The doctor is female

I recently had my first physical examination by my current regular
doctor. The doctor is female, I am male. We are both in our 30s. From
seeing the other people in the waiting room, I can guess that most of
the patients who frequent her practice are elderly. So I like to think
that I am the only person near to her own age that she has examined in
a while.
Busty Nurses3

All of the other exams I’ve had from other doctors, they either had me
just take off my shirt for most of the exam and pull down my pants
when neccessary, or strip to my underwear, or wear a hospital gown
(with underwear under it).

Not this time. The nurse who led me into the exam room told me, “take
off everything”. I’ve read enough stories on
to figure that when they say that, they mean everything. While later
on it occurred to me that it might actually have been fun to make the
doctor make me take off my socks and underwear after starting the
exam, at the time I didn’t think of it.

The nurse left the room before I undressed, and left me with not a
gown but a paper cloth, basically a giant napkin, saying it would “go
around me”. The hell it did. It was not large enough to wrap “around”
my body, and I doubt it was designed to be. All it was good for was
covering up my front side while my backside sat directly on the paper-
covered exam table.

As I sat there, waiting, I noticed that the blinds of the window were
open. I didn’t bother closing them, though; this room was on an upper
floor of a building with no closeby neighbors of similar height.
Someone would have had to use a telescope to see in, and if they were
that dedicated then hell let them look.

The nurse had left a pair of rubber gloves and a tube of KY on the
counter right in front of where I was sitting. I thought about what
those might be for. I also wondered whether it was the nurse or the
doctor who was going to use them. The nurse was a much older woman,
and not someone I’d think of in a sexual way.. but the doctor. What
if those were for the doctor? I was soon sporting an erection under
the cloth.

Again, hindsight is 20/20. While now it seems like it would have been
interesting to be erect when the doctor examined me, at the time I
didn’t know if it was going to be her or the nurse. I thought about
other things until I went flaccid, like whether or not it was a good
to listen to the iPod while I waited (I decided against it, since I
thought if they came knocking and I didn’t answer, they would go away
and make me wait even longer).

Then I looked down and noticed that while I was hard I’d apparently
produced enough pre-cum to make a small wet spot on the cloth. I
folded it over to hide this, and held it to make sure it stayed

Outside I could hear what I think was the doctors voice, and I think
she sounded surprised. I remember that this appointment was originally
supposed to be about something else she is treating me for, and I
asked for a full physical later. I wonder if this was the first time
she found out she was going to be giving me one.

So, it turns out to be the doctor (not the nurse) who comes in. She
asked me a few questions, and checked my ears and throat (commenting
on my very sensitive gag reflex). Then she had to leave to go get a
stethoscope. More waiting.

When she returned, she listed to my heart and lungs and then had my
lay down and put my hands over my head. I am not only ticklish but
also being tickled is one of my kinks, so having my belly, chest, and
armpits exposed like this made me naturally anticipate tickling. Of
course, I didn’t get it. She felt around at various points, pushing
and prodding, on my sides and abdomen down to my thighs. At one point
she paused to re-adjust the cloth to make sure it didn’t fall off and
expose me. How thoughtful. Then she briefly (too briefly) examined my

After this, she had me sit back up, and she went over to where the
gloves and KY were. Now I was really, really, curious to see what she
was going to do with them. She re-confirmed my age, which I am
guessing is what determined what kind of exam I got next. I’m guessing
that based on my age, I got examined for testicular cancer. If I’d
been over some age, it would have been prostate and the KY would have
been needed. As it was, she just felt my balls for a few seconds and
told me to get dressed.

I am being treated by her for a couple of conditions that will require
me to see her regularly. I admit I am somewhat sad that there won’t be
any legitimate excuse to get another one of these physicals for at
least a year. I wish I could have one every time. Actually I wish she
would *make* me have one every time.

This is what I got.. like I said, I would really appreciate any
improvisations on the theme I have provided.