Unwrap your present and play with it

Every year, my family spends Christmas week in a ski resort. One year it’s
Aspen, the next Vail, and so on. My junior year in college it was Steamboat
Springs. The fates intervened. The week before Christmas, I broke my leg in
a pedestrian way – falling on a slick sidewalk. I was going to be a limping
lad for three weeks, at least.

To top it off, I’d fallen leaving my girlfriend’s apartment after breaking
up with her. Ironic, isn’t it? An emotional break and a physical one.

Mom wanted to call off the ski trip, but Dad said if I was alive, I was all
right, and if I was all right, he was going skiing. They offered to take me
with them, but being there and not participating in the fun didn’t appeal to
me. They went and took my siblings with them. My Aunt Sue and Uncle Jed
promised to look after me. I had a lovely Christmas Eve at their home, but I
went home to my own empty house.

Christmas morning was a bummer. I awakened late, ate a bowl of cold cereal,
and plopped down on the couch to watch TV. I was even too depressed to beat
off, that’s how bad it was.

About noon, the door bell rang. I grabbed my crutches and hobbled to the
door. A girl wearing a ski parka, jeans, walking boots, and a wool cap stood
on my stoop. The hat was red with white trim. The coat was navy blue with
gray patches and red piping. Her hair was long, blonde, and billowing in the
breeze. She was carrying two large shopping bags and looking down at them.

When I opened the door, she looked up. I was staring into big brown eyes and
a warm, wide, white-toothed smile.


“Merry Christmas, Tommy,” she said.

“Come in.”

She stepped across the threshold directly into me, raised her head, and
gently kissed me on the lips, which blew my socks off. She set one of the
packages down by the Christmas tree and carried the other into the kitchen.
I hobbled after her.

“Have a seat. Christmas dinner will be ready shortly,” she said. She stuffed
the cap into a parka pocket, unzipped the parka, and tossed it on a chair.

I tried not to stare.

The Pattersons lived two doors down from us. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson were two
of my parents’ closest friends. Matt, the eldest child, was a year ahead of
me in school. We played football and hung around together. Emily, my sister,
and Melody were two years behind me. They were best friends and roomed
together at college. And Mark, Melody’s little brother, was best buddy to my
little brother, Jason. Mark had gone skiing with my family.

I’d known Melody forever, but I’d never known her like this. Melody
Patterson was smart. No doubt about that. And she was sweet. And pretty. But
she was shy. Horribly shy.

The last time I saw Melody was May of that year. I was home a week before
leaving for a summer at Yellowstone Park where I worked as a glorified
janitor. She was Melody then. The one I knew. With brown hair, enough metal
in her mouth to build a car, and flat-chested. The Melody who always wore,
loose, baggy clothes so no one could see her body. The one who was too shy
to date. I was dating Claire, and I had been for some time, but I asked
Melody out thinking it would break her fear of dating. She wouldn’t even go
to a movie with me.

This was a different Melody. She wore a form-fitting, long-sleeved red
sweater. And the form it fit. Wow! She was stacked. The jeans were tight,
too, letting me see Melody had a nice, tight ass and narrow waist. And with
that blonde hair hanging down her back? I was having impure thoughts. I
bunched the robe in front of me. I only wore a tee shirt and boxers under my
robe and I didn’t want her to see me.

But the biggest change was her attitude. She was vivacious and flirtatious.
Openly flirting. And instead of always keeping her mouth closed because of
her braces, I was bombarded by big, beautiful, radiant smiles under sexy,
twinkling eyes. And talk? I’d never seen her like this.

She served us turkey, dressing, potatoes, salad, rolls, and gravy. She
poured the wine she brought. We sat and talked. In a few minutes, I saw the
best part of the old Melody. The sweetness. The burst of conversation
settled down to a genuine exchange. We talked about everything except
boy-girl stuff like who we were dating. After dinner, I hobbled into the den
and plopped down on the couch with my bum leg and attendant cast extended.
She sat next to me.

“So? How do you like the new Melody?” she asked.

“She’s fabulous, but I liked the old Melody, too.”

“I know you did, and I did, too, but I like this one more. The braces came
off right before graduation last May. The day after graduation, I dyed my
hair. Clairol calls it ash blonde.”

“I like it,” I said.


“It sets off your eyes.”

“I’m surprised you knew I had eyes,” she said with that wide, happy grin.
“I’d never look at you. I was too shy.”

“Yes, you would look, not when we were alone, but in a group or when you
were with Emily.” She looked away shyly, but her eyes flicked back up to me
in an instant. “Remember when I was helping you with Algebra? You looked at
me then.”

“Yes. You were sweet and patient with me.” She giggled and covered her mouth
with her hands. “But I didn’t want to learn too quickly because I was
enjoying the lessons.”

“Ha! I knew it. I knew it.”

“What can a girl say?” She shrugged with faux innocence. “Do you want more

“No, thanks, but I’d love a Coke.”

“I’ll be right back,” she said. I watched her ass as she went into the
kitchen. Melody did have a nice ass. She quickly returned, handed me the
glass, and sat down again. This time, her knee touched my thigh. I liked it

“Have you noticed any other physical changes in me?” she teased. I blushed
and my eyes dropped to her sweater. I tried not to look, but it was reflex.
She grinned. “Well?” she asked. She arched her back just a fraction.

“I’m not blind. I’ve noticed a change, or should I say two.”

“I’ll tell you something a lot of people guessed, but only my parents and
Emily know for sure. I had implants. Do you like them?”

“You know I do.”

“Do you mind that I had them?”

“No. Why would I mind?”

“I just wondered.” She learned toward me and gently put her hand on my leg.
“The physical changes have changed my world, Tommy. I spent the summer in
shorts and halter, or in a bikini by the pool. All of a sudden, boys were
all over me like bees on honey. What are you feeling?” Her hand tightened.

“What do you mean?”

“Just then. What was going on in your head?”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

“I’ll accept that. For now,” she said.

“I’m surprised Emily didn’t tell me about the way you’d changed.”

“I made her promise not to tell you. I wanted to see your face when you saw
the new me.” She looked at me with a penetrating intensity. “What do you
feel when you kiss a girl?”


“You heard me,” she said.

“It depends on the girl.”

“I’d never kissed a boy before this summer. My girlfriends told me what it
was like, and the women’s magazines raved of fireworks. Most of the time it
was yucky, but I wanted to experience it for myself. If a boy took my fancy,
and most of them definitely did not, I let him kiss me. All but a few got
only one kiss. Was Claire a good kisser?”

“You ask a lot of questions?”

“You told me one time I could ask you anything and you’d be honest with me.
Was that just B.S. or did you mean it?”

“I meant it.”

“So, answer my question.”

“She was damn good.”

“Do you want another Coke?”


I watched her walk away again. I stumbled to my feet and went into the
bathroom to pee. When I returned, Melody was sitting on the couch lost in
her own thoughts. I waited until she looked up before entering the room, sat
down beside her, and thanked her when she handed me my drink.

“I was telling you about me. When I started SMU, I had a date every night. I
was having fun being a popular girl for a change. Then a guy gave me the
date rape drug.”


“It’s all right. Nothing happened. Emily’s date saw it and they got me to a
hospital. I had my stomach pumped, spent the night, and went home none the
worse for wear.”

“I hope you prosecuted the son-of-a-bitch!”

“I did, but that wasn’t what was important. I thought about the important
things. About me. About guys. About what I wanted, not just now, but for my
entire life.” Her eyes were soft and loving. “All of those boys were
insignificant because one man was always in my thoughts.”

She leaned toward me. “Kiss me, Tommy.” Her lips parted. Her eyes fluttered.
Her kiss was hot and sweet and made me explode inside. Slowly, her arms
slipped around my neck as our kiss intensified. “They were right. Kissing
the right man does make you feel fireworks.” She pushed me back on the couch
and kissed me like a volcano. My arms were around her, my hands active on
her body.

“Something’s poking me,” she teased. She giggled. “Don’t be embarrassed.
Don’t you know how much I’ve wanted you to get hard from me?”

She stood, walked to the sack she’d deposited under the tree, and bent over
with her back to me and her knees straight. Her long blonde hair cascaded
around her. She stuck her head between her legs to leer at me. “Like the

“You know I do.”

“I brought you a Christmas present. I want to give it to you now.” She
retrieved a green ribbon with a big, green bow from the sack, fastened the
ribbon around her neck with the bow under her chin, and walked back to me.

She sat on the couch by me and took my hands in hers. “Merry Christmas,
Tommy,” she said. We kissed again. She waited with an impish look as brain
whirred and my heart throbbed. Then her expression changed as the light in
her eyes dimmed. “I thought boys were anxious to unwrap their presents and
play with their new toys?” she asked apprehensively.

“You could never be just a toy to me,” I said.

Her eyes filled with tears and a single one ran down her cheek. “Oh, Tommy.”

“Let’s do this the old fashioned way.”

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Let’s date and fall in love.”

“I’m already in love,” she said in a way that left no doubt. “Let me answer
some questions. Yes, I love you. I love you with all my heart. Yes, I’ll
marry you. Yes, I’ll go to bed with you, or suck your cock, or whatever you
want. I only ask one favor.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t make me wait too long before you ask.”

I popped the question in May, we agreed on an August wedding, and on a hot
day in July, she pranced into my bedroom wearing a thong bikini and that
same green ribbon around her neck.

“I’ve used less wrapping to make it easier on you,” she said. “Now be a good
little boy. Unwrap your present and play with it.”