Greg’s New Housemates

I was new to the area. Eastern Kentucky, a small rural county, and I had just taken a different position with the State Planning Commission. I mainly worked with the highway departments on the state, county and local levels, in road building and maintenance. I’ve been working for the state for six years up to that point, ever since graduating from UK in 1990. I had worked my way up, getting promoted at every opportunity.

Now I was here, and not really sure if this was such a good idea. My new position paid well, very well. And at the time I was single. So what’s the problem? Well, the problem was I’m black. Six-five, two-sixty of prime black American male, in a part of rural coal-mining Kentucky where there are very few African-Americans, and none with money. The local non-white population didn’t really like me that much, and let’s not even go on about the white population. At least, not at first.
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Mother’s black lover leaves behind a used condom

My mother and father had just gotten a divorce, I was feeling pretty low. I was 18 and was just about to start college. All summer long I kept hoping mom and dad would get back together. That night I heard them fighting on the phone and I knew that their marriage was over. My mothers name was Judy, she was a young looking 42 years old with long black hair and brown eyes, she was fit and trim and not bad looking. For a few weeks after my dad left she would stayed home each night. Then one night she told me to be good and that she was going out for the night. I guess she just couldn’t take it anymore and needed to get out of the house. She had dressed in a nice green dress with matching pumps, she patted my head as she walked out he door. I had no idea that my life was about to change forever.
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Tino entertains a voyeur, will his actions have consequences in the near future

“No thanks, I gotta get home or my dad will be really angry,” I had already made myself decent and was trying to figure out how I was going to get home. “Can’t you stay a little longer?” she was now doing her awful pout. “Believe me, I wanna stay but my dad always wants me in the house before five and its already quarter past five so I gotta get going,” I really was sorry to leave but if I didn’t get home soon my father would beat me. (Author’s note) *Corporal punishment is common in Zimbabwe though I am not sure if it is still legal but personally, I never minded it*
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Mia’s husband hires men to fulfill her darkest fantasy

Somewhere on the outskirts of a university town in the Midwest, Noah and his 21-year-old wife, Mia, lived this almost idyllic life. They were both seniors in college, both with great jobs lined up and a bright future. Everything should have been perfect, except for Noah…it wasn’t. And the reason for it would have been comical if it weren’t for the fact that he loved Mia so much. Too much, maybe. This night of depravity wouldn’t have been possible without that love, strangely enough. It was all for one simple reason.

Mia’s fantasy. Her rape fantasy. Noah could never forget the night after they were married, just a few months ago. He’d held her in his arms after they’d made love. She’d snuggled up against him, softly kissed his muscled chest, and whispered words he’d never expected to hear in a million years.
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