Waitress fuked hard

“What do you think of her?” It was a slightly strange question for
Rachel to ask.

“She seems nice.” What do you say about the waitress who has just taken
your order? Rachel was watching her walk away and I looked with her.

“Would you want to spank her?”

“Rachel!” I blurted, then sat there stunned. What a question to ask out
of the blue! Rachel was sometimes a little crazy, but this was beyond

But it wasn’t the first time Rachel had talked to me about spanking.
No, despite my shock, I immediately remembered that one other time when
we were apartment-mates in college. But that had been years ago and I’d
certainly never expected the subject to come up again, like this! She’d
told me one time that Beth, another of our apartment-mates, allowed her
boyfriend to spank her. I’d been aghast and Rachel seemed amused by my
reaction. The next time I’d seen Beth, I’d needed to watch myself to
keep from staring at her: she acted perfectly naturally while I’d done
my best to get over my own silly nervousness.

Then the following night, Rachel had asked me if I wanted to watch Beth
get spanked! She told me she knew I was intrigued by it. And she said
she knew how to manage to get a look at Beth and her boyfriend doing
it. Despite my refusal, she told me I wanted very badly to see it. And
I lay in bed that night thinking about it wondering if I should have
taken Rachel up on it. I must have been curious–or not quite believing
that Beth would do such a thing. And I wondered if Rachel had already
watched them.

Now here she was, talking to me about this waitress! “Rachel, you be
quiet!” I hissed at her. She hadn’t said it loud, but just the words
she’d said were too outrageous. The waitress had been walking away from
us when Rachel had make her outrageous comment and her dress had
outlined the shape of her rear very clearly. Naturally when Rachel had
made her comment, I couldn’t help but notice.

Rachel giggled. “She has the rear for it, doesn’t she. I’ll bet she’s

“Rachel, don’t be so strange!”

“Oh, don’t worry about it–I’ll handle everything.” And then she just
went back to talking about the movie we’d seen the night before. Just
like that. I felt my heart slow back to normal and realized I’d frozen
up stiff as a board when she’d started into that. I wondered at her
while we talked. Rachel was certainly pretty crazy sometimes.

She was still talking about it when our food was served. I tried not to
look at our waitress, or not too much. She was young and pretty and I
presumed Chinese. She asked about the movie–the way Rachel was holding
forth, it was obvious which film we were talking about.

“You haven’t seen it yet?” asked Rachel asked her.

“No, but I hope to.”

“Do you go to the movies much?”

“No, not as much as I’d like to.”

“Why don’t you go to a movie with us, tonight? When do you get off
work?” I stared at Rachel. She was actually talking this waitress into
going out with us! I didn’t trust Rachel–there was a part of her mind
I didn’t quite understand. They settled on a time for Rachel to pick
her up.

“Rachel, what are you doing?” I asked when she was gone. “You’re

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry! Meet us at Freddie’s at 8:30.” A local bar.

“What have you got planned?”

“You heard. We’re going to see a movie.” She smiled this sly little
smile of hers. I cringed inside.

They were in a booth. I slid in next to Rachel. The waitress’s name was
Jill or at least that is what she wanted us to call her. She was
smiling. “So what movie are we going to see?” I asked. It looked like
they’d been there for a half hour or so and I wondered whether they’d
already had two drinks already.

“We’ve just been talking,” said Rachel, looking pleased with herself
for some reason. “What do *you* want to see?”

I hadn’t thought about it. I guess Rachel usually picked the movies we
saw, not that we didn’t see all the ones that I liked. “Oh, I don’t
know…” I started while thinking through the possibilities.

“You know what Connie *really* wants to do,” said Rachel to Jill across
the table in a confidential-type voice. “She’d like to *spank* you!”

“Rachel!” I blurted, the second time that day. My eyes went back and
forth between Rachel and Jill: Rachel was looking pleased with herself
and Jill was sitting there with her mouth open, looking like she’d seen
a ghost. Rachel was awfully good at getting her own way, but I couldn’t
believe *this*. Jill sat there staring at me as if I were a monster or
something. I stood up and *ran* out of there.

I sat in my car, wondering what to do. What did that girl think of me?
How could Rachel *do* that? I finally took a deep breath and drove
home. I wondered what I could say to Rachel the next time I saw her.
And I could certainly never go to that waitress’s restaurant again!

I was just sitting, watching TV later when the doorbell rang. It was
maybe 9:30. It was Rachel and Jill. I just stared at them as Rachel
opened the storm door and led Jill in. Rachel smiled at me. Jill didn’t
seem able to meet my eyes. I must have been staring bug-eyed at them
both, wondering what was going on.

“Go ahead,” said Rachel, evidently to Jill. She started taking off her
clothes! I stared at her, not believing it. “She’s sorry she frightened
you like that,” Rachel said to me. Jill had her dress off–she wore a
slip which she took off too. She wore nothing but a bra and underpants.
Rachel took me by the hand and sat me on a chair in the kitchen. Jill
followed and immediately got down over my knees, her rear right there
on my lap. It *was* very shapely. It was so strange having a woman
right there like that. Her legs were so smooth. She held her head down,
looking at the floor. “Have you got a leather belt?” asked Rachel.