Sleepy Sex

I’ll see if I can’t keep this short. I’m a female, 21 years old and
married and I love sleepy sex. I’ve been cruising around the net
looking for anything even remotely connected to my interest, just
because it is exciting to me that so many other people share my

It started when I was in my teens. I found a video tape once, by
accident, of a me and my father having sex. I had no recollection of
it, I’d never even suspected that my dad had abused me, but the
evidence was right there. He’d drugged me? I guess, and then after I
was passed out set up a video camera to capture his abuse. Continue reading Sleepy Sex

Ski Chalet Swingers

The next day there was a perceptible tension in the group, an undercurrent
to the slightly forced normality of the holiday group.

`Jesus you guys are quiet today’, Gareth said as they finished their lunch,
`I thought the mountain air was supposed to clear a hangover’.

Alison, Sarah, John & Martin knew it was not a hangover that had changed
their mood. They were uncomfortable in each others company. The night had
ended abruptly, Martin jumping up at the sound of his wife’s voice, quickly
pulling on his robe, leaving Sarah lying on the bench, a tell-tale drip of
his cum leaking from her pussy as her husband helped her up and into her
robe. `I guess we better hit the hay’, David managed to say, leading Sarah
to their room. Continue reading Ski Chalet Swingers

Terri and Angela’s lesbian sex story

Terri answered the phone. “Hello?”

Angela said in a low, throaty voice. “Terri. Here is what I am going
to do to you.”

Terri smiled. “What are you going to do to me, Angela?” She reclined in
her chair and crossed her long pretty legs.

“When you come over, I’m going to take you at the door. I’m going to
strip you naked and have you right there. What do you think of that?”
Continue reading Terri and Angela’s lesbian sex story

Unwrap your present and play with it

Every year, my family spends Christmas week in a ski resort. One year it’s
Aspen, the next Vail, and so on. My junior year in college it was Steamboat
Springs. The fates intervened. The week before Christmas, I broke my leg in
a pedestrian way – falling on a slick sidewalk. I was going to be a limping
lad for three weeks, at least.

To top it off, I’d fallen leaving my girlfriend’s apartment after breaking
up with her. Ironic, isn’t it? An emotional break and a physical one.

Mom wanted to call off the ski trip, but Dad said if I was alive, I was all
right, and if I was all right, he was going skiing. They offered to take me
with them, but being there and not participating in the fun didn’t appeal to
me. They went and took my siblings with them. My Aunt Sue and Uncle Jed
promised to look after me. I had a lovely Christmas Eve at their home, but I
went home to my own empty house. Continue reading Unwrap your present and play with it

Surviving the Divorce

“What do we need to talk about, Dear?” I asked, though I had a inkling.

“Your ex-wife, Gary,” Patricia said, seriously, but with an odd twinkle
in her eye.

“That promises to be rather an involved discussion,” I replied, “so do
you mind if I relay my news first, before I forget again?”

“I suppose, as long as it doesn’t take too long.” She draped herself
elegantly over one of the chairs, graciously inviting me to the one next
to it with a wave of one slender hand. I swear to God, that woman was
born in the wrong place at the wrong time! She seemed to have been bred
to be royalty!

“So what’s the big news?” she asked, pouring me a glass of scotch, neat,
the way I like it. Continue reading Surviving the Divorce

Waitress fuked hard

“What do you think of her?” It was a slightly strange question for
Rachel to ask.

“She seems nice.” What do you say about the waitress who has just taken
your order? Rachel was watching her walk away and I looked with her.

“Would you want to spank her?”

“Rachel!” I blurted, then sat there stunned. What a question to ask out
of the blue! Rachel was sometimes a little crazy, but this was beyond

But it wasn’t the first time Rachel had talked to me about spanking.
No, despite my shock, I immediately remembered that one other time when
we were apartment-mates in college. But that had been years ago and I’d
certainly never expected the subject to come up again, like this! She’d
told me one time that Beth, another of our apartment-mates, allowed her
boyfriend to spank her. I’d been aghast and Rachel seemed amused by my
reaction. The next time I’d seen Beth, I’d needed to watch myself to
keep from staring at her: she acted perfectly naturally while I’d done
my best to get over my own silly nervousness. Continue reading Waitress fuked hard