Sleepy Sex

I’ll see if I can’t keep this short. I’m a female, 21 years old and
married and I love sleepy sex. I’ve been cruising around the net
looking for anything even remotely connected to my interest, just
because it is exciting to me that so many other people share my

It started when I was in my teens. I found a video tape once, by
accident, of a me and my father having sex. I had no recollection of
it, I’d never even suspected that my dad had abused me, but the
evidence was right there. He’d drugged me? I guess, and then after I
was passed out set up a video camera to capture his abuse.

I was 13 when he undressed me, there on my bed, and licked and kissed
my unresponsive body. Then he put his penis in my mouth, just jerking
off while the head was between my lips until he came that way,
shooting his sperm all over my pretty face. He cleaned me up and then
a few minutes later, when he was hard again, he made love to me. He
seemed to be having some difficulty and it was with some shock that I
realized he was taking my virginity. I’d wondered later, when I was 15
or so, why I didn’t have a hymen. I’d felt little real pain the first
time I’d had sex…what I thought was my first time, I should say. Now I
knew, my dad had broken my hymen long before.

I was 17 when I found the tape and I was angry, sure. I felt violated
and abused, but it was also a little exciting too. Very confusing
actually, because I found myself growing damp and I even had those
images pushing into my head when I masturbated, which was something
I’d started doing more and more as I matured. I never confronted my
dad about it, and I doubt I ever will. I love him too much for that.

Since then, I’ve been most excited by the thought of my body being
used by men without my knowing. Strangers especially, for some reason,
making love to me while I slept unaware and waking up without ever
knowing they’d even done it. Or, sometimes, I would imagine waking up
and finding my vagina a stretched and besotted mess, with sperm from
one or more men leaking out of me. This never failed to arouse me, but
it isn’t something I could easily discuss with my boyfriends for
obvious reasons.

When I got to college I became quite the party goer, but not exactly a
party girl. I didn’t sleep around at all, if anything I had a
reputation as kind of a cold fish. I was attractive enough to get a
generous share of attraction, with a nice toned body, long dark hair,
and wide doe eyes, but I largely refused sleeping with any of the men
I met.

This almost inevitably led to my dates trying to get me drunk, to get
me so out of it that I’d give in to their desires. I suppose this was
actually part of my plan as well, because I found myself drinking
quite a lot and even if I wasn’t out of it I’d often pretend I was,
just so the guys would take advantage of my condition.

At one party I was a little tipsy, but actually pretending to be so
drunk that I could barely stand, when my date managed to get me
undressed right on the couch. I had sex with at least 7 men that night
and I loved every second of it, letting my body react while keeping my
eyes tightly shut. I wanted to be unconscious, to not even know what
they were doing, but of course I was. They all used me, filling my
vagina repeatedly with their pricks and cumming inside me. My
boyfriend cleaned me up and got me home and when I spoke to him the
next day he was worried, but I told him I didn’t remember a thing, and
he was greatly relieved.

It was my sophomore year that I met my husband. A very nice and
handsome man, very intelligent and witty. We dated and finally engaged
in sex and after awhile he made it clear he wanted us to try anal sex.
I’d never done that, but I’d be willing for him. I didn’t tell him
that however, instead I told him I was very nervous and I thought it
would hurt too much since I was still a virgin there and he was so
large. He kept reassuring me, and promising to be gentle, but I had a
better idea. I’d take some sleeping pills and he could do it while I
was asleep.

He wasn’t too sure about this, probably because he really enjoyed the
way I reacted in bed. I was usually quite animated and very active
during our love making. My being asleep probably sounded pretty boring
to him. But I persisted, telling him just for the first time, just so
I’d be used to it and then later we would do it again when I was
awake. He agreed and even nodded when I asked him to tape it for me,
so I could watch it later as he took my ass for the first time. At
least that way I’d be able to experience it with him. He seemed to
think that was a good idea, and he started getting more eager.

The night we did it I was so excited I didn’t think the pills were
going to work, although they were supposed to be very strong. But I
finally did fall asleep and I didn’t feel a thing until the next
morning when I woke up, feeling very sore. We made love that morning
while my boyfriend told me how it had been for him. He said he’d
really enjoyed it, not just fucking my ass, which he knew he’d love,
but the fact that I was asleep as well. He said it had surprised him
how powerful it had made him feel, how protective of me because I
seemed so totally vulnerable. He said he could have done anything, but
he knew I trusted him, and that had made it so special.

I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

Later, watching the tape, it was incredible for me. For both of us I
think, seeing me totally unconscious and being used. I told my
boyfriend we could do that anytime he wanted, and he just looked at me
surprised. `Really?’ he’d asked and I nodded. Absolutely, it was my
favorite thing, my secret fetish, to be asleep during sex. I’d never
told anyone before and I was so grateful that he didn’t laugh at me.

He proposed a month or so later and we were married this past June.
Since that first time, we’ve done sleepy sex maybe 20 times? A couple
times a month at least, and we came to agreement on some things,
because it is a trust issue. We video tape everything, because that
really is what makes it real for me, being able to see myself that

He also knows I enjoy the idea of strange men using me, and so we have
a plan to arrange something with some of my husband’s friends. But I
have to agree to it explicitly. I’m not sure how he’ll approach them,
I know I’d have some mild reservations asking one of my friends to
sleep with my husband. But maybe it’s different for men? I’ll find
out, I’m sure, hopefully in the very near future.

Well, that’s my first sleepy sex story. I just wanted to share with
all the other people who have shared so much more. Thanks.