Sister in heat

Beneath the outward serenity of small towns run the same passions that we find in the big cities and sprawling suburbia. Criminal acts are more apparent in the cities, but the same forces that drive urban man to crime and other excesses are at work in our small towns. Greed, lust, envy -- these are emotions common to all men, and every man has been touched by them to some extent.

Several of the characters in this book find themselves on a collision course with people who are motivated by greed and lust. Blinded by their passions, they are destructive to themselves and those around them -- particularly the innocent.

These are everyday people, solid citizens of their community. Yet they are people trapped in their flesh and unable to control their baser instincts. They have given themselves over to the pleasurable, the profitable, and the expedient. Are they so different from the rest of us?

SISTER IN HEAT -- entertaining fiction, yes. But a story with an element of truth about the passions that we all must deal with.


The instant Lorna Wild awakened, she sat up beside the softly snoring Adam Benbow and wrapped a handful of fingers around his lipstick smudged cock, then tried to get it nice and hard again for her hot and hungry cunt. For a few seconds she hugged his prick in her hand to enjoy the feel of it. Then she started stroking. Her full and heavy breasts shook while she pumped up and down on Adam's deeply veined and rubbery shaft.

His cock quivered in her tight grip, but outside of this nothing happened.

Not one to take no for an answer from any man's cock, the flame-haired and emerald-eyed divorcee of three days moistened her ripe red lips, then dipped her head and gulped its pale pink knob into her warm and eager mouth. She clamped down with her lips. Simultaneously she brought her tongue into play, and momentarily she felt Adam's tasty prick stretch and grow hard against her teeth. A few more licks and sucks got her a small sample of his jism. By this time her now blazing pussy was doing some flowing of its own.

Fucked, she needed to get fucked.

With great reluctance Lorna removed Adam Benbow's steel-hard cock from her jism craving mouth, then kissed his egg-sized balls before she lifted her beautiful face from between his scissored legs and asked, "Are you awake, lover?"

The tall, dark and handsome attorney Lorna had chosen to shack-up with her during her last night in Key Biscayne came up on both elbows and grinned at her over the wobbling tip of his towering cock.

"Who can sleep with someone like you in the same bed with him? Not that I'd want to anyhow. Especially when I realize it might be a long time before I see you again. I'll miss you, Lorna, but since you haven't gone yet, scoot up here so I can kiss those big tits of yours good morning and good-bye."

Lorna gave the tiny jism-oozing aperture on the underside of Adam's glowing cockhead a quick stab with the tip of her tongue before she slithered into position beside him, then twisted to her back so his lips could easily reach their intended destination. The dark-ringed nipples of her firm and unsagging breasts were as stiff as Adam's prick, and tingling with the same lust that filled her yearning and burning cunt. She took a deep breath that made her tits tremble provocatively, then gasped with ecstasy when Adam flopped to his belly and trapped the nearest nipple between his strong lips to suck on it.

Reflexively, Lorna's arms coiled around Adam's neck to hug him closer to her captured breast. At the same time her long legs drifted apart to make it easier for his groping right hand to find and do whatever it wanted to her damp and fluttering cunt.

Hips still and legs spread as wide as she could get them, she held her breath and waited for his hand to reach her pussy. When the heel of his hand grazed her jutting pink clit she made a tiny whimpering sound, but after he bolted his finger deep in her cunt she bucked her shapely ass against it and cried out, "Oooh, I'm so close to getting a come from what you just did! Do it some more! Wiggle your finger while you fuck me with it! Give it to me good!"

Adam mumbled around the stiff nipple she had crammed tightly in his mouth. "Like this?"

"No! Deeper, harder, faster! Go, Adam! Finger-fuck the come out of my cunt! Oooh, that feels so wonderful! So does the tit sucking you're giving me! Keep it up! Suck me, fuck me! Ah, ah, I'm so close to getting my nuts! Bring me all the way! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Responding to the primitive urgency in her passion-clotted voice, Adam started to gnaw on the already sensitive nipple he was sucking and raking with his teeth. During this same instant he increased the speed of the long finger he was drilling and grinding in her snapping cunt. When he pressed his granite-hard cock against Lorna's bucking hip she felt it throbbing. Jism was leaking out of the miniature hole beneath the hot cockhead, but she wasn't concerned about him blowing his virile nuts before he finished sucking her tit and finger-fucking her into a delicious come.

Not Adam Benbow. Last night he had proven himself to be a man who had perfect control over his prick while it was in her mouth, asshole, and buried to the balls in the steaming depths of her wild and woolly pussy. This morning he was still in command of his cock.

Back and forth his long finger darted between the slippery and milking lips of Lorna's frothing cunt, and with each inward thrust she felt herself getting closer and closer to the come she wanted, needed. Every dig of Adam's finger jolted, and every jolt was heavenly, causing her to pant, "Fuck the come out of my pussy, lover! You know how to do it! Bend your finger inside my cunt! Yes, yes, like that! Again, again! I'm almost there! Fuck me faster with your finger! So close! Now, now! Make me come, make me come!"

Adam did his damnedest to give Lorna the come she wanted. Still sucking and nibbling on her tit, he pulled his long finger nearly all, the way out of her tormented cunt, then quickly butted it back with such great force it knocked the breath out of her. Simultaneously he bent his finger at both joints. That did it! Lorna tensed, then shuddered violently, and abruptly a loud and ragged sigh of pleasure jumped out of her open mouth while she juiced her pussy.

When Lorna's body finally stopped quivering Adam released the lip grip he had on her mahogany colored nipple, then waited for her arms to loosen from around his neck before he lifted his sweaty face from her rocking breasts.

"Got you pretty good that time, didn't I?"

Lorna did a lazy squirm over the unmoving finger still embedded in her temporarily appeased cunt and winked.

"Getting this woman's nuts off is what you do better than most men I've taken on, including my ex-husband."

"That makes me feel good."

"I know something that will make you feel better."

She slid her hip away from his savagely drumming cock and caught it in her hand, then squealed, "Oooh, this big rascal feels like it's loaded with jism!"

"Keep jerking like you are and it won't be loaded very long."

Lorna licked her lips.

"Mmmm, I wouldn't mind sucking you off so I could gulp every thick and creamy drop of what's waiting to break loose from this beautiful cock of yours. However, if you'd rather fuck me in my asshole or cunt..."

Adam silenced her by corkscrewing his long finger inside her cunt, then jerked it free and flopped to his back so hard the entire bed shook, but not hard enough to liberate his cock from her lightly clutching hand.

The surprised look on Lorna's face tickled the shit out of Adam. He laughed, then grimaced when she palmed his big balls and applied a bit of pressure to get revenge for what he had unexpectedly done to her pussy with his finger, only she was careful not to squeeze too hard and really put the hurt on him. This she didn't want.

Not while there was all that hot and gooey jism still left in his cock.

"Oh, stop yelling like a rape victim," Lorna teased Adam who wasn't making a sound. "All I'm doing is playing with your balls."

Adam reached out and grabbed two handfuls of her slightly mussed hair. "Will you please shut the fuck up and start sucking before I come all over my own belly?"

Lorna moistened her lips while she skinned Adam's bloated prick downward to unhood its velvety cockhead.

"The only place you're going to squirt this healthy load of jism you've got stored in your cock is in my mouth. Like real quick. Like right now."

Adam untangled his fingers from Lorna's hair and let her set the pace. For a couple of seconds she sat there and admired the beautiful and pulsating cock she was holding. Then she bent it toward her ovaled mouth and proceeded to lick the glowing knob.

She worked slowly, tenderly. The tip of her expert tongue circled the rim of Adam's huge cockhead for a full minute, and then she moved her mouth to taste the come leaking from the underside of it. At the same time she cupped his heavy balls in her left hand and toyed with them. Soon Adam's passion charged ass was bouncing all over the rumpled bed, and once she nearly lost her grip on his jism-slick cock. A smile curved her mouth. Now he was more than ready for a blow job. So was she.

Moving her left hand away from Adam's hot nuts, Lorna clutched the deeply veined shaft at its thick base and crammed the tip of his prick into her mouth, then tightened her lips over it and started working to suck the jism out of it. She knew how. The man she had married at the tender age of sixteen had taught her well.

Lorna's teeth and tongue came into play while her head danced up and down, and with each downward plunge she took more and more of Adam's bloated cock inside her mouth. There was no discomfort. Not even when she felt the huge knob bull its way beyond her tonsil area and slither down into her throat. Not even when Adam suddenly pushed against the back of her head to give her every throbbing inch of his dick, then twisted his body so that in a moment he was on top of her, his damp asscheeks resting lightly on her full and springy breasts, rasping as he did, "If I hurt you by doing this, I'm sorry."

As she had been trained to do by her ex-husband, Lorna made a gargling sound around the cock lodged in the depths of her throat to let Adam know that their change of positions had brought no pain, and then she compressed her lips so that he would really enjoy and remember this good-bye fuck he was about to give her mouth.

Abruptly Lorna felt another come building up in her cunt when Adam backed his prick out of her throat, then started fucking her mouth as if it were her pussy. He sawed his cock between her tense lips with piston-like precision. Soon her riderless hips began to jerk with frenzy, and now a glazed quality washed into her eyes while she sucked and teethed on the prick Adam was putting to her mouth. Instinctively she squeezed her legs together and tried for a friction come but it didn't happen. She was distracted as Adam popped his nuts.

Thick pellets of salty-sweet jism struck the back of Lorna's throat, the roof of her mouth, and suddenly she was gulping like mad to keep up with the tremendous load Adam was discharging. Blast after blast ripped out of his rampaging cock, and every warm and tangy gob was delicious. She swallowed and kept swallowing, until the strong flow from his cock turned into a weak trickle, and then she went limp beneath him.

With great reluctance Adam withdrew his already softening prick from between Lorna's lips, then waited until she licked a stray droplet of jism from the corner of her mouth before he swung clear of her, then said, "Now I know why old Jake Wild cried after you divorced him. Your cunt, mouth and asshole... once you give them to a man they become erotic places he's never really been... no matter how many other women he's used his cock on before you came along. No shit. You're special."

"Thanks, but at the moment I'm still too hot in the cunt to appreciate your compliment. Finish me."

"With a limp cock?"

"Do what you did last night."

She steepled and spread her legs. "Eat my pussy."

Adam didn't have to be coaxed. Without hesitation he scooted into position and kissed the nipples of her heaving breasts. She made a small whimpering sound, then shivered when his moist mouth left her tits and drifted down toward her hot and bothered cunt. Adam worked with maddening slowness. He kissed her quivering flesh and tongued her navel, her right knee, and then did the same thing to her crimson tipped toes. Every inch of her body ached with want.

"Oh, Adam, don't torture me like this! I want your tongue in my cunt! Give it to me! Now, now!"

"Yes," Adam murmured when he pushed his sweat masked face between her scissored legs to clamp his voracious mouth over the wet and meaty lips of her cunt, "now."

Lorna shrieked with delight when Adam drilled his stiff and thick slab of tongue into the flaming pit of her cunt, then coiled her legs around his back and started bucking and grinding against it with pagan frenzy. Her entire body was alive to every sensation Adam's probing and flogging tongue created in her pussy, and she could feel her clit becoming larger. She panted and writhed, then howled with more pleasure when his brow struck her jutting clit so hard she nearly fainted, it was that fantastic.

For a fraction of a second Lorna went limp, too weak to struggle against the delightfully twisting and goring tongue inside her blazing cunt. The room went out of focus; she went with it. Then her awareness returned. She filled her lungs with air.

Nobody ever knocked me numb with a tongue before. Nobody even came close, not even my ex-husband, she thought.

Momentarily Lorna's mind cleared all the way, and when it did she tightened her thighs against Adam's ears, then brought her hips and ass alive with motion again. She raked and scraped her cunt against his teeth while the flames of lust threatened to consume her quivering flesh. Her body heaved and twisted with pleasure. Animal sounds jumped out of her throat while she held his head locked to her pussy. She wanted more of him. She wanted all that she could get of his flogging tongue and sucking lips before she took off in her station wagon for a place still remembered but long unseen.

"Suck my cunt, Adam, suck it dry!"

Adam didn't stop sucking and licking Lorna's cunt for one second. He was really laying into her juicy pussy with his mouth and his tongue. Making noises while he went down on her. Loud slurping sounds that drove her wilder than she already was, causing her to cry out again, "Go, you cunt lapper, go! Suck me, lick me, bite me! Eat me up, eat me off! Oooh, I love the way you're fucking my cunt with your tongue! Fuck me harder, fuck me faster! Ah, that feels so Goddamn good!"

Lorna's passion kept mounting while Adam bent and raked her cunt with his expert and relentless tongue, and ravaged her with his mouth. The churning of her guts warned her that relief was on its way, but to insure a quicker come she started playing with her violently quaking breasts while Adam lapped her pussy, and in less than twenty seconds she spewed her come all over his squirming and driving tongue.

Sharp gusts of air ripped out of Lorna's open mouth the instant her cunt exploded with a come, and as she went convulsively from one climax to the next, her eyes rolled back until only their whites showed. Both hands quit kneading and slid clear of her rioting breasts, while at the same time her thighs and legs tightened around Adam's head to hold his still snaking and stabbing tongue in place, but abruptly they went as limp as the rest of her body when a final popping of the nuts sent her all the way down into the darkness...

From a seemingly great distance Lorna heard Adam ask anxiously, "Are you all right?"

Lorna waited for the room to stop spinning before she answered. "I feel beautiful. So did your tongue in my cunt. Damn, damn, did your tongue ever feel good in my cunt!"

Lorna's tits trembled again when she sat up beside him. "I have to take this trip back to Idaho, Adam. The only family I have left is there."

"You told me. Your kid brother."

"I haven't seen Will since he was twelve. I've missed him like hell, Adam. We used to be pretty close before I left home. Real close. I want it to be that way again."

"Does Will know you're coming home?"

"Not yet."

"Then why don't you stay here with me for a few more days before you take to the freeways?"

"I can't, Adam. I'm already nine years overdue."

Lorna grabbed his limber cock and stretched to give its lipstick smudged knob a quick and final kiss, then lifted her head and smiled at him.

"Hey, stop looking so fucking gloomy. I'm only going to Idaho for a visit. I'll be back."

Nothing more was said. Nothing more needed to be said. They both knew that Lorna was going home for good.


Fuck, Christine Yeager thought while she stood at the kitchen window and watched Will Morgan go into the ramshackle barn with Opal Tucker. Morning, noon and night, all her boss ever wanted to do was fuck.

The slender and extremely small breasted Chris envied Will Morgan's zest for lust. Opal Tucker's, too. Chris wished she could be as passionate as them, but miracles only seemed to happen to other people, not her.

Sadness touched her face when she remembered the rodeo rider who had taken her cherry when she was fourteen. She had received no pleasure from his cock. He popped his nuts; she didn't. Now she was nineteen, and she still had her first come to get.

Taking a stiff prick in her cunt did nothing for Chris. Every time Will Morgan pushed his colossal cock between the dry lips of her pussy she faked passion. She pumped her slender hips and wiggled her ass, but never as good as Will deserved. Giving him a blow job was different because she loved the taste of jism. Taking Will's prick up her ass wasn't bad, either. It was getting fucked in the cunt that always left her aching, empty and wanting. She sighed. Just once she would like to find out how it felt to have her pussy come.

Almost daily Chris wondered why she was unable to come when Will Morgan fucked her cunt. Like his father who had died three months back, Will was an expert cocksmith. Not once had he given her pain, nor pleasure. Except when he fucked her asshole or let her suck him off. Then her pussy became a little wet. And sometimes when he cornholed her, or when she sucked his cock, she almost got her nuts off. Almost but not quite -- the story of her sex life.

Chris found it unnecessary to tell Will Morgan she had a cold cunt. From the first time he had climbed into bed with her he had sensed her feelings toward straight fucking. Taking his cock in her ass and in her mouth kept her from feeling like a complete failure. Still, no matter how much ass or mouth she gave Will, it never seemed to be enough. Will's appetite for sex was tremendous, and it was this constant gnawing hunger that made his a restless cock.

Tall and ruggedly handsome, her young and fairly rich boss had no problems getting all of the extra side pussy his overactive libido demanded. He attracted hot-assed girls like a magnet. Chris knew about the two barmaids he was fucking in Whispering Pines, but until today she hadn't dreamed he was also feeding the jism from his cock to Opal Tucker.

The stunning blonde with big breasts lived on the ranch next to Will's with her bachelor cousin, Frank Holt. Until recently, Opal had lived in Missoula, Montana. Three times divorced, Chris wondered why Opal couldn't hold on to her husbands. A sex problem? Not likely. Judging by the way Opal rolled her hips and wiggled her shapely ass as she went into the barn with Will Morgan, she was probably one hell of a good lay. But how good? Chris became curious. Maybe she should sneak out to the barn and find out if Opal Tucker was as hot and sexy as she looked.

A sudden pounding beneath Chris' barely noticeable breasts began the instant she decided to spy on Opal and her boss, and then a strange ripple of excitement went speeding through her cunt. Her delicate eyebrows arched in surprise. Christ, the mere thought of watching Opal Tucker taking Will Morgan's cock was making her feel horny!

The strange and welcome feeling in Chris' cunt grew stronger while she made her way across the yard and slipped inside the barn. She heard Opal and Will before she saw them. They were in a box stall at the far end. She edged closer, then crouched behind a bale of straw to take in the action.

Chris felt her normally dry cunt turn wet against the webbing of her panties while she waited for the sucking or fucking to begin. Will Morgan was already naked, his long cock hard and jutting, but all Chris saw was the long-legged and voluptuous champagne blonde who was going to soften it for him.

Shoulder length hair tied back with a scarlet ribbon, attired in black satin stretch pants that fit her like another layer of skin, the rim line of her bikini panties showing through the tight material, her full breasts heaving behind the boyish cut white blouse that covered them, Opal Tucker was truly a picture edged in lust.

Opal Tucker's breasts fascinated Chris. She felt the tips of her own little ones grow hard and start tingling, the way they always tingled when Will sucked on them. Breath caught, her thighs clenched. She had never observed another woman's tits so closely. Opal's were worth staring at. They were huge and firm, their nipples stiff and showing through her tight blouse. Without knowing why, Chris suddenly found herself longing to suck the beautiful blonde's tits. Carried away by this strange craving, she licked her lips. Mmmmmm, those long nipples of Opal's looked so delicious. Just like the rest of Will Morgan's voice distracted Chris from Opal Tucker's bewitching breasts. He wanted the blonde to start him off with a blow job. No coaxing was necessary. Not yet. Still fully clothed, Opal sank to her knees and grabbed Will's enormous prick with both hands. The dry straw she knelt on crackled when she scooted closer, then skinned back to expose the bulbous cockhead. Chris waited for Opal to put Will's cock in her mouth and start sucking him off. It didn't happen.

Opal examined Will's thick and lengthy prick for a few moments, then looked up at him and said, "I don't know if this small mouth of mine can accommodate this big cock of yours, hon. Christ, you're hung like that stud horse you loaned my cousin Frank the other day."

A quick breath jarred her tits.

"Maybe you'd better fuck me instead."

"Suck now, fuck later."

Will cupped Opal's face with both hands and touched the knob of his prick to her drawn lips.

"Hey, don't worry about anything. You'll make it. All you have to do is open your mouth and I'll do the rest. Come on. Blow me."

Opal surrendered with a sigh.

"All right, Will. Just don't get all carried away and ram it down my throat like all of my ex-husbands did every damn time I sucked their cocks. I'll gag if you do."

She puckered her crimson lips in offering.

"Here. Stick your cock in my mouth."

"Come on, Opal. Don't make me feel like I'm forcing my cock on you. Kiss and lick it a little first."

Opal grabbed Will's cock with both hands, but still she made no move to go down on it. Prom where she hunkered Chris saw a bead of jism dangling at the tiny hole on the underside of Will's prick, but not for long. A moment later Opal's pink tongue flicked out and the fat drop of come disappeared into her now open mouth.

Predictably, the small taste of Will's come gave Opal a craving for more, and now she went after it. She knew what to do with a man's cock. No time was wasted. Opal brought her tongue into play and licked the swollen knob, then tightened her lips and started sucking on it.

Chris saw Will shudder the instant Opal clamped her lips over his cockhead, then heard him rasp, "That's the way. Tongue it, suck it, drain it. Blow, Opal, blow!"

Opal needed no encouragement. She sucked and mauled Will's velvety cockhead with her tongue, then popped it free and slowly chewed her way down the deeply veined shaft to kiss his balls and lap at the sweat she found on the tight and corrugated sack that contained them. Satisfied, she chewed her way back to the glowing dome to caress it with her tongue once more.

Abruptly, Will tangled his fingers in Opal's hair and gently pushed his cock between her ovaled lips. Opal clamped down on his prick and gave it a suck Chris heard all the way to where she squatted. Will grunted with pleasure, then dug in with both feet, and momentarily his knees picked up rhythm as he began to fuck Opal in her mouth.

Thrill after thrill charged Chris' itching and burning cunt while she watched Will's spit and come-slick prick shuttle between Opal's clenched lips. From past experience she knew that with every back and forth motion his healthy cock dripped more and more jism for Opal to swallow, but this wasn't what was adding fuel to the fire already raging in Chris' fluttering pussy. It was the beautiful blonde doing the blowing who was reducing her to a mass of quivering flesh. That firm and shapely ass of hers. Those big and heaving breasts with their long nipples. Her crimson lips wrapped around the monstrous cock that was fucking her mouth. Especially those wet and working crimson lips. Oooh, how she wished they were glued to the hot mouth of her tormented cunt!

"Suck me off, Opal," Chris heard Will croak. "Suck me all the way off!"

While Opal Tucker sucked and gnawed on Will's cock, Chris loosened the hip zipper on her jeans and reached inside to play with her pussy. She found her stiff clit and rubbed it, but when the heat threatened to consume her she slipped her hand behind the come-drenched webbing of her panties and started to finger fuck herself.

Chris' passion glazed eyes remained fastened on the crimson lips that were sucking Will's cock while she writhed against the finger in her tight and snapping pussy. But her position was an awkward one, and soon pleasure abated as her legs became filled with cramps. Quickly she plopped to her ass behind the bale of straw to continue fucking herself into what she hoped would be a mind-bending orgasm.

With renewed vigor she twirled and plunged the come-slick finger into the steaming depths of her cunt, then silently begged while she masturbated. Let it happen this time. Oh, please... please let my pussy juice! Let me explode my cunt with a come so I can know how it feels to be content and complete.

Will's howl brought the finger in Chris' unappeased snatch to a complete standstill. She bit her lower lip to keep from doing some shrieking of her own, but for an entirely different reason, then focused her eyes just as Will froze his prick between Opal's loudly suctioning lips, panted, "Start gulping, baby; here I blow! Ah, ah, ahhhhh..."

Chris sat there and watched Opal's eyes widen in surprise the instant Will popped his nuts; his first blast of jism nearly toppled the blonde. Chris knew the feeling. She watched Will's body jerk for a second or two. Then she shifted her attention back to Opal. Come dribbled from one corner of Opal's mouth, but not much and not for long, for abruptly her throat began to work as she gulped furiously to keep from losing any more of the tremendous load Will's cock was spewing at her. You could hear her from one end of the barn to the other while she tugged on his prick with her lips and swallowed, swallowed, swallowed...

"Man oh man," Chris heard Opal gasp when Will finally pulled his again hardening cock out of her mouth. "No dude ever gave me so much jism in one helping the way you just did! And tasty, too. Mmmmm!"

Will fisted and shook his now all the was hard again prick in the blonde's face, teased, "There's more in this cock of mine, Opal. If you want it, take it."

Opal wasn't about to oval her lips or stick out her tongue for Will to drop his prick on it. Quickly she scrambled to her feet, her asscheeks rippling and straining against the black satin stretch pants that contained them. Her tits trembled when she spoke. There was no anger in her voice. "I want it and I'll take it, but not in my mouth. I've eaten enough of your jism for one day. Now I need to be fucked. Man, do I ever need to be fucked!"

Will shook his dripping and lipstick-smudged cock at Opal again.

"I'm ready whenever you are. All you have to do is get naked and hit the straw to get the fucking you want."

Opal couldn't get naked fast enough. Sitting there with her finger jammed in her cunt, Chris came within a hair of getting a come when the blonde unbuttoned and slipped out of her blouse to reveal the strapless nylon and lace half bra that held her breasts captive. Their nipples showed through the dainty material, hard and big. Chris shuddered and wished she could touch those beautiful, long-nippled breasts half hidden by the scrap of bra. Touch, then taste. They looked so kissable... and suckable.

Suddenly aware for the first time in which direction her mind had been running from the moment she slipped inside this barn to spy on Will and Opal, Chris was surprised to discover that she felt no embarrassment or anything else over her sexual attraction toward another woman. Hell, why should she? Will was always telling her that no form of sex was ugly. So what difference did it make if she was turned to another woman? None. As long as she ended up juicing her hot and bothered cunt...

Will's voice broke into her thoughts again.

"Come on, Opal. Take off that bra and show me those big tits of yours."

Chris wiggled the slender finger still buried in her pussy, and waited for Opal's breasts to spill into nakedness.

Opal's gigantic tits loomed into greater prominence when she reached between her shoulder blades to unclasp the lacy half bra. She stood with her weight on one leg, assuming a whorishly mimicking pose. Her tight black satin pants creased between her thighs so that the triangle of her cunt made a huge tempting mound. At the same time she did a slow grind with her hips, to let Will know that she was anxious for him to fuck her.

Chris' breath caught when she saw the bra loosen. With her left hand Opal held the half cups in place over her bucking breasts in a teasing manner.

A few maddening seconds passed, and then Opal yanked the bra away and brought her tits tumbling into view.

The dark-ringed nipples of Opal's tantalizing breasts jutted and glistened with perspiration. Chris licked her lips and tried to imagine what they tasted like. Will reached for the blonde's tits to find out the same thing, but Opal brushed his hands aside and panted, "Not yet, Will. Wait until I get all the way naked, and then you can play with my breasts all you want."

"Yeah, while we're fucking."

Chris saw a drop of jism fall from the bulbous tip of Will's cock when he stepped back to watch Opal finish undressing. Then she focused her attention on his partner again. Opal turned her back to Will while she struggled to get out of her stretch pants. Without knowing why, Chris had a feeling that Opal was facing away from Will because she wanted him to fuck her in the asshole and not in her cunt. She wasn't wrong.

Opal's magnificent breasts fell away from her body when she bent to follow her satin pants down to her ankles, then jiggled provocatively while she struggled to untangle the puddled cloth from her black patent spikes. Without straightening, Opal caught the waistband of her black bikini stretch panties, and quickly unveiled her beautiful full moon ass. Momentarily she lurched erect, but still she kept her back turned to Will. She took a deep breath that rocked her breasts. Then she glanced over her left shoulder at Will and panted, "Not in the cunt, hon. In the asshole. I want you to fuck me in my itching asshole."

Will was all for cornholing the burning blonde. He moved to get into position, gripping his prick with both hands. At the same time Chris saw Opal rub a hand over her bushy cunt to get it wet with come so she could lubricate her ass-ring. She spread come between the cheeks of her ass until she felt slippery enough to take Will's waiting cock with ease. Then she gave her hips a quick toss and said, "Standing up, hon. Cornhole me while I'm standing up." She reached out to steady herself against the manger. "Now, hon. Give me your big fat cock?"

Chris took the finger from her pussy and watched Will tuck the knob of his prick between the dimpled asscheeks of Opal Tucker's waiting ass. Once his cock was on target, Will wrapped his arms around Opal belly, then pressed forward to get inside her asshole. Chris waited for the blonde to react. Opal did.

Gripping the edge of the manger until her knuckles showed white, Opal yelped in pain and surprise. Chris understood why Opal was, howling. Taking a cock up the ass always hurt at the beginning. Especially when the cock was as big as Will's.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch!" Opal yelped when Will tightened his arms around her stomach. "Oooh, don't push your horse cock in my asshole all at once! Gently. Cornhole me gently."

Chris knew what was going to happen next. Will didn't believe in dragging out the hurt on any girl's willing asshole. He withdrew until only his bulging cockhead remained behind Opal's stretched and aching ass-ring. Then he hunched forward and plunged his prick all the way to its balls.

The instant Will's driving cock filled her asshole, Opal jarred the barn rafters with a scream and attempted to squirm free. Her big breasts bounced and her legs tensed while she writhed to escape the immense prick jammed in her asshole. Just as abruptly her body shuddered to a complete standstill. Chris heard her recite almost the same words she did every time Will shoved his dick up her ass, "It's over, hon. The agony is gone. Now my asshole is happy. Make it happier. Bring your cock to life and fuck me hard, deep and good. Do it, Will. Fuck the shit out of my ass!"

Chris' cunt lips fluttered with passion while she watched Opal get cornholed. Will knew how to make her come. Will did everything to make her come. He sawed his cock in and nearly out of Opal's twisting and pumping asshole, he slid his hands down her heaving belly and palmed the curly wedge of hair on her cunt. The middle finger of hit right hand drilled into her pussy, the thumb and fingers of the other found and went to work on her stiff clit. Chris shuddered and shared the ecstasy Opal was feeling from Will's fingers on her clit and in her snatch, his cock flogging the depths of her bucking asshole; the first time he had done her ass like this she had nearly blown her cunt with a come. So close. So damn close to coming...

Will jerked his hands away from Opal's hairy pussy and captured her rioting breasts. He didn't miss a stroke. Neither did Opal. His prick slammed into her asshole; her ass butted back to meet his every thrust. And then Opal started to convulse, panting while she jerked against the cock that filled her shit hole, "I'm so close to coming! Take me all the way! Ram your prick to the balls and give it a twist! Yes, yes, like that! I'm coming, coming, coming!"

"Me too, me too!"

"Oooh!" Opal squealed when the first blast of jism from Will's gushing cock hit her ass. "Oooh, your prick juice feels like fire inside my asshole! So fucking hot, so fucking wonderful! Ahhhh..."

Chris felt more pressure building up inside her own cunt while she watched and listened to Opal Tucker shake and chant her way through a come. Suddenly her stomach muscles tightened, her nipples began to throb, and now even her assring ached while she struggled to join Opal and Will with a come of her own.

She clenched her thighs together and gave friction to her pussy. At the same time she touched the tips of her fingers to her hurting nipples. She squeezed her tits and legs at the same time. Suddenly it started to happen. Coming, she was coming! She flopped to her back and flung her legs apart, then clutched her covered cunt and hung on tightly while she got her nuts off.

Come spurted out of her cunt while she went from one climax to the next, then into the ultimate orgasm she had often dreamed about but never attained... until now. It was the most fantastic sensation she had ever experienced. She screamed a silent scream of happiness. And then she fainted...

When Chris regained consciousness a few minutes later, she found Opal and Will among the missing. The barn was quiet and peaceful. A contented sigh slid past her lips while she lay there on her bed of straw. Quiet and peaceful. Just like her cunt.

"Chrissy!" Will's voice coming in a shout from the direction of the ranch house. He sounded excited about something. "Hey, Chrissy! Where the fuck are you?"

The magic spell was broken, but Chris was too elated over the way she had gotten her nuts off for the first time to give a damn. Scrambling to her feet she peeped through a knothole in the wall and saw Will standing on the front porch. She sped out of the barn through the back door, then hopped over the corral fence and panted when she bounced up to him, "Here I am, Will. What's wrong?"

"Not a fucking thing is wrong," Will laughed as he caught Chris in his anus and danced her all the way into the spacious front room. He stopped between the huge fireplace and the sofa, strained her cunt to his crotch, then laughed again.

"Guess who just phoned, Chrissy?"

She felt his cock stretching and hardening against her pussy, teased. "No man, that's for certain. Not the way this big fuck muscle of yours is reacting to the call you just got. It had to be perfumed and sexy meat. Who, Will?"

He grabbed Chris by the ass and rubbed his toughening prick all over her belly.

"Someone you've never met and I haven't seen since I was twelve years old. My sister Lorna."

Two miracles in one day, Chris thought while she thrilled to the feel of Will's kneading hands on her firm asscheeks, the firm pressure of his now rigid cock against her stomach. I come, his sister phones.

And aloud she said, "That's wonderful, Will. But it would be nicer if she'd do more than let you hear her voice."

Will shifted his hands from Chris' asscheeks to her shoulders and held her at arm's length.

"That's exactly what Lorna's doing, Chrissy. She's coming home. She expects to be here by Saturday. Oh, Chrissy, I'm so fucking happy I could come in my pants!"

"Don't do that," Chris giggled as she stepped back to do a fast strip. "Give me your jism."

Will laughed and did some fast undressing of his own. By the time Chris was naked, so was he. His stiff cock jerked with impatience while he waited for her to sink to her knees and suck him off, or spin around and let him fuck her in the asshole. This time she did neither. She couldn't. Her cunt wouldn't let her.

Chris' entire body was filled with want. It was a strange and welcome need she had never before experienced with Will, with any man. Hers was the kind of need that hammered at her flesh, the nipples of her breasts, and deep inside her cunt. Hers was a savage hunger. The kind of savage hunger no blow job or ass-fucking could ever satisfy.

"Cunt," Chris hissed while she sank to the thick pile rug in front of the fireplace, lay on her back, then scissored her lovely legs in wide open invitation.

"Fuck my cunt."

Will blinked in surprise.

"You know, this is the first time you've ever asked for my cock in your pussy."

"To tell you the Goddamn truth," Chris confessed as he dropped to his knees between her yawning legs, "it's the first time I've ever wanted your cock in my cunt. Now I want, it, need it. So give it to me, Will. Give it to me real good. Do it. Fuck me, fuck me."

Will's chest grazed Chris' rigid and tingling nipples when he dropped to his elbows, one on each side of her. This movement sent his vibrating prickhead skidding past the lips of her cunt, down into the thick pile rug. Will grimaced, Chris giggled. Then she reached down, grabbed hold of his big fat cock and guided it toward the wet and waiting mouth of her hot and anxious pussy.

For a moment or two she nuzzled the glowing cockhead against the dewy lips of her cunt. Then she wrapped her legs around Will's ass and drew her body toward his. Slowly, ever so slowly she felt his delicious cock push its way into the far reaches of her belly, moving easily on the lubrication already pumping out of her cunt.

"Your balls, darling. Shove your prick in my pussy all the way to your balls. Ah, that feels good. Deeper. Push your cock in deeper. More, more, more! Oooh, I like the way your big nuts just crashed into my pussy. I knew I would! God, how I've waited for this moment, this feeling! Fuck me, darling, fuck me!"

The instant Will brought his cock into play, Chris went all the way berserk with lust. She wiggled her ass and pumped her hips against and over his drilling prick, she dug her fingernails into the flesh of his back, and while she lunged and clawed she chanted, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Harder, deeper, faster! Make me come! Make my cunt come all over your wonderful dick. Fuck, darling, fuck!"

Will needed no encouragement. His cock whipped in and nearly out of Chris' gripping and dripping cunt like a well-oiled piston. There was no holding back now, for either of them. They kept slamming into each other. Bucking. Fucking. Puffing. Climbing. Both climbing toward the pinnacle of passion that would bring her come and his jism flowing into a common pool of spent ecstasy.

Chris locked her legs tighter around Will's slippery asscheeks, and strained his chest harder to her small, though long-nipples breasts. The more she worked his cock the tinglier her cunt became. Soon, she told herself. Soon she would juice her pussy.

At this point Will rasped raggedly, "I can't hold back too fucking much longer, Chrissy. I can feel the jism gathering in my cock. It's starting to hurt like a bastard. Even my nuts are beginning to ache. I want to wait for you to peak and come with me, but I can't. I'm sorry, Chrissy. I'm going to pop my nuts."

Suddenly, without warning, Chris began to convulse, her hips jerking wildly as her cunt ripped loose with a terrific come. A blankness came into her eyes, her ass-ring puckered. Just as abruptly the room went all the way out of focus, and now her only awareness was of Will's goring cock and her gushing pussy; nothing else mattered.

Chris' piercing screams of raw pleasure reverberated against the walls while she writhed and shuddered her way through one come after another. Letting Will know the fantastic sensations his mighty cock was giving her pussy. Wanting him to feel the same pleasure. Milking his battering prick with her cunt lips to bring him into this same bright and swirling world of passion. Fucking, fucking, fucking...

Will's prick began to tremble inside her juicing cunt. Chris bit him on the shoulder and pumped her ass faster and faster. The throbbing of his cock grew stronger and stronger. Its wild beating made her climax again. Joy clawed at her quivering flesh while her come squeezed past the driving cock in her pussy and dribbled down to sting her asshole, and while she drained her cunt she thought, Now I know how it feels to be a complete and well-fucked woman.

There seemed to be no end to the delicious turbulence Will's cock had created in her bowels. Her cunt popped again and again. The sweet agonies of a thousand delights convulsed her body, and the welcome torture reached to the very depths of her soul. She kept coming, coming...

Will's relentless cock kept grinding and slipping through Chris' juices while she pitched beneath him, her every twist and furious pelvic thrust urging him to soothe her cunt with his thick and ropy jism. Pop, darling, pop your virile nuts!

As though in response to her silent plea Chris felt Will's sweaty body stiffen, relax, then stiffen again. A moment later he rammed his violently twitching prick up to the balls inside her still erupting pussy and knocked the breath out of her. The tense moment hung suspended, marked now or never. And then became now as he started to come.

Abruptly Chris howled with ecstasy and tightened the muscles of her cunt to hold Will's savagely spurting cock in place. Her pussy lips gripped and milked until he finally sighed and collapsed on top of her, his prick and balls empty of jism.

Chris loosened her arms and legs to free Will from her embrace. The room was filled with silence, and something else. Passion fragrance. The smell of sweat and come emanating from their unmoving bodies. Her come, his jism. She breathed inward, her cunt at peace.

A minute or so later Will pulled his wilted cock out of Chris' cunt and flopped to his back beside her. He exhaled loudly, then said, "Know something, Chrissy. After that wild ride you just gave me, I might never be strong enough to climb in the perfumed saddle again. You really fucked me good."

The coral nipples of Chris' dainty breasts, grazed Will's rib cage when she rolled over on her slender hip and kissed him on the cheek.

"Ever since your daddy died and you took to doing me with your cock, I never wanted to do anything except fuck you good."

Remembrance made her grimace.

"All those dry fucks I've been giving you, I honestly don't know how you kept from giving me up as a hopeless case. I'm glad you didn't."

Will chuckled as he stood up, bringing her with him. He pinched her on the nearest asscheek, then teased while he picked up his shirt and dug out a cigarette, "Hell, Chrissy, what I did was no big deal. The way you sucked my cock and took it up your ass, I knew that sooner or later your cold little cunt would catch on fire. With me, sooner or later, cunts always do."

He paused, winked.

"I'm irresistible."

"It's your big bull cock that's irresistible," Chris retorted while she wiggled her happy ass toward an end table by the sofa and grabbed a handful of facial tissue to clean his jism from her thoroughly fucked and still dripping cunt. She giggled.

"Look how fast Opal Tucker came after it with her mouth and asshole."

Will took a puff on his cigarette and talked the smoke out of his mouth. "Ah, now I understand what made your cunt get hot enough to come when I fucked it this time."

Chris kept cleaning his jism from her pussy and said nothing.

"You saw me put the prick to Opal, didn't you?"

Visions of the voluptuous blonde's magnificent breasts danced through Chris' head, bringing fresh heat to her pussy.

"I watched her suck your cock, and I saw how you fucked the shit out of her asshole. After that I fainted."

Will's limp and flopping prick made dull thumping sounds against his right thigh when he walked up to her, his teeth showing in a wide grin.

"You didn't mist anything after that, Chrissy. The blowjob and ass-fucking was all I got from Opal. She wouldn't let me shove my cock in her cunt. The way she turned me down was funny as hell. She did everything except cross her legs to keep me from fucking her pussy. I know why. So do you." Chris finished wiping her cunt and tossed the come-soaked paper wad toward the fireplace that was huge enough to roast a full grown steer, nodded. "Yep. Frank Holt's cousin wants you to stay interested in her, but not as a quick lay. She wants you for her next husband."

"Her and a few others in this county."

He sighed.

"You're about the only one around here who isn't out to trap my young bachelor ass, Chrissy."

"And when your sister gets here this coming Saturday, there will be two of us to protect your young bachelor ass."

They laughed. Then they sat down on the sofa and made plans for his sister Lorna's homecoming.


After the sucking and fucking she had gotten from Adam Benbow before her departure from Florida, Lorna thought she could live without sex until she got to where she was going. Four nights later she stopped lying to herself and went in search of a big stiff cock to get fucked with, but the Wyoming town she picked was too small, and so she ended up in a lumpy motel bed with nothing but a finger jammed in her wanting cunt. Her own finger.

Early the next morning she gassed up her station wagon and headed for the interstate highway, her mind made up to stop in Cheyenne and find a man there to suck or fuck her. A young man. Maybe one of those always horny soldiers from Fort Warren...

Abruptly her thoughts whipped back into the present when she saw a man standing beside the off ramp she wanted, his thumb stuck out in signal for a ride.

Lorna felt her cunt lips twitch with excitement while she looked the hiker over. She liked what she saw. All man, this one. One who stood tall and strong. Dressed in a flannel shirt and an open suede jacket, and faded Levi's so snug she could see the outline of his huge and seemingly half hard cock.

Should I, shouldn't I? Lorna debated while she stared at the prominent bulge in the hitchhiker's crotch and the shotgun in his pant leg. She realized that the man might be dangerous, but before she knew it, she stopped to give him a lift.

"Don't just stand there looking surprised, Cowboy," Lorna said when she leaned across the seat to unlock and open the door for him. "Hop in before a cop shows up and arrests us both. You for thumbing, and me for picking you up. Hurry."

The cowboy grabbed up his duffel bag and slipped in beside her. Not a sound escaped his lips, but action spoke louder than words. When Lorna set the station wagon in motion again, she felt his eyes burning into her bra and blouse-covered breasts, her thighs and skirted hip. From past experience she knew he was anxious to haul out his cock and use it on her, while instinct added that he was waiting for her to make the first move. One corner of her ripe red mouth turned up. Thank heaven she wasn't bashful. She couldn't afford to be. Not the way her cunt was itching in want of the big prick this young stranger was packing in his faded jeans.

Lorna took a deep and deliberate breath that disturbed her sharply pointed tits, then asked, "How far are you going, Cowboy?"

"Idaho, Pocatello."

Lorna thrilled to the sound of his voice. It went with the rest of him. He was ruggedly handsome, and he had a muscular body. But was he as virile as he looked? She hoped he wouldn't turn out to be a dud when it came to using his cock. So did her cunt.

A soft laugh made her breasts tremble again.

"This is your lucky day, Cowboy. It's right on the route I'm taking home, so toss your gear in the back and make yourself comfortable."

"Maybe I'd better keep this duffel bag on my lap like it already is," the hiker drawled, then surprised her by adding, "Sight of this hard-on I came up with the minute I laid eyes on you might get my ass booted out of this wagon you're driving."

"Only if it's too small."

"It isn't small."

Lorna's right hand left the steering wheel and dropped to the seat between them.

"Show me, convince me."

The cowboy laughed and tossed his duffel bag in the back of the station wagon. At the same time he shifted on the seat to show her his erection. Lorna took a quick look, then gave a squeal of delight and reached to grab a handful of his cock. Her cunt went wild with lust the instant she touched his prick. It was so huge, so hard! And still, growing! Through the faded denim pant leg she could feel it getting fatter and longer. Oooh, she couldn't wait to have this monster of a dick shoved all the way to its balls in her hungry pussy!

"Pull over and let me drive, beautiful," the cowboy said. "There's an off ramp and a small town a couple of miles up the road I got to know, pretty well while bumming around. Once there all we need is money for a motel room."

"Money's no problem," Lorna said while she stopped the wagon and changed places with him, unzipped his fly and reached inside to fondle his petrified cock.

"Just get my hot cunt there as fast as you can, Cowboy," she told him.

"Hang on to my dick and we'll be there before you know it."

Lorna did more than hang on to his erection. She hauled it all the way out of his jeans and skinned down to expose its huge cockhead. Her red-tipped fingers explored the deeply veined shaft and found it sticky with jism. Alarm swept through her. The way his prick was leaking come he might blow his nuts all over the dashboard before too long. She shook her head. It wasn't going to happen. She wouldn't let it happen. Not while her mouth was around to catch his semen.

Yielding to the sudden craving she had for a taste of Cowboy's jism, Lorna slid her shapely ass toward the far side of the wagon, then lowered her head and bent his leaking prick toward her waiting mouth. In the bright sunlight that caught it the spade-shaped knob took on a purplish color, and for a fleeting moment the tint reminded her of the way her ex-husband's cockhead always looked just before she went down on him. The purple told her that Cowboy's load would be an enormous one. Thick, hot and delicious. The only kind she liked to drain from a man's cock.

Lorna admired the healthy cockhead for a couple of more seconds. Then she put it in her wide open mouth and wrapped her warm lips around the jism-oozing beauty, eyes closing, to savor every moment of the blow job she was about to give Cowboy.

Cowboy's prick quivered in her mouth the instant she trapped it between her lips. She felt it rubbing and twitching on the flat surface of her hot tongue. To keep from losing him in case he took a sharp curve when he left the interstate, she braced her feet against the off door, then coiled her left hand around the thick base of his prick. At the same time she scooped his damp and heavy balls into her right hand, cradled and squeezed them gently. She loved to play with a man's nuts while she sucked and teethed on his cock.

Lorna's head began to dance over the cock she was sucking. Each time she went down she took more of it, and soon she felt the velvety tip of it touch the entrance to her throat. Not ready to take his prick all the way to the balls, she backed off and applied pressure to the ridge around his cockhead. A fat drop of come was her reward for squeezing the knob with her lips. She made a humming sound. His jism tasted delicious. She wanted more. A whole lot more. She went after it.

Pressing her tingling breasts into the seat cushions, she twirled her tongue around the head of Cowboy's vibrating cock. It wouldn't be long now, she told herself. Soon he would blow his nuts and flood bet mouth with jism. She kept sucking. First slowly. Then faster. The more she speeded up the tighter his balls became. His prick kept growing and hardening between her milking lips. She curled her tongue around the corded shaft and raked her teeth over it. Suddenly she heard Cowboy grunt, and during this same fraction of a moment she felt his nuts tremble in the beginning of orgasm. And then he erupted all the way.

Thick wads of jism scalded the roof of Lorna's mouth, the back of her throat, then puddled around her lower teeth. She started gulping it down as quickly as she could. She gobbled until there was nothing left to gobble. Then she took his softening cock out of her mouth and licked it dry with her tongue before she sat up.

"Judging by the amount of come you just finished feeding me, I'd say you've been without sex for quite a while, Cowboy."

"Lady, you wouldn't believe me if I told you how long."

"Not lady, Lorna. Your name?"

"Cowboy's as good a name as any, Lorna."

He pointed his finger at the windshield as he crammed his soggy prick back inside his jeans.

"There's the motel I once stopped at when times were better. It's not the best place in this hick town, but the liquor store next door makes up for its drawbacks. Give me some money and I'll get the room while you get a bottle of something."

Lorna dug a hundred dollar bill from her shoulder bag.

"Register us as tourists from Florida. There are no numbers to remember. The license plate carries my name on it."

When Lorna came out of the liquor store a few minutes later she found Cowboy hauling her luggage into number 7. Silent laughter rocked her breasts while she walked up to him. Evidently he was planning an all day and all night suck and fuck session with the wild redhead from Florida who had already given him a blow job. She was all for it. After four days of doing without, she was ready for all the cock she could get from him.

They entered the surprisingly comfortable room together. Cowboy locked the door behind them while Lorna scrounged a pair of glasses and filled them with Scotch and tap water. Abruptly, Cowboy spun her around and trapped her in his arms.

Lorna was thrilled with the feel of his strong body straining against hers. Naked would be even better, but for now she was preoccupied with getting his cock stiff again. Gluing her body to his, she mashed and rubbed her body all over his chest. She slipped her hand on his toughening prick through his Levi's. She tugged and jerked on his cock while they French kissed. By the time Cowboy finished his suck job on her tongue, his dick was harder than the wooden dresser her ass was backed up against.

Her tits heaved when she twisted free of his embrace.

"Let's get undressed before I come in my panties. I want to be fucked, not to be held. Oooh, do I ever want to be fucked!"

Cowboy sank to the edge of the bed and pulled off his boots. A few seconds later he was naked.

His hard and bloated cock bent toward the floor when he stood up.

"Now you, Lorna. Bring those big tits of yours out where I can look at them. Then skin out of your skirt and panties and show me your cunt."

Lorna wasted no time in getting with it. Quickly she slipped out of her jacket and tossed it aside. Then she turned to show him her shapely ass while she unbuttoned and removed her boyish-cut blouse. Her glance dropped and a smug smile curved her ups when she saw the imprint of her jutting nipples showing through the lacy half bra that held them captive. Next, back still to Cowboy, she dropped her skirt and kicked it clear of her feet. Now, clad only in spikes, bikini panties and dainty half bra, she whirled to face him again and said smokily, "This is as far as I go, lover. It's your move."

Cowboy stood still, his eyes on her crotch. Catching her reflection in the open bathroom door mirror she saw why he was staring. Through the gossamer material of her bikini panties, the curly dark hairs of her pussy were showing. Adding to his fascination was the way the wet webbing of her panties were caught in the cleft of her cunt.

"Christ," Cowboy croaked as he walked up to her, his stiff cock wobbling, "yours has got to be the juiciest snatch I've ever seep!"

Lorna gave her hips a fast wiggle.

"It tastes much better than it looks, lover. So do my tits."

The tip of Cowboy's magnificent prick gouged her belly button when he lifted his hands to cup her breasts. He bent his head and kissed each jutting nipple through the cloth that covered them until Lorna thought she would go crazy with pleasure. Then, just as she was on the verge of creaming for the first time, he moved his mouth away from her tits, ripped away the lacy half bra and brought her breasts tumbling into nakedness. Lorna stood still and waited for him to pounce on them with his mouth again.

Instead he sank to his knees and told her to spread her legs. He grabbed her by the hips, then pushed his damp face between her scissored thighs and mashed his mouth against the soggy crotch of her bikini panties to taste her come.

When his nose collided with her tumescent clitoris Lorna gasped, "Don't drive me up the nearest wall, lover. Take off my panties and then eat my pussy. Hurry! Peel me, gobble me!"

Blinded by his own passion, Cowboy snagged his fingers into the band of Lorna's panties and tugged them down past her hips to expose her hot and dripping cunt. Then he started to zero in on her again with his mouth, but before he reached his intended destination Lorna squeezed her legs together.

"Yank my panties all the way off before you munch on my pussy, lover," she panted.

"Hit the fucking floor and I will."

Quickly Lorna dropped to the gritty rug and stretched out on her back. Over the dancing peaks of her breasts she watched Cowboy's lust contorted face while he tugged her panties all the way off, ten licked his lips in anticipation as he waited for her to yawn her legs so he could lap her juicy cunt.

For a couple of cruel seconds Lorna tortured him by keeping her thighs clenched. Then she opened her legs wide so he could feed on her. In a wink of time, Cowboy mashed his lips in the triangular mat of hair that covered her cunt, then sucked her jutting clitoris into his mouth with such great force it made her ass-ring snap tight.

"Go to it, lover!" Lorna squealed with delight. "Suck my clit the way I sucked your cock on the way here! Ah, ah, ah, that feels so Goddamn fucking good!"

Cowboy grabbed Lorna's pumping hips and attacked her jutting clit with his unusually coarse tongue. At the same time he gave her clit such a strong suck it made her cunt lips flutter. Blood boiled, her breasts jigged crazily, and suddenly the agony in her guts became unbearable. Desperation clawed. Now she wanted him to stop sucking on her tingling clit. Now she wanted him to ram his long tongue into her cunt and give her a come. She wanted him to lick her pussy dry.

"Now, Cowboy. Drop your head lower and eat my cunt."

Cowboy gave her clit a final strong suck, then slid his face downward to kiss the meaty pink lips of her frothing cunt. Lorna held her breath and waited. Every muscle in her body was tight, even her nipples felt the tension. The waiting ended. Cowboy finished kissing her cuntlips. Then he unfurled his tongue and bolted it between them as far as he could. During this same blinding moment he slid his right hand beneath her bucking ass and shoved a long finger up her tight little asshole.

Lorna shuddered and cried out.

"Ah, ah, ah, that feels so Goddamn fucking good!"

The taste of Lorna's come made Cowboy crave more. He went wild. His hungry mouth sucked and his thick tongue squirmed in the hot and damp depths of her churning cunt to make her come all the way. Making grunting sounds, he ate her cunt with gusto, and with each wonderful suck and lick Lorna felt herself moving closer and closer toward getting her nuts off.

Cowboy kept working. He straightened his tongue inside her cunt, then crooked it again. He twisted the finger he had shoved up her asshole. Lorna shrieked, and a moment later she came in his mouth.

Cowboy panted, "you sure do have a juicy cunt, Lorna."

"No complaints?"

"Not a fucking one."

Lorna looked at Cowboy's stiff and swaying cock, then wiggled her ass. "Speaking of fucking..."

The rest of Lorna's words got lost in the loud laugh Cowboy broke loose with when he collapsed on top of her. She laughed with him. Abruptly they both became serious once more as the primitive urge to fuck overpowered them.

Cowboy took the pressure off Lorna's breasts by coming up on his elbows. A moment later she felt his cockhead blindly groping for the mouth of her cunt. From habit she slipped her right hand between their bellies, clutched his rock-hard prick and steered it toward the slippery lips of her hot and passionate pussy.

"Now, Cowboy. Shove your cock in my cunt."

A loud blast of air jumped out of Lorna's open mouth as Cowboy rammed his monstrous cock into her cunt with one powerful thrust. When his huge balls crashed into her pubic bone she grunted again, but not from pain. His cock felt wonderful.

"You're full of surprises, Lorna. First you give me the best blow job I ever got from anyone. Then you shoot more come in my mouth than any girl ever did. And now I find that you've got the tightest cunt I've ever stuck my cock into."

He paused for breath, and then Lorna thought she was back in Florida with Adam Benbow when he added, "You're some kind of special woman, Lorna."

She wiggled her ass again.

"Don't talk. Fuck me."

"One fuck coming at you, Lorna."

"Do it. Fuck me, fuck me!"

Cowboy dug his strong fingers into Lorna's fleshy hips and started pouring the prick to her hot and juicy cunt with powerful strokes. When he did, her body came alive with motion. Quickly she steepled her legs and dug her heels into the gritty rug, then proceeded to pump her ass with savage fury as lust enveloped them both. Her breasts jigged crazily as she met him thrust for thrust, chanting while his monumental cock shuttled between the tight lips of her pussy.

"Make me come like I've never come before. Fuck me, fuck me!"

He crashed his wet and heavy nuts into her cunt bone.

"I'm doing the best I can."

"Don't stop! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Again and again Cowboy rammed his mighty prick into her bubbling and agitated cunt. Then, unexpectedly, she felt his body stiffen. He was on the verge of popping his nuts. A moment later she started coming. Guts tangled, her ass-ring tightened, her flesh tingled and quivered. She made a whimpering sound and coiled her slender legs around Cowboy's furiously bobbing ass. With equal suddenness she wrapped her arms around his neck and strained his sweaty face to her doting breasts, then gave his pounding prick a vicious suck with the lips of her cunt, and suddenly they were both grunting and shuddering as they got their rocks off.

Scalding gobs of jism squirted from the tip of Cowboy's rampaging cock to mingle with Lorna's come.

Juices leaked and soon the room was filled with the strange smell.

"Good," Lorna murmured when she finished juicing her pussy. "Better than good. Wonderful."

Cowboy freed himself of the arms still wrapped around his neck, then lifted his head and kissed the glowing tips of her breasts.

"You took the words right out of my mouth, Lorna. No shit. Yours is the tightest and best piece of pussy I've ever had."

One corner of Lorna's mouth turned up when she felt his jism oozing out of her contented cunt. "At present it's also one of the sloppiest pussies, so take your cock out of there. Drink some Scotch while I shower and then you can fuck me again."

"I'm with you."

"You're also still in me. Unhook."

Cowboy slowly pulled his rubbery prick out of Lorna's come-saturated cunt and rolled clear of her. They stood up in unison, each clinging to the other, then breaking apart. She treated his spongy cock to a quick hug with her hand. He gave the nipples of her breasts another kiss. She shivered and started jerking on his cock. For the moment he was all fucked out.

His prick jumped free of Lorna's grip when he turned away from her.

"Take your time in the bathroom. I'm a slow drinker."

Lorna stood there with Cowboy's jism trickling down her inner thighs, and watched his cock swing freely while he moved toward the dresser to get his glass of Scotch. Then she wiggled her ass into the bathroom, leaving a trail of come in her wake.

Twenty minutes later she emerged from the shower to find Cowboy among the missing, along with nearly four hundred dollars from her purse.

Through the window she saw her station wagon gleaming in the late afternoon sunlight.

Lorna finished checking the contents of her shoulder bag and started to put it back on the dresser. Then her eye caught a section of a three day old Colorado newspaper parked on top of the local phone book. The headlines screamed, SEX KILLER ESCAPES. Beneath the ugly black letters was a picture of the escapee whose name was Logan Pelk, better known as Cowboy.

A quick breath quaked her breasts while she poured some Scotch with trembling hands. She told her reflection in the dresser mirror, "Be glad he only took your money and not your life, Lorna Morgan Wild."

Twenty-five miles down the highway she was still shaking.


Christine Yeager was perched on the edge of her bed when she heard what sounded like a pickup truck rattle up the deeply rutted lane and stop in front of the ranch house. Chris glanced at the dresser clock while she uncrossed her legs. Nearly noon. She frowned. Then she had another thought that brought a smile to her lips.

Clad only in half bra and lacy bikini panties, Chris jumped to her feet and ran over to the window, hoping to see Will Morgan back from Whispering Pines. A hot pussy was her reason for hoping he had returned early from town. Now that she enjoyed taking his cock in her cunt, she couldn't seem to get enough of it.

Disappointment registered on Chris' face when she looked out the window. It wasn't Will. The unexpected caller was Opal Tucker's cousin, Frank Holt. Chris watched him climb out of his pickup. He was a big man, wide at the shoulder, lean at the waist and good looking. Chris guessed he was somewhere in his late twenties. She didn't really know him too well. There was a reason. With Bearclaw Mike's cock to take care of, and then Will's after Bearclaw Mike died, she hadn't needed another man. But today she did.

Chris knew that getting her hands on his cock would be no problem. But would it make her cunt come the way Will Morgan's did? A shrug shook her small tits. To hell with guessing.

There wasn't time for her to have a change of heart. Not with Frank Holt already knocking on the front door. Hurriedly she tied back her jet black hair with a ribbon, stepped into a pair of high-heeled bedroom slippers, belted a terry cloth robe into place over her half bra and bikini stretch panties, then raced downstairs to get a cock for her cunt.

Frank Holt was getting ready to knock again when Chris opened the front door. Seeing him up close brought more heat to her pussy. Even her nipples were beginning to stiffen with lust. She was glad the robe covered them. Anticipation made her cunt lips tighten.

Squeezing her thighs together, she took a quick glance at Frank Holt's crotch.

"If you came to see Will, you're out of luck. There's nobody here but me."

"I know. It's the same over at my place. Will stopped by and took cousin Opal to town with him."

Now Chris understood why Will had left without fucking her this morning. The load of jism he had withheld from her was for Opal Tucker's cunt. He still had his first time to fuck her there. Just like Frank Holt still had his first time to fuck hers. She could hardly wait to get him between her legs. Neither could her pussy. It was beginning to get wet with come.

Another quick look at Frank Holt's crotch proved that she wasn't the only one in heat. His cock was stretching and pushing against the leg material of his faded Levi's. She stepped aside to let him in the house, thinking.

Will must have told Frank how I got my nuts off for the first time the other day. This explains the reason for his visit. He came here, to fuck me! she thought.

Frank did some staring of his own when Chris' robe gaped to reveal a thigh, and most of the half bra that contained her dainty breasts. Then with his usual bluntness he asked, "Is everything as good as it looks, Chris?"

She glanced at his rapidly hardening cock again, checked the impulse to grab and feel it, then matched his bluntness.

"I was about to ask you the same question, but I won't. There are other ways to find out what I want to know. After we have a drink."

"Make mine a stiff one," Frank Holt chuckled as he followed her wiggling ass through the front room, and into another Will Morgan called his private honky tonk.

"Stiff like my cock."

Chris felt more heat spreading through her dampening cunt when she went behind the well-stocked bar. The webbing of her panties felt sticky with come. She started mixing. At the same time she made a silent bet with herself that their drinks would go untouched. Frank Holt's reputation and obvious hot nuts put the odds in her favor. It was no contest.

She was pouring Scotch over ice into a pair of snifters when Frank came up behind her and rubbed his still sheathed cock against her ass, then rasped, "To hell with the drink. Let's fuck."

Chris shuddered and pushed her ass back against Frank's rock-hard cock, held it there. Then she twisted free of his arms, turned and reached down to grip his prick. Her eyebrows arched when she measured it with her fingers. Christ, he was nearly as big as Will Morgan in the prick department. And his cock was damn near as fat, too.

Without a word she gave his cock another hug with her hand, then stepped out from behind the bar. Frank followed and started to reach for her again. She pushed him away and told him to get out of his clothes. He shrugged and did as she asked. In less than a minute he was naked. Her breath caught when she saw his dripping prick spring into full view. Mmmmm, it looked so good! she thought.

Frank reached down to untangle some hairs from around the base of his jutting cock.

"Now you, Chris. Make it a good strip. Start with the ribbon in your hair."

Chris lifted her arms and untied the pale ribbon, her eyes glued to Frank Holt's jumping prick. When her hair spilled free she reached for the belt that held her robe together and loosened it. Then turned aside while she shrugged out of it to show him the contours of her firm young ass. She always did this for Will Morgan. Will loved to look at her ass. He also loved to fuck it.

Blood jumped and cuntlips chewed at the damp crotch of her panties as she turned to face Frank Holt again and teased, "Stop dripping your jism all over the rug. Save it for me."

Frank's cock shook in rhythm to his laughter.

Chris licked her lips, and now her tits bucked in front of Frank's lust-flushed face while she reached between her shoulder blades and unclasped her strapless bra. She held it in place for a few seconds, then yanked it away and tumbled her breasts into nakedness.

Almost immediately their long coral nipples hardened all the way when the cool air rushed against them, and suddenly they began to throb the same way her cunt was throbbing.

"Now the panties, Chris. Lower them slowly."

Fuck this slow shit, Chris thought. She didn't want to tease or be teased any more. All she wanted at this stage was Frank Holt's big stiff cock. Anywhere. In her cunt, mouth or asshole. It didn't matter. The way she felt now she could come from whatever he did to her with his jism-leaking prick.

"The panties, Chris. Take off the panties and show me your cunt."

Chris' hands came alive with motion again. She hooked her red-tipped fingers behind the waistband of her bikini stretch panties and peeled them down past her narrow hips, over her gleaming and rippling thighs. The long nipples of her small breasts twitched when she bent forward to untangle and free the panties from her still slippered feet. She tossed the panties aside, straightened, then gave her slender hips a jerk and panted.

"Here's my pussy, Frank. Take it, fuck it."

Frank grabbed his cock with both hands, shook his head.

"Not yet. Turn around and show me your ass again."

Chris had the feeling that Frank Holt would do more than just take a look at her ass, but she didn't really give a shit. Not the way her cunt was burning with lust. She spun around on a slipper heel and showed him her firm and naked asscheeks. At the same time she rolled her hips and thought about getting cornholed, and thinking about the way it would feel to have his cock shoved up her asshole nearly gave her a come.

"You have a beautiful ass, Chris."

He wanted to cornhole her. She backed up to him.

He gripped her firm asscheeks and proceeded to knead them. Chris sighed, then grunted when he shoved a thick finger up her ass. She broke free of it by straightening, then whirled to face him and hissed, "I don't want your finger in my asshole; I want your cock in there."

"I'm ready when you are."

He shook his head when Chris started to sink and to stretch out on the floor.

"I like to ass fuck standing up. Let me fuck you that way."

Pivoting on her heel, Chris gripped the edge of the bar, then knifed forward until her breasts swung free of her body. Fingers digging into the padded bar rail, she held her breath and waited for Frank's cockhead to part the cheeks of her ass.

Frank moved into position behind her. His hot hands singed her idle hips. She quivered under his touch, then said in a little girl's voice, "Easy. Push your cock up my ass real easy."

"I will," Frank promised, but he didn't.

Frank's right hand left Chris' motionless hip, and a moment later she felt the blunt tip of his cock come into contact with her puckered ass-ring. Again she took a deep breath, then belched it all out when Frank rammed his hard and thickly corded prick up her ass, all the way to the balls.

She came up on her toes for a few seconds, but the pain passed quickly, and now his cock felt good in her tingling asshole. She relaxed. And then she started fucking, panting as she did, "Ah, ah, ah, that feels so good. Make it feel better. Fuck my ass faster, faster!"

Frank fucked her asshole as though he wanted her to shit and come at the same time. He twisted his cock and drilled it back into the depths of her ass at odd angles, occasionally hurting her, but the pain only added to the sweet pleasure that continued to build in her cunt.

Chris writhed, bucked, and begged.

"More, give me more of your cock. Make me come, make me come!"

Frank tried to give her what she wanted. His cockhead whipped in and nearly out of her asshole with power. At the same time he stopped digging his fingernails into her churning hips and captured her little tits. Groping fingers tweaked her tingling and jutting nipples. Then he dipped his head and sucked on the back of her neck while he poured his cock to her tight asshole. Chris went wild.

Chris was ready to come. She pumped her ass and let Frank know that she was ready to juice her cunt.

"Let me come with you," Frank croaked while he frantically sawed his cock in and out of her asshole. "Fuck me faster, faster!"

Chris' movements became more frenzied as she tried to make Frank get his nuts off when she got hers. She was rewarded for her savage efforts when Frank groaned, then buried his prick deep in her asshole and scalded her guts with jism.

The instant his cock went off, so did Chris' cunt. Her entire body quivered and moans ripped out of her mouth while she tightened her ass-ring around his jism-spurting prick, then milked and milked until his balls were drained.

Frank's cock was wilting by the time he backed it out of Chris' happy asshole. A shiver ripped through her when she felt his thick jism ooze out of her asshole and run down her thighs. Jesus, he had really fired a big load of come into her ass. And how beautifully he had made her own cunt juice! Ahhhh!

Chris was still hanging to the edge of the bar when Frank slipped an arm around her waist and sank to the floor with her. She caught his limp cock in her hand and jerked to get it hard again. Nothing happened. For the time being he was all fucked out, but not finished with her.

"I asked you at the door if everything was as good as it looked," Frank drawled as he touched her tits. "Now I want to find out how you taste."

Chris looked at him with surprise. No man had ever offered to eat her cunt before.

Frank licked his lips.

"I'm hungry for your pussy. Come here."

Chris slid into Frank Holt's waiting arms and mashed her tits against his chest while their open mouths met in a brief, torrid kiss. Then Frank shifted his body and proceeded to tongue his way down toward her cunt. He licked her shoulders and lapped both of her breasts, then gave each stiff nipple a quick and noisy suck before he moved his mouth away from them.

He grinned at her.

"So far, so good."

Chris thrilled to the touch of Frank's tongue while his head drifted downward toward her waiting pussy. A few seconds later she got an even bigger thrill when he buried his face between her yawning legs, then clamped his strong lips against her cunt and started to suck the come out of it.

"Oooh, that's beautiful!" Chris squealed as she started tossing her ass against his face. "I love your lips on my cunt! I'll give your tongue even more. Do it, Frank. Fuck my pussy with your tongue!" Frank made a muffled sound against Chris' cunt.

Then he grabbed her pumping hips and drilled his tongue between her come-slick lips. Chris stiffened for a second, then loosened suddenly when Frank's mouth and tongue teamed up to lick and suck the come out of her frothing pussy.

Chris bucked and tried to cram the meaty pink lips of her cunt in Frank's suctioning mouth, crying out as she did, "Suck me, lick me, drain me! Yes, yes, like that! Oooh..."

Frank wanted to suck her come; he went after it. He sucked and swirled his tongue against the lips of Chris' snapping cunt, while at the same time his fingernails chewed into her hips to keep her pussy in place while he went down on her.

Chris clutched the back of Frank's head and ground her cunt into his face.

"I'm almost ready to pop my nuts!"

Frank reacted to Chris' lust clotted voice. His hands slid past her jerking hips and grabbed her dimpled asscheeks. He dug his fingers into her flesh. He sucked air into his lungs. Then he curled his long tongue inside Chris' cunt and gave it a violent twist. Once, twice. Again, again. Each twist and scrape better than the other. She went wild. She mashed her wet thighs against the sides of his head, then tightened the muscles of her foaming pussy, and a moment later her come started gushing into his waiting mouth.

"Eat me, eat me!" Chris howled at the top of her lungs. "Gobble down every drop of my come!"

Frank did. He sucked and swallowed until her ass came to a standstill, and no more come flowed from her cunt. Then he came to a kneeling position between her loose legs, smacked his lips and told her, "Yep, everything's as good as it looks."

Chris' tits trembled and she giggled.

"Sounds like you're finished with my ass and cunt for today. Are you?"

Frank crawled out from between Chris' legs and showed her his cock; it was stiff again.

"Does this answer your question?"

Chris sat up and admired his big prick. Frank stretched out on his back and laced his hands behind his head. His cock stood proudly, swaying toward his belly. Beneath it the corrugated sack containing his huge balls was clearly visible; the base of his shaft surrounded by a curly thicket of hair. It was a tempting sight.

The sudden urge to suck Frank's cock filled Chris. She started to reach for it, then dropped her hand when she remembered that earlier he had shoved it up her ass. She jumped up and ran behind the bar to get a wet rag. Then came back and wiped it clean. There. Now his cock was ready for her to suck the jism out of it.

Chris tossed the wet cloth aside and reached for Frank's prick with both hands. She hesitated for a couple of seconds. Then she pulled his cock toward her face and took it between her lips.

Frank sighed.

"Ah, I was hoping you'd go down on me."

Instinctively, Chris' tongue raked the underside of Frank's cockhead, but she didn't start blowing him right away. Instead her mouth dropped and she lapped his scrotum. His bulging nut sack was salty with sweat and the smell of his jism. She licked his balls for a minute or so, then slowly worked her way back to the glowing tip of his prick.

Reaching her intended destination, Chris' mouth stretched and she crammed the velvety knob of Frank's prick into it. A moment later the feel of his cockhead leaking inside her mouth brought her hunger to a head. Now she wanted every inch of his cock, every bit of his come, and now she went after it.

Knowing what to do to get his nuts off, Chris took the entire length of Frank's prick down her throat, and compressed her lips to hold his balls against her chin. Then she started blowing him toward a come. Ups, tongue and teeth came into play. All working to get the jism from his cock.

Chris' head bobbed over Frank's cock. Sometimes she took too much of it down her throat, and then she would make a slight gagging sound, but she didn't stop sucking. Nothing could stop her from sucking him all the way off. She loved the taste of his big prick, the way it throbbed inside her mouth, and she was even enjoying the touch of his cock hairs each time his hot and heavy nuts made rough contact with the point of her chin.

Her lips, tongue and teeth moved wildly over his prick. Frank Holt dug his fingertips into the back of her skull, and started to pump his muscular ass. He rammed his vibrant cock down her throat, then jerked it back. His stomach muscles jumped, he pitched, he yanked on her head, and then he rasped, "Play with my balls while you blow me!"

Chris fumbled and scooped Frank's huge and sweaty balls into her left hand. And while he fucked her mouth she hugged, tickled, scratched, toyed, then squeezed them together and made him howl, "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Chris tightened her grip on Frank's balls, closed her eyes. A moment later his cock quivered in her mouth, then started spurting come. And when it did he attempted to ram it down Chris' throat, but her teeth around the knob of it held him back, allowing her to taste and enjoy every delicious drop of his hot jism. She gulped, gulped, and gulped it down.

When Frank's softening cock finally ran dry, Chris lifted her mouth away from it and licked his jism from her lips, then asked breathlessly, "Now are you ready for your drink?"

Before Frank could reply the phone rang. Chris I went behind the bar and took it on the extension. Someone calling himself Cowboy wanted to know if Lorna was there. Chris remembered that today was Friday and told Cowboy that Lorna wasn't expected unfit sometime tomorrow. Then she became curious.

"Are you Lorna's boyfriend, Mr. Cowboy?" she asked.

The man hung up without answering.

Frank Holt nudged a drink into Chris' hand.

"What the hell was that tomorrow and Lorna's boyfriend shit all about, Chrissy?" he asked.

"Didn't Will tell you the good news?"

"About Lorna's boyfriend?"

A soft laugh disturbed her coral tipped breasts.

"No, silly. About Lorna. She's coming home. We're expecting her to get here sometime..."

The ringing of the phone cut off the rest of her words. She answered.


"Chrissy, this is Will. How soon can you make it to town?"

"About an hour if I break the speed limit. Is something wrong?"

"No. I just want you to pick up Opal Tucker at the Westward Ho House and drive her back to Frank Holt's place."

"Still no luck, huh?"

Will grunted.

"Opal sucked my cock and let me fuck her asshole on the way into Whispering Pines, but that's as far as she went. I'm telling you, Chrissy. The way Opal's holding back with that cunt of hers, it's a good thing I'm not a rapist."

Chris was still laughing after the phone went dead at the other end of the line.


Eli Gaffney was getting ready to lock up for the day when Lorna Morgan Wild drove up to his Whispering Pines Fix-it Shop. The first thing she noticed was that the tall and skinny old man hadn't changed a bit during these past nine years she had been away. Then she noticed the teen-aged brunette with small tits and chubby ass who was standing beside him. Seeing the way the girl's hair was mussed brought a smile to Lorna's lips. She remembered how her own mop of red hair looked after every trip to the back room of the broken-down building where he took all willing girls to fuck.

The first cock she ever felt in her cunt and had shoved up her tight asshole was Frank Holt's. Eli Gaffney's prick was the first one she had ever taken in her mouth. She still remembered the day, the feel of his hot and sweaty balls against her chin. Especially the salty-sweet taste of his thick and warm jism. Her memory was excellent. So was Eli Gaffney's.

When she climbed out of the station wagon with a flash of thighs, he took one look at her and drawled, "Kiss my ass, if it ain't old Bearclaw Mike's girl come home again, all nice and growed up into a woman."

He held out a bony hand.

"Welcome back, Lorna."

Lorna ignored his outstretched hand and flung her arms around his neck. Then she pushed her breasts against his chest and kissed him on the mouth. Eli Gaffney got the message. So did the teen-aged girl with small tits and the chubby ass. She told Eli she would see him tomorrow and walked away without a backward glance.

Lorna felt Eli Gaffney's limber cock press against her thigh and started to reach for it. Abruptly she remembered where they were and changed her mind. She laughed.

"I only came here to get a new water pump put on my station wagon, Eli."

Lorna's eyes dropped to the pant leg that imprisoned Eli Gaffney's still soft cock. She licked her ripe red lips, then smacked them.

"There's no rush. I'm not expected home until tomorrow."

"Wouldn't do you no good to drive out there right now no how," Eli said as they strolled through the garage and entered his special back room. "Will's been in town since early this morning. Like usual, he'll stay until the bars close before he heads back for the ranch."

Eli Gaffney's eyes started devouring Lorna the instant they entered his private office. He locked the door behind them. For a few seconds she stood with her back to him, as he looked at her skirt-covered ass. Then she turned to face him. Eli took one step toward her, stopped. He admired her full and sharply pointed breasts. A wide grin split his face when she pulled her open jacket aside to give him a full view of them. Her eyes dropped to his crotch, and suddenly she felt heat creeping into her cunt when she saw the way his cock was stretching and hardening inside his left pant leg. Relief swept through her. The teen-aged brunette hadn't drained his prick after all.

"Those tits of yours sure felt good when you pushed them against me, Lorna. Do it again."

Lorna laughed and moved into Eli Gaffney's outstretched arms. She pressured her breasts against his chest. Simultaneously, she rubbed her cunt over his now all the way stiff cock, then whispered that she was hot and ready to fuck.

"You ain't the only one," Eli grated, his hands lifting between them to feel her breasts. "Let's start fucking."

Lorna pushed his gently kneading hands away from her tingling breasts, stepped back. "You first, Eli."

Lorna moistened her sensual red lips and reached for Eli's exquisite cock. He shuddered the instant she grabbed it. She clutched his prick in her right hand, stroked, then ran the flame-tipped fingers of her free hand through the crude halo of hair around its base. At the same time she skinned back to expose his huge cockhead. A frown creased her brow when she saw that the knob was clean. Then she remembered that the girl with small tits and big ass hadn't been wearing any lipstick.

She started to sink to her knees and kiss the dome of the hard prick she was holding, but Eli stopped her saying, "Not yet. Get naked like me first."

More heat filled Lorna's dampening cunt as she stepped back, breasts rising and falling, their long nipples trying to punch through the material that covered them while she struggled out of her jacket. Her eyes remained on his cock. Its knob fascinated her. She shivered. It looked even better than it did the first time she had taken it in her mouth to suck and swallow his come.

"Don't stop now, for chrissakes," Eli Gaffney rasped as he plopped his naked ass on the edge of a small desk. "I can't stand the fucking suspense, or the hurt in my nuts. Strip."

Eli swallowed hard while he waited for Lorna to slip free of her blouse, then fisted his big cock and croaked, "Jiggle your tits for me."

Lorna bucked her breasts so furiously they nearly jumped free of the white nylon half bra that held them. Finished, she loosened her skirt and slid it past her hips, then let it drop down around her ankles. Eli stared at her crotch. The wet webbing of her lacy bikini stretch panties were caught in the cleft of her lusty cunt.

Quickly, Lorna pulled her panties off.

"I don't want you to fuck my ass, Eli. Not yet. I want your first load of come in my pussy."

"Make those big tits of yours naked and let's start fucking."

She tossed the wispy strap of bra aside, shivered.

Now she was ready to get fucked. Damn, damn, was she ever ready to get fucked!

The fingers of her right hand gripped his dripping and pounding cock. Lorna pumped downward on Eli's corded shaft to unhood its pink plastic knob. For a few seconds she simply looked at his rigid prick. Then she pulled the glowing dome toward her mouth and started licking on the underside of it. She lapped at Eli's oozing cockhead hole until his legs began to twitch. Then she gave his prick a final jerk and panted, "Take me, fuck me."

Eli scooted between her yawning legs. Lorna trembled when he nuzzled his velvety cockhead against the come-slick lips of her cunt, then rammed it into her with one quick lunge that nearly gave her a come. Air jumped out of her throat and her eyes turned glassy.

Lorna's hips jerked and her ass pumped as she went to work on the huge and beautiful cock that filled her blazing cunt. She bucked and pitched while Eli fucked her with long and powerful strokes. Ramming it, twisting it, trying to fuck the come out of her cunt with it.

"Ah," Lorna sighed as Eli's cock spread the slippery lips of her cunt again and pushed its way forward until his balls touched the hot strip of flesh between her pussy and asshole.

"I'm fucking, I'm fucking," he screamed.

Eli's scratchy voice reached Lorna from a seemingly great distance, for at this point she was nearly ready to come. Her wet cuntlips tightened and sucked on the savagely goring prick, that was fucking her, and then her body became wild and uncontrollable. She suddenly felt her climax coming. Lorna moaned and slammed her cunt up against Eli's cock while she shuddered and came, and a few seconds later Eli locked his cock deep in her pussy and his own nuts.

"Time hasn't slowed you down a bit," Lorna murmured when Eli backed his cock out of her jism leaking cunt, and dropped it on her belly.

"You still fuck like a young man."

"That's 'cause I like to fuck. And play with tits."

"Do mine. Maul them, tease them, taste them, kiss them."

Eli chuckled and burrowed his nose into the warm and deep valley between Lorna's big breasts. The instant he did, Lorna palmed and pressured her delicately scented tits against his hot and damp cheeks, then moaned and writhed with delight when he put the tongue to her flesh. Eli licked her breasts then slowly lifted his head and closed in on her nipples to suck them. His mouth yawned to trap the left nipple, along with a portion of her breast.

Animal lust stormed into Lorna's clit while Eli sucked and gnawed on one nipple and then the other. She wasn't alone in her heat, for as he mauled her tits with his strong lips and teeth she felt his cock grow and harden against her stomach again. Seconds later Eli stopped sucking her tits and slid back to her cunt.

Craving Eli in another way, Lorna caught him by the elbow and panted, "Not yet, Eli. Bring your big cock up here where I can rub my tits over the bastard, and taste the jism that's leaking out of it."

Quickly, Eli straddled her just below the breasts. At the same time Lorna grabbed Eli by his sweaty asscheeks and drew him closer. A shiver of delight ripped through her body when his steel-hard cock dropped between her heaving breasts. She mashed her tits against his thick and leaking prick, then lifted her head and sucked the knob into her voracious mouth.

A loud grunt of pleasure bounced out of Eli's throat when Lorna nipped his cockhead with her teeth, and then he eased forward so that she could more easily blow him, Lorna did so eagerly. She tongued and nursed on his oozing knob, and while she lifted Eli to higher and dizzier peaks her own needs became so unbearable that suddenly she took his prick out of her still tense mouth, then loosened her lips and panted.

"I need to be fucked again, Eli. Do it. Fuck me, fuck me."

Eli swung clear of Lorna's quivering body and hurriedly scooted between her spread legs once more, holding his rigid prick upright. Lorna lifted her cunt to meet Eli's cockhead, and momentarily his stiff prick shoved all the way into her pussy for the second time.

When Eli's hot and heavy balls crashed into her pubic bone, Lorna coiled her arms and legs around him, then screeched while she proceeded to buck and wiggle her ass.

"Ah, that feels so Goddamn good! Make it feel better. Fuck me faster, deeper, harder!"

They pumped and lunged at each other with primitive urgency, then rolled, and suddenly Lorna was on top of Eli, his wildly throbbing cock still in her pussy. For a few seconds she lay heavily against him. Then she stopped crushing her tits against his chest, loosening her arms and sitting up. Quickly, she lifted her ass until only his cockhead remained jammed in her hot and bothered cunt, and then with equal suddenness she dropped down on it again. Hard.

"That did it!" Eli said on the heel of a loud grunt. "I'm going to pop my fucking nuts!"

He didn't come by himself. Lorna did a fast and furious grind over Eli's jism-squirting cock, and suddenly her cunt was doing some juicing of its own. Moaning, tits shaking, Lorna bounced up and down over the twitching and spewing cock in her cunt until Eli went limp beneath her.

Thick streams of warm come leaked from Lorna's pussy and soaked into Eli's cock hairs when she lurched backwards to liberate his softening prick, then stood up and stepped clear of him before she said breathlessly, "Now my cunt is satisfied."

"So is my cock," Eli rasped as he came up off the rug and wobbled over to the small desk, limp prick dangling and swaying while he moved. "For the time being, anyhow."

Lorna felt his thick and fast cooling jism running down her inner thighs, giggled.

"I think you'd better catch your wind while I clean myself a little, Eli. Booze?"

He nodded toward a portable bar tucked in the east corner of the room.

"Gin or vodka?" he asked.

Lorna helped herself to a handful of facial tissue from the box on his desk, then proceeded to swab his jism from her thighs and still dripping cunt.


Eli's cock was half-hard again by the time he returned with two gasses of vodka mixed with orange juice. Lorna finished cleaning his come from her thighs and cunt, laughed. The drinks would have to wait until she finished giving Eli Gaffney what he loved best of all, a blow job.

Lorna took both gasses from Eli and parked them on the desk. Then she took his rapidly hardening cock in her right hand and jerked it into full stiffness. She started to lead him over to the sofa that lined one wall so he could sit down while she sucked his prick. Abruptly she remembered that he liked to stand when girls gave him blow jobs.

Without hesitation Lorna dropped to her knees before Eli, the same way she had done the first time she had taken his cock in her mouth to suck the jism out of it, here in this very room.

Eli's fingers tangling in Lorna's hair made her stop thinking about the first time she had sucked his prick, and concentrate on the hard-on she was now on the verge of softening. Taking a quick breath that rocked her tits, she yawned and pushed her head forward to cram the tip of his cock inside her mouth. Then she tightened her lips and started blowing.

"My nuts," Eli rasped as he gently pushed more of his cock between her tense lips. "Play with my nuts while you suck me off."

Lorna's mouth, tongue and teeth kept working on Eli's cock while she reached out with her free hand and cupped his hot and sweaty balls. She tickled his nuts and sucked on his prick until she felt his legs begin to tremble. Then she released her grip on his balls, grabbed him by the ass with both hands, and pushed her face forward to take every inch of his cock down her throat.

Eli grunted when his balls collided with her chin and rasped, "Go, Lorna. Suck me off. Suck me all the way off."

Lorna knew what to do next to make the old man pop his nuts. She began by pulling her head back until only the velvety tip of his cock remained inside her mouth. Then she started flicking her tongue around the flared edge of his cockhead, and made his whole body quiver with pleasure. Soon she would be gulping his jism.

Still hanging on to Eli's squirming and pumping ass with both hands, Lorna pressed her tits against his thighs and gave his vibrating cock a series of quick and powerful sucks. Eli shuddered, then tangled his fingers in her hair, and a moment later his prick began to squirt its thick and creamy load of jism into her mouth.

Lorna sucked and swallowed until his cock stopped spurting. Then she took his cock out of her mouth and let it drop down between his legs. She licked at the come clinging to her tingling lips and gulped it down. At the same time she moved her damp hands away from his sweaty asscheeks, her tits away from his thighs. Then she looked up at him and said, "You can let me up now, Eli. There's no more jism left in your cock."

Eli chuckled as he untangled his long fingers from Lorna's hair and helped her up from the floor.

"The way you sucked it I ain't surprised. Damn, Lorna, you sure did learn how to handle a cock real good since you left here nine years back."

"Jake Wild didn't want me any other way."

Eli grunted.

"Old Jake never was too fucking smart at anything except making himself a bundle of money by selling off his timber interests. Why you ever took up with that asshole in the first place ain't none of my business, but I'm sure glad you finally got rid of him and come back where you belong."

"So am I, Eli." A shiver jarred her breasts. "God, I can hardly wait to see my little brother again!"

Eli shook his head. "There ain't nothing little about Will any more, Lorna. He's all man, and a damn good one. Just like your pappy, except maybe a mite hornier."

He laughed.

"Chrissy claims Will's out to use his cock on every girl and woman in the county, and damned if I ain't inclined to believe her."

"Will mentioned a Chrissy when I talked with him on the phone. He also said she was living with him. I guess that means he loves her more than, the others he chases, huh?" she said.

"Speaking of doing some surprising," she continued, "you mentioned that Will is in town. Do you know where I might be able to find him?"

Eli reached down to scratch his nuts and nodded.

"Will only goes to bars where the bartenders have tits, so try the Silver Spur and the Covered Wagon. He'll be at one or the other."

"You seem to keep a pretty good eye on my brother when he's in town, Eli. Like him, don't you?"

"Not as much as I love him, you and Chrissy. Now stop putting me on the spot before I start blushing and get your pretty ass out of here."

He nodded toward a closed door.

"If you want to clean up a little, the can's still in the same place."

Lorna thought about the escaped sex killer she had picked up in Wyoming and grimaced.

"The last bath and finger douche I took in a strange bathroom cost me a few hundred dollars."

"The rates are cheaper here. Go ahead."

"Are you going to replace my car's water pump while I'm in there?"

Eli stopped scratching his balls and grunted. "You would ruin my day by mentioning work." Laughter made Lorna's breasts jiggle as she disappeared into the tiny bathroom. When she emerged a few minutes later she found Eli Gaffney stretched out on the sofa, fast asleep. She dressed hurriedly, quietly. Then she gave his limp and lipstick smeared cock a tender kiss and took off on foot in search of her brother Will.


There were five roadhouses between Whispering Pines and Frank Holt's ranch. Chris Yeager and Opal Tucker stopped for a drink at every one of them. By the time they left the last tavern it was dark.

"Looks like we're stuck with each other for tonight," Opal told Chris as she unlocked the front door and reached inside to snap on the overhead lights. She stepped aside to let Chris enter, giggled.

"Maybe we should drive back to the second bar we stopped at and see if those two horny loggers who tried to pick us up are still there," the horny blonde suggested.

Chris wasn't interested in any man's cock tonight. What she really wanted was this big breasted champagne blonde she had watched Will Morgan use his prick on the other day in his barn, and tonight she intended to get her... somehow.

"Why don't we stay here and have a party of our own?" Chris suggested. "Drink, talk, get to know each other a little better. You know, really let our hair down."

Opal looked at her curiously for a moment, then shrugged and made her tits bobble.

"Why not? With Will Morgan and my cousin Frank both gone for the night, and you in no mood to shack up with those two loggers, we might as well make..."

Opal Tucker was still talking when Chris silenced her with a kiss, then locked her arms around the blonde's waist to bring her closer. Opal offered no resistance. Instead she parted her lips to let Chris' begging tongue inside her mouth.

"Beautiful," Opal whispered when Chris finished French kissing her. "I'm getting hot. Make me hotter. Give me your tongue again."

Somewhere outside in the nearby night Frank Holt's dog began to bark, but at this point Chris and Opal were too preoccupied with kissing again to be curious about anything except each other. Opal's arms went around Chris' neck and Chris grabbed Opal by her ass cheeks. Cloth covered cunts met, sheathed breasts collided, but it was the torrid French kiss that made them deaf to the yapping dog outside. It was a long and passionate kiss in which Chris' tongue played the aggressor, and by the time she withdrew it from Opal Tucker's mouth, her cunt was hot and ready for anything. So was Opal's.

"Let's go to my room," Opal said breathlessly. "I have something there we can both enjoy."

Chris felt her cunt tingling with anticipation as she followed Opal upstairs to her bedroom. Her eyes glinted with curiosity when Opal went over to a chest of drawers and opened the top one. While Opal rummaged, Chris glanced around the room. She had never seen anything like this one in her life. Framed pictures of men and women sucking and fucking, and pictures of women and women sucking and fucking covered the wall behind the king-sized bed, and as Chris stared at them she felt her cunt getting hotter and hotter. A few seconds later the fire in her pussy became more intense when Opal turned toward her.

"Did you ever get your cunt worked over with one of these things, hon?"

Chris looked at the double dildo Opal was holding out for inspection and shook her head.

"All I've ever had shoved in me were cocks. I've never done anything with another woman before."

Opal's eyebrows arched.

"I'd never have known it by the way you grabbed me at the front door."

She wagged the double dildo at her.

"This thing's never been used by two cunts at the same time. Let's get naked and fuck it."

"Naked it is." Chris lowered her ass to the edge of the king-size bed. "You first."

Opal tossed the double dildo on the bed and fumbled for the zipper at the back of her skirt. The zipper hissed in the sudden silence that filled the room, and momentarily the skirt dropped. Opal stepped forward to get it away from her feet, then straightened to show Chris the crotchless panties she was wearing. She spread her legs to expose the lips of her curly-haired cunt while she unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged out of it. Chris' eyes lifted, widened. Opal's breasts were encased in a peekaboo bra that exposed her dark-ringed and stiff nipples to where they could easily be reached and sucked.

"No," Chris objected when Opal started to remove the bra. "Leave it on. The panties, too."

Opal kicked off her shoes and winked.

"That takes care of my hot ass. Now you undress."

Chris stood up to make herself naked. She was wearing a mauve shell and a matching skirt. The skirt went first. Then she caught the shell by its hem, tugged it up and over her head, her small tits struggling to escape from the bra that held them while her arms worked.

Opal licked her lips.

"Hurry, Chris, hurry."

Chris unclasped her bra and brought her small tits into view. Then she followed her panties down to the rug and stepped out of them. Naked, she jumped into bed and stretched out on her back, then scissored her legs.

"I'm ready. Let's fuck."

Opal climbed into bed and scooted between Chris' yawning legs. Her long nippled breasts heaved with the lust that gripped her as she placed one end of the rubber dildo against the moist lips of Chris' cunt, then did the same to her own pussy with the other knob.

"Ready, Chris?"

"Don't ask, do it. Fuck me, fuck me."

Opal took a firm grip on the double dildo. Then she hunched forward, and Chris moaned with pleasure when the stiff column of rubber pushed its way into her juicy cunt. Ah, ah, it felt every bit as good as a man's cock, Chris thought.

Chris went limp for a moment after the dildo slipped between the lips of her pussy. Then she began to jerk her hips and pump her ass. Opal did the same and soon they were fucking with a rhythm that gradually became more furious. They lunged against each other. Their bodies seemed to work well together. So did their cunts.

Opal started fucking faster. So did Chris. Now they were both trapped in a web of lust. The double dildo whipped in and nearly out of their cunts, and with every powerful inward thrust their stiff clits touched, and each touch added to the thrills they were already getting. Their hips bucked and twisted while they fucked. Breasts bumped and squashed, their jutting nipples kissed, and soon they were both on the verge of coming.

"I'm coming, Opal, I'm coming!"

"Me too!"


Fat beads of perspiration popped out on Opal's brow and a few of the salty drops skidded down into her orgasm glazed eyes, stinging them, but she didn't stop fucking and fucking until Chris finished juicing her cunt and relaxed beneath her, sighing in the only way a woman knew how to sigh when her cunt was satisfied.

Slowly Opal withdrew the come-slick double dildo from their wet cunts and tossed it aside, then sat back on her heels between Chris' legs and asked, "Do you want to rest for a minute?"

"Then what do you want, Chris?"

"Tits and cunt."

Chris sat up and found herself face to face with Opal's heaving breasts. "I want to suck your tits and cunt."

With a soft laugh Opal twisted clear of Chris and stretched out on her back, then spread her legs.

"Suck away, hon."

Chris didn't need a second invitation. She hooked a finger in the vee of Opal's peekaboo bra and ripped it away from her breasts, then did the same thing to her crotchless panties. Flinging the panties aside, she went after Opal's tits again. She caught one in each hand and mauled them tenderly. Opal began to breathe hard. Chris jacked off her tumid nipples for a minute or so, until Opal begged her to stop, and then she mounted the hot blonde to make her even hotter. She rubbed her jutting clit against Opal's to apply friction, and soon Opal was tossing her ass all over the bed.

"Drop your face between my legs and suck the come out of my cunt! Eat me, eat me!"

As though she had done it a hundred times before, Chris moved back on her knees, then dropped her flushed face down to the tanged mop of curly hair that covered Opal's pussy. Opal shuddered and squealed with pleasure when Chris tapped her clit between her lips and started sucking on it. Soon Opal's hips began a fast grind that increased in speed as Chris stopped sucking on her clit and jammed her tongue beyond the come-slippery lips of Opal's cunt.

Opal went wild. She grabbed Chris by the back of her head and panted, "Suck me off, suck me off!"

Chris' flogging tongue probed the steaming depths of Opal's cunt. Her come was delicious; she wanted more of it. She dug her fingernails into Opal's jerking hips and twisted her tongue inside the blonde's pussy, then gave a suck with her mouth, and suddenly she felt Opal's body twitch as her muscles went out of control.

"I'm... almost... there... Chris!"

Chris didn't stop licking and sucking Opal's cunt. She straightened, then crooked her tongue again. At the same time her hand wiggled its way under Opal's bucking asscheeks to shove a finger up her asshole.

Opal shrieked when she felt the finger go up her asshole, then locked her hot and sweaty thighs around Chris' moving head. A moment later Chris felt her cunny quiver. Soon she would be swallowing come from the first cunt she had ever sucked.

Suddenly, she felt Opal's thighs contract. And then it happened. Opal moaned, shuddered, and then her pussy erupted with a come. "Ahhhh, Chrissss!"

Making loud gulping sounds, Chris kept eating Opal's cunt until the shudders stopped and her thighs relaxed to free her head. Then she sat up between Opal's legs and asked breathlessly, "Did I eat your pussy good, Opal?"

"I couldn't have done better myself, but I'm damn sure going to try." She reached out. "Come here now."

Chris slid into Opal's waiting arms and their breasts collided when their open mouths met in a brief though torrid kiss. Opal proceeded to tongue her way down the length of Chris' moist and quivering body. Opal licked Chris' shoulders and lapped both breasts, then gave each jutting nipple a quick and healthy suck before she reluctantly moved away from them and headed for her cunt.

Chris held her breath while Opal's head pushed downward toward her pussy. Then gasped when Opal buried her face between her yawning legs, mashed her strong lips against her cunt and started to suck the come out of her cunt.

"Go, Opal, go!" Chris panted as she started tossing her ass all over the bed. "Fuck me with your tongue, fuck me with your tongue!"

Responding to her lust-clotted voice, Opal grabbed Chris' grinding hips and drilled her long tongue deep into her juicy cunt. Chris stiffened, then loosened with equal suddenness when Opal's tongue and mouth teamed up to lick and suck the come out of her pussy.

Sensation after sensation ripped through Chris as Opal went down on her. Never before had she experienced so much pleasure. It was fantastic. So was Opal. She sucked and swirled her tongue against and beyond the lips of Chris' snapping cunt, while at the same time her long fingernails chewed into Chris' pumping hips to keep her pussy in place while she sucked and licked to get a mouthful of come.

"Make me come," Chris rasped as she clutched the back of Opal's head and ground her pussy hard against her mouth. "Now, now!"

Opal grabbed her by the asscheeks, then curled her tongue and gave it a violent twist, and a moment later Chris' come was gushing into her open and waiting mouth...

A minute or more passed before Chris' cunt stopped juicing. When it finally did Opal came to a kneeling position between her loose legs, smiled down at her and said raggedly, "Don't move. I'm not finished with your cunt yet."

"You're going to suck me off again?"

Opal shook her head. "I'm going to fuck you."

"How? With the dildo?"

"No, I'm not going to fuck you with the dildo."

"Then how?"

"With my clit. I'm going to fuck you with my clit."

Chris steepled and spread her legs to expose her cunt. "Here I am. Take me, fuck me."

Opal came alive with motion. She palmed Chris' hot and sweaty asscheeks and rubbed the lips of her cunt over her belly, then shifted position to start fucking. As she moved away from Chris' belly their clits collided, and a moment later they both went wild with lust... again.

"Do it!" Chris shrilled as she started to wiggle her ass. "Fuck me, fuck me good!"

Opal jolted Chris' clit with hers once more, and now she was ready to fuck. The blunt tip of her stiff clit twitched when she tucked it between the tight lips of Chris' cunt. Opal paused for a moment to take a quick breath that quaked her breasts. Then she grabbed Chris' asscheeks again and shoved it into her cunt.

Chris howled with pleasure when Opal's clit rammed into her cunt, then choked off into silence as the fucking started. She arched and writhed beneath Opal, then steepled her legs and dug her heels into the mattress so that she could meet and return the powerful thrusts she was receiving from the inch long clit in her pussy.

Her voice came jerky when she grabbed Opal by the nipples of her breasts and panted, "Fuck me faster, faster!"

Opal proceeded to pump Chris savagely, rhythmically. Her stiff pink clit quivered when she yanked it nearly all the way out of Chris' cunt, then butted it back again, again, and yet again. Panting but grimly silent otherwise, they fucked and slammed into each other. Both wanting a come. Both needing a come to ease the pressures in their cunts.

"Fuck me, Opal, fuck me!"

"Like this?"

"Harder, deeper!"

Harder and deeper it was. Opal's body slammed into Chris' with renewed frenzy. Sweat dripped from her swaying breasts and splashed against Chris' tits while they fucked and fucked and fucked.

Suddenly Chris felt the quickening of Opal's tempo and once more dug her heels into the mattress to match her passion. A change took place. Now they were both the aggressors. Their cuntlips sucked at each other and made squishy sounds in the room to blend with their harsh breathing, the creaking of the bed springs.

As they fucked Chris grabbed Opal's dangling breasts and lifted her head to trap the nearest nipple. Catching the stiff and rubbery nipple between her lips, she started sucking on it. At the same time Chris moved her hands away from Opal's tit, wrapped her arms and legs around Opal, then gave a twist that put her on top, and now it was her turn to do the fucking that would make their cunts spew come.

Opal grunted in surprise when her clit slipped out of Chris' cunt, then squealed with ecstasy as Chris' clit drilled into her suctioning pussy and brought the come ripping out of it.

"I'm blowing, I'm blowing! Ahhhhh..."

The instant Opal got her nuts off, so did Chris. Opal's nipple popped from between her lips as she cried out, shuddered, and then collapsed on top of Opal while the juices gushed from both their cunts.

When they finally stopped creaming their pussies and rolled away from each other, Opal took a few fast sucks at the air that jarred her sweaty breasts before she said raggedly, "You really got my cunt good that time, Chris. Better than any woman or girl ever did. Including Will Morgan's sister Lorna."

"Will told me how you and Lorna were always close before she ran off with Jake Wild," Chris teased as they slipped out of the rumpled bed and stood up together, their long nippled breasts meeting in a brief kiss before they parted. "Now I understand why you got so excited when you found out she was coming home again."

A heavy sigh wobbled her firm little tits.

"And speaking of home, I'd better dress and get my ass over to Will's place, just in case Lorna arrives ahead of schedule."

Opal talked while she retrieved her crotchless panties from the floor and shook them out of their wad.

"If Lorna's as unpredictable as she used to be, it could happen, Chris. For all we know, maybe she's already in Whispering Pines."

"No maybes about it," Frank Holt spoke up from the doorway, surprising but not embarrassing them. His eyes went from one cunt to the other as he came all the way into the bedroom, his big cock stiff and bulging against his left leg.

"I bumped into Milo Alcorn's youngest girl at the Canyon Road Bar about half an hour ago. She was at Eli Gaffney's garage when Lorna pulled in."

Chris wondered how long Frank Holt had been watching her and Opal suck and fuck each other. She stared at the massive hard-on he was packing inside his pant leg, and then glanced at the clock on the dresser. It was eight o'clock.

"Did Jane Alcorn say what time she saw Will's sister, Frank?"

He reached down to scratch his stiff cock, nodded. "Shortly before dark."

Chris watched Frank's fingers tickle his prick.

"Now I know I'd better get my ass over to the house."

"Why... go there?" Opal said as she stopped into her crotchless panties and tugged them into the place over her hips. "If Lorna saw Eli Gaffney, she found out that Will was in town. By now they're probably having a private party at the Covered Wagon or the Silver Spur. Why don't we pile in my car and join them?"

Chris gathered up her scattered clothing and moved toward the door, her naked tits bouncing.

"I'm ready. Let's go."

Opal's voice stopped her. "Aren't you going to put your clothes on?"

Chris took a quick look at Frank Holt's rock-hard cock, then winked at Opal. "Why bother? I'll only have to take them off again after I get in the back seat with Frank."

They were still laughing when they reached Opal's car.


Nothing had changed during the nine years Lorna had been away. Downtown Whispering Pines was exactly as she had left it. Even the old Triple Feature Theater where she had lost her cherry to Frank Holt's cock was still doing business as usual, only these days all school kids who wanted to suck or fuck in the balcony had to pay more for their tickets to get inside.

Standing there, a dreamy quality appeared in Lorna's eyes while her thoughts pulled back to that special afternoon when she had lost the cherries from her asshole and cunt to Frank Holt's cock...

There were a few other kids necking and feeling each other in the balcony when they settled into their seats, but no one paid them any attention. Even Frank Holt's cousin Opal was too preoccupied with having her tits sucked. She was giving her boyfriend a hand job and didn't notice their arrival, which suited Lorna just fine. Today her mind was on Frank's cock. Fucked, she was going to get fucked.

The instant they were seated, Frank Holt slipped his left arm around her shoulders. She shivered and waited for his next move. His hand on her knee remained motionless for a moment, as though he expected her to brush it away. When she didn't, his fingers grabbed the hem of her skirt and tugged, the material back to expose her warm thighs. Then, slowly, Frank's hand began to creep along the inner path of her right thigh. Her breath caught and her breasts bucked when she felt a strange though pleasant burning sensation singe her cunt. They were same kind of burning sensations she had felt while sucking Eli Gaffney's cock. Wild!

Amazed at the way she was reacting to the fingers on her thigh, she tried to imagine what would happen when those same fingers reached the tight and wet webbing of her panties. Damn, she would probably come all over them!

Abruptly Frank's hand left her thigh when the manager appeared at the head of the balcony for his usual look at what was going on, the nodded and went downstairs again. With equal quickness Frank pushed his hand back under her skirt again. Instinctively, her thighs clenched for a second, then drifted apart to make passage for his hand, and momentarily she trembled when it made contact with her pantie covered pussy.

Worried by the way she was trembling, Frank hastily pulled his hand away from the crotch of her panties. Just as quickly she caught and brought it back to her cunt, then pushed against it.

"I'm not scared, Frank. I'm shivering because I like the feel your hand on my pussy. Slip your fingers behind my panties and do it some more." Frank chuckled and gave her a hug. At the same time his right hand found its way between her gaping legs again. He touched the heated crotch of her panties. She squirmed. Then whimpered with delight when he nudged the wet webbing of her panties to one side, found and applied friction to her jutting pink clit. By the time he finished playing with it, her cunt was dripping with come and itching for his cock.

"Now me," Frank rasped. "Jack me off a little before I fuck you."

Eagerly, she grabbed and tightened her slender fingers around Frank's granite hard cock. He stiffened in his seat, then groaned his pleasure when she ran down his fly zipper and reached inside to haul his prick out into the open. She examined it in the dim light and whispered, "Do you want me to suck you off, Frank?"

"Not yet. Jack me off some more. Your hand feels good on my cock. Make it feet better. Jerk it."

Her flame-tipped fingers coiled tightly around Frank's prick, and then she proceeded to stroke it. Down, up. Down, up. In a few seconds her working hand was slippery from the warm jism oozing out of his wildly beating cock.

While her hand continued to pump Frank's cock, he unbuttoned her blouse, then tugged downward on the bra and bared her breasts. She shivered as the cool air rushed against her coral nipples to the carpeted aisle between the seats, and as they sank to the floor she knew that soon one of her holes would be filled with his hard and dripping cock.

The instant they hit the floor, Frank stretched out on his back, and this motion caused his cock to pop free of her hand. She squirmed into position beside him, then captured his prick in her hand again and pulled it toward herself. In the dim light she saw his jism-wet cockhead glowing and looking so delicious that she could not refrain from dipping her head to kiss it. Once she did that, she had the sudden urge to blow him the way she blew Eli Gaffney, but Frank sensed her intent.

"No suck job, Lorna. Let me fuck you first."

She gave his jism-slick cock a few fast jerks with her hand.

"Yes, fuck me."

Frank pushed her hand away from his prick, sat up. Now it was her turn to stretch out and look at the ceiling. Frank came to his knees and quickly removed her panties. Then he crawled between her legs and moved his mouth to the tips of her heaving breasts. He sucked her nipples. First one, then the other. In a few seconds her ass was squirming all over the floor while she panted.

"Now, Frank. Fuck me, fuck me."

Frank talked around the nipple between his lips.

"Not yet. Play with my cock some more."

She needed no encouragement, for at this point she was so fucked up from the heat in her cunt she would have gladly done anything to please Frank Holt. Blindly, she found his stiff prick and hugged it with her fingers. She stroked and stroked, and silently hoped he wouldn't lose control and squirt his jism all over her pumping hand. He didn't.

Abruptly Frank stopped sucking and chomping on her tingling nipples, and came to a kneeling position between her gaping legs. He fisted his cock and started to shove it in her cunt, then changed his mind and crawled out from between her thighs, rasping as he did.

"If I fuck you now I'll come too quick to do you any good, Lorna. Blow me first, and then I'll fuck you with my second hard-on. Okay?"

She sat up and reached for his prick with both hands. Frank flopped to his back again. She dipped her head and kissed him on the mouth. Then she blew a small hiss of air in his left ear and made him tremble with delight. A moment later she attacked him with her lips, teeth and tongue. She kissed and licked his face, his eyes and nose, and then she bit him on the neck, but not too hard. Then she slid her naked tits over his shirt covered chest and put the teeth to the meaty part of his shoulder, this time hurting him a little. Frank grunted and told her to ease up with the fucking teeth. Abruptly he stiffened and grunted again when she ripped his shirt open, then kissed her way down to his quivering stomach and jabbed the tip of her tongue into his belly button.

"Holy fuck, I damn near shit when you did that!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No fucking way. Keep going."

She kept going. And while she used the tip of her tongue on his belly button, she pumped his prick with both hands to make him come. When he didn't, she ovaled her lips while she scooped his warm and heavy nuts into her right hand, then dipped her head and sucked one of them into her mouth. At the same time her left hand tightened around Frank's cock, then jerked downward to unhood his gleaming cockhead. Her middle finger darted toward the tiny hole under the knob and became drenched with jism. She smiled. Frank's cock was ripe for sucking. And how it was ripe for sucking!

Frank's yawning legs twitched violently and a loud blast of air jumped out of his throat when she stopped sucking on his nut and spit it out of her mouth, then let her tongue prowl through the mat of hair that surrounded the base of his throbbing cock. She let her tongue rest in his wet prick hair for a few seconds, and then she lifted her head toward the pink plastic cockhead for a taste of his jism.

Reaching her destination, she planted a butterfly kiss on the tip of Frank's cock, then moved her mouth away from it. She took a quick breath. Then, slowly, she dropped her face and took his cockhead between her hungry lips. Mmmm, his cock tasted delicious!

She started sucking to get more of his jism. Her head bobbed up and down as she licked and sucked and swallowed and held tightly to his furiously pumping hips. Momentarily she reached under Frank with both hands and pulled the cheeks of his ass apart. Then she stiffened her middle finger and forced it up his asshole.

Frank yelped the instant she fucked her finger in his asshole, then came up off the carpet and attempted to shove every inch of his cock down her throat while he panted, "Suck, suck, suck! Ah, that feels so fucking good!"

She was having some wild sensations of her own while she sucked and gnawed on Frank's juicy prick. Nipples tingled, cuntlips fluttered, and soon she was close to having a come. So was Frank. The more she took of his swollen cock, the more bloated it seemed to get, and now she decided to suck him all the way off. She craned her neck and pushed her head down on the prick in her mouth, and a few seconds later the tip of her nose landed in his wet cock hair. This made the first time she had ever taken a cock all the way down her throat.

Feeling Frank's cock throbbing in the depths of her throat brought more heat to her cunt. Suddenly, ecstasy pounded through every nerve in her system, and made her hips jerk. Flesh quivered, her eyes glazed, her clit twitched, and a moment later she started to get her nuts off.

Her lips tightened around the cock that filled her working mouth while she moaned and shuddered her way through a series of fantastic comes. Once she almost passed out. Her cunt kept gushing until she thought she would never stop coming, but she finally did, and then she renewed her attack on the delicious prick that was still jammed in her throat.

Keeping her head still, she gripped and jerked on Frank's nuts while she sucked and chewed on his cock and fucked his asshole with her finger, only nothing she did brought the jism squirting out of his prick. She wondered what the fuck was wrong. A moment later she found out.

"Holding my cock down in your throat won't get my nuts off," Frank told her. "Go up and down on it."

She was eager to give him what he wanted, but she had to wait until he stopped pressing against the back of her skull to do it. When his hands moved away she slowly elevated her head to liberate his come and spit-slick cock from the depths of her throat.

"Ah," Frank Holt sighed, "that's better."

She kept lifting her head until only the knob remained between her tight crimson lips. Then, quickly and unexpectedly, she crooked a slender finger around the base of his slippery prick and lurched backwards. When she did there was a popping sound as Frank's cockhead jumped out of her mouth.

"Holy fuck, Lorna, don't quit sucking now! Take my cock back in your mouth! Hurry!"

Naked breasts swung freely while she sucked air into her lungs, then quickly zeroed in on Frank's prick again. She showered his cockhead with kisses for a few seconds, and then she proceeded to lick it.

Frank trembled and moaned when her tongue darted out and its tip stabbed into the tiny wet hole on the underside of his cockhead, but he made no attempt to cram his prick into her mouth. She licked his knob until her tongue got tired, and then she went for a come, his come.

Her mouth was hot and wet when it tightened around Frank's cockhead, and momentarily she was sucking and gnawing with fury to draw a big load of jism from his prick.

Frank's body twisted and arched under the savage onslaught of her lips, teeth, tongue, and the finger in his asshole. He clawed at her tits and rasped that his balls felt as though they were going to break in half. His hips jerked, his ass jumped over the finger lodged inside of it, and loud grunts ripped out of his throat. His cock grew bigger and bigger in her mouth. Two sucks later it happened.

Abruptly Frank clutched the back of her head, then tried to shove his balls in her mouth when she bent the finger she had jammed in his asshole, and then he groaned, "Ah, ah, ah, I'm blowing my nuts!"

Instinctively she closed her eyes and crushed down on Frank's crotch when his cock started squirting and filled her mouth to the point of overflowing. Each spurt was thick and hot and salty-sweet, and for the next few seconds she was preoccupied with the happy chore of gulping down every drop of jism his prick was rushing into her mouth.

At length Frank's rampaging cock stopped squirting and she heard a satisfied sigh slide out of his throat, but the sigh did nothing to stop her. She gobbled every drop of his come, and thrived on every bit of it. She loved the taste of jism. She had loved it from the first taste she had gotten from Eli Gaffney's prick. She gulped and kept gulping until Frank Holt's cock no longer flowed jism.

Frank attempted to free his softening prick from between her lips, but she wouldn't let it escape. Gently, though firmly, she trapped his sticky cockhead with her teeth, wanting him hard again so he could throw a straight fuck into her cunt and take her cherry.

Frank seemed to sense the heat that burned her pussy and stopped trying tq free his cock from her mouth. She put her tongue, teeth and lips into play once more, while at the same time she tickled and played with his balls. Presently Frank's legs began to jerk convulsively as she sucked and gnawed on his spongy prick, and momentarily she felt it stretch and become steel-hard inside her mouth again. She gave it a few extra sucks before she let it pop out from between her lips, then gave his nuts a quick hug with her hand and whispered smokily, "Fuck me, Frank, fuck me."

"Stretch out so I can get at your cunt."

"Here," she hissed as she stretched out on her back, breasts bucking when she spread her legs to receive his cock. "Take me, fuck me."

"I will, Lorna. I'm going to fuck you real good."

Frank's hard and dripping cock slipped out of his hand when he came between her scissored legs, and landed on her belly with a dull thud. She giggled, then sobered and shivered when he dipped his head and gave her tits a quick suck, prompting her to hiss, "Don't suck me, fuck me."

Frank made a gargling sound around the nipple in his mouth. At the same time his hands pushed past her slightly twitching hips to grip her sweaty asscheeks. Another violent shudder rocked her body when he gave her tit another healthy suck, and now all sorts of strange and wonderful things began to happen.

Frank attempted to force his finger into her cunt. It wouldn't go. Her willing pussy was tour tight. Giving up, he fisted his cock and nuzzled its velvety head against the moist lips of her pussy, then looked down at her and whispered, "This is going to hun a little, Lorna."

"Don't worry about it."

Grimly, she pushed his hand away from his cock and grabbed it with her own. She nuzzled the knob against her clit for a moment. Then she said, "I'm ready. Fuck me."

"Put my cock where you want it, Lorna."

Without hesitation she moved the leaking cockhead from her hard pink clit and brought it to rest against the moist lips of her cunt. She held it there, hips idle, body tense, waiting.

Abruptly the waiting ended. She took a deep breath that rocked her breasts, then let it out and murmured, "Bust my cherry, Frank. Do it. Shove your prick to my cunt."


"Yes, damn it, now!"

Taking a deep breath, Frank clutched her hips while she steadied his cock, then strained toward her.

The blunt dome of his prick pushed against the lips of her pussy; nothing happened. Gripping quickly, she lifted her ass from the aisle carpet, and coiled her legs around Frank's hips. At the same time he hunched forward, and now she gritted her teeth to keep from crying out when his cockhead forced its way between the tight lips of her cunt.

At this point there was no escape from Frank Holt's cock. He kept going, now all bull. His body pressured her against the floor, and before she could bite her lips a whimper jumped out of her mouth when he forced his cock into her pussy and busted her cherry. A second later the whimper gave way to a loud grunt of delight when he rammed his prick to the hilt and crashed his nuts into her cunt bone.

"Damn near broke my dick getting in your pussy," Frank rasped, then asked, "You okay, Lorna?"

She hugged him tightly with her legs. "Don't worry about me. Worry about my pussy. Fuck the come put of it."

Frank withdrew most of his prick, then bucked it back into her cunt again. Air belched out of her lungs when he drove his cock deep into her pussy, and once again pain shot through her system for a few seconds, then vanished for good as pleasure jumped in to take its place.

Suddenly raw lust stormed in, and now her wildly pumping asscheeks made thumping sounds against the carpet while she panted, "The hurt is gone, Frank. Now, you can fuck me as hard as you want to fuck me. Do it. Fuck me hard, fuck me good!"

"How's this?"

"Faster, fuck me faster!"

Frank gripped her jerking hips, then started sawing his prick in and out of her cunt with powerful stokes. His cockhead drove her wild with lust. She twisted and panted, she tightened her legs around his pumping ass, and when her cunt started building up for a come she tried to sink her teeth into his neck. Catching herself, she kissed him instead, then worked her hips and ass faster in order to make him blow his nuts. She wanted his jism in her pussy, and while they fucked she begged him to give her his jism.

With grim determination Frank Holt did his best to give her what she wanted. The speed of his hunching became more frenzied and his breathing turned ragged. His sweat-soaked face was a contorted mask of lust, and a hint of spit clung to one corner of his mouth. They kept fucking and fucking with wild abandonment. Each time he slammed into her she felt his cock jerk inside her pussy, and this warned her that soon he would pop his nuts. It happened a few seconds later for both of them.

"My jism," Frank rasped as he shoved every inch of his cock into her cunt, then locked it there. "Here comes my jism!"

She whimpered with delight when she felt Frank's scalding and enormous load of come squirt into her own blowing pussy. Their sweaty bodies fused in a savage embrace while they got their nuts off, and remained fused until they both finished coming.

His cock drained, Frank dropped his face between her quaking breasts and sucked air into his lungs. She loosened her legs from around his asscheeks and thrilled to the wild sensations his wilting but still swollen cock continued to give her come-saturated pussy. She creamed and creamed her cunt again, and then relaxed the lips of her snatch, for now she was finished.

A minute or so after he blew his nuts, she felt his cock twitch and get hard again. It was still in her cunt, but not for long. Without a word he withdrew his prick from her pussy, then nuzzled the tip of it against her asshole. She gulped. He was going to cornhole her.

"Call it, Lorna. Do I, don't I?"

"Do it. Fuck my ass. Just don't hurt me."

"I won't," Frank promised while he rubbed his prick with the come leaking out other cunt. "Trust me, Lorna."

She responded to the sound of his voice, relaxed. A moment later she felt the knob of his cock stretch her ass-ring. The instant his fat cockhead pushed beyond it, she cut loose with a yelp and tried to squirm out from under him, then hissed, "Take your cock out of my asshole, Frank. It hurts. Oooh, it hurts like a bitch! Take it out, take it out!"

Frank ignored her begging and draped her legs over his shoulders. She was still pleading and trying to wiggle out from under him when he palmed her hips and rammed his cock all the way up her ass with one savage thrust that nearly made her shit.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch!" she cried when the entire length of his prick filled her ass with pain. "Pull your cock out, pull your cock out!"

Without a word Frank backed his prick nearly all the way out of her asshole, then shafted it back again, right to the balls. Hot agony hit her again. She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming, then suddenly relaxed when the pain faded and pleasure moved in to replace it. Surprise washed into her face, for now the cock in her ass felt good. She exhaled loudly, and now her hips began a slow grind that quickly added to the joy she was now receiving from the prick buried to the balls in her tingling asshole.

Frank sensed her change of mood and teased.

"Still want me to take my cock out of your asshole, Lorna?"

"All I want is for you to stop talking and start fucking my ass. Yes, yes, like that. Ahhhh..."

Frank's fingernails chewed into the fleshy part of her grinding hips when he began to fuck to get his own nuts off. He was relentless as he poured the prick to her. He hunched in and out of her asshole with his cock, and with each stroke his face became wetter, his breathing harsher. Suddenly his movements turned frantic, and she could feel his cock was beginning to swell as jism continued to build up inside of it. Abruptly he squeezed her nipples until she had to grit her teeth to keep from crying out in pain while he slapped the prick to her asshole. A few fast and furious strokes later she felt his cock twitch and threaten to break loose with a load of jism. This she didn't want. Not yet.

She stopped butting and twisting against and over the prick in her asshole.

"Don't shoot your jism yet, Frank. I want to come with you. Fuck my ass and make me come with you."

Frank tried. He kept lunging in and out of her asshole with his cock, his sweaty face becoming more and more twisted from the strain of holding back his jism. She matched him thrust for thrust. Her cunt was bubbling, her ass sensitive to the battering and drumming cock that filled it and momentarily she was flirting with a come of her own.

Teeth unclenched, lips parted, and now little animal sounds darted out of her throat as Frank's cock got good to her in every way. She tightened her legs around his neck and bucked against the hard prick sawing inside her tingling asshole, then yelped, "I'm doing it! I'm juicing my pussy, I'm juicing my pussy."

She didn't come by herself. With a grunt! Frank shoved his vibrating cock all the way to the balls into her asshole, and a second later they got their nuts off together.

Lorna's thoughts returned to the present with jolting abruptness as a fat woman burdened with packages bumped into her. The fat woman mumbled something that sounded like an apology and walked on. Lorna decided to do the same.

Her cunt wet from reliving her first suck and fuck affair with Frank Holt in the theater while still in her early teens, Lorna got rid of a happy sigh that disturbed her breasts and wiggled her ass down the neon bright street in search of her brother will.

The tint place she checked was the Covered Wagon. She hit the jackpot. Her brother Will was there. She had no trouble recognizing him. The resemblance was startling. A gasp shook her big tits. Will looked exactly as Bearclaw Mike had looked when he was twenty-one.

After walking away from the theater where she had taken a mental journey back to relive the first suck and fuck session she'd had with Frank, her cunt had settled down. Now as she looked at her brother will, she found herself getting hot all over again. Nine years back her cunt had burned with the same lust for their father, and because of it had she had gotten scared and run off with Jake Wild. A grim smile twisted her mouth. No way would she ever fuck up like that again. Brother or not, given half a chance, she would do anything and everything to Will's cock.

Will was probably the only customer in the Covered Wagon who didn't see Lorna enter, but only because he was too preoccupied with staring at the barmaid's big tits. She wasn't surprised to discover that her brother had grown into a tit man. Even at the age of twelve he had made a grab for hers more times than she could remember.

"Here's an empty seat, lady."

The man who had spoken was drunk, but he wasn't being rude; small town people just enjoyed being friendly with strangers. Lorna thanked him and walked down to where her brother was doing everything except feeling the barmaid's large breasts, gave him a playful nudge with her elbow. "Buy me a drink and I'll let you take me home with you tonight, handsome," she said throatily.

The fluffy breasted barmaid took Lorna for a hooker and said something, but whatever it was got lost in the booming laugh Will gave out with when he came off his bar stool and trapped Lorna in his arms. He hugged her breasts to his chest and showered her face with kisses, then bent her back so far her already itching and burning with lust cunt ended up pushing against his big balls.

Not giving a shit who was watching, Lorna wrapped her arms around Will's slender waist and strained to get closer to his hard and beautiful nuts. Through her skirt she could feel the length and thickness of his flaccid cock against her right thigh, and while she pressed her thigh to it she thought, Brother or not, I'm going to suck him and fuck him like I should have done with our father. Or die trying... she thought.

Theirs was a torrid reunion, and by the time they finished hugging and kissing each other, the webbing of Lorna's panties was sticky with come. Her breasts quaked as she stepped back, and asked breathlessly, "Do I look as mussed up as I feel?"

Will lifted his eyes from her savagely heaving tits, grinned. "All I see is one beautiful sister in need of a second wind, and a nice stiff drink. Name your pleasure."

The feel of his cock in her cunt, mouth or asshole was the one pleasure Lorna would have liked to name, but instead she said, "Get me a beer, Will. Any kind. As long as the damn thing's cool."

"Cold beer it is." Will pointed across the dimly lighted room. "Grab that empty stall and I'll be right with you."

Lorna felt Will's eyes on her rippling ass as she moved toward the booth in the north corner. She shivered and wished his hands were on her ass instead of his eyes.

She sat down and rummaged through her shoulder bag for her cigarettes. Anything to keep her mind off her disturbed cunt. When she glanced toward the bar again, she saw will talking to Eli Gaffney. Seeing the old man brought a smile. The nap had done Eli a world of good. Now he looked as if he could fuck and have his cock sucked all night long. A silent laugh shook her tits. Knowing Eli, he probably would.

Lorna slipped into the ladies room while Will and Eli Gaffney were talking. There she brushed her hair and applied a fresh coat of bright red lipstick to her mouth. Then she took a piss and dried her still lusting cunt with some of the perfumed tissues she always carried in her purse. Now she felt clean again. And ready for anything.

Will was waiting for Lorna when she came back to the booth. His eyes watched her breasts jiggle as she sat down across from him. Then he grinned at her.

"I told Eli you and I wanted to be alone for a few hours, so he's driving your wagon out to the ranch."

"We're staying here in this bar?"

"Only if you're in the mood to spend the rest of tonight with Frank Holt and his cousin Opal."

"I'd rather spend my first night home with you, not them."

"Same here."

His eyes went to her breasts again as he reached for his beer, then jumped up to her face.

"Drink up and let's get the fuck out of this place while we still can."

For a moment Lorna wondered how Will could be so positive that Frank Holt and his cousin Opal knew she had arrived, then she remembered how small towns had long memories and matching tongues. Hell, she had probably been recognized by more than one person during her walk from Eli Gaffney's garage to here, and by this time the whole damn county probably knew she was home again.

Lorna finished her beer and followed her brother out the back door. The vehicle-choked parking lot was dark and quiet. Will's arm brushed against her breast when he slipped his hand in hers, and this was all it took to make her nipples stiffen and strain against the bra and blouse that covered them. She bit her lower lip. Now her tits and cunt were both tingling. She shivered. A parked car's headlights came on and trapped them just as Will glanced at her.

"Cold?" he asked.

Lorna knew Will had felt her hand tremble in his. A soft laugh rocked her tits.

"Not cold. Excited."

A somber look came to his face.

"There goes the reason I needed to take you in my arms again."

Lorna came to a sudden stop in the headlights glow and studied him closely for a few seconds. He looked as hot as she did, but was he? She tugged him into the deep shadows of a parked cattle truck to find out for sure. Her breath caught, and their she murmured, "You don't need a reason to take me in your arms, Will. Just take."

Will didn't wait for a second invitation. He caught Lorna in his arms and drew her toward himself to kiss her. His warm and hungry mouth touched hers, then quickly backed away. She felt his arms relaxing and grabbed his elbows, then whispered, "Forget I'm your sister, Will. Let it happen. I want it to happen."

Lorna was still talking when his arms tightened around her again. Then she felt her trembling body being urged toward his. She pressed her breasts against his chest, and thrust her cunt toward his crotch. Now she was sure. Will wanted her as badly as she wanted him. She could feel his cock throbbing against her thigh. His cock was rock-hard!

She butted her ass back ant reached down between them to feel the length and thickness of his prick. While they kissed her fingers explored Will's balls, then nipped their way down to find and grip his huge and spade-shaped cockhead.

Will moved his mouth away from hers and started feeling her. His hands moved over her breasts in a circular motion, then stopped at her jutting nipples. He took them between his fingers and massaged them for a few seconds through her bra and blouse. Then he dipped his head and started kissing her tits.

Lorna released her grip on Will's cockhead and fumbled open his fly. She reached inside his pants and pulled his stiff and come-slippery cock out into the open air. Again her fingers tightened as she skinned him back to expose the cockhead.

"Will, turn me loose so I can take your cock in my mouth and suck you off."

Will's lips kept chewing on her blouse and bra covered nipple as if he hadn't heard her. She jerked on his cock and tried again.

"Your cock, Will. I want to suck your cock."

Will mashed his mouth harder against Lorna's covered tits and clung to her for a few more seconds, his body shaking violently, and then his arms loosened to release her. He rasped, "Blow me, Lorna. Hurry."

Lorna continued to jerk on Will's jism slippery cock while she pulled air into her lungs. This proved to be a mistake. Suddenly she felt the surge of his orgasm beginning in her hand. A moment later his cock went off without the sucking she wanted to give it.

Too late, Lorna thought.

The instant Will's convulsing cock started squirting hot jism, Lorna tightened her fingers and stroked it rapidly to finish his come. She pumped his twitching prick until his balls were empty, her hand soaking with every drop of it. Damn, she had never met any man who could come so much at one time.

Still clutching his come-slick cock, she squinted at the shadowy outline of his glistening face. "How do you feel now, Will?"

"Drained and stupid. Up till now I've always been able to control my cock. I didn't mean to come all over your hand. I'm sorry."

Lorna gave his wilted prick a healthy hug, then talked while she fished some tissue from her shoulder bag to wipe his jism from her hand.

"Don't apologize, Will. I'm the one who fucked up by playing with you too long. It won't happen again. The next time will be better, for both of us."

"Yeah, but not here. Let's go where there's a lot of light and a big bed for us to fuck on."

"I'm for that, but aren't you afraid someone might recognize us when we check into a motel?"

"Fuck a whole bunch of motel rooms, Lorna. I'm taking you where nobody will see us or find us. Including Frank Holt and his cousin Opal. We're going to their place for the night."

"Their place?" Lorna made a clucking sound. "Damn, you're sneakier than Bearclaw Mike ever was."

Will's face landed on Lorna's breasts when he doubled up with laughter.


Frank Holt was finger fucking Chris Yeager's hot cunt and sucking on her right tit when she saw the station wagon drive past, coming from the direction of Whispering Pines. A few seconds later she heard tires squeal. She glanced back and saw the station wagon whip around to come after them, its horn blowing steadily as it did.

"Who the fuck is that behind us?" Frank growled as he pulled his finger out of Chris' cunt and sat up. "A cop?"

Opal Tucker giggled.

"If it is, I hope he isn't as mean as the one who tore up my driver's license six months ago."

Chris was fully dressed by the time Opal stopped her car on the road's shoulder. Chris looked back again, then said as she opened the door and got out, "Relax, it's only Eli Gaffney."

Chris ran up to the old man and laughed. "Opal will get here as soon as she finishes swearing. She thought you were a cop."

"Opal ain't why I flagged her car down, Chris. It's you I want. Will said you might be with her and Frank. When I called your place and theirs and didn't get no answer, I knew damn well you were. That's when I..."

He stopped talking when Frank and Opal walked up.

Frank Holt nodded at Eli, asked, "How far behind you are Lorna and Will, Eli?"

"They ain't, Frank. Last I saw of them they were getting ready to drink some beer at the Covered Wagon. Didn't mean to scare you. All I wanted was Chris, so she can take me home after I park Lorna's wheels at the ranch."

He paused for a moment.

"Unless you two want to drive me there now."

Opal took a quick breath that jiggled her big tits, shook her head.

"Not tonight, Eli. Lorna and Will are in town, and that's where we're going. You're on your own, Chris. Come on, Frank. Move it."

Eli Gaffney waited until Frank Holt and Opal Tucker disappeared down the deserted road before he placed his hands on Chris' shoulders and drawled, "Stop looking so down in the mouth, Chris. You'll see Lorna and Will before they do. Those last words are Will's, not mine. Mine are, let's get the hell out of here before I lose control of myself and make a grab for those hard little tits of yours."

Chris was neither surprised or offended by Eli Gaffney's bluntness. He didn't do it to insult or shock. It was just his way. She laughed. Then caught his wrists and guided his hands to her breasts as though she had placed them there a hundred times before, which she hadn't. They felt good. Somehow she had known they would.

Her cunt was still hot from the finger fucking Frank Holt had been gving it when Eli caught up with them. Now it became even hotter when she moved his hands to her breasts. So did the rest of her body. She closed her eyes and pretended that Eli's cock was pushing its way into the tortured depths of her cunt.

"Not here," Eli rasped as he dropped his hands from her tits and turned to get inside Lorna's station wagon. "All I want to do is fuck you, not fuck you up."

It took them ten minutes to drive back to the ranch. Eli drove with one hand. The other was occupied with feeling Chris' tits through the material that covered them. Kneading. Mauling. Fingers milking her stiff nipples. Keeping her ready for his cock.

Without a word they jumped out of the station wagon and ran inside the dark house. Chris snapped on the lights and moved toward the stairs that would take them to her bedroom. They never made it. She was in mid-turn when Eli Gaffney spun her around and caught her in his arms, then drew her body hard against his. Chris shivered. To hell with the bedroom. To hell with everything except his cock.

Their bodies fused. Eli's felt strong and wonderful against her. So did his stiff cock. Her hand dropped down between them to feel it, measure it. His cock was huge. Almost as big as Will Morgan's. Larger than Frank Holt's. Touching it nearly gave her a come.

Chris shivered and fumbled for Eli's fly zipper, found it. She ran it down, then reached in through the opening and tugged his cock out into the cool air. The thickly corded shaft was slick with the jism leaking from his cockhead.

Afraid that Eli would come before she could get naked, Chris dropped to her knees to catch his jism in her mouth. She pulled his cock toward her ovaled lips, then clamped them down over his cockhead.

Eli stiffened the instant she wrapped her lips around the knob of his prick, then loosened again as he tangled his fingers in her hair.

"Do it, Chris. Suck me off."

Chris reached inside his pants and cupped his balls in her right hand. Then she started sucking to get his jism. His cock quivered in her mouth. She felt it rubbing back and forth on the flat surface of her tongue while she sucked and raked her teeth against his cock.

"I'm going to come, Chris! Suck me harder!" Abruptly Eli's body began to jerk violently, and Chris hurriedly turned loose of his balls when he bucked forward and nearly knocked her on her ass. Tightening her lips around his come-slick cock, she clutched the backs of his thighs and pushed her head toward his crotch to get more of it inside her hot and hungry mouth.

A moment later Eli tensed, then crashed his balls into Chris' jaw as he bolted the entire length of his vibrating cock down her throat, rasping while he did. "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Writhing and gagging over the jism-squirting prick lodged in the suddenly aching depths of her throat, Chris pushed at Eli's stomach to slide him back and get relief; struggling and soon succeeding until only the knob and less than two inches of his gushing cock remained between her tight red lips, and in her mouth.

Eli's cock kept spitting jism, and soon Chris felt some of it leaking past her tightly girdling lips, despite the fact that she was gulping as rapidly as she could to keep from losing even one drop of his thick and delicious come.

She sucked and swallowed until his cock ran dry, then stopped when she heard a long sigh slither out of him. She waited for him to release her head. It didn't happen. She knew why. Eli wasn't finished with her. He wanted her to get his prick hard again. She did.

When his cock was stiff again, Eli moved his hands away from Chris' head, then waited until she took it out of her mouth before he lifted her to her feet. She sagged against him, her breathing ragged.

Eli patted her on the ass.

"Take your time, Chris. I can wait. So can my cock. You really sucked it good."

Chris looked up at him and murmured, "That's how I want you to fuck me, Eli. Good."

Theft mouths met in an open kiss. Chris plastered herself against him and wiggled her tongue inside his mouth. At the same time she dipped her hand and grabbed his stiff and throbbing cock, then started jerking on it while they kissed.

Eli's hands slipped under the back of her shell and moved upward toward her shoulder blades. Chris brought her tongue to a stop inside his mouth while, he fumbled with the snaps on her bra; nothing happened. When he failed to undo them, Eli slid his hands around to the front and cupped her still covered breasts, then moved his head back to get her tongue out of his mouth.

"Make yourself naked, Chris."

Pulling and tugging, Chris hurried out of her clothing, then wiggled her ass across the room and sank down on the thick pile rug in front of the big fireplace, her legs spread and pussy waiting for Eli Gaffney's big and juicy cock.

A few seconds later Eli stretched out beside Chris. She rolled onto her hip and into his arms. She strained toward him. His arms wound around her and squirmed to get even closer. She bit his neck and raked her long fingernails across his back, then cried out as she ground her cunt against his throbbing cock, "Fuck me, Eli, fuck me!"

Eli sat up beside her.

"Asshole. Let me fuck your asshole."

Chris didn't care where Eli fucked her, as long as he fucked her. She steepled her legs.

"My ass is yours. Fuck it."

Eli came to his knees, then gripped his huge prick with both hands. "Let's do it dog fashion."

Chris giggled and rolled over on her belly, then grimaced when the stiff nipples of her breasts slid over the napping of the rug while she moved to make it to her hands and knees. The rough contact sent an unusually sickening sensation speeding all the way to her stomach, but just as quickly the feeling passed and now only the itching and burning lust remained in her tight and dripping cunt.

Coming to her hands and knees, Chris wiggled her ass at Eli and told him, "I'm ready. Take me, fuck me."

Over the point of her shoulder Chris watched Eli move into position behind her, plastering his stiff cock from underneath with his right hand to keep it from dragging on the floor as he did. Chris held her breath. Then shivered when Eli's cockhead parted the cheeks of her ass and pressured itself against her brown and puckered ass-ring.

One or two seconds later Eli palmed her motionless hips, then came forward with his cock in an attempt to get its swollen knob beyond her tight asshole entrance.

"Ah, ah, ah," Chris huffed while the blunt tip of Eli's cock pushed against her ass-ring. "Easy, easy."

Eli worked his prick between her asscheeks slowly, carefully. Holding Chris by her now slightly jerking hips. Pressing. Easing. Then butting and grinding his cock at the same time. Greasing her ass-ring with his jism with each jab. Backing off digging his fingers into the meaty part of her hips. Finally forcing his fat cockhead beyond her ass-ring. Chris felt no pain. Not one fucking twinge. But could she take the rest of Eli's huge cock the way he wanted to give it to her... clear to the hilt? There was only one way to find out.

Trembling now, Chris dug the palms of her hands into the pile rug, then gritted her teeth and pushed back toward the cock whose tip was jammed in her ass. Eli stopped shoving and allowed her to take whatever portion of his prick she wanted. Chris wanted it all. Every fat and heavily veined inch of it. The way she wanted and took every inch of Will's long and fat cock everytime he cornholed her.

More and more of Eli's cock pushed its way into her asshole, until at last Chris felt his hot and heavy nuts bang into her asscheeks. A shudder of delight bobbled her tits and made her cunt lips lighten. All. She had taken every inch of Eli Gaffney's cock up her ass!

"Good," Chris panted. "Make it feel better. Fuck, Eli... Fuck the shit out of my ass!"

Eli needed no encouragement. Neither did Chris. The instant his cock came alive with motion inside her tingling asshole, her hips began to jerk, along with the rest of her body. She went wild with lust. Really wild. She growled like an animal and then screamed with pleasure from deep inside her chest, dropped to her elbows and started meeting him lunge for lunge. Her ass twisted and bucked, and suddenly she felt a come building up in her cunt from the ass-fucking Eli was giving her.

Old Eli did some huffing and grunting of his own while he pounded his prick to Chris' tight asshole. As he fucked he chewed at her grinding hips with his strong fingers, then abruptly released them and grabbed one of her breasts in each hand. He trapped their tumid nipples between thumbs and forefingers, applied pressure, then gave his cock a fantastic twist while he rammed it to his nuts up her ass, and Chris nearly creamed her cunt.

"Again, Eli. Shove your cock in my ass again! I'm ready to come!"

"Same here. Let's come together."

"Yes, let's!" Chris panted as the savagely flung her quivering ass back to take Eli's cock all the way to its balls again, then tightened her ass-ring around it and waited for him to pop his nuts. A second later Eli released his hold on her tits, then took a grip on her hips, and abruptly their bodies, fused as her cunt and his prick came at the same time.

"Oooh, Eli..."

Eli's hot come squirted into Chris' ass, burning her. More of his scalding jism oozed past his pumping prick to sting the cheeks of her ass and trail down her inner thighs, but the way her cunt was erupting she barely noticed it.

They started and finished getting their nuts off at the same time, but even with her own come still dripping from her cunt Chris felt a fresh surge of lust building up within her. It was strange. She couldn't seem to get enough of Eli Gaffney's cock.

Eli backed his softening cock out of Chris' jism leaking asshole and plopped down beside her.

"I hate to say this, but after what I just finished doing to that wild ass of yours, I might never come up with another hard-on."

"Shit," Chris laughed, then grimaced as she felt more of his jism drool from her asshole when she rolled over on her back and sat up beside him. "One drink and a few minutes' rest and you'll be hot to fuck me again. What will you have?"

"Some of your cunt, I guess."

"I meant to drink."

"How about a cold glass of wine?"

They stood up together. Chris headed for the kitchen to get two glasses of wine. Eli went into the downstairs bathroom to clean his cock. He was resting on the sofa when she returned with the drinks, his prick still soft and useless. But not for long.

While Eli sipped his cold glass of wine, Chris grabbed his spongy cock and dipped her head to kiss the velvety dome of it. His prick quivered in her hand, then stretched and started to stiffen. She slid from the sofa to the floor and scooted between Eli's gaping legs to harden him all the way, so he could fuck her cunt.

Chris shifted Eli's cock to her left hand, then unfurled her tongue and stabbed the tip of it into the miniature hole on the underside of the glowing knob. There was no jism there. Not yet. She licked at the tiny hole for a few more seconds, then ovaled her lips and gulped his cockhead into her warm and eager mouth. She tightened her lips and bobbed her head up and down. At the same time she scooped his balls into her right hand and toyed with them. She tickled his nuts and sucked on his prick. Her head kept moving up and down. She released a portion of his cock, then took it down into her throat. A shiver ripped through her while she sucked, for now she felt her cunt turn hot and wet with passion as Eli's corded prick hardened all the way behind her tight and suctioning lips.

Taking Eli's cock out of her mouth, Chris smiled up at him and said, "There, now you can fuck me."

"Yep," Eli grunted while he dropped from the sofa and flopped Chris to her back, "now I can fuck you."

Chris opened her legs and Eli came between them. With pumping heart she waited for his cock. Eyes closed, she kept waiting. Moments later she felt Eli's fingers part the wet lips of her cunt. She trembled and cried out, "Don't tease me with your cock, Eli. Shove it all the way in, balls and all."

She grunted as he pushed his prick into her cunt, then panted, "Go, Eli. Fuck me, fuck me good!"

Chris wasn't faking passion in any way. There was no need to fake. Not where Eli Gaffney was concerned. He know how to make her moan and howl with lust while he fucked her. Ah, ah, it felt so good to have his cock in her hot and hungry cunt.

Reflexively, Chris' arms coiled around Eli's sweaty neck. Her breasts surged upward, firm and high, standing clear of his chest while she panted, "Suck my tits while you fuck me."

Still fucking, Eli trapped the nearest nipple between his lips and started sucking. Loudly. Hungrily.

Chris made a small whimpering sound the instant Eli attacked her tingling nipple. He raked it with his teeth and she whimpered again, louder this time. A moment later she went wild with lust. Her legs jerked, her hands moved. Her long red fingernails clawed at his back and her legs tightened around him while she bucked forward and mashed the lips of her cunt hard against his savagely butting cock.

Tremors of delight pumped through Chris' body, blood bubbled, nerves jumped. She couldn't recall her flesh responding like this before. Not even with Will. Eli's cock was driving her wild!

Hugging his sweaty face tightly to her breast she panted, "Suck me, fuck me, juice me!"

Eli didn't seem to hear her. His primitively frantic movements told her why. He was on the verge of shooting his jism into her cunt. Their legs twisted and tangled, their hips churned, and then it happened.

Abruptly Eli stopped sucking and gnawing on Chris' tit, and now his chest heaved wildly while he reached around Chris' hips to grip her pumping ass. A second later he shuddered, then buried his face between her breasts and fired a load of jism into her cunt.

"Me too, me too!" Chris yelped as Eli's cock went off in her cunt. "I'm coming with you!"

Their sweat-drenched bodies slammed into each other. Chris clung to Eli with her arms and legs, squeezing his spasming cock with the lips of her cunt to get every fat and scalding drop of his jism.

Their juices mingled. They kept fucking, fucking, fucking...

Chris lay on the thick pile rug with her eyes closed, her tits rising and falling in cadence to her ragged breathing, unable to speak or even think until she felt Eli Gaffney's softening cock slither out of her jism-filled cunt. A calmness came over her. Then the room came into focus again, and she opened her dreamy black eyes to find Eli watching her with a strange expression on his face.

Come gushed out of her cunt and her tits jiggled provocatively as she sat up and locked glances with him, her voice curious.

"What's wrong, Eli? Wasn't the way I fucked any good?"

"You know better than that, Chris. Everything you did to my cock was good. Better than good. So are you. The best. I ain't surprised. Just sad that I ain't about twenty-five years younger."

"What would you do if you were twenty-five years younger, Eli?"

"I'd sell my garage and marry you, that's what I'd do."

Chris giggled.

"You don't have to sell your garage to do that, Eli. We can always use your back room during business hours."

Eli's right eyebrow lifted in amusement.

"Who the fuck told you about my back room?"

"Let me see. There was Jane Alcorn, Bessie Calder, the Schroeder twins, Wanda Makris, Old Lady Farthingham, and..."

"Old Lady Farthingham is a fucking liar," Eli interrupted. "I ain't never been that hard up to use my cock on her."

Another giggle quaked Chris' small breasts. "I only mentioned her, name to see if you were paying attention to..."

The phone rang. She jumped up to answer it.


"Chris, this is Opal."

"Hi. What's the problem this time?"

"Lorna and Will. We can't seem to find those two rascals anywhere. Are they with you and Eli?"

"No, Opal, they're not with us."

Opal sighed wearily.

"I wonder where the hell they could be? Ah, never mind, Chris. If Lorna and Will are still somewhere in this damn town, the three of us ought to be able to find them."

"The three of you?"

"That's what I said, all right. There's someone else looking for Lorna besides me and Frank. A good looking young man. Said something about having some unfinished business with her. Sounded almost like a threat."

Chris didn't know what prompted her to ask, "Does this man who's looking for Lorna have a name, Opal?"

"Calls himself Cowboy."

"Just Cowboy?"

"Yep, just Cowboy."

"Must be the same feller who woke my ass up after Lorna left the garage to find Will," Eli told Chris when she hung up the phone. "Asked when she was coming back to pick up her station wagon, where he could find her, and a few other questions I didn't feel like answering for someone with a bad smell about him, so I told him to take a walk. And speaking of that, let's get out of here and do some walking of our own."

"To where, Eli?"

"Frank Holt's place."

Chris frowned at him. "Why there?"

"Because that's where Lorna and Will went to hide from Frank and his cousin Opal."

He saw her reach for her panties, shook his head. "Ain't no need to dress, Chris."

Chris took a quick look at Eli's soft and swaying cock, smiled. "We can't go over there without any clothes on, Eli."

"Why the fuck not? That's how we're going to find them."

Chris laughed and sent her panties flying across the room.


"Sit tight until I catch Frank's security dog and bring him over to get your scent," Will told Lorna as he climbed out of the pickup, then hurriedly slammed the door to keep the lunging and snarling Doberman away from her.

"Old Max is a mean bastard with strangers. Come on, boy, settle."

Lorna killed the engine, then settled back to watch Will and the vicious looking Doberman. It was a ridiculous scene, but only because of the contrast: a hairy black dog standing on his hind legs, licking the face of a naked man with a vicious hard-on. She laughed, then sobered when Will called to her to join them.

Old Max gave out with a low growl when Lorna approached him. She stopped and spoke his name. The dog quieted down. Will released him. Lorna held out her hand. The dog licked it. Then he started sniffing at the hem of her skirt. Lorna frowned. Then gasped in surprise when the Doberman pushed his head under her skirt and slapped his long tongue against the come-drenched crotch of her panties.

Will pulled the Doberman out from between Lorna's legs and told him, "No way, Old Max. The cunt you just tried to taste belongs to me. Go find one of your own to suck and fuck."

Old Max followed them all the way to the front door. There Lorna lifted her skirt to give him another sniff of her cunt, then turned and followed Will inside the lighted house to finish what they had started in the parking lot behind the Covered Wagon bar. She was anxious. So was her brother. They didn't even bother to look for the nearest bed.

Will heeled the front door shut, then rasped as he took her in his arms, "Come here and push those big tits of yours against my chest, sis."

Lorna shuddered with delight the instant she felt Will's stiff cockhead punch against her skirt. He strained to get closer. So did she. Her full and pointed breasts pressured against his chest and then he mashed his lips to hers. His tongue drilled its way into her mouth, and suddenly she felt her cunt heat up in a way she had never felt it heat up before; not even with Adam Benbow.

Will was doing some burning of his own. Lorna felt his cock twitching savagely against the junction at her thighs, and now she began to worry that he might lose control and pop his virile nuts all over her skirt. Her mood turned grim. It wasn't going to happen. She wouldn't let it happen. No fucking way in hell was she going to let Will cheat her out of his delicious jism again.

With his probing and flogging tongue still in her mouth, Lorna quickly flung her shapely ass back, then captured his rigid and slippery prick in her right hand. She gave it a few fast strokes, then waited for a reaction; she got one almost immediately.

Will popped his tongue out of her mouth and panted, "It's all right. I won't come in your hand like I did in town. Jerk it some more."

Lorna did as he asked. Tightening her grip she proceeded to milk his prick with long, lazy strokes that brought loud grunts of pleasure ripping out of his throat, and then the words, "Faster, beat my cock faster!"

The fire in Lorna's cunt grew in intensity while she stroked Will's cock with greater speed. At this point something had to be done, so she did it. She pumped Will's prick a few more times, then brought her hand to a standstill and said smokily, "I want your jism, Will. Take off my clothes and give it to me. Anywhere except in my hand."

Without hesitation Will stepped back and clawed at her blouse with frantic fingers. As his cock slipped out of her come-slick hand, Lorna started to reach for it again, then changed her mind. Now, with her breasts tingling and heaving, she stood trembling while Will slid the blouse from her shoulders and helped her all the way out of it. He tossed the blouse aside, then loosened the zipper on her skirt and pushed it past her hips, down to her ankles where she kicked it clear of her feet. When he straightened, his stiff and leaking cock jabbed and pulsated against the wet webbing of her panties as he reached around her and fumbled for the clasps on her strapless bra; he couldn't unhook them.

"I've got other bras," Lorna panted as her hand dropped to grab Will's cock again. "Rip it off!"

Will did as she requested. He snagged his strong fingers into the back band and gave it a yank downward. A moment later the half bra disappeared and Lorna glanced down to watch her long nippled breasts tumble into view.

The instant her breasts were bare Will started to catch and take the nearest jutting nipple between his lips. Just as speedily Lorna kept him from reaching his intended destination. Gently but firmly she pushed his damp face away from her heaving tits and told him to finish stripping her before he did anything else.

Will's fingers singed Lorna's flesh when they hooked into the waistband of her bikini stretch panties to remove them. Her dark-tipped breasts surged upward while her eyes sank to watch her curly haired cunt loom into view when Will slid the panties free of her hips, then trailed them down to her ankles to where she could step out of them.

She started to lift her leg to make it easier for Will, then came up on her toes and gasped with joy when he pushed his face between her thighs and kissed the wet lips of her cunt. Before he could back away, Lorna kicked her panties free, then trapped his moist face in both hands and murmured, "Eat me, Will, eat me off."

Will didn't have to be coaxed into giving Lorna what she wanted. A bit roughly, he grabbed her by the asscheeks and moved to eat her cunt. As eagerly as he'd gone after her tits, his lips ovaled and captured her jutting clit, and the healthy suck he gave it jolted a little trickle of come from her pussy.

She shuddered and panted, "Ah, that feels so fucking good!"

Before the sound of Lorna's voice faded into silence, Will stopped mauling her clit with his lips and teeth, then clamped his mouth over the lips of her cunt to catch and swallow the come flowing out of it.

Lorna moaned and quivered while Will went down on her pussy. At the same time she lifted her hands to her breasts and took their hard nipples between her fingers. She squeezed and jerked on the nipples. Suddenly, she felt the surge of orgasm beginning in her cunt. So did Will. He grabbed her asscheeks tighter, then mashed his mouth against her cuntlips and started sucking and swallowing her come.

Will was still eating her pussy when she pushed down on his sweat-slick shoulders, jerked away from his sucking mouth and his squirming tongue, then quickly sank down beside him on the floor. She flopped to her back and said, "My tits, Will. Fuck my tits."

Will hesitated.

"I might come all over your face, Lorna."

"Don't worry, that will never happen. Bring it to me."

Quickly, Will straddled Lorna's warm and heaving stomach. With equal speed she clutched his rock-hard cock with both hands and tucked it between her hot and sweaty breasts. Then she lifted her head and licked his cockhead to show him how she expected to catch his jism when his cock went off between her tits. She gave it another swipe with her tongue then she mashed her breasts together and enveloped Will's hard and throbbing prick with her flesh so he could fuck her.

Will started rocking back and forth, and each time his long prick bulled through her breasts Lorna licked at it with her tongue, or trapped the pink plastic cockhead with her mouth and gave it a quick and noisy suck to satisfy her craving for his jism.

It didn't take long for Will to get his nuts off. It happened quickly. Almost too quickly. A moment later and he would have squirted his jism all over her face. But this time Lorna was ready for him. Catching his right asscheek with her left hand to pull him closer, she crammed the tip of his prick into her mouth, and abruptly she was hungrily gulping huge gobs of his hot and delicious come.

She sucked and swallowed until his cock ran dry. Then she moved her mouth away from it and licked his nuts, hoping his prick would get stiff again by the time she finished. It didn't. She smiled up at him.

"No rush, I can wait to get fucked. Let's rest." Will swung clear of her breasts and helped her up from the floor. He looked sheepish.

"If I'd known you were coming in a day early and that I was going to suck and fuck with you, I wouldn't have used my cock on Opal Tucker or the Covered Wagon barmaid today."

"What about the girl Chrissy you mentioned when I called to tell you I was coming home, Will?"

He shook his head.

"Chrissy was still asleep when I cut out for town early this morning."

"You wore her out the night before, huh?"

"Nobody can wear Chrissy out."

"Is Chrissy your girl, Will?"

"Yeah, but not in the way you mean, Lorna. Don't ask me to explain right now, but I know you'll love her like I do when you meet her, and for the same reason."

Lorna deliberately misunderstood him. "I'll have to learn how all over again. I haven't gone to bed with another woman in years."

"Be serious, will you?"


"That's better. You want something to drink?"

Lorna reached out and grabbed his rubbery cock.

"Here's what I want, Will. Like right now."

"You've got it, keep it."

All conversation ceased as Lorna dropped to her knees in front of will to suck him hard again. She started by kissing the insides of his muscular thighs. First one and then the other. Taking her time she kissed her way up to the corrugated sack that contained his egg-sized nuts. She lapped at the ridged back to dry the sweat and come that had worked its way into the wrinkles when he had fucked her between the tits. Then she took the right ball in her mouth and tickled it with her tongue, and while she did her left hand hugged and slid back and forth over his cock. Soon she felt it growing fat and hard against her curled fingers. She popped his nuts out of her mouth and took his cockhead between her hot red lips, then sucked and sucked until his jism began to flow. Now he was ready. So was she.

Lorna's breasts tossed violently as she flopped to her back on the floor, pulling Will down with her by hanging on to his rock-hard cock, making him grunt and grimace when she did. The instant her shoulder blades and ass touched the rug, she yawned her legs and tugged Will between them, then rubbed his velvety cockhead against her jutting pink clit. Her enjoyment was brief, for a moment later Will took over.

Air jumped out of Lorna's lungs in a loud gasp of surprise as Will shoved his cock into her cunt with one quick and powerful thrust, all the way to the balls. She experienced a brief twinge of pain, but momentarily it was gone, and now all she felt was the primitive urge to fuck every drop of jism out of her brother's prick.

Will had the same idea in mind for Lorna's cunt. She felt his body harden, his knees moving to give himself balance as he began to push his cock in and out of her pussy with rapid strokes. He knew how to fuck a woman. His prick drove her wild with pleasure. His hot and heavy balls crashing into her cunt bone drove her even wilder. Lust scorched her. She couldn't wait for his jism to do the same thing to her pussy.

"Don't just lay there, Lorna. Help me."

Suddenly, every part of Lorna's body came alive with motion. She snaked and locked her legs around Will's furiously pumping hips, coiled her arms around his neck, then pulled his wet face against her heaving breasts and panted.

"Suck my tits while you fuck me, Will. It will make me came better, faster. Do it. Suck my tits while you fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Will tried to twist his head and grunted.

"Loosen your arms a little so I can get my mouth on your nipples."

Lorna bit Will on the meaty part of his shoulder when he took one of her stiff and tingling nipples between his lips and started to suck on it while he poured the prick to her cunt with savage determination. A few seconds later he grabbed her squirming ass with both hands, then rammed his middle finger deep in her tight asshole, and the unexpected goring finger nearly gave her a quick come.

Indescribable sensations ripped through every inch of Lorna's gleaming body and her eyes blanked off into space while she writhed and bucked at the driving cock in her cunt, the twisting finger in her asshole, then squealed, "Suck me, fuck me, juice me!"

Will gave the nipple in his mouth a series of quick and strong sucks while he pumped his cock to her snapping cunt, then twisted his finger in her asshole, and suddenly Lorna made a whimpering sound as she got ready to orgasm. Abruptly her body went limp beneath his for a moment. Then she started fucking again, even more passionately than before. She pitched and bucked against him, tightened her arms and attempted to cram an entire tit in his mouth, cried, "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"Try to hold back a second," Will mumbled against her breast.

"I can't! I'm coming, I'm coming."

Will stopped sucking her tit and rammed his cock to its balls in her pussy.

Lorna tightened her legs around Will's ass when she felt the savage throbbing of his cock, and a moment later they got their rocks off together. Her cuntlips chewed on his spurting prick until he collapsed on top of her, all fucked out.

She relaxed beneath him, her cunt leaking her come and his jism.

Will lifted his flushed and sweaty face from Lorna's breasts, then slowly withdrew his drained and rubbery cock from her pussy and crawled out from between her legs before he said with a grin, "I don't know about you, but I gotta stop fucking and take a break. How about a cold beer and a..."

The ringing of the telephone silenced him for a moment. Then he started talking again.

"Ten to one that's Opal or Frank on the other end of the line."

Breasts bobbled erratically and more of Will's jism dribbled out of Lorna's cunt as she jumped up.

"Want me to answer it and find out?"

"We came here to hide."

"We came here to fuck."

Will laughed.

Lorna glanced toward the phone. "Maybe it's Chrissy."

Will took his head.

"Eli's with her at our place. She won't call. Come on. Let's head for the kitchen and grab a beer."

Lorna glanced down at the jism dripping from her cunt, grimaced.

"Aim me toward the nearest bathroom and bring mine there. I want to clean up a bit before you come at me with your cock again."

"Upstairs. Third door on your right."

The phone was still ringing when Lorna ran upstairs to the bathroom, leaving a trail of Will's jism in her wake. She took a quick piss, then stepped into the spacious shower and adjusted the taps for lukewarm. Plucking the bar of scented soap from its dish, she lathered her cunt hair and gave herself a finger douche, then used some of the same foam to clean her tight asshole. Next she lifted her hands to her breasts, but before she could lather them the bar of soap slipped out of her grip and skidded into a corner of the shower stall. Lorna bent down to retrieve the cake of soap, then gasped and straightened when Will came up behind her and pressed the knob of his cock between the dimpled cheeks of her ass. Her glance dropped as she turned toward him. His cock was stiff and ready for action again.

A silent laugh rocked her tits. She knew he wanted to fuck her. She also knew where he wanted to fuck her, in the ass. He was anxious to shove his cock up her asshole. She shrugged. Why not? They had done everything else during these past couple of hours they had been together.

Lorna lifted her eyes from Will's magnificent cock and grabbed the can of beer he was offering her. The lukewarm spray from the shower rinsed the suds from her back and asscheeks while they drank in silence. There was no need to talk. Will had already touched the tip of his cock against her asshole to tell her what he wanted to do next, and she was rinsing her ass to let him know she was all for cornholing.

Will's cockhead gouged Lorna's belly button when he moved in to take the empty beer can from her hand, then tossed them out of the shower and trapped her in his arms again. His cock slipped downward as he did, and. Lorna shivered with pleasure when it wound up between her thighs and touched the lips of her cunt.

For a minute or so they kissed and clung to each other. Will's tongue explored inside her mouth while she rubbed her tits all over his chest, and massaged his stiff and throbbing cock between her clenched thighs. Lust kept building in her cunt. Bearable, and then unbearable. She needed a come. The ass-fucking would give her one.

Will backed his tongue out of Lorna's mouth when she started to sink to the wet shower floor, rasped, "Let's fuck standing up..."

Lorna gave his cock another hug with her thighs, then twisted in his embrace and bent toward the shower faucets to shut the water off. Will's arms tightened around her waist; the length of his stiff prick pressed and nestled in the cleft of her asscheeks. Lorna shuddered. Then wrapped her fingers around the clover-leaf shaped water taps and waited for Will to start pushing cock up her asshole.

A few seconds later Will's arms loosened. His right arm left her waist, and her breath caught as the hand attached to it slid over her hip to grab the cock throbbing between her asscheeks, and pull it away from there. In a moment his cock was back again, its huge knob buffing against her tight asshole. She gritted her teeth and pushed her ass back to help him get it inside her asshole.

Holding her waist tightly with his left arm, hunched forward, and abruptly Lorna felt his cockhead force its way beyond her ass-ring. He paused for a moment. Then he rammed his prick all the way to its balls up her ass with one powerful thrust. Surprisingly, she felt no pain.

The instant Will's hot and heavy nuts banged into her asscheeks, Lorna went wild with lust. She ground her hips and pumped her ass against the cock that filled her asshole with such great force they both lost their footing and fell to the floor, still hooked together.

Quickly, Lorna turned her head toward the nearest wall, then flattened her palms at its base while she glanced at Will and panted, "Now you can push your prick to my ass as hard as you want. Do it, Will. Fuck my ass real hard."

Will chewed his fingers into Lorna's grinding hips and started fucking her again. She groaned with pleasure. Will really knew how to fuck a girl's asshole. Ah, ah, did he ever know how to fuck a girl's asshole!

Lorna clenched her teeth and pushed the top of her head against the tile wall while Will poured the cock to her asshole with long and powerful strokes. Abruptly her teeth unclenched and a moan gushed out of her mouth as Will dropped a hand and started mauling her snapping and burning cunt. He rubbed the heel of his hand over her wet and tanged pussy hairs, jerked on her hard pink clit, and then he began to finger fuck her with a savage rhythm that matched the cock in her asshole.

Suddenly Will's bludgeoning cock twisted inside her asshole, and the unexpected but fantastic corkscrewing motion gave Lorna a mild orgasm. Her cuntlips sucked at Will's finger while she pitched and butted against his pounding prick to get the kind of climax that would make her cunt flow and drench his big and mauling hand with come.

Lorna's entire body quivered in want of a come as she twirled her ass around the cock that skewered and battered it, and while she writhed she panted, "Make my pussy juice, Will! Fuck me, fuck me!"

"I don't think I'll be able to fuck very much longer," Will rasped as he bent his finger at the knuckle inside her cunt, then rammed his cock hilt-deep in her ass and locked it there.

"I'm close to... Ah, ah, I'm blowing my nuts!"

Lorna's dangling tits flopped violently as she rocked against Will's prick to get a come of her own. A moment later Will's convulsive cock went off inside her ass, and triggered her own release. Her body stiffened for a second, then went out of control. She jerked and whimpered as thick gobs of jism ripped out of Will's spasming prick to scald and flood her asshole, and while she did her erupting cunt spewed come around the long finger still embedded in it.

Their bodies were mirrored with sweat when they finally shuddered to a standstill, their passions spent. Will's finger made a dull popping sound when he took it out of Lorna's dripping cunt. A moment later he pulled his softening cock out of her still sucking asshole, then huffed as he toppled to his back, "I've had it!"

So have I, Lorna thought. But good!

A contented sigh disturbed her hanging breasts. She felt soft and beautiful in every part of her body. Never had she been so thoroughly sucked and fucked by any man. Nor had she ever been able to come so much and so often with any man. She knew why. The right tongue and the right cock made the difference. So did love.

More of Will's thick jism drooled out of Lorna's relaxed asshole as she scrambled to her feet. Will remained stretched out on the floor, his eyes on her quaking breasts. She stood motionless for a few seconds and let him look at them. Then she turned on the shower and stepped under the spray to rinse his jism from her ass and send it down the drain.

When she was clean, she crooked her finger in a beckoning motion. "Come here and let me wash your cock."

Will sat up and grinned at her.

"Why don't you just come right out and say that you want to play with my prick?"

A giggle shook her tits.

"All right, come here so I can play with your prick and make it stiff..." She stopped talking when she heard the Doberman start barking, listened, smiled.

"Old Max sounds happy about something. Maybe somebody's bitch dog came to see him."

"Be a wasted trip for the bitch," Will said as he stood up and joined Lorna under the shower.

"Old Max isn't a dog's dog. Not since Opal came back and corrupted the big son of a bitch."

Lorna captured Will's limber cock in her left hand and started washing it.

"Better her than Frank."

"Yeah. Or me."

They laughed, then tensed when they heard the Doberman's barking grow louder and steadier. Lorna glanced toward the small steam window that overlooked the lane; no headlights reflection showed against the glass. She released her strangling grip on Will's cock, frowned. "I don't hear any cars, do you?"

Will's chest pushed against Lorna's breasts as he reached around her to turn off the water faucets. "Old Max is doing his barking out back, so it has to be someone coming across the pasture. Probably Eli and Chrissy. I asked him to bring her here around midnight. It must be that time."

Lorna's emerald eyes twinkled with amusement as she rubbed her breasts over Will's practically hairless chest.

"I'm going to feel awful silly meeting your Chrissy for the first time, dressed in nothing except a pair of tiny earrings."

Will's again half hard prick pressed into Lorna's belly when he tightened his arms around her and grinned. "There's no reason for you to feel silly about anything where Chrissy is concerned, Lorna, and she isn't only mine like you said."


"She's yours, too."


"That's right. Get ready for a jolt. I found out today from the lawyer who's handling Bearclaw Mike's will for us that Chrissy Yeager is our illegitimate kid sister."

Lorna's eyebrows lifted in surprise, then knitted in a frown as she asked, "Does Chrissy know who she is?"

Will's rapidly hardening cock struck Lorna's thigh when he turned away from her to step out of the shower. "I asked Eli to break the news to her before they came over, only something tells me Chrissy's finding out she's a member of the Morgan family won't surprise her as much as it did me or you."

"There's only one way to find out for sure." Lorna grabbed Will's now all the way hard cock and gave it a tug. "Let's go meet Eli."

Naked, they went downstairs and ran out into the warm and star-filled night to hold their reunion.


An equally naked sister Chrissy was waiting with drinks in the front room when Lorna finished her lone tour of the big house she hadn't seen in nine years. Chrissy was alone.

"What happened to Eli and Will, Chrissy?"

"They went back to Frank's place to get my car and Will's pickup."

Her dainty tits danced in rhythm to her laughter.

"I think they did it to get away from us for a while so they could rest their cocks."

Lorna's breasts did some shaking of their own as her thoughts pulled back to the reunion the four of them had held in Frank Holt's pasture about a half hour ago, at the edge of the pond. There she and Chrissy had gotten acquainted with each other, and there she and Chrissy had gotten fucked by Eli and Will; once by both men. No damn wonder they were in need of a rest!

Just then a car's horn broke the silence around them.

They jumped to their feet and ran outside to find out what the hell was going on. Eli Gaffney hopped out of Chrissy's car, laughing his ass off as he joined them near the front porch.

Lorna glanced past Eli's shaking shoulder and asked, "Where's Will?"

Eli stopped laughing.

"Over at Frank's, helping Old Max watch a thief who claims he's a friend of yours until the county cops get there."

Lorna blinked. "What friend of mine, Eli?"

"Some guy called Cowboy who said he met you in Wyoming." Eli snorted. "Some cowboy. More like a cowgirl. That's what I was laughing about when I drove up. When Old Max cornered the prick upstairs, he was dressed in Opal Tucker's prettiest nightgown."

Lorna went inside the house to do some fast dressing, then took off on foot across the pasture to Frank Holt's place. The handcuffed and still negligeed Cowboy who had somehow managed to follow her here all the way from Wyoming was being driven off in a county patrol car when she got there.

Will shook his head at her when she walked up to him and drawled, "You sure do know some interesting people, Lorna. The one Ike Smalley just hauled away in his cage car likes to fuck and kill women."

"I know."

Lorna quickly explained how and when she had met Cowboy, and finished by saying, "I'm guessing, but I think the only reason the kinky son of a bitch didn't murder me back in the motel room was because I practically raped his ass, instead of the other way around."

"That isn't why, Lorna. Cowboy did some talking when he found out I was your brother. He said the only reason you lived was because you were gone when he came back from buying a suit with the money he stole from your purse. He followed you here to finish what he started back there. Lucky for you and Chrissy he ended up at the wrong house."

He stopped talking for a moment as a car turned into the lane, headlights bouncing, then took Lorna by the hand.

"Let's take off through the pasture again. Here comes Opal and her cousin Frank."

They were both breathless by the time they reached the pond where Lorna and Chrissy had first met, and where Will and Eli had fucked them both. And here was where Lorna stopped Will and pulled him down beside her on the bed of moss, then squirmed into his waiting arms and asked him to calm her down with his cock.

Will's teeth flashed whitely in the waning moonlight.

"I can't fuck you with a soft prick, Lorna. Do something to make it hard."

Lorna fumbled with the fly zipper and pulled Will's flaccid prick out of his pants. She laced her fingers around it and started jerking. Nothing happened. She dipped her head and took the tip of his cock in her mouth, and bit down on it with her lips. She started sucking. A few seconds later she tasted his jism. Now he was ready to fuck. So was her cunt. She could feel the lips of her pussy chewing into the wet crotch of her panties.

She took his cock out of her mouth and stood up to make herself naked. Will did the same. Then they dropped to the moss again, this time in the shadows of a tall pine tree where the waning moon couldn't reach them and expose their naked asses to the approaching Frank Holt and Opal Tucker.

Locked in Will's arms with her tits mashed against his chest, his stiff and leaking cock clenched between her thighs, Lorna heard Opal telling Frank as they walked along the narrow cow path that would take them to hers, Chrissy's and Will's house, "If Lorna and Will aren't home when we get there this time, I'm going to park my ass on the front porch and wait until they do come."

"Yeah, no matter where the fuck they are or where they've been these past few hours, sooner or later they've got to come."

"Sooner or later, hell," Lorna whispered as Opal and Frank strolled out of earshot, then quivered while she squeezed her thighs tighter against Will's pulsating cock.

"I've been coming all night."

Will chuckled and turned Lorna over on her back. She reached between them to grab his hard cock, and guided the knob to the jutting tip of her clit, but not for long. The instant his cockhead touched her clit, she knew the only place it would feel good now was inside her cunt.

Lorna made a small whimpering sound as she moved Will's cockhead to the dewy lips of her cunt, then grunted with pleasure when he rammed every inch of his cock between them, and crushed his hot and heavy nuts against her cunt bone. For a moment she lay unmoving and stiff beneath him, and then she came alive with lust. Clutching him tightly, she started fucking. She writhed and bucked with wild abandon against Will's driving cock, and she loved every powerful stroke it delivered to her cunt.

"Harder, Will. Fuck me harder!"

Will grabbed Lorna by the asscheeks to give her what she wanted. He dug his knees into the moss and poured his cock to her cunt with long and jerky strokes. At the same time he spread the cheeks of her pumping ass and shoved a finger up her asshole; it gave her a mild come.

The cock in Lorna's cunt and the finger in her asshole reduced her to a mass of quivering flesh, but not enough to bring on the ultimate orgasm. Close wasn't there. She needed Will's cock to fuck her all the way into a blinding come. The kind that would leave her cunt aching, empty... and peaceful.

A moment or two later it started to happen, for both of them. Will began to push his cock faster in and out of her cunt while he fucked her asshole with his finger. Abruptly he jerked the finger free of Lorna's ass, rammed his prick to the balls and held it there. They were both shuddering and moaning as they popped their nuts together.

Will's jism shot to the far reaches of Lorna's cunt, and during this frozen second when her come mingled with his they both understood that they were destined to live in incest for the rest of their lives, that neither of them would ever be happy with any other partner.

A couple of minutes later Will took his soft cock out of Lorna's cunt and stretched out beside her, on his back. Lorna sat up and looked at his face in the dim light of false dawn. Will's eyes were closed, his expression as peaceful as her jism leaking cunt.

Lorna wanted to touch and get Will's cock hard again, but she knew that he was exhausted from all the fucking they had done during these past few beautiful hours. She let her brother rest by keeping her hands away from his lipstick and come-stained cock.

She did not have to touch his exquisite cock, or have it squirting jism into her mouth or cunt. For the moment, only to have him and his cock near her was all she needed to keep her happy.


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