Surviving the Divorce

“What do we need to talk about, Dear?” I asked, though I had a inkling.

“Your ex-wife, Gary,” Patricia said, seriously, but with an odd twinkle
in her eye.

“That promises to be rather an involved discussion,” I replied, “so do
you mind if I relay my news first, before I forget again?”

“I suppose, as long as it doesn’t take too long.” She draped herself
elegantly over one of the chairs, graciously inviting me to the one next
to it with a wave of one slender hand. I swear to God, that woman was
born in the wrong place at the wrong time! She seemed to have been bred
to be royalty!

“So what’s the big news?” she asked, pouring me a glass of scotch, neat,
the way I like it.

I took my first sip before replying, allowing the fumes from the
eighteen-year-old single malt to fill my sinuses with delicious peat and
oak aromas.

“We got a letter from the Islands today.” I finally replied. “In all the
excitement, I neglected to mention it to you.”

“So,” she said, swirling fine cognac around the bowl of her snifter,
warming it with her palm. “are you going to keep me in suspense, or are
you going to tell me what it says?”

“Well, it seems you’re going to be a Father!” I replied, watching her

“Why, that’s wonderful news!” she gushed, “Which of our young lovers is
the lucky one?”

“All of them, actually,” I replied, “at least, according to Le’ini.”

“How truly marvelous!” Patricia fairly bubbled, a rare occurrence for my
sophisticated lady!

“Well,” I said, “it does bring up a question. A point of curiosity on
my part.”

“And that would be…?”

“Brenda, Felicia, Dolores,” I enumerated on my fingers, “none of them
show any signs of getting pregnant, even though you never used a condom.
Now, I know Felicia’s on the pill, but how did you keep the others from
getting pregnant, and still become this super-stud during our honeymoon?”

“Elementary, my dear Watson!” Patricia smiled, “This monster dick is
hard enough to hide inside women’s clothing, without having to deal with
a pair of hanging balls, too. Fortunately, mother nature provides a
safe and secure hiding place for them, inside my body! You could do
that, too, if you wanted to, but you don’t have as strong an incentive
to do so as I do.”

I nodded, finally understanding, “So the heat within your body keeps the
sperm from being viable. You must have decided to just let it all hang
out on the Islands.”

“It IS somewhat more comfortable that way,” Patricia said, “and there
was less danger in the Islands of someone I know noticing. I never
really anticipated that someone would have a use for my sperm, but I’m
glad to know that it works, and I’m ecstatic for those young ladies!”

“Anyway,” I continued, “They are all due to give birth in mid-summer,
and we’re invited to help them celebrate. This is apparently a
momentous occasion for the entire kingdom.”

“Do you want to go?” Patricia asked, hopefully.

I smiled indulgently. “How well do you think I know you, dear? I took
the liberty of replying in the affirmative on behalf of both of us, and
while I was at it, made the travel arrangements, as well.”

“What about the resort?” she asked, “Will they be able to accommodate us?”

“According to Le’ini, we shouldn’t bother ourselves with that stuffy old
resort.” I replied, “Our accommodations will be in her village.”

“Sounds fabulous!” my wife beamed, “I can hardly wait!”

“Now,” I said, turning back to more immediate matters, “what was it you
wanted to discuss with me?”

“Ah, yes! Our Mary! Here! I sweet-talked Detective Chase into making
me a DVD of his little surveillance video,” she said, “and I think you
should see this!”

She thumbed a remote and the flat-panel TV hummed down from the library
ceiling. The lights dimmed, and the picture came up with no title or
credits, just the time and date stamp from the recording camera.

On the larger screen, the digital image showed much more detail than we
had been able to see on the small monitor in the trailer.

This time, we were able to watch the entire sequence, from Hansen’s
first crude advances through Mary’s attempts to evade him, all the while
telling him to leave her alone, to the actual rape. It was painful to
watch. After all, while I was deeply committed to Patricia, Mary and I
had a long history together, and I couldn’t help but feel somewhat

At the point where Hansen first slammed into her pussy, Patricia zoomed
in a little closer. It was not a screaming, hair pulling climax, but it
was clear that, at that point, Mary had had a small orgasm! Twice more,
as her rapist rammed her against the filing cabinets, Mary came, and
again when he ripped into her ass! Her biggest orgasm, though, occurred
when Hansen shot his load deep in her cringing rectum!

This was painful to watch for another reason. All those years of sexual
incompatibility, only to find out, too late, that, had I used her the
way I wanted to, instead of trying to TALK her into trying new things,
Mary would probably have submitted to me the way she did to Hansen!

“Okay! Okay!” I said “I get the picture! I was a wimp and my wife wanted
a cave-man! You can turn it off now, okay!”

“Gary!” Patricia said, steel in her voice, “Stop that right this
instant! That is NOT why I showed you this!”

“Why, then?” I said, somewhat sullenly, I’m ashamed to admit.

“There is no way either of you could have known this about her!” my
understanding wife took my hand and placed the back of it tenderly
against her cheek, “The only way you could have known would have been by
being an asshole of a husband. Hell, SHE didn’t know until today!”

I shrugged, “So what’s the point?”

Patricia paused, considering her next words carefully.

I sipped scotch, waiting patiently. I couldn’t always predict the inner
workings of my wife’s mind, but I had never yet had reason to regret
having listened to her ideas.

“I like her, Gary.” Patricia said, finally, “I didn’t think I would, but
I like her. I also understand your desire to see that she’s taken care
of. I know that you would never intentionally do anything to hurt me,
but if you could, you would like to see that she doesn’t have to deal
with the kinds of problems that put her in this position to begin with.
Is that not so?”

Reluctantly, I nodded. I didn’t believe for an instant that Patricia was
jealous, but a lifetime of experience with women made me cautious, anyway.

“In that case, I would like to make her another offer.” she said,
staring into her snifter, “One that I hope will serve several purposes
to all of our advantage. It’s a delicate matter, however, and I’m going
to have to ask you to trust me. Give me an hour alone with her in the
playroom tomorrow, then join us. Can you do that?”

“You’re not going to hurt her,” I asked, though I already knew the
answer, “or force her to do anything against her will?”

“No.” Patricia understood my concern and didn’t get upset, “I need you
out of the way because this is a matter that requires some delicacy, and
your straightforward approach is likely to do more harm than good.”

Of the two of us, Patricia was by far the better negotiator, so I didn’t
require much convincing.

“Okay.” I said, “Will you send for me, or shall I come in at the end of
the hour?”

“I’ll send for you.” she smiled, “I promise you won’t regret this, Gary.”

Mary didn’t wake up ’til nearly noon the next day, and we let her shower
and eat before Patricia invited her to have a talk.

It was actually closer to two hours that I busied myself with bills and
email before Edgar knocked discreetly to tell me that Mrs. Travis
requested my presence in the playroom.

When I walked in, I was shocked at what I saw. Patricia wore a black
bustier, skintight black leather pants and high-heeled black boots, and
carried a riding crop. Her blonde hair was tightly bound into a severe
bun. She looked every inch the dominatrix, but I had seen her like this
before. What shocked me was Mary, whose pale, naked form knelt on the
floor at Patricia’s feet, wearing nothing but a metal collar attached to
the leash in Patricia’s hand. As she knelt, Mary gazed rapturously up
at the severe countenance of my beautiful wife.

I looked to Patricia for guidance, and she handed me the leash,
whispering “Stay in character!” as she left the room.

I looked down at Mary, instantly erect at the sight of my former wife in
such a subservient posture, hands grasping opposite elbows behind her
back, head held high by the broad collar.

“what is the meaning of this?” I asked, not totally sure in which
character I was supposed to stay.

“Master Gary,” Mary said meekly, in a voice I had never heard her use
before, “may this worthless slave speak?”

“Speak!” I commanded, choosing the character into which Mary cast me.

“Master Gary,” she asked, still in her little girl’s voice, “would you
please do this worthless slut the honor of accepting her as your slave
on a trial basis?”

“Clarify!” I said.

“Please accept this slut and train her as your slave for three months.”
she almost whispered, “If, at the end of that time, you and Mistress
Patricia decide that you would like to keep her as your slave, and she
agrees, she will then become your slave for life.”

“Mary, step out of character for a moment.” I said gently, “Please
explain to me how you came to be asking for this favor. Have you been
punished, threatened, or coerced in any way?”

I knew that was not Patricia’ style, but I wanted Mary to be clear that
SHE wanted this, if she really did. Patricia can be VERY persuasive

Mary was silent for a long moment.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when your wife asked to talk to me alone.”
she said, “When she brought me in here, well, I was afraid she had
become a female Mr. Hansen! The thing is, she never touched me, never
threatened me! All she did was walk me through my feelings, yesterday,
and then here, in her presence. It was like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle
falling into place.”

Her voice held a tinge of wonder as she spoke.

“I now realize why we could never satisfy each other sexually when we
were married.” she said, “You were trying to be a good husband and get
permission to do the things that, deep down inside, I wanted you to do
without permission. I just never knew it! By the time she got through
giving me a tour of my own psyche, by showing me the fixtures and
implements in this, this, PLACE, and my reactions to them, I felt as
though THIS is where I belong! When she made me the offer to be a slave
to the two of you, to be used and abused for your pleasure, I felt like
I was coming home! Gary, is she really that rich, that she can afford to
support me for the rest of my life?”

“She is.” I said, without elaborating, “And if she promises to do so,
she will do it. Are you not frightened?”

“To the depths of my soul!” came Mary’s heartfelt answer, “But I’m also
elated at being given the chance!”

“You know there is no chance of you and I getting back together…” It
was more a statement than a question.

“I know that, Gary.” she replied, “A Master does not wed his slave. He
only uses her for his pleasure.”

“Did Patricia put that collar on you?” I asked.

“She only offered it.” Mary’s eyes closed, remembering, “I put it on and
locked it in place. I cannot describe the emotions that went through me
when that lock clicked shut! I have never been so frightened in my life,
but that very fear went straight to my pussy! Gary, may I say something

“If it’s not hateful or malicious.”

“I’m glad you found Patricia.” she said sincerely, “I hate to admit it,
but she’s a much better fit for you than I was. I think the two of you
will continue to be very happy together, and before I submerge myself
permanently in this role, I wanted the chance to tell you that..”

“And this is truly what you want?”

Mary looked me in the eye, and I could see how much she wanted this.
“With all my heart.” was all she said.

“Very well, slave!” I said, “I will accept you on a trial basis. Wait
there and do not move!”

I pushed the intercom button and told Edgar to please notify Mrs. Travis
that we were ready for her in the playroom. I was pleased that they had
agreed on a trial period. It’s easy to SAY you want to be someone’s
slave for life, quite another thing to live it!

“Well?” Patricia raised one imperious eyebrow as she entered.

“I think we should begin training immediately,” I replied, “don’t you?”

God! She looked so WICKED when she smiled!

“Slave!” I commanded, “Remove my clothes! I do not require touching or
kissing. Simply get them off as quickly as you can without damaging them!”

Unlike Felicia, Mary knew where the fastenings were on men’s clothing,
and how to operate them. The new role had her a little nervous, but
soon I stood before her nude and erect.

“Resume your former position!” I ordered, then, “Open your mouth!

“NO TEETH!” I warned as I positioned my cock.

I grabbed a double handful of Mary’s red hair near her scalp, and simply
plowed my way down her throat. She had been accustomed to fellating me,
but had never tried to take all of me, so tears sprang from her eyes and
she gagged repeatedly as I made my way into her mouth. The apprentice
slave’s hands remained locked to her elbows, however, and I gave her
credit for sticking with it.

I wouldn’t say that I was merciless with her, but I was rougher than I
had ever been with anyone, and Mary, like in the video of her rape,
reveled in the treatment! I gave her little chance to accomodate my
shaft, simply raping her mouth and throat, and she accepted it!

When Patricia knelt behind her and coaxed her to shift to hands and
knees, my wife gave me a wink.

“Just as I suspected!” she said, stroking Mary’s long red hair, “She’s
sopping wet!”

Then she leaned over our new slave and whispered in her ear, loudly
enough for me to hear.

“I promised you a big surprise, slave.” she whispered seductively, “Are
you ready for it?”

Mary’s eyes rolled in her direction as she nodded.

I knew what the surprise was to be, so I thought I might help keep it a

“Eyes front, slave!” I commanded, “Until Mistress or I tell you
otherwise, my cock is the center of your universe! Nothing else exists!”

She almost went cross-eyed trying to comply, then finally closed her
eyes and concentrated on being a good fuck-hole for my plundering shaft.
I kept a slow, steady, fucking motion going, and Mary’s body finally
began accepting the intrusion. Mascara ran in rivulets down her face
from the tears of her earlier struggles, but now she settled in,
twisting her head around my cock, moaning, and laving the shaft with her

Meanwhile, Patricia, clever woman that she was, ripped the velcro
fastenings down the sides of her tight leather pants, and in a jiffy,
stood in boots and bustier, her enormous erection bobbing skyward.

“I want you to scream for me, Mary, dear!” she whispered, leaning over
my ex-wifes buttocks.

She wouldn’t be able to scream very loudly with my cock in her throat,
so I withdrew briefly.

Thinking she was about to be dildo-raped, Mary arched her pelvis upward,
eyes closed in anticipation, chest heaving.

The look on Patricia’s face was indescribable as she slammed deep into
my former wife’s cunt with a single, vicious thrust! Mary DID scream!
Loudly, in agony, as that monster cock speared her! Then again when she
realized it wasn’t a dildo! Her eyes flew open and she cried in surprise!


“Do you like my surprise, slave?” Patricia asked, pulling my ex hard
against herself with a handful of red hair.

Mary had never looked sexier as her pale body arched helplessly between
her tightly stretched hair, and the black clad Domme’s pelvis!

“Please, Mistress!” she cried, “Is it true? Do you really have a BIG,

She couldn’t look at Patricia because of the grip on her hair, but her
eyes locked on my smiling face as I nodded slowly.

“Oh my GOD!” she cried, as she came, “I LOVE your surprise, Mistress!”

Patricia smiled wickedly up at me and said, “I think the girl’s got
potential, don’t you?”

“Well, let’s find out!” I replied. “Would you be so kind as to lay on
your back, my dear?”

Patricia did as I asked, and she looked so sexy I had to resist the
temptation to go after her. Another time. We had a slave to train!

“Stand, slave!” I ordered. “Turn and straddle your Mistress!”

Mary gasped as she looked down and saw my wife’s pussy, wet and
dripping, just below her massive cock!

“Get back on that cock! NOW!” I commanded.

Mary took a moment to aim the spear, then dropped herself onto it,
giving a little cry as she hit bottom.

“Kiss your mistress! Thank her for the gift of her big cock!” This was
maybe a little over the top, but it got her into the position I wanted
her in.

A quick application of lubricant, and I knelt at my former wife’s
buttocks. This was something she had steadfastly refused to try, and now
I was going to take her ass whether she consented or not!

I didn’t rip her open, but I wasn’t all that gentle, either, and that
was apparently how Mary liked it! She shrieked as I stretched her open,
and voiced her consternation as I kept going deep into her bowels, then
she came harder than I had ever seen her cum, even when Hansen shot his
load in her ass yesterday!

“Two big cocks! Two big cocks!” she chanted softly, “So Damn GOOD!”

Patricia and I long-dicked her for as long as we could stand it,
changing positions several times, and driving orgasm after orgasm from
our willing slave. We would wash up and swap holes, hanging Mary by her
arms, placing her in stocks, double-ending her with Patricia’s cock down
her throat and mine up her ass!

Mary was lost in a maelstrom of lust! My formerly undersexed ex couldn’t
get enough of our cocks! She willingly ate our asses and Patricia’s
pussy, undergoing any torment we visited on her for another chance to be
fucked by one or both of us! I ringed her nipples with heavy-duty
stainless rings as Patricia sodomized her, and Mary came each time the
needle pushed through her tender flesh!

Finally, Patricia and I had held out as long as we could! I hung Mary
once again by her wrists and bound her ankles far apart. Patricia
ravaged her pussy from the front, but instead of taking her ass again, I
pushed my cock into her overstretched vagina alongside my wife’s massive

Patricia and I lost ourselves in each other, gazing over Mary’s shoulder
as together we pounded the screaming red-head’s cervix into submission!
Like a well-oiled machine, we withdrew together, then simultaneously
snapped our hips forward, slamming into our victim. Somewhere in the
haze of my lust, I realized that I was no longer thinking of Mary as my
ex-wife. She was now just our slave – a lovely toy to be shared by me
and my bride!

I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but my dick grew even harder!
Patricia picked up on my expanding lust, and hers, too, began to grow!
Staring intently into her eyes, lost in her lust and my arousal, I knew
the moment had come! As one, we slammed forcefully into the pliant
red-head between us, and silently gave up our seed to mingle deep inside
our common slut!

Mary screamed enough for all of us! When she felt those two rods pulsing
within her, and realized that we were cumming deep in her body, she
exploded, writhing and spasming between us! For an eternity we stood
locked in a trinity of lust as Patricia and I cemented our love within
the body of our new slave!

Finally, our organs drained, we slipped apart. Mary’s sated body swung
from the chains, dripping slimy streamers from her overused pussy.
Patricia and I showered together in the playroom’s bathroom, then let
Mary down to take care of her own ablutions.

As Mary showered, Patricia asked, “So what do we do with her now? I
fear we may have opened a can of worms that can’t be re-canned! That
little minx has become a veritable nymphomaniac, and if we even try to
keep her satisfied, we won’t have any left for each other, not to
mention little Felicia!”

“I have an idea about that.” I said, as Mary came out of the shower. To
keep it a surprise, I whispered my plan into Patricia’s ear.

Her grin told me she approved.

When Mary was finished drying off, Patricia and I, who were fully
dressed, led our slave, naked except for her collar and leash, to the
library, then summoned the staff. All of them had been with Patricia
for years and none seemed surprised to see a naked woman kneeling
between us as we sat in the library.

“You have all been good and faithful employees,” I said, “and though
Patricia and I have tried to ensure that your are well compensated for
the level of service you provide, we have, for some time, sought a more
meaningful way of showing our appreciation.”

“Today,” Patricia took up the presentation, “We have come into
possession of what we believe will be the answer to that little dilemma.
This is our new slave, Mary. She will do anything you require of her,
whether it be making the beds, sucking your cocks or pussies, or having
sex with all of you at once.”

The four of them looked at one another. Gwen, the cook, smiled broadly,
Edgar and Walt gave each other a discreet high five, and Maria stared
intently at the lovely red-head, a lascivious look on her face.

“Unless Patricia or I require her services,” I picked up the ball, “she
is yours to do with as you please. If you need help completing your
assigned tasks, she is an extra pair of hands. If you simply want a
quickie in the pantry, she is available for that as well. As long as
your use of her doesn’t interfere with the performance of your duties,
feel free exercise your fantasies.”

“There are limits, however.” Patricia interjected, “She is not to be
injured in any way. We also feel that the position of being the house
slave is humiliation enough. I don’t want to catch any of you
humiliating her simply for the pleasure of doing so. Is that clear?”

Four heads nodded. Edgar spoke.

“Is she to remain unclothed at all times?” he asked solemnly.

“She must be clothed whenever we have guests other than Dolores and her
daughter Felicia.” Patricia replied, “Beyond that, suit yourselves. You
may require her to dress or undress as suits you. I recommend setting
up an equitable arrangement among yourselves for her use, to avoid
squabbles over rights to the slave. Are there any other questions?”

There were none.

I looked down to see Mary trembling.

“Do you have any objections to these arrangements, slave?” I asked.

“No, Master!” she replied, “This slave thanks you for accepting her into
your household and for finding a way to use her!”

“Very well.” Patricia said, “Edgar, if you would be so kind as to take
charge of the slave?”

She handed Edgar the leash, which he took with aplomb.

“Since you are the manager of the household staff,” Patricia said, “I
shall expect you to be responsible for the equitable distribution of the
slave’s time, and for her well-being.”

“Of course, Madam!” Edgar replied gravely.

It was almost comical to watch him walk out with Mary on the leash, as
though he were walking a dog. As always, Edgar’s posture and expression
were beyond reproach. Walt and Maria, on the other hand, were almost
drooling as they followed him out.

Gwen turned to us and said with a smile, “It’ll be nice to finally have
some help in the kitchen, to clean up the messes you make when you try
to cook, Mr. Travis!”

That had been a good-natured argument between us almost from the time I
moved in. Gwen was jealous of her territory, and even though I cleaned
up after myself, she couldn’t help but remind me that it was HER kitchen!

I smiled and said, “If you’re smart, you’ll teach her how to cook, then
you can sit back and watch ‘Days of our Lives’ without burning the food!”

That was an incident Gwen would rather forget, so naturally, I kept
reminding her.

She laughed as she followed the others out.

The following week was pretty hectic. Hansen copped a plea to avoid the
embarrassment of a trial, once he saw the video, so at least we didn’t
have to worry about Mary having to testify.

SyncComp put the search for his replacement into high gear, but none of
the resumes we saw seemed to fit the profile we were looking for.
Patricia’s companies, when taken as an aggregate, pretty much blanketed
the mobile applications market, with emphasis on peer-to-peer apps, and
she wanted someone at the helm of SyncComp who would be able to see his
company as part of that picture and to direct its strategies as a part
of the whole. Every candidate presented to us, however, was oriented
around making one company a success, independently of the industry in
which they played.

In the midst of it all, Patricia received a phone call one evening. She
took it in her study, and I could tell from the blinking light on the
extension in my computer room that she was on the line a long time.

It was only a few minutes after the light went out that she came in
person to find me. This, in itself was surprising, since Patricia made
a habit of letting Edgar locate people she wanted to see and bring them
to her.

She closed the door behind her when she entered.

“Bad news?” I guessed.

“No, not really.” Patricia sat in one of the overstuffed chairs near my

“So, what’s the big deal?” I asked.

“That was my sister who called.” she replied.

“The one who couldn’t make it to your wedding?” I said. “Your twin?”

“Now, be nice Gary!” Patricia said, “You know perfectly well that I have
only the one sibling, and it’s not fair to characterize her that way!”

“I’m truly sorry, dear.” I said, “But I’m still a little miffed on your
behalf that your twin sister couldn’t be bothered to attend your wedding.”

“I’ll be miffed on my own behalf if I think it’s appropriate, thank
you.” she replied, “Carmen had a good reason for not being there. I
accept it, and I wish you would, too.”

“Well, since I don’t know what that reason is,” I said, “I’ll just have
to withhold judgement until I do.”

“You know perfectly well that I don’t keep secrets from you, Gary.” she
said testily, “I haven’t told you because it’s Carmen’s private
business, and until now I haven’t had her permission to share it with

“You’re right, of course, dear.” I said, “I suppose I’m projecting my
own values on others. I know that if you were MY sister, wild horses
couldn’t keep me from attending your wedding!”

“How about a stay in a psychiatric hospital?” Patricia studied my
reaction as she said this.

“Hmmm!” I said, “Well, I suppose that might put a small crimp in my
plans. So what did Carmen want?”

“Before I tell you,” she said, “Perhaps I should bring you up to date.
Carmen was born with the same physical characteristics as I. I think I
told you that she’s an artist? Well, she’s also much more sensitive
about her ‘deformity’ as she calls it. She’s tried several times to find
a man who will accept her as she is, but she keeps choosing exactly the
wrong sort of person. They invariably wind up berating her for being a
freak, etc. The last one drove her into a nervous collapse.”

“I see.” and I did, at least a little.

“Anyway, she’s been in intensive therapy and on suicide watch, but now
she’s ready to come out.” Patricia continued. “The doctors don’t think
it’s a good idea for her to be on her own for a while. They also think
that living in an environment where people can accept her as she is
would be a huge benefit to her.”

“So they want her to come here?” I guessed.

Patricia nodded. “She’ll bring a lot of baggage with her, and I don’t
mean suitcases, but if she gets a chance to experience in real life that
there really are people who not only accept, but celebrate people like
us, well, the doctors and I think it would do her a world of good.”

“So when is she arriving.” I asked.

“I told her I would call her back after I talked with you.” My wife
said, “I wanted to be sure that it would be all right with you. She may
be rather high-maintenance, and I don’t want to burden you with her
presence if you don’t want her here.”

“That’s really the wrong question, Patricia.” I replied, “The only
question that concerns me is whether YOU want her here. She is, after
all, your sister, and I would only degrade our relationship by putting
up roadblocks between you. I don’t want anything degrading our
relationship. If you want her here, she’ll be welcomed with open arms.”

“I thought that’s what you’d say,” Patricia responded, “but I needed to
be sure. So you really don’t mind?”

“Not in the least!” I said, “You’ll have to decide if you want to keep a
low profile about Mary while she’s here, and we probably want to suspend
Felicia’s sex lessons, but those are details. By all means, invite her!”

Patricia rose and gave me a passionate kiss.

“Thank you, Gary.” she said throatily, “Not so much for agreeing, as for
being who you are! I’ll call Carmen back now!”

“Why don’t we do this right?” I said, “You call her, but let me make the
invitation. That way, she’ll know it comes from me, too, okay?”