A Taboo Love

My mother was 44 years old. She was and is really ordinary. She is not
beautiful but average looking. She is about 5 feet tall and weighed about
170 pounds, so she was and still is a little overweight to this day. She
was religious but not overly religious. She didn’t mention religion much
but she was what I would consider a prude sexually speaking. Her and my
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The boys have their way with a MILF before college

Steve and Mark were at Dan’s house shooting hoops in his driveway. They
had all been friends since elementary. They practically grew up in each
other’s homes. Now they were 18 and getting ready to head off to college
in a few weeks. They were all accepted at the same school, which was
pretty cool.
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A Stepmother’s Newfound Joy

My name is Chloe, and something happened about a week ago that has completely changed my life in a way I never could have imagined. I just turned 31 and celebrated my ten-year wedding anniversary by myself. My husband, 42, has been incredibly successful with his work, which has allowed me to stay at home and live the life of a well-off housewife. Unfortunately, his work has often kept him out of town for months at a time. In fact, within the last two years, my husband has grown increasingly distant and has only been home for a few weeks, leaving me to take care of everything around the house, including his 16-year-old son from a previous marriage, Erik. As a result, over the past few years, everything seems to have progressively become routine and uninteresting . . . until recently.

After intending to spend the day shopping at the mall, I became bored and decided to go home after visiting only a few stores. I got home a little after noon and figured I could go sunbathe by the swimming pool. However, something seemed strange as soon as I entered the house. There was a purse by the front door that I didn’t recognize, and then I heard noises coming from upstairs. Slightly concerned, I moved quietly up the stairs until I could make out voices.

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