Terri and Angela’s lesbian sex story

Terri answered the phone. “Hello?”

Angela said in a low, throaty voice. “Terri. Here is what I am going
to do to you.”

Terri smiled. “What are you going to do to me, Angela?” She reclined in
her chair and crossed her long pretty legs.

“When you come over, I’m going to take you at the door. I’m going to
strip you naked and have you right there. What do you think of that?”
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It looks like your nips are just as perky as mine – college girls

Barbara Trent was twiddling the controls of the X-box when the freshman showed up. The older teen glanced out of the corner of her eye but played on distractedly. She’d had an opportunity to inspect the freshman when she’d opened the door and admitted the Williams family to the lobby and a briefer one when she delivered the new girl’s luggage to her room. She also knew that one way or another miz Millie had just stripped her naked for pre enrolment inspection. Barbie was a senior and there was very little about the goings on of the Academy that she didn’t know. In her wildest dreams she even pictured herself coming back to join the staff, though that would be, of necessity, at least fifteen years in her future. With her attention more on the dark skinned teen than the brightly lit screen her game character was dead in no time. Chantel had taken a seat in a comfy tub chair opposite the couch where the senior focused her attention, well some of it, on the fifty two inch plasma screen mounted on the wall. Barbie was sitting on the very edge of the sofa and twisted to the side slightly to get square to the TV. When the game over sign came up the freshman apologized “I’m sorry if I distracted you and made you get killed.”
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No man would ever replace Annie for Selene, Selene for Annie

Selene reclined on her bed thinking about the 14-inch cock that she planned to
wrap her tongue around later that night. She anticipated the excitement of
sucking his enormously thick penis and savored the thought of his foot-long
plus two inch hot dog sliding down her extended throat.

And then her mind flashed back to the first day she learned about her little

Her thoughts returned to August 10, 2023, the evening when she’d attended a
birthday party in Santa Monica for her best friend, Annie. Selene was seventeen
years old. Annie was about to turn eighteen. Lesbian Teen2
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Laura’s lesbian story

I’ve always liked guys. Don’t get me wrong. I am most certainly not a
lesbian, at least not a strict lesbian. But recent events have made me
realize that, at the very least, I’m strongly bisexual. I’ve hidden my
attraction for women inside for a long time, keeping these feelings under
tight lock and key. Only once did I try to tell my husband about them but I
told my story badly and I don’t think he really believed what I was saying.
I never mentioned them again until that fateful night that Sharon stopped by
and wanted to get drunk with me. Sharon left that night with more than a
skinful of booze. Sharon. How I’d admired her body for so long, ever since the day I’d first
laid eyes on her our first week in the new house. She never knew how many
times over the years that I peered out the miniblinds of our living room
window, which overlooked their backyard, watching her tan herself on a towel
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Watersport sluts

It was hard for Jessica keep from screaming at the unfairness of it all.

Jessica felt as if her parents were betraying her for taking away everything she had built throughout the past few years. “How could they do this to me again?” she thought as she sat in the rear seat of the Honda Civic, hiding her tears of sorrow and pain. She, once again, had friendships that would now dwindle into oblivion. She would have to make new ones, a menial task that she was always over-anxious about. She worried that she would be remain in solitude if no one were to befriend her. Her heart sank deeper into her chest with every mile closer to their new ‘home.’ Having lived in 5 different cities and 3 different states at only sixteen years of age she was tired of moving and having to rebuild everything every few years.

“Can’t you just get a different job, dad? I mean…there are like thousands of them, right?” pleaded Jessica.

The car remained silent. Jessica turned her head and gazed out the window, despising everything she saw.

“That’s our house right there on the corner of that roundabout,” said her father.

“Oh, cool! We live next to a circle! I hope you know your job is a major pain, Major,” Jessica said mockingly, degrading her father’s rank.

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