Ski Chalet Swingers

The next day there was a perceptible tension in the group, an undercurrent
to the slightly forced normality of the holiday group.

`Jesus you guys are quiet today’, Gareth said as they finished their lunch,
`I thought the mountain air was supposed to clear a hangover’.

Alison, Sarah, John & Martin knew it was not a hangover that had changed
their mood. They were uncomfortable in each others company. The night had
ended abruptly, Martin jumping up at the sound of his wife’s voice, quickly
pulling on his robe, leaving Sarah lying on the bench, a tell-tale drip of
his cum leaking from her pussy as her husband helped her up and into her
robe. `I guess we better hit the hay’, David managed to say, leading Sarah
to their room.

The weather turned during the afternoon, the crystal blue skies quickly
filling with heavy cloud and swirling snow. It was no fun skiing in a near
blizzard so they decided to call it a day early and headed back to the
Chalet early.

`I think it’s time to try out the Jacuzzi’, Janet said as they shook the
snow from their coats.

`Great idea’, Gareth agreed, `care to join us?’

The others declined and made for the lounge.

There was an uneasy atmosphere as Alison poured coffee. The conversation was
forced, focussing on skiing, weather predictions and dinner plans. The
couples paired up on the sofa’s and as they watched the fire take hold they
fell into an uneasy silence.

Sarah broke the silence.

`Dave and I talked a lot last night’, she said, looking into the fire, `and,
well, I know this sounds odd, but I want to let you know we are OK with what

`We don’t want it to ruin our friendship’, Dave chipped in, looking towards
their friends.

`I’m so glad’, Alison said with relief in her voice, `We talked about it
too, and, well, I guess we feel the same’.

The uneasy silence fell again, only to be broken by Dave.

`Mind you, there is one thing I would like to say to Martin’, he said, three
sets of worried eyes suddenly focussing on him, `Next time can you put a rug
down, I spent half the night getting splinters out of Sarah’s back!’

The tension evaporated with their laughter, the release after the charged
atmosphere of the day fuelled their hilarity, they were crying with

When they finally calmed down Martin let slip a comment that would change
their relationship for ever.

`OK, next time I will be more careful!’ he said, winking at Sarah.

Given the weather was bad they decided to treat themselves to a good dinner,
choosing one of the better restaurants in town. Despite the fine food the
atmosphere was relaxed and by the time they had settled into there coffee’s
they had polished off a few bottles of wine. As they talked Sarah felt a leg
brush against her leg. She thought it was an accident, but then it was back,
resting against her calf. She knew it couldn’t be Dave who was one place
away to her right, she guessed it was probably Martin or Alison who where
sitting opposite her. `Probably to pissed to notice’ she thought.

Then it moved, She felt a warm foot trace its way up her leg to her knee.
She looked across to Alison and Martin. Both were listening intently to

The foot did not stop at her knee, it worked its way up her thigh. `He’s
good’, she thought. Martin was still focussing on the conversation,
seemingly undisturbed by his under table advances. She opened her legs a
little and allowed the foot to glide up under her skirt, slowly making its
way up her thighs until the toes reached their target, the cotton of her
panties the only thing between them and her aching pussy. She shut her eyes
as the toes wiggled against her moistening slit.

`Are you OK?’, it was Janet, noticing that she had closed her eyes.

`Oh, er, yes’, she said with a start. The toes still pressed against her
crotch. She looked across to Martin, but it was Alison who caught her eye,

Sarah and Alison were at the back of the group as they left the restaurant
to walk back to the Chalet. They linked their arms as they walked to steady
themselves on the ice. `So what was that about?’, Sarah asked.

`I just fancied flirting with you’, her friend replied honestly.

`I thought it was my husband you would be flirting with after last night’.

Alison stopped and looked at Sarah, concerned that her friend was upset. She
was relieved to see Alison smiling back at her.

`Sarah’, Alison began hesitantly, `there is something I need to ask you’

`Yes?’, Sarah looked a little worried now.

`You know I said Martin and I talked a lot about what happened last night?’


`Well, I don’t want to offend you, and only if you are both OK with it,
well, we would ……..’

`Like to do it again?’ Sarah interrupted.


Sarah looked deep into her friend’s eyes, `So would we’, she said.

They hugged, both relived to get past this significant milestone. Sarah went
to move off, but Alison held her back.

`There is something else’, she said, `something I haven’t talked to Martin

`What is it?’

`Seeing you with Martin, seeing him screwing you on that bench, well, I felt
something strange, I wanted to be Martin’

`I don’t understand what you mean?’

Alison looked up at her friend, `Sarah, I want to sleep with you as well’.

A tear welled up in Sarah’s eye as she hugged her friend, `Oh, Alison, I
would gladly to be your lover’.

They were both crying as they kissed. It started as a tender kiss, a gentle
pressure on the lips, but the contact unleashed a passion between them and
soon they were locked together, their tongues entwined as they enjoyed their
first lesbian experience. As they kissed their hands explored each others
bodies. Like teenagers outside a school disco they grabbed at each others
breasts through their coats as they pressed themselves together. Soon
Sarah’s hand had found its way into Alison’s coat and was cupping her breast
in her cold hand. At the same time Allison’s cold hand had wormed its way up
her skirt and was rubbing her pussy through her panties.

They were brought down to earth by a honk from a passing motorist and
started laughing.

`Let’s meet up tonight when Dave and Martin are asleep’, Sarah suggested.

`Oh yes, lets’, Alison responded, she had never felt so horny as they
decided what to do.