Ski Chalet Swingers

The next day there was a perceptible tension in the group, an undercurrent
to the slightly forced normality of the holiday group.

`Jesus you guys are quiet today’, Gareth said as they finished their lunch,
`I thought the mountain air was supposed to clear a hangover’.

Alison, Sarah, John & Martin knew it was not a hangover that had changed
their mood. They were uncomfortable in each others company. The night had
ended abruptly, Martin jumping up at the sound of his wife’s voice, quickly
pulling on his robe, leaving Sarah lying on the bench, a tell-tale drip of
his cum leaking from her pussy as her husband helped her up and into her
robe. `I guess we better hit the hay’, David managed to say, leading Sarah
to their room. Continue reading Ski Chalet Swingers