Sleepy Sex

I’ll see if I can’t keep this short. I’m a female, 21 years old and
married and I love sleepy sex. I’ve been cruising around the net
looking for anything even remotely connected to my interest, just
because it is exciting to me that so many other people share my

It started when I was in my teens. I found a video tape once, by
accident, of a me and my father having sex. I had no recollection of
it, I’d never even suspected that my dad had abused me, but the
evidence was right there. He’d drugged me? I guess, and then after I
was passed out set up a video camera to capture his abuse. Continue reading Sleepy Sex

Unwrap your present and play with it

Every year, my family spends Christmas week in a ski resort. One year it’s
Aspen, the next Vail, and so on. My junior year in college it was Steamboat
Springs. The fates intervened. The week before Christmas, I broke my leg in
a pedestrian way – falling on a slick sidewalk. I was going to be a limping
lad for three weeks, at least.

To top it off, I’d fallen leaving my girlfriend’s apartment after breaking
up with her. Ironic, isn’t it? An emotional break and a physical one.

Mom wanted to call off the ski trip, but Dad said if I was alive, I was all
right, and if I was all right, he was going skiing. They offered to take me
with them, but being there and not participating in the fun didn’t appeal to
me. They went and took my siblings with them. My Aunt Sue and Uncle Jed
promised to look after me. I had a lovely Christmas Eve at their home, but I
went home to my own empty house. Continue reading Unwrap your present and play with it

Backdoor lovers

There is a lot of timing and luck involved in getting the chance to
watch your wife suddenly turn it on for another man. Brad, a 42-year-old
professor, had that chance to see his 20-year-old wife perform at a
convention at an upscale hotel in Miami. Dawn wore a very revealing
black dress that evening. It was shorter than anything Brad had ever
seen her wear in public. Being that this was a formal dinner and dance
with potential professional contacts, he was reluctant to have her wear
it at first. But Dawn, who had a shapely but very petite 104 pound body,
seemed to be very comfortable and confident in the tight, low-cut dress. In fact, seeing his wife in the dress stirred some reoccurring fantasies Big Ass 4 Continue reading Backdoor lovers

Private Dancer

This story takes place in Munich Germany, at an
establishment called the Pink Pussy~. This location; a
“very private” club that caters to a special clientele.
Socially and sexually sophisticated jet-setters visit
this private club whenever they might be in town. There
are other places like the Pink Pussy~ around the world,
but none quite as entertaining as this particular one. Gretchen is a Private Dancer. She’s had many
experiences in her young life, but the one she
describes here, is one of her favorites. Blonde Continue reading Private Dancer

Laura’s lesbian story

I’ve always liked guys. Don’t get me wrong. I am most certainly not a
lesbian, at least not a strict lesbian. But recent events have made me
realize that, at the very least, I’m strongly bisexual. I’ve hidden my
attraction for women inside for a long time, keeping these feelings under
tight lock and key. Only once did I try to tell my husband about them but I
told my story badly and I don’t think he really believed what I was saying.
I never mentioned them again until that fateful night that Sharon stopped by
and wanted to get drunk with me. Sharon left that night with more than a
skinful of booze. Sharon. How I’d admired her body for so long, ever since the day I’d first
laid eyes on her our first week in the new house. She never knew how many
times over the years that I peered out the miniblinds of our living room
window, which overlooked their backyard, watching her tan herself on a towel
on their deck, wearing nothing but her bikini. Lesbian Mature Babes1482659220 Continue reading Laura’s lesbian story

Who’e-R-Us – Sex in the dressroom

I am passionate about a couple of things. Great sex is one.
Clothing is another. I can shop everyday for hours, not getting a bit
tired. If there is a sale, I’m gone. The only problem is my size.
Being only 4′ 11″, 89 pounds and a waif figure, not many stores have
much for me to choose from. Or I have to shop in the little’s
department, which really annoys me.Lesbian Babes Elle Alexandra And Gia Steel In Foot Fetish Daily Babe Sex Xxx Continue reading Who’e-R-Us – Sex in the dressroom