Sinful wife

What do you do with a horny housewife?

A frequent question today. All over the nation, many young married women are expressing dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Why? Do their husbands spend too much time on the job? Are women hornier now? Men less so?

Or is it simply that women feel free for the first time to express their sexual needs? Freed by the Pill, encouraged by Women's Lib -- two factors making women sexually independent. In contrast, some researchers suspect that American men are becoming more sexually cautious as their women become bolder. With constant pressure to perform well sexually, many men feel threatened.

SINFUL WIFE is the contemporary story of a young housewife who is propelled by a powerful sex drive. Since her husband is a long-haul trucker who is away from home days at a time, Becky finds no reason not to indulge herself in extramarital flings, for all she really wants is simple physical satisfaction. As far as Becky is concerned, there is no reason why a woman can't indulge herself in casual affairs just like so many man who are frequently on the man do. And is she wrong?

No punches are pulled in this daring story. The pace is swift, the action explicit. A story that may prove shocking to some because of its truthfulness.


I'd spent all my life in Rolla, Missouri, and it looked like I was going to spend the rest of it here, too. At twenty-four I was pretty much settled in, with no way I could ever see of getting away. My husband Blake was a long-distance truck driver, Rolla his home as much as it was mine, but maybe since he was often gone for days at a time, it didn't seem so bad to him living here in the middle of nowhere.

It wasn't so bad when he was home, but when he'd head out on one of his long runs to California or maybe even Maine, I'd get so lonely I'd sometimes start to cry. All the men in town would know when he was gone and -- me being long-legged and slim-hipped and having tits as round as could be -- I'd more than once get asked to strip down and climb into the nearest bed.

Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't, depending on who it was doing the asking, but all in all I got my fair share of fucking on the tide. After all, I was a young woman with the same sex drives as anyone else and if my husband wasn't around to satisfy my horniness, well, I wasn't about to wait until he was. Of course, Blake would kill me if he ever found out.

He'd been home for three days now and we'd been fucking up a storm, our times together as good as anyone could possibly ask for. He'd made me cum a couple of dozen times in the short time he'd been home, but now he was getting ready to leave again -- this time for Florida -- and I was already beginning to feel the loneliness I knew would hit me when he walked out the door.

"Becky, what's wrong?" Blake asked me kiddingly. "You look like your best friend just died or something."

I went up and put my arms around him, hugging his muscular frame. He felt so good next to me, so solid. "I miss you so much when you're gone," I said softly, putting my head against his shoulder. "I really miss you when you're gone."

"I miss you, too," he smiled, "but it's my job and there's nothing I can do about it. We'd starve if I wasn't working and there's really nothing else I know but driving."

I was wearing denims and a light summer blouse without a bra and he reached up and squeezed one of my tits gently, cupping it in his large hand. My pink nipple hardened just at his touch, swelling into taut erection. He squeezed my other tit and a second later I was grabbing for his cock.

"Give me a good humping before you leave," I whispered. "Fuck me so I'll remember what I'm waiting for."

He scooped me right off the floor in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. Both of us were naked in no time at all and then he had me spread out on the bed with my legs apart and his weight on top of me.

I spread my legs still wider, raising my bare ass up off the bed some so he could get at me better, and he shoved his hard cock straight up my slippery cunt. I gasped with the wanton sensation of his huge prick sliding into my hot snatch, my knees opening wider still as he rammed his meat up my hole.

My firm tits were pressed into his chest and I could feel his throbbing cock all the way up my snatch. He started fucking me and I started moaning, my ass moving up and down while his rigid pole of man-meat plunged in and out of my tight cunt. His balls were swinging back and forth and slapping into my squirming ass-cheeks, his massive prick ramming deeper and deeper into my quivering snatch.

His hips moved faster with each thrust and the harder he fucked me the more I loved it. His big prick kept slamming up into my juicy pink cunt and I was clutching wildly at his back and shoulders, my bare legs thrashing.

Blake was holding down my hips, and then he worked his hands under the rubbery cheeks of my bouncing ass, his finger digging into my soft flesh and puffing my hairy crotch even tighter to his. He was stabbing me harder and harder with his cock and I was trembling all over with the fire racing through my loins.

Groaning all the louder, I began working my churning thighs up over his hips. His prick was pistoning in and out of my sopping snatch and his breath was hot and hard against my neck, his hips pumping furiously.

I managed to get my quaking legs up around his back and then my cunt-hole was wide-open to him, his thick cock slamming into the very depths of my snatch and starting to bottom out. I writhed and squirmed while he fucked the hell out of me, his cock battering my cunt to pieces.

The feel of his massive prick deep in my wetly gripping cunt was driving me wild, his balls slamming into my ass-cheeks still harder and spurring me on. I was groaning and gasping for air, my ass bouncing up and down and my pussy getting humped the way it loved being humped.

Both of us were sweating like crazy and the strong smell of my wet cunt was heavy in the air. My oily-slick juices were oozing out of my snatch and running down into the fleshy crack of my ass, my crotch and thighs and ass dripping wet with twat-cream.

Blake's rigid cock just kept driving deeper into my tight snatch, his bulbous cock-head parting and then filling the slick opening between my slippery cunt-walls. He was fucking me furiously and I was fucking him right back, my thighs and ass pumping to take his long cock still deeper in my hot cunt.

I had my legs crossed behind his back and every time he rammed his prick up my snatch, my ass raised up off the bed, my knees bending and my cunt gaping open wetly. His prick kept sliding in and out of my cunt-hole and his balls kept swinging and banging into my ass, all the while both of us getting closer and closer to getting off.

"Oh, God!" I groaned in Blake's ear. "Oh, you're flicking the shit out of me! Shove your big cock deeper up my snatch! Fuck me even harder! Ohhhhh, God, I love the way you fuck me, I love having your hard prick in my cunt! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Keep ramming your cock up my cunt! Ohhhhhh! Ram your prick in my snatch, ram it in deeper! Deeper! Ohhhhhh! You're fucking me so good! You're fucking me so damned good! Fill my cunt-hole up with your big prick, shove it up me as far as you can! Give me all of your cock, give me every inch of your cock in my cunt! Ohhhhhhh!"

Blake was cramming his cock as deep as he could push it up my wet snatch, ramming it into me and then pistoning it back out. I was working my ass with a frenzy, pumping my hips as he slammed his cock as hard as possible into my cunt.

His swollen cock-head kept bottoming out each time he shoved it into my snatch, and I was jerking and squirming under him, taking the full length of his giant prick and wanting even more. My cunt-juices were flowing and soaking everything they touched, a steady trickle of warm liquid running from the crack of my snatch and seeping down to cover my throbbing asshole.

Blake was working his hands along the cheeks of my ass and then his fingers found my stretched out asshole. He poked a finger deep up my butt, and I stiffened beneath him with a sharp moan, the sensation of having his rigid cock slamming into my snatch and his finger working in and out of my asshole almost more than I could stand.

He kept fucking my snatch and finger-fucking my asshole, his hips moving a mile a minute and his fingers digging even deeper in my shitter. He was gritting his teeth and his expression was intense, his breath and mine ragged and getting more so.

My hot thighs were clamped around his pumping hips and my ass was coming up off the bed faster and faster, my entire body straining as I tried to take his mammoth cock still deeper up my snatch. I could feel his cock deep in my cunt, and it was throbbing like crazy, the solid shaft of his driving prick filling my snatch almost to bursting.

"Cum in my pussy!" I gasped. "Shoot your wad in my cunt and let me feel your cum! Fill my snatch up with your cum! Fuck me faster, faster, faster! Shoot your nuts off in my cunt, shoot all your cum right up my cunt! Ohhhhh, God! It feels so good when you fuck me, it's driving me crazy. Fuck me harder, harder! Ram your cock up my cunt and cum in me, cum every ounce of your cum in my cunt-hole! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! OHHHHHH!"

Blake's plunging cock jerked wildly in my snatch, a harsh moan escaping his lips. Then I felt his cum gushing up into my cunt, thick streams of it squirting into the depths of my hole and filling me with warm liquid.

Fucking me still harder, he kept ramming his shooting prick as far up my cunt as he could get it, pumping all his hot jism into my pulsating snatch. He was moaning and groaning and his thick cum kept spurting into my cunt, his thrusts feverish as he shot his rocks.

My slippery cunt-walls suddenly tightened round his ramming cock as my own orgasm overtook me, my cries of pleasure splitting the air and wave after wave of shuddering cunt-spasms slamming into me. My wet asshole clamped shut on his fingers and we ground together in an orgy of lust, his cock pounding into my quivering cunt with all the force he had.

We kept fucking until we were completely spent, then we lay there drenched with sweat and breathing hard. My legs dropped away from him and I sprawled out on the bed lifelessly, my cunt gaping open and his cum dripping out of me and oozing down into my ass-crack.

Blake finally got up off me with a weary groan and pulled his huge cock out of my snatch, a last dribble of cum spurting from his prick and landing on my bare thigh. He rolled aver on his side next to me and took me in his arms.

"I guess I'd better take a shower and get going," he said, nuzzling my neck with his face. "I should have been on the road a half-hour ago."

"Go ahead," I smiled. "I wouldn't want to get you into trouble with your boss."

He got up and walked into the bathroom. A moment later I heard the shower and a moment after that I heard him step into the tub. I was still a little horny for his cock, and I tried to think of what else I could do just to get him to fuck me one more time before he left.

When he was finally finished with his shower, he stepped out of the bathroom and found me kneeling spread-eagled on the bed. My bare little ass was sticking out at him and I was spreading my firm ass-cheeks with my fingers, my puckered asshole stretched open and throbbing.

He stopped and stared at me, his dangling cock twitching at the sight. I knew he loved fucking me in the ass as much as I loved getting fucked there, and I was going to see right now whether being late for work was more important to him than giving me a good ass-humping.

"That's not fair!" he laughed, coming over and sitting beside me on the bed. "I'll never get on the road at this rate."

I only smiled at him, my eyes taking in his cock and watching as it hardened. It wasn't long before it was as stiff as could be, with the head engorged with blood and the solid shaft pulsing.

He reached out with his hand and squeezed my buns, running his fingers down into my ass-crack and playing with my twitching asshole. Then he moved down and shoved two of his fingers straight up my wet cunt, moving them in and out until they were covered with my juice. Going back to my asshole, he smeared my oily cunt-juices all over it, getting it slippery wet and ready for his hard prick.

I spread my legs out behind me and he climbed on, his huge cock-head sliding in between my fleshy ass-cheeks and lining up with my tight shitter. He pressed the warm tip of his prick against my asshole, his hands holding my hips down.

I clenched my teeth for the stabbing sensation I was about to get, and he rammed his cock up into my wet asshole, jamming it in with one swift motion of his hips.

His big prick wasn't quite all the way in my butt, and he pushed harder, forcing it into the slippery opening and making me shudder all over. I was working my bare ass against him and trying to get his cock all the way up my tight bung, the two of us shaving and groaning until his meat was finally buried to the hilt in me.

He didn't even let me catch my breath before puffing his rigid cock back out of my pulsating asshole with a soft sucking sound and then slamming back in. I squirmed wildly as he began fucking my ass, each time he rammed his prick up my butt my breath rushing out of me.

I was clutching at the bed with my hands straight out in front of me and my hips were pumping up and down. Blake's solid cock kept sliding in and out of my clenching asshole and his hips were working feverishly. The feel of his pistoning meat all the way up my writhing shitter was really turning me on and soon I was gulping air through my mouth and trembling all over.

His fingers were digging into my hips and his weight was pressing my tits into the bed, my ass bouncing around and working against his humping all the more. He was reaming my slick asshole out as hard as he could with his meaty prick, and I was loving every hard inch of it!

Kicking my feet wildly, I kept straining with everything I had to take his pistoning cock still deeper up my butt, my thighs pumping faster and faster. My body was covered with a fine film of sweat and I was getting so slippery all over it was hard for Blake to hold onto me.

He just kept slamming his hard cock all the way up my butt, pushing it as far up my asshole as he could and making me squirm even more. Then he worked his hands down under my churning hips and up into my sopping-wet pussy, his fingertips pulling my matted cunt-hair out of the way and going right up my hole.

He finger-fucked my cunt for all he was worth, jabbing his fingers as deep as possible up my snatch and turning me on all the more. My cunt-juices were running freely and drenching his hands, Blake fingering me all the faster and fucking my ass all the harder.

"Keep reaming my asshole out!" I panted. "Fuck the shit right out of my ass! Your cock feels so good up my butt! I love it! I love the feel of your hard prick in my asshole! Fuck my ass harder! Fuck it faster! Fuck my ass off! Ohhhhhh, slit! Finger my cunt more! Make me cum, make me cum my brains out! I want to cum and I want you to cum, too! I want you to squirt your cum up my asshole! OHHHHHHHH! Fuck my ass harder!"

Blake was slamming his hairy prick as hard as he could up my asshole, his balls bouncing crazily and his hips working away. I was working my sweaty butt against him with a jerky cork-screwing motion, taking his stiff cock all the way up my slippery shifter.

His stroking cock was plunging into my bung so fast my tight asshole was getting sore, his cock-head stabbing deeper and deeper into my guts. I was panting and groaning and lost in the sheer bliss of the ass-fucking he was giving me. The more he fucked my shit-chute the louder I groaned, and his cock was thrusting still faster into me.

I was working my hips back and forth frenziedly, taking his driving meat in my ass and grinding my dripping cunt into his fingers. He was shoving his fingers as far as he could reach up my snatch and his hands were cupping and squeezing the bulge of my hairy pussy-mound, inflaming it all the more.

His cock twitched in my asshole and then he was coming, his breath catching in his throat and his cum spurting up into my hot bowels. He ground his prick even harder into my butt, filling my asshole with his cum and pumping like crazy.

My snatch suddenly spasmed with the wildly delicious climax racing through it and I went taut all over, my legs kicking out straight behind me. I shuddered and heaved and was coming like mad, my cunt contracting wetly on his fingers and my asshole grabbing tightly at his ramming prick.

Blake shot load after load of cum up into my sucking asshole, driving his cock still deeper. He was gasping and the whole while fucking the hell out of me. His balls tightened up and I felt another squirt of jism go deep in my asshole.

He kept finger-fucking my spasming cunt and humping my tight asshole and then finally he lay still, his breath hot against the back of my neck.

Both of us lay in a sweaty stupor, too tired to move and aching all over. Blake's prick trailed a thread of sticky cum down the back of my thigh I when he pulled it out of my ass, his prick as limp as could be.

"Now can I go to work?" he asked with a laugh, slapping my bare ass playfully.

"I thought you just did," I smiled up at him.


Blake left and I sat alone in the house, wondering how I was going to spend the two days I had to kill before he got home again. I wandered from room to room aimlessly, wanting to do something -- anything -- but not knowing what. I would have wandered over to see my best friend and neighbor Maureen -- her husband was a long-distance trucker, too -- but I just wasn't in the mood.

It was still early afternoon, so there was nothing but game shows and soap operas on television, which meant I was more or less stuck with myself as company for the rest of the day. How exciting, I thought disgustedly.

Finally I ended up in the bedroom and after rummaging through my dresser drawers I found what I'd been looking for. It was a 12-inch dildo vibrator that Blake had brought me home one summer as kind of a joke. It had turned out to be anything but a joke after I'd shoved it up my cunt, and now I was more or less in love with the damned thing.

I was only wearing a robe and panties, the sheer crotch of the panties already soaking wet with the anticipation I felt for the vibrator. My black curly cunt-hair peeked through the filmy fabric, and I could see the thick pink lips of my wet snatch gaping open and slick with moisture.

I peeled off my robe and panties and sprawled out on the bed. Spreading my damp thighs as wide as I could, I turned the cock-vibrator on and touched it lightly to my hairy snatch. A shivering spasm raced through my hot cunt, trembles so exquisite I was immediately filled with lust and a raging urge to cum.

Pushing the humming vibrator all the way up my tight snatch, I worked it in and out until I was shaking with desire. My slippery cunt-hole sucked wetly at the buzzing plastic prick, my hand moving faster and faster as I fucked myself with it.

I kept ramming the vibrator in and out of my hot snatch as hard as I could, take it all the way up my hole and tingling at the tremors it sent through me. The vibrating shaft of the plastic cock I was pushing into my snatch was as big around as my waist and it was filling my cunt right up, sliding into my juicy cunt-hole and making me shudder.

It was humming deep in my snatch and I was shoving it deeper still, my hand moving like crazy while I fucked myself nearly senseless. I was getting closer to coming by the second and my breath was getting hot and fast. The closer I got to getting my nut the quicker I pushed the vibrating cock up my snatch, my bare ass pumping on the bed and my knees spreading wider and wider.

I could feel myself tightening all over and then the first shudder of my climax hit me, followed at once by a jarring explosion of sheerest pleasure deep in my tight cunt. I gasped aloud as my climax overwhelmed me, my legs straightening out and my ass raising right off the bed. My thighs quivered wildly and I groaned with the intensity of the spasms searing through my snatch.

I lay there for a bit to catch my breath, then I started fucking myself with the vibrator again, this time slowly running it up and down the length of my sensitive cunt-lips and even touching it lightly against my throbbing asshole.

My asshole twitched wetly when the tip of the humming plastic prick touched it and I worked the vibrator steadily up into my butt, pushing it inch by delicious inch and thrilling to the feel of it tight in my guts.

I pushed the vibrator-cock all the way up my twitching asshole and began fucking myself with it, moving it in and out and squirming all over the bed. It was a really tight fit and it felt so good I was afraid I was going to pass out.

With my free hand I started squeezing and fingering my hairy cunt, squishing my fingers around in the wet pink hole and trembling like mad. I was shoving the buzzing vibrator deeper and deeper up my hot asshole, fucking myself with it even harder, and it was only a matter of seconds before I was coming again.

My wet asshole clamped shut around the plastic cock and I lurched and bucked while my climax flailed me, my fingers clutching at my snatch and the vibrator buried deep in my butt.

I kept coming and coming, my whole body shaking, and then I sagged back into the bed with an exhausted moan.

Sliding the still humming vibrator out of my asshole, I shut it off and dropped it between my legs. I closed my eyes and was ready for a little nap -- I figured I deserved it after all the coming I'd done -- when there was a knock at the front door.

I had no idea at all who it might be, so I got up and slipped my robe on, pulling it closed in the front and heading to answer the door.

"Good afternoon, ma'am," a short, thick-set man who was obviously a salesman said, smiling broadly. "My name is Chester Ragman and I represent the Gromer Vacuum Cleaner Company. Might I just step in and give you a demonstration? It'll only take a minute of your time."

I looked him over carefully, attracted in spite of myself to his rough, yet somehow charming manner. He just stood there smiling away and holding the vacuum cleaner he was trying to sell, a floor model with what looked like a million attachments. I wondered absently if it had an attachment that could suck my pussy.

"Come on in," I said finally, stepping aside. "Let's see what you can do for me."

Chester Ragman stepped in and I closed the door behind him. Then I went over to the couch and sat down, crossing my legs so my robe rode high on my bare thighs. He glanced over and then looked away self-consciously, busying himself with setting up his vacuum cleaner.

While he wasn't looking, I casually undid the front of my robe so that my tits poked out a bit, my nipples already hard with excitement at the prospect of this rugged-looking character ramming his cock up my snatch. I brushed a stray wisp of hair out of my face and waited to see what he'd do.

"Now," he said, turning back to me. "Step right over here so you can see and I'll show you the most amazing vacuum cleaner ever invented. Absolutely amazing."

I stood up and walked right up behind him, standing so close my tits were actually rubbing against him. He swallowed loudly and acted as normally as he could, flipping the vacuum cleaner on and running it over the carpet.

I could almost hear him sweating, and he kept swallowing loudly, obviously nervous and wondering what exactly my intentions were. From the side I reached out and lightly ran my hand down the front of his leg, moving it back up and squeezing his cock while he stood there stock still.

I kept squeezing his cock through his pants and he kept running the vacuum cleaner back and forth over the carpet, not saying a word but for all intents selling his wares. Then I unzipped his pants and fished his now rigid prick out, encircling the throbbing shaft with my fingers and starting to jack him off.

Finally he turned to me, his face beaded with dots of sweat, and said, "I'm a married man, Miss." He said it so seriously I almost burst out laughing, but instead I squeezed his cock still harder and dropped down on my knees in front of him. He just watched me while I sucked his hard cock into my mouth, my lips closing around his cock-shaft and my tongue darting wetly all over it.

Chester shivered while I sucked him off and he shivered even more when I reached into his pants and cupped his hairy balls with my free hand. I was jacking him off as fast as I could and his big prick was going in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing back and forth while I blew him.

He just stood there the whole time, staring off into space as I sucked and licked and mouthed his hard prick, my hands squeezing his balls and my wet tongue working feverishly. I lapped all over his swollen cock-head, probing with the tip of my tongue into the little slit at the front of it and squeezing his cock still harder with my quickly moving hand.

Finally I started getting some response from him, a low moan coming from his throat and then his hips starting to pump back and forth against the motion of my bobbing head. He put his hands behind my head and held me to him, his hips moving faster and faster as he fucked me in the mouth.

He was cramming his solid prick as deep as he could get it in my throat, shoving it in and out of my sucking mouth while I worked my tongue even faster over the head of it. I'd managed to get his balls out of his pants and they were swinging back and forth wildly, his hips moving rapidly as he got closer to shooting his rocks.

I wanted him to hurry up and cum; I wanted to taste his thick cum squirting down my throat. I hurried him along with my hand, pulling at and squeezing his twitching cock, my lips sucking his prick almost all the way down my throat. He kept fucking me in the mouth and moaning, his cock pistoning back and forth and his hairy balls slapping into my chin.

His hands were pushing my face into his hairy crotch and I was blowing him like he'd probably never been blown before, my mouth sucking wildly and my tongue lapping at him as fast as I could move it. His moans turned to ragged groans, his stiff cock jerking in my mouth, then a stream of his sticky cum spurted out and he started pumping his hips like crazy.

I swallowed his shooting cum as quickly as it shot out of the end of his throbbing cock, gulping it down while he let loose with one gushing load after another. It filled my mouth to overflowing and dribbled down over my chin, geysering out of his rigid prick and going down my throat.

I sucked his cock even harder, squeezing his balls and urging him to cum even more. His hot jism kept squirting into my mouth and I just kept on swallowing it, until finally his cock drained and went limp. I mouthed still one last bit of cum front his prick and then I pulled my head away, leaving his cock dangling between his legs.

"I didn't mean to interrupt, our demonstration," I said impishly, "but I just had to know what your cock tasted like."

I licked the last little bit of his thick cum off of my fingers, swallowing it and smiling up at him the entire time.

He just shook his head with a laugh, starting to pull up his zipper as if that were the end of it.

"Don't be in such a hurry," I giggled, standing up. "I feel like taking a shower and I hate getting in the tub alone." Peeling off my robe, I posed as indecently for him as I could, spreading my legs so my slippery cunt-lips gaped open invitingly. My tits were firmed-up and my rubbery dark nipples stood taut, the gentle hollows and curves of my naked body shiny with sweat.

"Lead the way," he said.

Both of us went into the bathroom and Chester took off all his clothes, stacking them neatly on the closed toilet seat. He was quite a bit older than I was, possibly even in his mid forties, but he had a solidly healthy body that was turning me on more and more the longer I looked at it.

I turned the shower on hot the way I liked it and we climbed in, me in front and him right behind me. Picking up the soap I washed him all over, pausing when I got to his dangling prick to soap it all over. His cock twitched when I started sliding my hand up and down it, his legs trembling slightly and his breath getting uneven again.

His cock got stiffer with each of my playful grabs and soon it was standing straight up and ready for whatever I had in mind. I kept sliding my soapy hand up and down his hard prick and the head was so swollen and red it looked like it was ready to bunt.

"Have you ever fucked anybody standing up in the shower?" I asked him with a smile, giving his throbbing cock another squeeze for good measure.

"Not since I was a kid in high school," he laughed, pulling me to him.

He was really strong-looking and I had no doubts about his being able to hold me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and raised up on my tip-toes, positioning myself so the head of his upright cock wedged just into the slick-lipped opening of my hairy cunt. Then with a little hop I hooked my legs around the backs of his and brought my snatch down all the way on his rigid prick, burying it fully in my tight cunt-hole.

Both of our expressions showed the intense pleasure we felt when his solid meat slid into my snatch and he grabbed my bare ass with his hands, helping to hold me up. I bounced up and down lightly at first, feeling his huge cock sliding in and out of my cunt-hole; then, as soon as he met my thrusts with his own from underneath, I began to really fuck with a passion.

I hung on tight around his neck and brought my cunt down on his standing prick with repeatedly hard pumping thrusts, spearing myself on his stiff cock and loving the hell out of it.

Shoving his cock deeper and deeper up my slippery snatch, he cupped my firm ass-cheeks and pulled me along even faster, his cock cleaving up into the juicy depths of my pink cunt and filling it with wild sensation.

The spray from the shower was stinging my back but I didn't even notice, all my thoughts centered on the rigid male meat slamming up into my gripping snatch. I was bringing my cunt down on his cock with all my might, shuddering as it stabbed up into my snatch and glutted me with pleasure. I kept bouncing and bouncing, my thighs pumping and straining as I tried to take his stiff prick still deeper. My oily cunt-juices were running out of my cunt-crack and oozing down my legs, the shower washing them away as fast as they seeped down.

Chester was working his hips back and forth as fast as he could and his hairy cock was ramming up into my wet cunt as far as it could go. His balls were bouncing around and his prick kept slamming into me, his expression set as he held me up and fucked me at the same time.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" I managed to gasp brokenly, working my bare thighs and ass even faster. "OH, GOD! You're fucking me to death! Your big prick is so hard, it's so damned hard! Shove it up my cunt! OH, GODDAMN! OHHHHHH! Cram your hard cock up my cunt, cram it deeper! DEEPER! I love your prick in my pussy, I love the way it feels ramming into my snatch! Fuck me harder, fuck me as hard as you can, fuck me so hard it buns! Keep fucking me, keep fucking! OHHHHHH, I LOVE YOUR PRICK, I LOVE IT! OHHHHHHHH! AARRGGHHH!!"

I was squirming wildly in his arms, working my ass up and down as fast as possible. I could feel his solid prick going all the way up inside my cunt-hole, his fleshy cock-head jabbing into my hot snatch harder still.

He just kept on fucking the shit out of me, pulling me along with his hands squeezing my ass-cheeks and cramming his prick in and out of my quivering cunt.

"Play with my asshole!" I groaned. "Stick your fingers up my asshole. OHHHHHH! Finger-fuck my asshole while you're fucking me! God, I love the feel of your huge prick in my cunt, I just love it! Make me cum, make me cum! OHHHHHHHHH, God!"

Probing with his fingers, he easily found my tight shitter between my splayed-wide ass-cheeks, his fingers going straight up my bung and making me squirm all the more. He finger-fucked my asshole until I was groaning and crying out at the top of my lungs, his massive cock slamming still harder into my sopping-wet snatch.

And then, without missing a stroke and to my utter surprise, he lifted me right up off his hard cock and brought me back down with my asshole on his upright prick. His rigid meat cleaved up into my shit-chute and filled my butt with hardness, his thrusts getting even faster as he started fucking me in the ass.

I was bouncing around and groaning uncontrollably, bringing myself down with strokes that took his cock all the way up my ass. I was riding high with my firm tits in his face and he was kissing and sucking at my dark nipples, running his tongue all over them and turning me on all the more.

He bounced me up and down with his prick buried in my hot asshole until I was fighting for breath, my body trembling and my cries of delight getting louder and louder. Then he lifted me up off his rigid prick again and rammed back up into my juicy cunt, pulling me down so his cock-head bottomed out in my snatch.

Overwhelmed with the fucking he was giving me, I just kept on pumping with a frenzy, impaling my cunt-hole on his hard meat and shuddering all over. My snatch was welling over with my hot juices and my wet pussy-smell was filling the small room.

The harder he shoved his cock up my cunt the more my juices flowed and my crotch and thighs were slick with moisture that had nothing to do with the shower. My snatch was so filled with his driving meat it was clenching at it wetly, the slippery muscles within sucking at his prick.

He was pounding my hairy crotch to pieces, his cock pistoning in and out still faster, and he had his fingers dug deep in my asshole again. Both of us were reeling with the fucking we were giving one another, our breath ragged and becoming more so.

I grabbed even tighter around his neck and ground my slick cunt into the base of his cock, squirming to take his prick still farther up my hole.

He tensed up and let out a little cry, his prick starting to jerk and twitch within my hot snatch.

His cock jerked once more and then his cum erupted in heavy streams, shooting up into my tight cunt and drenching it with his jism. He pushed his prick even deeper up into my slippery snatch, shooting his nuts off and filling me with cum.

Both of us were coming and groaning away, his cock squirting all the cum in his balls straight up my cunt. It was gushing out of his prick and I was taking it all, slamming myself down on him and shivering wildly with the feel of it.

Finally I went limp on him, hanging tightly onto his neck and unhooking my legs from his. He lifted me up by my ass and pulled his drained prick out of my snatch, setting me down as he did so.

I was moaning and weak from the great humping he'd given me, my pussy filled with his cum and my asshole sore from the fucking it'd had. I leaned against him, resting my face on his solid shoulder.

"Well now," he said with a smile, "how about if we go back and take a look at the vacuum cleaner I'm trying to sell you? I left it on and if it hasn't overheated and burned up, I think you'll be very impressed with the way it'll clean your carpet."

"I'd be very impressed with anything you'd care to show me!" I giggled, kissing him on the cheek.


The next morning I felt pretty good from the hot and heavy fucking Chester Ragman had given me, and I even found myself humming while I went about cleaning the house. Noon passed and I fixed a light lunch but by then the pangs of loneliness I knew so well when Blake was gone started getting to me again.

My neighbor Maureen wandered over and we talked as usual over coffee, the one thing we really had in common the fact that both our husbands were truckers and left us alone for long spells. Maureen was about my age and as cute as could be, standing barely five feet in her bare feet. She had heavy tits that jiggled when she walked, and her ass was even rounder and firmer than mine. Of course, she got more than her fair share of glances from the men in town.

"Is that a new vacuum cleaner?" she asked, looking over the Gromer Deluxe Model standing in the corner.

I laughed and told her all about Chester and his persistence in selling it to me. When I got to the part about fucking in the shower, Maureen's big brown eyes lit up and she wanted to know every last detail, up to and including a vivid description of his cock.

"That's more than just a vacuum cleaner to me," I giggled. "Here, look what he showed me."

Hooking the hose and soft rubber furniture attachment to it, I flipped it on and put it against her palm, showing her the great suction it had.

I giggled again and said, "I sucked my pussy with it last night and it almost drove me up the wall."

"No kidding?" Maureen said with a nervous smile. "Can I try it? Ralph's been gone for almost a week now and I'm so horny anything sounds good."

"Go ahead," I shrugged, actually excited for some reason at the thought of watching her do it. "Pull your pants down and sit on the couch and I'll show you what to do."

Maureen didn't need any coaxing. She slipped out of her slacks and underwear and sat down bare-assed on the couch. Her legs were solid and smoothly muscled, her cunt so hairy I could barely see her pink hole.

She spread her thighs and lifted her round ass up a bit, sticking her snatch out at me as I turned the vacuum cleaner back on and put it on her cunt.

I was kneeling between her legs and pressing the sucking furniture-attachment against her crotch, the soft rubber nozzle sucking at her slippery cunt-lips. Maureen stiffened up all over and lay back, closing her eyes with a soft moan.

She spread her knees still wider and pushed her snatch forward more, getting her cunt sucked by the vacuum and loving it from all appearances. Her breath got faster and faster, and she was pumping her bare ass up and down, grinding her wet cunt against the furniture-attachment I held tightly to her crotch.

I could see her sleek inner thighs trembling and the tight brown ring of her asshole was peeking out from between her firm ass-cheeks and throbbing like crazy. With my free hand I thought I'd help her along, and so I reached out and touched her asshole with my fingertip.

She jerked as if I'd touched a match to her, squirming even more wildly and groaning with passion. I slowly worked my finger up into her hot asshole, moving it in and out and finger-fucking her butt. It was the first time I'd ever really touched another woman, and I found it to be a real turn-on.

Maureen obviously enjoyed it, too, because she was writhing and jerking and working her ass up and down, her cunt getting sucked steadily by the vacuum attachment and her asshole getting fingered by me. Her hot juices were surging up out of her snatch and running wetly down into her fleshy ass-crack, covering both my fingers and her puckered little asshole.

The smell of her cunt was getting stronger. She kept pumping her hips and crying out with a series of ragged groans, her movements getting quicker and more erratic. I was urging her on with my finger digging into her ass, my other hand pressing the sucking vacuum-cleaner attachment as tightly to her sopping cunt as I could get it.

Maureen was gulping air through her mouth in shuddering gasps, her full thighs getting damper and damper with sweat. She kept bouncing her ass up and down and I kept shoving my finger right up her asshole, pushing it in deeper still.

"That thing's sucking my pussy off!" Maureen moaned between gasps for air. "God, it's sucking my cunt right down its throat! And your finger feels so great in my asshole. Stick it in deeper, finger-fuck the hell out of my asshole! Ohhhhh, God! Ohhhhhh! You're stretching my asshole wide open! Ohhh, I love it, I fucking love it! OH, GOD!!"

She jerked her bare ass up off the couch and started coming, her cries of delight shrill and getting shriller. I rammed my finger as far up her spasming asshole as I could, jabbing into her pulsing bowels and making her squirm all the more.

The vacuum cleaner just kept sucking her climaxing cunt, humming away and propelling her through one shrieking orgasm after another. Maureen was panting and writhing all over the place, clamping her thighs around my hand and the vacuum attachment and going wild.

Then she shuddered with a groan and dropped back into the couch, her legs sagging open and her head lolling. She lay there breathing heavily, her body drenched with so much sweat her thin blouse was sticking to her braless tits.

I giggled and flipped the vacuum cleaner off, setting the furniture-attachment on the floor.

She was sprawled half-off the couch with her legs spread apart, and from where I was sitting I could see straight up her pink cunt-hole. The curly hair around her snatch was wetly matted back out of the way and her sensitive cunt-lips were gaping and quivering wetly.

I kept staring up her hot snatch, and the longer I stared the more turned-on I got. My own cunt-juices were soaking the crotch of my panties and slacks, a dark circle of wetness forming between my legs and widening slowly.

It was unbelievable to me that I was getting this excited by the sight of another woman's cunt, and then I suddenly was aware of an urge on my part to just push my face into her hairy crotch. God I only knew how she would react to that!

She was still just lying there with her eyes closed so I crawled up between her legs and took a really close look at her wet snatch. The sharp odor coming from it made me swallow with excitement, and I felt my palms getting damp. I'd already had my finger up her tight asshole and she hadn't complained, so I decided to take a chance and give her curd a quick little kiss.

Without touching her with my hands, I leaned forward and pressed my lips lightly against her snatch, flicking just once with my tongue tip and then quickly pulling away. Maureen didn't even open her eyes; instead she just scooted down on the couch more and spread her knees for me.

That was enough of a "go ahead" sign for me and I reached out and took the slippery lips of her hairy cunt in my fingers, spreading them apart until her pink hole was glistening wetly at me. I clamped my mouth to her hot snatch and began sucking at it, Maureen moaning low in her throat and working her ass up and down on the couch.

She raised her legs and wrapped her thighs around my head, grinding her cunt into my sucking mouth and groaning like mad.

I sucked and licked and nibbled at her sopping-wet snatch until she was groaning even more, working my tongue deep up into her slick cunt. I was sucking her cunt-lips into my mouth harder and harder, lapping up into her hole with my tongue and loving the taste of it.

Her wet pussy-hair was crushed against my cheeks and her hot thighs were tight around my head, her ass pumping still faster as I ate her out. She was trembling all over, her breath coming hot and fast and her muscles straining.

Working my hands under her bouncing ass, I started squeezing her sweaty ass-cheeks, digging in with my fingers and puffing her dripping crotch even tighter to my face. Her cunt-juices were almost drowning me, her hot liquids surging out of her snatch and drenching my cheeks and chin with a slick film.

I kept sucking as hard as I could at her crotch and shoving my tongue all the way up her cunt, licking up and down and in crazy circles that made her moan with pleasure. My hands moved towards the warm crack of her ass and then my fingers found her puckered little asshole.

She tensed with a harsh sob when I poked one finger up into her tight shitter, jabbing it in and feeling her rectum contract wetly around it. It was a snug fit but I managed to work still another finger up her butt at the same time, stretching her elastic asshole open and finger-fucking it.

Maureen was thrashing and whimpering, her ass and thighs working as she tried to grind her snatch right down my throat. I was sucking her cunt so hard it was making loud slurping noises and the harder I ate her out the more she seemed to love it.

I kept finger-fucking her asshole with two fingers and licking and smacking at her snatch, my own excitement building as she got closer to getting her nut. I was burrowing my entire face in her juicy cunt and running my tongue all around it, probing and darting with it and driving her wild with lust.

"Keep sucking my pussy! Suck it, suck it harder! Lick it all over and make me cum! Shove your tongue up my snatch, shove it all the way up my snatch! Ohhhhhh, I love the way you're eating me out, I love the way you're sucking my cunt! Ohhhhhh! Finger my ass harder, ram your fingers up my asshole more! More! Ohhhhhh! Oh, Becky, it feels so good! You're turning my cunt inside out with your tongue! Keep sucking my snatch, keep sucking it until I cum! Make me cum! Ohhhhhh God, I'm so close to coming, I'm so close! OHHHHHHH!"

I was wallowing in the slippery hot wetness of her tight cunt, rubbing my face into her crotch and sucking her quivering pussy-lips almost all the way down my throat. Her cunt was trembling and her pink hole was clenching open and closed, my tongue lapping deeper and deeper into it.

Maureen suddenly went taut and her legs straightened out, her cunt ramming as hard as she could push it into my mouth and her ass bouncing crazily. I sucked her snatch the whole time she was coming, my mouth clamped to her cunt and my fingers deep in her gripping asshole.

She thrashed and churned on the couch, moaning with the tremors rushing through her cunt-hole and tensing her thighs until her muscles stood out in sharp relief. She kept coming and coming and I kept sucking and licking her cunt, working my tongue still farther up her hole.

Then she relaxed all over with a sharp groan and I pulled my face out of her crotch, sitting up and smiling at her. My face was covered with her slippery cunt-juices and she shook her head with a laugh, sinking still deeper into the couch and exhaling loudly.

"God, do you know how to lick a girl's cunt!" she breathed, giggling. "You'll have to let me do yours now. Get undressed and I'll lick your pussy for you."

She sat up and took her blouse off, her tits swinging free. Her nipples were hard and pointy, rubbery-looking and throbbing with desire.

I wouldn't look at her while I got undressed, self-conscious for some reason and yet so excited I couldn't stop myself. When I tossed my clothes off to the side and turned around, Maureen was already lying on her back on the floor.

"Sit on my face," she said. "Sit on my face and grind your cunt into my mouth."

I moved over to her and stood with one foot on each side of her head, my snatch sopping wet with anticipation and quivering. Then I squatted down until my hairy cunt was right over her mouth, steadying myself with my hands on the couch.

I held myself just over her face so she could see right up my cunt-hole, then I sat down on her mouth, shivering with the wanton sensation when her tongue speared up into my wet snatch.

Sitting back on my heels, I worked my slippery cunt back and forth on her mouth, my bare ass-cheeks splayed open and my thighs trembling. Maureen sucked my cunt for all she was worth, licking up into it with her tongue and smacking her lips noisily all dyer it.

It wasn't long before I was groaning as loudly as she had been, my breath getting uneven and my pussy alive with sensation. She kept working her tongue in and out of my snatch, lapping into it and sucking my slick cunt-lips deeper and deeper into her mouth.

She cupped the cheeks of my pumping ass with her hands and helped push me along, her tongue working in quickly darting circles all around my pink cunt-flesh. She was kissing the small hollows where my thighs joined and sucking my pussy-hair all at the same time, her mouth sucking and slurping and me just loving it.

Probing with her slender fingers, she jabbed up into my hot asshole, prying the puckered hole open and managing to get three inside. I jerked wildly and ground my cunt even harder into her mouth, taking her tongue as deep as I could up my slippery snatch.

She was sucking my cunt and fingering my asshole, working faster and faster to make me cum. Her lips and tongue felt so good on my pink snatch I could hardly stand it and the longer she did it the better it felt. She nibbled all along the fleshy top part of my cunt, sending tingling spasms deep in my snatch and making me shudder.

I kept sitting back on her face and working my ass up and down, fucking her mouth with my cunt and impaling my twitching asshole on her fingers. Her fingers were going deeper still up my shitter and she was wriggling them around, stabbing into my ass and urging me to pump all the faster.

My cunt-hair was pressed tight to her face and my juices were flowing down her cheeks, my snatch as wet as it'd ever been and getting wetter. Maureen tongued and licked and sucked at my cunt until I was shaking all over, my thighs and ass straining as I pumped even harder.

"Shove your tongue up my cunt-hole!" I moaned. "Suck my cunt with everything you've got! Eat me out! Keep doing it, keep eating my match! Ohhhhh, I love your fingers up my asshole! Your fingers are so deep in my ass, I love it! Finger-fuck my ass harder! Make my little asshole all red and sore! OHHHHHHH! I love your mouth on my cunt, I love the feel of it!"

She sucked my swollen cunt-lips into her mouth and licked them feverishly, her fingers ramming in and out of my throbbing asshole. The entire room was rank with the combined smell of both of our cunts, a wetly lush odor that seemed to be everywhere.

I was so close to coming I could taste it and then the full impact of a cunt-blasting orgasm smacked into me, making my cunt and my asshole tighten and every muscle in my body jerk. Maureen's tongue was going wild in my snatch and I was loving every second of it.

I kept squirming and coming and crying out and Maureen's mouth stayed right with me, her lips tight against my snatch and her tongue deep in my hole. She kept jamming her fingers as hard as she could up my asshole and by the time I was through coming my brains out, I was as limp as a rag.

I rolled over on the floor, gasping for air, and she still was with me. She followed me, sucking and licking at my slick cunt all the while, and we ended up with me on my back and her kneeling between my legs.

She tongued and licked me through so many climaxes I lost count, each better than the last and complete to the shuddering cries of delight escaping my lips. Finally she pulled her mouth away from my pussy and I stretched out with a weary groan, my tits going up and down with my breathing and my body damp with sweat.

"How was that?" she asked, giggling because she already knew.

Before I could even answer, there was a knock at the front door and both of us jumped guiltily. She looked at me and I just looked back at her, having no idea in the world who it might be.

"Maybe it's the vacuum-cleaner man," Maureen said hopefully, the thought on her mind obvious. "Maybe I can get a taste of his cock this time, too."

"Just sit tight and I'll go see," I said when whoever was at the door knocked again.

I dashed into the bedroom and grabbed my robe, throwing it on and going to the door. Maureen stood off to the side so she couldn't be seen, and I opened the door.

An unshaven and unkempt young man who looked to be no older than Maureen or myself stood there with an awkward smile on his face. He was obviously one of the wandering trail bums who spent most of their time in the mountains, and since he seemed harmless enough, I smiled back at him.

"Hi," he said slowly, "I was wondering if you might have a job or two around the house I could do. I wouldn't want any money, maybe just a bite of food."

I looked him over carefully and -- aside from his dirty appearance -- I liked what I saw. He was young and solidly built and I found myself wondering what his cock might look like. It was funny how every man who came to the door when Blake was gone seemed to turn me on, but I guess that was just the way I was.

"Would you be interested in fucking for your supper?" I asked him point-blank, smiling at the surprise that crossed his face.

"Well..." he said sheepishly, embarrassed, "I'm kind of messy for that sort of thing."

"Don't worry about that," I smiled back. "By the time we get through with you, you'll look as good as new."

And Maureen jumped out from where she was standing, her bare tits bouncing and her hairy cunt dripping wet. The young trail bum looked from her back to me and then back to her again.

"My name's Dick Gentry," he said, stepping through the door. "I'd be honored to fuck you two young ladies for my supper."

Maureen and I hustled Dick into the bathroom and peeled him out of his clothes, Maureen going right for his cock and taking it in her hand. She led him by it into the bathtub, turning on the water with her free hand and then picking up the soap.

While they were showering, I stripped my robe off. Then I opened the medicine chest and found Blake's razor and shaving cream.

Ten minutes later Dick Gentry stood before us a new man, the stubble of his beard and any body odor he might have had gone. With his huge cock standing stiff and throbbing, he grabbed Maureen's hand and led her to the bedroom.

He tossed her down on the bed and climbed between her thighs, his cock sliding straight up her hot cunt and making her groan with pleasure. He started fucking her and I stood there and watched them, the urge I had for his hard prick making my snatch tingle.

Maureen wrapped her legs around his and was pumping her naked ass up and down, taking his cock as deep as she could in her wet cunt and squirming all over the place. Dick kept slamming his hard prick up her cunt-hole faster and faster, reaming her snatch out with his stiff meat. His balls were swinging back and forth and I climbed up after them.

I worked my way in between their thrashing legs and headed right for Dick's nuts, reaching them and sucking them into my mouth. I could see his hard cock ramming into Maureen's slippery pink cunt, his hands going under her writhing ass and pulling her up to him.

I was sucking on his hairy balls and running my tongue all over them, teasing him while he fucked the shit out of my best friend. Then I popped his bouncing nuts out of my mouth and licked along the base of his cock, working my tongue down until I was almost to the hot joint of their furious humping.

Maureen's firm ass was churning like mad and she was taking his driving prick as far up her cunt as possible, her thighs straining as she pumped beneath him still faster. Her slick cunt-juices were soaking both of their crotches and running down into the crack of her ass.

His rigid cock kept pistoning in and out of her gripping snatch and he was ramming it into her as deep as he could. He was fucking her harder and harder and Maureen was groaning and whimpering with the feel of it, her tits pressed flat under his chest and her legs pumping with a jerky thrusting motion. I could tell from her expression she was close to getting off, and she tensed up and let out a sobbing groan that told me I was right on target. Her sopping cunt-hole clamped tight around his cock and her bare legs kicked straight out.

Dick started coming at the same instant and he was pounding his prick into her spasming snatch with a fury, hammering it into her and shooting his rocks. He kept slamming his cock up into her climaxing cunt and shooting his nuts off, his groans as loud as hers.

They ground together until both were weak with relief and then he stopped pumping, his whole body going limp and lifeless on top of her.

Maureen was swallowing noisily and trying to catch her breath, her cunt so full of his thick cum it was running out of her and dripping on the bed. Dick got off her and rolled over on his back, lying there with his arm across his eyes and his cock sticky with Maureen's hot juices.

I moved over to him and took his prick in my mouth, my fingers going around it and holding it tight. Blowing him and jacking him off at the same time, I took his cock as deep in my throat as I could.

He stirred but made no move to get up, lying there with his eyes closed while I sucked him off. I knew it would be a while before his prick was hard again but I was content just to suck on it for the moment, loving the taste of his prick and the mixture of his cum and Maureen's cunt-juices still on it.

It took some doing and some time but eventually his prick was stiff and ready for a plunge into my hairy cunt, his cock-head swollen red and pulsing. I climbed up on top of him and straddled his hips, then lowered myself so my wet cunt was right above his upright prick.

He looked up at me with a smile and I drove my slippery snatch down on his hard meat, taking it up into my tight cunt and gasping aloud. His rigid prick was wedged all the way in my quivering cunt and I started bouncing my ass up and down, fucking as hard as I could without let-up.

Dick's hips pumped from underneath and he kept shoving his hard cock up my snatch, ramming it up me with everything he had. His massive cock-head kept cleaving up into the juiciest depths of my cunt-hole and filling it almost to bursting, his cock-shaft throbbing wildly and gutting me with hardness.

My bare tits bouncing all around, I kept slamming my snatch down on his standing prick. The slippery walls of my cunt sucked wetly at his twitching cock each time I raised up, my ass and thighs straining and jerking as I pumped yet faster. My hot cunt juices oozed in a steady trickle from my snatch, covering his cock-hair and drenching his balls.

The harder I brought my cunt down on his stiff meat the deeper it went up my hole, his thrusts from below ramming it even farther up my snatch. He was fucking me with a passion and I was fucking him right back, cork-screwing my ass with a little twisting jerk each time I impaled my cunt on his cock and holding it tight.

Groaning with delight I pumped my ass still harder, taking his pistoning cock all the way up my tight cunt and shuddering as it jabbed into me. My bare ass-cheeks were slapping against his thighs and I was grinding the wet mouth of my gaping snatch into the hard base of his prick, moaning and squirming as his prick slammed still deeper up my cunt.

"Oh, my God!" I whimpered. "Oh, God, your cock is so big! It's going so deep in my cunt! It's so big! Shove it up my snatch, shove it farther up my hot snatch! Your prick is filling my cunt right up! OHHHHHHHHH! Your meat is so damn hard, it's so damn big and hard! Fuck me with your stiff meat, fuck the shit out of me with it! Fuck me fill I can't move! Keep fucking my snatch, keep fucking the hell out of my snatch with your big prick! OHHHH, GODDAMN, IT'S SO GOOD! OHHHHHH, GOD!!"

His huge prick was ramming in and out of my juicy cunt and I was bringing myself down even faster on it, spearing my snatch on his solid cock as hard as I could. He kept pumping his hips from underneath and shoving his meat up my slippery hole, driving his cock into my cunt with strokes that were taking my breath away.

The feverish itch building in my trembling loins was getting more fiery by the second and my hot cunt was quivering like mad, my lush juices running freely and soaking everything in their path. I was crushing my curly cunt-hair into his cock-hair and squirming on top of him, taking his throbbing cock and wanting every inch of it in my snatch.

He just kept fucking me with a frenzy, pounding his huge prick into my wet pussy and gorging me with rigid male meat. I was fucking and being fucked until I was nearly insensible, my breath coming in broken gasps and my entire body trembling.

"Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!" I panted, writhing and twisting on top of him. "Give me all of your hairy cock! I want to feel all of your big prick, I want to feel it shoot off in my snatch! Fuck me faster! Faster! Ohhhhh, that's it, that's it! Cram your meat straight up my cunt and ream me out! Fill my cunt with your prick, fill it up! OHHHHHH, GOD! Give me your cum! Shoot your nuts off and squirt all your cum up my snatch! I want to feel your cum shooting tip my cunt-hole! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH! GODDAMN!"

His prick started jerking like crazy and then his cum spurted up my snatch, his pumping getting suddenly more frantic as his jism filled my cunt-hole. He rammed his squirting cock into my snatch for all he was worth, cramming it into my snatch and shooting his nuts off with a low groan. The feel of his thick sperm gushing up my tight cunt triggered me off and I began coming with a series of ragged groans and moans, working my sweaty ass up and down and jamming his cock still deeper in my pussy. I was thrashing and squirming and the more I pumped the more I came, the rippling pleasure of my climax inflaming my already hot cunt all the more.

I pitched forward with my tits against his heaving chest and my face buried in his neck, my thighs still churning as I worked to get every last ounce of cum out of his twitching prick.

We fucked and fucked until we were both drained, him of his jism and me of my energy, and then we lay wrapped in each other's arms and covered with sweat.

I stretched my legs out but made no effort to get off him, his cock still buried in my wet cunt and feeling good beyond words. Maureen sat there for a minute and then she moved over to us, her hand trailing lazily over my rubbery butt and squeezing my ass-cheeks affectionately.

"Let's not hog the only prick we've got between us," she giggled. "It's still early and I've got a cunt-itch that just won't quit."

I shook my head with a laugh and got up, cum dripping from my snatch and leaving a wet trail on the bed. Obviously our afternoon of fun and games had only just begun.


Dick left after he got the supper he'd paid for with his prick and Maureen and I decided to spend the evening together. I sucked her pussy and she sucked mine and we used the vacuum cleaner and my cock-vibrator every way we could think of. All in all, we came up with some pretty bizarre combinations.

We rubbed cunts and pretended we were fucking, each of us taking a turn holding the vibrating prick and shoving it up the other's snatch. Then she ate my pussy and crammed the buzzing plastic cock up my asshole and after I did the same to her. We used the vacuum cleaner on each other more than once, sometimes with the vibrator and sometimes not.

The last thing we tried was when I lay on my stomach with the cock-vibrator shoved all the way up my cunt and the vacuum cleaner sucking at my pussy-lips, my hips raised up and the two of them going strong. That would have been pleasurable enough but Maureen found a way to add to it by spreading the cheeks of my upraised ass and licking and sucking at my asshole.

She stuck her tongue all the way up my butt and lapped all around it, my puckered asshole throbbing and twitching away. The vibrator in my tight cunt was shaking me to pieces and the vacuum was sucking my snatch like there was no time like the present.

When I started coming, I almost passed out from the incredible intensity of my cunt-searing orgasm, the vibrator and the vacuum turning my snatch to quivering jelly and Maureen's wet tongue going crazy in my hot asshole.

I couldn't wait to try it on her and when I did, she squirmed all over the carpet, groaning like hell while she came her ass off. I really enjoyed sticking my tongue up her tight shitter, especially when she was coming and her asshole clenched shut.

What we were doing to one another was fun, but still both of us would have liked a man with a stiff cock around to play with. I mean, there's only so many things two women can do with a vibrator, a vacuum cleaner, our mouths, our assholes, and our cunts.

"I know what we can do," Maureen said finally.

"Let's go find a bar over in Doolittle where no one knows us and find a couple of guys. We can take my car. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided it sounded good to me. I didn't know a singe soul in Doolittle and so there was no way Blake would ever find out."

"Let's go!" I laughed.

An hour later Maureen and I were sitting in Billy's Tavern and looking around to see what was available in the way of a man's prick.

Maureen was wearing a skirt and blouse and I was in my tight-fitting dress that didn't cover much more than my panties. Only neither of us were wearing underwear so I had to be careful how I was sitting or else I'd be giving everyone in the place a wide-open beaver shot.

After a few minutes of sitting there, two fairly good-looking young guys came aver and introduced themselves. Both of them were tall, one light-haired and the other dark, the dark-haired one saying, "Hi, I'm Jack and this is Harry."

"I'll bet it is," I giggled, staring at his crotch. I glanced over at Maureen and she seemed to approve of them so I scooted my chair over and made room for them.

Both of them sat down, Jack next to me and Harry next to Maureen. Before Jack could even ask me what I wanted to drink, I took his hand in the dark and put it high on my bare thigh, moving it up until his fingers were touching my hairy cunt.

That was about all the getting to know each other any of us needed and so we went out to Maureen's car and the four of us piled in. We drove out to a secluded spot on a back road and parked, me and Jack in the back seat and Maureen and Harry in the front.

"Do you always cum on that strong?" Jack asked me, sliding over close and putting his hand on my thigh again.

"I do when I want to feel a man's hard cock in my snatch," I breathed.

I reached over and pulled down his zipper, pulling out his already rigid prick and squeezing it. It jerked in my hand, the solid shaft of it throbbing with excitement. Jack lay back some on the seat and I bent over his lap and kissed the head of his prick, feeling him shiver.

I managed to get his cock and balls all the way out of his pants and then I started blowing him, taking his twitching prick deep in my throat. My head bobbed up and down in his lap and I worked my tongue all over his swollen cock-head, lapping at it wetly and jacking him off with my hand.

He began pumping his hips up and down and fucking me in the mouth, ramming his hard prick into my throat so far I thought it'd choke me. The harder I sucked on his rigid cock the faster he pushed it in and out of my mouth, my hand moving quicker and quicker all the while.

In the front seat I could already hear Maureen groaning, and I tried to see what was going on, glancing over but not missing a stroke as I sucked Jack off. I could see Maureen's head lying back against the front seat, her hair tossing back and forth as her groans got louder.

Harry was nowhere to be seen, but it was obvious he was down on the floor and eating Maureen out from the sounds of pure pleasure she was making. Her cries of delight kept getting sharper and her breathing was as rough as could be, every now and then a shrill whimper coming from her.

I just kept on sucking Jack's big hairy cock, jacking him off as quick as I could and thinking only of feeling his cum shooting down the back of my throat. He was moaning and his prick was quivering all over, his erratic hip-motion pushing his cock still deeper down my throat.

My wet tongue licked all around his fleshy cock-head, my lips tight around the shaft of his prick and sucking hard. I reached down with my free hand and cupped his hairy nuts, bobbling them on my fingertips.

Jack was breathing heavier and heavier and his prick kept jerking even more wildly, the surge of thick cum he was going to squirt into my mouth getting closer and closer.

I glanced back up towards the front seat and Maureen looked like she was having the time of her life. Since only the very top of her head was visible, she must have scooted her ass all the way forward, her feet on the dashboard and her knees spread wide. I could hear Harry sucking her cunt with all his night, the noise he was making while he wallowed in her juicy snatch only adding to the fever-pitch excitement building in the car.

Maureen kept groaning and the way the car was rocking back and forth she must have been pumping her bare ass all over the place, her groans turning to sharp sighs and her breath getting still faster.

I was jacking Jack off so fast my hand was slapping into his crotch, my mouth sucking furiously at his giant prick. My head bobbed faster yet in his lap and then he suddenly lurched up with a gasp and his cum exploded from the twitching head of his cock.

His hot jism poured out and I swallowed it as fast as I could, mouthing his cock-head and squeezing his prick to death with my hand. His thick cum kept shooting out and going down my throat, wet streams of sperm that I gulped down hungrily.

I sucked all the cum he carried in his hairy balls right out of his prick and when I was done, I sat up and wiped my mouth off with the back of my I hand. He watched me while I licked the jism I had missed off my fingers, and he laughed when I gay his cock one last squeeze.

Maureen was coming her damn brains out in the front seat, squirming and thrashing around so much I was afraid she was going to kick out the windshield. Her bare legs were flying all over and she was gasping for breath and groaning with pleasure.

I couldn't resist taking a peek, so I leaned forward to see what I could see. Harry was sucking and licking Maureen's hot cunt with a fury, burying his face in her dripping crotch like he hadn't seen a woman in a month.

Maureen at last sagged back with a wailing moan and she was at least satisfied for the moment, her eyes closed dreamily and her legs going slack. The smell of her sopping cunt was really obvious in the car, and it was turning me on even more than I already was.

Jack was sitting up and alert again when I turned back to him, and he ran his hand up along my bare inner thigh right to my hairy pussy. His fingers slid into my cunt-hole and he began moving them in and out, finger-fucking me as hard as he could.

While he was doing that, I unbuttoned the front of my dress and pulled it back out of the way. My heavy tits popped out, the nipples swollen hard and pointy. I cupped my tits in my hands, offering them to him lewdly.

Jack leaned forward and started kissing and licking at my tits, his mouth sucking one nipple in and puffing at it. I was getting my tits sucked and my cunt fingered but mostly I was interested in feeling his cock between my legs.

Pulling and squeezing his prick. I kept working at it until it was stiff and throbbing again; by that time Maureen and Harry were fucking like maniacs in the front seat. Harry was sitting up where Maureen had been and Maureen was sitting on his lap, facing him with her knees alongside his hips and her slippery snatch ramming up and down on his cock.

Her hair was tossing back and forth and her expression showed the pleasure rushing through her cunt, her breathing even quicker than when he had eaten her out. She'd taken her blouse off and her tits were bouncing up and down wildly, jiggling right in Harry's face while she took his rigid meat in her snatch.

I lay back on the seat and spread my thighs, my cunt so wet from the fingering Jack was giving me it was dripping. He climbed on top of me, wedging me into the seat with my knees spread and a foot on the armrest of the door.

Jack's massive prick slipped up into my juicy cunt and lodged tight, his balls pressed against my damp ass-cheeks and his arms around my waist.

"Make it good," I sighed, contracting the wet muscles of my snatch and squeezing his cock.

He began fucking me with short, quick thrusts that soon had me squirming, his big prick sliding in and out of my snatch and gutting me with stiff meat. I worked my bare ass up and down, taking his cock all the way up my slippery cunt-hole and loving the feel of it.

Jack was hugging me to him and slamming his hairy cock deeper and deeper up my snatch, ramming it into me and making me shudder with pleasure. His balls slapped back and forth into my writhing ass and his cock-shaft was throbbing in the depths of my slick cunt, filling it with sensation so overwhelming I was going wild.

I kept clutching at his back and shoulders as he drove his cock as far up my cunt as he could, his hips churning up and down and his expression intense. He kept fucking me harder and harder and I kept taking the full length of his prick, groaning with lust as he hammered it into me.

My bare ass was bouncing around on the seat and my cunt-juices flowed freely, my crotch and thighs slick with oily moisture. The sopping joint of our fucking was getting wetter and wetter and the building heat was setting me on fire. I could feel every solid inch of his twitching prick plunging into my slippery cunt and the harder it jabbed into me the more I loved it.

He just kept on cramming his meaty prick up into my dripping snatch and I just kept on writhing and squirming, my groans getting harsher and my body drenched with sweat.

In the front seat I could see Maureen bobbing up and down on Harry's stiff prick. Her face was contorted in a mixture of pain and exquisite pleasure, her bare tits bouncing and the sound of her fucking obvious to all. She was pumping with more and more urgent thrusts and crying out with the sheer bliss of it, slamming her snatch down on Harry's cock and trembling all over.

Jack's huge cock was cleaving still deeper in my wet snatch and I began working my hot thighs up over his hips, moving my legs up until my feet were pressed against the roof of the car. My slick-lipped snatch was wide-open to him and he was ramming his prick all the way in, his cock-head starting to bottom out in my snatch.

My bare thighs were clamped to his pumping hips and he was fucking me faster and faster, shoving his hard meat up my cunt and making me squirm all the more. His balls were bashing my ass to pieces and his arms hugged me even tighter, our hips pumping still faster as both of us tried to get his prick even deeper in my pussy.

His pistoning prick was wetly parting my gripping cunt-walls and filling the hot space between, his cock-head reaming into me with all of his might. He was humping me so hard I couldn't even see straight, slamming his hard prick yet faster into my hot cunt.

My ass and thighs were straining as I pumped still more wildly, my sleek muscles jerking and twitching as my fucking got steadily more frantic.

"Shove your big prick up my cunt harder!" I moaned mindlessly. "Fuck my ass off! Fuck me harder! Harder! God, I love the feel of your cock in my cunt! Ohhhhhh!! Ram it up my snatch, ram it as deep as you can get it up my snatch! Ohhhhhh, shit, it feels good! Keep fucking me with your hairy prick, keep ramming it up my cunt! Shove it deeper! Deeper! DEEPER! Ohhhhhh, God! Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck the shit right out of me! Ohhhhhh! You're fucking my brains out! OHHHHHHH!!"

Jack's cock was pounding frenziedly into my slick-walled snatch, plunging into it with strokes getting faster and harder. His stiff meat drove deeper and deeper still up into my quivering cunt-hole, sliding in and out and causing me to thrash and twist.

My hot thighs were pumping away, my ass jerking up and down, and I had his body locked between my legs and battering into me. We were fucking with a frantic urgency that got hotter and hotter, my body so slick with sweat he could barely hold onto me.

He worked his hands down until he was cupping my sweat-slickened butt, squeezing my bouncing ass-cheeks into pulpy knots of flesh and pulling me even tighter to him. He was yanking my crotch up to him and spearing his hard cock all the way up my cunt, slamming into it with all his force and knocking the breath out of me.

"Stick your fingers up my ass," I managed to breathe hotly, writhing beneath him. "Finger-fuck my asshole and keep fucking the hell out of my snatch! Ohhhhhh! Your prick is hard as a rock! It's so hard and stiff in my snatch! Ohhhhh, God, I'm going to cum any second! I'm getting really close to coming! Shove your fingers up my ass, shove your fingers all the way up my asshole! OHHHHH! GODDAMN, YOUR PRICK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY CUNT! OHHHHHHH, GOD!!"

I felt Jack's fingers probing deeply in my tight asshole and it was all I needed to get off. My cunt-spasms slammed into me and left me breathless, wave after incredible wave of pleasure sweeping over me and making me shudder with delight.

My sopping cunt clenched at Jack's pistoning cock and my asshole tightened around his fingers, my hairy wet crotch minding into the base of his hard prick as I tried to take his meat still deeper.

I was kicking my legs and bouncing my bare ass all around and then Jack's driving prick started shooting off. He pumped all the cum he had straight up my fiery cunt, whipping his hips back and forth and filling my snatch with his jism. He kept shooting his rocks and both of us were groaning with passion.

He kept cramming his cock up my cunt until all the cum was drained from his balls, then he let out a last shuddering moan and ground to a halt. I gulped air through my mouth and lay there with my hairy cunt full of his thick cum, his chest still pressed tight to my rubbery tits.

I looked up to see how Maureen and Harry were getting along, and she was fucking frantically, her mouth open and her eyes glazed with lust. She was hammering her cunt down on his standing prick, her arms wrapped around his neck and her ass slapping against his thighs.

Harry was thrusting his cock up into her juicy snatch with everything he had, raising up off the seat and ramming his prick into her. His breath was as heavy as hers and he was moaning loudly, his hips pumping faster and faster.

Maureen's hair was flying all over and she was bouncing as fast as she could on his stiff prick, her mouth opening and closing and her face beaded with sweat.

"Ohhhhhh, your cock is going so deep in my cunt!" she groaned, bringing herself down harder and harder on his lap. "Your cock is so deep! It's going so far up my snatch, I love it! Cram your huge prick up my snatch, ram it straight up my cunt! Fuck me faster, keep fucking me faster! OHHHHHHH! Shoot your nuts off in my cunt-hole, shoot your nuts off! I want your cum in my pussy, I want to feel it squirting up my snatch! OHHHHHHH, GOD! Cum in me! Cum in me and fill my cunt with your jism! Give my cunt all your hot cum! OHHHHH, GOD, I LOVE YOUR COCK! I want your cum up my snatch, I want all of it! OHHHHHHH!!"

And then both of them were slamming into one another with a flurry of motion, both of them coming and moaning with the wanton thrill of it. "OH, GOD!!" Maureen screamed. "I can feel your cum shooting up my cunt, I can feel you shooting your rocks! Keep coming up my snatch! Shoot all your cum up my cunt-hole! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHH!!"

They churned and thrashed, coming like crazy. Finally they were finished and Maureen was leaning against him and trying to brush her hair away from her face. She saw me looking at her and smiled, her eyes bright.

"Time to switch partners," she giggled, eyeing Jack's muscular frame.

All things considered, she was a girl after my own heart.


The next morning I woke up and felt really good, happy because I knew Blake was getting home this afternoon sometime. I showered and powdered myself all over, slipping into a filmy robe that showed most of my tits and almost all of my thighs through a slit in the side. I glanced at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with what I saw.

I lounged around until he came home, my head filled with wicked thoughts about what we'd do and my snatch quivering with excitement.

"You look good enough to eat," he laughed when he came through the door. He just kept staring at me sitting on the couch, the bulge of his cock under his pants getting bigger.

I pulled my robe up over my hips and spread my knees wide, the pink slash of my cunt peeking at him through the black hair that covered my crotch. Then I took my slippery cunt-lips in my fingers and parted them wetly, showing him the deep hole glistening within.

That was all it took and a second later he was undressed and standing there with the biggest hard-on I'd ever seen. His prick was swollen and pulsating with desire, his cock-head throbbing.

He walked over to me and stood with his cock next to my face, taking it in his hand and rubbing it all over my mouth. I darted my tongue out and licked his prick all over, running my lips up and down it, and ended up sucking on his hairy balls. His hips started moving back and forth and I took his cock all the way in my mouth, sucking him off while he fucked me in the mouth.

I blew him for a while but I wanted his cum in my pussy instead of my mouth so I grabbed his upright prick with my hand and pulled him down to me.

Blake climbed on top of me and guided his rigid cock into my slippery cunt with his hand, wedging just the fleshy tip in and then shoving forward with his hips. His rigid prick slid all the way up my cunt-hole and filled me to the brim with hardness.

I hooked my heels behind his knees and the two of us lay on the couch fucking, his cock ramming as deep as he could push it up my trembling cunt. He slammed it up my cunt with repeatedly hard thrusts, cramming his meat up me and making me squirm and groan.

His prick was sliding in and out of my slick snatch and his hips were pumping up and down. The harder he shoved his huge cock up my cunt the louder I groaned and soon I was breathing fast and writhing wildly beneath him.

Blake was humping me with long hard strokes that went deep in my wet cunt and pistoned back out, his prick battering my cunt-walls and causing me to groan all the more.

My breath was hot and moist and I breathed to him, "Fuck me harder! Oh, it feels so fucking good! Fuck me hard! OH! OHHHHH! I love it! Hurt me! OH, GOD! Hurt me, fuck my cunt till it's raw! OH! Fuck me! Faster! Fuck me faster! OH, GODDAMN, IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!"

He was laying into my hot cunt with every inch of his cock, driving it so far up my snatch I was my snatch again and again, savagely, fucking me stiffening with the impact. He rammed his prick up the way I wanted to be fucked.

I was going wild, my ass pumping and twisting and my face wearing an expression of pure wanton lust. He gouged his hands under my writhing butt, his fingers going straight for my twitching brown asshole.

He jabbed his fingers up my ass and dug in, his cock plunging even deeper in my snatch and pushing me up along the couch. My robe was getting crushed between my hips and his but I could have cared less at the moment.

My butt was bouncing up and down and he was spreading my rubbery ass-cheeks as wide as he could, poking in and out of my taut asshole with his fingers. His cock kept pounding into the juicy depths of my snatch and his balls were swinging wildly, his hips churning as he fucked me still faster.

I worked my hot thighs up over his hips, crossing my feet behind his back and clamping my legs around him. He kept pushing his throbbing prick still harder into my snatch, reaming it out and making it tingle. My sopping cunt-hair was matted back and my pink cunt-lips were swollen and sucking wetly at his driving cock, our feverish fucking getting more feverish yet.

His hard cock pistoned in and out of my gripping cunt and sent shivers raging through my entire body, my cunt-juices brimming from my slippery snatch and running down into the crack of my jerking ass. Blake was finger-fucking the shit out of my tight asshole and his fingers were going all the way up my butt.

Both of us were panting and groaning and slapping together, each of his frantic thrusts met by one of my own. I was pumping my ass and thighs like a maniac and urging him on, his cock plunging still deeper in my hot cunt.

"I love it when you're fucking me, I love it!" I whimpered. "Ram your prick as hard as you can up my cunt! Fuck me! Fuck me faster! Faster! Cum in me! Ohhhh, shoot all your cum up my snatch and fill me with it! I love the feel of your hard cock sliding in and out of my cunt! Shove it deeper! Deeper! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEE!!"

I was trembling uncontrollably and my legs were pumping up and down, my cunt-hole gaping open and taking his cleaving cock all the way up it. Blake's fingers were stabbing up into my wet asshole and squishing around in it, his hands spreading my ass-cheeks even wider apart.

His meaty cock kept slamming up into the very depths of my tight snatch and making me squirm all over, my bare ass damp with sweat and getting damper. I could feel his swollen cock-head pushing in between my slick cunt-walls, his balls bouncing all the more against my upraised ass.

Blake's big prick ground into my cunt and then started filling me with cum, his balls tightening and his prick jerking crazily. His jism spurted from his cock in thick streams that went all the way up my snatch, drenching my juicy cunt with hot sperm.

We fucked with a lust-crazed madness, hammering at one another and clutching with our hands. His fingers were gouging into my spasming asshole and his cock was shooting off into my snatch, his hips pumping with a fury.

After all his cum had throbbed into my cunt, we lay in a sexual stupor, neither of us moving. Then Blake got up and said, "Come on, let's go take a shower. Both of us smell like pussy."

He headed for the bathroom and I got up and ran after him, giggling and tossing my robe off as I did so. He turned the shower on and we both climbed in.

We played around in the soap and water for a while, grabbing at each other and laughing like two little kids. After a bit of that his cock was standing up and ready for another go at it, his cock-shaft pulsing and alive with sensation.

I turned around and stuck my ass out at him, bracing myself with my feet spread wide and my hands against the back of the shower stall. My cunt-lips were gaping open wetly and my asshole was throbbing away, whichever hole he chose to shove his cock up fine with me.

Arching my lower back I thrust my round little butt out at him even more, looking around and smiling at him. He moved up close behind me, his stiff prick leading the way, and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"Do you want it in the ass or the cunt?" he asked, hugging me. "Or a little of each? What'll it be, young lady?"

"A little of each," I gushed, wriggling my ass around temptingly.

His warm cock slipped in between the wet cheeks of my butt and lined up with my asshole. With a swift thrust he speared his prick right up my bung, ramming it into my slippery bowels and making me squirm with pleasure.

When he started humping my ass, I pumped against his diving motion, working my legs and hips so his solid cock went as deep as possible in my tight asshole. He shoved it deeper into my ass with every thrust, reaming out my shitter until I was gasping for breath.

His hips were thrusting forward and mine were thrusting back, both of us intent on getting his prick farther and farther up my asshole. He was sliding his meat in and out of my butt and I was trembling all over, my tits bouncing and my nipples swollen with excitement.

He kept driving his rigid prick all the way up my gripping asshole with everything he had, pounding his meat into me with thrusts that bordered on violence. His balls were swinging back and forth and every time they slapped into my bare ass I jerked with a little groan.

I could feel his cum from the last time he'd fucked me running down the insides of my thighs, his sticky jism mixing with the juices flowing in my snatch. I was working my ass up and down and back and forth with a feverish pumping motion, taking his plunging cock up my asshole and loving the feel of it.

"Ream my asshole out with your prick," I panted. "Shove your big cock up my ass and fuck the shit right out of it! Fuck the hell out of my asshole! OHHHHH! Cram your prick deep in my ass! Hump my asshole! Hump it!"

He needed no prompting, driving his prick in and out of my sucking wet asshole so fast it was almost whistling. I was grinding my ass back into his hairy crotch, thrilling to the feel of his stiff meat gutting my shit-chute.

Working his hands down over my slender waist, he traced down over my bare groin and dipped his fingers into my slippery cunt. He pushed three of his fingers up into my hot snatch and started finger-fucking me, his hands cupping my plump pubic bulge and squeezing it to pieces.

He was pulling me back towards him while he fucked my ass and fingered my snatch, lifting me almost off my feet as he slammed his prick up my tight bung.

I was really close to coming, my breath quick and my legs trembling so much I was about to fall down, when Blake yanked his long cock all the way out of my asshole. I made a soft sucking sound when it pulled free, my shitter clenching shut with a throbbing spasm.

Then he shoved his hard prick straight up my pulsating cunt, pushing his fingers aside as he rammed his meat up my snatch. I gasped with the sensations racing through my loins and he started right in fucking me, sliding his cock in and out of my slick pussy and making it quiver.

He fucked me faster than ever from behind, pounding his cock into my juicy snatch as hard as possible and pistoning it back out. I was quickly losing myself in the pure bliss of humping, my ass churning as I worked to take his prick deeper still in my cunt.

The more he fucked me the more I wanted it, every muscle in my naked body straining toward climax. I was thrusting my hips back and forth furiously, my tits jiggling and my thighs quaking with passion. Goddamn, it felt good!

Blake's massive meat kept plunging into my pink pussy and his breath was getting faster and rougher. Oily lubrication was welling up out of my cunt and oozing down my legs, my cunt hair soaked with it. I was pumping my ass as fast as I could, fucking the hell out of him and getting the hell fucked out of me.

I was shuddering all over and panting for breath, my groans of lust growing louder. I kept squirming all over and he kept fucking me. My cunt-walls were swollen and slippery wet, my tight hole pulsating wildly, and my snatch was sucking at Blake's ramming prick each time he pulled out.

Without any warning his cum started gushing up into my hot cunt, shooting out of his jerking cock, a load of it going right up my snatch. He pumped all the harder, cramming his cock up my cunt, and I took it all. The harder he shoved his prick in me the deeper his jism squirted up my cunt and he was shoving it in as far as he could get it.

I started getting my nut and I was crying out and writhing back and forth. My snatch was spasming and contracting around his pistoning cock, sucking his prick even deeper into me as I pushed my ass out at him.

He ended up leaning against me and I ended up leaning against the wall, my tits pressed flat on the smooth tiles and his cock wedged tight in my dripping cunt. The shower was covering us with a fine mist and both of us were trembling.

We stood there for a minute or so and then Blake's cock slid out of my snatch. I turned around and he took me in his arms, hugging me to him and covering my mouth with a hot kiss. Our tongues intertwined and we held one another for a long time.

When he pulled away, I smiled up at him and said, "I'm glad you're back. How long are you going to be home for this time?"

He seemed suddenly embarrassed and he mumbled, "Well, I hate to tell you, I'm heading for Texas first thing in the morning. From there I'm going to New Mexico. I'm sorry, but that's just the way things are. I'll be gone about two days again."

"Oh, don't worry about it," I said, smiling as brightly as I could. "I understand. Well... what would you like for supper?"

We spent most of the day humping and sucking each other; by the time we were ready for bed, both of us too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

I turned out the light and we curled up together, both of us sleeping nude like always. Blake wrapped his arms around me and dropped right off, his eyes closed and his breathing regular.

I tossed and turned for a while and then I must have fallen asleep also because when I opened my eyes again, the clock on the dresser showed four o'clock. Glancing over at Blake, I could tell he was deep in dreamland and resting comfortably.

After trying to get back to sleep for fifteen minutes and not doing it, I finally realized I was just too horny. My cunt was tingling for a good hard fucking and my nipples were as firm with anticipation for it as could be.

Blake's big cock was limp and lying on his thigh, so I just reached over real carefully and took it in my hand. It twitched when my fingers encircled it but Blake didn't stir. With slow, deliberate strokes I began jacking him off, trying to get his prick stiff and wondering if it were possible without waking him up.

His cock started to firm up and it jerked in my hand, the fleshy head already beginning to throb. I jacked him off awhile longer, then I scooted down between his legs and as quietly as I could started blowing him. I sucked his prick deep in my throat and lapped my tongue all over it, my lips tight around his cock-shaft and my hand moving up and down.

Blake suddenly opened his eyes with a startled gasp and when he saw what I was up to, he laughed. He just lay there and watched me sucking him off and giving him a hand-job, his cock getting hard and standing up.

I blew him until his prick was as stiff as ever and then I sat up with a satisfied smile. He only shook I his head with a laugh. I crawled up on top of him and came down sitting on his hard meat, taking it in my slippery cunt-hole with one quick thrust.

Bracing myself with my hands on his chest, I started bouncing my ass up and down, impaling my snatch on his upright cock and fucking with a passion. He started pumping his hips from underneath and he shoved his prick with all his might up into my pussy, ramming it up me and causing me to catch my breath with a sharp moan. Both of us were wide awake now and humping like crazy. He reached around me and wrapped his hands around my ass, pulling at me as I churned and writhed to take his prick still deeper in my cunt. I was bringing myself down on his stiff meat as hard as I could, driving my snatch onto his prick and gorging myself with sensation.

I had my knees folded on each side of his hips and my thighs were jerking and straining as I pumped yet more urgently, wanting to feel his cock in my snatch and getting just what I wanted. My cunt-hole was brimming with juice and it kept spilling out of me and drenching the hair around his cock, every time he pushed his prick up me another trickle of it seeping out.

Blake was breathing through his mouth and his pumping was getting even faster. His cock rammed in and out of my gripping cunt, his hips coming right up off the bed. He was digging his fingers into the soft flesh of my ass and hurrying me along, and I was bouncing up and down furiously.

I squirmed and writhed on top of him, shuddering as his solid prick cleaved up into my cunt, my entire body slick with sweat. The muscles in my pumping thighs were standing out and twitching like mad and my bare tits were swinging back and forth.

The deeper Blake's big cock slid up into my wetly clenching snatch the more it seemed to throb and the harder I slammed myself down on it. My ass was slapping into his thighs and my crotch was pounding into his, my oily juices running even more and soaking the sheet under him.

I felt the first squirt of his cum spurt up into my slippery cunt, his thrust getting wilder, and then he was shooting his nuts off. His jism gushed up into my snatch and ran back out along his twitching cock-shaft, load after sticky load of it going into my tight hole.

He was gritting his teeth and groaning while he filled my cunt with his sperm, and when I started coming, I groaned even louder than he was. We kept fucking and coming and coming and fucking, my cunt grinding into the base of his shooting cock as I tried to spear myself on it. The faster we pumped the more his cum poured into my snatch and the farther up my hole his prick went. Then I lay down on him with a tired smile when we were finished and he squeezed me tight, covering my face with wet kisses and not letting me go.

Of all the men I'd ever known, he was the one I'd always want the most.


Blake was up and gone early in the morning and I was so depressed about him being gone again that I didn't get out of bed until after two o'clock. I cleaned the house and thought about calling Maureen, but decided against it, even though the feel of her tongue in my snatch might have cheered me up. For some reason I just wanted to be alone.

I didn't even bother getting dressed, wandering around the house with the drapes drawn and my bare ass and tits there for anyone who stopped by to see. I knew there wasn't really anyone coming by today, but then I remembered that Steve Parker, the twelve-year-old paperboy, was going to collect for the paper later in the day.

I giggled at the thought of letting him fuck me, the idea so ridiculous I didn't give it more than a brief thought. Then I found myself thinking about it more and more, and soon my cunt was dripping wet with lust. It was shocking to me that I'd even consider it, but I couldn't help wondering what his little cock would look like and if he'd ever seen a woman's snatch.

By the time he showed up to collect for the paper, I was ready and I opened the door with a secret little smile, standing behind it still stark naked.

He smiled back at me and I asked him in, closing the door behind him when he stepped inside. He turned around and when he saw my bare tits and hairy cunt, his mouth dropped open. He was a good-looking kid, handsome in a way and well-built, and I could see his young prick jerking under his pants.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Haven't you ever seen a naked woman before?"

"Only pictures in magazines," he said, swallowing nervously. "You sure are pretty with your clothes off."

I walked slowly over to the couch with a wiggle to my ass and sat down, motioning him over and saying, "Come here and you can take a real good look."

He came over and I spread my legs for him, lying back and watching to see what he'd do. He got down on his knees and peered at my slippery cunt-hole, looking up it and then staring at my ass and thighs. His eyes went back to my snatch and he just kept looking at it, every now and then licking at the corner of his mouth with the tip of his tongue.

"Can I touch it?" he asked finally. "Can I stick my finger in it?"

"Do what you want to do," I giggled. "Stick your finger or your face or even your cock in my cunt. Whatever you want."

He reached out and slipped his finger up my wet snatch, moving it in and out. I shivered while he finger-fucked me, his fingers probing deep and touching me all over. He played with my dark beaver and touched lightly at my puckered asshole and squeezed my damp thighs.

I squirmed my ass around on the couch and was getting so hot I could barely stand it. After letting his play with my snatch until I felt he knew his way around it, I said, "Take your pants off and I'll let you fuck me."

He got up and dropped his pants, stepping over them and coming at me with his small prick stiff and throbbing. I reached out and pulled him down to me, my legs spreading wider and my cunt coming up to meet his rigid cock.

He wrapped his arms around my waist awkwardly and his prick slipped up into my tight cunt, his hips thrusting forward like he'd been doing it all his life. I took his prick deep in my wet snatch and as soon as he had it buried all the way in my cunt, he started humping me.

I cupped my hands around his ass and pulled him even tighter into my hairy crotch, his cock pistoning in and out of my hot pussy and his arms squeezing me -- he had his face in my tits and he kissed wildly at them, finally managing to get one of my nipples in his mouth and sucking it until it was hard and swollen. He moved to the other one and sucked it also, the whole while his hips going back and forth faster and faster.

He was taking to fucking like I couldn't believe, shoving his young meat up my snatch with forceful thrusts and fucking the hell out of me.

His prick kept sliding in and out of my cunt-hole and soon both of us were breathing hard and drenched with sweat. He worked his hands down under my pumping ass and squeezed my ass-cheeks, pulling me up to him each time he drove his cock into my slick snatch.

Groaning and squirming under him, I worked my ass up and down and took his cock as deep as I could, shuddering at the feel of his hard little prick plunging into my cunt. The joint of our humping was getting hotter and I was so wet my juices were oozing out of my cunt-crack and soaking our crotches.

I was spreading my knees wider with each of his feverish thrusts, wanting his prick as deep as I could take it in my cunt. He kept slamming it into me, pushing his hard meat in my snatch and pistoning it back out. The harder we fucked the more both of us groaned, our bare hips churning and slapping together.

Still pulling at his pumping ass with one hand, I reached down with my other hand and stroked the fleshy sac his nuts were hanging in, squeezing them lightly and feeling him stiffen up. I kept playing with his balls and he kept cramming his stiff prick up my snatch, reaming my cunt-hole out as fast as he could.

His breath was hot on my chest and he was still sucking at my rubbery nipples, tugging at them with his teeth and kissing wetly at my tits. He ran his tongue along the round underside of first one tit and then the other, at the same time his hands and fingers creeping towards my asshole.

"Go ahead," I breathed to him, tightening my pumping thighs around his. "Play with my asshole, stick your fingers up my butt! Go ahead, don't be shy! Finger my asshole! OHHHH! You're fucking me like crazy! I love your hard little cock in my cunt, I love it! Fuck me harder! Cram your prick up my snatch and make me cum! Keep fucking me with your cock! OHHHHH, GOD! You're got such a hard prick! Fuck me with it, stab my cunt to pieces with it! OHHHHH, IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD! OHHHHHH! AAARRRGGGHHH!!"

He searched in my sweaty ass-crack and then his fingers found my puckered asshole. I jerked with a muffled gasp when he started finger-fucking my butt, jabbing fingers from both hands up my tight asshole and stretching it open. He kept ramming his solid cock into the juiciest depths of my cunt, the head of his meat battering into me and the shaft throbbing away.

Squirming even more wildly, I brought my legs up off the floor and wrapped them around his hips, squeezing them tight and pumping all the harder.

My thighs kept straining and pumping as he crammed his cock still deeper up my slippery curd, his hips going back and forth even faster. I could tell he was close to shooting his rocks because his prick was quivering and twitching inside the wet passage of my tight snatch.

His breath and mine were coming in gasps and we were ramming together and humping each other's brains out. He tensed all over and then his cock jerked even more and his cum started shooting out of his driving prick.

Both of us were coming like crazy, his cock spurting his hot jism up into my snatch and my snatch taking it and wanting more. His cum gushed up me and filled my cunt with liquid heat, a milky stream of sperm going deep in my hole.

He kept fucking me frantically, his hips going a mile a minute and his face beaded with sweat. He was stabbing me to death with his cock and I was urging him on, my thighs straining as I tried to grind out every last ounce of pleasure I could get.

Finally we were through and both of us sagged, our breathing rough, his prick empty and my cunt full. He lay on top of me until he managed to catch his breath and then he pulled his prick out of my snatch, standing up and exhaling loudly.

"Was that the very first time you ever fucked a woman?" I asked, smiling up at him. His cheeks were flushed and he was still breathing somewhat unevenly.

"It sure was," he laughed. "I couldn't believe how good it felt when I came in your pussy. Was it good for you, too?"

"I thought I'd cum my ass right off," I said truthfully. The kid really was a good hump. "Listen, do you have any young friends you think might be interested in fucking me? The idea of a lot of young guys ramming their pricks up my match really turns me on. Do you know anyone?"

"Heck yes! There's a bunch of us that hang around and all we ever talk about is fucking some girl or other. This'll kill 'em when I tell 'em what you want!"

"Go find them and bring them over tonight," I said, my cunt-lips quivering at the indecent fantasy running through my mind. "I'll be waiting right here as bare-assed naked as I am right now."

He left to finish his paper route and I dashed in to take a quick shower. I wanted to be all clean and sparkling for the horde of young boys I knew would soon be running their hands over my naked body.

At a little after eight there was a knock at the door and I went to answer it. Like I'd told Steve the paperboy, I was still nude, my snatch dripping wet with anticipation, but when I opened the door, I was taken aback by the number he'd brought with him.

He walked in leading at least fifteen other boys -- probably every single guy he knew at school -- and they tramped in giggling and pushing one another. I closed the door behind them and said, "Well, who wants to be first? Any volunteers?"

Most of them seemed really shy and so I picked one out, a tall boy with dark hair that I thought would do nicely. All of them watched nervously while I fumbled with his pants, their eyes narrowing when I took the boy's stiff cock out and started jerking his joint.

I sprawled out on the carpet and pulled him down to me, getting his pants the rest of the way off and guiding his prick up into my slippery cunt. He laughed nervously when his cock slid all the way up my snatch, and he dug his hands in under my bare ass.

All the other boys watched, every one of them with a huge bulge in the front of his pants, and when the boy on top of me started fucking me, they watched even more closely. I hooked my heels behind his legs and spread my thighs wide, my ass pumping up and down as we humped.

He was sliding his solid prick in and out of my hairy cunt-hole and making me squirm all over the floor, my groans getting steadily louder and my back arching. I was digging my heels into the backs of his knees and hurrying him along, working my ass and thighs and taking his ramming cock as deep in my snatch as possible.

One of the other boys over my face and stood there uncertainly. The other boys were urging him on, and after a minute he quickly pulled his pants off and got down next to me so his hard little cock was next to my mouth.

I reached out with my hand and grabbed his prick, pulling him over and sucking his prick-head wetly into my mouth. He began pumping his hips back and forth and his cock was going in and out of my mouth faster and faster, his balls bouncing and the expression on his face one of pure rapture. I blew him as hard as I could while the boy on top of me rammed his cock deeper still up my hot cunt, one fucking me in the snatch and the other fucking me in the mouth. The hard cock in my mouth was already jerking and twitching and I could tell it was ready to explode any second. I sucked his dick even harder, running my tongue all over the swollen head and shaft, jacking him off with my hand.

He groaned low in his throat and pushed his prick still deeper into my mouth, ramming it in and out and shivering all over. I loved the taste of his young meat and wanted to taste his cum, urging him to let loose with my mouth and hand.

The young boy fucking my cunt kept slamming his rigid cock all the way up my wetly gripping snatch and sliding it back out, his ass pumping up and down like mad. He was pounding his meaty prick up my snatch with all the might he had, hammering it into me and making me gasp for breath. The harder he fucked me the better I like it, and I was writhing and squirming beneath him.

The cock I was sucking suddenly jerked even more, stiffening until I thought it'd break, and then my mouth was full of cum and getting fuller. It was quivering like crazy and shooting long spurts of wet jism down my throat, the boy pumping his hips even faster and shooting his nuts with loud moans.

I was swallowing his shooting cum as fast as I could and he just kept filling my mouth with it. He finally went limp on his side and lay there with his eyes gassy, his prick drained and all his cum now down my throat.

The boy fucking me was going wild, his prick throbbing deep in my tight snatch, and he was humping furiously. His meat kept plunging into my slippery pussy and his hips churned for all he was worth. I tightened my hot thighs around him, feeling my climax starting to spasm through my snatch, and he began shooting his rocks.

His cum gushed up into my tightly clenching snatch and he pumped it into me by the bucket load. I was thrashing and crying out with the passion rushing through my loins and he just kept on coming inside of me. His sticky jism was squirting up into my hot cunt and filling it to the brim, his thrusts urgent and erratic as he got his rocks off.

He pulled his prick out of my snatch and rolled over, anther boy immediately taking his place. This one was short and heavy-set, his cock jutting out and ready for action. He had his stiff cock up my cunt-hole in an instant and an instant later he was fucking the hell out of me.

I worked my thighs up over his hips while he shoved his twitching prick deeper and deeper up my snatch, managing to get my legs around him and crossed behind his back. My butt was raised up in the air with my ass-cheeks spread apart and all of the boys standing around were staring at my throbbing asshole.

The heavy-set boy was pistoning his cock in and out of my gaping wet cunt as hard as he could, cramming it lip me with thrusts that made me grown. His balls were slapping into my upraised ass-cheeks and his hands pulled my butt up even higher, his fingers touching my asshole and digging in.

Without missing a stroke of his driving prick, I suddenly rolled over on my side -- taking him with me -- and then rolled over on top of him, my knees digging into the carpet and his cock still sliding in and out of my snatch. I was on top of his standing cock and I kept slamming myself down onto it.

He fucked me from underneath, his hands moving from my ass up along my sides and then finding my heavy tits. He squeezed them with his sweaty hands, pulling at my nipples, and all the while his stiff cock was ramming up into my slick cunt.

My bare as was pumping up and down on top of him and I was taking his upright cock as far up my hot cunt-hole as I could get it. The thick cum from the last boy who'd fucked me was mingling with my cunt juices and flowing out of me, oozing from my snatch and soaking my crotch and thighs.

As I'd expected, one of the other boys climbed up on my back with his prick stiff and throbbing. With his hands he guided his hard cock into the sweaty crack of my butt and then shoved his meat up into my wet asshole.

I stiffened up with the wanton sensation of having two cocks inside of me, one underneath fucking the hell out of my dripping cunt and the other reaming out my tight asshole.

Both of them kept sliding their rigid pricks in and out of me faster and faster and I was quickly being overwhelmed with the sheer pleasure of it. The heavy-set boy beneath me was working his hips up and down and grinding his prick even deeper into my sopping snatch and my slick juices were running out of my cunt-crack and drenching the joint of our frantic fucking. The boy on my back kept shoving his cock as deep in my asshole as he could push it, slamming it into my wet bung and gutting me with hard meat.

I started coming like the lust-crazed animal I was, and both of them had to hang on for dear life.

My cunt spasmed shut around one driving prick and my asshole around the other, my butt squirming wildly and my groans of delight piercing the air.

They both tensed up and then I was being filled with cum from both ends. The boy fucking my butt shot his rocks straight up my pulsing asshole, filling my guts with jism. He was driving his squirting cock into the hot depths of my writhing ass and spurting all his cum into it.

The boy with his prick in my snatch was ramming his meat into my cunt-hole and jerking wildly beneath me, his cock shooting off thick streams of jism I could feel squirting up my snatch. He was moaning and pushing his twitching prick up my cunt feverishly, pounding my hairy crotch to pieces, and his hands were squeezing my tits to death.

All three of us kept coming and coming and then finally we were through, a heap of sweaty flesh that smelled mostly like my cunt.

I wriggled out from between them and sprawled out on my back, breathing hard and giggling at the thought of what we'd just done. I'd never had two cocks in me at the same time before and words could never describe how great it had felt.

The boys were all milling around and they formed a sort of line leading up to me, the next one climbing between my hot thighs and shoving his hard prick up into my wet cunt. He started fucking me and that was the way it went for the rest of the night, one after another humping my cunt and my asshole and my mouth, and me groaning and squirming and being filled with more sticky cum than I'd ever seen in my life.


The next day my cunt and asshole were really sore from all the fucking all those horny young boys had given me. I showered and dressed and then headed downtown to do some shopping. We had a small compact, so I didn't have any trouble parking. I wandered sort of aimlessly, looking in store windows and nodding every now and then to people I knew.

While I was glancing at a dress in a shop window, I heard someone say, "Becky! Is that you?" I turned around and there stood Henry Dustman, the man or boy really, at that time who I'd gone steady with in high school.

"Why, how are you?" I beamed all over, looking him up and down. "God, I haven't seen you in years! What are you doing in Rolla?"

"I just came back to see my folks. I'm only going to be here for a week or so and then I'm heading back to Chicago where I live now. So tell me, how have you been doing? Me you still married to Blake?"

"I sure am," I nodded. "How's your wife Emily? Are you guys still getting along?"

"We're divorced," he said simply. Then, "Hey, how about letting me buy you a drink?"

"Sure," I smiled, so happy at seeing him I kept grinning like an idiot. "Let's go down to the Happy Hour."

We spent the next hour sitting in the bar and talking over old times, his hand at some point finding mine and squeezing it gently. I was getting light-headed and the longer I sat talking to him the more I just wanted to climb, up in his lap.

And then the next thing I knew he was up registering at the Grantway Motel and I was sitting in the car and hoping no one I knew would pass by and see me. He walked to the room and opened the door and I kind of slipped in real quick, so excited about having his prick in my cunt again after all this time my heart was pounding in my ears.

I sat down on the bed and Henry grabbed me around the middle and covered my mouth with his. We kissed wildly, sucking at each other's lips and tongues, and when we pulled apart, he started taking my clothes off. I undressed him with shaking hands and was pleased to find he still had the same great body he had in high school.

His cock jumped right out at me when I pulled down his shorts, throbbing and jerking and as big as I remembered it. I took his huge prick in my hand and squeezed it, feeling him tremble and suck his breath in sharply.

He got my damp panties off and his fingers slipped into my wet snatch, probing deep in my hairy crotch and moving in and out. I lay all the way back on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge and Henry got up on top of me so his knees were on each side of my head and his cock was dangling down in my face.

He started kissing and nibbling at my slippery cunt and his hands dug in under my bare ass, puffing me up to him and darting his tongue into my snatch. I spread my knees wider and pushed my hot cunt tighter to his mouth, shuddering with pleasure as he ate my cunt out.

Taking his prick into my mouth I began giving him the best blow-job I knew how, sucking his cock and running my tongue wetly across the swollen head of it. I grabbed it with both hands and jacked him off really hard and fast, wanting him to shoot his rocks in my mouth.

We were 69-ing and both of us were pumping our hips and beginning to sweat. Henry's tongue lapped all over my pink cunt and his hands were squeezing my rubbery ass and pulling it up to him. His whole face was buried in my sopping crotch and he, kept working his tongue deeper into my snatch, his lips sucking and smacking and his head lobbing up and down.

He was shoving his hard cock as far into my mouth as he could, thrusting up and down and fucking the hell out of my mouth with his huge rod of meat.

I kept sucking his cock as far as I could get it in my throat and lapping wetly at it with my tongue. My hands moved faster still while I jerked him off and his cock was throbbing like crazy. His balls were swinging back and forth, and I reached up with one hand and squeezed them, my other hand still pulling and tugging at his prick.

My thighs were spreading even wider and quaking with unleashed passion while he sucked and licked my glistening pink cunt. My ass was bouncing up and down and I was groaning with short little gasps, Henry's tongue probing yet deeper up my juicy snatch and moving in and out.

I had the soles of my bare feet pressed together and my knees as wide apart as I could get them, my hips churning up and down and my cunt just dripping with juice. Henry kept sucking my swollen pussy-lips into his mouth and running his tongue up into my tight cunt-hole, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of my ass.

We were locked together mouth-to-crotch and straining to climax, his cock slamming hard into my mouth and me grinding my cunt hard into his face. His lips and tongue were going wild in my snatch and my slick cunt-juices were welling out and coursing down into my ass-crack and asshole. Henry's giant prick was sliding in and out of my mouth with faster and faster strokes and I was sucking it as hard as possible. The head of his cock throbbing, he kept shoving his meat almost down my throat, ramming it in and pistoning it back out.

Then his cum poured out of the end of his prick and filled my mouth with hot liquid. I gulped it down and jacked him off even faster, swallowing his jism as it squirted from his jerking cock and wanting it all. I mouthed and sucked all the cum in his prick down my throat.

Henry was gasping and groaning and his mouth was clamped so tight to my cunt I started coming with a flurry of panting moans, tightening my hot thighs around his head and pushing my snatch almost down his throat. He was working his tongue in and out of my slippery cunt-hole and I was squirming and crying out with pleasure so intense it was making me shiver.

We sucked at one another until both of us were spent and trembling and then he rolled over on his side and pulled his long prick out of my mouth. I lay across the bed staring at the ceiling and panting for breath.

Neither of us said anything for quite a while, preferring just to lie there and enjoy each other's company in silence. Finally Henry's cock was stiff again and he pulled me up all the way on the bed and climbed between my legs.

He buried his hard prick in the wet hole of my snatch, pushing it all the way up me and making me moan with the feel of his meat in my pussy. Then he brought my legs up so that my knees were touching my tits and my cunt was wide open to him. He wrapped his anus around me and held my legs in place, starting to fuck me with long thrusts that soon had me whimpering and straining to kick free.

I squirmed and writhed as best I could, my legs held tightly and my ass bouncing up and down. The backs of my pumping thighs were quivering as I tried time and time again to break free, my cunt getting pounded into deeper and deeper with his prick.

The harder he fucked me the more I thrashed and groaned, my hot pussy-juices oozing down into my splayed ass-crack and dripping on the bed. He held me down and just kept slamming his hard cock up my snatch, reaming me out with his solid meat and making me squirm all the more.

I was wriggling my bare ass around and trying to take his driving prick in my cunt-hole as far as I could. His huge cock-head was ramming up into my tight snatch, wetly parting my gripping cunt-walls and plunging into the hole they formed. He kept humping me as hard as he could, his thrust getting more and more violent each time he slammed his cock up me. Both of us were drenched with sweat and my legs were so slick with it he was having trouble holding them down, my thighs jerking and straining and the sleek muscles standing taut. His prick went still deeper up my snatch as he pumped even quicker, his meat bottoming out in my cunt-hole and causing me to cry out with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I kept groaning and thrashing and he kept fucking the shit out of my cunt, his cock cleaving with all his might into my sopping snatch and pulling back out with a soft sucking noise.

His hips worked back and forth and his balls were swinging wildly, slapping into my upraised ass and spurring me on. I writhed beneath him without really moving, his weight on me and his arms still holding my trembling legs tight against my tits. My ass was soaked with sweat -- and my running cunt-juices -- and the more we fucked the slicker it go, my thighs quaking and straining even more.

"Fuck the shit out of me!" I gasped. "Fuck my cunt-hole right off! Fuck me harder, ram your big prick up my snatch and give me a really good fuck! OHHHH, GOD! You're fucking me so good, so damn good! I love the feel of your huge piece of meat in my snatch! I love your prick, I just love the hell out of it! OHHHHH, SHIT! OHHHHH, GODDAMN, IT'S GOOD! Shove your prick deeper in my cunt, shove it all the way up there! Fuck me! Fuck me faster! Keep fucking my snatch! Keep ramming your meat up in my cunt-hole and make me cum! Make me cum my ass off! OHHHH, GOD, YOU'RE FUCKING ME TO DEATH! YOU'RE FUCKING THE PISS RIGHT OUT OF MY CUNT!!"

Henry's solid cock was going in and out of my gaping wide cunt-hole with a passion, his hips churning furiously and his breath hot against my neck. He kept pushing his throbbing prick as far up my snatch as he could shove it, pistoning it into my quivering cunt and making me gasp with wanton pleasure.

My entire body was shuddering and I was still trying to kick free with my legs, the undersides of my full thighs knotting up as I strained harder and harder. His cock was driving so deep in my wet snatch it was bottoming out ever time it plunged in, the sensations it sent racing through my loins driving me up the wall. "Shoot your cum up my snatch! Shoot all your hot jism up my cunt-hole and let me feel it! I want to feel you coming in me! I want to drain your cock and take all your cum in my snatch! OHHHHH! Fuck me hard and cum in my pussy! Cum in me and fill me up with your sticky jism! OHHHHH, GOD!!"

Henry started getting his nut and his cum gushed into me. It shot straight up my cunt-hole in thick streams of hot liquid and I worked my snatch up and down and sucked his prick with my slippery cunt. His balls were battering into my pumping ass-cheeks and his cock just kept squirting cum up my snatch.

Then I went limp and lifeless under him, and he let my legs go, the first thing I did was stretch them out until my toes spread apart. Then I dropped my legs back onto the bed and lay there with my face beaded with sweat and my pussy full of his thick, hot sperm.

Henry eased his big prick out of my wet cunt and rested his face on my heaving tits, his arms around my waist and his cock lying against my damp thigh.

I toyed with his hair, twining my fingers in it. He kissed my tits all over, flicking with his tongue tip at my rubbery nipples, then covering one with his mouth and sucking it until it was throbbing.

I lay there and enjoyed the feel of his mouth on my tits, his tongue moving from first one nipple to the other and back again. He looked up at me then and smiled.

"You know," he said thoughtfully, "I'm still crazy about you after all these years."

"That makes us even," I giggled. "I'm still crazy about you."

"I'm more than just crazy about you, I'm still in love with you. I'd like you to come back with me to Chicago when I go home next week."

I could only stare at him, surprised in spite of myself. That I felt something for him was obvious, but the idea of just running off with him -- leaving Blake behind -- actually frightened me. I said slowly, "Henry, I'm a married woman and my husband has been really good to me. It wouldn't be fair for me to just up and leave him."

"How about being fair to yourself?" he persisted. "Do you want to spend the rest of your life in this town? Come with me and I'll show you how to really live!"

"I don't know... I guess I'll just have to think about it."

He didn't want to take "no" for an answer, and we went back and forth for the next half-hour, him telling me I was silly to throw my life away with Blake and me not sure at all what to do.

By then his massive prick was all hard and stiff again and I ended our conversation by saying, "Come on, give me a quick little fuck in the asshole and we'll talk about my running off with you the next time I see you."

He shook his head with a laugh, and I rolled over on my stomach, sliding off the bed so my knees were on the carpet and I was lying with my upper half across the bed. Henry got down behind me and with his hands spread my ass-cheeks apart until my puckered asshole was stretched out. It throbbed warmly and I couldn't wait to feel his cock deep inside it. I wriggled my butt around, wanting him to hurry up.

Instead of starting to hump my ass, he poked a finger up my wet cunt, getting it all slippery with my juices, then pulled it out and pushed it up my asshole. I groaned with even the feel of his finger, squirming and wanting him to ram his big cock up there and ream me out.

He worked his finger slowly in and out, watching as my rubbery asshole sucked at it and gripped it tightly. He just kept on pushing his finger deeper up my ass, probing into my slick asshole and wiggling it around in my clenching hung. Then he finally pulled his finger out and spread the firm cheeks of my butt apart with his hands.

I felt the warm tip of his throbbing cock press against my elastic asshole and he pushed forward with his hips, popping just the head of his prick into me. He pulled it back out and pushed just the bulbous head back in, my twitching asshole stretching and contracting while he worked his cock back and forth. "Give me all your cock!" I wailed to him, thrusting my ass out in an attempt to take his solid prick deeper. "Cram your meat all the way up my asshole! Give me every inch of it, give me all of your big cock in my asshole!"

Henry finally obliged me, thrusting his hips forward brutally and spearing his hard cock straight up my slippery shitter. I gasped with pleasure when he started fucking my butt with a frenzy, his prick ripping in and out of my tight asshole.

I worked my sweaty ass in jerky circles and took his driving cock deeper and deeper up my bung, squirming and groaning and having the time of my life. He kept hammering his rigid prick all the way up my asshole so hard he was knocking me forward. His hands grabbed my bare hips and he held me tight, his cock slamming up into my hot shit-chute and his fingers digging into my flesh.

"That's the way, Henry, that's the way! Fuck the shit out of my asshole and make it hurt! Make my little asshole all red and sore! Fuck it till it's raw! OHHHHH, GODDAMN, I LOVE YOUR PRICK IN MY ASS! I LOVE IT! HARDER! FUCK MY ASSHOLAE HARDER!! OHHHHHHH!!!"

He was reaming my ass out like a raging maniac, driving his huge cock harder and harder into my tight asshole and making me squirm all over the place. I was gulping air through my mouth and writhing and twisting against his motion, taking his stiff meat all the way up my tightly clenching asshole and loving every inch of it.

His furious cock-thrusts were pushing me forward and grinding my hairy crotch into the hard edge of the mattress, my cunt-juices flowing from my snatch and dribbling down the insides of my spread thighs. The smell of my cunt-hole was already filling the room and now the smell of my sweaty asshole was mingling with it, the lush odor of the two really rank.

Henry kept pulling me back away from the bed with his hands and ramming his hard meat up my ass. I was thrashing and flailing away, clutching at the bedspread wildly and sweating like crazy.

I could feel the head of his pistoning prick jabbing into the depths of my pulsating asshole and then sliding back out. His balls were swinging back and forth and bashing into the underside of my cunt, hitting my pussy-lips and setting them aflame with desire.

He kept fucking the hell out of my sucking asshole and then he worked his hands around my pumping hips and began finger-fucking my dripping pussy. He dug his fingers into my snatch and worked them in and out, his cock still pounding faster and faster up my ass.

His hands were cupping my sopping crotch and he suddenly was squeezing it like mad. His cock started shooting a heavy stream of cum up my wet asshole and he was grinding his prick up my trembling butt with every ounce of his strength. His cock kept squirting my sucking bowels full of hot jism and his fingers were stabbing all the way up my snatch.

I groaned with the fire suddenly rushing through the pink center of my dripping wet cunt and worked my bare ass back and forth frantically, coming deep in my match and wanting to feel his shooting prick all the way up my tightening asshole.

He pumped the entire load of his sticky cum up my ass and then relaxed on top of me with a weary moan, his breath hot against the back of my neck. I was still getting my nut and I kept squirming under him until the last of my cunt-spasms faded away.

We stayed where we were over the edge of the bed and then Henry's cock slid out of my sore little asshole and he stood up.

"That was just something to remember me by when you're thinking about leaving with me," he said, patting my ass affectionately.

"I'll certainly remember you after that!" I smiled up at him. "I certainly will!"


The first thing I did when I got back home was to call Maureen and ask if I could cum over and talk to her. It wasn't even dark out yet, so I knew I hadn't gotten her up, but for some reason she sounded half-asleep or at least very tired. She would giggle every now and then while we talked on the phone, and then she told me to come on over. It was all pretty strange, but I figured I'd know what she was up to soon enough.

When I knocked on her door, she didn't answer at first. I knocked again and she opened the door, her hair a tangled mess and her supple body covered only by a flimsy robe. I walked in and right away saw why Maureen was in the state she was in.

Sharon Temple, a young high-school girl that lived in the neighborhood, was lounging on the couch and she wasn't wearing a stitch. Her slim legs were thrown over the end of the couch and her hairy cunt was gaping open and dripping wet.

She waved at me with a smile and I waved back, looking at Maureen and waiting to see what she'd say.

"Sharon and I were eating each other out when you called," Maureen said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "She's almost as good with her tongue as you are. Come on and join in."

I giggled and peeled my clothes off, anxious to tell Maureen about my meeting with Henry but deciding it could wait. I moved over to Sharon and looked her over.

Her tits were young and firm-looking and her nipples were rubbery and swollen. She was slim all over and her cunt was really hairy, her thick pink cunt-lips gaping open and quivering.

"Who's going to eat who first?" I asked with a smile, glancing at both of them.

Maureen came over and Sharon sat up, her eyes bright and attentive. I just stood there and Maureen put her hand between my legs, slipping her fingers up into my cunt and squishing them around in my slick wetness.

"Sharon said she wanted to lick your pussy as soon as she knew you were coming over, and I want to lick your asshole. Just stand there and spread your legs and we'll do our best for you."

I was trembling with excitement as I braced myself with my hands on the wall and my legs spread apart. Maureen got down on her knees behind me, and Sharon squatted between me and the wall, her mouth going right far my slippery match and her fingers rolling my cunt-lips apart.

I stood there and Sharon started sucking my cunt, running her tongue up into it and all around it.

She was sucking my snatch as hard as she could, and I was breathing faster by the second.

Maureen spread the round cheeks of my ass with her fingers and then I felt her face pressing into my ass-crack. Her tongue darted out and licked all over my puckered asshole, making me shiver with the feel of it.

She worked her wet tongue in quick circles up and down the warm crack of my butt and then she speared her tongue tip into my hot asshole. She licked and sucked and nibbled at my shitter and I squatted down, bending my knees outward, to let her get at me.

Sharon was smacking her lips all over my sopping cunt and my musky twat-cream was running down over her cheeks and chin. She had her mouth clamped to my snatch and her tongue was lapping up into my cunt-hole as deep as she could push it, her head going up and down as she worked her tongue in still deeper.

The feel of both their tongues licking at my juicy cunt and my tight asshole was really turning me on. My oily cunt-juices flowed all the faster, and soon Sharon was almost drowning in it, glistening trails of slick moisture running from her cheeks to her chin to her tits and on down to her hairy snatch.

Maureen had her mouth pressed as tight as possible into my sweaty ass-crack and her tongue was working feverishly in my wet asshole. She kept spearing her tongue in and out of my bung and spreading my ass-cheeks apart with her fingers. The farther she pushed her tongue up my asshole the better it felt and then she started using her fingers, too. She dug her lingers in and stretched my tight shitter open, licking into it with faster and faster jabs of her tongue.

Sharon was sucking furiously on my dripping snatch and she was pulling my slippery cunt-lips so far apart the pink folds of my hot snatch were sticking out and throbbing like mad. She ran her tongue all over my wet cunt-flesh, sucking at it with such force she was making loud slurping sounds.

The more they sucked and licked at me the more my legs shook and the wetter my cunt got. My snatch was quivering and my asshole was twitching and they just kept on working away.

I kept squatting down lower and lower, grinding my cunt into Sharon's mouth and groaning with the lewd pleasure she was giving me. Maureen kept lapping into my asshole and jamming her tongue in deeper and deeper.

It didn't take much to get me off and I felt my thighs go taut and my cunt-hole tighten up. I was suddenly in the middle pf a climax that was shaking me to the roots of my cunt-hair and Sharon and Maureen only sucked at me all the harder.

"OH, GOD!" I burst out with a shuddering gasp. "I'm coming like crazy! I'm coming my ass off! OHHHHH!! Suck my pussy more! Suck it! I'm coming! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!! Keep licking my asshole! Keep sticking your tongue up my ass! OHHHHHHHHHH!!"

My legs buckled and I slumped down, squatting even more on their faces. Neither of them let me get away. Sharon still sucked the hell out of my spasming snatch and Maureen shoved her tongue even farther up my asshole. They licked and sucked at me until I was moaning and gasping, neither of them ready to quit just yet.

With their tongues, lips, and fingers they took me through one spasming orgasm after another. We ended up with me lying in a heap on the carpet and groaning, so exhausted I could barely move.

"Let me get my vibrator," Maureen giggled.

She disappeared into her bedroom and then came back out carrying a cock-vibrator that was even bigger than the one I had. She turned it on, and it made a faint humming sound.

"Use it on me first!" Sharon breathed, her eyes wide at the sight of the giant plastic prick. "Put it up my cunt and make me cum!"

Sharon got down on her hands and knees on the carpet and stuck her little ass up in the air. "Put it in my snatch from behind," she giggled.

I got up and Maureen and I went over to her, Maureen squatting down and touching the humming vibrator tip to Sharon's pink cunt-lips. Sharon tightened up and a low moan escaped her lips, her bare ass quivering as Maureen began working the hard plastic cock up the young girl's tight snatch.

Maureen finally had the vibrator all the way up Sharon's hairy cunt and she started fucking her with it. She jabbed it in and out of Sharon's wet cunt as hard as she could, ramming it up her hole and quickly pulling it almost all the way back out.

Sharon folded her arms in front of her and rested her head on them, her ass wiggling all over the place as Maureen shoved the buzzing prick deeper and deeper in her slippery snatch. Sharon was groaning with the pleasure racing through her snatch and the smooth backs of her thighs were tensing and un-tensing as Maureen pistoned the vibrator in and out of her gripping cunt-hole.

From where I was sitting, I could see Sharon's taut asshole throbbing away. I reached out and ran my finger around the puckered opening in tight little circles, teasing her. She thrust her ass out even more so her buns spread wide, at the same time her wet pussy taking in even more of the cock-vibrator.

I toyed with her asshole for a while and then I poked a finger right up it, working it into her hot shitter and moving it in and out. She moaned and began jerking her bare hips back and forth, her thighs straining as she worked to take the vibrator up her snatch and her finger up her ass.

Maureen kept stabbing that humming plastic cock like crazy all the way up Sharon's gaping cunt. Sharon's slick cunt-lips were trembling nonstop and sucking wetly at the vibrator shaft, her breath getting faster and faster by the second.

Sharon's tight asshole was clenching at my finger, gripping it as I moved it in and out of her butt with all my might. Not slowing down with the finger I was jamming up her ass, I worked two more inside, cramming them in and making her cry out with the feel of getting her butt finger-fucked.

Her cunt-juices were oozing from her hairy pink snatch and dribbling down the insides of her bare thighs. Every time Maureen moaned the humming vibrator-cock up Sharon's tight snatch another hot gush of juices brimmed over and ran down her legs, her crotch so soaked with slick moisture her cunt-hair was glistening.

Maureen was moving her hand as fast as she could and reaming out Sharon's hot pussy with the plastic prick, slamming it up into the wet depths of the girl's snatch and making her moan and whimper. Sharon was pumping her ass with a frenzy and shuddering all over, her eyes glazing with lust and her breath harsh.

I kept fingering her butt with jabs that went deep in her pulsing asshole, my fingers working furiously and stretching her shitter wide open. Sharon groaned and squirmed and was loving the feel of it.

"Oh, Maureen!" she cried out. "You're fucking me to death with that thing! Ram it deeper up my snatch! Cram it as far as you can get it up my cunt-hole! Fuck me faster with it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder with it! Deeper! OHHHHHH!!"

Sharon's body was drenched with sweat and hot lubrication just kept welling up out of her snatch. Her crotch, her thighs, her ass-cheeks, and her asshole were slick with the juices seeping out of her cunt-hole, and she was writhing around like mad. The cock-vibrator in Maureen's hand was sliding in and out of the young girl's sopping snatch still faster, Maureen driving it up Sharon's cunt with all her might.

My fingers were going wild in Sharon's throbbing asshole and I pushed them in even deeper. She was trembling all over and her shitter was pulsating around my fingers, sucking at them as I crammed them up her ass.

Sharon suddenly let out a half-choking sob and then she started coming. She pound her sweaty ass back into Maureen's hand and took the buzzing plastic prick as deep as she could in her quivering cunt. She was groaning and thrashing and pumping her ass like a maniac, the whole while coming her brains out.

Her snatch contracted wetly around the hard shaft of the vibrator and her asshole slammed shut on my three jamming fingers. I kept pushing my fingers up her butt and finger-fucked the shit out of her ass, Maureen not letting up for a second and cramming the vibrator still farther up her cunt.

Sharon finally toppled over on her side and lay with her eyes closed. Maureen slipped the plastic prick out of the girl's climax-blasted cunt-hole and flipped it off.

"She really likes to cum, doesn't she?" I said with a smile, glancing over at Maureen.

"No more than either one of us," Maureen laughed.

From outside I heard something hit the front porch with a dull thud and I asked, "What was that?"

"The paper boy always just throws it on the porch since we don't have a paper box by the street."

I peeked through the curtain and, sure enough, Steve Parker was out there and just getting ready to ride away on his bike. I dashed to the front door and opened it, standing behind it and calling to him. He saw me and got off his bike again, walking up to the porch with a grin on his face.

"Come on in," I smiled at him. "There's three of us here and we'd all like a piece of your hard little prick."

He came in and then all of us really got Sharon and Steve didn't know each other -- she was four grades ahead of him in school -- but it sure didn't take them long to get acquainted.

Steve was sprawled on the couch and Sharon was sitting on his face with her legs folded under her and he was sucking her cunt with everything he had. His prick was standing straight up and I was jacking him off, licking all over his swollen cock-head with my tongue while I did it.

Then I crawled on top of him and straddled his hips, facing Sharon and grabbing a hold of her to steady myself. Steve's rigid cock slipped up into my tight cunt and he started fucking me from underneath, his hips pumping up and down.

He was lying on the couch and Sharon and I were sitting at each end of him, her with her snatch pressed tight against his mouth and me with his cock buried deep in my cunt-hole. Sharon and I were bouncing up and down and we ended up hugging each other and squeezing each other's tits.

Steve's tongue was working feverishly up into Sharon's wet snatch and he was sucking her cunt-lips almost down his throat. His mouth was smacking at her pink cunt-flesh and her pussy-hair was crushed wetly against his cheeks.

Maureen just sat on the carpet, watching us with a smile on her face and her fingers working frantically in her wet cunt. She was finger-fucking herself like crazy and her body was beaded with sweat. Her fingers went deeper and deeper up her snatch and she was wriggling her hips back and forth like she was fucking someone.

I kept bringing my snatch down as hard as I could on Steve's stiff prick, impaling myself on his meat and taking it as deep as possible up my slippery cunt. He was pumping his hips up and down and fucking me faster and faster, his cock plunging up into my tight snatch and taking my breath away.

The harder he rammed his throbbing meat up my snatch the harder I brought myself down on him. My bare ass was slapping against his thighs and my legs were straining as I pumped up and down even faster. His prick was sliding in and out of my hairy cunt and I was taking it all and wanting every hard inch of it.

Sharon was squeezing my bouncing tits with her hands and grinding her dripping cunt into Steve's sucking mouth still harder. Her juices were drenching his face and her cunt-lips were gaping open around his mouth, her cries of delight becoming one steady wail of passion.

The three of us were churning every which way, all of us trying to get all the pleasure we could out of our bodies and getting it.

Steve's prick kept ramming up into my juicy cunt and sliding back out. He was fucking the hell out of me from underneath and his hips were straining as he pushed his cock as far up my snatch as it would reach. His balls were bouncing around and his prick was pounding my pussy to pieces, the full length of his meat throbbing and twitching.

His cum suddenly started spurting up into my wet snatch and his hips jerked up and down feverishly. He was pumping his jism up my tight cunt-hole and trembling all over, his cock shooting off and filling my snatch with his hot sperm.

I started coming as soon as I felt his cum gush up my pussy, and Sharon was right behind me. She groaned and squirmed on top of his mouth, working her bare ass back and forth and getting off with more noise than any of us.

We all ground together and writhed wildly for all we were worth, coming our asses off and loving it like nothing else. I was bouncing up and down and taking Steve's squirting cock all the way up my spasming cunt-hole, Steve at the same time ramming his prick in me and sucking like mad at Sharon's tight snatch.

We came and came and came and then we lay still, Sharon and I collapsing on top of Steve and just lying there covered with a fine film of sweat.

I raised myself up and his prick slipped out of my cunt. Then I slid down to the floor and sprawled out on the carpet, my breath hard and gasping. Sharon finally slid down beside me and Steve just stayed on the couch, his cock going limp and his chest heaving.

Maureen was still going strong and moaning with the hard finger-fucking she was giving herself. Her body was rocking back and forth and her fingers were digging into the very depths of her sopping snatch. She kept sliding her fingers in and out of her cunt and then she started coming.

She went taut all over and her expression showed the pleasure she felt coursing through her hot cunt-hole. She groaned and trembled and jabbed her fingers even deeper up her snatch, working them in and out with a frenzy and finger-fucking the shit out of her hairy pussy.

Then she crumpled to the floor with a last satisfied sigh and lay there frying to catch her breath, the hot smell of her snatch hanging in the air.


The next morning I was pleasantly surprised by Blake coming home just as I was waking up. He got undressed and crawled into bed beside me, hugging me tight and crushing me to him. I nuzzled my face into his chest, my bare legs twisting around his, and reached down for his long prick.

His cock jerked and throbbed in my hand and I squeezed it tightly, playing with him until his meat was as hard as a rock. I moved my hand up and down, watching as his prick jerked even more. His balls were tightening up as I pulled at his cock and he said to me, "Be careful or you'll make a mess in the bed."

"If your cock starts shooting off, I'll just pop it in my mouth and swallow all your cum," I giggled, giving his cock a healthy yank.

I lay there jacking him off and he ran his hand down over my ass and brought it up to my hairy cunt from the rear. His wrist had to bend to do it, but he managed to slip his finger up into my wet snatch, jiggling it in and out until my hot juices were seeping out on my thighs.

He kept poking his finger up into my tight cunt-hole as far as he could and working it in and out. I started moving my hips back and forth and squirming my ass around, the feel of his finger in my slippery cunt driving me wild with passion.

His cock was pulsing more and more as I jerked his joint, his balls tightening even more and his breathing getting steadily rougher. I worked my hand back and forth as fast as possible, urging him to shoot his nuts off and splatter the sheets with it. He began moaning and I knew he was really close to getting off.

My hips were pumping back and forth on the bed and Blake was finger-fucking me with all his might. His, fingers were wriggling in and out of my dripping snatch and the heat I was feeling in the pink center of my cunt-hole was ready to ignite me. He kept shoving his fingers in and pulling them back out of my pussy and the harder he fingered me the more I loved it.

The climax I hurried to was almost there and then Blake surprised me by rolling over on his back and pulling me with him, his hands cupping my ass and guiding my snatch onto his upright prick.

I came down with my knees on each side of his hips and his prick slid straight up into my pulsating cunt. Blake raised his hips up and shoved his rigid cock even deeper into my snatch, spearing me with it so I was pivoting across his hips.

Bath of us began fucking at the same time, him ramming his throbbing meat up my cunt and me bringing myself down on it as fast and as hard as I could. I leaned forward and put my face on his chest, pumping my bare ass up and down and taking his hard cock all the way up my wetly gripping cunt-hole.

He fucked me with all his might from underneath, slamming his prick up my slick hole and pistoning it back out with strokes that had me shuddering and squirming. His swollen cock-head kept pushing deeper and deeper up my pussy and my juices were flowing freely and soaking the hair around the base of his prick.

Bouncing my ass up and down as hard as possible, I was impaling my juicy snatch on his standing cock and feeling it slide in and out of me. My tits were pressed into his chest and my nipples were alive with sensation, swollen and puckered to rubbery hardness. He was running his hands all over me and squeezing where I liked to be squeezed, his hands going from my tits to my thighs and finally to my writhing ass.

He cupped my pumping ass and helped pull me along, his fingers spreading my sweaty buns and heading for my, tight asshole. I jerked and strained to take his driving prick even farther up my sopping cunt and he toyed with my throbbing asshole with his fingertips. Then he poked two fingers at the same time up into my twitching shitter and I stiffened with a sharp moan, pumping on top of him still faster.

His hips were churning up off the bed and his cock was cleaving all the way up into my tightly gripping cunt-hole. He shoved his meat up my pussy with every ounce of his strength, ramming it up me and making me groan all the more.

"Fuck me, Blake, fuck me harder!" I managed between clenched teeth. "Shove your meat up my cunt and fuck the hell out of me! Ohhhhhh, keep driving your prick up my cunt! Keep shoving your cock up my cunt-hole! It feels so good having your prick in my snatch, it feels so damn good! OHHHHHH, GODDAMN! Give me all your meat, give me all of it right up my snatch! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! God, I love the feel of your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, I love it! OHHHHHHIH! OHHHHHHHH!! Fuck me, Blake! Fuck the shit out of my cunt and make me cum like I want to cum! Make me cum until I can't stand it! OHHHHHHHH! My cunt feels like it's going to explode! Fuck me faster! Keep fucking me and don't stop! Don't stop ramming your cock up my cunt! OHHHHHHHH! AAAIIEEEE!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!"

His prick kept stabbing my cunt to death, and I kept groaning with pleasure and bouncing my ass up and down. My cunt-juices were running out of my snatch and covering his cock-hair even more, the joint of our frantic fucking hot and sloppy wet with it.

My hips and things and ass were pumping like crazy and straining until my muscles were aching, my cunt quivering with the great humping I was giving and getting. Blake was jamming his cock up my snatch with thrusts that were almost throwing me off him, his hands holding tightly to my sweat-slickened ass and his fingers digging deep up my taut asshole. He reamed my cunt-hole out with his meat until I was almost senseless with our want on fucking, my breath rasping and hot against his chest.

I was writhing and twisting on top of him and he just kept on plowing his twitching prick up into my hot snatch and glutting me with hard meat. His cock was sliding in and out of my shuddering pussy so fast I was lost in the sheer bliss of it, my cunt-lips sucking wetly at his pistoning cock-shaft every time he pushed it up me.

"Cum in me! Cum in me! Shoot your cum up into my pussy and fill me with your hot sperm! OHHHHHHH, IT'S SO GOOD! YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD RAMMING UP MY SNATCH! OHHHHHH!! Fuck me harder! Fuck the shit out of me and shoot your wad up my cunt! I want to feel your cum squirting up my cunt! Cum in me! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

An explosion of purest pleasure went off deep in my cock-filled snatch and I was coming like the world was ending. My cunt grabbed a hold of Blake's driving prick with a slippery tug and my asshole spasmed closed on his fingers. I moaned and churned with the tremors filling my cunt and then Blake started shooting his wad.

His cock twitched wildly and his jism shot up into my snatch. It surged into my tingling cunt-hole and filled it to the brim, a stream of thick cum coursing up into my cunt and running back out down along his throbbing cock-shaft. He kept shooting his hot jism up my pulsating snatch and I kept grinding my cunt down on his stiff prick, taking it as deep up my cunt as I could get it.

We battered into one another until he'd squirted all his cum into my cunt-hole and then I moaned with the warm afterglow of our humping and kissed his chest with a little giggle.

"Welcome home," I smiled at him, staying right where I was with his hairy cock still buried in my cunt. I could feel his cum oozing from my pussy and dripping down on his cock-hair.

"It's good to be home," he smiled back, "but I'm dead tired from driving the rig all night to get here. Let me get a few hours' sleep and when I wake up, I'll hump you until you can't walk."

"That sounds good to me," I giggled, raising myself up off him and shivering when his cock slid out of my tight snatch. "I'll cum in and get you up this afternoon."

The day passed fairly quickly while Blake slept -- just knowing he was home made everything somehow seem brighter -- and I found myself thinking of Henry and his offer to move to Chicago. I would have done almost anything to get out of Rolla, but I knew that if I left, I'd miss Blake terribly and I really wasn't sure if Henry could ever really take his place or not.

I still hadn't really decided what to do by the time Blake was up and around, and we ate dinner quietly and then headed back to bed. He never seemed to have any trouble getting a hard-on and this evening was no exception.

His cock was standing up between his legs and throbbing away, his thickly veined cock-shaft pulsing and his cock-head swollen red.

We both landed on the bed bouncing and laughing, and he rolled me over on my stomach and pulled my ass up to him with his hands under my hips.

I squirmed wildly, giggling and trying to get away from him, and he rammed his hard cock right up into my tight asshole. The feel of his massive prick sliding up into my butt made me shiver and cry out, my thighs quaking with passion.

Blake started fucking my asshole and his giant cock kept ramming up it deeper and deeper. He drove his meaty prick up my ass as far as he could and kept pulling me back towards him with his hands.

Then he slid his hands down into my snatch and his fingers probed up into it, his thumbs spreading my slippery cunt-lips apart while his fingers went in deep. He was finger-fucking my snatch and fucking me in the ass and I was writhing around and panting for breath.

His fingers kept squishing around in my sopping pussy and his hard meat was reaming out my wet asshole, his thrusts getting steadily quicker and his hips pumping like crazy. He was slamming his cock into my shit-chute as hard as he could and his balls were swinging back and forth and bashing into my damp ass-cheeks.

I was working my bare butt up and down and back and forth and Blake was shoving his prick in and out of my sucking asshole so fast it kept making embarrassing noises. His big cock-head was digging into my wet rectum and throbbing with lust, my asshole gripping at his prick and not wanting to let it go.

My oily-slick juices were pouring out of my cunt and soaking my hairy crotch and already damp thighs. The harder he fingered my snatch and humped my ass the more my cunt-juices flowed and they were dribbling down to the sheet and forming a wet stain.

"Keep ramming your huge prick up my ass!" I moaned. "Fuck my asshole with your big cock and make it sting! Fuck my ass! Fuck it deeper! Oh, God, I love it! I love the feel of your hairy cock ramming up my ass! OHHHHHHH! Keep jabbing your fingers up my cunt! Keep finger-fucking my cunt-hole! OHHH! OHHHHH! Squeeze my pussy with your hands! Squeeze my pussy and finger it harder and keep ramming your hard prick up my asshole! OHHHHHH, GODDAMN, IT FEELS GOOD! YOUR BIG HARD COCK FEELS SO DAMN GOOD IN MY ASSHOLE! OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH, GOD!!"

His rigid prick kept barreling up into my tight asshole and his fingers were stabbing all the way up into my snatch. His pumping was getting faster and faster and I was squirming and working my ass against his driving cock-thrusts with a wild cork-screwing motion, taking his prick up my butt and going crazy with the sensations it was sending through me.

My cunt-hole was sucking at his fingers and contracting around them, my pink cunt-walls quivering and alive with tingling tremors. My thighs were trembling and shaking and my ass was grinding back into his crotch and slapping against him.

Blake groaned and tensed up, and then I felt his jism start squirting up into my guts. He pushed, his cock still deeper up my asshole and shot his nuts off in my slippery rectum, moaning and thrusting all the harder. His hands grabbed my cunt with all his might and literally squeezed me into an orgasm, my pussy suddenly on fire and spasming like mad.

"I can feel your cum shooting up my asshole!" I cried out with a broken gasp. "God, your cum is filling my asshole up! Give me every ounce of your cum up my ass! OHHHHHH! Shoot your wad up my ass! Keep squirting your jism right up my asshole! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH!! AARRGGHHHHHHH!!"

He kept on humping my ass and finger-fucking my cunt and both of us were coming and coming. Finally he shot the last load of his jism up my asshole and he dropped back away from me and onto the bed, his sticky prick pulling out of my tight asshole with a quiet sound. He groaned and lay there with his eyes staring blankly at the wall, his wad shot and his cock drained dry of cum.

I moved over beside him and curled up in his arms, snuggling close to him and sighing contentedly. He hugged me and I giggled, feeling good just knowing he was home.

Blake was still tired from his long drive in last night and soon he was fast asleep and I was pacing the floor. Henry had given me his number at his folks' house and I was supposed to call him if I had a chance.

I almost decided against calling, but then I ended up calling anyway, standing out in the living room and talking low so I wouldn't wake up Blake. Henry was pleased to hear from me, and he wanted me to meet him at the Grantway Motel downtown for another session of hot sex and fun.

I thought about it and, realizing Blake was probably out for the night, told him I'd be there in about an hour. The note I left for Blake said I was over at Maureen's and I called her and filled her in so she could call me at the motel if Blake bothered checking my story. I figured that even if he only slept a few hours, I'd be back anyway, so I felt pretty safe.

Henry was already at the motel when I got there, and we went into the room he'd taken. Before I could even say a word, he had me flat on the bed with my slacks and panties pulled down and dangling around my ankles and his hard prick going in and out of my cunt. His pants were down around his knees and he was still wearing his shirt, me still in my blouse, the only areas of our bodies bare those which we were using.

He was fucking me with hard thrusts that went deeper and deeper into my hot snatch, sliding his meat in and out of my slippery cunt and filling it with his male stiffness. My feet were together under his legs and while he humped me, I was trying to kick free from my slacks and panties, my legs jerking up and down while Henry's rigid prick drove still farther up my hairy snatch.

I managed to get one foot loose and I spread my thighs as wide as I could, raising my cunt up and grinding it into the hard base of his ramming cock. Henry kept slamming his stiff meat up my snatch as hard as possible and his hands dug under my rubbery ass and pulled my crotch even tighter to his.

His huge prick was sliding in and out of my cunt with strokes that made me shudder, and my cunt-juices were soaking the feverish union of our frantic humping. I was working my hot thighs up along his, dragging my slacks and panties from one leg, heading for his lower back and wanting to open my snatch wide for him.

My legs crossed behind his back and I tightened them around him, holding him while he jabbed his cock as hard as possible up my wet cunt. He was cupping my upraised ass-cheeks with his hands and pulling my ass up even higher, his prick going so deep in my tight cunt it was bottoming out.

My shuddering groans were getting louder and shriller and I was pumping my ass and thighs frenziedly and taking his pistoning cock as far up my snatch as I could get it. Henry was reaming my sopping cunt out with his stiff prick, hammering it into my hole and making me tremble all over.

He was fucking me as good as I'd ever been fucked, his big slab of hard meat digging into the very depths of my pink cunt and causing me to squirm all over the bed. I was gasping and panting with the wanton joy of letting him hump me and the harder his prick pounded into my tightly gripping snatch the more I twisted and bounced beneath him.

My thighs kept tightening around his pumping hips and I was jerking them up and down and urging him to cram his prick up my snatch even faster, my hands clutching at his shoulders and back. He just kept plunging his hairy prick up into my gaping cunt-hole and pistoning it back out, his balls slapping into me even harder than before and his hands squeezing the hell out of my bouncing ass.

I was kicking and squirming and thrashing and crying out, my snatch throbbing and gripping Henry's pounding cock. The undersides of my pumping thighs were slick with sweat and my hot cunt-juices kept trickling down into my ass-crack and covering my twitching asshole.

Henry was fucking the shit out of me and his ramming cock-thrusts were pushing me up along the bed. He kept cleaving his meat in and out of my dripping snatch and gutting my cunt with hardness, his throbbing cock-head digging into the wet opening my slick cunt-walls formed. "Henry, you're humping me like I loved being humped! Your prick's going so deep in my cunt! It's so hard and long and it feels so good! Ram your prick up my cunt! OHHHHHHHH! Fuck me harder! Harder! OHHHHH, GOD! Your cock is filling my cunt up! It's going so far up my snatch! Fuck me faster! Fuck me as fast as you can! OHHHHHHH! It's so good when you fuck me! I love having your big prick buried in my cunt! It feels so good when you're sliding your cock in and out of my snatch! OHHHHH, SHIT, I LOVE YOUR COCK IN MY CUNT! I LOVE THE WAY YOUR COCK FEELS WHEN YOU'RE FUCKING ME! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!!"

Both of us began coming at almost the same instant, and we were battering into each other frantically. Henry's prick was shooting my hot snatch full of thick sperm and I was groaning with the climax overwhelming me.

His cock pistoned in and out of my gripping cunt with a fury, hammering into my hole and making my shuddering orgasm as intense as possible. He was shooting his rocks deep in my snatch and drenching my pulsating cunt-walls with hot cum and the harder he pumped the more jism poured from his prick.

When we were through coming, Henry got up off me and took his clothes the rest of the way off. Then he peeled my blouse off and pulled my slacks and panties from where they still dangled around one ankle.

"Have you thought over what I asked you?" he asked, lying down on top of me and squeezing my tits with both hands. He fondled them until my rubbery nipples were hard and pointy and then he licked them all over. "Have you thought about coming to Chicago with me to live?" he asked again.

"I've thought about it, but I still haven't decided," I said slowly, lying there on my back and tingling all over from the tonguing he was giving my dark nipples. "I guess I still care as much about you as I ever did, but I love Blake, too. I just don't know what to do, I really don't. But..." and I giggled impishly. "When your cock gets hard again, you can keep frying to convince me."

He laughed and kept on sucking my tits and nipples, running his tongue all over them and down along the round and very damp undersides. My nipples were soon throbbing and erect with passion, the color of them changing from pink to a deep scarlet.

He sucked and kissed and fondled my tits for a while longer and soon I was breathing really hard and getting tingles all the way from my firm tits to my hairy and very wet cunt. Henry's big prick was tying against his thigh and it twitched and then slowly got hard again. He just kept on sucking my tits and his cock was jutting out from between his legs and ready for whatever use I might want to put it to.

I had just reached out and taken his throbbing prick in my hand when the door suddenly flew open with a bang and Blake was standing there. He stormed into the room swearing, and Henry jumped right off the bed and but of my hands.

Blake headed for Henry and Henry was hopping around and trying to get his pants on. "It's not what you think, it's not what you think!" Henry kept saying over and over, managing to get just one leg into his pants before Blake's big fist lashed out and knocked him flat on the floor.

I just cowered on the bed, reaching out and frying to find my clothes, and Blake kept following Henry's limping form around the room and knocking him down each time Henry sobbed, "It's not what you think!"

Henry finally managed to somehow get in front of the open door and with one lunge he leaped through the doorway, tangled up in his pants and landing on his knees on the hard surface of the parking lot.

Blake stepped outside and gave Henry just one kick square in the ass, sending him sprawling on all fours and cursing at the top of his lungs. Then Blake came back inside the room and stood glaring at me.

"You have ten seconds to get your clothes on and I'm starting to count right now!" he bellowed, and then I was scrambling to get dressed.

I pulled my slacks and blouse and shoes on and crammed my panties in my purse, Blake grabbing my arm and dragging me out the door behind him with my tits still hanging out of my unbuttoned blouse. A few heads peeked out from the other moms at all the commotion, and I hid my face behind my hands, so ashamed at the scene we must have made that I was actually blushing.

Henry was just starting to stand up in the parking lot and trying to pull his pants the rest of the way up when Blake kicked him in the ass again, Henry ending up where he'd just gotten up from.

If this was any indication of the way the rest of the night would go, I knew I was in big trouble.


Blake didn't say one word to me as we drove home, and before we got there, I managed to button my blouse and zip and snap my slacks. I had no idea how he'd found out about Henry and me and the Grantway Motel, and I wondered about it. Of course, there was no way in the world I was going to ask him about it. The only thing I could think of was that he'd heard me talking to Henry on the phone when I thought he was asleep, and then somehow followed me.

Whatever had really happened, the only thing that mattered now was that he'd caught me and we were heading for home and a probable shouting match, strictly one-sided and directed at me. I followed him silently into the house, and he slammed the door shut after me.

I cringed when he turned to face me and he said evenly, "I should pound your teeth down your throat, but that just isn't my style. Since you like fucking so much, I've got a much better idea."

And he reached out and grabbed the front of my blouse roughly, yanking it down and ripping it right off me. My buttons all popped off and he tore my blouse into rags and tossed it on the floor. Then he got a hold of the waistband of my slacks and ripped them open, pulling them down and then pushing me back onto the couch. He yanked my shoes off and jerked my slacks the rest of the way off, throwing them with my blouse.

I just lay there bare-assed naked and trembling, and then Blake took his clothes off and he was as naked as I was. His big cock was stiff and throbbing and he was already breathing hard, his eyes still glaring at me and full of anger.

He looked at me thoughtfully for a moment, then he grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bedroom. He picked me up and tossed me on the bed and then he was rummaging through my dresser drawers, searching for something and then finding what he wanted.

He stood up and he was holding a handful of my nylon pantyhose, all of my silk scarves, and my hard plastic cock-vibrator. He walked over to the bed and with the stockings and scarves began tying my hands and feet to the four bedposts.

When he was finished, I was spread-eagled on the bed with my arms and legs stretched out as tight as he could get them and already starting to ache. My thighs were spread so wide the muscles were beginning to knot up but I didn't dare complain.

He set the vibrator down beside me on the bed and climbed up between my legs, his twitching prick leading the way. With one violent thrust he rammed his hard cock all the way up my cunt, stabbing me with his rigid meat, and then started fucking me as brutally as he could.

I groaned, squirming with the small freedom of movement I had, and to my surprise found I was more excited than I'd ever been in my life. My cunt-hole was already filled with my slick juices and I was breathing even harder than Blake was. My ass started working up and down to take his hammering prick as deep as I could get it, my thighs straining at the bonds that held them stretched out flat.

Blake drove his cock in and out of my tightly clenching snatch as hard as he possibly could, spearing his meaty cock into the juicy depths of my cunt and gorging me to bursting with his throbbing hardness. His hands gouged in under my writhing ass and he squeezed my ass-cheeks hard, his fingers digging into my soft flesh until I cried out with pain.

As soon as I cried out, he crammed his fingers into my tight asshole as far as he could reach, gouging them in and stretching my puckered shitter open cruelly. His cock kept pounding up into my quivering snatch and his balls were swinging back and forth and bashing the hell out of my ass-cheeks.

He was finger-fucking my asshole and jamming his cock up my cunt with all his might and I was shuddering and groaning with passion in spite of myself. My cunt was slippery wet and getting more so, my cunt-lips sucking at his pistoning prick every time he stroked it back out of me.

His fucking got steadily more frantic and he was ramming his stiff prick in and out of my snatch so hard it was beating my crotch into pulp. And then his fingers suddenly pulled out of my asshole and he was reaching round on the bed for the vibrator. He found it and turned it on and then I felt the humming tip of it slide into my sweaty ass-crack and move up and down between the cheeks of my churning butt.

I was squirming even more wildly and sweating so much the sheet under me was soaked, my back arching and the muscles in my thighs out. Blake was fucking me with violent thrusts and then his hand jerked forward viciously and he crammed the buzzing cock-vibrator up my asshole.

Every muscle in my body tensed and I groaned with a hoarse sob, Blake jabbing the plastic-prick even farther up my butt. He started working it in and out of my tight asshole as fast and as hard as he could, slamming it into my guts and fucking my ass with it until it was sore.

His thrusts were pounding me right into the bed and he was hammering his prick up my cunt and fucking me flat. My ass was filled with the vibrating cock and I was pumping up and down and trembling with both the pleasure and the pain. Blake kept jamming the vibrator deeper and deeper up my pulsating shitter and slamming his big cock straight up my cunt-hole.

My hot juices were pouring out of my snatch and spilling down into the crack of my straining butt, my asshole slick with oily wetness and stretched wide open by the driving vibrator. My cunt was spasming and grabbing at Blake's ramming cock and my hot asshole was gripping and trying to suck at the hard plastic vibrator he kept shoving up it.

He was humping me more and more brutally, his body battering mine and his prick thrusting harder and harder still into my sopping pussy. His breath was rough and his hips were jerking up and down and slapping into my spread-wide thighs until they were red and stinging.

My ass kept bouncing around as much as I could move it, and the humming prick buried in my asshole was shaking me to pieces. I was pulling at the scarves and nylon stockings that held me tight and my arms and legs were aching away, so sore I could barely stand it. Blake just kept on fucking the shit out of my cunt and cramming the vibrator in and out of my slippery asshole while I twisted and jerked, my groans splitting the air.

His cock jerked once in my snatch and then he was shooting his wad. His cum shot up into my tight cunt-hole and he kept pumping his hips faster and faster. He was pumping all his hot jism up my slick snatch and filling me with it, stream after thick stream of cum geysering into the depths of my pink cunt.

I went taut with a muffled sob and my thighs strained tight as my ass came right up off the bed.

My orgasm ripped through my cunt, spasms of delight flailing me and making me cry out. My snatch and asshole closed in on themselves and clenched around Blake's spurting prick and the digging vibrator.

Both of us were pumping feverishly against one another and groaning with lust, my cunt grinding into his pistoning cock and Blake driving it even deeper. He humped me furiously and kept stabbing the humming plastic cock up into my asshole, reaming it out and making it spasm and contract even more.

When he finished shooting his rocks, he didn't even look at me. He yanked his prick out of my cunt and then pulled the vibrator out of my ass.

I let out a weary gasp and melted into the bed, still groaning and held tight to the four bedposts. And then before I could even catch my breath, Blake spread my slick cunt-lips apart with one hand and jammed the still buzzing vibrator straight up my wet snatch.

I tightened up with a choking moan and he pushed the vibrator all the way up my cunt, leaving it buried and buzzing like crazy in my pussy and then walking out into the kitchen to get something to eat. He was out there making a lot of racket going through the refrigerator, and I was lying tied don to the bed and getting my snatch vibrated by my hard plastic prick.

The vibrator-cock just kept on humming and my cunt-hole was spasming like mad. Orgasm after orgasm shuddered through me and I was thrashing and pulling at the silken bonds that kept me down and whimpering with pleasure so intense I thought I'd die.

By the time Blake had eaten and wandered back into the bedroom, I was sobbing and still straining up off the bed, my ass and thighs shaking and my cunt quivering wildly with the coming I was doing. Every ounce of my energy was drained from me and yet my muscles kept fighting to free me and tightening every time another climax raged through my snatch.

I was swimming in my own sweat and cunt-juices and my breath was as rough as I could ever remember, my tits heaving up and down as I gasped for air.

Blake stood there watching me, his prick standing straight up between his legs again. Then he reached down and grabbed a hold of the vibrator buzzing deep in my climax-blasted cunt and began working it in and out of me, fucking me with it harder and harder.

I kept coming and coming, sweat pouring off my forehead and getting in my eyes. My mouth was hanging open and a steady wail was coming from somewhere deep within me, my entire body tensing and untensing as explosions of pleasure went off time and time again deep in my cunt-hole.

And then Blake climbed back on top of me and worked his way in between my legs. He guided his prick up against my wildly throbbing and juice-slickened asshole and thrust with his hips. His hard cock speared all the way up my butt, buried to the hilt in my slippery shit-chute.

He started moving his hips back and forth and his prick was sliding in and out of my tightly gripping rectum, his cock-head pounding up into my asshole until it hurt. I was gasping and panting and straining with everything I had, the cock vibrator still humming away in my snatch and Blake's huge prick ramming up into my ass.

My thighs quivered more and more as he fucked my ass, my knees jerking and trying to bend as he hammered his meat up my asshole with quicker and yet quicker thrusts. I was still being overwhelmed by one climax after another and my hairy crotch was as sensitive as could be.

The hard base of Blake's big cock kept slamming into the butt of the vibrator and shoving it deeper up my snatch, each time I cum I got that much stronger. He was reaming the shit right out of my hot asshole and his balls were bouncing around all over the place.

"You're killing me, you're making me cum to death!" I groaned weakly. "I can't -- OHHHHHHH, GOD! I don't think I can go on any more! My pussy's on fire! I'm coming so... so much I can't take it! OHHHHHHHH, CHRIST, it's TOO MUCH! IT'S TOO MUCH! It's just... it's just more than -- OHHHHHH! -- more than I can handle! OHHHHHHH!!"

Blake ignored me, his prick slamming deeper and deeper up into my spasming asshole and glutting me with sensation. He was humping my butt as hard as he could and his hips were moving back and forth even faster.

The vibrator in my cunt-hole just wouldn't quit and I just kept on coming and squirming like crazy.

I was so weak I could hardly move and yet my cunt wasn't ready to call it quits any more than Blake or the vibrator was. My rubbery nipples were so swollen with passion they were ready to burst, my tits tingling and throbbing as I climaxed and then climaxed again and again.

I was being overloaded with pleasure and Blake still fucked my asshole with a frenzy, his prick plunging into it and making me groan and cry out all the more. The smell of my cunt was so strong it was over powering, my juices running wild and soaking everything in their path.

My quivering pussy was being blasted to pieces by the shattering string of orgasms ripping through it and my cunt-lips were gaping and trembling like mad. I was just managing to gulp down a mouthful of air between each shuddering climax bashing into my cunt and my body would sag into the bed for an instant and then lurch violently upward.

Blake started groaning and then he was shooting his nuts off in my fiery hot asshole and pushing his prick still deeper up my butt. His cock shot all his sticky cum into my pulsing bowels and filled my ass with liquid heat, so much going up my tight asshole it was dribbling back out and onto the sweat-soaked sheet beneath me.

He ground his prick still harder into my ass, shoving it up my asshole and glutting it with his thick jism. I strained and jerked under him, coming like crazy and moaning with the passion coursing through my quaking loins.

After he'd shot all of his wad, he pulled his long cock out of my asshole and let out a heavy sigh. His prick was sticky with his own and a drop of it fell to my thigh. He wiped it off with his fingertips and then leaned over and started jamming his fingers up my asshole until his fingers were covered with his jism.

Then he stood up and came around to where my face was, reaching over and smearing his own all over my lips. I was too exhausted to do anything but lie there, my eyes shut to half-slits and my mouth dry from my heavy breathing. My head was lolling from side to side and he moved his hand along with it, pushing his cum into my mouth and all over my lips.

"I'll give you five minutes to rest and then I'm going to shove the vibrator back up you again," he said flatly.

He reached down and pulled the plastic cock-vibrator out of my quivering snatch, turning it off and dropping it on the bed. I sagged into the bed as limp as a rag doll and lay there thankful for at least these five minutes.

My body was shiny with sweat and even my hair was soaked with it. Blake just stood there looking at me, and if he was in a mood any better than when we'd started, I couldn't tell.

"I... I have to go to the bathroom..." I managed to breath, my cunt throbbing with the sudden urgency. "I have to pee really bad."

"I'm not untying you," he said flatly, shaking his head. "You can piss in the bed for all I care. Besides, your five-minute breather is almost up."

Two small tears welled up from my eyes and ran down my cheeks and then a second later the small muscle holding my urine let go and I was pissing right on the sheet. It was running out of my pussy and drenching my crotch and ass and thighs and the wet stain on the bed kept getting wider and wider.

Even before I was through, Blake flipped the cock-vibrator back on and started shoving it up my wet asshole. It hummed and buzzed and filled my slippery shitter with tingling spasms that made me squirm and thrash. My piss stopped running out of my cunt-hole and I braced myself for the nonstop coming I knew lay ahead.

Blake's huge cock was hard again and he came back around the bed to where my head was. He grabbed me by the hair and guided his prick into my open mouth.

I took his rigid meat deep in my throat and started sucking him off, afraid of trying to resist him and turned on by the taste of his cock. His hips moved back and forth and he was leaning over the bed, jabbing his prick deeper and deeper into my throat and fucking me in the mouth.

His balls were swinging back and forth and his solid cock just kept sliding in and out, his cock-head throbbing and going almost all the way down my throat. I sucked and licked and kissed his cock while he rammed it as hard as he could into my mouth.

The vibrator was turning my tight asshole into molten fire and I was pumping my butt up and down and writhing like mad. My cunt-juices were flowing all over my hairy crotch and I was lying in a warm puddle of my own lubrication and piss and Blake's thick cum.

He kept sliding his prick in and out of my mouth faster and faster and I kept running my tongue all over it. I was sucking as hard as possible on his cock and actually looking forward to taking his sperm down my throat. Soon he was moaning and his meat was pistoning in my mouth even faster, ramming in and pulling almost all the way back out.

His cock started throbbing and jerking even more than it already was, and I knew he was close to shooting his wad. I blew him with all my might, sucking on his prick with my lips tight around it and my tongue lapping over his fleshy cock-head with a frenzy.

I was all set to swallow all his jism, but he suddenly pulled his prick out of my mouth when he started corning and, guiding it with his hand, shot thick spurts of his cum all over my face and hair. His cum kept pouring out of the end of his cock and it was covering my mouth and nose and cheeks, all the jism in his hairy balls squirting out and landing wetly on my face.

My tongue was sticking out and darting all over the place and I was trying to get as much of his sperm in my mouth as I could. He was squeezing his prick and it was throbbing like crazy, his cum still shooting out and splattering my face.

Finally he was through coming and he stood up with a sharp groan. I stand up at him, and he suddenly shook his head and laughed.

"You look so damn pitiful lying there," he said, but this time without a trace of anger in his voice. "Do you think you learned your lesson? If I let you up, will you promise to behave yourself from now on?"

He slid the vibrator out of my asshole and turned it off. I dropped back into the bed when my muscles untensed and exhaled loudly.

"I'll never even look at another man again," I promised. "You're the only man I want and the only man I'll ever want and that's the truth. I love you, Blake."

And he reached down and finally started untying me.


Blake and I woke up in each other's arms the next morning as if nothing at all unusual had happened the night before. We laughed and wrestled around and then we took a quick shower together and ate breakfast. He was leaving on a run to El Paso and he took me in his arms and squeezed me tight.

"You'll be good while I'm gone, won't you?" he chided me, hugging me close.

"As good as rain is wet," I smiled up at him. "I'll sit at home the whole time with my legs crossed."

"I believe you will," he laughed. "Well, I'll see you in a couple of days. Remember that I love you."

He kissed me good-bye and then he was gone. I wandered back into the bedroom and climbed back into bed. I'd changed the sheets from the night before and they were still lying in the corner where I'd tossed them. I'd get around to washing them out sooner or later, but right now I was feeling a bit lazy.

I lay there thinking everything over and pretty soon I found myself wondering about Henry. Blake had roughed him up badly last night and so I figured the only decent thing to do was to call him up and see how he was getting along.

I dialed the number he'd given me for his folks' house and he answered the phone himself.

"Henry, I'm really sorry about last night," I said. "I really am."

"Don't worry about it," he laughed. "You know, you and I must have looked pretty silly to the other people staying at the motel."

We talked for a while longer and then Henry told me he was cutting his stay short and heading back for Chicago later this afternoon. He was still trying to get me to go with him and I kept telling him "no", but he just wouldn't listen. Then he wanted me to meet him somewhere just to say good-bye and after going back and forth I finally agreed to meet him at the Shademore Motel on the other side of town.

I went to meet him at about one and as soon as we were in the room together -- just to talk supposedly -- he grabbed me and started kissing me on the mouth. I tried to stop him at first, but then his hands began wandering all over me and soon I was as excited as he was and kissing him back.

We fell back on the bed and he pulled my clothes off and then got undressed himself. He jumped right on top of me, his hard prick sliding up into my slippery cunt and throbbing like crazy.

I took his meat in my snatch with a soft groan, squirming my bare ass into the bed and hooking my heels behind his legs. My cunt-hole was gripping his solid cock tightly, and when he began to slide it in and out of me, I groaned and squirmed even more.

His hips pumped up and down and his prick kept pushing deeper and deeper up my wet cunt, his balls swinging and his crotch smacking into mine. He got his hands underneath my ass and squeezed my bouncing buns, his fingers going for my throbbing asshole and finding it.

I jerked with a muffled little moan when his fingers poked up into my tight asshole and squirmed under him wildly. His prick kept ramming up my sopping cunt-hole as hard as he could push it and his balls were slapping into my butt.

Henry was fucking my snatch and fingering my asshole and I was writhing and twisting and taking his driving prick as far up my pussy as I could. My breath was getting rougher and my cunt was getting wetter, my ass bouncing up and down and my thighs pumping like crazy. I could feel his cock pushing my slick cunt-walls open and sliding in between them, his bulbous cock-head hammering into me and bottoming out.

I started jerking my hot thighs up along his and soon I had my legs wrapped round him and squeezing him tight. My snatch was quivering and sopping wet and he just kept slamming his cock up it, pistoning it in and out and driving me out of my mind with pleasure.

His prick was pounding still deeper up my cunt and he was jabbing his fingers even farther up my ass, his hips going to beat the band. My legs were up around the small of his back and my feet were crossed in the air, my upraised ass straining as I tried to take his cock still farther up my snatch.

"Fuck me! Fuck the hell out of me! OHHHHHHH! Your cock is so hard and big and it feels so good in my cunt! I love the feel of your huge prick in my cunt-hole! OHHHHHH, GOD! Fuck me deeper! Shove your prick deeper in my snatch! Fuck me! Fuck me with every inch of your big cock! Keep fingering my asshole! Stretch it open with your fingers! Finger-fuck my asshole harder! Harder! Oh, Henry, your prick feels so damn good in my cunt I love having your prick in me! Ram it up my cunt and make me squirm. Fuck me with your cock and make me cum like the bitch in heat I am! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! OHHHHH! OHHHHHH! Push your meat up my snatch and make me cum! Make me come! OHHHHHHH!! Fuck me and just keep fucking me!"

My hairy crotch was soaked with my brimming over juices and a trickle of slick moisture was drenching my sweaty ass-crack. He kept stabbing his fingers up into my hot asshole and finger-fucking my butt, his cock all the while plunging into my wetly clenching snatch and making me moan with passion.

When I started coming, my pussy slammed shut around his driving meat and held him like a vise, my ass jerking up off the bed and my thighs tensing up. I groaned with the climax ramming into me and was churning up and down, thrashing and crying out and fucking with everything I had. My asshole grabbed at Henry's probing fingers and I was bouncing all over the bed.

Henry's massive cock stiffened up even more than it already was and his cum started squirting up my cunt. He pumped his hips frantically and was shooting his wad and groaning as loud as I was. His hot jism kept gushing up into my slippery snatch and both of us were straining and jerking.

I was clawing at his back and crying out with the spasms in my cunt-hole, Henry fucking me yet quicker and his prick spurting one thick stream of cum after another up my snatch.

We fucked until neither one of us could see straight, and then we ground to a stop. He lay on top of me limp and lifeless, with his hands hanging onto my ass-cheeks and his meat still buried deep in my cunt.

After lying like that for a bit, he got off me and grabbed my hand. He led me into the bathroom and both of us got into the shower.

The water was hot as could be and we soaped each other really good, his hands running over my tits and ass and then finally touching and squeezing at my hairy crotch. His fingers slipped up my tight cunt and he worked them in and out, finger fucking me while I stood there leaning against him and breathing hard.

His cock was dangling down and I ran my soapy hand up and down it, sliding at first and then tightening my grip and jacking him off. His balls tightened up while I jerked his joint and soon his prick was throbbing and stiff as could be.

Henry's fingers were sliding up into my hot cunt and he ran his other hand down my back, moving it down along my warm ass-crack and then spreading it apart. I felt his fingers go into my wet shitter and then he was finger-fucking me front and back and I was getting weak in the knees.

We just stood there under the spray of water playing with one another until my thighs were quaking and my cunt was quivering wildly. His fingers kept working in and out of my snatch and my asshole and I was getting closer and closer to getting off.

My hand moved faster and faster on Henry's standing cock, his balls bouncing as I jacked him off with all my might. His prick was throbbing and twitching, and I was giving him the best hand-job I knew how, pressed close to him so just the smooth head of his cock was brushing against my bare groin and my shoulder was against his chest.

He kept shoving his fingers up me and I kept squeezing and puffing on his upright prick. I was so close to coming I could feel my asshole start to tighten and my pussy throb and then I almost fell down with the pleasure ripping through my loins.

I rocked on my feet with the intensity of my orgasm and my hand tightened on his prick so much he started shooting his nuts off. His cum spurted into the air and I kept jacking off as fast as I could, my hand flying up and down and his thick jism going all over the place.

His hands were clutching at my crotch and ass and his fingers were really digging in. He was shoving his fingers all the way up my cunt and I just kept coming and coming.

The harder I squeezed his cock and the faster I jacked him off the higher in the air his cum squirted, and it was running all over my hand and everything else. Thick gobs of his shooting cum were landing on my cunt-hair and my stomach and my tits, and his prick kept pouring it out. Finally, he was finished.

After both of us were through coming, we had to wash each other all over again. We soaped and rinsed off until both of us were squeaky clean and then he pulled me to him with his hands holding my ass.

We held each other until the warmth of our bodies made his prick start to stand up again. It hardened right before my eyes and was as hard and stiff as ever.

He lifted me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my thighs around his hips, my ass sticking out and my slippery cunt poised above the head of his twitching cock. I lowered myself until I felt his prick wetly part my trembling cunt-lips and then I sat right down.

His big cock slipped all the way up my tight snatch and both of us shivered with the feel of it. He braced himself with his feet wide apart and I started bouncing up and down, my tits flopping around and my snatch taking his prick as deep as possible.

I was bringing my cunt down harder and harder on his rigid meat and he was pumping his hips and shoving it up me. His hands were cupping my rubbery ass-cheeks and his cock was ramming up my snatch even farther as our fucking really got going.

Henry's hips were pumping his cock up into my cunt from underneath, his meat pistoning in and out of my juicy snatch as fast as he could push it. His hairy prick was glutting me with pleasure and making me squirm, against him, my arms tight around his neck and my tits pressed to his chest.

My bare ass was bouncing up and down and he was helping me with his hands, pulling me along and then pushing me down on his solid cock. The harder his prick slammed up into my snatch the harder I met it with my own thrusts.

We were fucking like crazy and both of us were groaning and trembling with the feel of it. Henry's meat was throbbing all the way up inside me and I just kept bringing myself down on it as hard as possible, filling my wet cunt-hole with his rigid cock and writhing for all I was worth.

My cunt-juices were oozing out of my snatch and running down both our legs, my hairy crotch dripping wet and getting even wetter. His cock was battering into the very depths of my pink cunt and I was loving it as it cleaved up into me.

I kept ramming myself down on his twitching cock and taking it as deep in my snatch as it would go, spearing myself on his prick and quaking all over. His balls were swinging back and forth as he fucked me faster still, and they were hitting the undersides of my pumping ass-cheeks. My cunt juices kept running and my thighs were slick with liquid all the way to my knees.

Henry's breath was hot and hard against my neck and my breathing was just as rough. I was churning my ass up and down and my thighs were pumping like mad. His cock kept sliding in and out of my sopping snatch and the farther it rammed into my hot cunt-hole the better I liked it.

I just kept bouncing up and down and he kept shoving his meat up my snatch from underneath, pounding his stiff prick into my gripping cunt and reaming it out. My slick pussy-lips were quivering wildly and sucking at his driving cock-shaft and his cock just kept sliding in between them and stroking back out.

"I love your prick in my snatch!" I moaned mindlessly, my hips and thighs working furiously. "Fuck me harder! Harder! Ram your big cock up my snatch and fill it with your meat! OHHHHHHH! Shove your cock up my cunt deeper! Keep ramming your huge cock up my pussy, give me all your cock right up my cunt! Fuck me! Fuck me till I cum! Make me cum my ass off! OHHHHHH, GOD! Fuck me to death! FUCK ME!!"

Henry was pounding his throbbing cock into my hot snatch with a frenzy, his hips jerking back and forth and his meat filling my snatch to bursting.

His cock kept plunging up into my cunt-hole and pumping back out and I was writhing and thrashing and holding on for dear life.

I kept bringing my snatch down as hard as possible on his standing prick and then he started coming. His cock jerked and twitched, the cum shooting out of it going deep in my pulsating cunt. He fucked me even harder, creaming his spurting prick up my sopping cunt-hole and shooting his wad.

I squirmed and kicked and Henry's thick cum kept squirting up into my snatch. His jism filled my cunt-hole and then ran back out along the underside of his prick and gushed out of my snatch.

We hung onto each other, coming and jerking back and forth and then we were gasping for breath and standing there shaking. I climbed down off him and we began soaping each other's bodies once again.


After I'd said good-bye to Henry, I went over to Maureen's rather than going home. She let me in and we had coffee and talked over all the things that had happened during the last week. I told her now I'd decided against going to Chicago with Henry and how I was not going to fuck any man but Blake in the future.

Maureen smiled at me and she asked, "How about other women? Does that mean you're not going to let me go down on you any more?"

"I'll always let you go down on me," I giggled.

It wasn't long after that before we were in on the couch and joking around. She kept grabbing me and squeezing my tits and crotch and I kept doing the same thing to her. After a bit both of us were sweaty and giggling like crazy, and then Maureen unbuttoned my blouse and reached in for my bare tits.

She fondled my tits and tugged at my rubbery nipples with her fingertips until they were hard and pointy. Then she unbuttoned her own blouse and got on top of me so we were tit-to-tit and sprawling half-off the couch.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she started grinding the plump bulge of her crotch into mine. Her slender hips worked back and forth and her tits were pressing into me. I could feel my cunt getting as wet as could be and my hot juices were welling up and soaking my panties.

"Take your pants off and I'll suck your pussy," I said to her quietly.

Maureen giggled and unsnapped her slacks. With her thumbs she pushed her slacks and panties down to her ankles and then she kicked them off, still lying on top of me.

I reached down and cupped the warm cheeks of her ass, squeezing them. Maureen raised herself up and with a little effort managed to take my pants off. Both of us were lying there bare-assed and with only our blouses on.

Her fingers slipped into my wet snatch at the same time mine slipped into hers. She finger fucked me and kept rubbing her tits on my tits, her fingers working in and out of my snatch and making me moan.

We played with each other's cunts for a while, and then Maureen slid down off me to the floor and buried her face in my hairy crotch. I spread my thighs for her and her mouth clamped to my hot cunt. She tongued up into it and pushed my legs even wider apart with her hands.

She was sucking my pussy with loud slurping sounds and her tongue was spearing as far as she could get it up my sopping cunt her mouth was sucking my trembling cunt-lips almost all the way down her throat and her fingers joined her face in my crotch and went straight for my throbbing asshole.

I squirmed and jerked up off the couch when her fingers probed deeply in my hot shitter, her mouth still sucking hungrily at my snatch and setting my cunt-hole on fire with desire. My thighs were quaking and I was pumping my hips up and down, grinding my snatch into her mouth and groaning with the feel of it.

Her darting tongue was sending shivers all over me and I was squirming and writhing even more wildly. My cunt-juices were running out of my snatch and drenching her face with oily slickness; the more she burrowed her mouth in my cunt the wetter her face got.

I kept lurching lip off the couch every time she poked her fingers deeper up my asshole and my breathing was already so heavy my tits were going up and down. Her tongue kept lapping wetly into my juicy cunt and my beaver was pressed to her cheeks. She had her eyes closed and her head was bobbing up and down steadily as she ate me out.

She was so good at sucking a woman's pussy that it was only a minute later before I was thrashing with the climax searing through my snatch. I jerked and spasmed, and Maureen just kept sucking my cunt, her lips and tongue working feverishly at my quivering snatch.

I kept coming and she kept eating my cunt, taking me through three shuddering orgasms before she let up and let me gag back into the couch. I lay there gasping and shiny with sweat, my hot cunt-juices trickling down in my ass-crack and covering my puckered bung.

Maureen sprawled out on the carpet lazily and giggled, spreading her legs and holding her slick pussy-lips apart with her fingers. The deep hole of her snatch was glistening wet and throbbing away, her cunt-hair so sopping it was matted back.

I got off the couch and crawled over to her on my hands and knees. She spread her legs wider, and I got under her knees so her legs were hanging over my shoulders.

Lifting up, I raised her bare ass in the air so her thighs opened even wider and her hairy cunt was right in my face. The strong smell of it was really turning me on and I kissed her pussy-lips lightly, feeling her tremble.

She was lying there with her legs over my shoulders and I was kneeling with my hands cupping her round ass-cheeks and then I started eating her snatch. She tensed up as my tongue darted into her hot cunt, my mouth sucking her cunt-lips in and gobbling them right up.

I ran my tongue all over her pink snatch, darting it in and out of her wet cunt-hole and making her moan with pleasure. She was pumping her ass up and down in midair and her thighs were tensing and untensing as she worked her cunt against my mouth. I sucked harder and harder on her pussy and she was loving it.

Her tight cunt was brimming over with juice, and it was running down over my chin and dribbling onto my tits. I kept pushing her along with my hands under her bouncing ass, and then I spread her buns with my fingers. The next lime she lurched up, I held her there and speared my tongue up into her puckered asshole.

Maureen groaned and her thighs quivered even more while I licked her tight shitter out. My tongue kept stabbing up into her wet rectum and she kept straining and pumping to take it even deeper.

I sucked and licked her asshole until she was squirming all over and then I went back to her snatch. She groaned all the more when my mouth clamped back on her cunt and I was eating her out with everything I had. Her entire crotch was dripping with her flowing juices, and I was wallowing in hot liquids that just wouldn't stop oozing out.

My tongue lapped deeper and deeper up her slippery snatch and she was twisting and writhing until I thought I'd drop her. I was mouthing and sucking and licking at her cunt feverishly, working at it with my tongue and lips and even my chin.

Maureen's face was contorted into an expression of pure wanton lust and her breath was harsh and rasping. Her bare tits were bouncing all around with the bucking and jerking she was doing, and I just kept on sucking her pussy to pieces.

She wanted as much of my tongue as she could get, and I was giving it to her. I was licking from her sloppy-wet cunt down to her twitching asshole and back again, my face tight against her hairy crotch and getting tighter.

And then with a shuddering moan she started getting her nut and her legs were kicking wildly. I dug in and sucked her spasming cunt-hole all the more, lapping into it and darting my tongue all over her quivering cunt-flesh. Maureen squirmed like she was being turned inside out and her groans were even louder than before.

Her snatch was gushing hot juice into my mouth and I was mouthing her cunt furiously. I kept licking and smacking my lips on her climaxing pussy and finally she let out one last shrill cry and her legs went limp. Her thighs opened lifelessly and her ass dropped to the carpet.

I just sat there and looked at her, gad above all else that I knew her the way I did. I knew, in fact, that as long as I could spend time with Maureen, I'd never need any man but Blake in my life again.


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