Surviving the Divorce

“What do we need to talk about, Dear?” I asked, though I had a inkling.

“Your ex-wife, Gary,” Patricia said, seriously, but with an odd twinkle
in her eye.

“That promises to be rather an involved discussion,” I replied, “so do
you mind if I relay my news first, before I forget again?”

“I suppose, as long as it doesn’t take too long.” She draped herself
elegantly over one of the chairs, graciously inviting me to the one next
to it with a wave of one slender hand. I swear to God, that woman was
born in the wrong place at the wrong time! She seemed to have been bred
to be royalty!

“So what’s the big news?” she asked, pouring me a glass of scotch, neat,
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Waitress fuked hard

“What do you think of her?” It was a slightly strange question for
Rachel to ask.

“She seems nice.” What do you say about the waitress who has just taken
your order? Rachel was watching her walk away and I looked with her.

“Would you want to spank her?”

“Rachel!” I blurted, then sat there stunned. What a question to ask out
of the blue! Rachel was sometimes a little crazy, but this was beyond

But it wasn’t the first time Rachel had talked to me about spanking.
No, despite my shock, I immediately remembered that one other time when
we were apartment-mates in college. But that had been years ago and I’d
certainly never expected the subject to come up again, like this! She’d
told me one time that Beth, another of our apartment-mates, allowed her
boyfriend to spank her. I’d been aghast and Rachel seemed amused by my
reaction. The next time I’d seen Beth, I’d needed to watch myself to
keep from staring at her: she acted perfectly naturally while I’d done
my best to get over my own silly nervousness. Continue reading Waitress fuked hard

My Perfect Slut Lisa – Doing Nikki

Lisa and Amy and I had headed down the hall toward the elevator as Nikki
and Matt were saying good-bye to the three men. But suddenly we heard
Nikki calling to us as she ran to catch up with just her blouse on. Then we
remembered her slacks were down in the hotel seating area. She looked
really sexy with her pretty tits jiggling and her pussy on display.

“Lisa! Wait!” Nikki called out.

We all stopped and waited for Nikki and Matt to join us. Nikki had to catch
her breath and then she said, “I can’t even wait until tomorrow! I need you
again right now!”
Brazzers Nikki and Lisa
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“The Artist” by Chiaroscuro

It is her turn in the pink upholstered chair.

Her body, rigid a moment ago at the peak of her passion, has passed
into a state of apparent bonelessness. She is sighing vocally but
weakly. She makes no move to lower the skirt wrapped around her hips.
Her legs are still spread wide by the bulk of his form, but her knees
sag inward and her hands hang open, limp, at the sides of the chair.
As a shudder rocks her one last time, he sits back on his heels,
licking his lips and Continue reading “The Artist” by Chiaroscuro

Hypno Diane

I sat there, looking at Diane. To say that I was stunned would be an
understatement. “I *thought* this would be a bad idea,” she said.

I didn’t answer. I still sat there, my mind in a whirl. The things
Richard had said! I still couldn’t believe this had happened. I’d
*trusted* him… I’d opened myself up to him! It was like a
nightmare–it *was* a nightmare. “I *knew* it was a bad idea, from the
beginning,” said Diane. I realized she was standing over me, looking
down at me as I sat. She looked worried. I still didn’t speak. I
thought again about Richard.
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A Taboo Love

My mother was 44 years old. She was and is really ordinary. She is not
beautiful but average looking. She is about 5 feet tall and weighed about
170 pounds, so she was and still is a little overweight to this day. She
was religious but not overly religious. She didn’t mention religion much
but she was what I would consider a prude sexually speaking. Her and my
father had sex maybe once per week, possibly twice. Continue reading A Taboo Love