover, I know how you feel," she whispered. "I need it, too! Suckin' Joey's cock made me all hot and just dyin' to get fucked!"

Flora was sitting upright on his thick, rigid cock shaft, her slick cunt walls tight around his bloated prick meat. Neil reached up and grabbed her jiggling tits in both hands, mauling and squeezing them. She started bouncing up and down on his cock pole, slowly at first, then faster and faster, sliding his massive prick staff in and out, of her little cunt tube.

They moved in perfect tempo with the other. Neil pulled out just as Joey was pushing in. Then Joey fucked her shit tunnel as Neil withdrew from her pussy.

"Uuhhhh," Flora whined. "Jesus Christ! That feels so fucking' good, darlings! I've never felt anything better! You're both so big and so stiff! Aaahhhhh! You're driving me crazy!"

The two excited teenagers fucked her harder and faster than ever, spurred on by her delirious babbiings. Flora continued to lurch and jerk between them, bouncing on Neil's immense cock in her pussy and squirming back against Joey's fleshy prick shaft in her ass. Then she felt Joey's cock shivering and getting bigger and bigger and knew that he was about to cum.

"Yes, Son!" she squealed. "Squirt your hot juice right up your poor old mother's ass!"

"You're fuckin' right on, Mom!" Joey grunted. "You're gonna get it all right! Aaahhhhhhh!"

His hot, greasy jism spurted up her shuddering ass tube just as she felt Neil's cock start to twitch and fuck deeper into her cunt than ever before. She kissed him savagely, sucking his tongue into her mouth. His cock head gushed, splattering her pussy tube with rich gobs of creamy corn.

Flora squirmed her sweaty body, back and forth between them, bawling and gasping in rapture. She'd never expected them to both cum at almost the same time. She felt like she was drowning in a flood of hot, gooey jism.

"Ahhhhhh!" she crooned. "Fuck me, lovers. Fuck me to death with your big, wonderful cocks! Fuck me, fuck me!"

They continued to hump against her until their balls were drained and their cock meat began to shrivel. Then Joey rolled off to the side, bringing Flora over with him. They lay gasping for breath for several moments.

Then Flora sat up and smirked lewdly at them. "C'mon, guys! Don't poop out on me now! The fun's just beginning!"


Heidi had been expecting lacy to pester the hell out of her after that first time she'd let him into her pants. But almost a week had gone by without a word from him. So, after school that day, she stopped off to see him.

Of course, she had no way of knowing that Joey was being distracted by the hot little pussy of his own mother!

Flora answered the door wearing a long, flowing bathrobe.

"Hi, Flora. Is Joey around?"

"No, not just at the moment. But he might be back any time. Want to come in and wait for him?"

She considered for a moment, frowning prettily, then stepped inside. "Yeah, okay, I might as well."

"I was just going out onto the patio to get some sun. C'mon. We'll stop in the kitchen for some cold Cokes."

Heidi followed her through the house and into the kitchen. They picked up a six-pack and Flora added a bag of chips. While she moved, Heidi watched her closely. She sure liked the way the older woman carried herself. Every movement was smooth and graceful.

And she was a damned good-looking woman, too.

Heidi had always been a bit jealous of Flora's beauty, even though she was well aware of her own pert, big-titted loveliness.

The patio was on the side of the house, surrounded by a high fence that shielded it from the neighbors.

"Now I wish I'd brought a suit," Heidi said, "could use a little sun myself."

"Suit?" Flora sounded surprised. "Who uses a suit?"

She casually stripped off her robe, and Heidi's eyes widened when she saw that Flora was naked underneath. Flora's stunning nudity almost took her breath away.

The large, solid globes of her tits. Her sleek, taut-fleshed tummy. The wide, lush swell of her ass. The long, creamy thighs and slender calves. The furry ringlets of her generous cunt hair. One by one, Heidi appraised each of Flora's assets, comparing them with her own.

Flora moved smoothly to a wide plastic mat lying nearby and stretched out. "C'mon, Heidi!"

Heidi hesitated, not too sure about being naked out of doors. Then she remembered how she'd sat on the back porch with her shorts open and pushed halfway down her thighs while Joey finger fucked her bare pussy. And the porch wasn't half as secluded as the patio.

So she quickly peeled off her clothes and left them on a chair by the doorway, feeling daring and a little naughty. She giggled wickedly as she joined Flora on the sun mat.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed, rolling onto her belly, the sun warm on her back, and ass. She squirmed her tits and cunt against the cool plastic mat.

Flora was also lying on her tummy, but turned a little toward Heidi. One of her heavy tits was clearly visible.

"How's your sex life?"

Heidi jerked her head around and stared at Flora. She couldn't believe she'd heard right. Flora was looking at her calmly, a sly smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

"W-what?" Heidi managed to choke out. Flora chuckled softly. "Sorry if I shocked you, dear. But it's only natural for a girl your age to have one. Especially a girl as lovely as you!"

Flora reached out lazily and ran her hand down over Heidi's back, stopping just short of her plump ass. Heidi shivered. Flora's soothing hand was cool and moist and gentle as it slid over her bare skin.

"I just beta girl like you has more boyfriends than she knows what do with," Flora continued cheerfully. "Or do you? Know what to do with 'em, that is?"

"Uh, well, yeah, I guess so. What d'ya mean, a girl like me?"

"I mean a girl as lovely as you, of course. Also, there's something about you. I don't know exactly what it is, but... well, honey, you just reek of sex!"

"That you do, honey."

While they talked, Flora offered to rub some sun tan lotion into Heidi's skin. She knelt beside the reclining teenager, her strong fingers massaging the creamy lotion into Heidi's smooth shoulders and back.

Heidi started to feel drowsy. She was so relaxed that she almost didn't notice when Flora poured some lotion over the rounded hills of her ass.

Heidi moaned deep in her throat. She never felt another girl's hands on her ass before. It was a strange sensation, different from the hard hands of men. She cooed softly as she felt Flora's fingers stroke and caress her jiggly ass cheeks.

She closed her eyes and didn't see Flora's wanton expression as she started working on the backs of the teenager's thighs. Slowly, gently, she urged Heidi's legs apart and moved her hands caressingly over her inner thighs.

Heidi lay there, half asleep, soaking in the warm sun, her body feeling soft and lazy under Flora's gentle, fondling palms.

Flora murmured, "Roll over, dear. I'll do your front now."

Slowly, Heidi rolled over, watching Flora through heavy-lidded eyes as the woman lathered the thick oil onto her tummy. Gradually, her hands were inching their way up toward the teen's firm, thrusting tits.

Finally, Flora poured the lotion onto the palms of her hands and boldly started rubbing it into Heidi's tit flesh. Her fingers dug into Heidi's rubbery tits with a firm, yet gentle touch.

"Flora?" Heidi's voice was low and dreamy.


"Are you trying to seduce me?" Heidi had finally noticed the lewd glitter in Flora's eyes and the sensual smile on her curling lips.

Flora giggled and answered boldly, "Darlin, I thought you'd never notice!"

Without another word, Flora leaned over. Heidi felt the hot, wet tip of Flora's tongue dart out against one nipple felt her heavy tits brush against her belly. Heidi watched, spellbound as Flora licked and lapped at her quivering tit-tip. Heidi didn't know if she should protest or arch her back and force more other nipple against Flora's lightly brushing tongue. Then Flora opened her mouth and pulled Heidi's pointy little nubbin deep into her mouths and Heidi groaned softly with pleasure a long while, Flora moved her mouth over to Heidi's other tit and repeated her gentle, loving actions.

Heidi's head drooped back against the plastic sun mat listlessly. Her eyes were closed, and low moans of delight were bubbling up from deep in her throat.

Flora started moving back and forth from one tit to the other, coating both nipples with her warm, juicy spit. One of Flora's hands moved cautiously down over Heidi's firm tummy, her finger tips trailing lightly over the shivering skin.

Heidi felt her hand getting closer and closer to her itchy young cunt and she opened her thighs wide to make room. The same firm, gentle hand that had rubbed in the tanning lotion now cupped Heidi's damp cunt mound, softly squeezing. Flora continued to suck and lick Heidi's throbbing nipples. Suddenly, the tight, slick lips of Heidi's pussy slot eased open and Flora's long, slim finger darted inside.

"Aaahhhhh," Heidi whimpered, her firm, fleshy ass cheeks wiggling against the plastic sun mat, Flora's agile little finger had soon found her stiff, pink clit and was fucking back and forth deftly.

"Uuuggggggggg!" Heidi wailed as she felt Flora's finger flicking wetly through her drooling pussy crack.

Her hot cunt juice leaked out and oozed down over the crack of her ass. Flora's fingers stroked and caressed Heidi's throbbing clit stub with all the skill and talent at her command.

"Ooohhhhhh, God, Flora!" Heidi panted. "That feels so good! Aahhh! I never knew anything could be that good!"

Heidi's hips squirmed and bounced, her cunt mound slapping against the palm of Flora's hand. Instinctively, she was rotating her pussy hole around in tight little circles against Flora's finger just as though it were a man's hard, thick cock.

Flora poked a second finger up into Heidi's pussy hole and moved them around, wiggling them to and fro against the slippery walls of the teenager's cunt tube. Heidi's sounds of delight rose louder, more high-pitched.

Just when Heidi was aware of her rapidly approaching orgasm, Flora yanked her fingers out of her streaming, seething little cunt.

"Oh, no, please, don't stop, Flora!" she whimpered. "I was just startin' to cum!"

Flora giggled at her. "Don't worry, sexpot I'm not gonna stop! Not on your life! I'm just gonna do something a little different! I'm gonna start using my tongue!"

Heidi's breath rasped through her throat at the sound of those wonderfully say words. The thought of having Flora's hot, juicy tongue stuck up her slobbering pussy slit filled the sluttish teenager with obscene rapture.

Eagerly, she spread-eagled her creamy thighs and Flora stretched out face-down between them. Heidi felt strange. She'd had a lot of men and boys in that same position, looking straight down at her adorable young pussy, but this was the first time another girl had.

Flora was running her finger tips through the springy curls of Heidi's pussy, brushing the hair off to either side. "It's been a longtime, honey, since I've eaten pussy. And never one as cute as this!"

She pried open the pink folds of Heidi's cunt lips with her thumbs. "Oohhh!" she squealed, her eyes twinkling wantonly. "It looks so nice and tasty!"

Heidi closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she felt the other woman's warm fingers brushing over her sensitive cunt slot. Then she felt Flora's juicy tongue flicking into her pussy hole. Her cunt mound lurched up against Flora's face, tremors of ecstasy shuddering up and down her straining inner thighs.

Flora's tongue had lost none of its talent. With deft skill, she sent her tongue licking and slurping all over Heidi's drippy cunt hole, darting into every nook and cranny, sliding lovingly over the wet, pink flesh. She drilled deep into the churning interior, lapping over the snug walls of her pussy tube.

But Flora saved her best efforts for the stub of Heidi's twitching clit. Her tongue tip flicked the tiny nubbin back and forth, gave the clit long, slow licks, and jabbed straight down at the clit. The quavering little morsel of delicious clit flesh jerked wildly, swelled up, and lengthened and slithered around crazily.

Flora pushed two fingers back into Heidi's juice soaked cunt hole, fingerfucking the girl in tempo with her tongue-fucking. Her slippery, sweet tasting girl-cum dribbled down over her fingers and onto her tongue. Every delicious inch of the girl's pussy hole pulsated and quivered with sensual joy.

Heidi thought she was going to go out of her mind with the thrilling tremors that were shooting through her bubbly little pussy slot. Net whole body squirmed and vibrated. She squealed and giggled. Her toes curled. Her crotch bucked and leaped. It was the most spine-tingling, nerve racking experience of her life.

Ruthlessly, Flora tongued her from a orgasm to the next. Every time she came, her pussy hole hooded with thick, musky fuck juice. And every time Heidi came, Flora slurped up her cunt cream and swallowed thirstily.

Flora puckered her wet, cum-coated lips around Heidi's fat clit and sucked, chewing on the clit lightly with her teeth. The girl clamped her thighs tightly around Flora's head and the two of them rolled back and forth on the sweaty sun mat, purring and bawling loudly.

Finally, Heidi's whole body arched up into the air, her muscles flexing and clenching. She came in one last overpowering, ecstatic climax. Slowly, her body settled back down and went limp.

Flora raised her face from between the girl's trembling thighs, licked her slimy lips and watched as Heidi struggled to catch her breath.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Heidi panted. "That was unbelievable! Just fuckin' incredible!"

"I'm glad you like it, sweetheart." Flora chuckled. She threw herself down onto her back and stretched out her long legs, raising and spreading her thighs. "'Cause now it's your turn!"

Heidi looked startled for a second. Then, with a loud hiss of pleasure, she dived between Flora's wide-spread legs.


Flora hadn't forgotten her plan to seduce Tom Lockwood. Tom mentioned that Neil and Heidi both had dates for that evening and that he planned a nice quiet evening by himself at home. Flora had already learned from Olive that she had a hot date with an old flame who was back in town for only that one night.

Tom would be home alone. He'd be feeling relaxed and comfortable and maybe just a little bit lonely.


It was just a little past seven o'clock and Tom was in the kitchen rooting around in the refrigerator when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and was surprised to see Flora standing there.

"Well, hello there, Flora! C'mon in!"

"Hello, Tom. I'm sorry to bother you like this, only there's something I just have to talk to you about."

She came in and sat down on the edge of the sofa in the living room. Tom thought he could detect a slight twinkle in her eyes as she looked up at him. She was wearing a sleeveless, tight-fitting tank top that showed off her swollen tits and a short, snug skirt that outlined the graceful curves of her ass cheeks and ended a good three inches above the knee. Her legs were bare and stunningly shapely.

Tom felt the familiar twisting in his balls. With anyone else, he would say that the way she was dressed was a signal that she was trying to hit on him.

"I came home from work a little earlier than usual, and, well, there they were."

When she hesitated, Tom prompted, "Go ahead, Flora."

"It excited me, Tom!" she blurted. "It got me all hot and... and... you know. Well, I thought... you and I might... get together and... do something about... the way I feel..."

Ahhh, so that's it! Tom thought. He'd been right. She was trying to hit on him! His cock meat was throbbing wildly in the crotch of his pants.

This wasn't the first time he'd been propositioned by a woman, coming from Flora, it was a real surprise. She'd always seemed so quiet and demure around the office, the perfect stereotype of a lady. What he didn't know is that this lady had already watched him fuck and suck with his secretary while she fingerfucked herself.

His eyes roved over her jutting tit globes, fleshy thighs, and solidly rounded ass. He wasn't about to pass up a fuck like this.

Acting on his decision as suddenly as he'd made it, he leaned over and slipped one arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer, while his other hand cupped her bulging tit.

With a giggly squeal of delight, Flora pressed her lips down over his and pushed her wet little tongue deep into his mouth. One of her hands moved down into his lap and quickly unzipped the fly of his pants. Her long, cool fingers slipped inside and coiled tightly around the massive shaft of his cock. His prick jerked and shivered against her palm.

"You wanna go into the bedroom?" she whispered. Her tight little fist started jacking up and down on his prick staff. He slipped one hand up underneath her top and cupped the bare mound of her stiff-nippled tit.

"Yeah," Tom answered hoarsely.

Quickly, Flora led the way into his bedroom. Standing beside the bed, she stripped oft her skirt and tank top. Not only had she been braless, now Tom saw that she wasn't wearing panties either. She stood there, naked, her tits full and jutting, her curly cunt hair glistening with tiny drops of fuck juice.

As soon as he was as naked as she, Flora snuggled in his arms, her billowing tit globes crushing against his chest, his rock-hard cock poking into her tummy.

He moved both hands down her smooth back and squeezed the round, springy cheeks of her ass. She moaned delightedly and squirmed her warm body against his.

"I wanna give you a blow job," she murmured into his car. "I want you to cum in my mouth the first time. Okay, lover?"

Tom grinned down at her. He was finding it hard to believe that this blatant, sultry woman had been working for him for so long and he'd never noticed just how foxy she was. But now he was sure as hell gonna make up for lost time!

"Be my guest," he told her.

Cooing softly to herself, she pushed him backwards until the edge of the bed caught him behind the knees and he sat down suddenly. She knelt down between his thickly muscled thighs, her eyes twinkling with sluttish zest. She took the wide base of his cock in one hand and cupped his hairy balls in the other. Her wet, clever little tongue flicked out lewdly, swirling over and around the knobby tip of his cock pole.

"Oohhh, that tastes gooood!" she squealed. Wantonly, she started sucking him off, pulling as much of his big, meaty cock shaft into her snug, juicy mouth as she could. A shameless spasm of joy ran through her luscious body as the rigid flesh of his cock head massaged the inside of her warm mouth.

Tom leaned back on his elbows, looking down at the top of her bobbing head. He felt the cum start to churn and bubble in his twitching balls.

Her lips and tongue were impressive as they slurped up and down on his throbbing cock staff.

It was almost like fucking a tight, juicy pussy.

"Oh, Christ, Flora, you're good," he panted. "Very good!" His hips started to buck off the mattress, pushing more and more of his lengthy prick down her throat.

Flora smirked around the thick cock in her mouth her slim fingers squeezing the quivering sac of his balls. Encouraged by his praise, she pulled her face off his bloated cock meat and licked with the flat of her tongue down the underside of his prick, moving toward the jism-filled balls she held on and moved her mouth between his shivering thighs, sucking and lapping at his quaking balls.

"Ahhhh, shit," Tom grunted as he felt his balls being sucked hungrily into Flora's mouth. Her sweet, agile tongue went right to work, licking and twirling.

He was beginning to realize the possibilities of having both Flora and Olive working in the same office. Then he grinned ruefully, wondering if such a setup might not drive him to an early retirement.

Flora moved back up the length of his cock shaft, taking long, wet swipes with the flat of her tongue over his shuddering prick meat. She popped the huge head of his cock back into her mouth and sucked in a frenzy of lust.

Humming softly to herself, her snugly-clenched lips slid up and down on his swollen prick shaft. His cock meat was swelling and writhing against her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Only seconds now, she told herself, until be explodes and fills my mouth with cum!

"Oh, God, honey, how I love suckin' your big cock!" she panted throatily, puffing her mouth off his prick for a brief second.

Tom cupped the back of her head in one large hand and, pushed her face back down into his crotch, at the same time bucking his ass off the bed. Flora cooed happily as she felt his rubbery cock head slam into the back of her throat.

No sooner was his prick safely back in her mouth than she felt his cock spurt the first load of thick, hot cum down her throat. Flora gurgled merrily and swallowed, making room for the next gush. She gulped as quickly as possible as his cock head continued to splatter and spew his savory jism sliding easily down her throat. She tightened her lips around his jerking cock, just behind the bulging head, and jacked his prick shaft frantically in her soft hand, milking him of every hot, slippery drop of cum she could. Only when the thickly spurting flood slowed to a trickle did she raise her head, smacking her lips noisily and grinning widely.

"How was that, honey?" she asked.

"Great! Just great." Tom sat on the edge of the bed watching her as she fondled and stroked his lumpy cock and balls.

As he watched, he was amazed that his shaft started to stiffen, and finally lengthen to full size again. He'd never been able to renew a hard-on that fast before! Not even with Olive.

Flora bounced up onto the bed, rolling onto her back and parting her silky thighs, knees raised high, her soft, rose-colored cunt lips framed by the furry ringlets of her pussy hair. Her eyes gleamed obscenely with excitement.

"C'mon, honey," she urged. "Fuck me!"

Quickly, as though afraid she might change her mind, Tom crawled in between her wide-open legs and with his thick cock head aimed at the snug little mouth of her cunt hole.

Flora reached up with both hands and gripped his clenched ass cheeks, crooning breathlessly. Tom wedged the knobby tip of his cock rod into the juicy opening of her pussy hole, stretching opts her fat, tight cunt lips.

"Oohhh, honey!" Flora moaned.

He slid his throbbing prick meat up her slippery cunt tunnel an inch at a time. Her pussy was tight and wait and wet, and, when be began stroking back and forth, the strong muscles of her cunt tube caressed his thick cock pole.

"Aahhh, what a cunt!" he moaned.

Flora whimpered in ecstasy, her breath hissing through her clenched teeth. Her fingers dug into his hard ass cheeks. She raised her legs and locked her ankles over the small of his back.

He fucked in and out of her pussy hole with long, steady lunges, his balls slapping against the crack of her ass, his swollen cock head hammering into the back of her cunt tube.

"Ooohhhhhhhh!" Flora wailed. "Aahhh, honey, that feels so fuckin' wonderful! Eeegggg!"

Tom fucked into her slobbering pussy relentlessly, his cock meat gliding easily between the slick walls of her cunt channel. Her solid little ass cheeks squirmed and bounced on the springy mattress. He cupped her billowing tits, feeling them jiggle in his hands.

The longer he fucked into her, the easier it became. Her fuck juices were running freely now, oozing out of her cunt gash and trickling down over the cheeks of her ass. Tom slammed into her cunt tube all the harder, skewering the entire length of his cock pole into her churning pussy hole. Flora's ass began to lunge up to meet his furious fuck-strokes.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Good, honey, good! I'm gettin' there, I'm gettin' ready to cum, honey!"

Her crotch bounced back against him and the way the strong muscles of her cunt tube were sucking and milking on his plowing prick meat were making it difficult to hold out much longer. If not downright impossible.

"I'm gonna cum, baby!" he grunted as he felt his balls begin to churn and roll. "I'm gonna shoot off any second now, you lovely little fucker!"

"Oohhh, yes, lover!" Flora squealed. "Shoot it to me! Fill me up with your hot cum. Aahhhh!"

She was quickly approaching her second cum and wanted them to climax together. Just as she felt herself falling over the top, his burning, thick jism started pumping into her shuddering cunt tube. Jism spurted and splattered in big, greasy clumps from his bloated cock head, drenching the walls of her fuck tunnel and trickling out to wet his thighs and balls and puddle on the rumpled sheets.

Flora humped back against his fucking cock meat as his prick continued to gush and spew his creamy jism into her. Even after he'd stopped cumming, she still squirmed and bumped her crotch into his, trying to urge just one more load from him.

Finally, Tom rolled off her, stretching out with a long sigh of contentment. He'd fucked more than his share of cunt in his day, but this one was something else!

And if be had anything to say about it, this time would be only the first of many.


It was only a matter of time before Joey and Heidi put their heads together and discovered that each of them was fooling around with Flora.

After that, it was only natural that they would both want to fuck and suck her at the same time. Although he didn't mention it to Heidi, Joey still remembered that thrilling session he'd had with Flora and Neil. He was looking forward eagerly to the possibility of another three-way session.

Flora came home from work one afternoon to find the two teenagers necking on the living room sofa. Heidi had one hand stuffed down the front of Joey's pants while his hand was busy underneath her short skirt. Instead of being either angry or shocked by what she saw, Flora beamed happily at them.

"Hey, Mom! Heidi's been telling me that you two've made it together a couple of times! Is that right?"

"Well, yes, it is, dear."

"Can I, uh, join you next time, Mom?"

Flora had to laugh at his youthful enthusiasm. "Sure. I don't see why not. If it's okay with Heidi, that is."

"I think it's a neat idea?" Heidi giggled. "Only why wait? Why don't all three of us go into the bedroom and get it on right now?"

Within moments, Flora and the two lusty teens were standing in her bedroom.

"You two undress first," Joey said, "and show me what you do together." His hand was already rubbing the huge cock bulge in the front of his jeans. "I'll stand here and watch till my cock gets real hard!"

"Good idea, Son!" Flora cooed. "C'mon, Heidi! Let's put some starch into that monster of his!"

Standing beside the bed, they both took off their clothes. Heidi pulled off her skirt and blouse, then paused to watch as Flora finished undressing. When the older woman peeled down her panties and stepped out of them, Heidi gasped as she always did at the sight of that thick, rich tangle of curly cunt hair cuddled between her full, smooth thighs.

"Wow!" she breathed with a touch of envy. "Your pussy is really beautiful!"

"I seem to remember that yours isn't exactly ugly, dear," Flora told her with a smile. "So take off your panties and show it to us!"

Eagerly, Heidi pushed down her panties and kicked them away, then stood with her feet planted wide apart, facing them. Neither she nor Flora had worn a bra, and both were now completely nude. She smiled warmly when she saw the wanton twinkle in Flora's eyes.

The huge lump in the crotch of Joey's pants grew bigger and started to twitch impatiently.

Flora moved over to stand beside Heidi, one arm around her trim waist, her other hand cupping and stroking the front of her body from tits to crotch. Heidi groaned softly and squirmed against her warm, solid flesh.

After a moment, they both turned their attention to Joey. He had been busy taking off his own clothes and now stood at the foot of the bed, his hand jacking up and down the length of his thick, stiff cock shaft.

His cock meat lurched and jerked strongly against the palm of her hand. Finally, her flushed face reached his hairy crotch and she ran the flat of her tongue straight up the underside of his prick staff, starting at the wide base and moving up to the swollen cock head in one long, steady swipe.

His prick shaft jumped and writhed even harder against her soft, wet tongue.

"Oh, yeah!" he yelped. "Oh, shit, yeah! Do it, honey, do it to me!"

With a sly wink at Flora, Heidi opened her mouth and sucked his bulging cock head inside. His smooth, knobby prick meat slid easily over her tongue, rubbing against the roof of her mouth. His cock tasted delicious to the hot-pussied young girl.

"Ah, shit, Heidi!" Joey moaned. "I bet there're plenty of girls who don't have a pussy half as nice as your mouth!"

He pumped his ass off the mattress, trying to fuck more and more of his cock pole into her mouth. His eyes were glazed and his breathing became harsh and raspy as she sucked and milked his mammoth prick with her tight, velvety lips and agile tongue.

One hand was holding him tightly around the base of his wick shaft while the other cupped his balls, squeezing them gently with her slim fingers.

Her head bobbed up and down over his lap, slurping busily on his stiff, savory cock meat.

"Oh, that's one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen." Flora sighed. "Suck him off, Heidi! Suck him, baby!" Flora already had two fingers drilling in and out of her own slobbering pussy.

Heidi cooed and mewled delightedly as more of his thick cock slid into her mouth. His fat cock head was pressing firmly against the rear of her throat. His balls were tense and quivering on the palm of her hand. Her cheeks pulled in as she sucked. Her lips were stretched wide around the massive size of his prick shaft.

"Suck it, baby!" Joey panted. "Suck my cock and pull the cum right outta my balls!"

Heidi tightened her lips around the width of his cock, keeping just the tip of his prick inside her mouth. She sucked strongly on the end of his cock, teasing the tiny slit with the tip of her tongue.

Joey cupped the back of her head in both hands to hold her steady and fucked the full length of his thick prick into her mouth. Heidi almost gagged on the size or his cock, but she continued to suck and lick greedily.

Joey's head tilted back against the bed, his eyes toward the ceiling. He knew he would blow his whole load in a matter of seconds if Heidi kept on like that. Her talented little tongue and those soft, clenching lips and her warm, juicy mouth.

"Aagggg, Christ! I'm gonna cum, baby! Gonna cum..."

Instantly, Heidi pulled her sucking mouth up from his lurching cock head. Her whole crotch was aching and dripping wet with the need to be fucked.

"Not in my mouth, lover!" she cried, rolling over onto her back and kicking her legs wide apart. "In my cunt! Shoot off in my pussy, lover!"

"Right!" Joey muttered in frustration as he moved over between her thighs. His cock meat was bloated and stiff and his balls felt swollen and heavy with jism.

Heidi reached down and took the base of his I cock shaft in one hand. Opening the gooey lips of her cunt slit with the other hand, she pressed his knobby cock head into the mouth of her drooling pussy hole. Then she moved both hands back to grip the hard, clenched cheeks of his ass. She squirmed and wiggled her ass and pulled on his ass until the head of his prick staff was inside the slippery opening of her cunt gash.

"There, honey! Now fuck me!" she moaned. Flora added a third finger to the two already pumping in and out of her own greasy little pussy hole as she watched her son's immense cock shaft slowly disappear up Heidi's narrow aunt tube. Her hand was drenched all the way to the wrist.

The strong corded muscles of Joey's legs flexed and knotted as he strained forward to push his fleshy cock pole up Heidi's taut little pussy tunnel. Slowly he eased himself down, until his prick staff was completely embedded up her shivering clit tube, their bellies rubbing together, her creamy tit mounds crushed under his broad chest. With a final jerk, he felt the root of his cock pole slide between the sticking lips of her cunt mouth.

Then he began fucking back and forth, pulling his cock out of her and hammering back in. Flora leaned over, her face close to the mattress, and looked up between their legs. She could see Heidi's glistening pink lips suck in on each hard, driving thrust and puff out on each back stroke.

Heidi's head was twisting from side to side. Her breath snorted out through her nose in tempo with the relentless fucking Joey was giving her pussy tube. Her eyes rolled back up into her head. She whimpered and gurgled blissfully.

"Uuugggggggg! Yes, lover, oohhh, yes, fuck me, lover, fuck the shit outta me!" Heidi wailed.

Flora felt cold sweat trickling down her sides and both armpits. Her big, meaty tit globes were jiggling and heaving. Her brain was whirling at the sight of the wild fucking and from the three fingers she was digging in and out of her slobbering cunt hole. She brought her other hand up and started playing with her own tits, pinching her stiff sensitive nipples and massaging her firm sweaty tits.

Joey gritted his teeth and grunted as he continued to fuck his huge cock shaft back and forth between the smooth, slippery walls of Heidi's cunt tube. The tightness and warmth of her pussy was sending delicious shock waves of ecstasy throughout his body. His prick had never felt this big and strong and stiff before.

"How'm I doin', baby?" he panted. "D'ya like the way I'm fuckin' ya?"

"Eeehhhhhhhh!" Heidi squealed. "It's beautiful, lover, just outta this world?"

And then she sensed his body tense up, his cock meat expanding and throbbing madly. He closed his eyes and groaned deeply. Heidi braced herself for what she knew was coming.

His thick, hot, slimy jism erupted from the bulging head of his prick, spurting deep into her pussy tube, drenching her soft cunt walls and leaking out to soak her pussy hairs. Her cunt lips pulsated, squeezing his spewing cock meat in time with his burst of cum.

"Oohhh, lover! You're cummin' in me! I can feel it shooting into me! Uuhhhh, lover! I'm cumin' too!" Heidi cried.

"That's the way, Joey!" Flora yelled. "Fuck her good, Son! Fuck the ass off her!"

Flora pinched her own clit between thumb and finger, bringing herself off while Joey's hot, greasy jism mixed with Heidi's oily girl-cum in her overflowing pussy hole.

Joey slumped wearily, rolling off to one side mid stretching out on the bed, his slimy cock meat limp and shriveled against his thigh. No sooner had he moved out from between Heidi's legs than Flora took his place.

"That was beautiful, dears! I've never seen anything as beautiful. And look at all this nice cum for me to suck up!"

Heidi raised her head and stared down the length of her body. Flora was curled up comfortably between her thighs, her flushed face only inches from her blonde cunt hair. Her tongue was darting in and out of her mouth, eagerly licking up the gleaming droplets of key's jism from Heidi's damp crotch hairs and slurping them into her mouth.

"Yes, Flora! Oh, yes, eat me out! Suck all of Joey's cum out of my snatch!" Heidi urged.

Flora stroked the plump, rose-colored lips of Heidi's cunt mouth with the tips of her fingers. Heidi settled back against the bed with a long sigh of contentment as Flora's fingernails flicked lightly over the tender, slippery lips of her twat.

"You have a really lovely little pussy, darling!" Flora giggled. "I just wish you could see it now, all wet and sloppy with Joey's thick cum!"

"Oohhh, suck it, Flora, suck it! Please! Don't wait any longer! I'm so hot I can't stand it!" Heidi shivered from head to toe as she felt Flora's skilled fingers pry open the lips of her cunt mouth to expose the soft, tender meat inside.

The sharp point of Flora's tongue swirled around the inner edge of her pussy lips, licking and lapping the flavory flesh, brushing lightly over the quivering stub of her pink tiny clit.

Flora poked two stiff fingers inside Heidi's pussy hole and wiggled them back and forth against the sensitive inner walls of her cunt tube. Then Flora's long tongue joined her fingers, working spoon-like to scoop out the warm, rich clots of cum cream.

Heidi closed her eyes and crooned softly to herself, her ass cheeks squirming against the springy mattress, her thighs closing and opening gently around Flora's burrowing head. She was startled for a second when she felt another pair of lips close around one of her swollen nipple buds. Glancing down, she saw Joey next to her, kissing and sucking her tits. Every inch of her body quivered and trembled lustfully.

"Sit on my face, Joey! Lemmie suck your cock while Flora is eating my pussy!" Heidi moaned.

Flora glanced up and saw Joey positioning himself over her face, his big, hairy balls hanging just above her mouth.

Eagerly, Heidi's tongue lapped his crinkly sac with hot warm saliva before she opened her mouth wide and sucked in his bloated cock head.

Joey spread his knees farther apart and squatted down, lowering his cock meat into her hungry mouth until the swollen tip of his prick banged into the back of her throat.

Heidi groaned loudly around the thick, solid chunk of cock meat in her mouth. Flora started concentrating on Heidi's cute little clit button. She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth several times, then used the flat of her tongue in long, slow licks.

"I'm gonna cum again!" Joey gasped. "Uuggg! Suck it, baby, drink my cum!"

Seconds later, Heidi's mouth was drenched with his spewing cum. Her throat rippled as she swallowed frantically trying not to lose a single delicious drop of his thick cum juice. At the same time, Heidi felt her own climax building up until it burst in a torrent of ecstasy.

After Joey had stopped cumming, he sat cross legged next to Heidi, watching Flora finish eating her to one shattering orgasm after another.

Finally, Flora raised her head from between Heidi's sweaty thighs and smirked up at them. She crawled on all fours up over Heidi's quaking body.

"That was one hell of a nice cum, dear," she told the teenager. "After you've tested a bit, you can eat me while I suck Joey off."

Flora glanced over to the boy and added, with a throaty chuckle. "Or maybe he'd like to fuck one of us in the ass!"


Flora's squishy cunt tube, and wiggled his ass against the delightful fingering she was giving. She popped the tip of one finger inside the snug, elastic ring of muscle and his ass lurched up off the bed, fucking his thick cock meat all the way into her throat. He increased the frantic slurping and lapping of his tongue in her creamy pussy hole.

They were sprawled out over the double bed in Tom's room, the sheets twisted and soaked beneath them. It was their first get-together in almost a week.

Whenever Tom could manage to get both Heidi and Neil out of the house at the same time, Flora was busy fucking and sucking with Joey. On the two nights when Joey went out on a date with Heidi, Neil decided to stay home. They couldn't even fuck at the office because Olive was constantly under foot.

But tonight Joey and Heidi were at the movies and Neil had gone down to the public library to do some research for a term paper. Tom and Flora were in his bed, fucking up a storm.

Flora wiggled her finger around inside Tom's ass tube, digging in deep until her palm rested flat against the cheeks of his ass. She caressed him with the palm of her hand and corkscrewed her finger back and forth against the gooey walls of his asshole.

Tom moaned, his prick swelling up to fantastic size in her mouth, almost choking her.

Flora squirmed happily, mashing her frothy cunt hole against his mouth, sliding her sweaty tit moat around on his belly and squeezing his jerking balls lovingly. She'd never been happier. A big, hot cock in her mouth and a long, wet tongue up her pussy!

Tom tightened his hold on her ass cheeks, his strong fingers kneading and massaging her silky flesh. His own ass cheeks were wiggling and rolling all over the bed. She could feel his asshole sucking on her finger as she worked her finger in and out.

Both Tom and Flora were so excited that neither of them noticed when Neil quietly opened the door and slipped into the bedroom. He stood in the corner of the room, watching avidly and rubbing the bulging crotch of his jeans. Then he started undressing.

In a matter of seconds be was naked and his cock shaft poked straight out from his loins, long and hard and thick. He began moving toward the bed.

Tom saw him first, looking up from between Flora's thighs. His tongue stopped fucking into Flora's slobbering pussy hole and his eyes opened wide. Neil smiled, gave his father a wink, then stepping to the other end of the bed to get a closer look at the way Tom's massive prick was being sucked down Flora's hungry throat.

She glanced up and saw him standing there. Raising her face from Tom's hairy crotch, she cried, "Fuck me, Neil! C'mon, honey! You fuck me while I eat your father's big cock and make him cum!"

"I was hoping you'd ask me to join in!" Neil told her. "How about a nice fuck in the ass?"

"Oohhh, that sounds wonderful, lover!" Flora giggled.

"What the hell?" Tom muttered, struggling to get out from under Flora's body.

She instantly lowered her face and sucked his bloated cock head back into her mouth and he groaned and sank back down against the mattress.

Flora arched her back and stuck her round, ripe ass cheeks high into the air. Her tongue licked up and down over Tom's huge prick staff and her finger continued to fuck in and out of his tight asshole. Rivulets of spit trickled down her chin from the corners of her mouth, drenching the tight, hairy bag of balls she still held tenderly in one hand.

She felt the mattress shift as Neil knelt and gripped the wiggly cheeks of her ass in both hands.

Tom wrapped both arms up around her lower, back and raised his face into her creamy groin, his tongue once more lapping and darting into her drooling pussy hole.

Flora shivered as Neil rubbed his swollen cock head up and down the tight, moist crack of her ass. Finally his prick pressed directly against the tiny pink hole of her ass and he started casing his cock forward.

At first his cock shaft bent just a little, but then the flattened head of his prick started to stretch open the puckered mouth of her asshole until the opening was wide enough for his bloated cock meat to slip inside. The slick, tight walls of her ass tube wrapped themselves around his thrusting cockpole and Neil began pushing forward, an inch at a time, slowly fucking her slippery shit tube.

Flora arched her ass back against Neil's burrowing cock shaft, at the same time grinding her juicy cunt mouth down over Tom's upturned face. The man's long, sharp tongue snaked up into her pussy hole, scooping up her overflowing fuck cream and sucking it down his throat.

She repaid him by swallowing as much of his sturdy cock staff as she could. Her little tongue slurped up and down the throbbing underside of his prick. Her ass cheeks were thrust backward, twisting from side to side as Neil's big prick impaled the tiny hole of her asshole.

Now she was sucking Tom's mammoth cock pole while he sucked her pussy and his son fucked her ass.

Neil took his time about getting his fat cock shaft all the way up her asshole. He fucked back and forth, going a little farther in each time, until he was fully embedded full length into her narrow, clinging ass tube. Then, holding tightly onto her ass cheeks with both hands, he slowly pulled out and pushed in, fucking with a slow, steady rhythm that gradually increased until he was fucking back and forth strongly, shoving the huge head of his prick deep into her snug asshole.

Tom sucked at Flora's cunt like a madman, flicking his long, wet tongue back and forth and in and out, licking up her churning fuck cream and taking long, delicious swipes at her shivering clit stub.

Flora squealed and jerked her crotch at his face, mashing her pussy mound into his mouth. They could both feel the thick, oily girl-cum that overflowed her cunt hole and oozed down his throat. Tom loved the taste of it. Her cum was rich and creamy and hot. And there seemed to be an unlimited supply.

He sucked and swallowed end slurped and drank until his jaws and tongue ached. He thought she would never stop cumming. He extended his flattened tongue to its fullest and let his tongue scoop up the steaming fuck juices.

"Ohhhh yeah, lover! Oohhh, holy shit! Keep that up, don't stop! I wanna cum while Neil fucks my ass!" Once again she swallowed the lengthy pole of his cock, sucking his fat prick shaft ail the way down her throat.

She was eager to taste Tom's thick, creamy jism as it spurted from the bulbous head of his cock. More than anythin else, she wanted a load of his hot, tangy cum.

She clamped her lips snugly around the huge head of his cock and started jacking his prick shaft with her warm little hand, massaging his plump balls with her other. Her spit trickled down his meaty cock and drenched her busy hand.

She crooned and whimpered softly around the massive plug of cock in her mouth as Neil continued to fuck his sturdy prick in and out of her spuming ass hole.

Neil was fucking in and out of her tender little skitter shard and as fast as he could, twisting his hips sideways, screwing his cock staff against the tight, greasy walls of her ass tube. He could tell his jism bubbling up in his balls.

"I'm gonna cum, Flora! I'm gonna shoot any second!"

Flora pulled her mouth off Tom's cock and squealed happily. "Tell me when, honey, and I'll swing around and take it in my mouth! I just love the taste of your hot cum!"

Neil grunted and increased the force and speed of his fuck-strokes into her twitching little ass tube. Flora pressed her cheek against the top of Tom's thigh, lazily jacking his prick meat in her hand, moaning and cooing in time to Neil's savage, relentless fuck-thrusts into her asshole.

"Now!" Neil suddenly cried, yanking his prick head out of her clenched asshole. "Come and get it!"

Instantly, Flora scooted around on all fours and caught the bobbing head of his cock shaft between her soft lips. She was just in time. No sooner had she wrapped her mouth around the width of his fleshy prick shaft than Neil splattered a huge load of creamy jism against the roof of her mouth. Cum flowed warmly across her tongue and poured down her throat.

Flora pulled in her cheeks, sucking greedily. She swallowed the delicious wads of his jism noisily, load after load of his boiling, slippery cum. She reached between his trembling legs and squeezed his twitching balls, milking him for more.

At last Neil stopped spurting into her mouth. Flora's tongue snaked out over her cum-coated lips, scooping up the last tasty drops of his jism.

Neil could feel his own cum boiling up in his balls. He fucked in and out, sliding his swollen cock shaft along the snug walls of Flora's asshole, his palms rubbing against the firm, sweaty cheeks of her ass.

"Uuuhhhhhhhh," Flora whimpered, Tom's bulging cock head fucking deeper and deeper into her mouth. She spread her knees and used her strong thigh muscles to push back against Neil's cock-strokes into her ass tube. Her pussy was leaking a steady flow of warm, gooey fuck juice down onto Tom's face.

"Ohh, shit! Don't stop! I'm almost there!" Tom's voice was choked and strained with excitement. "Any fuckin' second now and I'll cum!"

He reached up over his head and ran his palms up and down the backs of Flora's flexing thighs, lifting his head and pushing his tongue deep up her pussy tube. Her thick, tasty girl-cum poured over his tongue and slid down his throat.

Flora knew that Tom was close to cumming, and she sucked even harder, using all her skill and talent to pull his jism up from his quivering balls. She cuddled her face down into his damp crotch, wedging his bloated cock head against the back of her throat, getting ready for the flood of delicious cum cream that she knew was about to gush into her mouth.

Tom started humping his ass upward, bouncing on the springy mattress and fucking the full length of hit prick down her throat. With one long, drawn-out groan, he spurted a generous job of thick, burning jism into her mouth. It flowed and streamed and splashed against the roof of her mouth and over her tongue, almost choking her.

Her cheeks ballooned out and her eyes started to water. She swallowed frantically while he continued to drench her mouth and throat with his tasty jism.

The moment his father started cumming, Neil fucked his huge cock shaft up Flora's trembling ass tube, grinding his stiff prick meat against the tight walls of her ass tunnel. His fingers tightened their hold on her ass cheeks, sinking into the solid, fleshy mounds.

"Way to go, Dad!" Neil cried. "Shove that cock right down her throat! Choke her to death! Drown her in cum!"

Tom came and came and came, until Flora thought he'd never stop. She purred happily as she swallowed, letting his slippery jism slip down her throat to warm her tummy. A thin rivulet of cock juice trickled out of one nostril.

Finally he stopped cumming and his big prick started to go limp and shriveled in her mouth. She raised her head wearily, using her tight lips and busy little tongue to lick up the slimy coating of jism from his spent cock meat. With a pleased sigh, she rested the side of her head against Tom's thigh and closed her eyes.

Then, suddenly, she jerked upright, her whole body tense and flushed, as she felt Neil spurting another load of his sticky jism up her ass tube. She gurgled, in delight at the unexpected gift. Humping her ass cheeks back against his crotch, she tightened the walls of her ass around his gushing prick shaft, squeezing and milking him for every drop of cum he had.

"Ooohhhhh!" she crooned. "Yeah, you wonderful boy, let me have it! Fill me up!"

When he'd pumped the last of his hot cum up her ass tube, Neil slumped off to one side, stretching out and relaxing. He glanced over at Tom. His father returned his gaze steadily for a few long moments, then broke into a wide grin.

Flora sprawled out between father and son, her hands idly playing with their limp, slimy pricks. Her eyes narrowed and a small, wanton smile played over her full lips.

She was thinking about going to the office tomorrow morning and beating Olive Reynolds at her own game!


At quitting time the next afternoon, Olive buzzed Tom's office on the intercom to tell them that she was leaving for the day. She also wanted to invite him over to her apartment for the evening. She buzzed him three times and he didn't answer.

Strange, she thought. She knew he was back there. Frowning, she walked back to Tom's office and knocked on the door. She glanced over at Flora's office door and noticed that it was wide open. She didn't appear to be in either.

When she was told to come in, she pushed open the door and her eyes popped wide open as she saw Tom and Flora seated on the office couch, sipping drinks and smiling at her.

Tom was wearing just his shorts. Flora was stripped down to a pair of G-string panties and a scanty bra that did nothing to conceal the large, upstanding melons of her tits.

After blinking several times in surprise, Olive smiled and said, "Excuse me. I didn't mean to interrupt, uh, anything."

"You're not interrupting a thing, dear," Flora cooed. "In fact, why don't you come on in and join us for a drink?"

"Yeah, honey. C'mon!" Tom added, grinning widely.

"Well, uh, all right!"

Closing the door behind her, Olive crossed the office and sat down on the edge of the couch. Tom went to his desk and poured a healthy shot of bourbon into a tall glass and brought it back to her. Olive suddenly found herself seated between, the two of them, not quite sure what the hell was going on.

She took a long pull on her drink and turned to Tom. "I just wanted to tell you I was leaving for the day."

"Oh, hang around for a while, why don't you, honey?" Tom urged.

Olive glanced down at his crotch, her eyes seeing the huge bulge underneath his shorts, then looked over at Flora, noticing the way her surprisingly ripe body flied out her skin-tight bra and panties. She took another healthy swig of her drink.

"I wouldn't want to, well, barge in on anything," she murmured, a small smile playing around her lush mouth.

"Actually, Tom and I are glad you're here," Flora said, sliding closer to her on the couch. "You see, dear, Tom and I are fucking together now, along with his son and daughter and my son, and we were wondering if you'd care to join our little family."

Olive looked startled. She'd been expecting them to ask her to join them, but the part about their children was a bit of a shock.

"You mean... you fuck with... your own... children?" she stammered, looking from one to the other.

"Yep!" Tom said, grinning warmly. "Me and my daughter, and Flora and her son and my son."

"If you'd join in, we'd be more equal. Three on three!" She leaned forward slightly. Olive's gaze automatically dropped to the deep cleavage between Flora's large, heavy tit mounds.

"Besides," Tom added with a chuckle, "you and I have already fucked more times than I can count."

"And if you're wondering about either Joey or Neil, let me assure you they're really nicely hung, despite their age. And they both just love to fuck!" Flora added.

Olive finished the rest of her drink in one hasty gulp and put the empty glass on the small coffee table in front of the couch. Her face flushed and her big, fleshy tits heaved against the front of her blouse excitedly.

"I don't believe it!" she whispered. "I just don't fuckin' believe it! And here I thought I was sex mad!"

"Have you ever made it with another girl?" Flora asked.

"Huh?" Olive jerked her head around, staring at her with wide eyes. "Well, uh, yeah... that is, uh, a couple of times."

"Well, Heidi and I make it together all the time. I'm sure she'd love to suck you off! As a matter of fact, I'd love to myself! I'd just love to take all your clothes off and play with those big tits while I eat out your cute little pussy?"

Olive shifted nervously on the couch, trying to think of something to say.

Olive sighed and clamped her thighs together tightly around Flora's wrist. The front of her panties was already damp and juicy from the warm fuck cream that was leaking out of her excited little cunt hole.

Flora glanced over Olive's shoulder at Tom. "Are you just gonna sit there?" she asked.

Olive heard Tom's deep-throated chuckle, then felt his hands coming around under her arms to unbutton the front of her blouse. He pulled it open and exposed her huge braless tits.

Flora cooed merrily at the sight of so much luscious tit meat. They were every bit as big and beautiful as she'd remembered them from that day she'd peeked into this very office and watched Olive fucking with Tom.

She pulled her hand out from between Olive's thighs and leaned back against the arm of the couch, raising her ass and pushing down her panties all in one smooth, easy motion. Kicking her panties away, she spread her delicious thighs and smirked wantonly at Olive.

"C'mon, dear," Flora urged softly. "Let's get it on!"

Olive slid over and sat on the edge of the couch, her hip pressing warmly into Flora's. Eagerly, the two girls kissed, each sending her tongue into the other's mouth.

Then, Olive moved her mouth down over Flora's creamy shoulders and onto the billowing globes of her tits. She sucked and kissed on the lengthy nipples, making Flora squeal and giggle girlishly.

"OOohhhh, sweetie! Keep that up, I just love it!" Flora yelped.

Olive smiled and cupped the undersides of both tits in her hands, lifting and squeezing gently. She fondled and caressed the rich, full-blown tits until Flora was squirming and lurching all over the couch. Olive's tongue and lips wcr never still. They were in constant motion, licking and sucking and kissing the plump, tasty nubbins of Flora's nipples.

"Anahhhhhh," Flora sighed. She glanced over at Tom, who was sitting on the other end of the couch. They exchanged gleeful grins and Flora winked broadly at him.

Olive slid one hand down over the velvety skin of Flora's tummy and slipped it between her thighs. Flora squealed joyfully and squirmed her ass cheeks against the couch cushions. She felt Olive's finger tips comb through her thick pussy hair and brush against the oily lips of her sensitive cunt mouth.

"Oh, yes, darling, yes!" Flora cried.

Olive stroked the quivering lips of Flora's pussy slit for a moment or two, then slipped two fingers inside the juicy heat of her cunt hole, searching for Flora's swollen clit stub.

Flora whimpered loudly and spread her thighs wider apart.

Olive started fucking her fingers in and out of Flora's hot, foaming cunt hole. The tip of her thumb flicked lightly back and forth over the shivering little button of her clit. Flora gurgled in delight and humped her damp crotch against her hand.

"Ohhh, shit, sweetheart, that's good, real goooood! Keep it up, dear! Fingerfuck the hell outta me!"

Flora heaved and jerked violently. She cupped the back of Olive's head and pressed her face down tightly against the sweaty globe of her tit.

"Aahhhh! Christ, you really know what to do, you little bitch! Eeehhhhh!" Flora screamed.

She felt Olive's face moving down from her tits and knew at once what she was going to do. She quivered from head to toe with anticipation, waiting for Olive to start eating her pussy.

Olive nuzzled her face into Flora's crotch, breathing deeply. The sweet, damp aroma of aroused pussy filled her lungs and made her head spin. She wasn't sure which she wanted more, to eat or be eaten.

Then Olive's long, flat tongue poked put and slurped up over the fleshy lips of Flora's frothy cunt gash. The taste was warm and slightly tangy and very, very delicious. The more she licked and lapped at Flora's slobbering pussy slot, the more she liked the taste.

Flora clutched at her own tits, her fingers kneading the solid tit globes. Her ass cheeks were twisting and rolling all over the couch. Olive used the tips of her fingers to pry apart the taut lips of Flora's cunt mouth, folding back the pink, fleshy opening and reveal the puffy stub of her clit. Flora's clit was thick and long, as though demanding to be sucked and licked and kissed. Olive swirled the pointy tip of her tongue around the sensitive little bud.

"Eeekkkkk!" Flora squealed in pleasure, mashing Olive's face down into her hairy cunt. "C'mon, honey! Eat me!"

Olive shivered in delight, pleased by what she was doing to Flora. She cupped the wet mound of her cunt with one hand and rubbed firmly while she continue to suck and lick at Flora's gooey pussy hole. Flora hugged Olive's head between her fleshy thighs.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Do it to me!"

Her eyes were dazed and glassy. Choked, gulping whimpers bubbled out of her slack mouth as she climaxed.

After she'd caught her breath, Flora sighed and murmured, "That was wonderful, honey."

Olive rested her cheek against the firm smoothness of Flora's thigh, smiling happily. She watched as Flora's pretty pink cunt lips twitched. She could see creamy fuck juice still oozing out of Flora's slit, and she licked her lips, remembering the delicious taste.

Suddenly, from behind, she felt Tom lift her up to a sitting position and put one arm around her shoulders. She had completely forgotten that he'd been seated on the other end of the couch all this time.

She cooed and leaned against him, pressing her tit firmly into his side. She glanced down into his lap and saw the massive bulge in the front of his shorts.

"You wanna fuck, honey?" she bluntly asked.

Tom chuckled and cupped one of her large tits, rolling her thick, rubbery nipple between his fingers. Olive squealed merrily and tilted her face up to be kissed. She sucked his tongue into her warm, wet mouth and lapped with her own.

Then, breaking the kiss, she hopped off the couch and hurriedly stripped off her skirt and panties.

Flora had obediently dropped on hand down into her crotch and was now busily fingerfucking her drippy little cunthole, adding to the pleasure of her blow job. Her other hand was moving back and forth from one jutting tit to the other, tweaking the nipples.

Tom groaned throatily and pushed his ass right up to the very edge of the couch, trying to thrust even more of his lengthy pole into Olive's mouth. Her pursed juicy lips wrapped themselves tightly around his prick staff as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. The bulbous tip of his prick banged into the back of her throat.

His thick cock meat jerked and lurched and he began spewing his hot, salty jism into her mouth. She swallowed and gulped, trying to keep up with the steady, spurting flood.

"Save some of it in your mouth, honey?" Flora whispered, her finger still pumping in and out of Olive's streaming pussy slit.

Olive knew immediately what Flora's idea was. She held the last mouthful of tasty cum and raised her head from Tom's cock. She turned and kissed Flora, the thick, buttery cum passing from one mouth to the other. When they'd finished their kiss, they swallowed greedily and licked each other's mouths clean.

"Mmmmmm," Flora purred, smacking her lips. "That was delicious!"

Tom leaned forward, his hands reaching out to fondle and massage Olive's big, heavy tit mounds. Olive knelt, her back arched toward him, her tits thrusting straight into his skillful hands. Flora knelt behind her, running her hands over Olive's squirmy ass cheeks and probing into her hairy crotch to toy with her stiff little clit.

"As soon as Tom's hard again," Flora whispered into Olive's ear, "you can suck on my pussy while he fucks you up the ass! Doesn't that sound nice, darling?"

"Mnnnmmmm," Olive cooed, her eyes softening at the picture that flashed through her lust crazed mind.


Flora decided to wear just her G-string panties and her new pullover nightie. She studied herself carefully in the bedroom mirror.

The gown was totally backless, sleeveless, strapless, low in the front and ended just a few inches below her ass. It was snug around her slim waist and the built-in bra lifted her tits and pushed them together into a mouth-watering cleavage, while leaving her dark, swollen nipples showing through the semi-transparent silk.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Tom was coming over tonight. He'd asked her to send Joey out so they could be alone. She wanted to look her best for him tonight.

Flora dabbed some perfume behind each ear, her tits and added a little high up on the inside of each thigh. She was just finishing when the doorbell rang. She rushed to the door and opened it, stepping back as he came in to let him get the full effect of her almost nude body.

"Like?" she asked, turning around several dines.

"Hell, yes!" Tom said, pushing the door shut behind him and pulling her into his arms. Her full, high-pointing tits pressed into his broad chest.

While he kissed her, Flora ran one hand down and brushed lightly over the front of his pants. His cock shaft stirred and started to swell.

Breaking the kiss, Tom held her out at arm's length and looked her up and down. "I really like what that outfit does for your tits."

"Oh?" Flora stepped back and struck a lewd pose, feet planted wide apart, hands on her hips, shoulders back. "I'm glad you like it, darling."

"It makes your tits look bigger and even firmer than they already are. It makes me want to hold them in my hands. I want to squeeze them and kiss your cute little nipples."

"Mmmmmmmm," Flora cooed, her body wiggling obscenely at the sound of his words. "And is that all you like about me? Just my big tits?"

Tom could tell she was in a teasing mood tonight and decided to go along with her. He knew damned well where this little game would lead them.

"I like the way your nightie shows off your legs, too. They really look beautiful! Long and round and smooth. I'd like to get my face in between them and lick and kiss your lovely little pussy. I like the way you squirm and squeal whenever you feel my tongue on your clit and I'd like to play with your tits while I'm eating out your cunt."

"Oohhh, Tom, darling!" Flora moaned. She rubbed the sensitive insides of her thighs together. Her moist pussy hole was itching like crazy, her clit standing up stiff and greedy. "And what else, lover? Tell me more!"

Tom watched her closely, his eyes glinting with lust. She was really turned on, he realized. And that excited him more than anything else. He was more than ready to slip his bloated prick shaft up her tiny cunt tube right now, but he could tell she wasn't quite ready yet.

"Okay." He paused for a moment. "I love your ass, too. The way it wiggles and squirms when I'm fucking you, the way it jumps back up at me. It makes my cock get harder and stiffer just thinking about it."

He rubbed the crotch of his pants and stepped closer to her. She retreated into the living room and he followed her. His hard-on felt like his cock was going to burst right through his pants. His dirty talk had inflamed him as much as it had her.

When she was standing in the center of the living room, she paused long enough for him to catch up with her, then they both tumbled down onto the sofa together.

Tom kissed her, tasting the sweet warmth of her lips under his. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and heard her moan softly. He moved his mouth down toward her fleshy tit mounds, pushing the from of her nightie out of the way as he advanced. Her big brownish nipples were already throbbingly erect, almost as stiff as his cock. He sucked one of her fat tit-tips into his mouth and rolled the other one between his fingers.

"Aahhh, shit, lover," Flora grunted.

She reached down with one hand and fumbled for his crotch. The second she touched his swollen cock meat, she felt his prick lurch wildly against the front of his pants.

"Get undressed, lover," she urged hotly. "Hurry up and get undressed so you can fuck me!"

He struggled with his shirt and managed to get it off only after he'd popped half the buttons. Then he hurriedly stripped off the rest of his clothes while she looked on with glowing, shamelessly fuck-crazy eyes.

As soon as he was naked, she took hold of his thrusting prick rod. Using his hard-on like a leash, she pulled him up until he was straddling her. She pressed the plump globes of her tits together, trapping his cock shaft in the soft, velvety cleavage between the twin melons.

"How's that, lover?" she cooed. "Feel good?"

"Ohh, yeah," he moaned.

Flora squeezed her ample tit flesh tightly around his thick cock pole as he started fucking back and forth between her warm, smooth tit mounds. He'd never done this before.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Flora purred. As he started moving faster and faster, she started squeezing her tits and then relaxing them in a slow, even rhythm that was almost as exciting as one of her thrilling blow jobs would have been.

"I'm gonna cum if we keep this up," Tom mumbled, his voice thick and husky. "I'm gonna cum all over you!" He could feel the pressure building up in his balls.

"Then do it, lover!" Flora squealed, delighted at the idea. "Cum on me if you want! Squirt that wonderful stuff all over my face and tits!"

Tom ginned down at her lustful face. "Uuhhh, this is great, baby! I love fuckin' your tits this way!" The faster he fucked back and forth between her fleshy tit mounds, the tighter she squeezed them, and the greater the urgent pressure in his jism-filled balls.

"Aaahhhhh!" Tom wailed.

Flora felt his twitching cock spew hot wads of thick, greasy cum. The first gob splattered against her forehead, then others were spurting onto her cheeks and chin and pouted lips. Finally, the last of his jism dribbled out of the hole in his cock head and drenched the smooth valley between her tits.

"Oohhh, lover, that feels good!" she squealed. "I've never had anybody cum on my tits before. I love it!"

Tom continued fucking his cum soaked prick between her tit globes, smearing the ropey jism over her creamy tit flesh. Flora scooped some of his cum off her face and licked her fingers, beaming up at him with a slyly sensual expression on her pretty face.

"Oohhh, stilt, baby," Tom murmured, catching his breath. "We gotta do that more often!"

Flora giggled end started pushing against his chest, trying to shove him downward. "Suck me out now, lover! Please, eat out my cunt!"

Tom didn't wait to be asked twice. Crawling backward on his knees, he pulled her nightie the rest of the way down her body and off over her feet, then slid her skimpy G-string down her long, curvy legs. Leaning forward, he teased her by planting a series of light kisses on her lower belly and the insides of her quivering thighs.

"C'mon, lover, quit playin' around and eat my pussy!"

Flora curled her fingers into his hair and tried to push his face down into the drooling mound of her pussy. She stretched her legs wide open, showing him the pink little slot of her cunt hole.

"Oh, Christ, Tom," she muttered throatily. "Hurry up, lover! I need it so bad! Eat me out good! Stick your tongue up into my pussy!"

She humped and bucked her ass cheeks, throwing her crotch toward his face. Tom stiffened his tongue and poked his tongue between her snug cunt lips, letting his tongue lick over the smooth, slippery walls of her cunt hole. He could taste her warm, tangy fuck cream as it drooled into his mouth.

"Aahhhhh," Flora sighed happily. "That's it, lover! That's the way!"

She cupped the back of his head with both hands and pressed his face down into her pussy mound, squeezing his head between her satiny thighs, holding him tightly. Her head fell back limply against the back of the sofa.

Flora's fingers held his hair tightly, grinding her cunt meat wetly against his face. He swallowed her fuck cream. It was hot and tasty. She kept mashing her pussy against his mouth and her pussy juice kept streaming down his throat.

"Eat, lover, eat me... eat me..." she babbled.

He stiffened his tongue and started using it as a cock, driving it in and out of her foamy pussy hole, fucking her with strong, even fuck-strokes. Then he suddenly remembered that he had a real cock and that his prick was throbbing feverishly with fuck-lust of its own.

He raised his head, licking his juicy lips, and started crawling up over her body. Flora felt his bloated cock head brushing against her quivering thigh.

"Oh, lover!" she squealed. "Yeah! Fuck me now, lover! Stick that big, beautiful hunk of meat into my pussy and fuck the piss outta me!"

"Yeah baby," Tom gasped. "Yeah, that's right! I'm gonna fuck you real good!"

He used his knees to spread her legs wide apart. Pressing his fat cock head against her drooling cunt mouth and holding his prick steady with one hand, he fucked full length into her tiny pussy tube. His swollen cock shaft slid between the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel, spreading them while they squeezed his stiff pole in a warm, juicy vise. He buried his prick up to the root, his plump balls slapping noisily into the crack of her ass.

"Uuhhh, give it to me, lover! Fuck me hard and fast! Really lemme have it!"

Tom hammered his thick cock in and out of her greasy cunt hole as hard as he could. He felt her stubby little clit scrape against the length of his fucking prick shaft. He played with her meaty tits with one hand and cupped her ass in the other, one linger still embedded up her narrow asshole.

"Oohhh, Tom, lover, you're such a great fucker!"

She wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged him tightly, her heels pressing into his clenched ass. She could feel each and every inch of his massive prick as his cock fucked her taut cunt. She loved the feeling of his bulbous cock head as his prick stretched her pussy walls with its width. She loved the way her oily cunt crew lubricated his fucking prick meat, making his cock fuck in and out of her pussy hole with smooth, effortless fuck-strokes.

Flora raised her head and kissed him, sending her tongue deep into his mouth to lick and lap against his. She arched her back, pushing her tits up into his cupping hand and squirmed her ass cheeks against the finger he was shoving deep into her ass hole. She wiggled and nuzzled against him, purring like a kitten.

"Uugggg!" she suddenly cried, "Oh, lover, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oohhh, God, I love this! I love to cum!"

She clasped him tighter than ever between her silky thighs and bucked her crotch against his like a wild animal as wave after wave of ecstatic sensations rippled through her sweat-soaked body. Then, slowly, she relaxed and settled back against the sofa.

"Oohhh, God, Tom, that was beautiful! Just fuckin' beautiful!" Then, she realized that he was still fucking his rock-hard prick shaft in and out of her foamy cunt hole. "Y-you didn't c-cum?"

"Any... second... now..." Tom panted, his breath coming in shaft, rasping grunts.

"Yes, lover, cumin' now!" Flora squealed at him lewdly. "Fill me right up to the brim with your cum! Fill my pussy with cum!"

"Oh, shiiiiiit!" Tom cried loudly. "I'm cumin!" He dug his prick into her pussy, his cock head burrowing all the way to the back of her cunt tunnel. "Fuck me, you little bitch, fuck meeee!"

His hot, thick jism pumped wetly into her quivering pussy hole in greasy clumps. She humped her hips against him, working her elastic pussy lips up and down on his gushing cock pole, milking his balls of every last drop. His cum shot into her cunt and overflowed, oozing out of her pussy hole and dribbling down into the crack of her ass.

"Love it, Tom, love it... love it..." she chanted. "I love your huge hard prick and your sweet cum!"

She continued to hug him between her legs until she felt his shriveling cock slip out of her pussy hole. With a deep sigh, Tom sat up and she crawled over and cuddled up on his lap.

She hummed softly to herself. She felt just wonderful. Tom had just given her a really beautiful fucking and the naughty itch in her pussy had been eased for a while.


"Humm?" She glanced up at him and saw that he was watching her strangely.

"Will you marry me?" he asked.

"Sure, lover! Oh, Tom!" She put her arms around his neck and kissed him savagely. "I'd love to marry you!"


The day of the wedding, everybody gathered at Tom's house for a little pre-honeymoon celebration. It soon turned into a wild orgy, just as they'd known it would.

Flora sat in one of the easy chairs in the living room, Heidi, her new stepdaughter, was curled up on the floor in front of her chair, her face buried between her thighs as her tongue slurped and swirled fervently at Flora's juicy cunt hole. Joey was standing next to the chair, his long, stiff cock shaft fucking in and out of his mother's warm, pursed mouth.

Heidi's shoulders, hugging her head between her warm, fleshy thighs as her son's massive prick fucked deeper into her mouth. Slithering her wet tongue back and forth over his swollen cock meat, she did everything she could think of to make him shoot his tasty cum down her throat.

"Uuggg, Mom, that's good!" Joey grunted. "Aaahhhhhhh! Shit, what a mouth you've got!"

His throaty moans were almost drowned out by Olive's howl of pleasure as Neil steadily forced more and more of his fat prick into her snug, quivering ass tube. Once he was completely embedded, he started using long, slow thrusts, fucking in and out of her taut asshole until her ass was as wet and resilient as her cunt had been.

"Oohhh, yeah, stud!" Olive crooned. "Jesus, I like that! I love havin' a nice thick piece of cock up my ass!"

"Yeah, Olive, me too, when it's such a tight little ass as yours!" Neil cried. "Stan fuckin' back at me, honey!"

Neil pulled his cock shaft almost completely free of her soft, juicy asshole, then he fucked back inside just in time to meet her strong backward push.

Olive spread her knees apart and used her firm, meaty thighs to press her rounded ass cheeks into his hairy crotch. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sheer bliss she was feeling from having his rigid cock fucking her asshole.

Neil was lost in his own world of lustful sensations. All he was conscious of was the satisfaction of his hard, lengthy cock as his prick slipped in and out of her tight ass tube, fucking deeper and deeper into her warm, narrow channel with each thrust. She kept flexing and twitching her ass, opening and closing her taut asshole around his fucking cock shaft, with an occasional twist of her flaring ass cheeks. He reached down between her spread legs with one hand and started fingering her stiff, throbbing clit.

Neil was humming softly to himself as he crammed more and more of his thick cock meat into Olive's soft, moist asshole. His balls bounced off the warm, fleshy lips of her cunt mouth. He used his free hand to stroke and caress the smooth, rubbery cheeks of her ass.

He could feel his cum starting to bubble in his itching balls. He could feel Olive's clenched ass cheeks rubbing into his groin as she pushed back against him. He could feel her deep, resilient ass tube swallowing his large cock shaft.

His fingers toyed and pinched her clit button firmly while he continued fucking into her asshole. He knew she was close to cuming. Damn close!

"Uuhhh, shit, stud, I'm... I'm cumin' I'm... cummin..."

Olive's ass hole tightened up around Neil's fucking prick shaft as her orgasm exploded throughout her body. Hot, oily cum drenched her pink, puffy cunt lips. She squealed and wiggled her ass tightly into his crotch, her sweaty ass cheeks slapping against him as he continued to fuck his cock rod up her tight asshole.

Just as the last thrillingly beautiful waves of her climax were flowing through her body and she was starting to relax, Neil yanked his thick cock pole out of her clinging ass tube and rolled over onto his back and stretched out on the floor. His prick stood straight up into the air, waving slightly back and forth.

"Climb on, honey," he said. "Fuck me with your cunt now!"

Giggling saucily at the idea, Olive straddled his middle and lowered herself until his plump cock head spread the taut lips of her pussy hole and drove up into her slippery cunt tube.

"Huuuummmmmm," she moaned. "God, that's nice!"

Neil steadied her with both hands on the tops of her thighs and started to fuck his hips up and down. Olive bounced and swiveled and twisted wildly, his prick shaft fucking in and out of her sopping pussy tunnel.

Just then, Heidi raised her face from between Flora's curvy legs and grinned up at her. "Let's get on the floor in a daisy chain," she suggested.

Returning her stepdaughter's lewd smile, Flora got up and spread herself out on the floor near Olive and Neil. Joey stretched out next to her with his lengthy cock rod within easy reach of her eager mouth. Heidi moved her head back between her stepmother's thighs and started lapping away at Olive's creamy cunt mouth. She gave a pleased little moan of joy when Joey started sucking on her pussy.

Flora sighed loudly and spread her thighs to give her son all the room he needed as the tip of his tongue flicked back and forth against her shivering little clit stub. She felt a hand close over one of her jutting tits, felt her swollen nipple being rolled between two fingers. She glanced over and winked obscenely at Neil as he played with her tit and flicked his cock upward at Olive's downward lunging cunt mouth.

Olive whimpered in rapture as she kit Neil's rigid prick grind over her stiff, throbbing clit. "Oh, yeah, stud, yeah!" she bawled. "That's the way to fuck, baby!"

Her cunt tube rippled and flexed as she bounced up and down on his fucking cock staff. She felt her silky muff pressing down into his wiry crotch hairs, felt her wiggly ass cheeks rest against his solid balls, and she cooed happily to herself as she fucked away with all the shameless intensity she could muster.

"Well, well, well!" Tom said from the doorway. "This looks like fun!"

Flora glanced over at him and smiled impishly when she saw that he'd already undressed and that his huge hunk of cock meat was standing straight out from his hairy groin, stiff, long and more than eager to begin fucking.

Tom came into the room and stood looking down at his new bride. "It's all set, honey. Plane tickets, hotel reservations and a few assorted surprises. We leave for Vegas first thing in the morning."

Flora took Joey's prick shaft out of her mouth long enough to say, "I just love surprises!" Then she slurped her son's cock back down her throat and started milking his balls with one gently squeezing hand.

Tom looked around, studying the arrangement of cocks and cunts and mouths spread out on the living room floor. "Now let's see here," he mumbled. "Ah yes, there's just what I'm looking for!"

Holding his prick staff in one hand, he stepped up to Olive's face and brushed the rounded head of his cock against her lips. His sexy young secretary nodded eagerly and sucked more than half of his thrusting prick pole into her mouth.

While Olive nursed on his cock shaft, Tom gazed lovingly over at Flora. He was already looking forward to the rest of their life together.


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